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12 August 2018
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Coming Events

Dates to remember!

Don't forget to look on the calendar in XUNO for these and future events


12-17th Justice Camp - SOAR Girls group

12-15th VCE Hotham Trip

14th 2018 Youth Parliament Team present to Mt Alexander Shire Council

15th College Assembly

15th School Council Meeting

15th Steiner Class Meeting

16th Year 11 Legal Studies excursion to Loddon Prison

21st Year 10 French Film Excursion ACMI

21st & 29th Student, Parent & Teacher Conferences

22nd Year 7 Immunisations

22nd Applications close for Melb Uni Principals Scholarship

24th NGB Art Excursion


27th Student Free Day  - Staff PD Berry St Training



31st Wear It Purple Day



5th CSC Athletics Carnival 

9th Spring Recital

10-14th Mental Health Week

10-14th VCE Lunchtime Concert Series

12-14th Year 9 Steiner Rafting Camp

12th Mid Term College Assembly

12th School Council Meeting

18-21st Year 8 Camp

18-21st SOAR Grampians Camp

19th Year 12 English Practice Exam

21st Year 7 Language Activity Day

21st Last Day of Term 3 – early dismissal 2.30pm

Student, Parent & Teacher Conferences 21 & 29 Aug

Your child’s fourth report for the year and first for this semester will be available on the XUNO portal by 2pm on Monday, 13 August. We have received valuable feedback from families about our new reports and have implemented changes to ensure that they provide detailed and helpful information about your child’s learning.

In order to discuss student progress, Student, Parent and Teacher Conferences will be held this term on Tuesday, 21 August and Wednesday, 29 August from 3.50pm to 5.50pm. Normal classes will be held for students on this day. Conference appointments can be booked through XUNO, accessed through any internet-connected computer.
XUNO will open for bookings at 10am on Tuesday, 14 August and will close at 1pm on Wednesday, 29 August.

If you do not have access to the internet please contact CSC on 5479 1111 and we will arrange your conference times for you.
Please access the system as follows:

  • Go to and enter in your username and password;


  • Go to the school’s home page
  • Click the XUNO link on the home page
  • Enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your log in details, please click on “forgotten your username or password?” and follow the prompts to generate a new one.
  • Once you are logged into XUNO you will see your Home Screen with basic information about your child/children.

From the Home Screen, select Parent Teacher Interviews from the left hand menu. Select the interview times that best suit you for each of the classes and teachers who you would like to meet with.
If you have any issues with logging into XUNO, please contact CSC on 5479 1111 for assistance.

Castlemaine Secondary College is committed to supporting and challenging all students to achieve their very best and to continually improve their learning. An important part of this focus is the partnership between school and home, between teacher and parent or carer.

We hope you and your child/ren are able to meet with our teaching staff to further develop this partnership. If you have any questions regarding the reports or the conferences, please contact CSC on 5479 1111.

Year 8 Camp - Sign Up Now!

The Year 8 Warrnambool camp is always fun and will once again be held at Surfside Holiday  Park.  The camp will focus on living skills, exploring the Shipwreck Coast and  discovering  the  stories  at  the  Flagstaff  Hill  Maritime Museum.


The cost  to  students  depends  on  final  numbers.  It  could  be  between  $320  and  $350  per  person.  We  do  our best to keep the cost  down,  while  delivering  an  exciting  camp,  but  the  more  students  we  have,  the  cheaper  it will be.


To secure your place at the Year 8 Warrnambool Camp, please return the permission slip  & medical  consent  form (click on attachment below),and a non-refundable deposit  of  $50,  to  the  office  by  (and  no  later  than)  Wednesday  August  15 th 2018  full  payment  to  be  paid  by  the  3rd  September 2018.


Remember to order your Yearbook

Don't forget to pay for your copy of the 2018 Yearbook. Full of fabulous stories and photos which capture the years' activities at CSC. Payment of $25.00 is needed before the end of term to the office.

Art Scene

Kian Brownfield - Finalist 

Let's get behind Kian who has just been listed as one of five finalists in Triple J's Unearthed High as a singer/songwriter. Fingers crossed and we wish him well ! 


Outline from Triple J's site- 

Triple J's - Unearthed High 2018. 

We can't wait to scour through the nation's classrooms in order to find the best high school music act. With alumni including, Gretta Ray, Stonefield, Japanese Wallpaper and last year's reighning champ, Arno Faraji - there's a pretty prestigeous list to join!

We're going to play the best entries on national radio and the winner will get flown to triple j to record, remix or master a track. They'll also be set up with a mentorship with an industry professional and triple j might even crash your school!








