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07 March 2019
No 1/3
French News - Term 1
Health and PE News Term 1
The Arts at Hackham East Primary School
School News
Hackham East Primary School Governing Council 2019
The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence  (NDA)
Pastoral Care Worker News
Dates to Remember
Road Crossing Monitors
Community News
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French News - Term 1

In French at Hackham East Primary School in Term 1 students will be exploring similar themes across the school, growing in complexity as students get older.


The term focuses include: establishing positive learning environments and classroom routines, beginning our word bank, and learning to talk and write about self.


All classes have begun to build and use a bank of commonly used words and phrases. Students can refer to this in French, and with practice will use them in their classrooms and at home.


Castle Unit

In Term 1 in the Castle Unit, students in Reception–Year 2 will learn about their identity as a French learner and speaker. They will begin to talk about themselves using basic French, building on their developing literacy skills. They will be learning ways of describing themselves (physical features, age), and how to express likes and dislikes.

So far students have established successful learning environments in each class. We have been speaking about the Golden Rule, and each child designed a flower, with words or drawings of how they can be a good friend, and how others treat them nicely. This has set a positive atmosphere in each Junior Primary classroom.


Stillwell Unit

Students in the Stillwell unit are working towards similar goals to the Castle Unit, at a more sophisticated level. We have begun the year by developing classroom expectations and younger students have been referring to these constantly.

Stillwell students also discussed ways we can stick to the Golden Rule, and wrote/drew their ideas on paper strips, which were then linked together to make a chain of commitment. From there, students will begin to explore concepts of self, and will develop new ways of talking about themselves in French. This may include describing themselves, their interests and their world.


Holly Unit

In Term 1, Year 5, 6 and 7 students in Holly Unit will be building on the skills already developed in their French schooling experiences.

The upper primary students were given the task of creating a poster for the whole school to use, to check-in and get ready for learning. Collaboratively across classes, they developed a “high-five” check-in, where students high-five the poster as they walk into class to commit to being ready.

Upper Primary students also discussed the Golden Rule, and designed some artwork that will be put up in the French room for all students that reminds all students to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

As with the younger year levels, Holly students will begin delving into their identity as French learners. They will develop ways of talking and writing about themselves, with a focus on personal attributes, hobbies and their place in the world.


Throughout the term and the year, students will experience a variety of activities to support them with their French learning. They will learn through: games, art, projects, research and comprehension tasks, digital technology, performances and more.


I look forward to getting to know more students and families. If you have any questions, please come and see me in French.



Mademoiselle Rachelle

Health and PE News Term 1

Term 1 provides an abundance of opportunities for students to represent our school in Onkaprainga District and School Sport SA tournaments. The events we will be represented in this term include District Athletics, Swimming, Cricket, and Softball. Over the past three weeks all Primary students have trialed for the District Athletics team in each event as part of their PE program.

Cross Country

Training for the District Cross Country has been underway this past fortnight with close to thirty students committing to attend the early morning training sessions twice each week. Thank you to the parents and volunteers who assist with the timing, in doing so it provides us with the accurate data to support and challenge our students to maintain their fitness levels in pursuit of achieving their personal best at the tournament.


Unfortunately due to a lack of interest from other schools in our area, the interschool Cricket tournament has been cancelled for the Southern Districts. We remain in conversation with the South Australian Cricket Association to provide competitive opportunities for our students with a whole day intraschool competition being a likely option for our year 4/5/6 and 7 students.

Football and Nunga Tag

Our Girls football team will compete in the Crows Cup later this term as the sport continues to gather momentum stemming from the AFLW competition and our indigenous senior students will be representing our school at the Nunga Tag tournament this week. For families that have not seen the winning Green House Flag displayed in our gym, last year we incorporated the Kaurna language and native totem animals into our House teams with the winning team each year having their flag added to the display in the gym.


District Trials and After School Sports

As part of our sporting schools grant we are lucky to be having American Softball Players come to deliver a softball program for our senior students over a few weeks. In conjunction with this Gab Martin will be the coach of the Onkaparinga District Girls team competing at the State Championship in Week 11 with Mr Amoroso managing the Hills Boys District. Trials for the Onkaparinga district are underway and Hackham East Primary School has always been well represented. Last year one of our year 7’s, Quentin Reweti-Bell, was selected to represent the State U12 team as a positive outcome of competing at the district tournament.

Also this term we have a Round Robin Softball Carnival that will be held at Hackham East Primary School later on in the term. Our year 6/7 boys and girls softball teams will be playing 5 other schools. The date and times of this event are yet to be confirmed.

