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13 February 2020
Issue Three
Message from the Principal
Important Dates, Reminders and Announcements
Religious Education
Wellbeing - 
 The Language of Opportunity
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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Week 3 Term 1

Welcome  to our third newsletter of the year.


Thank you for all those parents who attended our Meet and Greet sessions this week. We do value the information you can share about your child- so thank you.

I draw your attention to the  Important Dates and Reminders page. Please ensure any medication is provided to the class teacher as soon as possible.


I wish you all a good week.



Sharon Daujat



Important Dates, Reminders and Announcements

Dates for 2020



Friday 14th ~ 3pm Assembly

Thursday 20th ~ Reconciliation Information Evening (for eligible students in Year 3)

Sunday 23rd ~ Clayton Festival (St Peter's School has a stand and our Ukelele group are performing)

Friday 28th  ~ 3pm Assembly

Sunday 1st  ~ 9:30 am ~ Presentation mass for Sacrament of Reconciliation candidates.


Friday 13th ~ 3pm Assembly

Friday 27th  ~ Last day of Term 1 Students finish 3:25 pm

2020 Term Dates for students

(Dates are subject to alteration)

Term 1   30th Jan -  27th March

Term 2  14th April - 26th June

Term 3  13th July - 18th Sept

Term 4   5th Oct - 17th Dec


As we start a new year it is important that all Care Monkey profiles are up to date and that any Asthma or allergy medication (Epipen/Claratyne/Zyrtec) is given to the class teacher along with a plan signed by a doctor. This should be done as soon as possible.

Car Parking Opposite School

Parents are required to read and adhere to the local parking restrictions and signage around the school and in particular opposite the school in the Church Carpark. 

Drop off and pick up times are very busy with extra traffic and pedestians which means added caution must be taken such as moving in and out of the carpark.

There is an entry and and exit to the carpark to reduce the level of risk, and timeframes where restriction applies to right hand turns from the carkpark between 8am-9:30am and again between 3pm and 4:30pm.


The school has also taken the extra precaution of ensuring the trees at the exit of the car park are trimmed down to ensure drivers have visibility to see pedestrians approaching which allows them to giveway.

Religious Education

Gospel Reading

Matthew 5:17–37
I have not come to abolish the law and the prophets but to fulfill  them.


Family Connection


Families have rules. Without rules, family life would be chaos. As a family, brainstorm a list of rules that you are all called to follow in your home in order for you all to get along together. Think about rules for play time, rules for eating, rules for how to speak to one another, rules for going out with friends, and so on. Emphasise that families follow rules as a way of showing love and respect for one another. Explain that in this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus talks about following the Law. Say: God’s Law of love can be thought of as rules that we are to follow in order to show our love and respect for one another. Read aloud this Sunday’s Gospel, Matthew 5:17–37. Talk specifically with one another about how anger is to be dealt with in your family. Conclude by praying for the grace to overcome anger and to show respect for one another as a family by following God’s Law of love.

Nirvana Day, observed by Mahayana Buddhists on the 15th of February, is an annual celebration that commemorates the historical Buddha’s entry into final nirvana upon the death of his physical body at age 80.

Wise sayings of Buddha which is so true in our lives today.


Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life – Buddha


 The feast of the Chair of Saint Peter at Antioch, commemorating his foundation of the See of Antioch, has also been long celebrated at Rome, on 22 February. At each  Cathedral  a chair was venerated  to remember Saint Peter who used it  while presiding at Mass.

Celebrating the "Chair" of Peter, therefore, as we are doing today, means attributing a strong spiritual significance to it and recognising it as a privileged sign of the love of God, the eternal Good Shepherd, who wanted to gather his whole Church and lead her on the path of salvation. 

Sacrament of Reconciliation at St Peter's

Dear parents/guardians,

This is to remind you about important dates for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Thursday, 20th February, 2020- Information Evening ( Parents /guardians and students are expected) from 6:45- 7:45 p.m. in the PLT Room at school.

Sunday, 1st March- Presentation Masses for the Sacrament of Reconciliation at 9:30 in St Peter's Catholic Church ( All parents and students to attend)

Finally, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is on Friday, 20th of March (during the school day, only students will be present as teachers will be responsible for assisting them in this process).

It is essential that you attend this information session to enable you to support your child's faith development. It is important for your child to receive this Sacrament before they receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist later this year.

Mrs DeVisser


St Peter's Clayton

Wellbeing - 

Our newsletter is published every week

but you will notice that every alternate week like this one it is a shorter more concise version mainly focusing on notices, dates and upcoming events. We encourage you to read every newsletter though as this is the prime means of communication between home and school. Parents should receive the newsletter via email each THURSDAY or FRIDAY.  It is imperative that those families who have not given their email address to the office, do so during the next two weeks. We prefer that you send a short note via email indicating your email address to 

Thank you so much for supporting us by reading the newsletter.

