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23 February 2018
Issue 2
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Monday, 26 February

Boroondara Division Round Robin - Year 8 Boys/ Mixed Basketball

Boroondara Division Round Robin - Year 8 Girls Basketball

Boroondara Division Round Robin - Year 8 Boys/ Mixed & Girls Tennis

Boroondara Division Round Robin - Year 8 Girls Softball

Chinese Museum Excursion (Chinese Senior Students)

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety Small Group Program


Wednesday, 28 February

MyFitness - Darkzone (Year 9)

MyCity - Melbourne Star Observation Wheel (Year 9)

MyCity - MCG Tour (Year 9)

MyICT - Melbourne University Data Centre (Year 9)

MyFitness - Laser Tag (Year 9)

Doncaster Primary School Summer Sports Coaching


Thursday, 1 March

STEM Resource Collection








Wednesday 7, March

MyOutdoors - Kayaking Camp (Year 9)

MyFitness - Bounce (Year 9)

MyCity - Melbourne Gaol (Year 9)

MyCity - Eureka (Year 9)

MyICT - Swinburne University (Year 9)

MyFitness - 1000 Steps (Year 9)

EAL 'Extinction' Workshop (Year 12)


Thursday, 8 March

Theatre Performance - Good Muslim Boy (VCE Drama)

MyOutdoors - Ruffey Lake Park Expo. (Year 9)

MyCity - Yarra River Cruise (Year 9)

MyICT - Technology Game (Year 9)

MyCity - Melbourne Aquarium (Year 9)

MyOutdoors - Rock Climbing Nunawading (Year 9)

MyFitness - Latitude (Year 9)


Friday, 9 March

Year 7 Immunisations






A Message from the Principal

Tuesday, 13 February was the 10th anniversary of the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generation. 


“For the pain, suffering and hurt of these stolen generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.”


"To the mothers and fathers, the brothers and sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities, we say sorry."


I reflected on all that I had learned from my years working in education and the amazing turn around in student learning outcomes when students feel included and genuinely supported.  As a school we have come a long way and proudly display the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags and have participated in activities and events to further our understanding and support of our indigenous students and community members. 


Inclusion at our school is far reaching and is a focus of all that we do – within and beyond the classroom.  Inclusion at Doncaster Secondary College extends to our students from all cultural backgrounds, economical backgrounds, religious beliefs, abilities /disabilities and gender.   


We have a shared responsibility with all members of our community for maintaining a respectful, safe and orderly school environment that supports student learning.  I couldn’t be happier with the level of cooperation from our families and community members when it comes to sanctions and restoration following any incidents of unacceptable behaviour.

Anti-Vax email

The Department of Education has brought to the attention of Principals that an email is circulating from anonymous anti-vaccination campaigners to some Victorian schools and families regarding the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine, GARDASIL®9, which is given in Year 7 in the Victorian Secondary School Vaccine Program. The information is incorrect and deliberately alarming.


The HPV vaccine GARDASIL®9 protects against seven HPV types which cause over 90 per cent of cervical cancer in women and over 90 per cent of HPV-related cancers in men. It also protects against an additional two HPV types which cause 90 per cent of genital warts. 


The consent forms distributed to families through the Victorian Secondary School Vaccine Program provide a credible and comprehensive outline of the benefits and possible side effects of the HPV vaccine. 


Safety research and testing is an essential part of developing vaccines. Every vaccine included in the Victorian Secondary School Vaccine Program has passed strict safety testing before being approved for use by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). 


Any school or family who receives this email and has concerns is encouraged to visit the Department of Health and Human Services’ Immune Hero website or Better Health Channel for further evidence-based advice on the Victorian Secondary School Vaccine Program, the vaccines and the diseases they protect against:


Éva McMaster




Whole School Approach to Wellbeing


The group of teachers listed below presented to our staff about the important role they play in supporting the wellbeing of our students.

