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21 March 2019
Issue Two
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Quick Dates

Week 8-9, Term 1

Friday 22 March

SEQ Futsal Champion of Champions Tournament


Saturday 23 March

CaSSSA Tennis


Monday 25 March

7.00pm  Dr Judith Locke presentation - Helping Your Child be Confident and Capable at School


Wednesday 27 March

Australian Geography Competition (Years 7-10)

CaSSSA AFL, Indoor Cricket, Touch, Volleyball

Year 12 Hospitality Assessment - Board Dinner




Cultural Corner

Harmony Week

Hola!  My name is Jess.


My cultural heritage is Paraguayan - South America.  Paraguay is a small country in the middle of the continent.  It is often described as the heart of South America, not only because of its location as it shares its borders with Brazil and Argentina, but also due to the grand number of similarities with all the other Latin American countries in terms of food, language, and culture.


I feel like I belong when I share my culture through music, food, and dance with others, but especially when they enjoy it!


Diversity is a good thing because it is important to know and understand each other's cultural differences so that everyone can get along better.


Harmony means: to accept others for who they are.  Like in a choir, when everyone is on the right note, the sound projected is beautiful.



Lauren Kroll - Year 12 Visual Art Art Enquirer

We are very proud of the work of Lauren Kroll, a Year 12 Visual Art student who participated in the Art Enquirer program.  Art Enquirer is the culmination of a three-day art immersion program for nine senior high school students as part of the education program and publication run by the Institute of Modern Art (IMA) and Flying Arts Alliance.


After a cultural tour of a number of commercial, university, and independent galleries and studios in Brisbane, students honed their art writing skills with the help of industry professionals.  The final reflections of these talented emerging arts writers have been published in Art Enquirer, demonstrating the challenging, and at times provocative, nature of artworks they encountered, along with their newly developed skills in analysing and writing about contemporary art.  Lauren’s written work can be accessed online:



From the Theatresports Captain

I am Therese, and I proud to introduce myself as Mount Alvernia’s Theatresports Captain for 2019.  I have a strong and undying passion for drama, which is probably my motivation behind involving myself in all drama extra-curricular activities, including Theatresports.  I am ecstatic and definitely up to the challenge to train all the Junior Theatresports teams this year, and I hope I can be an inspirational role model for the Drama Club girls.

Therese DeBellis




From the Drama Captains

Greetings, everyone!  My name is Anna DeBellis, and I am honoured to be presented the title of Drama Captain for this schooling year along with my friend, Emily Stitt.  It feels like it was only last week that I was throwing my reflection journal and learning log into my L-Block locker, skipping down the stairs,  and racing my sister to E110 in order to be awarded starter in Spacejump. 

I have been incredibly impressed with the number of Years 7 and 8 students who have demonstrated incredible performance abilities that both Emily and I are excited to explore further.  Finally, I would like to include a special thank you to all the girls who have come to Drama Club, Theatresports, and Drama X - you are truly a wonderful example of what it means to be a Drama student.

Anna de Bellis



From the FCIP Captain

My name is Claire Reid and I am the Mount Alvernia Captain of the FCIP for 2019.  I have played the violin since I was in Year 4 and, after continuing my musical journey at Mount Alvernia, the FCIP programme has made me enjoy music so much more.

My vision for this year is to make the work of the FCIP more well-known across the three colleges, and for the girls at Mount Alvernia to see what it is all about.  I want to make this year an enjoyable one and hope that all involved give their best.

Clare Reid

Year 7 Drama Students

Year 7s are really enjoying their drama classes.  The students have demonstrated energy, creative thinking, and teamwork in their improvisation learning experiences.  In fact, they have enjoyed being dramatic so much that many of the girls have joined Junior Drama Club on Wednesday lunch and Junior Theatresports on Friday lunch.

Karen Farrow, Teacher


From the Choir Captain

Welcome to Choir for 2019.  I am very proud to lead the choirs this year and we have an amazing response to choir as a whole this year.  It is pleasing that so many students are being involved with the Mt A Arts Programs.  There is a big year planned and, despite choir being held on Friday afternoons, there has been non-stop energy and passion - we are raising the roof!


There are many opportunities to be involved, with the amalgamation of Mount Alvernia and Padua Choirs into Franciscan Voices  at the end of 2018.


Being involved is easy; the times are:

  • College Choir – Friday 3.15–4.00pm
  • Franciscan Voices – Friday 4.00–4.30pm.

Auditioned Choirs:

  • Performance Chorale (Yr 8–9) – Tuesday 3.15–4.15pm
  • Showcase Chorale (Yr 10 – 12) – Tuesday 7.30–8.30am.


