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05 April 2019
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Calendar of Events

Dates for your diary

23 April - First day back at school for ALL students and staff

25th April - ANZAC day (public holiday)

30th April - School tour for 2020 families 4:30 - 5:15pm

2nd May - School tour for 2020 families 5:30 - 6:15pm

7th May - School tour for 2020 families 5:30 - 6:15pm

9th May -School tour for 2020 families 4:30 - 5:15pm

13th to 15th May  - Year 8 Camp - Lady Northcote

14th & 16th May - Year 7 NAPLAN

17th May - House Sports activities

29th May - Student-Led Conference, 12.00 - 7.00 pm









Term 1 Successes and Update.

Congratulations to all the students for completing the first term of 2019. I would like to also thank the ECSC staff for creating the opportunities for students to engage with their learning in a variety of ways so that all can achieve positive outcomes in key areas of school. Students have been continuing to work on improving their multiplicative and problem solving skills in Maths; tackling common assessment tasks on Edward Scissorhands and making personalised flavoured ice cream in Food. Our teaching staff have continued to work in professional learning communities with our critical friends/educational consultants: Rob Parks (Scaffolding Maths in Middle Years) and Bronwyn Jones (measuring student learning growth and assessment). 


Our school values and expectations are: Respect All; Embrace Learning; Aim to Innovate; Look to Inspire yourself and others. As we continue to teach the students what these values mean both in the classroom, towards their peers and in the community it is some of the whole school events where we see the students come to realise their importance. As the College Principal I would like to thank all of the families for contributing to the lunch on the day.  We shared as many photos with the community as we could on Facebook, Instagram and there are some in this newsletter. You are able to see the enjoyment on student faces as they enjoyed the day. They listened respectfully to our guest speaker, Angela Minuzzo, DET Senior Languages Education Officer launch our Spanish Language Program; tried to dance Salsa; play a range of African drums and international sporting games; try the silent disco and eat as much food as possible.


Aurora Lendlease Art Installation

Last year a group of our foundation art students participated in a community Arts installation project conducted by Aurora- Lendlease and Whittlesea Council Youth Services with the two local secondary colleges in the new estate - Edgars Creek Secondary College and Al Siraat College. The artwork panels were launched by the Mayor of Whittlesea onn Harmony Day. Thank you to Naia, Ishanika and Tvisha who represented the College at the Opening.


School Council 2019 and Facilities Update

I was very proud to announce recently on Compass our 2019 school council members. They are:


Parent members:

Melanie Taimani (parent of Naia - Year 8) - School Council President

Mary Timotheou (parent of Mia - Year 7)

Robert Micelotta (parent of William - Year 7 & James - Year 8)



Community Member:

Cara Horner


Student Elected Members:

Cooper Richards

Bailey Williams


DET Members:

Glen Cowan - Assistant Principal

Jo Camozzato - College Principal


The College was recently visited by Local Member, Bronwyn Halfpenny in response to enquiries from the School Council President about the completion of Edgars Creek Secondary College. Melanie Taimani has continued to express the community's need and urgency in wanting to see a financial commitment in the State budget for the planned Stage 2 buildings for the College. 


Information Evening for 2020


I would like to thank the Galada Community Centre for enabling the College to hold a very successful information evening for families interested in enrolling in 2020 and beyond. Over 200 people attended the evening which was supported by many ECSC teachers, Education Support staff and student helpers. Families are welcome to book afterschool tours for April and May of next term.


Chess champion! 


Congratulations to Year 7 student, Sharath Mohanakrishnan who played at a competitive chess tournament in Ballarat during the Labour Day weekend. He achieved an equal third place with 4 out of 5 wins. He also played at the Arnold Chess Classic Festival in March where he won a Bronze medal. And yes that is Arnold Schwarzenegger!


