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05 April 2019
Issue Ten   holy Saviour Parish School Community Is Committed To The Safety, Wellbeing And Protection Of All Children In Our Care.
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Principal's Message


Dear Families,


A busy term has come to an end. However, I can truly say it has been a most happy, productive and successful term.  I congratulate all the students for their efforts and progress this term and thank the teachers and support staff for their continual hard work and dedication. I would also like to thank the work of parents who have assisted in so many ways from the work of the PEB, volunteers in classrooms, and in general a community who consistently put themselves forward for the benefit of the children. Our students and staff are very appreciative of your efforts and I encourage parents to continue their involvement next term and beyond. It has been a very smooth and exciting commencement to the 2019 academic year and my time as Principal.



This Sunday is the Fifth Sunday of Lent, the final Sunday before Holy Week begins. The Gospel is an interesting one in that the authorities of Jesus’ time are trying to set a trap for him; the poor woman caught up in the story is nothing more than “collateral damage” to them. The hope of the authorities is that Jesus would choose one of only two possible options. He would either condemn the woman for her guilt which would make him responsible for her death (by stoning), or that he would let her go, thus demonstrating a disregard for the law. Instead, Jesus does neither; he turns the situation on its head. He doesn’t presume her guilt or lecture her about the need for righteousness. He simply tells her to sin no more. In doing so he restores the poor woman’s dignity and leaves the crowd with a challenge that we too are presented with today, that being not to judge others. It’s important to remember in this story that there is no proof of the woman’s wrong-doing – it’s simply one person’s word against another. All too often, we can be quick to judge or make assumptions based on partial or even speculative information. Instead of being focused on the wrongdoings or actions of others, it is imperative that we look deep within ourselves and acknowledge that if we are not perfect, why should we expect that of anyone else?



What an amazing day we had yesterday with the Colour Run and Hot Dog lunch. It was great to see everyone so enthusiastically involved in the day, I think we’ll be seeing rainbow colours across the school for months! A huge thank you must go to the PEB for their support in making the event happen. In particular, thank you to Denise Konstantinou (Paul 3CW, Nikitas 2C) for coordinating the event and making sure it all went to plan. Thank you to all the staff & parents who helped out in any way in the lead up or on the day. Finally, thank you to all the children for your efforts in fundraising, and participating with such enthusiasm on the day, well done!



Today we finished the Twilight Sports events that were missed with the washout two weeks ago. Well done to all children, you again participated with such enthusiasm and energy, you are a joy to work with. Congratulations to both the Green and Blue Teams who took out the major trophy with 392 points and to the Green Team who took out the Team Spirit Award. Again, thank you to Dan Kelly for coordinating it all, and to the staff and parents who assisted both on Friday night and today. We cannot do these things without you.



Over the holidays, some of the playground area will be getting a facelift! We have organised for a number of trees to be pruned so that the play areas are safe, the entire asphalt area will be cleaned and free of debris (as clean as it can with number of trees we have!), and the most exciting part...all the lines on the asphalt will be getting repainted! When you return after the Easter holidays, it’ll be like returning to a brand new school!



The beginning of a new term brings changes to uniform. By the beginning of week 3, all children are expected to be in full winter uniform. A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school. Issues of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of the Dress Code. The uniform list can be found below, but I just wanted to direct your attention to a couple of main points:

  • When wearing sport uniform, the socks are to be plain white, not emblazoned with different logos

  • Hair ties/ribbons/bows/elastics/headbands are to be navy blue, unless it is a sport day and it can then match the colour of the sport top

  • No nail polish

  • Earrings must be small sleepers or studs, watches are acceptable, no other jewellery is permitted


Winter Uniform is worn in Terms 2 and 3.


Gabardine trousers Sky blue long-sleeved shirt
Sky blue long-sleeved shirt Navy pleated tunic

School Jumper / bomber jacket with logo

School Jumper / bomber jacket with logo

Black shoes, Navy socks Navy tights

Navy Rain Coat (optional)

Gabardine slacks (optional)

Black shoes, Blue socks

  Navy Rain Coat (optional)


** Skivvies are not part of Holy Saviour school uniform **


Sports Uniform

Navy shorts Navy netball skirt or skorts
Sky blue sports top with logo Sky blue sports top with logo
Senior sports top (Year 5/6s only)

Senior sports top (Year 5/6s only)

Runners and white socks Runners and white socks

Holy Saviour track suit

Holy Saviour track suit




With Easter this year at the end of the holidays, (Holy Week commences on Sunday 14th April), it is important to reflect on the Easter message. While enjoying the holiday break that Easter provides, we ask all families to make every effort to attend the Easter services here at Holy Saviour, or if you are away, at your holiday destination. On behalf of all of us at Holy Saviour I would like to wish everyone a very safe, happy, holy  and relaxing break. For those of you who are travelling, travel well and stay safe. For those of you remaining at home, enjoy the time with your children. We look forward to starting with you again on Tuesday 23rd April.



