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13 February 2020
2020 Issue 1
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Principal's Message

Expectation #3 - Maximise Learning - "School is your job"


The Bayside Way is a framework that provides a common set of expectations through which we build and maintain our College community and consists of the four expectations of Respect, Responsibility, Maximise Learning and Kindness. The Bayside Way is not a set of rules, but rather is designed to honour our students who consistently meet and often exceed these expectations every day, and help them to grow and strengthen themselves. Hence, teachers use these expectations primarily to encourage and affirm students. Helpfully, teachers (and parents) can also use these expectations to help students understand what it is about a behaviour or attitude that a student may be exhibiting that is not helpful or appropriate. 


Stemming from God’s Genesis mandate to work (1:28/2:15) with the call to serve in the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27-28), we know that serving God in and through our work in all its shapes and forms is foundational to what it means to be a responsive disciple. As a learning community, having the expectation that students will maximise their learning may sound obvious, but of the four expectations, it is the one that articulates the ‘Why of School’. This is important because school is often viewed by students as a holding space before their real jobs and lives start rather than their job right now. Hence, when linked with the tagline of "School is your job", Maximise Learning becomes a powerful lens through which to shape students' thinking, and equip them to make good decisions and own their learning in a more tangible way. 


Although Maximise Learning asks students to step into each class with the mindset that they are there to maximise their learning, this expectation is not solely a first person expectation; but rather, that learning is maximised, which requires students to think beyond their own learning to that of others. Students are expected to be active in building a supportive learning community where together they strive for excellence in their lives in all its forms. Interdependence rather than independence is key to students maximising their learning.


When explaining the expectation of Maximise Learning to students, I like to start with the tagline, "School is your job". What is their job? In simple terms, a student's job is to learn. I have found that when students don’t picture school as their job they, from time to time, struggle to understand the why of school and school life. The premise here is that in almost every way, the patterns and expectations of school life mirror that of a job out in the world, and as students begin to see school as their job, they begin to understand why teachers and parents place the expectations and demands on them that they do.


A common example of this is wearing a uniform. Students know that certain occupations require a uniform. They are also very comfortable with the idea that people in these occupations often don’t get to choose what they wear. Students also get that if you don’t wear the correct uniform there are consequences. Yet at school they ask “why do I need to wear the correct uniform?”, and get upset when held accountable. Similarly, students understand that if their parents do not or can not complete the work they need to at work, they might work through a lunch break, stay late or bring work home in order to get it done. However, they do not necessarily apply these same expectations to themselves at school. 


Arriving on time, how you speak to your boss, how you treat your co-workers, and meeting deadlines, the list of similarities between school and work is not only long but are similarities that students recognise as normal (even reasonable) for parents to experience; but don't necessarily apply the same standards to themselves at school. 


I hope you can see that helping students visualise school as ‘their job’, and that that job is to learn, is a helpful construct to encourage students to not only understand the ‘why’ of the expectations placed on them at school in a different and helpful light, but to take greater ownership of their learning, take hold of the opportunities presented at school, and strive for excellence in their lives. 


Andrew Manning



Pray for Bayside

Pray in thanks for a great start to the 2020 school year, with new friendships formed and various opportunities for learning.


Please pray for our new students and teachers as they continue to transition into school life at Bayside.


Pray that our upcoming Principal's Tours are attended by many families with a keen interest in Bayside partnering with them in Christian education.


Pray in thanks for the opening of our new Arts Buidling, which has this week started hosting classes with students.

From the Deputy's Desk

Welcome to 2020! It is wonderful to welcome several new families to the College, and of course, to have our continuing families with us. In order to ensure awareness of College procedures, please familiarise yourself with the following information:


Car Park Reminders

Please be reminded the car park is a shared space, and is often crowded in the afternoons at pick-up time. Be patient - it is only 15-20 minutes of busyness each day. In order to ease congestion and keep traffic moving, please adhere to the following:


  • Follow the arrows, park only in the marked bays with the vehicle’s nose facing in, or collect passengers from the drop off zone. 