Student Wellbeing Coordinator SWC

Pamela Campbell 

Youth Worker/ Lookout Centre Coordinator

Drew Hanna 

Discovery/Respectful Relationships Leader

Lisa Chiuchiarelli

Learning and Life Skills Learning Specialist

Lana Nunis


They put an emphasis on people who have a positive sense of wellbeing are more engaged learners, caring citizens and thriving people. The Doncaster Secondary College community has a whole school approach to the wellbeing of everyone. Our community is a place where everyone can be empowered to care for the needs of others.


As part of the whole school approach to wellbeing, the roles and responsibilities of members of our community, and referral within the teams has been identified and categorised below.


Primary Prevention: 
Support given by all College Staff, Discovery Teachers, Parents, Students and Student Management Team.


Primary Prevention and Early Intervention:
Support given by Student Wellbeing Team, Student Management Team, Career Development Co-ordinator, College Nurse and Educational Psychologist.Intervention: Support given by Educational Psychologist and the myriad of external providers with specialized expertise.


A great deal of work has taken place within the Discovery program. The program is being developed to encourage Discovery teachers to become the key contact for parents and students in relation to the social, emotional and academic needs of students. Many Discovery teachers have introduced themselves, via email to the parents of their class, outlining their role. Through this we have seen parents and students communicating with their Discovery teachers with questions that may have been preciously addressed to Level Coordinators. By doing this, we aim to build the capacity of all of our teachers to oversee the wellbeing of our students, and at the same time allow our Student Management and Wellbeing team to provide a greater level of support to those who need it.


A team of teachers is working together to develop a program drawing on the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) curriculum. Links to the RRRR curriculum, as well as the topics/activities referenced through the Discovery curriculum have been listed below. Rosie Batty referenced the RRRR curriculum in her recent message to the public in regards to taking some time out from the public eye and also in the context of her work in family violence prevention.


Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Resources

Years 7 and 8 Topics

  • Getting to know you
  • Making the rules
  • Character strengths
  • Human Rights

Years 9 and 10 Topics

  • Getting to know you
  • Behavioural preferences
  • Making the rules
  • Character strengths

Years 11 and 12 Topics

  • Challenge, opportunity and personal strengths
  • Goal setting and time management

Throughout Term 1, the Middle School Discovery curriculum has been focusing on establishing behavioural shared norms, learning routines, reflection, self-care, organisational skills, learning goals and personal strengths. The Year 12 Discovery program has focused on the study skills and habits required to manage study demands and achieve their personal best. A major change to the program has been a move away from guest speakers and presentations, in favour of the teacher connecting with their students through carefully planned activities which promote the building of positive relationships and a better understanding of student needs.


Glenn Morris

Assistant Principal

Doncaster Secondary College and Doncaster Primary School: Working Together and Learning Together

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of Dimitra Ferizis in fostering opportunities for Doncaster Secondary College and Doncaster Primary School to work together. Dimitra is an active member of our parent body, as well as being the Grade 6 teacher at Doncaster Primary School. Some of the valuable opportunities which Dimitra has been involved in, include:

  • Year 7 Transition focus group – December 2017. This information was used to guide our College in developing our transition program, as well as identifying opportunities within the local Primary Schools to prepare students for Secondary School.
  • Grade 6 Healthy Eating Unit – Sonja Allen and the Art/Technology team will be supporting the Doncaster Primary School Grade 6 students to in the Doncaster Secondary College kitchen as part of their Healthy Eating unit. We are proud of our VCAL/SBAT students who will be supporting this program and at the same time building their leadership and communication skills.
  • Great Victorian Bike Ride – We are exploring the opportunity to work with Doncaster Primary School to organise a combined team to attend the Great Victorian Bike Ride at the end of this year. 
  • Sports Coaching – Doncaster Secondary College students will be starting Summer Sports Officiating and Coaching on Wednesday, 28 February at Doncaster Primary School

Thank you Dimitra for your efforts. We look forward to strengthening the relationship between our two schools and in doing so, providing these learning opportunities for our students.


