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23 June 2016
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Traralgon College
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College Principal's Report

Mrs Sue Coffey
Acting College Principal

Term 2 has come to an end and for those who enjoy spending some time at the snow, the holiday period couldn’t be more perfectly timed. Teachers have been working overtime the last two weeks marking work and exams, and writing and proof reading reports so l encourage all parents and students to log on to Compass and check out their learning progress over the weekend or during the holidays. The feedback provided should help students set learning goals for the second half of the year.


Last day of Term - Friday 24 June


Junior Campus

Students dismissed at 2.30pm, buses depart from 2.30pm


Senior Campus

Students dismissed at 1:17pm, buses depart from 2.30pm



Student Laptops are used in the majority of classes at both the junior and senior campuses. It is really important that students bring their charged laptops to school and that they take them to class. Students in Year 9 and 12 have the older V5 computers and as these are the leased option parents are reminded that they need to make payments on time. The terms of the lease for these computers concludes at the end of this year which will mean they will no longer be covered by insurance /warranty  so if you have a problem with your computer we suggest that you take it to the IT department early next term for repairs. More details regarding these computers and ownership will be sent home in a letter next term.

Operation Flinders


I would  like to thank  Mr Peter Stokes, Mrs Cate Hackett and Ms Karen Anders for attending and helping coordinate the Operation Flinders Celebration last Friday evening. A total of 40 guests came to the celebration, a team of four came from Operation Flinders, Adelaide, and the sponsors were well represented with  five  members from each of the Latrobe Valley Rotary Clubs and  the Community Engagement Manager from Engie (was GDF Suez) was also present together with a staff member from the Flexible Learning Option (FLO) program.  


Operation Flinders is a fully funded  outdoor challenge run by the Operation Flinders team and sponsored by the Latrobe Valley Rotary Clubs and Engie. Nine students  from year 10 ( 1 year 11) participated in this challenge during the last two weeks of term 1. Mrs Hackett and Mr Stokes were the staff that tended from here and they walked a challenging 100kms with the students, slept under the stars and ate mostly tin food for 10 days. They climbed to the top of Mount Rose and they abseiled down a 35 meter cliff face, they didn’t shower for ten days and they experienced extremely hot weather conditions. Some of the students were really amazing!


The students and teachers met up for an afternoon at Jump and Climb followed by dinner in the hall foyer and presentations to the students. The food was prepared by VCAL and everyone was extremely complimentary. The students brought their families along to celebrate their achievements and to see them presented with their certificates.  Mr Stokes and Mrs Hackett put together a presentation of photos and anecdotes from the trip . The Operation Flinders guides spoke very highly of the students and they identified 3 students as being exceptional and they invited them back to mentor other students later in the year.


Something like this takes a lot of organising and without Ms Anders helping and the VCAL team catering it wouldn’t have been so successful. Everyone enjoyed the evening and the local Rotary Clubs were suitably impressed. They are considering booking VCAL for a business breakfast later in the year.

Reminder: College Phone Menu Selection

To avoid your call being misdirected please ensure you listen to all options in the automated response menu before selection as the menu may change from time to time.  If your call is not answered, please leave a message and the appropriate person will return your call.  Messages are checked continuously throughout the day.


The current selections between 8.30am & 4.30pm (4pm Friday) are as follows:


Senior Campus – 5176 2240

  1. Student Absences - to be used to report student absences
  2. Student Services - for enquiries regarding current students or to make arrangements to speak to a teacher regarding your student
  3. Student Careers - for enquiries regarding student careers and pathways
  4. New Enrolments - for enrolment enquiries re Year 10 to 12 students
  5. IT - for enquiries regarding student laptops or IT issues
  6. Other Enquiries – including account queries, payment arrangements and general enquiries

Junior Campus – 5174 8733

  1. New Enrolments - for enrolment enquiries re Year 7 to 9 students
  2. Year 7 Sub-school - for enquiries regarding current Year 7 students or to make arrangements to speak to a teacher regarding your student
  3. Year 8 Sub-school - for enquiries regarding current Year 8 students or to make arrangements to speak to a teacher regarding your student
  4. Year 9 Sub-school - for enquiries regarding current Year 9 students or to make arrangements to speak to a teacher regarding your student
  5. IT - for enquiries regarding student laptops or IT issues
  6. Other Enquiries – including account queries, payment arrangements and general enquiries

When the General Office closes at 4.30pm (4pm Friday) the system will move to a different menu as follows:


Senior Campus – 5176 2240

  1. Student Absences - to be used to report student absences
  2. Staff Absences - for staff use only
  3. Other Enquiries - to leave a message regarding all other matters

Junior Campus – 5174 8733


  1. Staff Absences - for staff use only
  2. Other Enquiries - to leave a message regarding all other matters

Any messages left after 4.30pm (4pm Friday) will be attended to at 8.30am the following day.

Junior Campus News

Mr Michael Shone
Campus Principal


As we reach the end of Semester 1 and head toward the mid-year break, it is important that all students and parents take time to recognise and reflect on successes and achievements across 2016. Many students at the Junior Campus have seen an improvement in their Progress Report Performance Average score across the year, reflecting an improved effort in demonstrating the identified Traralgon College Learning Behaviours that we believe lead to better learning. At all three year levels we have had an increase in the number of students recognised for high scores and/or high growth in the Performance Average scores across the year to the point where at one year level, half of the students recently received acknowledgement certificates.


I also encourage all parents to speak with their sons and daughters about the ways the can improve their learning in the future. Areas for improvement are a key focus of end of Semester reports and teachers have spent considerable time commenting on this for every student in every subject. Please take the time to read these reports which will be made available online via Compass on Friday 24th June. I wish all Junior Campus a safe and happy mid-year break and look forward to seeing you all back at school at the start off next term.


