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17 February 2020
Issue 1 2020

Kindness       Respect     Responsibility 

From our Principal ...
2020 Staff List
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From our Principal ...

As the school year begins...

In our second week of a short Term 1, Robert Ridgway and I have been delighted with how quickly the children in Years 1-6 have settled back into school and into their 2020 classes. It has been a pleasure to walk into learning spaces and observe the efforts our teachers have made to ensure that they are bright and welcoming hubs for the children. As we 'walk the walls' in each room we can clearly see our school values of Kindness, Respect and Responsibility and our school's commitment to STEAM and Literacy embedded in every classroom. 


Our Foundation students have also commenced school and are gradually being orientated to all internal and external areas of  the school with the supportive guidance of their teachers.  They are learning how we work together and support each other as a school, and are building new relationships with their peers and classroom and specialist teachers. 

Whilst they may be tired from the extended day and the stimulation that is school, they are adjusting to this very ‘different place’ outside their experience remarkably well - which is a testament to our comprehensive approach to transition. Each time I have met a Foundation student in passing, they are wearing their red T-shirt, have a happy smile on their face and are always up for a chat! I commend the efforts of our staff across the school, in the main office, in classrooms and specialist areas and in learning support for their commitment to giving all our children the best possible start to 2020. 


CPS is structured around four learning areas: Foundation, Junior (Years 1 & 2); Middle (Years 3 & 4) and Senior (Years 3 & 4). Each poses unique academic and social, emotional challenges for our students as the progress through the school. Each area or Professional Learning Community (PLC) is led by a Learning Leader who is responsible for the academic and social emotional growth of every student in their area. In today’s newsletter the first edition of each of area’s newsletter is repeated for those who may have not viewed them as yet, or are new members of our school community. The full staffing list for 2020 has also been included once again for your continued reference.


Meet and Greet  Meetings 

We have scheduled Meet and Greet meetings for Tuesday 25 February and Wednesday 26 February. These short 10 minute meetings are an opportunity for parents that have not yet met their child's teacher to put a face to a name and vice versa.  It is also a time during which you can communicate confidentially about your child's pastoral or educational needs.


It is not a time at which teachers can report on your child's progress (yet) as they are just in the early stage of relationship building and focused on developing their understanding of each child's academic and social and emotional needs. Please see the 'Meet and Greet' flyer on page 2 to sign up online.  Following on from these meetings, Curriculum Information will distributed electronically on the school website and school newsletter. If you have already met with your child’s teacher or know them well, there is no expectation that you need make an appointment. 


Later this term (or early in second term)  you will have the opportunity to self-select a series of optional workshops in all areas of the curriculum through a Parent Expo, to build your knowledge and understanding of our teaching and learning approaches from Foundation to Year 6.  


In conclusion, please check the diary dates and community notices for forthcoming events. The PTFA will be hosting a ‘Welcome back to school’ picnic for families at the end of this month; see the flyer in today’s community notices for the details.  Read the update about our ‘Summer Reading Challenge’. Reading is a daily habit we should all engage in for knowledge gathering and pleasure! 😊



Enjoy the week!




2020 Staff List

All Staff

Kinga Ritchie (Learning Leader)
Rachel Edmond
Emily Scott 

Junior School 
Year 1
Jen Ashburn
Aideen Harvey
Arthur Chronopoulos 
Doris Holley/Rosemary Godina

Year 2
Louise Dleski (Learning Leader)
Ilana Arndtheim
David Senior 

Middle School 
Years 3/4
Tanya Wells (Learning Leader)
Vicki John (AIS Learning Leader)
Holly Smith
Michael Neal
Emily Kennedy 

Senior School 
Year 5 
Andi Carlisle
Kathy Kegan
Jess McDonald

Year 6
Jess Coles (Learning Leader)
Kim Ng
Nick Stafford

STEAM: Andrea Kinsey (Learning Leader)/ Emma Pfeiffer
Performing Arts: Bronwyn Fitzgerald/ Senior Student Welfare & Senior Learning Support
Early Intervention Learning Support: Christine Day
Visual Arts: Carol Kozlowski