Final Thoughts… A Reflection on Throwing Stones

When we rush to judgment and categorise a person without making an effort to know them, it’s like throwing a stone into a clear pond. All you can see is the waves you yourself made. Some people just like to throw stones. Sometimes it’s good to make waves. More often, it’s better to calm things down so you can see beneath the surface. At least then you’ll know how big a stone you should throw.


Kind regards,



Steve Evans





Education in Faith

Sunday, 5th April, Fifth Sunday of Lent
Gospel- John 8: 1-11
 ‘Let the person without sin be the first to throw a stone.’


Because Jesus has made us his own, we try our best to live as he did, always remembering that we depend on God's grace and mercy to do so. As the gospel shows us, following Jesus means that we neither judge nor condemn others, but always offer them welcome, love and forgiveness.


Project Compassion

Please continue to support the work of Project Compassion as we come to the final weeks of Lent.

Visit the website to see the works that Projects that Project Compassion are involved in. http://www.caritas.org.au/projectcompassion






Easter Ceremonies Timetable


Holy Thursday

18th April – 7.30pm


Good Friday

Stations of the Cross – 10.00am

Solemn Ceremonies – 3.00pm


Easter Vigil

Saturday, 20th April – 7.00pm


Easter Sunday

Sunday, 21 April – 9.00am & 11.00 am


2019 Sacramental Program 

Please head to the “Sacraments” section of the parish website (http://www.cam.org.au/glenwaverleynorth/Sacraments) for enrolment forms and information about the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Please add the following dates to your diaries if you are wanting your child to receive either of these sacraments.


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 4th May


Sacrament of First Eucharist - Information evening

Tuesday 16th July (following 6.30pm Mass)


Commitment Mass

Sunday 21st July, 11.00am


Retreat Day

Friday 30th August


Sacrament of First Eucharist

Saturday 7th September

Sunday 8th September

Saturday 14th September

Sunday 15th September


Mass of Thanksgiving

Sunday 13th October, 11.00am


Important Dates

Dates to Remember 

Sun 7th April

Fifth Sunday of Lent


Thurs 11th April

Last day to order Run4Fun prizes for online donations

(Cash donation prizes will be ordered through the school)


Sun 14th April

Passion (Palm) Sunday


Thurs 18th April

Easter Thursday


Fri 19th April

Good Friday


Sun 21st April



Mon 22nd April

Easter Monday


Tues 23rd April

Term 2 begins

Easter Alleluia celebration - 2.30pm


Wed 24th April

ANZAC Day service - 2.30pm


Thurs 25th April

ANZAC Day Holiday


Wed 8th May

Parish Child Safety Workshop 7:30pm


Tues 21st May

Holy Saviour Open Day


Saturday 15th June



Thurs 27th June 

End of Term 2 (3:30pm finish)


Fri 28th June

School Closure Day


Fri 26th July

Trivia Night


Term 2 Assemblies

Wed 1st May 2.30pm

School Assembly


Wed 15th May 2.30pm

1/2T Assembly


Wed 22nd May 2.30pm

3/4CW Assembly


Wed 29th May 2.30pm

1/2C Assembly


School Closure Days

  • Friday 28th June

  • Monday 26th August

  • Monday 4th November

  • Monday 2nd December

Specialist Timetable


General News

Joke of the Week


Aussie of the Month

Congratulations to Nikitas Konstantinou (1/2C)  for being awarded  Aussie of the Month for showing the value of Acceptance of Difference. Difference  is a good thing, we are all different and it makes our world interesting. Well done Nikitas. 


Easter Hamper

On Wednesday, we drew the winner of the Neil Angus Easter Hamper!   All the children's names were put into a hat and Lachlan Fewster (5/6W) was the lucky winner! Congratulations to Lachlan we hope he and his family enjoy all the delicious Easter treats. A big thank you to Neil Angus for kindly donating the beautiful Easter hamper. 



Can you help??