[BIO from web]


KIAN stepped into the spotlight with his killer chorus on Baker Boy’s debut track Cloud 9 back in May 2017. 16-year-old KIAN hails from the goldfield town of Castlemaine, Vic. A life surrounded by music, songwriters, and rappers – he’s no stranger to the inner workings of the music scene.




Since the age of two KIAN’s been travelling with his dad making music in remote Indigenous communities. It was at Beswick Community [NT] that KIAN met Baker Boy. Aged 13 & 17 the connection was instant. A few years on the crew were at a loose end and decided to create Cloud 9. KIAN stepped up to the microphone and delivered his killer hook smashing it out of the park. Inspired and encouraged by Baker Boy KIAN began focusing on his own songs. Since that time he has been listed in triple j’s “best new music” [Feb 2018]. “Waiting” is the first song he wrote, and the second to be released after releasing his debut “Too Far Gone” with Vince the Kid earlier this year.








Don't Forget To Book! Calamity Jane


What have we been up to?


Mt Buller Snow Day

Xavier – I found the snow day really enjoyable even though the conditions were very cold!

Damon – It was really fun but really cold, I also enjoyed riding the ski lifts.

Max - Being my first time going to the snow, I found it a new experience for me. I enjoyed playing in the snow and riding the ski lifts on the mountain.


Parlez beaucoup! (Speak lots!)


That was the theme of the VCE French Immersion day held last week at the Etty St campus. All VCE French students were invited to attend the daylong session of activities designed to encourage them to speak a lot of French to each other and to the their French teachers, Jane Macdonald and Mark Johansson as well as to the language assistant, Marie Bissonniere. There was a lot of talking going on and in between there was a lot of French food to be tried. Students and teachers brought along an incredible array of French cuisine ranging from soupe à l’oignon, ratatouille, salad nicoise to tarte au chocolat, tarte au citron, palmiers, éclairs, croissants and more. Replete, we almost rolled out the door at the end of the day, tired from huge effort of speaking French all day. Quelle journée formidable!


Brainstorm Theatre Company, August 8 – Performers' Precinct

Brainstorm Theatre Company, August 8 – Performers' Precinct

Brainstorm Theatre Company presented their performance ‘Cyberia’ to all students in years 7, 8 and 9. The play was a great chance for students to experience some live theatre, and exploring the theme of Cyber safety in an engaging and entertaining way. Mentors have been provided with materials to support students in their understanding of themes and content.


Darren Lowe

Drama Teacher

VCE Theatre Studies Excursion

VCE Theatre Studies students attended the wonderfully bizarre in both title and content ‘Motor – Mouth loves suckface’ . Described as an’ apocalyptic musical’, this provided a great stimulus for the completion of a performance analysis piece and a great evening out, including some Italian food in Lygon St .

Darren Lowe

VCE Theatre Studies teacher

Soup Kitchen

Students of VET Kitchen Operations recently ran a Soup Kitchen, preparing 60 containers of Pumpkin Soup and Minestrone Soup to be donated to the Castlemaine branch of St. Vincent de Paul, to support local people in need.  We are very grateful to Castlemaine Fruit Supply and Maxi IGA Castlemaine for donating the ingredients for this charitable initiative.

Caroline Cook

VET Foods


Wellbeing Team Update

The Wellbeing Team is holding a Young Carers' Forum at lunchtime on Wed 15th August in the CLS.


Who should attend? All young people who help out at home with a parent who has a chronic illness, disability, mental health condition or substance abuse issue.


Please encourage any students you know, who may benefit from this, to come along and have their say. 

Doctor in the School Program FAQ


What is the Doctor in School Program? A program where local doctors come to the school to ensure our young people are getting the health support, advice and treatment they need so they can reach their full potential. The program is dedicated to supporting the existing general practice clinics in the Castlemaine community.


Why do we have doctors in the school?

So that all young people in our school community have easy access to health care

To encourage the development of health independence through the teen years

To encourage our young people to identify and address any health problems early, and

To help our young people build a healthy relationship with the medical profession that will continue for a lifetime.


Who are the Doctors? Dr Louisa Hope and Dr Richard Mayes attend the school alternating each fortnight. Both doctors have a special interest in the health and wellbeing of young people.

When is it on? Every second Thursday afternoon, 1pm – 3pm

Who can go to see the doctors? Any student

What can I go to see the doctor for? Any physical, emotional or sexual issue that you would normally go to see a doctor for

How much does it cost? There is no cost.  The appointments are Bulk-Billed.

Is it confidential? Information/ medical records are not shared with the school and are kept off site.