The most exciting part of choir is being able to perform, and there are many events for choir members to show the skills that have been developed with practice and determination.  During Terms 1, 2, and 3, the choir prepares to perform at the Queensland Catholic College Music Festival.  This event is an opportunity for schools across Queensland to perform and showcase their hard work and dedication. These performances allow adjudicators to award performances in a non-competitive environment.  Over the past years, Mount Alvernia has a well-earned reputation of receiving Gold and Silver awards; and I have no doubt that the girls will not disappoint this year!  Participants in the choir also have the opportunity to sing at school Masses and assemblies throughout the year, eg the Opening Mass and Easter Liturgy, and the Senior Chorale members have the opportunity to sing at the Year 12 Graduation Mass.


Brisbane Sings 2019 is also a major event on our calendar.  This is a community event with 500 passionate singers from all over Brisbane.  Each year Brisbane Sings chooses to support different charitable organisations, which are represented in different colours.  This year the chosen charitable organisation is SPELD QLD, and the colour chosen is green.  SPELD QLD aims to support Queenslanders experiencing learning difficulties to realise their full potential in all circumstances.


Brisbane Sings is an entertaining and beautiful show for all watching.  Mount Alvernia is lucky enough to be a part of this event and it is a true honour.”  

Amy Strachan, Senior Choral member and Cultural Captain


I am thrilled that this opportunity is provided to students.  I am so excited about being a part of this experience with other Mt A girls!  This year the scheduled date is Sunday 18 August.  There will be more information closer to the date, so keep an eye out in the newsletter.


If your daughter is interested in joining choir, it is never too late to join the singing family.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the College, Mr Crump, the Choir Director, or me.

Amy Hart

Choir Captain


Drama X

The Drama X Ensemble is in full swing, and the group is such a delight to work with.  They have a dynamic energy that is infectious and give 110% in every rehearsal.  This is an amazing group of individuals, dedicated to collaborative creation.  As an ensemble the members are beginning to learn invaluable lessons about humility and building a show as a cohesive unit.  As members of Drama X they are certainly showing a developed understanding of what it means to be part of an ensemble - an ensemble where they feel supported, trusted, and listened to by each member of the group.  Our most recent workshop on our focus play, The Final Days of Bedlam, by David Burton, highlighted the vast knowledge of the girls, along with their astute and critical thinking, and problem solving skills.  We are really looking forward to the amazing work to come from this inspiring group of young women.


Elise Cohen and Karen Farrow

Drama Teachers


Student Reflections

“I have really enjoyed being a part of the Drama X ensemble so far this term; this opportunity has allowed me to express myself and my creative side really well, and I have enjoyed every moment.  I feel my confidence in myself has also grown over the past month as I have bonded with many girls from different year levels and had time to perform both individually and with a group.”   Hannah Lowe, Year 9


“I enjoy Drama X because it includes everyone's ideas and it's a really creative space.  Everyone is very supportive of my ideas and we always have fun when doing Drama X.”  Ruby Davissen, Year 9

Say No to Bullying

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

I would first like to introduce myself.  I am Leah Patchett, the 2019 Spirit Captain.  As part of my role I have the absolute privilege of looking after the Spirit Squad, Welcome Committee, and our Peer Support Team, but one of of the most rewarding groups I have the honour of leading is our Anti Bullying Task Force.


Here at Mount Alvernia, we show no tolerance towards bullying, and take bullying incidents quite seriously; every member of our community deserves to feel included and accepted at school.  To further promote anti bullying, the Anti Bullying Task Force is a group that began in the middle of last year, exploring the ways in which people are bullied, how to ensure you aren’t a bystander to bullying, and strategies to help yourself or others deal with bullying.  We promote ourselves as people students can go to if they need help and support through bullying-related problems.  One of my favourite things about this outstanding group of girls is their passion towards putting a stop to bullying and the way they define victims of bullying as ‘survivors’.  It’s amazing to see that this group has almost doubled in size since it first began; at Mount Alvernia, we truly say no to bullying.


On Friday 15 March, we celebrated the National Day of Action Against Bullying by vocalising this and protesting against bullying.  Students were also invited to wear orange accessories, such as ribbons and bracelets.  During lunch time, the Anti Bullying Task Force, other Mount Alvernia students, teachers, and even students from St Anthony’s joined in solidarity to walk around the block and stand up for what they believe in.  It was incredible to see just how many people don’t tolerate bullying, and it was inspiring to see their enthusiasm to make a difference.  In my eyes it was a fantastic success that grabbed people’s attention and really made an impact!  As Mahatma Ghandi once said, we need to “be the change we want to see in the world”, and the community did just this.


