Corpus Christi School Newsletter FINAL EDITION

04 December 2019
Issue Thirty-five

Our Vision Statement

In seeking what is true, beautiful and good, we strive to build a Catholic School Community where each is given time and support in learning to know, to do, to live together and to be.


For God Alone





Corpus Christi School is a Child Safe School. We promote, the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children.

Religious Education and Social Justice
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Religious Education and Social Justice

Advent Week 1



Last Sunday, 1st December, the season of Advent began. Below is the Gospel reading of the day which reminds us to stay awake so that we are ready to welcome Jesus.


Mt 24:37-44

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew


Stay awake, you must be ready.


Jesus said to his disciples: ‘As it was in Noah’s day, so will it be when the Son of Man comes. For in those days before the Flood people were eating, drinking, taking wives, taking husbands, right up to the day Noah went into the ark, and they suspected nothing till the Flood came and swept all away. It will be like this when the Son of Man comes. Then of two men in the fields one is taken, one left; of two women at the millstone grinding, one is taken, one left.


‘So stay awake, because you do not know the day when your master is coming. You may be quite sure of this that if the householder had known at what time of the night the burglar would come, he would have stayed awake and would not have allowed anyone to break through the wall of his house. Therefore, you too must stand ready because the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.’


Reflection on the Gospel:

Matthew's Gospel is perfect for the commencement of Advent, as it so completely suits this time of waiting that may yet end at any time. Am I ready for God to return and claim the Earth and all its people?


If Jesus returned tomorrow, are we genuinely ready to face him? Or would we be thoroughly relying on an all-forgiving Lord to allow us more time to prepare ourselves?


Jesus has already made it abundantly clear that we need to be awake and aware that he may return at any moment.


It is very easy to go about our lives and forget that Jesus will be returning at an hour that we cannot predict. Let’s keep it in mind, however, and live our lives as if he is returning at any moment. This way, we will not be caught out and can have confidence in the outcome of our meeting with the Lord.



Our Prep children led us so beautifully through the first  Advent paraliturgy on Monday. They reminded us that we need to stay awake to welcome Our Lord.



Please join us in the hall to celebrate the remaining weeks of Advent:


Monday 9th December @ 9:00am:

Advent Paraliturgy Week 2 - Year 1/2B to host


Monday 16th December @ 9:00am:

Advent Paraliturgy Week 3:  Year 1/2H to host


Wednesday 18th December @ 12:15:

Advent Paraliturgy Week 4: Year 1/2C to host



Jane Wilkinson

Religious Education Leader

From the Principal's Desk

Christmas Concert

I hope you have all  marked in your diaries the date and details of our much loved End of Year Picnic/Christmas Concert scheduled for Tuesday 17th December.

Gates will open at 5:00pm for families to set up their picnic rug and enjoy some time together before the formalities begin. In consideration to all, we ask that  families sitting on deck chairs and the like  to set up toward the back or around the perimeter.


Back by popular demand the Baked Potato Express Van will once again be selling baked potatoes along with toasties for those families who wish to indulge.

The menu includes:

  •  Traditional baked potatoes
  •   Mexican chilli con carne
  •   Avo Go (Vegetarian)
  •   Corn on the cob
  •  Cheese toasties


The PFA will sell a limited number of drinks and treats. Food will be sold between 5:00 pm and 6:15 pm. Otherwise feel free to bring your own picnic hamper (or takeaway food) and drinks.


Formalities will commence at 6:30pm with our Christmas Lip Sync Battle followed by the presentation of our Year 6 Graduates and concluding with our raffle draw.


Raffle tickets have been  sent home today and are due back to the school by Monday 16th December. We welcome donations of prizes towards the raffle.  Please drop off any donations to the school office.


So far our prizes include:

  • One term's School Fees (Valued at $480 donated by CCK)
  • HP Chromebook (valued at $349 donated by PFA)
  • $100 JB Hi Fi Voucher
  • Book Pack (donated by JP Books) 
  • $50 Bunnings Voucher (donated by Bunnings)
  • Bottle of Moët (donated by Jas Stephens)
  • Board games (donated by PFA)
  • Food hampers (donated by Mount Zero)
  • Tony’s Pie vouchers (Donated by Tony’s Pies)


Staffing 2020

Over the past few months we have extensively reviewed our School Improvement Data including performance  data: Teaching Climate, Organisational Climate,   Student Wellbeing, Personnel Review, Class Structures  and Financial Position in preparation for the 2020 school year. 


As you are aware at the end of this year we bid farewell to Mrs Isabella Sabatino, Miss Chloe Pincho and Miss Gerogia Widdop and we welcome back Mrs Victoria La Fauci along with our newest addition to staff, Mrs Deborah Courtney as our Director of  Learning and Teaching.