The Sports Committee continues to re-establish school sports with Basketball being offered for year 4-7 students. We are still looking for a few extra players, please contact the school or Rebecca Bullard to express your interest in this.


Soccer will be offered again in Terms 2 and 3. At present we have twenty students using their School Sports Vouchers to attend the soccer clinics offered in Term 1. Don’t forget to make use of your school sports voucher with $100.00 offered towards paying for clinics or club sport fees.

SAPSASA District Athletics

Once again it’s District Athletics time. Our students have been trialing for track and field events over the past 5 weeks and we have 30 students that have earned a place on the Hackham East Athletics team for being the best in their age group for their gender.  This event will take place on Tuesday 19/3  at Tatachilla College. Those who win their event will go on to the State Championships.  Best of luck to the Hackham East Athletics team.  

Derryn Amoroso & Gab Martin - PE/Health Teachers

The Arts at Hackham East Primary School

I would like to take the time to welcome everyone to another exciting year within the Arts, providing students with a range of ways to broaden their creative thinking and allowing them to further express themselves individually. We will be using Visual Arts as a focus for this Term. Specifically, allowing students the opportunity to explore different creative techniques, the fundamentals of Art and different Artistic materials, through exploration of a variety of Artistic Styles.


Students within Castle have currently been looking at the fundamentals of Colour and how combinations of colours can be used to create new colours, as well as how colours can be used within Art to convey different meaning and emotions. Students have enjoyed creating their own Colour Wheels to build understanding of Primary and Secondary colours and have shown great enthusiasm at the unexpected results of blending colours together to create different shades and hues. Using the Artistic Style of ‘Abstract Art’, students have been putting their colour exploration into practice, also taking into consideration design elements such as Shape, Line and Pattern to create their own unique pieces of Art.

Stillwell students have been building on their prior knowledge and understanding of different Art concepts, using positive and negative space on a page to create their own ‘Name Art’ that is not only eye catching, but includes elements that represent themselves – whether this be their favourite colours, different patterns and images of different ideas that reflect their individual passions. We have also begun exploring the Artistic Style of ‘Still Life’ and the variety of different techniques that can be developed and utilised within Art, to take a two dimensional image or sketch and make it ‘come to life’. Students have been experimenting with activities to build their understanding of line, light and shadow, shading and perspective - working towards applying these developed techniques within painting their own ‘Still Life’ Artworks.


Student within Holly have begun the Term experimenting with ‘Optical Illusion Art’, using techniques such as line, shape, pattern and shading in combination with colour, to create an image that can manipulate the perception of the viewer or audience. This activity allowed students the opportunity to practice their application of these fundamental techniques in preparation for the Upper Primary Art focus of ‘Portraiture’. Through the use of Portraiture, students will use this Artistic Style as the basis for experimentation with different Art Media to create images that represent themselves individually or of someone that is inspirational to them. Students will also experiment with Mixed Media, combining materials such as Oil Pastels and Watercolour Painting together to create an image, as well as challenging Portraiture conventions by exploring Surrealism.


I am looking forward to seeing the unique creatively of each student within the Visual Arts topic.

Stephen Di Girolamo, The Arts Teacher

School News


A case of Shingles has been reported in the Holly Unit. Shingles follows a previous Chicken Pox infection, usually several decades later. Shingles occurs when the body’s immunity to the virus drops and the virus becomes active again after resting in the spinal cord. The elderly, children and adults being treated for cancer and persons with HIV virus are at greater risk of developing Shingles. Symptoms are a blistering rash, usually associated with severe pain which can last for weeks. Direct contact with the fluid in the blisters/rash can cause Chicken Pox in a non-immune person. Contact with Chickenpox or Shingles cannot lead to Shingles as Shingles can only follow the reactivation of a previous chickenpox infection. Incubation period (time between becoming infected and developing symptoms) 2-3 weeks but may be longer. Infectious period (time during which an infected person can infect others) from when the rash appears until all blisters have dried up.

People at high risk of complications from Chicken Pox infection include pregnant women, young babies, people with an immune deficiency, people with Leukemia or receiving Chemotherapy.

Wash hands after contact with soiled articles eg tissues, keep areas clean, especially where articles have been soiled with nose and throat discharges. This will limit the spread of infection. Persons with Shingles should cover the rash with a dry bandage to ensure others are not exposed.