Health care providers such as doctors, nurses and counsellors are ethically bound to respect confidentiality and details will not be discussed with teachers or parents. The consultations are confidential unless there is concern about the safety of the student (risk of suicide or at risk of harm from others) or a danger to others. Exactly the same as it is for all doctor clinics.

How do I make an appointment?

Students can refer themselves (self-refer) or on their behalf, and with their consent, by parents, the school nurse, the wellbeing team, and teachers.


Bookings are made through the School nurse, Alli Williams, who can be contacted via mobile on 0457516931, email: [email protected] or students can drop by the school nurse’s office on a Wednesday or Thursday

How quickly will I get in? Most clinics have been fully booked, however nearly always, you will get your appointment within the fortnight.

Can I take a friend? Yes, if you are more comfortable going with a friend, that is OK.

What do students say about the Program?

Students are saying that it is much easier for them, not having to phone, or get themselves to the clinics down the street, and are commenting on how comfortable it is to have the doctor in ‘our’ environment.  Many of the students that have attended the clinic have been referred back to their own GPs, and to other health providers, offering them opportunities that they would have otherwise had more difficulty accessing.

What if I have more questions? Call the school or call Nurse Alli, 0457516931


Photo: Erecting the fence around the dam

School Council

Photo: Erecting the fence around the dam

Working Bee

Thanks to parents and staff who helped out at the working bee. We cleaned up the outdoor education space, moved an unused water tank up there to water the garden beds, shifted some gravel from the court area, and erected a fence around the dam. The fence should stop basketballs and footballs from ending up in the water.


Our working bees are short and sharp – in and out within two hours. The next working bee will involve specific tasks that need doing around the school grounds, rather than a whole school clean up (we don’t do those!).  One of the jobs will be to fix up the ‘Ga Ga Pit’ which is filling with water.


During the clean up of the top court areas, some students picked up a whole wheelie bin of rubbish. The worst offending litter items are mini chip packets, Glad zip lock sandwich bags, and Zooper Dooper wrappers.


We are wanting to move towards a Zero Waste school yard – please try and limit the amount of packaging you send to school with your child. Students please note that the days are numbered for those Zooper Doopers from the canteen!!!


Beth Mellick

School Council President


Sustainability Group

School Captain Nioka Mellick-Cooper entered the Origin Energy School Solar System competition recently. Origin Energy were giving away one solar system to one school in each state, based on a 100 word entry and supporting film or photo.


The good news is that we won the Victorian Entry! We won a 20kw, $26,000 solar panel system.


Here is the 100 word entry that Nioka had to write about how the school spreads good energy and how we would use the prize. Thanks to everyone who appeared in the film.


“I love my school. It’s full of differences – different families, cultures, and ways of looking at things.  It’s also full of energy, bursting with energy!  But we’re teenagers, so sometimes having positive energy is hard!


Our Sustainability Group is spreading good energy - we’ve built gardens, outdoor education spaces, we are carrying out audits on waste, energy, water and biodiversity. With these audits we will develop actions to become more sustainable. Winning solar panels (ones we can’t afford) would hit one of our targets.


This little video shows the amazing energy we already have – this energy powers our school!”



Year 8 Footy Report

On Friday the 20th of July, the CSC Year 7 & 8 boys’ footy team made the journey to Marist College at Maiden Gully to compete in the Year 8 Sandhurst zone footy carnival. Unfortunately we only had 17 players with some players unable to play through injury or, even more unfortunately, pulling out of the team without letting the selectors know.


Despite giving our all we were overwhelmed and well beaten in all three of our games. Best players on the day were: Austin Peace, Mitch Smolak, Dan Chaplin and Xavior Noy. All the boys really had a red hot go and a crack.

Game 1.

Crusoe SC 8-8-52 d CSC 1-3-9

Game 2.

Marist Catholic College 11-9.75 d CSC 0-0-0 (ouch)

Game 3.

Catherine McCauley Catholic College d CSC 1-3-9

Thank you to all the boys who committed and came along, Harley Muscat for coaching us, Beau Brackely for umpiring and Mr Lourey and Mr Edwards for taking us.

Dan C, Mitch S, Austin P. Year 8

Outstanding Result Piper!

Piper Albrecht  of year 11 continues to preform  at  a top level and we thought  we would share his latest  achievements. Maybe we will see him in the tour one day!


He won the State Championships in cyclo-cross last weekend in  Beechworth.  He is also State Champion in MTBA cross country  (which he won in February) and National Champion in the MTBA Marathon which he won in Townsville in April.