So with student numbers and staffing now confirmed, our structure for the commencement of the 2020 school year will be as follows:


Principal: Mr Anthony Hyde 

Deputy Principal/Religious Education Leader:

Miss Jane Wilkinson

Director of Learning & Teaching: Mrs Deborah Courtney


School Administration Officers: Miss Debbie Yarak  and Mrs Deanne Fitzgerald


Year Prep Community

  • Prep L: Miss Lauren Borg
  • Prep N: Mrs Nives Childs/Mrs Victoria La Fauci

Year 1/2 Community

  • 1/2B:   Miss Chantel Borg
  • 1/2C:   Miss Chrissie Marakis
  • 1/2Z:   Mr Zachary Lane

Year 3/4 Community

  • 3/4S:  Miss Sarah Bruce
  • 3/4H:  Miss Haylea Anderson


Year 5/6 Community

  • 5/6S:  Miss Stefanie Poropat
  • 5/6W: Mr Wil Marks

Library/Reading Recovery Specialist: Miss Jane Wilkinson

Number Intervention Specialist: Mrs Tina Cuni

Learning Support Officers: Mrs Anne Di Stefano, Miss Letitia Hyde and Miss Emilia Foti                  

Italian: Signora Catrina Anderson

Visual Arts: Mrs Nathalie Fraser       

Physical Education: Mrs Brittney Wohling

Student Wellbeing Leader: Miss Haylea Anderson

e-Learning Leader: Mr Zachary Lane


Please keep Miss Chloe Pincho and her father in your prayers. Mr Pincho is very ill and is now in palliative care. All of your prayers will be greatly appreciated by Chloe and her family at this very difficult time.

School Fees

Thank you to the many families who have finalised all their School Fees and Levies payments for 2019.


We still have a number of families who have not finalised their fees for this year and would appreciate payments being completed by Friday, 6th December.


School Fees and Levies are reviewed each year in consultation with our Parish Priest and our school accountant and referenced to Catholic Education Melbourne guidelines and funding. To assist with family budgets please see below for details regarding fees for 2020. 


The Individual Pupil Levy (Curriculum Levy) :

$470.00 is payable before the 28th February 2020 and is non- refundable                  


School (Family) Fees:           


Term 1 Instalment: $480 due by 27th March 2020

Term 2 Instalment: $480 due by 26th June 2020

Term 3 Instalment: $470 due by 18th September 2020


Capital Levy:  

$110.00 due by 26th June 2020          


Money raised from the collection of fees and levies allows us to offer our extra-curricula activities such as: Mathletics Program, Swimming Program, Dance Program, Interschool Sports Program, excursions and so on as well as covering all stationery requirements for students, classroom and program supplies/resources.


Private income raised from levies also assists with the constant upgrading of systems and programs, funding of capital works, maintenance of our buildings as well as the school environment. 



It is important that all families be prepared to meet this financial commitment. Our policy, in keeping with that of the CECV, recognises that some families face difficulties and as such consideration or concession may be given. If any family finds themselves in this situation they are asked to contact the principal via the school office.


Families who hold a valid Health Care Card will also receive $175 rebate from the school  in addition to the Camp, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) government rebate currently at $125 per primary school aged child. The CSEF is paid per child, once and to one school only. If a child of a family receiving CSEF moves schools, the remaining balance of the CSEF will normally follow the child. Applications for the CSEF can be collected from the school office or are available to download from the school website. These are due to the office by 28th February 2020.


Library News 

If you are able to assist with making some Library bags for our new Prep students please see Miss Wilkinson to collect the material. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!


We ask that all children return their Library books by next Wednesday, 11th December. Some children still have books from previous years so please have a good look at home for any books that belong to our Library.


Library bags need to be washed and returned to your child's class teacher so that they are at school ready to be used next year.

2020 Planning

Our planning for 2020 is well underway in regards to staffing and class structure. If any family knows that they will not be returning in 2020 I ask you to make contact with the school office as soon as possible. 

Over the next two weeks there will be the timetable changes as staff will be planning extensively for 2020. Please note the days that each class will need to wear their PE uniform:



Thursday 5th December:

Years 1/2B, 1/2C and 3/4Z


Tuesday 10th December:

Years 1/2H, 3/4S, 5/6S and 5/6W


Thursday 12th December:

Years 3/4S, 5/6S and 5/6W





Have a wonderful week

God Bless

Anthony Hyde


Student Wellbeing News

Wellbeing Spotlight: 3/4 Community 

Focus: Transition 

As we prepare for a new year, the Year 3/4 Community has put their effort into developing their resilience and personal motivation. These skills will prove to be useful as students continue their learning journey into their senior years. The students have been challenged through a number of different avenues such as Maths problem solving tasks and creating personalised learning goals. 


