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12 June 2018
Issue Nine
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From the Principals' Desk

Increased Student Voice at Nossal

We are pleased to announce Jordan van Rhyn (Year 12) and Leo Crnogorcevic (Year 11) have been elected to the School Council following the State Government’s recent introduction of mandated student positions on all school councils.


Thank you to all who accepted nominations for the two positions which were chosen through a ballot of students over the past few weeks.  Jordan and Leo will officially take up their positions at the next School Council meeting on June 26 where they will join fellow students and School Captains, Grace Archer and Sam Balazs.


The Nossal School Council now comprises: 6 parent representatives, 5 staff representatives and 4 co-opted community representatives (Monash University, Rotary Club of Berwick, School Captains).


Strengthening Students for Their Future

Nossal has commenced its program with The Resilience Project and at the time of preparing this newsletter, students were participating in their workshop with this acclaimed program. 


As both a parent and an educator, I fully appreciate the need to have today’s young people skilled and ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead of them.  When I was young and growing up, life was a lot simpler.  As kids we played in the street until it was dark; we would think nothing of walking unattended to primary school, (in my case along laneways in the inner suburbs of Melbourne) or to shops along a busy road; we knew all our neighbours; we would explore our local areas as members of scout groups and learn all sorts of physical and practical skills.  But in today’s world, we are much more fearful of the unknown or want to anticipate the unexpected to protect our children.  We want them to experience success, to be the best they can be, to be the recipient of awards and recognition, (all of which are worthy goals), but so often we want to do this ‘first up’ and not put them through the disappointment of having experienced loss or a runner up feeling. 


I know of a parent of young students who is so determined to make up for what they see as their own personal disappointments in success at the things they have done or the measures of achievement they have felt in their life, that they continue to push to have their children the absolute best at everything they do.  There are times when they are the ‘ugly parent’ at their children’s sporting matches; they are the parent who regularly tells others about their child’s latest certificate or recognition at school or sport; they are the parent of children who have all the latest gadgets and enjoy all of the ‘must do’ experiences but at what expense?  When things don’t go right or the child doesn’t succeed at what they are doing, no matter how simple a task, either they will simply give up and walk away, or they will sulk and sometimes cry because they are ‘no good at that anyway’.  And as I look at these children, I wonder what lies ahead for them in their future?


The Resilience Project is a program we at Nossal believes is a great one for all sectors of our school community.  Last week, Martin Heppell a presenter with The Resilience Project  came to the staff Professional Learning meeting.  He spoke passionately about resilience and how important it was for us all to be not only resilient ourselves, but to also help and develop resilience in the young people in our care.  Testimony to Martin’s presentation, was the number of staff who independently and personally went to Martin at the end of his presentation and thanked him for his message.  It was inspiring!


And now, as I said above, it is the student’s turn to listen and enjoy Martin who will be speaking to them on Tuesday June 12.  He will challenge them about the way they think, react and behave as they meet the situations they are faced with.  He will encourage them to take on the school’s motto to “Embrace the Challenge” but to do so in a healthy and productive way. 


Click on this video link to see a sample of Martin presenting to students participating in The Resilience Project at a primary school.


When your son or daughter comes home from school after their session, if they don’t tell you about The Resilience Project, ask them.  Get them to tell you about what it was all about.  Ask them what they thought were the best three things that Martin talked about and then come and compare their opinions with your own by attending the parents’ session of The Resilience Project to be held at the school next Tuesday June 19 at the school.  This is a free event and there are only limited seats still available.  Last week we distributed a special edition newsletter, (reproduced later in this newsletter) with details of the program and providing the link to reserve your seats.  I encourage you to read that newsletter if you haven’t already done so, watch the video links it contains and follow the link to reserve your seats.  This night is a program for all parents and provides an affirmation about the things we do well while also guiding us in ways we can do things differently to help support and nurture our children in their future.  My children are both in their 30’s, but having listened to Martin, there are things I have learned and can still do as I guide them in an ever-changing world.


Reserve your seat at The Resilience Project session for parents at 


As indicated, seats are limited and the message being delivered is directed at parents and so we ask to ensure as many parents as possible are able to attend, that unless necessary, parents do not bring children (particularly Preschool and Primary aged children) with them on the evening.


Help us develop Nossal

Nossal High School has again been given the opportunity to take part in “The Great Community Raffle” which is generously conducted by the Rotary Club of Emerald.


