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23 June 2017
Issue Nine
North Geelong Secondary College
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Key Dates

JUNE 27           Year 7 Immunisations

JUNE 30           Last Day Term 2 (Early Finish)

JULY 19            Year 11 & 12 Student/Parent/Teacher                             Interviews  4pm - 6.30pm

JULY 26            Senior Years Expo

JULY 24-28      Yr 10 Careers Week

JULY 26            Information Night - Yr 11 2018

31/7 - 4/8         Middle School Leadership Camp

AUG 8               Whole School Assembly

AUG 17             Curriculum Day (Student Free) 

20/8 - 1/9        School Production

Mr Nicholas Adamou


End of Term 2

As we come to the end of Term 2 of the 2017 academic year, I take this opportunity to celebrate with you the achievements of our students and staff. None of this can occur without the hard work and effort of the staff (teaching and non-teaching) who work diligently, plan and organise the learning and teaching that takes place on a daily basis within our energetic college community. As I scan through the past newsletters, I can’t help being extremely proud of the personal qualities and achievements of our students this semester.


Our students have achieved great curriculum results and participated in numerous extra-curricular activities. They had many opportunities to demonstrate our school values Respect, Excellence, Achievement & Diversity, within the school and the wider community, during camps, fundraising activities, sporting events, visits to and from other schools.  School and self-pride are central to everything our students undertake. 

Semester 1, Examination Period

Semester 1 examination period including the General Achievement Test (GAT) has successfully been undertaken by all Year 7 to 11 students.


Semester 2 began on June 19 for the whole school community.  A new school timetable is in place with many students undertaking new semester subjects from 7 to 10. All Year 11 and 12 students and some Year 10 students undertaking VCE units, have commenced Units 2 and 4 respectively.   

Wishing all a very productive semester building on their teaching and learning and enriching their lives aiming at student future preferred pathways.


Semester Reports

The teaching staff are finalising the Semester One student assessment/reporting. The school has now embedded the “on line” reporting using the parent portal. Parents are now able to see their children’s performance on a more regular basis through on line progress reports and   other assessment tasks.  All student semester reports will be posted on the parent portal at the end of Term 2.

I strongly encourage all parents/guardians to access the reports carefully, to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and also encourage improvement in Semester 2, where warranted. If you have any concerns with respect to your children’s reports, or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Year Level coordinator or Home Group Teacher to discuss these.


Congratulations to all students who completed the required work and have performed at their personal best. Unfortunately, there is a very small number of students who are not making the most use of their educational opportunities here at North Geelong Secondary College. Some staff members have expressed concerns about student absence, student lateness, student attending classes without the appropriate materials, failure to complete homework and students wasting time in class. The school’s expectations are very clear. This school community does not accept anything but students learning, achieving, improving and fulfilling all students potential.


The school provides a supportive, values-based learning environment. Behaviours that are leading towards meeting our expectations may result in students losing their right to being part of our learning community. I call on parents’ full support to ensure a rich learning and teaching environment. It is important for teachers and parents to work together to promote improved student work ethic and commitment to studies. It is imperative that the school is aware of any particular issues our students are facing during the year, therefore we can put plans and extra support structures to ensure that all our students are performing to their best ability.


Whilst we welcome and encourage parents to attend the school for a wide range of reasons, it is important that all visits to the school come through our front office. Parents, guardians and visitors to the school are not to go directly to other areas of the school including different wings, classrooms or the technical support office. Our office staff welcome parents/guardians and visitors and are always happy to attend to any enquiries and make the appropriate arrangements for you when you report to the school’s reception. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.


Student accident insurance, ambulance cover arrangements and private property brought to schools


This is another reminder to Parents and Guardians that the Department does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students.


Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs. 

In some circumstances, medical or other expenses will be paid by the Department where it is assessed that it is likely, in all the circumstances, that the Department is liable for negligent (careless) acts or omissions of its staff/volunteers. 


Student accident insurance/ambulance cover policies are available from some commercial insurers, and can be obtained by school councils on a whole-of-school basis, or by parents/guardians for individual students. 


Private property brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage.


Term 3 begins, Monday 17 July

Have a safe and relaxing break.


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson & Mr Bradley Headlam 

As this is the last newsletter for the semester and Term 2, we can look back on a very eventful and successful learning time together. We can think of the school assemblies with performances, celebrations and guest speakers (Harmony Day, ANZAC Day and Refugee Week) all well managed by the School Captains; sports competitors and teams who all represented themselves and the school with pride and great sportsmanship, some winning medals and flags; science competitions; engineering challenges; Year level challenges and home group competitions; excursions to parks, museums, galleries, plays; outdoor education camps and activities; bike education with the primary schools;  transition activities; aspirational and inspirational guest speakers (Elevate and Jem Fuller); Year 12 Study camp, Year 7 transition camp, Year 8 and 9 DOXA camps; lunchtime activities; Multicultural Football. These events/activities indicate the breadth of opportunities at North Geelong Secondary College and together with the classroom curriculum, this is a full learning experience. 

Progress and Semester reports

Progress reports have been released to parents and guardians. Semester reports will be released at the end of term. These are the first semester reports that NGSC will publish on Compass and any feedback about the look or information of the reports will be welcome.

VCAL and VCE Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

Conferences with class teachers of VCAL and VCE subjects will be conducted during the afternoon of Wednesday, 19 July, 4 - 6:30pm. Online booking through Compass is now available. If parents/guardians are not able to attend then the students is expected to attend on their own. However, this is an important opportunity for addressing learning concerns where parents/guardians can contribute to successful outcomes. Note that the conferences are in the first week of Term 3.