Wellbeing Groups

Focus: Dealing with Friendship Problems


In Wellbeing groups, students had a circle-time where they discussed a friendship problem that they are experiencing at the moment or have experienced in the past.


Students worked in partners to discuss their friendship problem and identified the best possible way they can fix it.

Some ideas that we came up with were:

- Give them a second chance

- Tell them how you feel

- Re-evaluate the friendship

- Discuss the problem with an adult

- Negotiate or compromise

- Forgive them


We discussed how it's best to be proactive when experiencing a friendship issue, otherwise the situation won't change and the friendship will be harder to repair.


Wellbeing Tips 

Focus: 11 foods to help you feel more calm


Berries- These have lots of antioxidants, which help protect your cells from stress and may help ease feelings of depression. You can get them from nuts, beans, walnuts, or green vegetables, too.


Spinach- If this one leaves a bad taste in your mouth, almost any leafy green will do -- kale, collard greens, or Swiss chard. The key is the magnesium, which may help you feel calmer. 


Oatmeal- This is a complex carb -- it gets into your system slowly and gives you a steady flow of energy that can help keep you on an even keel. It also can give you a boost of a brain chemical called serotonin that can lift your mood.  


Dark Chocolate- The flavonoids in the cocoa help protect your cells. They’re a type of antioxidant that may also help lower your blood pressure, boost the blood flow to your brain and heart and make you less anxious. 


Oysters- Zinc is a mineral that helps our bodies deal with stress. Some diets may not include enough of this mineral. Zinc can be found in oysters, a salt water mollusk. If oysters aren’t your thing, you can get it from cashews, liver, beef, poultry or eggs, too.


Oranges- You may think of vitamin C when you think of these citrus fruits and that’s a big reason it might help your anxiety. Some studies have shown that a diet rich in it may help calm you and put you in a better frame of mind.


Sardines- These little fish aren’t for everyone but they have lots of omega-3 fatty acids which may help with depression and anxiety. If sardines are too fishy for you, try salmon or albacore tuna, which are lighter but also have plenty of omega-3. 


Coffee- This one can be a blessing or a curse -- the issue is the caffeine. A couple of cups of black coffee a day may boost your mood and energy, and up to four cups seems to be OK for most people. But more than that can make you jittery and anxious and some people are more sensitive to it.


Tea- For some, the ritual of a cup of tea has a calming effect. Certain herbs -- lavender and chamomile, for example -- may help too, along with the antioxidants in the tea leaves themselves. 


Cabbage- It has folic acid, vitamin C and some B vitamins that may help ease anxiety. 


Liver- Calf is best but chicken liver works, too. Both are loaded with B vitamins and folic acid that help make brain chemicals that affect the way you feel. If you’d rather pass on the liver, you can get B12 in eggs, fish or chicken.


Haylea Anderson

(Wellbeing Leader)

E-Learning News

From Prep to Year 5/6

As the year is coming to a close, so are many of the projects students have been working on. 


The first to show off their skills are the Year 5's, who combined their love of art and coding to create an interactive human body. As you touch each section of this body, the interactive model will explain what the body part is, as well as a few interesting facts about that part. This is a great way to be able to put all the research and hard work that the girls have been doing into one project. 


Next we have the Year 3/4 students, who have completed their own CoSpace environments. Aligned to our animal and habitat topic, the students have created a range of open virtual environments that demonstrate the importance of taking care of the habitats. Showcasing their work today is Mya, who has created a CoSpace ocean polluted with plastics. This interactive environment continues to grow and develop. Fantastic work in solving the coding and programming on your own Mya!


Finally are the Preps! These students have created their own dance party using the BeeBots. They coordinated all the BeeBot movements between them to make sure the BeeBots were in sync. Lots of problem solving and discussion of their ideas went into creating this series of dance moves. 



E Learning Coordinator

Zachary Lane

Extra Curricula News

Year 5/6 Kanga Cricket

On Thursday  28th  November the Year 5/6 boys' cricket team from CCK were able to compete in the second round of the Cricket Gala at McIvor Reserve in Yarraville.


We walked to the ground from CCK which took about 15 minutes.  After we got to the oval we played 3 games against different schools. 
Our first game was against Wembley Primary School. We lost that game by quite a lot.


Our next game was against Newport Gardens Primary School. It was pretty close but we ended up winning. Our third and final game was played against Seabrook Primary School. That game was close but we won quite comfortably by about 80 runs. 

After our last game we had a quick game of soccer (because it is totally normal to take a soccer ball to a CRICKET gala day!) Then we walked back to school. The day was really fun and I think everyone enjoyed it. 