LOTE German: Heike Barker
Physical Education, Health and Sport: Jordan Orr
Kitchen classroom: Jennifer Leason
Library Resource Centre: Isobel Rose

Education Support Officers

Main office
Jezz Langworthy, Kathy Burke (Business Managers)
Robyn Colbert (Office Manager)
Bec Leslie (First Aid)

IT support: Haidong Lu
Integration aides: Margie Dillon, Kim Jones-Denholm, Sheryl Urban, Caleb Knappett

Meet and Greets

Parent/Teacher Meet and Greet Booking Information Guide


Senior School Newsletter 

Dear Senior School families,

Welcome to the beginning of the new school year! We extend a warm welcome to our Year 5 parents who are joining us in the Senior School, as well as the Munn &  Leach-Fitzroy families who have joined the CPS community.


Term Overview

Our Inquiry topic this term is Melbourne, where students will investigate its founding and changes over the last 250 years. Our numeracy lessons will be revisiting place value, decimal numbers, addition and subtraction, then we’ll have a large focus on multiplication and division, which will carry into Term 2.  Our writing genres will focus on recounts and narratives, where we will be incorporating the VCOP program.


In Reading we will continue to have a strong focus on Reader’s workshop, providing the students with the opportunity to engage their inner readers’ voice through independent reading. This will develop their competencies for when we begin Literature Circles. We are always seeking donations to our classroom libraries. If you have any books your child no longer reads, please send them into their classroom teacher.


This term it is vital that we utilise class norms and routines with our students, so that they’re aware of expectations and ensure the transition between the Middle to Senior School is smooth. Class norms have been developed collaboratively and are on display in our classrooms.


Student Wellbeing & GEM

Did you know your child begins each school day by completing the Daily Check-In and mindfulness? Each student’s well-being is of paramount importance to us and is one way we monitor how each child is tracking emotionally at school. The Daily Check-In is completed individually, with the results only being visible to your child’s class teacher. It asks them a range of questions such as ‘How are you feeling today?’’, ‘What are you grateful for’’, ‘Is there anything you would like me to know about which is a concern or worry for you?’, etc. This allows us to notice any patterns, or anything of concern that we can then follow up with that child. Please see this as an opportunity to ask these positively framed questions at home. The GEM (Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness) thought process reflects positive Growth Mindset and the Cheltenham Primary values of Kindness, Respect and Responsibility.



After huge success in 2019, the Senior School will continue with the homework Matrix, where weekly tasks and logged reading is due on Fridays and are submitted on Google Classroom. To optimise student voice, students have co-constructed these tasks together as a class.


Meet the Senior School Team


Andi Carlisle 5A


Jessica Coles 6A


Kathy Keegan 5B


Andi is delighted to be continuing in the Senior School. Outside of school, Andi has a strong interest in sports, baking and dogs. This year Andi will be taking leave in Term 2 as she welcomes her first child.

Jess is excited to be leading the Senior School Team. She is looking forward to developing relationships with the students and families in Year 5/6. Jess will travelling through Spain on the holidays.

Kathy is thrilled to be joining the Senior School and very much looking forward to meeting all the new students and families. She enjoys sports and is going on her first camping adventure over the holidays.


Jess McDonald- 5C

Jess rejoins us to teach in the Senior Team and has been teaching for 5 years. She is looking forward to her wedding in March and school camp.

Kim Ng 6B

Kim is looking forward to joining the senior school again after teaching in the Junior school for many years in Australia and overseas. She enjoys keeping active through pilates and basketball.

Nick Stafford 6C

Nick joins us to teach in the Senior Team after a year of teaching at multiple schools in the area. He has a passion for sports, and an obsession for the Melbourne Football Club.


BYOD iPad Program

This week, we have gone through our iPad User Agreement with all students and have set class expectations around the use of their own device at school. This is the perfect time to have these conversations at home, and set guidelines around its use. We recommend checking out the ThinkUKnow website ( There is an excellent resource called the ‘Family Online Safety Contract’, which provides a basis to have a rich discussion and set guidelines as a family.