If you would like further information, please see Lee at the Front Office for a fact sheet from the SA Department of Health or go to the SA Health website at www.sahealth.sa.gov.au

School Sores

A case of School Sores has been reported in the Holly Unit. School Sores appear as flat, yellow, crusty or moist patches on the skin, usually on exposed parts of the body such as the face and legs. The sores are often greater than 1cm in diameter. The bacteria can easily spread to other people directly by contact with sores or indirectly by contact with contaminated clothes. Diagnosis is based on clinical examination. The incubation period (time between becoming infected and developing symptoms) is 4-10 days. The infectious period (time during which an infected person can affect others) is as long as there is discharge from the sores. School sores are extremely contagious. Children with School Sores should be excluded from school until appropriate treatment has commenced. Any sores on exposed surfaces should be completely covered with a dressing. Good hand washing procedures should be encouraged.

Parent/Caregiver/Teacher/Student Interviews

Interviews will be held in Week 9 (25/3 - 29/3) of this term.  More information and the online booking system will be sent to families shortly.  It is important that you make a time to meet with your child's teacher to discuss how they have settled into the new year and hear and have input into the learning goals for 2019.

Urrbrae Agricultural High School Open Day

Urrbrae is a Special Interest School which offers a comprehensive curriculum including Agricultural Studies.  Students wishing to enrol at Year 8 level in 2020 and their parents are invited to attend an Open Day on Tuesday 19/3 from 9:30-11:00am, 1:00-3:00pm or 5:00-7:00pm.  Ph 82747455 or email [email protected] for more information.


Wirreanda Secondary School Specialist Sports Course

Admission to the Specialist Sports Course program is through application only.  Applications close for 2020 intake on 12/4/19 with the trail date on Thursday 9/5. 

Visit http://wirreandasecondary.sa.edu.au/sports-specialisation/how-to-apply/ to download the application form.  For more information phone Heather Lee  83297230.


Aberfoyle Park High School Open Night

Open night to be held on Tuesday 19/3 from 5:30-7:30pm.  Come and meet our engaged students and inspiring teachers, be captivated by our dynamic programs and state of the art technology in a school where your child is our focus.  Ph 82704455 or email [email protected] for more information.

Mitcham Girls High School Open Day/Night

Thinking of enrolling your daughter in an all girls' school? Mitcham Girls High School is an outstanding public school that is unzoned.  Information evenings held on 13/3, 20/3, 27/3 and 2/4.  Open Day held on 10/4.


Scooters and Bikes Reminder

Students are permitted to ride scooters in the courtyard and basketball areas - they must wear a helmet.  Bikes are only to be ridden on the back oval area near the Bike Track, again they must wear a helmet.

Sally Slattery, Principal

Entertainment Books

Hackham East Primary School is fundraising with Entertainment.  Pre-order the New 2019/2020 Entertainment Membership and receive bonus offers you can use right away.  Entertainment books are available from Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager for $70.00 or you can order on-line



Commonwealth School Banking

A reminder that Wednesday is the day for students to deposit savings into their Commonwealth School Banking account.  Tokens are awarded with each deposit which can be redeemed for prizes.  The prizes for Term 1 are a Scented Stackable Highlighter and/or Snowy Origami Set.


Hackham East Primary School
Governing Council 2019

Thank you to the following parents who have volunteered and been elected to be on the School's Governing Council for 2019.  The new Governing Council for 2019 comprises of:


Aileen Winstanley

Vice Chairperson:

Rebecca Bullard


Belinda Mazik


Jenny Buttfield


The following parents and staff were nominated and accepted positions on Governing Council for 2019:


Coralie Goodman (Canteen Manager), Scott Megson,  Erin Robbins, Naomi Mogg and Carlee Hay,


Sally Slattery, Tracy Rowley and Jenny Buttfield.


Claire McGarvey, Aileen Winstanley, Bec Bullard, Natasha Burford, Belinda Mazik, Kymberlie Highett, Rhiannon Cowie, Jenny Buttfield and Katie Freeman.


Drew Grieve, Kevin Bellis,  Aileen Winstanley, Erin Robbins, Richard Shaw, Jenny Buttfield and Mike Guidera.

Fundraising Committee:

Claire McGarvey, Aileen Winstanley, Rhiannon Cowie, Belinda Mazic, Natasha Burford, Jenny Buttfield, Kim Highett, Bec Bullard and Katie Freeman.

OSHC Committee:

Jacky Smith (OSHC Director), Sally Slattery, Belinda Mazik and Bec Bullard.

Promotions Committee:

Sally Slattery, Aileen Winstanley, Richard Shaw, Kim Highett, Rhiannon Cowie, Natasha Burford and Naomi Mogg.

Dress Code Working Party:

Sally Slattery and Natasha Burford

Sports Working Party:

Drew Grieve, Bec Bullard, Katie Freeman, Carlee Hay, Kim Highett and Naomi Mogg.