By Xavier Healey

Congratulations to our Kanga Cricket team on their fine performance at McIvor Reserve. We received some wonderful feedback from the teacher from Seabrook Primary School. She was very impressed with the excellent behaviour of our students and complimented them on being very polite and supportive of her students!


Well done boys!

Mr Wil Marks

Year 5/6 teacher

ABC Music Concerts

On Monday afternoon we were treated to the sounds of guitars as our Corpus Christi guitarists performed for us all. Our guitar teacher, Max, was very impressed with the effort everyone put in to their lessons and  practising their musical pieces for the concert. We all enjoyed the performance!



On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed many musical pieces played by our keyboard students.

Megan, our keyboard teacher from ABC Music, was also very impressed with the effort everyone put in to their lessons during the year in readiness for the concert. Congratulations to all of our talented students!


Thank you to all the families and friends who were able to come along to celebration.


Awards and Celebrations

Happy Birthday!



Keighley Ferro



Siena Azzopardi



Roman Cavallaro



Julian Mammoliti

Isabella Zavalas



Micah Taechotanon



Harper Sanders

Bereket Zeleke

Students of the Week


Year Prep G   

Evelyn Aguirre

Anabel Terzievski

Harry Randall

Year Prep N   

Megan Zhang

Johnny Setka

Cooper Fraser

Year 1/2 H     

Lexi D’Agruma

Makayla Terzievski

Year 1/2 C     

Oscar Colella

Year 1/2 B     

Sienna Mendoza

Jackson Panlook

Year 3/4 L   

Levi Perera

Aston Medway

Year 3/4 Z   

James Papandrea

Kaea Mauriohooho

Year 3/4 S     

Aston Medway

Year 5/6 W    


Year 5/6 S     

Michelle Nguyen

Year 5/6 C    

Jett Thomas




Diary Dates


2nd- Advent Paraliturgy 9:00 am Led by Preps

         - ABC Music Guitar Concert 2:30 pm

4th- ABC Music Keyboard Concert 2:30 pm

6th-  Year 5/6 Interschool Summer Sports vs Footscray North (Home)

9th- Advent Paraliturgy 9:00 am Led by Year 1/2B

11th- Year 1/2 Step Back in Time Dress-Up Day

             Year 6 Graduation Dinner 5:30-7:00pm

13th- End of School Year Mass 9:15 am

           - Student Reports and Portfolios sent hone to families

16th- Advent Paraliturgy 9:00 am Led by Year 1/2H

          - Step Up Day Years Prep - 5 @11:30 am  - 1:00 pm

17th- End of Year Concert and Picnic 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

18th- Advent Paraliturgy 12:15 pm Led by Year 1/2C

             -Year 6 Farewell Candle Ceremony 12:30 pm

            -End of School Year Dismissal 1:00 pm

To View Our Full Yearly Calendar Click the Link Below

Please note that events are continually updated on this live calendar.



Community News

Simonds Catholic College


St Aloysius College




OshClub News

OSHClub Enrolment Details

Please register your children for Before and After School Care. You never know when you might need us!


We cannot accept a child into our care without an active enrolment and this can take a couple of days to process. If your child has a medical condition which may require medication while at OShClub, such as asthma or an allergy, we MUST have that medication on hand at the program. We are allowed to share Epipens with the school due to the shortage, but any other medications must be provided to OSHClub to stay at the program.


If you are having any trouble with the online enrolment and booking system, please feel free to call our customer service staff on 1300 395 735 and they will talk you through the process, help access your account, change your password etc. Also, if you miss the 24 hour online booking cut off, you can call them and they will add your child to the roll. You can also send us a text message on 0401 501 661 and we will add your child manually, though a late booking fee will apply.


If you are having any difficulties with your OSHClub account, please come see  me in the OSHClub room between 7am and 9am or 2:30pm and 6pm and we will help you sort them out. You can also contact us on 0401 501 661 or at and we will get back to you.


If you have any questions about the new system, you can go to the following webpage:


You can also contact our Customer Service and Billing team on 1300 395 735 or email


REMINDERS: If you need to cancel BSC or ASC please do so on the internet 48 hours in advance, otherwise leave a message on 0401 501 661 on the day, or pop in to let staff know you are collecting your child so that we know where the children are. OSHClub is open 2:30-6:00pm. There is a $2/minute fee for each child that is picked up after 6pm.


Information for Families

Corpus Christi OSHClub program phone:
0401 501 661

Coordinator: Milan            
Assistants: Lynette and Julie

OSHClub Customer Service: 1300 395 735


All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember enrolling is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on-the-day bookings please contact Milan on

0401 501 661.

Milan and Lynette.

 Corpus Christi School Newsletter FINAL EDITION