The conferences for Year 7-10 will occur later in term 3.


Mr Ryan Mills

Year 7 Assistant Coordinator 


It has been a busy time for year 7 over the last couple of weeks. With most of the students experiencing their first exams and the stresses that come with them. All the students were well behaved during the exams and led to a positive experience for how to go about preparing and sitting exams in future years at the college.


Our second event in the Homegroup Challenge took place on Friday 9th June. Students created teams of six and participated in a penalty shootout tournament at lunchtime. With over 100 students either participating or supporting their friends it was a great atmosphere and the students really enjoyed the competitive nature of the challenge. The final was played between 7B and 7D with 7B the eventual winners in a tense sudden death shootout and 7A beating 7C for third place.

After the penalty shootout the race for the overall competition is a lot closer, 7C still leading with 7B a close second. This Friday 23rd June is our third and last Homegorup challenge for the semester. A downball tournament with plenty of competition points on offer means that the race for the overall prize is well and truly still up for grabs. Make sure you sign up and earn points for your class.



Mr Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Manager 

Semester Two started this week and we want all students to reflect on their semester one, their results and what they can continue to develop. Semester Two is a great opportunity to further develop learned skills and focus on the ensuing year.


Exams are now completed and catch up exams should be finalized soon. Exams are a great way to gauge your progress and form good exam habits for future schooling. 

Permission slips and notes

Can Parents/Guardians please be mindful of return dates for permission slips and notes. I can’t stress enough the importance of sticking to these dates. The College needs plenty of warning to produce medical reports for individual students and cover costs for excursions, confirm bookings and buses. If notes are late or not returned it can impact on the running of excursions and costs.


Thanks again to all the parents who contact the school when their child is late or away. 


Ms Sarah Bridges 

Senior Sub School Manager 

Welcome to the new semester.

There will be parent teacher interviews for all senior students, both VCAL and VCE, on Wednesday 19th July 4pm -6.30pm. Please make your booking on Compass.

This is a good time of the year to receive feedback from teachers so that students can start semester 2 with specific skills to focus on.

Class Movement

Due to the new semester there will be changes in class groups. These are made to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve goals in line with their pathways.

Year 12

Students attended a motivational seminar presented by Jem Fuller, a life coach, and learnt some positive approaches to our mindset so that we can achieve our goals. Thanks to Jem for donating his time.


Students are reminded that the change to Independent Study Periods (ISP) is a privilege.  Students may use time at home to study either periods 1 and 2 or 5 and 6 if these are ISPs. Students must present their student ID cards to the Senior School Office and sign in and out.

When students leave the grounds it is expected that they act in a manner reflective of the school values.

Year 11

The whole year level activity to Super Tramp was so much fun. Everyone who attended enjoyed their time, had lots of exercise and many made new friends. Rock climbing presented a challenge to some but was an opportunity for a new experience. Students appreciated the chance to unwind after so much hard work and we look forward to a new activity later in the year. A big thank you to Ms Hand for organising this for us.


Deakin University
Delivers IT

NGSC would like to express our appreciation for the generous donation of 41 Cisco Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to North Geelong Secondary College. The cost of the WAPs would exceed many tens of thousands of dollars. This provides the college with a unique opportunity to upgrade our network infrastructure without the financial burden of having to fund the upgrade through our own financial resources.


The College maintains an extensive wireless network, and the addition of these more current model WAPs will allow us to retire many older model WAPs. Improving our overall network performance and bandwidth utilization. The College normally relies on the Department of Education for these upgrades, but through Deakin University’s generosity, it will allow our College to continue to offer our students and community the highest quality learning facilities possible.


North Geelong Secondary College greatly values its various partnerships with Deakin University, and looks forward to growing on these strategic partnerships into the future.

John Mullins

ICT Manager 

Planning for a safe and supportive school

How Can You Help?

Bullying doesn’t affect just those who are bullied and those who bully, it has a huge impact on those who see the behaviour!


The group of students who witness bullying is really important. This group may not be getting bullied, they may not be bullying, but their reaction can make a big difference.


Think about it:  Have you ever seen a group watching a fight? There are some who look, then walk away; there are others who watch and say nothing; and there are those who cheer it on.

How this group responds can really impact a situation.


Learn what you can do so that you have a positive influence!


Witnesses – What Can They Do?

If you see someone being bullied, speak up!


  • When students are willing to say they think something is wrong, they can make a difference.
  • Let others know that you don’t accept bullying at your school, and others will be more willing to speak up, too.
  • If you see bullying, you can tell an adult. Telling is not tattling. It’s okay to tell. Reach out!
  • Tell the student who is being bullied that he or she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. Nobody does.
  • Ask friends to join you in being a student against bullying.

If you have any other interests in this area you can read more:

CSEF Application Closing Date

CSEF Applications will be closing on Friday 30 June. Any applications received after this date will not be accepted.


If you have not yet applied and have a current Healthcare card, please contact the school on: 5240 5800. 

Refugee Week Henna Art celebration

Student wellbeing ran a Henna Art event at lunch time (12.40pm- 1.30pm) on 23rd of June. The event was supported by Student Wellbeing staff and our talented volunteer Shila donated her time to celebrate the contribution of refugees in our community.


Henna art is a great activity and it is lots of fun. It allows students to learn about other cultures and express themselves in a symbolic way as they create their designs. During a Henna party, artists use a paste made from dried henna leaves to paint imaginative patterns on the hands.

The English name "Henna" comes from the Arabic (Hinnā). The name Henna also refers to the dye prepared from the Henna plant and the art of temporary tattooing based on those dyes. Henna has been used for centuries to dye skin, hair, and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool, and leather.




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