Like all government schools, Nossal receives it share of funding for student learning.  However, for us to remain a school that is challenging and at the forefront of innovation and therefore able to provide our students with outstanding opportunities to excel in their studies and development as global citizens, we need to continue to look for ways to raise additional funds to provide what government funding doesn’t.

Recently you would have received a book of raffle tickets.  Every student was given a book of 10 tickets and asked to take it home to sell to family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues.  Each book is valued at $20.00 and therefore if every student sold just one book of tickets, Nossal would raise just over $16,000! 


The Great Community Raffle is an annual event.  The Rotary Club of Emerald facilitate the prizes, (in 2018 first prize is again a new car provided by the Ferntree Gully Motor Group) and every dollar returned to Nossal from ticket sales, stays with Nossal High School.  The raffle is set up for a select group of community organisations to benefit from and we are one of the fortunate ones to do so.  This is a wonderful opportunity to help us achieve our goals to provide the best educational environment for our students.  For less than the cost of a cup of coffee you can purchase your ticket and have the chance to win a new car!

Please support the raffle by selling the tickets distributed to your family, knowing all money raised will develop Nossal for the benefit of your child.


The raffle is governed by State government legislation and so all tickets regardless of whether they are sold or not must be accounted for.  Please sell your tickets and return the ticket butts and money to the school’s office promptly.  Additional tickets will be available for students to obtain, with prizes awarded to the student who sells the most tickets and also to the Tutorial group who sells the most tickets.  Points apply for the House competition as well.


Thank you for your support.


Student Safety

We continue to receive reports of cars driving in excess of the speed limit along Sir Gustav Nossal Boulevard.  In the past we have highlighted the dangers this poses not only to our students and staff in the area, but also students and staff at Federation University and the Berwick HealthCare facility.

Please slow down and drive to the conditions in the area because while our students are young adults, they do at times make foolish decisions such as recently when a parent reported that a student, chasing a soccer ball from the grassed sports area adjacent to the road, simply ran straight out in front of her car, without looking, to retrieve the ball.  Fortunately, in this case the driver was travelling slowly, but this may not always be the case and so motorists are urged to observe the speed restrictions.


"Break a Leg"

The Nossal High School 2018 season of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is fast approaching.  Have you got your tickets yet?  The production will be performed in The Meath Auditorium on Thursday June 21 and Friday June 22 and tickets are selling quickly.


The cast and crew are working feverishly to make sure the show is one of the best ever presented at Nossal.  Under the dedicated leadership of Mr Woon, many hours have gone into rehearsing lines, actions and music, while there have also been lots of hours spent in making the performances look spectacular through costumes and props.


The Performing Arts area of our school may be small in comparison to other learning domains, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in passion and commitment to perform at its best.  The students in the production have been supported by teachers and have spent many hours developing this show.  There have been lunchtime practices, after school practices and more recently rehearsals on Sundays.

This will be a great show and the cast, musicians and crew deserve your support.  Book your tickets today at  And while we don’t mean it literally, we hope all involved ‘break a leg’.



Keith Butler
Assistant Principal

Important dates


Resilience Project - All year levels

Tuesday 12 June



Wednesday 13 June


Digital Delivery Day - Years 9 & 10 

Wednesday 13 June


2018 MacRob Model UN Assembly 

Thursday 14 June


Casey North Division Sport

Thursday 14 June

ART Vo excursion - Year 9

Thursday 14 June


Tag and Test Student's and Staff Devices
Friday 15 June


Semester 2 Begins

Monday 18 June


Southern Metro Region Cross Country

Monday 18 June


Resilience Project for Parents

Tuesday 19 June

Nossal Special Event


Year 11 PE Berwick Fields Primary School Athletics Carnival

Wednesday 20 June


Central Australia Tour

Wednesday 20 - Saturday 30 June


Production - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Thursday 21 & Friday 22 June


Year 10 Immunisations

Friday 22 June


School Council Meeting

Tuesday 24 June - 7pm


Fare Share #2
Thursday 28 June


Semester 1 Reports Released

Thursday 28 June - 4pm


End of Term 2

Friday 29 June

Students finish at 2:30pm


VicSRC Congress 2018

Tuesday 10 - Thursday 12 July


MHS Future Minds Conference
Friday 13 July


Term 3 Commences

Monday 16 July


Fare Share #3

Monday 16 July


State Cross Country

Thursday 19 July


Unit 4 Biology Workshop
Friday 20 July


Shakespeare As You Write It

Monday 23 July


Bell Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Tuesday 24 July


School Council Meeting

Tuesday 24 July - 7pm


Tree Planting Day

Friday 27 July


SMR Senior & Intermediate Badminton

Monday 30 July


ICAS English Reading Competition

Tuesday July 31

And beyond...