  • When you enter the gate, ONLY go straight ahead. Please do not turn right to park in the BUS ONLY zone or to drive through the car parks at the end of the pedestrian islands.

  • Students may only be collected from in front of B Block or A Block. No students are permitted to wait on the pedestrian islands. These areas are checked regularly and students will be sent back to the correct waiting zones. 

  • Please join the queue through the staff car park turn-around area to come to the drop off zone. Please do not exit against the arrows. Other vehicles are waiting to enter.

  • Please do not pull in front of other vehicles in the drop-off zone. It will only take a few minutes in the queue.

  • Please continue to move as far forward as possible to allow more vehicles to collect their passengers behind you. Vehicles should not be left unattended in the drop-off zone. 

  • When you park in a bay, please only use the crossings to cross the car park. Model correct procedures to your children.

  • If you have children on both North and South campuses, please ask the Year 10-12s to be collected from South. Please do not cross between campuses during the morning or afternoon peak periods.


We are continually mindful of student safety as our main priority during morning drop-off and afternoon collection. We appreciate your support and patience, particularly during the busy afternoon time. 


Proactive Partnerships

If you need to contact your child/ren's teacher for any reason, please use their email to arrange an appropriate meeting (use email: Just before homeroom each morning, most teachers are getting organised for the day, so please allow them to do this in order to have the best preparation for classes, and make another time.

If you have any concerns, or just want to catch a teacher, please go to the classroom teacher in Primary, or the subject teacher in Secondary as the first contact. The coordinators and Heads of School may be contacted as communicated from the particular sub-schools.


Parent Conferences

Our Primary Parent/Teacher conferences and Secondary Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will take place on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 March. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up and share our partnership to discuss the progress and plans for best supporting your children's education, both from school and from home. Information will be sent out in the next few weeks regarding how to use our online booking system, PTO, to make a time to meet with your child/ren's teachers.


Please remember that Wednesday 11 March appointments start after school at 3:45pm and Thursday 14 March classes finish at 1:00pm for appointments to start at 1:45pm. Buses will depart the College by 1:25pm for an early bus run this day. Camp Australia will provide care for those already registered with the program.

Once again, it is a blessing to have you with us at Bayside this year as we partner together in Christian education. May 2020 be a wonderful year for you all.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

SchoolTV - Recent Reports

Special Report: Talking About Bushfires
The recent bushfire season in Australia has been catastrophic. It left in its wake a tragic loss of human life, native animals, livestock as well as many homes. Families have been either exposed or affected directly or indirectly, leaving many feeling overwhelmed and devastated. During such a traumatic event, children and teenagers are the most vulnerable...


Special Report: Moving to a new School

Moving to a new school is a big deal! Your child is going to meet lots of new people and be thrown into new situations. That’s bound to make them feel lots of different emotions. They may feel worried and anxious, but also excited and happy – all at the same time!


Special Report: Surviving the Final Year
It’s no secret that the end of school can be a huge source of anxiety for both students and parents alike. Studies have shown that over 40% of final year students suffer from high-level anxiety or stress, with some even suffering from depression...

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

It has been a very smooth start to the school year in the Primary School. It is hoped that all our new students and families are starting to feel at home. Last week there were two opportunities for families to connect with the College. The first was the Morning Tea on Tuesday 4 February where our new Hospitality Captains and other leaders had the opportunity to serve. The Primary Swimming Carnival was held last Friday 7 February. It was a very successful event and the work of our PE teacher, Mr Zacc Klan, in organising it is very much appreciated. Many of our student leaders undertook specific responsibilities on the day. Thank you to those parents/carers who offered to help at the pool. We were delighted that over 80 parents/carers/younger siblings signed in at the pool to join the students on the day and cheer them along. This is an example of the Bayside vommunity coming together!