Permission Deadlines for

Excursions and Camps


All Junior Campus events that require parent permission have a deadline of two days or more before the commencement of the event. Parents are able to provide consent and make payment online via Compass for an event up until midnight of the due date. This cut-off date and time is in place to allow the school to plan for changes to staffing, transport and alternative programs back at school based on the number of students for whom payment and consent has been made. Parents and guardians please note that this due date will not be altered under any circumstances. Students are not able to submit signed permission forms and payment after the due date, and parents are not able to complete payment or consent via Compass after the due date.


What skills do young people need?


At a recent leadership meeting I gave all of our College leaders an article on the skills young people need to be successful in the 21st Century. One of our leaders said the article was an insightful read and should be shared with all parents. The report analyses data from 4.2 million online job advertisements from 6000 websites over the past 3 years. What this analysis found was that there is a dramatic increase in the demand for ‘enterprise skills’ and a corresponding decrease in demand for ‘technical skills’. Skills classified as Enterprise Skills include – Problem Solving, Communication skills, Digital literacy, Teamwork, Presentation skills, The report is a fascinating read and has obvious implications for the education and future of our young people. Below is a section of the report for those interested in reading more.



Casual Clothes Day – Thursday 23rd June


Thanks to our Junior Campus SRC for organising a casual clothes day and fundraiser for the Leukaemia Foundation on the second last day of Term 2. The theme was sports colours and all students were invited to attend school wearing the colours of their favourite sports team. For this privilege, all students out of uniform gave a gold coin donation toward cancer research and this fundraising effort will be added to at our Term 3 Week 8 Campus Assembly ‘Shave for a cure’ event run by the SRC.


Year 9 CLiC


On Wednesday 22 June I had the opportunity to attend presentations by three groups of Year 9 students who have been learning through the Year 9 Connected Learning in Community (CLiC) subject. These students have spent the last 10 weeks working with three mentors from Vicroads, developing creative solutions to a real like problem that Vicroads are facing. This process of our Year 9 students working with community agencies and groups to solve a real and uthentic problem, and in doing so provide something of real worth back to the community, is at the heart of the CLiC program.


Each term there are five groups of CLiC students working with five community organisations, solving problems and giving back to the community. On Wednesday the CLiC Active students presented their solutions to the problem of driver distraction and pedestrian safety to representatives and managers from Vicroads and Latrobe City Council. The solutions proposed were well thought through and professionally presented and I was extremely proud of the work of the students. Through this subject and the process of working in teams, learning with people outside of the school, visiting community organisations and surveying community members,  the skills essential for success in the 21st Century.

Senior Campus News

Mrs Sue Coffey
Campus Principal


University Trip


Only 19 Year 11 students have participated in the  University Trip at the end of this week. Whilst l am sure they will have a great time learning about future career pathways and study options it is rather disappointing that we don’t have more attending considering we have 140 year 11 students enrolled. The students are visiting Monash University, RMIT, Victoria University, LaTrobe University, Deakin and Melbourne University.


The opportunity to go and see what  is on offer at these campuses and to do some forward thinking about prerequisites and subjects and for year 12 is really worthwhile as often our students are unaware of the types of courses available. Thank you to Mr Reid and Ms Martin for accompanying the students.


12 Angry Men Incursion


Year 11 students participated in an English workshop based on the play “12 Angry Men” and according to Mr Larson the students engaged in the learning, asked excellent questions and got a great deal out of the scenes that were performed. This type of learning experience helps the students understand the written play better as it brings the dialogue to life. Thanks to the English team for organising this.





College Event Round Up

Year 9 Science
Ms Deidre Hunter and Ms Lorrae Blackwell


During Term 2, Year 9 Science students have been learning about how our bodies respond to stimuli. This entailed investigations into reflexes and reaction times and the various parts of the Nervous and Endocrine systems, including the brain. Students enjoyed modelling neurons out of play-dough and a highlight for many students was dissecting a sheep brain and investigating how this compares to a human brain. Students also had the opportunity to dissect and inflate a sheep pluck (lungs with trachea, liver, heart and surrounding tissues still attached). Attached are some photos taken by the students and Taylah’s practical report write-ups.



Community News

Partners in Depression Course

Do you know, love or care for someone experiencing depression?


Did you know those who love, care for or support people with depression can experience significant stress and are themselves at greater risk of developing mental health problems?
Would you be interested in finding out more about a program shown to be effective in supporting the partners, family members and friends of people with depression?

Partners in Depression is a FREE four (4) week group program that aims to address the information and support needs of those who live with or love someone experiencing depression.


See the flyer below for full details:


Beleza Term 2 Holidays Trading Hours


Tenpin Bowling Holiday Deal

See the flyer below for Wyncity Morwell's School Holiday deal:


College Calendar

July 2016

11 - First day Term 3

15 - Year 10 Federation University excursion

19 - Whole College Assembly Period 3 Senior Campus

19 - Victorian Police Museum Excursion - Year 9 Forensic Science

25 - Wakakirri Preview Performance

26 - Year 9 Job Skills Expo excursion

28 - Australian Mathematics Competition

August 2016

1 - Wakakirri Melbourne Performance

31 - Debutante Ball

September 2016

1 - Debutante Ball

7-16 Natural Wonders of the Ouback Camp

18 - Print-A-Car Challenge Year 10 excursion

12 - Wakakirri Grand Final

16 - Last day Term 3

October 2016

3 - First day Term 4

21 -  Last day for Year 12

26 -  Year 12 exams commence

November 2016

1 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

18 - Year 12 exams conclude

December 2016

20 -  Last day Term 4

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