PFA Meeting

Wednesday 1 August - 7pm


House Performing Arts Festival

Tuesday August 28

Compulsory event for all students


Digital Delivery Day - Year 9-12

Wednesday 29 August


2018 Japan Study Tour

Wednesday 12 - Sunday 30 September  


Unit 1&2 Legal Studies Court Visits

Wednesday October 31


Digital Delivery Day Year 9-11

Monday 5 November


Valedictory Dinner

Wednesday November 22


Speech Night 2018

Tuesday November 27

Compulsory event for all students

General News

CSEF Final Reminder

The Camps Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) program for 2018 closes on 29 June, 2018. To check if you are eligible to apply please read the eligibility criteria in the below PDF.

If your student is new to Nossal High School in 2018 and you applied for CSEF at a previous school, a new form must be completed and sent/handed to the NHS General Office for the attention of Ms Deepti Arora. Please remember to attach a copy of your current Health Care card with your application.


If your student applied via NHS for the CSEF in 2017 and your eligibility continues then you DO NOT need to fill in another form. For previous applicants, if any details on your current HCC have changed, for example the expiry date, then a copy of your new HCC must be sent/handed to the office.


Please have your completed form to the office by 15 June 2018 in order for the school to process your application to meet the Department of Education and Training's deadline.


Deepti Arora

Finance  Officer

MUNA - Opening Young Eyes to Global Issues

From 18-20 May, six Year 10 and 11 students attended the Model United Nations Assembly in Phillip Island, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Casey and Endeavour Hills. In pairs representing Greece, Indonesia and Turkey, we debated six resolutions concerning current issues in the setting of a  United Nations General Assembly over the three day camp. Aided by our counselor (Sankalpa Rao), a Year 11 student who had previously competed and succeeded in the event, we were able to effectively articulate our countrys' stance on the resolutions and negotiate with other teams to reach agreements.


As someone who doesn’t do any subjects like Global Politics or Legal Studies, and isn’t on the school’s debating team either, I was initially sceptical about being involved in this competition, and terrified at the thought of all the knowledge and skills that other contestants would have that I wouldn’t. However, much to my surprise, I enjoyed the weekend immensely, and didn’t feel disadvantaged enough for it to negatively impact the experience in any way. In fact, it opened my eyes to a plethora of issues such as the North Korea situation, the Rohingya minority and climate change, which are so very important in our modern day society. Most of all, it allowed me to become more familiar with Nossal students from younger year levels and students from other schools, who are passionate about creating a better future for the next generation.


MUNA was one of the highlights of my time at Nossal so far, and proved to be a very valuable experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to increase their knowledge about global issues and how organisations like the UN function, develop their public speaking and debating skills, and meet people with similar interests to theirs. 


Elisa Karaim
Year 11


Sir Gustav Nossal Medallion

Nossal's co-curricular certificate, the Sir Gustav Nossal Medallion, is an integral element of a students’ life experience at Nossal High School. At Nossal we expect all students to be involved in co-curricular activities that go towards their Sir Gustav Nossal Medallion.


The certificate is based on Howard Gardner’s ‘Five Minds of the Future’. Students complete activities across each division of the five minds:

  1. Creative (the Arts)
  2. Disciplined (sports and clubs)
  3. Ethical (leadership)
  4. Respectful (community service)
  5. Synthesising (competitions, debating and SRC)

Achievement is based on a four-year continuum; where students are expected to participate in co-curricular activities throughout their four years at Nossal. Students must cover all five categories to attain a certificate.


Students gain points by participating in a range of activities across the five areas. The table below represent the number of points needed to gain a Bronze, Silver of Gold certificate (with a Gold resulting in a Sir Gus Nossal Medallion).

If you would like more information about the Sir Gustav Nossal Medallion please contact Ms. Michelle Desaulniers.

The Competition is Moot

On Tuesday 29 May, we (Sankalpa, Ruby & Jason) were fortunate to participate in the Moot court competition held by Monash University's Law School.