Information Sessions

There is another opportunity for parents and carers to meet with teachers at one of the Primary Information Sessions. Session 1 will be held on Thursday 13 February straight after school and Session 2 from 7:00-8:00pm. Please come along and find out what is happening in your child's class. If you have any Edumate questions, Mr Ben Williams will be available to answer these. Some of the new equipment that has been purchased for our new STEAM Room will be on display in G Block Hall. A reminder that the Primary Handbook is accessible via the Parent Portal of the College website and has valuable information that you can read at any time.


Classroom Helpers

If you are going to help in the classrooms as a new classroom helper, please come to a training session from 9:00-9:30am on Tuesday 18 February or 3:15-3:35pm on Friday 21 February in room F1 (Primary Indonesian room). Parents/Carers’ help is also appreciated on excursions and camps. Please contact your child’s class teacher if you can help at all. A reminder that all classroom helpers, and parents/carers going on excursions or camps, need to sign the Child Safety Volunteer Agreement and show their Working With Children’s Check (WWCC) at the College office. 


Grandparents and Special Family Friends’ Day:Tuesday 25 February - sign in at 9:15am in G Block, visit classrooms and enjoy morning tea served by our Year 6 Leaders.


God bless,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary


Swimming Carnival

On Friday 7 February, the Years 1-6 Primary students went to the Pines Aquatic Centre. Luckily it was close or I would have probably fallen asleep! When we arrived, we unpacked our things and got settled. We all got changed into our bathers and got ready for our first race. Finally we were ready and the teachers told us about the rules, what we could do and what we couldn’t do. Once they were done, we put on sunscreen and got ready to go and swim.


Our first race was 25 metre freestyle. The Year 3s went first, then it was the Year 4s' turn. As we heard the teacher say "ready set go", we all pushed through the water. Near the end I saw that Emily had already touched the finish line. As I reached the finish line I realised I had come second. I was pretty happy as I got my ribbon - I shivered with excitement.


After the Year 6 boys went we then started backstroke and breaststroke, and if you wanted you could do 50 metre freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke. Of course a lot of people did it because you get a house point if you race for your team and because it was fun as well.


Once we were all done we had free time or we could go on the big slide, which a huge amount of students did, so it was a long line. It was nearly the end of the day so everyone packed up and we took the bus back to school.


I thought of how great that day was. I can't wait to go back next year!


Emily & Eloise - Year 4



Primary Info Sessions


Secondary News

Year 7 Camp - Lyrebird Park

On Wednesday 5 February, the Year 7s travelled on the bus for an hour and fifteen minutes to Lyrebird Park. On arrival, we met Warren (the camp owner) and the other camp staff. Warren took us around the campsite, showing us everywhere that we would need to go. We then came back and did a number of challenges that required leadership and teamwork. We also played a four way tug of war, which was so much fun. Everyone participated in the activities and overall it was a really good day. 

On the second day of camp, we were split into five groups for activities that the camp staff had planned. My group did archery first. We were then split into a white and black team for a small competition. The black team won. Our group then went onto the flying fox, which was a fun activity. We all encouraged each other to have a go. After that we did low ropes. Our instructor talked to us about teamwork and leadership, and then we applied that to the team challenges. We then followed our group leaders for a long walk to the creek. Our group ended up taking the wrong route to the creek, but in the end we found our way. All the groups met back for a rest as we then headed off to our last activity, rock climbing. Everyone in our group climbed at least one wall, and we all cheered each other on. 


On our last day of camp, we did a massive challenge called the 'Promax'. The Year 7s were split into new groups and there was also a parent group too. We all planned for this challenge, in our groups. We sent two people at a time out into the campsite looking around for small containers, which had pieces of paper inside. They would bring this back to the remaining team members as another two raced out. We would then try to solve the two riddles on the paper, and if we got them correct that would give us points towards our team. Overall, the 'Promax' was an amazing activity, and everyone participated. This was a great opportunity to meet and make friends with all the new kids. 