Throughout many of our tasks, we will be developing our students 21st century learning skills, focusing particularly on collaboration and critical thinking. Thank you for taking the time to read over all of our policies and agreements to ensure the ongoing success of the BYOD program, creating digitally responsible citizens.


Some BYOD iPad reminders:

  • Students need to charge their iPad each night, in a central location in the home (we recommend not in the bedroom), and bring it to school charged each day.
  • Students put their iPad in the cupboard each morning when they arrive at school, and it is their responsibility to collect it each afternoon. If an iPad is left by accident at school overnight, it will be locked safely in the cupboard.
  • Students will be set up on Google Drive and Google Classroom during the week. Here, they will be able to access their homework instructions for the week, as well as show you some of the things they’ve been doing in class.


Communication with Class & Specialist Teachers

Please refer to the Senior School calendar and the School Newsletter for relevant dates.

If your child is absent, please remember to either complete the Konnective, phone or email our office staff to let us know. This is a big help for us and we thank you in advance! You can reach our office staff on either 8585 3200, or at


There are a number of avenues you can take to contact your child’s classroom or specialist class teacher. If you have questions about what is occuring in science (Mrs Andrea Kinsey), art (Mrs Carol Kozlowski), music (Mrs Bronwyn Fitzgerald, sport (Mr Jordan Orr) or German (Mrs Heike Barker) then please contact that teacher directly and they will be more than happy to assist you. You can communicate with teachers by:

  • Contacting the school office via phone or email and we can get in touch with you.
  • Popping by the classroom before or after school. Please note teachers attend a briefing on a Tuesday morning and have meetings Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.
  • Making an arranged time to meet or to call.
  • Notes for quick things like early pickups, etc, can be written in your child’s diary. Please ask them to show us, as we don’t check these every day.
  • We use Google Classroom to share learning resources and tasks with your child. This program has the ability to send parents a weekly summary, so you can see what has been happening. If you would like to be added to the weekly summary, please make a note in your child’s diary with your email address, ask them to show us, and we can add you!


This year we are placing a strong emphasis on building strong relationships.  We invite families to make a time to meet their classroom teacher and discuss any issues, concerns or queries. Our doors are always open so please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards,


Andi Carlisle, Jessica Coles, Kathy Keegan, Jess McDonald & Nick Stafford

The Senior School Team


Middle School Newsletter

Dear Middle School families,

Welcome to the Middle School in the 2020 school year! A special welcome to those families new to Cheltenham Primary School or new to the Year 3/4 area. We are all excited about the year ahead in our Middle School Hub and we are looking forward to the many events and learning activities planned next term. Teachers and students will be spending the first week getting to know one another and establishing classroom routines, behaviour expectations and setting the conditions for your child to be an active and thriving learner. 

We hope you enjoy a restful and enjoyable holiday and that it’s a great start for your child when they are back after the break!


Introducing the Middle School team:



What we are learning about on Term One


‘War on Waste’, our Sustainability Unit

Our topic next term is ‘War on Waste’. We will be focussing on identifying the issues around environmental sustainability both locally and globally. Students will be encouraged to consider how we can contribute to a more sustainable future.

We will be investigating ideas such as:

  • How can people use places and environments more sustainably?

  • What is the importance of the environment to animals and people?

  • How can animals and the environment be protected? 

  • How can we use and manage natural resources and waste in a sustainable way?

  • Where do renewable natural resources come from and how are they used? 

  • How can we break down and recycle waste using natural processes? 

Maths: We are starting our term with a ‘Week of Inspirational Maths’ which focuses on building persistence and creativity in Mathematics. It will help set the tone for a growth mindset and that there is often more than one strategy to reach an answer. 


Literacy - Reader’s Workshop: Reader’s Workshop has proven to be a powerful way to structure our literacy lessons. Using this model involves guiding our students to choose their own ‘just right’ books as well as providing significant amounts of time for them to read independently. An important part of the approach is allowing our students time to engage in authentic talk about their books. Think of it as a version of a supported book club! Student engagement is so important, so by allowing our students to choose their own books, 

we can foster a love of reading that will last a lifetime. With a little guidance and encouragement from a teacher who loves to read (enter our whole Middle School teaching team!), students can learn to select appropriate books and discover the joy in reading. 