Before the competition, we received a hypothetical scenario developed by Monash University Law School, which was surprisingly based on the TV show Suits. Our team, with assistance from Ms. Loel, formulated a set of arguments, researched case law and prepared our submissions for the court.


On the day of the competition, we were the respondent and everyone in our team, with Ruby as the Senior Counsel, me as the Junior Counsel and Sankalpa as our instructing solicitor, all did a wonderful job in presenting our side of the case in front of a retired judge from the Court of Appeal. It was a day where we not only got to apply our legal knowledge, we also met like-minded students and imagined ourselves being Harvey Specter and Michael Ross...


On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Ms. Loel for the tremendous effort she had put into organising this wonderful event and we encourage more students to participate in this next year.


Jason Huang
Year 11

What is a Mooting Competition?

Students compete in teams of three against other schools, think on their feet and get feedback from our world ranking mooting team, in a legal debate based on a real court case. The essential issue isn’t the facts- it’s the application of legal principles. Competing in a moot helps develop skills in legal drafting, public speaking, formulation of legal arguments, professional conduct and legal research.


Monash Law's 2018 High School Mooting Competition is open to final year students, but teams may include exceptional students from Year 11. It was held on Tuesday 29 May, with the Grand Final in our world-class mooting facility.


Want to see a mooting competition in action? Here is a sample mooting problem, and one-minute and full-length videos of the real moot, in our brand new moot court.

Great Team Moves

Recently, Nossal High School sent two teams to compete in the St Peters Chess Tournament.  The day started off with some practice matches and we moved into our first games. I played my first match, finishing with a loss but with more experience. Each team member played 7 games. All the games consisted of great strategies and after we finished our own games, we would go and watch other games to gain experience and knowledge. 


The day finished off with Nossal finishing first in the MY division (Middle Years) and Nossal finishing second in the OS (Open Secondary) division. Overall the day was a big success for Nossal with new experience gained and entry into the state finals.


Keiren Tirikawala
Year 9


Supervisors for VCAA exams 2018 and beyond

Would you like to help out with supervising the externally assessed VCAA exams in 2018? VCAA exam supervisors are paid to complete this task and this is a rewarding way to be involved in the program at Nossal High School.


Supervisors for VCAA exams cannot be any of the following:

  • Closely related to, or associated with, any student undertaking a VCE Unit 3 and 4 study in 2018 at Nossal High School
  • Teaching any student a VCE Unit 3 and 4 study in 2018
  • Tutoring a student in a VCE Unit 3 and 4 study at Nossal High School
  • Closely related to or associated with any person engaged in teaching, tutoring or coaching students undertaking a VCE Unit 3 and 4 subject in 2018, or any person engaged in organising or checking GAT or VCE examination materials at Nossal High School.


Closely related to or associated with students includes: children, via relatives/relationships by marriage or de facto or by other living arrangements, friends, neighbours, business or community associates, tutoring or teaching relationships.


If you would like to more information please contact Katherine Warriner at [email protected].


To register your interest please email Christine Weller at [email protected].  Please include a contact number and address.  Training and information sessions will be held later in the year.


Please pass this on to friends or family who may be interested in taking up this opportunity.

Year 12 Formal

On Friday night (June 1),  the Year 12 cohort, with a few teachers met up at the Brighton International for the annual Year 12 Formal. It was a fun evening of dancing, music and fun that acted as the perfect break from studying before we all start to buckle down to the last of our SACs and the ever approaching exams.


The food, three courses of entree main and dessert was delicious and thoroughly enjoy by all; despite many of us unfortunately getting too distracted by the photobooth and photographer and missing dessert!


Overall, it was an amazing night and one I’m sure none of us are going to forget for a very long time, thanks to the beautiful venue. With it’s ornate fireplace and velvety curtains it was the perfect backdrop for many a new Facebook profile picture or Instagram post.


Congratulations to all the award winners of the night: Monisha and Ashraf for cutest couple, Broden our best dancer, Niluk for best dressed male and Adity for best dressed female, Dermott for biggest photo hog and last but most certainly not least, Mr Woon for best dressed teacher!! 


A massive thank you goes out to Ms Soltys for all the incredible work she put in to organising the night beforehand and making sure the event ran smoothly. The same goes for everyone on the formal committee who gave up their own time to help with the planning and to Susan and Noor, our awesome MCs. And, of course to Shevin and Mr Pegram for their photography that will ensure we all remember how spectacular the evening was.