Glenn Morris 
Assistant Principal

School Accident Insurance Ambulance Cover and Private Property

Student accident insurance, ambulance cover arrangements and private property brought to school.


Parents and guardians please be aware that the Education Department does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.


Private property brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department of Education does not accept responsibility for loss or damage. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.


Jeff Pavlou

Assistant Principal


A Message from our 2018 College Captains

We would like to start by welcoming all those in the school community to another great year ahead for Doncaster Secondary College. We are the 2018 College Captains and we'd like to introduce this year's motto: I Can and I Will.


Firstly why did we decide this was appropriate? The word I signifies ownership of individuals’ learning and development, placing the focus purely on oneself, making it more personal and relatable. It also inhibits our peers from comparing themselves to others thus distinguishing their own ambitions to strive for. This also contributes to building greater self-esteem and self-confidence. Due to its open ended and adaptable nature it can be tailored to any student and situation, for instance: throughout the year I CAN and I WILL maintain balance in my life, or I CAN and I WILL join the basketball team.


In addition the phrase utilises positive language eliminating any use of words such as don’t and won’t which possess negative connotations thus removing any constraints allowing growth to occur. I CAN and I WILL is a definite statement and instantly places people in the mindset to really get things done. Just by saying I CAN and I WILL you’ve subconsciously set goals in your mind making the task of setting goals less boring and mundane. And ultimately it’s short, simple and catchy.


As College Captains we will try our absolute hardest to acknowledge and honestly represent the students of Doncaster Secondary College by advocating for the greater involvement of student voice in school decision-making. We wish to promote students’ views and opinions throughout the school community to better enhance the well being of all students. The well being of each individual within our school community is one of the SRC’s main priorities in creating a more equal and inclusive school environment.


Lastly, we are extremely excited for the upcoming year and look forward to working and learning alongside each one of you.


Dylan Cheng & Annabel Carr

2018 College Captains

Interact Club

The Interact club of Doncaster Secondary College aims to bring together students from all year levels enabling them to develop their leadership skills in one way or another, while discovering the power of Service Above Self.


Students are currently in the process of organising a variety of events that will help our school or community and also promote international understanding about a particular cause or organisation. For more information come along to one of our meetings.


Where: usually held in 'C' Block 

When: Tuesday at lunchtime

More details about upcoming meetings and events can also be found on the Compass Newsfeed. If you would like any further information please contact one of the following people:


President - Keishan Hunkar

Vice President - Ainsley Chase

Secretary - Sophie Dyt

Treasurer - Kaitlyn Lew


Paul Siassios

Teacher Liaison

Student Support Homework Program

Where: 'A' Block

When: Thursday 3.30pm - 4.30pm 

The Homework Club is designed to assist students with any aspect of their studies. Our friendly staff volunteer their time to help students in all subjects. Our regular teachers specialise in VCE Mathematics (Specialist, Methods and Further), VCE Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Psychology. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] with any further enquiries.  


Sue Bond 

Student Support Homework Program​

Coles Sports for Schools Vouchers

The College is collecting Coles Sports for Schools vouchers. Remember to drop them off at the Front Office or the Stadium Office by 11 May.


Laura Chiappa

Physical Education



House Cup 














Year 7 House Netball

Where: Stadium 

When: from Monday, 5 March - Friday, 9 March 


Any Year 7 students wishing to represent their House, please sign up on Compass via Enhancement and Enrichment or 'L' Block Staff Room. All participants welcome!


Justin Crane

House Co-ordinator

Senior Girls Softball

Congratulations to the Senior Girls Softball Team for their wonderful effort last Friday. The girls won one and lost one but displayed wonderful teamwork and resilience on the day. For most of the girls it was to be their last time representing the College so a celebratory picnic was had. A big thank you to Cindy for her organisation and leadership leading up to the event and on the day.