Finally, nearly time to check on the winter uniform pieces from last year and/or organise the winter uniform ready to be worn by Week 3, Term 3. Students do grow taller and sometimes no longer find where items of uniform have gone from one season to another.  If your child is new to the school, the College has a specific winter uniform which is also discussed in the Middle School report.


Enjoy the school holidays and thank you for your ongoing support.



Joanne Camozzato

College Principal



Student Leadership 2019

School Captains

Congratulations to our new School Captains and Vice Captains for 2019. After a thorough nomination and selection interview process the following four students were selected. 


Well done to :


Arnie Aulakh - School Captain

Marwa Al Salem - School Captain

Camilla Sanchez Avila - Vice Captain

Tvisha Chahuan - Vice Captain.


We wish them well in the roles this year. We encourage all our students to aspire to take on the varied leadership opportunities on offer.

Year 8 Camp Update

Lady Northcote Camp 

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are excited to announce camp has a sufficient number of families who have either paid or organised Payment Plans to confirm the camp will be going ahead.
We are well advanced with the planning for year 8 Camp, the camp will run from Monday 13 to Wednesday 15 May.  
Early next term, those students attending will receive forms requesting information regarding any food allergies, food preferences and or medical conditions etc. We will also be inviting students to nominate their preferred room-mates for the accommodation. The camp has two separate lodges, one for female students and staff and one for male students and staff. The rooms are configured to accommodate between 2-4 students per bunk room.

Please follow the link to see some of the camp activities.


Reminder to parents: those students not attending the camp are expected at school.


12 Places remaining for the Year 8 Camp.

We still have 12 places available for the year 8 camp, I want to encourage any family still thinking of sending your child to act promptly, we are still able to set up Payment Plans or accept payment by Monday the 29th April.

Progress Reports

Tracking student progress 

This week you will be receiving, via Compass, the first progress report for your child for 2019. These 'snapshot' style reports provide feedback around your child's achievement level, learning growth, engagement with learning tasks, organisation of workbooks, completion of homework (where applicable), ability to follow classroom routines and use of respectful language in every subject.



Our Year 8 students and families will notice an improvement in the format of the progress reports this year, with the addition of descriptive statements for each area. These statements have been developed by our teachers alongside our Critical Friend, Bronwyn Jones, and are designed to help make clear links between learning achievement, growth and classroom behaviours that indicate a readiness to learn. We encourage families to use these statements as conversation starters at home. For example, ask your child about what they feel is going well in each of their subjects and what they need to focus on in Term 2. This is an effective way of making students part of the assessment process. Research tells us that for a student to grow, they must be a central to the conversation around their own learning and progress as they move through secondary school.


Another exciting feature of the revised format is our ability to track the growth of students in each of these areas across this year, and as they advance through the year levels. This gives us an excellent opportunity to work with students to set clear goals in specific subject areas and to recognise improvement and significant growth within an individual. It also enables us to look for patterns that may indicate when a student requires further support and put measures in place to help them achieve success.


Overall, the progress reports form part of our wider Assessment and Reporting framework and help to bridge the often long gap between end of Semester reports. We place a strong emphasis on student learning growth at Edgars Creek Secondary College and believe that all students have the ability to receive and act upon regular feedback to make improvements across the school year. Regular reporting practices during the term allow teachers to work with students and their families over the course of a year, making reporting a more authentic process. 


Leading Teacher - Curriculum & Pedagogy

Taryn Godley



Middle School Report

Middle School Report

We wanted to congratulate the Year 7 and 8 students on a great start to the schooling year. We have witnessed  friendships blossoming between the students, their enthusiasm for learning in the classroom and the excitement for the variety of subjects offered at high school.


To celebrate the hard work and effort we have seen by the students this term we celebrate their achievements at the year level assemblies.  The students below were nominated by their English teachers for their work, participation in class and effort:


7A -James Dimech - for sharing insightful ideas and comments in English. 

7A- Cassie Butrakoski - for consistently trying her best and encouraging others to do the same.