And finally, thank you to everyone who came and made it such a success. The whole vibe of the night was perfect and I’m sure everyone had just as good a time as I did.


Kitty McLoughlin
Year 12


Stay Safe

On this coming Friday, (June 15), we will be carrying out the annual “Test and Tag” Day when students and staff are required to bring their laptop/iPad/phone chargers that they use at the school, to have them tested to ensure they are safe to use.


This is a free service carried out by qualified technicians and will be completed during the day.  Students should ensure the following:

  1. They have all the electrical cords they potentially use at school, with them on Friday
  2. They have the cords clearly labelled with their name and Tute group
  3. They are at school for the Tutorial assembly on Friday, (regardless of whether they have a Study or not) and hand in their cords for inspection.
  4. Students start the day with their devices fully charged ready to operate without a power cord during the day

OH&S regulations state that if an electrical cord is used on the campus, it MUST be tested and tagged regardless of who owns it.  Personal devices that are not tagged can be removed from service at the school.  During the upcoming school holidays, school owned electrical items will undergo the same process.


Did you know?

Did you know our newsletter can now be translated into a number of different languages?  This is a relatively new feature of the software program we use and can be turned on or off using the language selector in the lower left corner of each page.

Careers News

Pathways are clearer...

I am very excited to have been appointed as the new Careers Advisor here at Nossal High School. This is a very important time for Year 12 students to be thinking about their tertiary options in preparation for tertiary applications in Term 3. My role is to provide assistance & guidance to students in choosing their tertiary pathways and planning their career goals. I have already commenced one-on-one counselling with Year 12 students and encourage any Year 12 students who have not yet done so to book an appointment with me using the following link:


I am also available to all students who wish to discuss their tertiary study and career plans. You can contact me on email, Teams chat or drop by my office in the ‘Counselling area’ to see if I’m free for a chat or to arrange a time to meet with you. Looking forward to meeting you!


Clarissa Jacques

Careers & Pathways Co-ordinator


Planning for the Future -          Careers & Pathways Expo 2018

Nossal High School will be hosting the annual Careers and Pathways Expo on Thursday 26 July.  All students and parents are invited to attend this event. The Expo provides a wonderful forum to meet with Nossal High School Staff and Alumni, University representatives and other tertiary providers to gather information and discuss career pathways.


A detailed program including presenters and talks will be distributed prior to the Expo. The general program of events will be:

  • 4.00pm – 5.00pm:           Alumni panels (Building A)
  • 5.00pm – 7.00pm:           University / Tertiary Information Displays,  Domain Displays (Gym)
  • 5.00pm – 8.00pm:         Information sessions relating to subject and course selection processes and Panel discussions led by tertiary providers and alumni on courses including Health Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Commerce / Business, Law and more (The Meath Auditorium and Building B)


Fiona Vanstan
Assistant Principal

Year 11 Mock Interviews

On Thursday 24 and Friday 25 of May, our Year 11 students undertook mock job interviews as part of the broader Nossal Careers Program. Preparation for these interviews began back in March when the students sought out a job advertisement for a position they would be interested in applying for and began working on a resume and cover letter to suit the position.


Members of the Berwick and Narre Warren Rotary Clubs kindly volunteered their time to act as the interviewers over the two days and the feedback from them was extremely positive; one member even commented that “our future is in good hands with these young people”.


Our students were very well presented as they came to their mock interviews in professional business attire. They found the whole process highly valuable preparation for ‘real-world’ interviews, learning a lot in the process, which is why the experience is best summarised through the students own words:


What was the most valuable/enjoyable aspect of the whole mock interview process?

  • “Learning how to write resumes and cover letters properly.”
  • “The feedback the interviewer gave.”
  • “I found the self-analysis during the interview very valuable as I was able to realise my strengths and weaknesses and how to improve next time.”
  • “The tips the teachers gave on how to dress and prepare for an interview were valuable.”
  • “Grasping an idea of what should be worn, and also what questions would be asked and how to respond to them spontaneously.”
  • “Being interviewed by the friendly people from the Rotary Club.”

We at Nossal would like to thank the members of Berwick and Narre Warren Rotary Clubs for their time and assistance with this program. The students were full of praise for the advice, feedback and friendly approach they received.