I would like to thank Ms Butterworth, the Anti Bullying Task Force, and everyone who was involved for making the protest the success that it was, and for the amazing way you raised awareness for such an important issue in our society.


Say no to bullying!

Leah Patchett


FUEL Girl Shaped Flames

We were joined on assembly today by Tanya Meessmann of Girl Shaped Flames.  Tanya has established a great initiative to inspire and encourage high school girls to reach their full potential.  Holly Smith, Year 12, is a social media commentator for Girl Shaped flames who explained it like this: “I started Girl Shaped Flames because I believe in the innate ability of girls and women and I believe that, in order to equip any girl to be able to reach her full potential, we have to start as early as we can.  I wanted to give girls in their teenage years, as they are forming their understanding of self, as many opportunities to develop this sense of self so that they can have a really clear understanding of their own capabilities.  I also did it to challenge and push girls to get outside their comfort zone and allow them to discover what they’re actually made of.”


The Mount Alvernia Girl Shaped Flames for 2019 are:


Elizabeth Hayes School

Year 11

Jeeva Ajimon;,Jessica Hurst, Madeline O'Brien. Brielle Seymour


Clare School

Year 10

Molly Browne, Molly Kerr, Mayah Rowbotham


 Year 9

Jemma Keefe, Aleisha Ling, Hannah Lowe


Francis School

Year 8

Jessica Chripczuk Morales


Year 7

Ella Beckwith


I would like to thank the Parent and Friends Support Network, which has sponsored each student for her annual membership.

Linda Clark

Technology Teacher




From the Sport Development Leader

It has been great to see so many girls out there participating in sport this term.  When I think back to last year and all the cancellations we had with poor weather, I am grateful we have been able to complete most of our fixtures so far.


Our CaSSSA sport teams are already halfway through the season and we are placed very well in AFL, Tennis, and Indoor Cricket.  While the focus is on enjoyment, the girls in these teams will be very excited about the possibility of winning a pennant for their hard efforts.  Our Open Volleyball team, while still to record a win, has lost games by the narrowest of margins each week, and our Touch teams are sitting mid-table.


We have also seen our Futsal teams heading out to start their progression towards National Championships.  Our U16 and U18 teams will compete tomorrow after remaining unbeaten in the first day of play last week, to gain qualification to the State Championships.  Our junior team will be starting its campaign in Term 2, with the North Brisbane Titles in Week 2 of the term.


The Cheersport team is progressing well, performing some great tumbles, flips, and even aerials.  We can’t wait to see them polish this up towards competition next term.


We completed our CaSSSA Swimming on 14 March.  Our seventh place does not show the determination and talent we have at the College.  We have made some changes to how we manage our performance swimming here for 2020, in order to give more clarity on early selection and emphasis towards moving up the leader board.  A huge thank you to the students, coaches, and staff who assisted in the preparation of this team.

We turn our attention to Cross Country now.  Our own Interhouse carnival is just two weeks away now, on Friday 5 April.  There is further information on the carnival in the following pages.


Trimester 2 sport nominations have now opened.  Sports are Netball for Years 9-12, Volleyball for Year 8, and both Football and Hockey for all ages.  There is a PDF with all the dates and grading information in this on both Moodle and the college app.


This year we also introduced free sport on Monday afternoons in the San Damiano.  We have had a steady turnout of nearly 30 girls, with the music blaring and girls just enjoying playing one another in a non-competitive environment.  We will be playing court sports next term - dodgeball, benchball - and other fun activities.  Check Student Notices for the update next term.


With so much on offer, we can’t wait to support your daughter to be active and stay active this year.


Quick Dates:

Friday 22 March            South East Queensland Futsal Finals (U16/U18)
Friday 22 March            Bootcamp - Circuits 7.00am, San Damiano ( all ages)
Monday 25 March         Cross Country Training – San Damiano 7.00am
Tuesday 26 March         SwimFit – Mount Alvernia College Pool 7.00am
Wednesday 27 March  Cross Country Training – San Damiano 7.00am
Wednesday 27 March  CaSSSA Round 5
Thursday 28 March       SwimFit – Mount Alvernia College Pool 7.00am
Friday 29 March            Bootcamp – Ninja Course - 7.00am, San Damiano ( all ages)
Monday 1 April               Cross Country Training – San Damiano 7.00am
Tuesday 2 April              SwimFit – Mount Alvernia College Pool 7.00am
Wednesday 3 April        Cross Country Training – San Damiano 7.00am
Wednesday 3 April        CaSSSA Round 5
Thursday 4 April             SwimFit – Mount Alvernia College Pool 7.00am
Friday 5 April                   Interhouse Cross Country