7B- Calvin Nguyen for always helping with ideas for writing and encouraging other students to read independently.

7B -Seja Alzayadi for always inspiring others by helping them with their show, don’t tell during creative writing.

7C -Syirah Yusoff - for demonstrating self-direction by bringing all of her materials to English classes.

7C - Alize Perkins - for setting an example of excellence in work ethic, behaviour and cooperation in English classes.

7D -Phillip Deak - For great focus and dedication to developing his creative writing ability.  

7D -Aliza Kane for encouraging others creative witting ideas.

7E – Prabhjot Kaur - for exceeding expectations with the quality of her creative writing pieces in English.

7E - Mohamed Hersi - for striving to reach his full potential in English by practicing his creative writing skills at home.

7F - Alexander Bondor - for always helping others with their spelling in class.

7F - Kiara De Luca - for consistently helping her friends edit their descriptive language to improve their writing.

8A-Navjot Dhillon - for sharing creative ideas with the class and encouraging others.

8A-Reina Lay - for consistently sharing her knowledge and ideas with the class in creative writing.

8B - Chloe Assaad for helping others with ideas for their learning during paragraph writing in Edward Scissorhands.

8B -Milan Xavier for providing others support for their learning by always sharing his insightful ideas.

8C -Hala Assad – For improving her writing by acting on feedback.

8C- For always seeking out guidance for how he can make his writing better and acting on feedback.

8D – Assal Sakhrawi - for being highly motivated and persistent in learning how to enhance her essay writing skills in English.

8D - Cooper Richards - for demonstrating a conscientious effort to use class time well and practice his essay writing skills in English.

8E - Ryan Bobby - for always enthusiastically participating in class and helping others.

8E - Aleyna Yon - for thinking outside the box to resolve issues and encouraging others to work with her.


Winter Uniform 

In Term 2 students are to be wearing the winter uniform.  As of the 6th May it is expected that all students are in the winter uniform. This includes blazer, jumper, shirt with the school tie, tailored pants/ shorts, skirt with navy tights or white socks. Further uniform reminders will be posted out by Compass later in the holidays to help families assist students getting organised.


Reminders for a successful and positive 2019:

  • Please ensure phones are being left in lockers at the start of the day. They are to stay in lockers during recess and lunch.

  • Please make sure lockers are being locked and secured with a padlock to ensure belongings are safe. 

  • Arrive to class with appropriate materials for learning (books, device etc)

Important dates for Term 2

  • First day of Term 2 in Tuesday 23rd April

  • Yr 8 Camp to Lady Northcote 13th -15th May

  • Yr 7 NAPLAN 14th May-16th May

  • Biggest Morning Tea 23rd May

  • Student led conferences 29th May

We hope that all students and families have a safe break and we will see you back on TUESDAY 23rd APRIL.


Leading Teachers - Middle Years

Rachael Salter and Belinda McKenzie

Harmony Day

We celebrated Harmony Day on 21st March and what a day it was! The students buzzed with excitement as they walked through their door, with their traditional clothing highlighting the diversity of our College. We were fortunate to have Ms Angela Minuzzo, Senior Languages Education Officer at the Department of Education and Training, attend our assembly to help us officially launch our new Spanish program. We would like to express our gratitude to all families who contributed delicious food for our wonderful lunch feast! A big thank you to our staff for also helping out on the day. Three of our Year 7 and 8 students, Rakshita, Reet and Arnie, have shared their experiences:


Harmony Day was a blast! The Year 7 students got to do loads of different activities like salsa and international sports. Harmony Day was a great day and everybody in the ECSC community got to dress up in their traditional cultural clothing. Although this was really great, the highlight of the day was the amazing food. Students and teachers participated in a "cultural cookery" that everybody tried and we had a variety of delicious cuisines that everybody enjoyed. We can't wait for next year to enjoy another amazing Harmony Day!   By Rakshita, 7F 