Student Well being: Did you know that your child begins each school day with a mindfulness activity and completing a Daily Check-In? Each student’s well-being is of paramount importance to us and is one way we monitor how each child is tracking at school. The Daily Check-In is completed individually, with the results only being visible to your child’s teacher. It asks them a range of questions such as ‘How are you feeling today?’, ‘What went well for you this morning?’, ‘Is there anything you would like me to know about which is a concern or worry for you?’, etc. This allows us to notice any patterns or anything of concern that we can then follow up with that child, and, when necessary, you.


Resilience Project: Students will receive their Resilience Project Diary in their book boxes. This will be used for Resilience Project Lessons, class activities and writing important dates. Please ensure it is in the children’s pouch every day. The GEM (Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness) thought process reflects positive Growth Mindset and the Cheltenham Primary values of Kindness, Respect and Responsibility. 

Please feel free to make an appointment if you feel that you need to discuss any issues, concerns or have any queries regarding the curriculum. Our doors are always open so please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Please find updates throughout the term in the School Newsletter and through the Konnective app. 


Kind Regards,

The Middle School Team

Vicki John, Emily Kennedy, Michael Neal, Holly Smith and Tanya Wells

Junior School Newsletter

Hello Year 1 and 2 families,

We wish all the Junior school families a safe and happy holiday break and we look forward to the exciting year ahead in 2020.


Home Learning

Daily Reading

Daily reading at home every night, is extremely important for children to develop fluent, independent reading skills. We strongly encourage all children in Years 1 & 2 to read their take-home books every night and have a regular reading routine. As parents, you can support your children by reading to, reading with and having your child read to you. This will instill a shared enjoyment of reading, which is important for long term success. 


How does our take home reading work?

The ‘Resilience Diary’ will be used to record nightly reading. Please record the date, title of book, sign and return to school in the pouch on a daily basis. The take home books should be easy to read, so that your child can practise fluency and expression.  Asking your child questions about what they have read will also help develop comprehension. Included in the ‘Resilience diary’ are daily activities or discussions to have with your child promoting the 3 key components of the Resilience Project, Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness. These components support the development of Emotional Literacy and we encourage you to sit with your child and complete them. The exercises take 1 – 5 minutes. 

Take home books and pouches will begin early in the term. At this early stage in the term, your child will be choosing a book from their final 2019 reading level. As the term progresses, we will gain a greater insight into what level best suits your child’s reading ability and their take home books will be adjusted accordingly. 


Write to Read

The aim of the Write to Read program is to teach children understandings of phonograms (sounds and letter combinations), the rules that make up the English language and how to apply these understandings to their reading and writing. Children will continue reinforcing and consolidating their knowledge of the phonograms and rules covered so far this term.


The children will have a folder with the rules and phonograms inside. These need to be revised on a regular basis and brought back to school each day. A copy of the PowerPoint revising the phonograms which can be practised at home is available to those students who bring in a named USB.  Safari words, frequently used words, handwriting formation and number charts are also included in the folder for reference.


Literacy: Readers Workshop

Reader's workshop is a teaching model which allows students to engage in authentic reading experiences. ... Workshops may vary in length and include time for teaching, selecting and reading books, writing about books, and sharing ideas about books with partners or in group discussions. Year 2 students will continue to  develop their comprehension skills,  make connections as they read mentor texts and books of their own choice.

 Year 1 students  will also be developing reading strategies and skills, connections and understandings during the gradual introduction of independent reading sessions, mentor texts and focussed and  guided reading groups. 


Independent Reading and Best Fit Books

Students are encouraged to choose a best fit book to read during Independent Reading sessions. A best fit book is when a student comes across 2 or 3 words on a page that they don’t understand or have difficulty reading. This is designed for students to experience success as well as challenge them to improve their level of reading and reading stamina.