The 3/4 classes are learning to sew on buttons with Monday's Crafty Ladies. We need two holed buttons. Please send any you can spare to 3/4 classroom/s. Thankyou!!

Enrolments open for 2020

Yes, we are already taking enrolments for next year! If you have a younger child who turns 5 before 30 April 2020, please come and see Virginia or Kerry in the office for an enrolment form. Also, if you know of anyone else in the community with a child the same age, pass on our contact details– we would love to give them a tour of our fabulous school! While we only have one more official Open Day on Tuesday 21st May, every other day is Open Day too!


Parish Child Safety Workshop

As many of you would be aware, ALL schools are now required to comply with Child Safety legislation through the implementation of a school-wide policy, incorporating a code of conduct. All staff are required to have their National Criminal Record Check updated and checked annually or Working With Children Check (Non-teaching staff).


We ask that all families once again familiarise yourselves with the Holy Saviour Parish Child Safety Policy and Code of conduct which can be found here on our school website. All parent helpers must now have a Child Safety Certificate provided by Holy Saviour Parish after the completion of the course in the Parish.


The next Parish Child Safety Workshop will be available on Wednesday 8th May at 7:30pm. If you are unable to make this meeting or wish to assist in the classrooms and have not yet completed the workshop, please come and see Steve Evans.

Baked Treats Sale

THANK YOU to Green House and all of the wonderful Year 5/6 families who baked for our cupcake sale on Monday to raise money for Caritas. We raised almost $300 for Caritas!

Follow us on Social Media

Don’t forget, Holy Saviour now has a Facebook page! Search for “Holy Saviour Primary School, Vermont South” or “@HolySaviourPS”, then like and share our page to keep up to date with what is happening around the school. We also need people to review our school via the facebook page, so please do this too! The page will be mainly used to promote the school and celebrate achievements of our students. Don’t forget, we are also on Instagram! Search for “holy_saviour_ps_vs” and follow us there too!

Parish Raffle

Please finalise tickets and return ticket butts, money and any unsold tickets

to the office ASAP


The 2019 Parish Raffle is a major fundraising effort and an opportunity for us to sell tickets outside the parish to family and friends. Raffle tickets are allocated to parishioner, staff and school families.  

The 2019 Parish Raffle is a major fundraising effort and an opportunity for us to sell tickets outside the parish to family and friends. Raffle tickets are allocated to parishioner, staff and school families.  


The Holy Saviour Parish participation in the Combined Catholic Parishes Raffle 2019,

VCGR Permit No. 10699/18, allows one the chance to win one of several great prizes;

being 3 fabulous Kia cars and 11 Coles/ Myer Gift Cards; Total value of prizes being $67,589.


Please note the Parish has paid an upfront cost of $5 per book of tickets to partake in

this raffle. Therefore every unsold ticket is actually a loss to the Parish.


Please return any monies, ticket butts and any tickets that you won't be selling/ purchasing to the office.  This will  providing the Raffle Coordinator the opportunity to reallocate them if possible.


Thank You in anticipation of your support and the success of this Raffle!


Twilight Sports

Twilight Sports

Here are some highlights of this years Twilight Sports Event.

This year we had a draw! Congratulations to the Green and Blue teams  who took out the major trophy with 392 points.  Well done also to Yellow Team who came in 3rd with 322 points and Red Team who came in 4th with 282 points. Congratulations to the Green Team who took out the Team Spirit Award. All children put in a fantastic effort! Thank you to all the teachers and parents who assisted, and especially to Will Martin who put in so much time and effort on both days. 


Bill Sewart Athletics Track on Friday 22nd March


Holy Saviour Oval on Friday 5th April 


Highlights of the Week 

Run4Fun Colour Explosion Day 

Thursday's Run4Fun Colour Explosion day was a Huge success! It was wonderful to see all the children and teachers get into the spirit of the day. After enjoying a special hot dog lunch the children put on their coloured headbands, glasses and wristbands and set off for the run while getting bursts of colour along the way. Thank you to the PEB for all of their hard work and to all the parents and teachers who helped on the day.  Dont forget to finalise all online donations today and order your prizes online by Thursday 11th April. If you submitted cash donations then your prizes will be ordered through the school. 







Easter Egg Hunt

On Tuesday Holy Saviour hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt for all Preschool/Kinder children and the 2019 Prep children. Here are some highlights from the day...


Parenting Seminars

City of Whitehorse Parenting Forums

Please see the information below regarding Whitehorse City Council’s upcoming Parenting Information Forums and Seminars.