Harmony Day was fantastic with lots of multicultural delicious food and fun activities that everyone participated in. For Year 8 students, the activities were silent disco, traditional African drumming and henna. In the silent disco, we wore headphones and danced but there was no music playing out loud. The African drumming was really fun and everyone made music with the drums. We first learned how to bang the drum and made many sounds with the djembe. At the end, our instructor Fred, did a little dance to show us how they danced in Ghana. There was also a stall for henna and many people chose really cool designs that were very creative. The food was really good and was from all over the world. Everyone had a fun time!  By Reet and Arnie, 8C



Student Representative Council

The SRC is a Student Leadership Team comprising of Year 7 and 8 student Leaders.

These leaders are the voice of the student cohort that allows our students to be heard. 

Interested students submitted application and interviewed for the position.  The process truly showed the commitment and leadership potential that ECSC has to offer.  

Please welcome our 2019 SRC team: 

Year 7’s 

Reina Lay, Naz Maayar, Fatima Al Sekafi, Kanzy Saad, Kiarah Barnes and Manreet Kaur

Year 8's 

Ishanika Arumuganathan, Seadet Ademi, Naia Taimani, Ozlem Demir, Praneet Londhe and Reet Kaur


Stay tuned to hear what amazing initiatives and events our team has planned for the year ahead. 

Each newsletter we will interview a few of our team members so you can get to know them.                    Please see below for our first few interviewees. 


Sara Mamone 

Student Voice Coordinator 

              Getting to know our SRC Team

Why did you want to be a SRC Leader this year? I wanted to try something different and I wanted to entertain people with events that they haven't done before. 

What are you looking forward in doing this year? School Dance & Fundraising Event

Favourite TV Show? Shadow Hunters  Favourite Food? HSP

What do you enjoy most about ECSC? Everyone here is Polite and Respectful. 


Why did you want to be a SRC Leader this year? I want to represent ECSC and help with the school's well being by helping include everyone's ideas.

What are you looking forward in doing this year? Student Cook off

Favourite TV Show? Riverdale  Favourite Food? Nutella... on everything!

What do you enjoy most about ECSC? The welcoming environment. 


Why did you want to be a SRC Leader this year? I want to make our school a more positive place for everyone. 

What are you looking forward in doing this year? Treasure Hunt 

Favourite Book? Akarnae  Favourite Food? Pizza... yes to Pineapples!!

What do you enjoy most about ECSC? I like how teachers teach and make the class a fun place to learn. 


Why did you want to be a SRC Leader this year? I love being part of a Community and I like being in a position where people can come and ask me important things anytime. 

What are you looking forward in doing this year? New opportunities 

Favourite Book? Harry Potter Series  Favourite Food? Pho (Vietnamese Soup)

What do you enjoy most about ECSC? I enjoy the simple pleasantries we get at this school, mainly the teachers. I enjoy how kind they are. 


Sara Mamone

SRC Coordinator



House Captains

This term the students had the exciting opportunity to apply for the role of house captain! The four houses at Edgars Creek Secondary College include Doherty, Jenkins, McDonald and Wollert. Students were required to complete an online application answering some questions about why they wanted to become a house captain and their innovative ideas for house activities this year. Some students were then successful in receiving an invitation to have an interview for the position of house captain for their respective house. 16 successful applicants were selected for house captain!


Kanar Saad and Rakshita Chopra (Year 7)

Jude Georgievski and Naman Sharma (Year 8)


Kiara De Luca and Raphael Mbala-Hikolo (Year 7)

Fateh Bhullar and Shavith Witharanage (Year 8)


Jashandeep Virk and Yasemin Koc (Year 7)

Aleyna Yon and Atar Singh (Year 8)


Mawj Al Badry and Melisa Demollari (Year 7)

Jovan Antony and Liliana Ladoo (Year 8)

The house captains have already suggested a large amount of exciting ideas that the students could participate in this year. Some of the possible events include a house cup from a sport round robin, tabloid sports days, school carnival, football day, teacher vs students competitions, dress up days, water fun runs and house points from classroom. I am looking forward to working with an amazing group of energetic house captains to deliver fantastic and memorable events for all students throughout the year!