Senior Boys Netball


Bendigo Senior Vs Castlemaine

A nervous Castlemaine team came up against a confident Bendigo Senior side on the 20th July held here at school. Castlemaine came out strong in the first quarter despite their nerves, and managed to carry the momentum throughout the game. Despite a late come back from Bendigo Senior, Castlemaine finished the game on top with a three point lead.


On completion of the game the boys had not only won the ‘Calder Cup’ for the second time in history, but they advanced through to the Loddon Mallee Regional finals against Kyabram College in Echuca.

The regional finals started off with a strong Kyabram run and despite the hard work and determination of the Castlemaine team, Kyabram came through with a convincing win. The Castlemaine boys left Echuca disappointed but in high spirits. Thanks to coaches Rachelle McLean and Brianna Pedretti and Bonnie McGubbin for umpiring.

Written by Linc Boyack and Michael Shannon

Junior Basketball




Year 7 Girls

The Year 7/8 basketball teams took a bus from Castlemaine to the Bendigo stadium. The team included Marni Frye, Issy Fiddes, Alisha Murley, Emma Giddings, Siana Nunan, Shania Kitchingman, Eve Parker and Ashleigh Dunn.
The year seven girls started off strong with wins against East Loddon and Weeroona. The third game was a loss to Catherine McAuley College. This was enough to get us through to the semi final against Girton. Unfortunately we lost there but they were the overall winners on the day. Thankyou to Mr Frye for coaching us on the day.

Written by Alisha Murley

Year 7 Boys

We played in the Sandhurst competition at the Bendigo Stadium. In the team was Taylar McKnight, Blake Prendegast, Saul Williams, Finian McKenzie, Noah Thompson, Josiah Pattinson, Sam Haley and Theo Mellick-Cooper.
We played three games for the day.  We played two games before the finals including a win against Eaglehawk and loss to Catherine McAuley College. We then went to the semi finals against Girton but unfortunately lost that. Thanks to Mr Foster for coaching us on the day.

Written By Sam Haley

Year 8 Girls

On Wednesday 1st August the year 8 girls went to Bendigo to play in the Sandhurst Basketball competition. Our first game was against Eaglehawk. We only had four players so some of the year sevens played as well. It was a good game but we lost by one point. We then played Catherine McAuley College and we lost by a lot. Our final game against Weeroona was probably our best. We won by a lot and we all played really well. It was a fun day out. We thank Abbie and Rachael for coaching us on the day.

Written by Tia Davidge

Mittagundi Camp 

Last week a team of students took part in the Mittagundi Camp. Mittagundi is a very special place that has been built by young people for young people. For over 40 years students aged 14-17 have been led by young outdoor education leaders to experience pioneer farm life and explore our beautiful outdoors; rock climbing, water rafting, hiking and cross-country skiing.


This year we spent 7 days in some of Australia’s most beautiful country, the Australian Alps, cross country skiing and working on the Mittagundi pioneer farm. On the farm students were able to cook on the old wood-fired stoves, milk and care for the cows, care for the Clydesdales horses, chop wood and work in the blacksmith.  Our cross-country tour took us to MacNamara’s Hut and Buckety Plains (in the National Park behind Falls Creek) for 3 full days of snow fun. The highlight was a full day of skiing on Buckety Plains in perfect powder snow. We were able to perfect our snow ploughs and turning techniques.


Students always return home learning a little bit more about themselves, realising they are stronger and more capable than they think.  While students were challenged, they were fully supported by highly energised trained outdoor education leaders. But, importantly, they had lots of fun.




Community Notices


Student Exchange Australia New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation that is registered with all state and territory Departments of Education around Australia and with the Ministry of Education in NZ. We are the first and only secondary exchange organisation in Australia and New Zealand to be certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and we ensure the highest standards of care and support to our participants. 

We would like to invite your students and families to our FREE Live Online Sessions on Thursday, 16th August at 7.30pm (AEST).

The LIVE Online session gives students and families the opportunity to learn more about becoming an exchange student and the various scholarship options that are available in 2018. 

Students can find out more about our exchange programs to over 25 countries, listen to former exchange students share their experience and learn about our scholarships and discounts on offer in 2018. Please note that the deadline for Scholarship and Early Bird Discount applications is 31st October for programs departing between April 2019 - September 2019.

Please be aware that we now offer 14 partial scholarships each year for semester and year applicants. See our website for more information.

"You come back a different person, with so much more confidence & you feel that you can conquer the world"  Jessica, Semester Program to Italy

We would appreciate if you could please mention our upcoming information session in your newsletter.  You can copy the below text.

Hear from our very experienced, Senior staff, find out more about discounts and scholarships available and ask questions.

Thursday, 16th August at 7.30pm

Register now

or call 0800 440 079 for more information


Get Involved!


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