Emma Geyer

Director of Careers, Pathways and Transitions


Arts News

2018 Production is nearly here!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Come join us in the fun, frivolity and dancing of Nossal High School’s 2018 Production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


On a Midsummer’s night, four young lovers find themselves wrapped in the dream-like arms of an enchanted forest where sprites lurk and fairies rule. While a feuding Fairy King and Queen are at war, their paths are crossed by Bottom, Quince and their friends presenting a play within a play. Chief mischief-maker Puck is on-hand to ensure that the course of true love is anything but smooth, and games of fantasy, love and dreams ensue in Shakespeare’s most beguiling comedy.


Autumn VCE Music Performance Concert

The first Autumn VCE Music Performance Concert was held on Wednesday 31 May in The Meath Auditorium. Unit 1 and 3 Music Performance students performed pieces from their Outcome 1 Solo/Group performance programs. The night contained a variety of musical genres from Baroque to Jazz and Contemporary music. The concert gave the students the opportunity to perform for a live audience, which is a vital skill for these subjects.


Many thanks go to the accompanists for the evening Greg Skalak and Debbie Haskell. Also to Shane Woon, Nicholas McCusker, James Mustafa for their assistance on the night and the many instrumental music teachers who helped the students with their programs.


Nancy Waddington

Classroom Music Coordinator


Languages News

Language Diversity Day 2018

Languages Diversity Day was a great experience as we participated in many different activities.


The French students watched a play called ‘Les batons français’, which was about different places in France. A boy who was trying to find his true love, came across some challenges which he had to face to find her. Some students also had the opportunity to join in and learn some new “ballet positions” such as ‘pancakes and soufflés’. It was a very funny and engaging performance.


In the second and third period we watched the sequel to the French movie called ‘Belle and Sebastian’ (with subtitles to easily understand). As we ran short of time, the remainder of this film will be shown during French club on Friday June 15. For a taste of French cuisine, all the French students were given a voucher which allowed us to enjoy a free crêpe, during recess or lunch. Toppings included “au caramel, au chocolat, de la confiture and au citron et sucre”. In period 4, we gathered at an assembly to acknowledge different languages and cultures. We listened to Japanese music played by our school band and watched a series of dance performances consisting of Bollywood and K-pop.


Overall it was a very energetic and educational day as we learnt about different cultures and languages in very entertaining ways. This is important because our society is very multicultural and diverse and is continuing to grow.


Venuki, Alna and Alisha
Year 9



Language Diversity Day was an amazing exploration of the Japanese culture for my fellow language students. Over the course of this, we have begun to immerse ourselves in the Japanese language, culture and customs.


Language Diversity Day expanded our horizons even further into art, music and cinema. The day began with the exciting anime film study of “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, revolving around the life of Makoto, a girl living in Japan. Seamlessly this film combined time travel, sci-fi and Japanese cultural practices. The stunning animation and incredible music created a surreal atmosphere. After witnessing the brilliant spectacle of Japanese calligraphic art in action, we began to create our own masterpieces. Under the watchful eye of Miho Sensei, we engaged in the ancient Japanese art of calligraphy. After putting ink to paper, Miho Sensei picked the best artists from all the Japanese students. While their award was an incredible rendition of their names in Japanese, the real prize was the skills we acquired.


To Top it off, Language Diversity Day was ended in an explosion of sound and colour in the whole school assembly. This event featured the best of our culture as well as Japanese. Truly, Language Diversity Day was a day where all of the Nossal community came together to celebrate our diversity.


Joel Siaw
Year 9 


English News

PESA Hosts Shine

The 29 May was the Plain English-Speaking Award (PESA) competition’s regional finals, right here at Nossal! We were glad to host such a prestigious competition which is an initiative of VCAA. The event consisted of a number of schools, represented by two speakers each. Nossal was represented by Hayden Radford and Abhishek Kumar, both in the class of 2018. Our guests included speakers from Beaconhills Secondary College, Mazenod College and Huntingdale School.


The competition consisted of two rounds. The first a six-minute-long prepared speech and the second an unprepared, three-minute impromptu topic. Nossal’s first speaker, Hayden, spoke passionately and powerfully about the frightening impacts of forgetting language. He urged us to consider the shocking injustice of the incarceration our native people face. He regaled us with personal anecdotes, referred to the outstanding impact his great-great grandmother had on the revival of an entire language in Tasmania, and showed us the plentiful positive impacts her labour had. Hayden’s speech taught us all something very valuable, and his was definitely one of the best on the day.