By Dominic Bruno

House Coordinator


Library News and Reviews

Library News by Mare Maticevski

The library is open everyday for borrowing during class-time, lunchtime and after school. Lunchtimes are particularly busy and we have started encouraging students to be device-free on two days a week at lunch. These days are called Digital Detox with the emphasis placed on encouraging students to interact socially via board-games instead of accessing devices during their break times. 

Currently, there are two clubs running during lunchtime in the library. Chess Club and 1st Monday Bookchat.  I have asked students about the kind of clubs they would love to run and have had some great suggestions including a Gatcha Club, Minecraft Club, Creative Club and Student Newspaper/writing club. With clubs, the library endeavours to encourage student-run clubs promoting opportunities in leadership and skilIs-development around coordination of such initiatives. I look forward to trialling some initiatives from second term. Below is a great Gatcha design depicting me from our talented student in Year 8, Layne. Other teachers have had the privilege of being turned into a character by Layne too.

Mare the Librarian created by Layne using Gacha Life.

Suggest a Book

This term we introduced "suggest a book" to encourage students to be part of developing the library collection around books and authors they love to read. This involvement is integral to growing a love of reading for pleasure which feeds into all areas of learning success. 



This term we celebrated Library Lover's Day on February 14th and International Women's Day with a successful badge-making activity.


Premier's Reading Challenge

You can take part in the Premiers' Reading challenge by registering as an individual participant. You will have your own login details where you can submit a record of books completed as part of the challenge. As year 7 and 8 students you must read a total of 15 books and 10 need to come from the Premiers Reading Challenge list. At the completion of the challenge you will be awarded a certificate for your great reading effort.  Our collection has been mapped to the reading lists on the Premier's Reading Challenge
You will need to complete the consent form  in order to register for participation. The consent form is available via the website. Please complete and submit to the website link https://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/events/prc/Pages/getregistered.aspx.


Book Reviews by students

Reviews submitted by students will be published in the newsletter. These are great recommendations for peers as their next reading choice. If you would like a review published please email your review to  [email protected]


Whisper  written by Lynette Noni

Reviewed by Samreen 

Whisper is about a girl who people call ‘Jane Doe’. For 2 years, 6 months, 14 days, 11 hours and 16 minutes, Jane has been locked away and been experimented on without saying a single word. She soon meets someone who is unexpectedly kind and lets down her walls. Doing so, she discovers a secret. One wrong word could change the world.
The characters have a lot of depth to them and I love how Lynette writes her books including lots of detail. I love Whisper and recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading.

A land of permanent goodbyes  written by Atia Abawi
Reviewed by Seja

This heartbreaking story shows how much pain people go through and reminds me of how grateful I should be. Refugees are left to figure out there uncertain future. They go through hard times in life, not knowing where to live and what may happen to them when going on a long journey. They struggle to find someone they can trust and when reading you are unsure about what will happen to them in this story? What will they go through? I enjoyed this story as it showed me how characters dealt with their journey. It shows how much the character cared for people and how much he missed his loved ones. He cared more for his loved ones than his own endangered life. However, this shows how much pain he went through. It was heartbreaking and very sad. An enjoyable story I definitely recommend to read.

The Medoran Chronicles  written by Lynette Noni
Reviewed by Milanya

Embrace the wonder

The Medoran Chronicles are about a sixteen-year-old girl named Alex, who stumbles upon a different world full of impossibilities, Medora. She soon learns that the only person that can help her get back is Professor Marselle, but he is missing.
While awaiting his return, Alex attends Akarnae, a boarding school for teenagers with ‘gifts’. She soon starts to ‘fit in’ with the rest of her classmates, making the best of her time at Akarnae. Not knowing that something dangerous was awaiting her.`;= 
This series is a wonderful read for anyone. There is a lot of depth to the characters, making you love them more than you would ever think possible. If you ever find yourself in search of an amazing book, then the Medoran Chronicles is the place to go.