Sally Miller
VCE Art Faculty Support



Year 7 Social Event

Last week the Year 7 Social Evening was held at the College. A special thank you to Carly Sayer and the Middle School team for all of the work that was put in to making the Social Evening a big success. The students of each class worked very hard to bring together their displays for the evening which served as a meeting point for our families. The work which students have been completing through the Discovery and Transition program meant that they were able to confidently introduce their families to their friends and build these important social connections. 


Carly has worked extremely hard to develop and promote the role of the Parent Class Representatives this year. One of the roles undertaken on this particular evening was to introduce themselves to other parents and encourage them to join the class communication list. If you missed the opportunity given to sign up to the class communication list, please email Liz Podger [email protected]  with your name, student’s form group and contact details.  These lists will be finalised over the next week, and Parent Class Representatives will be making contact with other families to organise the first social event for parents. I must also thank Jo Menzies, one of our 7C parent representatives for speaking at the information session about the importance of building the relationship between family, school and each other. 


Thank you to our peer leaders and members of our Intermediate VCAL program for organising activities such as colouring in and games for the younger siblings of our families.


Glenn Morris

Assistant Principal






Year 9 MyCity Excursion

After three weeks of preparing, planning and booking their city experiences, on Wednesday, 21 February one of the MyCity classes went on their first excursion to the Eureka Skydeck.


Caterina Gucciardo

Myself Support

Student Reflection

Going to the Eureka Skydeck was an awesome experience for our group. On our way to the Skydeck, we took a bus but we got off at the wrong stop and had to walk to another bus stop and then walk to arrive at the front of the tower.


We all paid and went to the top floor. The view was incredible. Some of the group paid extra to go on The Edge. The Edge was so cool because we had glass as the floor, so we could see everything.


After we had finished up we went to lunch at Melbourne Central. It was really cool because we got to walk around. Overall the experience was great and set a high bar to top off in the weeks to come.

Olivia, 9I




Year 12 Study Skills/Connection Day

On Monday, 19 February the Year 12 cohort travelled to Deakin University in Burwood for a study skills/connection day. In the morning we had a presentation from Deakin representatives, a session on Resilience and ATAR information, and campus tours run by Deakin student ambassadors.

During our lunch break we enjoyed the opportunity to relax as a group in the delightful weather, playing sport and enjoying the opportunity to learn from external presenters on how to play ‘Spike Ball’.


The afternoon sessions were run by ‘Elevate Education’, in which the students had two one-hour sessions on ‘Study Sensei’ and ‘Time Management’. The presenters were young, engaging and had many tips for our students to take away and hopefully implement into their own study and revision techniques moving forward! We look forward to seeing the Elevate Education presenters later in Term 2 and 3 to talk about different topics.

I would like to thank all the staff and students present for helping to ensure the day ran smoothly.

Elly Stewart

Year 12 Coordinator

Lions Club 'Youth of the Year' Award

Kate and Noah were selected to represent the school in the Lions Club ‘Youth of the Year’ Award, competing against students from other local schools.


The competition involved the students filling out a detailed questionnaire, an interview and a public speaking section. Each student had to answer two impromptu questions in front of an audience and give a five minute speech on their chosen topic. Kate spoke brilliantly about ‘Vaccines’, while Noah gave a hilarious and well written speech on ‘Procrastination’. I was blown away with how well both students spoke. Kate was deservingly given ‘Public Speaker’ award, as well as overall Club ‘Youth of the Year’ winner. Kate will now go on to compete in the Zone Finals on Sunday, 18 March. Congratulations to both students on their achievements!


Elly Stewart

Year 12 Coordinator

Year 10 Careers Experience 

As part of Year 10 and the Careers Curriculum in 2018, all Year 10 students will undertake a week’s Careers Experience Placement.  Careers Experience allows students to develop key transferable skills and allow students to develop these skills in an authentic environment and to see the connections between different areas of study and work. Students can work in a variety of industries, including commercial firms, art and design companies, local trades, science, health and medicine, animal welfare, hospitality and events, media, etc.