Nossal’s second representative Abhishek Kumar on the other hand, delivered a stirring speech on some of the faults of our education system. He challenged the monotone grind VCE often boils down to and advocated for a stronger curriculum based on the foundations of personal creativity and individualism. Abhishek stressed the importance of allowing students to discover their passions and find their place in the strange, complicated world instead of memorizing impractical facts. He also entertained us with a number of person experiences, ranging from his first thought in the morning to his stressful journey in the VCE.


PESA’s second round, the impromptu speech revolving on the prompt ‘Shining Brightly’, proved to be a trial by fire that left many of our guests feeling the burn. As the speaking order was kept consistent from the first round, Hayden was invited to make the opening speech. His interpretation went against the grain, as he talked about the sometimes god-like perception of our Australian sporting heroes. With this adoration, comes immense pressure and Hayden showed us how the ridiculous expectations we place on our top sportsmen comes back to hurt them both mentally and physically. He implored us to consider the harm athletes inflict on themselves in order to ‘shine brightly’ and meet our expectations and asked us to think twice before criticising our role-models.


Abhishek’s impromptu was unique in its own right. His speech warned us about the dire consequences our desire to ‘shine bright’, light up our world and make everyday tasks as easy as possible has had on the planet’s natural resources. Abhishek implored us to conserve and adapt to renewable, clean energy sources to ensure a brighter tomorrow. Apart from this, Abhishek critiqued our financial and technological blunders that arose from having the insatiable urge to consume cheap power and detailed how that allowed billion-dollar entrepreneurs like Elon Musk to sell us a solution we were already within grasp of. 


All in all, Abhishek and Hayden delivered powerful and inspiring monologues and Hayden was able to secure a well deserved second place overall in the competition.


Mridul GARG
Year 10


Developing Student Resilience

Preparing young people for their future

Today more than ever, young people need to be resilient.  They need the tools and personal skills to embrace the challenges that life throws at them and to this end, at Nossal we are pleased to be able to announce that over the next few weeks, we will be working with the renowned team from The Resilience Project to help address this need with students, staff and most importantly, parents.

Martin Heppell, Education Manager with The Resilience Project says it is important for young people to fall over and then deal with it, without a parent rushing in to save the situation or make it right.  Young people need to make mistakes and develop skills and abilities to overcome obstacles in order that they will better cope with challenges in the future.


Speaking in this video clip, Martin Heppell talks about the importance of resilience training.


The Resilience Project at Nossal

Nossal High School recognises the importance of this initiative  and as such has committed to a three phase program to support students.

Stage 1 is a two hour workshop for staff on Wednesday 6 June.  This session will be giving staff a better insight into student mental health as well as providing them with information and new strategies around how best to support young people. 

Stage 2 is a one hour presentation for students on Tuesday 12 June.  Years 11 and 12 students will have their session during Period 3 and this will be followed by a similar session for students in Years 9 and 10 during Period 4.  As seen in Martin Heppell's video clip, the focus of this part of the program will be on establishing positive thought processes with and for young people.  

Stage 3, the final element in the three part program, is a special presentation for parents to be held on Tuesday 19 June.  This is a must see for parents who want to develop the skills and have the conversation points ready to best support their sons/daughters when they "slip and fall."

This video clip, while recorded in a Melbourne primary school, still highlights the real value of fully embracing the many benefits The Resilience Project has to offer us all regardless of which group we belong to.



The Resilience Project Parent Night 

Can you afford not to attend the Parents' Night presentation of The Resilience Project?  It will be held on Tuesday 19 June, in The Jean Russell Centre at Nossal High School, commencing at 7:00pm.  

This is a ticketed event, however entry is free and you can reserve your place at   Places are limited, so book your seat today. 



Technology/Science News

Girls Do STEM!

From the 21 to 25 of May, we had the opportunity to attend a GoIT Girls Program, a work experience program run by TATA Consultancy Services, that encourages young women in secondary schools to pursue careers in the STEM fields - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


Eighteen girls, including ourselves, were involved in an immersive and collaborative project aimed to pitch an environmental solution to our client AGL. Throughout the week, we were stunned to learn the significance of IT in our daily lives and its encompassing reach into all aspects of our society as well as meet and work with enthusiastic and like-minded woman, like us.