A Student's perspective at the Climate Strike - by Adam Newman 

I was at the climate strike on March 15. Students around the world were striking, from New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Greece- and the birthplace of the movement, Sweden, where approximately 7000 people marched among the founder of the strike, Greta Thunberg. In Australia, it’s estimated that about 150,000 people marched nation wide, with an estimated 20,000 students in Melbourne. We weren’t marching to wag off school, or because our parents told us to- we were marching because it’s time for climate action. It’s time to transition away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy. A UN summit is scheduled for September 2019 to strengthen the policy framework of the Paris Climate Agreement. The solution isn’t, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, ‘more learning and less activism’. It isn’t, as Labor leader Bill Shorten said to ‘protest after school hours and on weekends’ (pretty rich that the leader of the Labor Party is advocating *against* strikes). The solution is for widespread action against climate change.

Learning in the Library


These posters provide a summary of what students came up with around the importance of giving credit when using information sources as part of their learning. 

Students were introduced to Trove, which is a great search engine  developed by the National Library of Australia. Please encourage students to use Trove when researching information for their learning. It can be accessed at www.trove.nla.gov.au


Wellbeing Update 

Kids & Tech: Tips for Parents in the Digital Age

Start typing your article in here...


In a world where children are "growing up digital," it's important to help them learn healthy concepts of digital use and citizenship. Parents play an important role in teaching these skills.

- Make your own family media plan. 
Media should work for you and within your family values and parenting style. When used thoughtfully and appropriately, media can enhance daily life. But when used inappropriately or without thought, media can displace many important activities such as face-to-face interaction, family-time, outdoor-play, exercise, unplugged downtime and sleep. An example of this is below.

- Treat media as you would any other environment in your child's life. 
The same parenting guidelines apply in both real and virtual environments. 
- Set limits; kids need and expect them.

Know your children's friends, both online and off. Know what platforms, software, and apps your children are using, what sites they are visiting on the web, and what they are doing online.
- Encourage imagination
Media use, like all other activities, should have reasonable limits. Unstructured and offline play stimulates creativity. Make unplugged time a daily priority, especially for very young children. 
- Screen time shouldn't always be alone time. 
Co-view, co-play and co-engage with your children when they are using screens— it encourages social interactions, bonding, and learning. Play a video game with your kids. It's a good way to demonstrate good sportsmanship and gaming etiquette. Watch a show with them; you will have the opportunity to introduce and share your own life experiences and perspectives—and guidance.
Don't just monitor them online—interact with them, so you can understand what they are doing and be a part of it. 
- Be a good role model. 
Teach and model kindness and good manners online. Because children are great mimics, limit your own media use. 
- Know the value of face-to-face communication
Very young children learn best through two-way communication. Conversations can be face-to-face or, if necessary, by video chat with a travelling parent or far-away grandparent. Research has shown that it's that "back-and-forth conversation" that improves language skills—much more so than "passive" listening or one-way interaction with a screen.
- Create tech-free zones. 
Keep family mealtimes, other family and social gatherings, and children's bedrooms screen free. Turn off televisions that you aren't watching, because background TV can get in the way of face-to-face time with kids. Recharge devices overnight—outside your child's bedroom to help him or her avoid the temptation to use them when they should be sleeping. These changes encourage more family time, healthier eating habits, and better sleep.

- It's OK for your teen to be online. 