If you have any feedback or suggestions please see one of the elected Governing Council Members who can raise the matter on your behalf.





The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence  (NDA)

On Friday 15 March, Hackham East Primary School is taking part in The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA). The theme for the 2019 NDA is Bullying. No Way! Take action every day.


The NDA gives schools the chance to take action and empower young people to be part of the solution when addressing bullying in their school community. It provides an opportunity to focus on bullying and the big changes we can make to create safer communities for everyone.


Similar to last year, all classes will be working on learning activities around anti-bullying, being "Upstanders" rather than "Bystanders" and focusing on our school values of Friendliness, Good Manners, Compassion and Tolerance.


To begin the day, we will hold a brief anti-bullying assembly at 9:00am in the Penney Space.

Children will be allowed to wear blue for a gold coin donation which will go towards the Beyond Blue charity.

Pastoral Care Worker News


Resiliency is one of our school values and has become a bit of a ‘buzzword’ but we need to understand the importance of building resiliency in children so that they can confidently navigate our increasingly complex world.


Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from a negative experience and is a process that can be learned and nurtured.  Psychological resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to face, overcome, be strengthened by and be transformed by adversity.  This allows for a growth mindset resulting in a strong, capable, well-balanced and kind young person.


On the other hand, low resiliency results in destructive behaviours, chronic unemployment, substance abuse and mental health conditions. Mental health conditions are the top issue amongst young people. (I speak to many students who are either mildly depressed or anxious) One in 5 Australians (18-24yr old) suffer from mental health conditions and suicide is the leading cause of death for young people aged 15-24years.


With statistics like these, we can see that building Resiliency in children is the number one preventative strategy that we can all use. One of the ways we can do this is to not to do anything for a child that they can do themselves. For instance, some children give up too easily and dissolve into tears when a maths problem is too hard, instead of persevering.  We speak to children about developing a ‘growth mindset’ and ‘having a go’ at Hackham East Primary School which helps develop resiliency in them. With a bit of perseverance, a child will achieve things they thought they couldn’t.


Next newsletter, I will be speaking more on this subject and giving you the major traits of resilient children, taken from an article written by Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg, one of Australia’s highest profile Adolescent and Child Psychologists who I have had the pleasure of listening to at a conference a few years ago.

Parent News

Please pop into the Conference room on Fridays from 2.30pm for a coffee and cake.  It is a good way to meet some new parents and end your week in a relaxing way.  Everyone is most welcome.



Dates to Remember

March 2019

Monday 11/3 - Public Holiday, Adelaide Cup

Friday 15/3 - National Day of Action Against Bullying, 9:00am Assembly

Tuesday 19/3 - Wirreanda Secondary School Open Night between 4:00-7:00pm

25/3 to 29/3 - Parent/Caregiver/Teacher/Student Interviews 

April 2019

Friday 12/4 - 2:00pm Finish, Last Day of Term 1

Road Crossing Monitors

Term 1

Week 7(12/3-15/3)


Kane Godwin

Destiny Daniels

Selene Brock


Thalia Thompson-Glenn

Lily Salter

Emily Martin



Week 8 (18/3-22/3)


Xavier Peel

Skye Bowsher

Mikey Overeem


Jacob Smith

Phoenix Bruse

Millie Beens

Community News

Adelaide International Kite Festival

The 2019 Adelaide International Kite Festival will be held from 20-22/4 at Semaphore.  As part of the Festival, the Colouring-In Competition has been launched.  See the attachment for the Colouring-In page.


Playgroup in the Garden

Play, invent, create, taste and explore.  Come along for an hour of messy fun and adventure, exploring and enjoying nature play.  Held at Aldinga Community Centre Garden, 7 Stewart Ave, Aldinga Beach each Monday from 10:30-11:30am during school term.


Two Plus and Us Group

Multiple birth support group and playgroup are now meeting monthly at Roopena Building (Cnr Galloway Rd & Roopena St, O'Sullivan Beach) on the 1st Monday of every month from 10:00am-12:00noon.  Come and join other families to share the joys and challenges of a multiple birth.


Parenting Online Security Presentation

The Carly Ryan Foundation presents Parent Online Safety by Sonya Ryan at the Woodcroft Library on Thursday 21/3 from 5:30-7:00pm.   Creating a positive experience online for all Australian families.


Participate and Learn Skills

Our 4 week programs offer children of primary school age the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities while socialising and building new friendships.  Each term targets different aspects of life skills which are taught through play ensuring children have fun while learning.  Held at Aldinga Community Centre, 7 Stewart Ave, Aldinga each Thursday 3:30-5:00pm. Ph 85565940 for more information.


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