Dates: Monday, 25 June – Friday, 29 June  2018, which is the last week of Term 2.


If possible, we request that placement arrangements be finalised by Wednesday, 28 February however it is preferable that students continue to work towards a meaningful placement rather than settle for an “easy option” - please just keep us updated as to the progress of arrangements.


Completed Work Experience Arrangement Forms should be returned to the Careers Office in the Senior Centre for processing.


Students are more than welcome to ask questions and seek assistance from the Careers Office.


Students are expected to make contact with employers to arrange their own placement. Some industries are exceptionally popular and students may feel disheartened if they do not gain a placement immediately, but we encourage students to persist in their endeavours to gain a meaningful placement. It is not unusual for a student to contact more than 20 employers in a particular industry before gaining a successful placement. Please refer to the Information Pack that all students received last year for further information. Additional copies of the Work Experience Arrangement Form can be found in this link 

The Discovery Subject resource on Compass has details of specific placement opportunities and links to more useful resources.


Students may find a placement in a variety of ways including searching an organisation’s website, contacting employers directly by telephone or in person, or speaking with family friends who may work in the student’s industry of choice. We strongly suggest that parents avoid employing their child as it can be difficult for children to separate home life from work life. We stress that this program is designed for students to investigate future careers, and it is College policy not to accept placements at a student’s part time job or in fast food or large retail outlets, unless this supports their career plan after completing school.


Please email me with any further queries at   [email protected]

Vanessa Ramsay 
Career Development Coordinator​


2018 VCAL Program

In 2018 the VCAL program is been lucky enough to offer its students a Certificate 2 Public safety on top of their normal course. The requirements of this certificate alignes with the outcomes of Work Skill Development and Personal Development Skills, 2 of the subjects VCAL students study. 


Magenta Safety Training are conducting the training along with our teachers. The Certificate teachers students to work safely as a team and about bushfire safety. And what is bushfire safety without a fire truck?



Pictured above are our senior students learning how to hold and handle the fire hose and the intricacies of back pressure.


Adam Roche
VCAL Program Coordinator


Chinese New Year Lunch

Lunar New Year is the most important festival for people of Chinese background. Celebrations traditionally run from the evening before New Year (known as Chinese New Year Eve) to the fifteenth day (known as Lantern Festival). Chinese people usually celebrate this festival with a lot of activities, such as Dragon Dance and fireworks. Based on the Lunar Calendar, Lunar New Year indicates the first day of a new year, therefore, people often dress up with new clothes and greet to each other with blessings. Furthermore, Lunar New Year provides an opportunity for family members to gather together and have the reunion dinner. Children are usually given money in red paper envelopes by elders. One of the most famous food served in Lunar New Year is dumplings, which look like the ancient silver ingots and symbolize the assembly of wealth and fortune.


We organized a lunch last Wednesday for international students to celebrate Lunar New Year and accommodated them with dumplings, spring rolls and fried rice. As international students, they are far from their families and home countries and study in Australia on their own. Lunar New Year is definitely the moment for them to miss their parents, other family members and also traditional Chinese food.  Therefore, we’d like to provide this opportunity to help them feel more settled in school and help our local community to learn more about Chinese culture and tradition. All who attended enjoyed the lunch very much.  


Heidi Luo

International Student Program Assistant                                                                     


A message from the International Student Captain

The festivities of Chinese New Year continued to linger among the minds of the international students of Doncaster Secondary College following last week’s hefty lunch. The international students were showered with a plethora of aromatic scents and free flowing drinks. As the students filed in, they were swarmed by the wafting, tempting scents of the mixed rice, the pork dumplings and the spring rolls, which also hit a heavy punch on the faculty as everyone made a bee-line for the tray.


Among the faculty stood the International Student Co-ordinators, the Assistant Principals, the volunteer assistants for the International Student Program and the International Student Captains.