Online relationships are part of typical adolescent development. Social media can support teens as they explore and discover more about themselves and their place in the grown-up world. Just be sure your teen is behaving appropriately in both the real and online worlds. Many teens need to be reminded that a platform's privacy settings do not make things actually "private" and that images, thoughts, and behaviours teens share online will instantly become a part of their digital footprint indefinitely. Keep lines of communication open and let them know you're there if they have questions or concerns.

Remember: Kids will be kids

Kids will make mistakes using media. Try to handle errors with empathy and turn a mistake into a teachable moment. But some indiscretions, such as sexting, bullying, or posting self-harm images, may be a red flag that hints at trouble ahead. Parents must observe carefully their children's behaviours and, if needed, enlist supportive professional help, including the family paediatrician.
Media and digital devices are an integral part of our world today. The benefits of these devices, if used moderately and appropriately, can be great. But, research has shown that face-to-face time with family, friends, and teachers plays a pivotal and even more important role in promoting children's learning and healthy development. Keep the face-to-face up front, and don't let it get lost behind a stream of media and tech.


Chantelle Gianinotti

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Maths Update

Scaffolding for Success

Maths is off to a cracking start in 2019! Our students have been working very hard in both their Maths lessons and their Scaffolding Numeracy sessions.

We once again welcome our critical friend Rob Park, who has been joining teachers and students every Tuesday to help deliver the Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years program. These sessions are activity-based, and encourage students to work both  independently and in groups to develop their multiplicative and critical thinking.

The focus this term has been on challenging students to reflect on their learning and explain their mathematical processes and thinking. Students have also been encouraged to self-assess their proficiency in a range of skills, in order to set their own goals for future learning.

It has been very exciting for our Maths and Scaffolding Numeracy teachers to observe all students engaged in activities and lessons, keen to improve their skills and knowledge...and we're sure it's not just because of the lollies!   


Erin Simpson







Teacher Profile

Merjam Music 

We are very proud of our Graduate teacher Merjam Music and wanted to share with you the article written about her achievements. Merjam was awarded the Olive Battersby scholarship in 2018 from the University of Melbourne. We are so pleased she is part of the Edgars Creek Secondary College teaching team.

Read full article listed below:

Science Update

In Science this term, the Year 8 students at ECSC were right back into the swing of things in Science classes with a topic on Cells and Body systems. As part of their learning, the students got to get their hands on our brand new compound light microscopes, and view specimens up to 400x magnification, opening their eyes to an entire microscopic world around them. Year 8 students also learned about how the different body systems work together to keep us alive, and conducted an experiment to discover what affect increased levels of Carbon Dioxide in our blood stream have on our breathing. Up next for our Year 8 students is a Chemistry topic on Elements and Compounds and Chemical and Physical change.


Our new Year 7 students have been exploring a Science lab for the first time (for some), and developing their knowledge of the common pieces of laboratory equipment they will be using at high school. They have been working to develop their safety skills using the equipment, including learning how to safely light and use Bunsen burners for the first time! Students have been becoming more familiar with the types of variables in experiments, how to form hypotheses, and report the findings from the experiments they have conducted such as which brand of paper towel is the most absorbent (ask them about it next time you take them shopping)! Next term, our Year 7 students move into studying a Chemistry unit on Mixtures, and will also study Earth and Space, gearing them up for National Science Week 2019 “Destination Moon: more missions, more science!”



Visual Arts Update

Welcome to the exciting world of the Visual Arts, I am Mel the new Art teacher at ECSC. It feels like longer than two weeks since I joined the College, everybody has made me feel welcome and the enthusiasm in lessons must be commended.

I am returning to teaching after a four year break following two decades of teaching Art and Technology in schools across Australia, in the UK and lastly as a Head of Year and Art at a leading UK curriculum College in Dubai. This wide experience has given me an appreciation of teaching approaches, cultural and environmental diversity and the ever changing needs of the students in my classroom. The innovative teaching approach at ECSC has me excited and I look forward to contributing to the curriculum development and providing students with an outstanding learning experience.