Met North Representatives Term 1

Triathlon:             Ava Paddison (Y8)
Swimming:        Chelsea Mayer (Y7)
                                Inde Basche (Y7)
                                Airlie Davis (Y7)
Hockey                 Carla Galvin (Y12)
                                Trinity Woodward (Y7)
                                Rhianna Janas (Y10) – shadow player selection
Basketball          tba


Josh White


From the Sport Captain

During Term 1, the girls have been given the opportunity to participate in Trimester 1 CASSSA sports.

These have included:

Junior (Years 7-8): Tennis, Touch Football, AFL, and Indoor Cricket;

Intermediate (Years 9-10): Tennis, Volleyball, AFL and Indoor Cricket;

Senior (Years 11-12): Tennis, Volleyball, AFL, and Indoor Cricket.

The season started in Week 5, with teams playing every Wednesday (tennis on Saturday) and training at least once a week.  This meant that the girls have played a maximum of three games so far.  Whilst it is only early days, most teams have been achieving well in their divisions.  A special mention needs to go to the Senior and Junior A AFL, Senior A/B and Inter D Tennis, and Junior C Touch Football teams, who are so far undefeated.


Everyone is strongly encouraged to keep participating and enjoying the sports they have chosen, and enjoy the chance to meet students outside their friendship groups and even outside of their year levels. Every opportunity is given to the girls to experience sports that they may have never tried before, have a feel for something new, and maybe even tap into unknown potential.


Finally, girls, make sure you stay motivated and continue with the excellent participation and focus that you have been showing in training sessions and games so far.  Whilst we are coming into the start of exams, participating in physical activity and giving yourself a break from your studies now and then can help both your mental and physical state.  Achieving well at school comes from participation in all aspects of school life and sport is a major part of this.  Keep up your efforts into Term 2.


Maddie Brown




From the Swimming Captain

CaSSSA 2019

To start off, I just thought I would say that I am so proud of all the girls last Thursday.  You all went out there and gave it your all.  I would like to thank the Spirit Squad and the Year 8 cohort who came out and cheered the team on.  I would also like to thank the teachers who made the day possible.


Some outstanding achievements are: 

Chelsea Mayer placed first in 12 years 50 Back Division 1; 

Johanna Sehl placed third in both 15 years 50 fly and 50 Free Division 1;

Sophie Green placed 3rd  in 16 years 50 Free Division 5; 

Niamh Hooper placed 3rd in 12 years 50 Breaststroke Division 3; 

Inde Bacshe placed 3rd in 13 years Division 1 50 Breaststroke Division 1;

Annika O’Shea placed 3rd in 15 years 50 Breaststroke Division 2;

Tanna-Lai Hornung placed 3rd in 15 years 50 fly Division 2. 


Two of our relay teams also did really well, with the 12 years 200m Freestyle and the 15 years 200m Freestyle both coming third.



Again, I would like to thank all the girls for going out there and giving it there best shot.  I’m very proud of you all.

Lucia Walker, Swim Captain


Cross Country



Jemma Keefe

Jemma has returned from a huge weekend at the Coles Queensland Athletics Championships, where she won Gold in Javelin, Shot Put, and Discus, and placed fifth in the High Jump.  While she missed the national qualifier for the HighJump, she did make the national qualifying time for the 90m Hurdles.


This means Jemma will now be going to the Australian Championships at Homebush in April for four events.  What a great achievement, Jemma - we'll all be cheering for you!

College App


P&FSN - Be Involved

AGM News

The Annual General Meeting of the Parents and Friends Support Network was held on Tuesday evening. 

The 2019 Coordinating Committee consists of:

     Chairperson:  Matthew Nolan 

     Deputy Chairperson:  Jackie Blackshaw

     Treasurer:  Joanne Galvin.


As the Secretary's role remains vacant, you are encouraged to consider assisting in this role.  This is a vibrant group which plays a vital part in the life of the community, and your contribution to this rewarding activity would be much appreciated. 


Please email P&[email protected] to find out more details. 




Entertainment Fundraiser

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La Cucina


Friday 22 March

Kellie Jilani

Monday 25 March

Rachel Browne, Emma Reid

Tuesday 26 March

Davina Tudor, Anna Keefe

Wednesday 27 March

Renay Green, Julie Wilson

Thursday 28 March

Jo Galvin


Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Kim at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.


Activities Corner
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