As the festivities continued, I, as one of the International Student Captains, gave an opening speech, briefly discussing the integrated community of Doncaster Secondary College. Mr Jeff Pavlou also spoke about the importance of the season in Chinese culture.


His heartfelt speech was on the pride of the faculty’s point of view of international students whom have found the courage to travel beyond their country in search for education. I wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year and the best of luck this year!


Wesley, 12C

International Student Captain



Year 10 Ceramics

Our fruit and vegetable garden is growing! Thank you to our talented Year 10 Ceramics students for all their hard work last year. 


Sally Miller
VCE Art Faculty Support














College Council 2018

As the number of nominating parents for the ‘Parent Member Category’ on Doncaster Secondary College Council is greater then the number of vacancies it is necessary to conduct a ballot. Delivery of the ballot paper to parents is via this newsletter. Please see the ballot paper attached.

The College will supply blank envelopes as required. Envelopes are available at the General office. Please note only completed ballot papers as per instructions on the ballot paper are valid. Below are the names of the candidates who have nominated and their statements.

  • Gus Cantone
  • Pranil Chandra
  • Christine Gouramanis
  • Kristine Moruzi           
  • Demi Pape


Dylan Cantone – Year 9

I have had the privilege to serve the last two years on the council at Doncaster, and a further 8 years on the council at Serpell Primary, including the role of Vice President.

I am very keen to continue my association with our school council, and ensure our ongoing commitment to educational excellence, the safety and personal development of our students.

I have one child at Doncaster in year 9 and hope to bring my daughter to the school next year, confirming our commitment to the community and the school.

I bring a number of business attributes to the council with over 25 years of senior executive experience including the role of CEO. I believe these skills allow for a balanced, productive and clear focus on the best outcome for our children.

I hope I am given the opportunity to represent you, your family and our community.



Eshana and Kabir Chandra – Year 8 and 9

I currently serve on the DSC school council, having volunteered since first enrolment. I’ve since sat on the finance, chaplaincy and policy sub-committees, gaining deep insight & experience in the running of our council. I’ve also served as a councillor at East Doncaster Secondary College and Serpell Primary. Collectively, having over 10-years of continuous school council experience.

I’ve volunteered with school fund raisers, sporting activities and been invited to assist teachers on school excursions and camps. I was also assigned by the CSIRO as the Mathematician-in-School for Serpell Primary. I have coached school basketball with Leeds Street Association and am a team manager at East Doncaster Netball Club.

I work with a large Australian multi-national as a Business Development Executive for global corporations. Obtaining valuable experience in managing multi-million dollar projects, budgets, contracts and vendor relationships. 

With these skills and experience, I am determined to continue to build a strong and supportive school community for our children, and would be honoured to represent you.



Anastasi Raftis – Year 8

My name is Christine Gouramanis and I have a son in Year 8 at DSC.  I am a registered Architect with many years experience in all facets of architectural practice.

DSC is a wonderful school that has given my son and family a wonderful start to secondary school life. I would like to reciprocate by offering my knowledge, experience, time and commitment to the College through my participation in School Council. I have recently been involved with our Primary Schools School Council and have found the experience incredibly positive and rewarding. It has been a privilege to be part of a group of dedicated and committed people accomplishing so much for the school community. I would love to be a part of such a group at DSC.



Sarah and Kate Moruzi – Year 8 and 12

Kristine Moruzi is the Vice-President of the School Council and has been a parent member since 2014. She has two daughters, in years 8 and 12, attending Doncaster Secondary College. She is a senior lecturer in Literary Studies at Deakin University. Originally from Canada, she and her family moved to Australia in 2004 and became Australian citizens in 2010. She loves to read, travel, and walk on the beach.