Skills and Subject Matter bring explored in Art-
In Term 1, Year 7 have been exploring the theme, Portraits. Time has been spent studying the placement of the facial features and learning how to refine these shapes so that they produce a realistic self-portrait. I am sure that all the Year 7 students will tell you that the face is one of the hardest things to draw. Once students had captured the facial details, they then introduced tone to their study. Showing the tonal range of where light falls on our face actually makes drawing a portrait easier. While we naturally see the shape of a person’s nose, cheek and chin from the way the light falls on the face initially it is tricky to draw what is shown without using line. Year 7 students have developed a good range of observational drawing skills within this task.

Over the last couple of weeks, students have been exploring the style of Howard Arkley and how colour can be used to show the highlights and shadows that fall on their face. With the move away from absolute realism students have been more confident in their exploration of tone in producing a self-portrait study.


Without giving too much away In Term 2, Year 7 students will continue to improve their observational drawing skills but they will also experiment with print, paint and sculpture. The aim in Art next term is to experiment with the scale of objects that we see around us all the time. It will be lots of fun and the only thing that will limit our exploration is our imagination.

Over the last two weeks Year 8 students have been exploring different aspects of the Australian Landscape through Mosaic; in total 3 landscape murals have been created, the Seaside and Ocean, the Bush/High country and the Outback/Desert. For this Mosaic project, students have had to make their own tiles by ripping or cutting up magazines. It is a challenging task as students have had to find the correct colours and tones within the magazine pages to make their animal or landscape look realistic. Students have been working in small groups but have needed to discuss scale and colour as a whole class in order for the individual elements to stand out in the whole mural. All the mosaic elements look fantastic and we are all looking forward to seeing the murals on the wall.

I do not want to give away too much information before the start of Term 2. What I can say is that the major assessment project for Year 8 in Term 2 will be a sculpture. Before making this sculpture all students will be challenging themselves extensively through creating realistic observational drawings and pen studies. They will also be experimenting with print and other media in order to understand and explore the elements and principles of Art. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know about Art activities you could be doing at home to keep developing your skills.

Happy exploring

Mel Broders 


Interschool Sport Update

On Friday 8th March, our year 8s got to experience their first interschool sport tournament for the year and build on the positive results that they delivered in 2018. The teams that participated on the day included a boys and girls volleyball team, and a boy’s cricket team.


The year 8 boys and girls volleyball teams travelled down to Epping Leisure Centre to participate in their volleyball round robin. The volleyball teams consisted of 12 of the most athletics students at Edgars Creek Secondary College. The day ran smoothly with both teams being super competitive against the fellow opposition schools. Unfortunately the girls came away winless however taking the sets right up the larger opponents in Craigieburn Secondary. The boys tasted victory in the first match up however fell short in the last two matches losing only by a handful of points overall. Some stand out performers from the boys team were Ezekiel and Ramy who held down the backcourt very well. In the girls matches Liliana set the tone with aggression and great positivity towards teammates.


The boys’ cricket team were excited to return to Donnybrook Reserve to improve on last year’s efforts. They began the day playing against Sacred Heart Kyneton who were a very talented and tall team. Praneet batted extremely well for us, however we did unfortunately lose a lot of wickets as the other team bowled impressively. As the team only got 37 runs, they needed to put in an amazing bowling performance. The boys all bowled fantastically – however Sacred Heart Kyneton were very aggressive and were able to chase down the amount of runs we got before their overs expired. Our boys showed their resilience as the bounced back and won their next two games convincingly. Praneet continued to display his impressive batting capabilities as he smashed the ball wherever he liked throughout the day. After getting the first ever wicket at cricket for Edgars Creek last year, Daniel continued to bowl with precision as he got multiple wickets throughout the day. Overall, all students who competed on the day displayed a positive attitude and encouraged each other to create a team environment that is enjoyable for everyone involved.

Dominic Bruno


Edgars Creek Secondary College 
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