You can encourage your child to bring a best fit book to school from home or the local library. 

If you have books at home that are no longer needed or wanted, please donate them to your child’s class for use in the class library. Year 1s will be gradually introduced to best fit books and independent reading this term.


Parent Helpers

Parent helpers will be invited to help within the classroom programs during Term 1. An expression of interest will be sent out soon. To assist, you will be required to hold a current Working with Children’s Check (CWCC). Please provide your card to the office to be placed on record.



Our focus this term will be on place value, where the children will identify the value of the digit in a number, such as hundreds, tens and units. They will learn how to order numbers using number lines and read and write numbers accurately.  They will also look at time- days, months and seasons and graphing, collecting and recording data.



Did you know that there are approximately 200-400 billion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy alone? What about the fact that the light from stars takes millions of years to reach Earth, therefore when you look at the stars you are literally looking back in time. The sky above us is truly incredible. This term we are looking at the stars, the sun, the Earth and the moon and how they can help and affect us in our daily lives. 

Important dates to remember:

  • Thursday January 30th - First day of school

  • Friday March 27th - End of Term 1


Remember to refer to the school newsletter throughout the term for updates. If your child is having a birthday and you would like to bring in treats for the whole class, please check with your classroom teacher regarding allergies.


Kind Regards, 


Year  2 Teachers: Mrs. Louise Dleski, Mrs. Ilana Arndtheim and Mr. David Senior

Year 1 Teachers: Mr. Arthur Chronopoulos, Mrs. Doris Holley/ Mrs. Rosemary Godina , Miss Jen Ashburn and Miss Aideen Harvey


Foundation Newsletter


Summer Reading Challenge 

Report back on the challenge.

How wonderful to see students excited about completing the Summer Reading Challenge!


The Middle School definitely led the charge with the majority of returned forms coming from the Year 3s and 4s. It was disappointing that students in the Senior School, particularly the Year 6s, were less enthusiastic with very few forms coming back. 


All students who completed the challenge will receive their certificate and bookmark in the coming assembly. The prize draw will take place on the same day. Watch this space for the winners...



We will continue to run a yearly Summer Reading Challenge and hope that the next one will be even bigger and more exciting!


Vicki John and Holly Smith 

Diary Dates 

Term 1 


Tuesday 18 February: District Swimming Trials (Bayside Aquatics 9.30am-11.30am)

Friday 21 February: Round 3 Interschool Sports Away game Cheltenham East;  Senior Leaders badge ceremony 3.00pm School Hall

Tuesday 25 February Parent teacher 'Meet and Greets' 3.30pm to 7.00pm

Wednesday 26 February 5/6 Excursion to the Victorian Arts Centre 10.30am; Parent teacher 'Meet and Greets'  3.30pm to 5.00pm 

Friday  28 February: School Census Day; PTFA Welcome back to school family picnic 3.30pm-5.30pm 



Monday 2 March District Swimming (Mentone Grammar) Years 3-6

Tuesday 3 March Year 3/4 Swimming Intensive program commences (Waves) Tues-Fri 

Thursday 5 March Dolphin Swim Marine Ambassadors 11.00am-5.00pm

Friday 6 March Round 5 Interschool sports home game - OLA

Monday 9 March Labour Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 10 March Year 3/4 Swimming intensive program (Waves) Tues-Fri

Wednesday 11 March Foundation full time start; Incursion Corp Productions Foundation 

Thursday 12 March Year 1/2 Science Works Excursion 9.00am-3.30pm

Friday 13 March Year 5/6 Lightning Premiership Day (All day)

Monday 16 March Foundation Vision Assessments

Saturday 21 March  School working bee

Thursday 26 March School Student Photo Day

Friday 27 March Last day of Term 1, 2.30pm dismissal 




Victorian School Term dates 2020


  • Term 1: 30 January (school teachers start 28 January) to 27 March 
  • Term 2: 14 April to 26 June
  • Term 3: 13 July to 18 September
  • Term 4: 5 October to 18 December











Community Notices 



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