2021 Foundation(Prep)

We are so delighted to be enrolling Foundation studnets for 2021 already.

We had Raquel and her son Ethan visit us on Monday with her Grandma Amelia. Ethan is excited to be coming to St Peter's next year!

Raquel went to this school when she was a girl !

We have a number of families like those who are second-generation at St Peter's! This is what makes our community so special.



Playgroup is on every Tuesday and Friday. Everyone is welcome.

Play group is on in the library on Tuesdays and Fridays  as soon as the school bell goes at 8.50 am until 10.00 am. Come along , enjoy the company of others, have a cuppa and a chat- bring your neighbours.  See you on Tuesday.

Beautiful Bush Fire Art

Some of the spectacular art around our school with some thought provoking words.


 The Language of Opportunity

Tips for parents


How to nurture your child’s growing love of reading and writing. 

Just as with learning any language, building vocabulary is the most important aspect of literacy. Help your child make an effort to learn new words. You can do this by encouraging her to look up big words as you are reading together instead of skipping over them.  Be sure to give your child concise definitions that are easily understood at his level of comprehension.


Talk to your children a lot. You may be hesitant to use complex words with your youngster, but this actually helps in her development of literacy skills. Research suggests that exposing your child to a variety of words helps to stretch his capabilities and builds up a reservoir for conceptual understanding.


When discussing literacy, writing can often be overlooked but is just as essential to practice as reading at home. Have them practice writing by asking your child to help you write out the grocery list, a thank you note to Grandma, or to keep a journal of special things that happen at home. When writing, encourage your child to use the letter and sound patterns he is learning at school.


Developing a reading culture at St Peter's starts with borrowing books from our well resourced library. 

Proudly presenting our 'Writers' Corner' from Year 2 C





Iris DeVisser 

Literacy Leader




Teaching and Learning

Coding Club

In coding club this week we researched how to clear the Beebot robots so that they could be programmed to follow directions. All of the children in the coding club were busy testing the robots . 


After that one of our coding teachers Rae In Year 4 taught us about his Dash and Dot robot. He bought it from home and used the iPad to program a song. 

Everyone had a go experimenting with Rae’s robot and then Rae programmed the robot to talk to us. 

Coding club is every Monday at lunchtime. Everyone is welcome! 



Extra Community Information

Clayton Festival


Music Lessons at 
St Peter's School

If you are interested in booking your child into music lessons at St Peter's, please speak to Bec or Margaret in the office to collect a form, or call 0401 951 592 to discuss your child's interests.

Goodstart Early Learning, Clayton


Murray Street Early Learning Centre, Clayton


Clayton Library Activities

Italian Collection and Storytime at Clayton Library

The Clayton Library offers books, magazines and audiobooks in Italian for both children and adults. Mulgrave Library also offers a selection of books and magazines for adult readers. Whether readers are learning the language or wish to read for sheer enjoyment, the collection offers a range of titles and genres.

* Over 1700 print items to borrow

* Classics and recent titles
* Popular magazines

* Newspapers to read in the Clayton library

Storytime in Italian is held monthly at Clayton Library and is ideal for families with young children who value maintaining Italian as a second or family language.

For Storytime dates or to search the library catalogue visit:


Parent Evening


Salesian College News


Noble Park Football Club


Camp Australia 2020

Camp Australia News

Check out all the fun activities happening in Your OSHC this week!

Outside School Hours Care makes it possible for all parents/guardians to work or attend to other commitments, secure in the knowledge that their children will be in a safe, supportive and fun environment - led by a team of passionate Educators – experiencing exciting and educational activities.


Every moment spent in OSHC is a moment to discover a world of possibility and growth.

Having spent the day in a classroom, children need the opportunity and space to explore their own interests and unleash their imaginations – whether that be trying new sports, craft, cooking and much, much more. With activities appropriate for all ages, here is what we have planned for the week ahead:







Dinosaur Craft

Drawing Competition

Cooking Activity



Group Games 



It’s FREE to Register. (and if you want to use OSHC, you first need to register).

Register at Once registered, it’s easy to make and manage your bookings online via our Parent Portal. You may be eligible to claim subsidies on your care usage! If eligible, to help you with the cost of childcare, you may be entitled to receive the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy. Visit to find out more.


For more information on our service and fees, visit our website Alternatively, come and meet the team in the OSHC room.

We’d love to meet you, and you can find out all your info from our friendly, qualified Educators.  We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!


Farahana, Anjana and Pawani


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