Effects of Online Gaming on our Children (8-18 years)


Strategies to Address Problem Behaviour Seminar


Helping Your Anxious Child Seminar


HealthAbility Box Hill Parenting Support

Family Support Worker Joan Lauricella at healthAbility in Box Hill,  runs parenting groups and seminars for parents of children under the age of 12.  Joan works individually with families who are experiencing parenting challenges.


Please see attached the parenting support flyer which can give parents/carers an idea of what is offered.

The service is currently offered at healthAbility in Eltham.  Referrals to the Family Support Worker can be made by contacting our Service Co-ordination team at healthAbility on 9430 9100 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

Sports News

Active April

This year, our school will be participating in Premier’s Active April and we are asking students to join our school team and get more active, more often.



Premier’s Active April is a Victorian Government initiative which encourages Victorians to get more active more often and participate in 30 minutes of physical activity a day during April.



You can join our school team – and help our school win some prizes - by registering online at www.activeapril.vic.gov.au and using the team name Holy Saviour VS


There is also an app that can be downloaded on any smart phone. Students can be registered without an email address by a parent, so even younger siblings can be involved.


Upon registration you have access to 10 free YMCA Passes, Entry to the Melbourne Aquarium, Tennis court hire and the chance to win prizes for yourself and our school.



It would be great to see all of our students taking up the challenge of Active April and getting moving for 30mins a day, especially during these school holidays.


Holy Saviour Auskick


Holy Saviour Auskick is back in 2019!


If you are interested in learning Aussie rules and are aged between 4 and 8 - why not

give Auskick a go!!


Auskick will be run on Saturday mornings from 9am to 10:30am on the school oval and is open to any boy or girl looking to have some fun while learning our great game.  


For more information on Auskick or information on how to register - please contact Stephen Greene on [email protected] or 0408 357 050


Swimming Program

Swimming Program

This year our Swimming program commences in the week beginning Monday 13th May, 2019. Dates for this year’s Swimming have been confirmed and can be found in the school calendar as well as the table below:

Class Dates for Swimming

Years Prep to 4  Year 5/6 classes
Friday 17th May Thursday 16th May
Friday 24th May Thursday 23rd May
Friday 31st May Thursday 30th May
Friday 7th June Thursday 6th June
Friday 14th June Thursday 20th June
Friday 21st June Thursday 27th June

Swim Times


Years Prep to 4  Year 5/6 classes
1/2T and 1/2C - 12.00-12.40pm 5/6WE 10.30-11.10am
3/4ER and PrepKT 12.40-1.20pm 5/6R - 11.10-11.50am
3/4CW - 1.20-2.00pm
***Thurs 16th May will be 12.00-12.40pm & 12.40-1.20pm due to NAPLAN***


Our swimming program is being held again at SwimWorld, 452 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley.


Swimming is one component of the Health and Physical Education curriculum and one which we believe will greatly benefit all students. These sessions will form part of the Physical Education program at Holy Saviour School for this six week period. We would expect that all students from Prep to Year 6, unless for medical reasons, participate in the program. We anticipate that this program will be of great benefit to the children, in developing physical education skills as well as providing an opportunity to build relationships in an alternative setting. I kindly request that if your child is unable to participate that you please make a time to see me in the school office so that we can discuss it. Aquatic tuition is carried out by professional, qualified and experienced teachers who cater for children from water familiarisation levels through to advanced stroke correction and lifesaving techniques.


The permission form will be sent home via CareMonkey next term and again we will require the assistance of parent helpers. If you can help, please indicate on the form when it comes through next term. All parent helpers will again be required to hold a current Working with Children Check, and sign the Holy Saviour Code of Conduct. Parent helpers are additionally required to travel to and from the venue by bus with the students and we request that no toddlers attend for safety reasons.


After School Care

After School Care Newsletter


Community Notices

St Simons OSHC School Holiday Program


Glen Waverley Hawks


Brentwood Open Night 


Position Vacant 
Publisher/Producer - Parishioner Magazine


Ralston, our talented publishing person,  is stepping down from the Parishioner team due to family and work pressures. We are looking for someone familiar with Microsoft Word to take his place.  Timewise, it involves three meetings per publication (4 per year) , and the actual publishing work and editing takes about 1-2 hours per page.  Ralston is available to show the incumbent how it all works.

Further details contact Deb on 9801 6678 or 0400 601 401.


Zebras Football


Holy Saviour Newsletter
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