Theodora Pape – Year 9

I am Demi Pape, a maths enthusiast, past lecturer and computer engineer specialising in networking and cloud computing. I have recently converted to tuition, which enables me to offer the time required for a meaningful involvement to the school's affairs. I am seeking to actively engage with the school community and contribute my ideas and skills in the areas of information technology, operation management, as well as everything food and music (I am a competent cook and can play the guitar and sing really loudly if I need to J).

Any further enquiries please contact Mandy Rohrlach on 9856 1011.


Éva McMaster



Welcome to the Library

The Library is a welcoming place to visit. It is popular, well used and comfortable like a family room. For this reason we ask that all students treat it with respect.


Location: 'H' Block, there are 4 formal teaching areas:  HCO HIR HS1 HS2.

Open Hours: the library is available for students to use before school (before 8:30am) and after school (until 4pm).  During recess and lunchtime, the library is open for students. If it is not open a sign will be placed on the door.



Things you need to know

  • When there are no classes, we have a quiet reading area, games area, general study area and private study area.
  • During class time when students visit the library they need to have a diary  signed by their teacher otherwise they will need to return to class.
  • Students are required to sign in and out when  in the library during class time. Staff and parents regularly check the sign-in list.

What the library offers

  • A huge range of fiction and non-fiction, graphic novels and students can now borrow an unlimited number of books.
  • Book loans have been increased from 2 to 4 weeks and need to be renewed if required. This is especially helpful for students doing book reviews.
    Please note - if you lose a book, you will need to replace it.
  • Assistance with research.
  • Assistance with minor IT problems.
  • A photocopier - using a student code & password. Our friendly team can assist you with this.
  • Printing needs to be from a school PC. Make sure you bring a USB with you. 
  • Students will have an opening $10 print credit.  Payments are processed at the front office to top up the balance, students need to  bring the receipt to the library. 
  • We can also assist you if you have forgotten your Compass student code or password.

Jacaranda Ebook Bundle Year 7 - 10

Students, please come to the Library for assistance if;

  • You have paid for your Jacaranda ebook bundle (this includes the hardcopy maths book) and have not received it yet;
  • You are having any issues with the Jacaranda Ebooks; or
  • You haven’t connected to the College network, Office 365.

Sue Hayward

Curriculum Resource Manager


Dad's Tool Kit 4-Week Program

Doncare are running a 4 week program to support Dads who want to add to their parenting toolkit.

When: Mondays from 6-8pm (March 19th, March 26th, April 16th and April 23rd)

Cost: $25

Contact: Nitiki at Doncare on 9856 1599 for any questions or to register.


SAFEMinds Parent Forum

Headspace is offering a free forum aimed to help parents and carers to identify young people experiencing the early signs of a mental health issues.

When: Wednesday 14th March 7pm-9pm

Location: 360 Youth Services, 360 Burwood Rd Hawthorn.

Cost: Free and a light supper will be provided.

Contact: Headspace on 9006 6500 for further information.

For registrations please see attached flyer.










ReachOut is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people and their parents. They provide practical support, tools and tips to help young people get through anything from everyday issues to tough times. Information is also offered to parents makes it easier for them to support their teenagers. Their mission is to deliver innovative e-mental health services that enable young people to take control of their mental health and wellbeing. ReachOut's resources for parents and students can be found on their website linked below.



2018 Youth Development Voyage

The Young Endeavour 2018 Voyage Ballot is now open!


Are you 16-23 years old?  Apply now to join the Young Endeavour crew. The ballot is now open for applications, eligible young Australians can apply for Youth Development voyages sailing through to December 2018. Voyage berths are allocated by ballot, and through our Scholarship Program.


Apply now for your chance to set sail on the voyage of a lifetime!!


Donvale/ Nunawading Girl Guides - Open Night


Blackburn Vikings - Open Age Basketball Competition


Doncaster Tennis Club - 4 week free intro program


Futsal - Melbourne School Titles

Students interested in taking part need to check Compass Newsfeed more details - times, dates for trials and training sessions. For any further questions please see Mrs Nunis in the Middle School Office.


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