We had the absolute pleasure of meeting different mentors involved in a wide range of careers revolving around business and IT who taught us about concepts ranging from personal presentation to drones and robots.  One of the main focuses of the program was ensuring we were more aware of the obstacles and stigmas that women face when aspiring for careers in STEM, especially in IT, and we can both say that it was one of the most insightful and eye-opening experiences we had during the program.


Although, there was a central focus on IT, we were also able to further develop our employability and presentation skills - both personally and when presenting pitches - as well as gain useful tips from professionals. Despite the early mornings, and the confusion we both faced trying to adhere the "casual formal wear" expectation, we would definitely take up this amazing opportunity again and would highly encourage girls in Year 10 or 11, to join this insightful and fun five day program!


Caroline Phan and Karen Tang
Year 11


Parents & Friends Association News

Another First for the PFA

A big thank you to all the students last month!


The PFA put on a Mother’s Day Stall in the week running up to Mother’s Day and it was very well received by the students. Many of them came to buy something special for their mothers, including beautiful red roses and lovely cards. All goods for this stall were donated by a very kind parent of the school and of course all funds raised go straight back to Nossal.  Thank you also to the hard working PFA members who gave up their lunch hours to come into the school to set up the tables and then stayed to run our pop-up shop. It was so successful we are thinking of doing one for Father’s Day too, in September. 


PFA are supporting our students

The PFA are a dedicated group who work tirelessly to make our school a better place to learn and work.  They are group who enjoys their involvement and love meeting together on the first Wednesday of the month during school terms.


At the most recent meeting, the PFA looked at the money they had raised over the past 12 months through their successful Second Hand Uniform shop, sales of commemorative paver and entertainment books as well as other events such as the Mother’s Day stall and chose to fund the purchase of some items for the school.


A big thank you to the PFA who have agreed to provide:

  • An upgrade to the switchboard of the school to allow for a monitoring system for students to monitor and record the school’s energy use.  This is a project of the NEST (Nossal Environment and Sustainability Team) Group
  • Protective Hockey kits for sporting competition
  • An additional keyboard and amplifier for the Music Department
  • Commemorative lapel badges for those who participated in the recent Generations in Jazz festival
  • AV Stabilizing equipment for student use with video cameras

Be apart of the Nossal Commemorative Walk

The Nossal “Walk of Fame” is another project inspired by the PFA.  Students, staff and community can have their name recorded publicly in our school’s history by purchasing a paver which will then be laid with the others at the front of the school.


Orders for 2018 close at the end of this term, so get yours in today.   Pavers are just $50.00 and can be ordered at the school’s Reception office.  All pavers ordered by the end of the month, will be laid before students leave or graduate at the end of the school year.


This is a great community initiative by the PFA.


Beating the Winter Chill

The PFA are currently taking donations of any winter coats or ski jackets that your family no longer needs. We are donating these to a very good cause, called “Heat the Homeless in Melbourne”. Items need to be clean and in good condition and can be dropped into the office to be passed onto the PFA or you can donate them at Anaconda, who are organising it the charitable event.  How nice it would be if we could give back to the community in this way?


Tracey Williams
PFA Newsletter Editor

NHS & Community Events and News

Join the Australian Youth Orchestra in 2019!

Applications for the Australian Youth Orchestra’s 2019 programs will be open from 12–29 June! The AYO occupies a special place in the musical culture of Australia, where aspiring musicians get a taste of life as professional musicians, and where like-minded individuals from all over the country gather for intense periods to learn from each other, study and perform.

AYO will be embarking on an exciting international tour next year, visiting Europe and Asia for a month of music-making. 2019 will also involve some sensational collaborations with leading musical organisations, including Musica Viva and Victorian Opera.
Full program details will be released during the coming weeks, so stay tuned and register your interest here:

Casey Young Musician’s Club

Would you like to join a new club to learn more about music, make new friends and perform with them?


Gunnamatta Trail Rides

Whether you’re looking for a half day activity, full day adventure, ongoing lessons or an action-packed holiday program we’ve got you covered. 


Be remembered as a permanent fixure at Nossal - order your paver now for 2018!

Thank you to the PFA for organising this program which is now open to accept orders to be delivered in 2018.. Orders closing soon! The Form is attached below or available in hard copy from the school's office. 


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