Camp Lyrebird Park was a great start to our year. Thank you to all the teachers and parent helpers who assisted us on this outstanding camp.


Amber - Year 7

Year 8 Camp - Wilsons Prom

The 2020 Year 8 class had the awesome opportunity to go down to Wilsons Prom for three days on our start of year camp. God truly blessed us with his incredible creation and fantastic weather! There was time spent at the beach, at the outdoor cinema, at Tidal River, on a number of epic hikes, and we even attempted to play capture the flag in the dark. A few lucky campers got special visits from wombats in their tents.


The students did a fantastic job interacting with one another, forming new friendships and consolidating old ones, and a great time was had by all in the sun and surf. The students' positive attitude was awesome to see. 


The Bayside staff were assisted by a super group of brilliant parents who came along on the camp. It was fantastic to have them there, and staff and students are very thankful for the amazing job that they did.


Daniel Briglia

Secondary Teacher



Year 9 Camp - Mill Valley Ranch

The Year 9 students enjoyed an amazing three days at the fabulous Mill Valley Ranch. Activities included kayaking, horseback riding, archery and the ferris wheel among many others.


Staff at Mill Valley commented that our students were wonderfully polite and respectful, and conducted themselves well. While at Mill Valley students also had the chance to hear from Travis Barnes. He challenged our students to live for more, reminding them that they are created on purpose and for a purpose. The response from our students to this message was very positive.


Mill Valley created some fun memories among them, the students defeating the adults by two runs in a cricket game. There will have to be a rematch in the near future.


Jay Johnstone

Year 9 Teacher



Senior Secondary School

Welcome to our Senior Secondary news for 2020. We have had an exciting and busy start to the College year, commencing with our Senior School camps. Our Years 10-12 students are getting used to making the North Campus their home. Our new Arts Building has provided the space to facilitate us being able to welcome our Year 10 students to North Campus.


Elevate Education

In order to set a tone of excellence across the Senior Secondary School, we engaged the services of Elevate Education. They conducted a series of motivational workshops encompassing goal setting, time management and effective study skills. The collective feedback received from the student survey indicated that they were now ready to start the new school year with the correct mindset and the desire to give of their very best to their studies.


Parent Information Evening

As we acknowledge and very much value parents as being the primary educators of their children, we have endeavoured to honour this by running our Parent Information Evening early on in the year.


I would like to thank parents and carers for taking the time to attend this important evening. It commenced with a presentation describing the following aspects of life within the Senior Secondary School: Student Pathways (VCAL, VCE, VET), protocols in terms of communication with the College, application of the Bayside Way, Homework Policy and the School Assessed Course (SAC) Policy. 

Key College personnel communicated essential information within their areas of responsibility.


Ms Claire Dawson (Careers Coordinator) demonstrated how to make the best use of the College Careers website, while Mr Achilles Gabon (ICT Manager) explained College cyber safety measures and the advantages of installing and using Family Zone to this end. Further to this, Kathy Scott (College Chaplain) outlined the opportunities that exist for parents to become involved in the Bayside Family Network and College parent prayer meetings. Since Bayside recognises that a need exists to support our parents in their important God-given task of parenting, a series of guest speakers will be invited to address parents and carers on pertinent topics.


The evening ended as parents followed a schedule of classroom visits where they met with subject teachers to help them gain insight into the respective requirements of each subject.


Should you desire to have subject planners emailed to you, please contact the relevant subject teacher/s, who will be more than happy to assist you. 


We look forward to meeting you later in the term during our Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences on 11 & 12 March. May our Lord richly bless you throughout the coming year.


Yours in Christ Jesus,


Sharyn Hadlow

Head Senior Secondary School

Year 10 Camp - Blairgowrie

On Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 February, a group of energetic Year 10 students and a bunch of awesome teachers went to Blairgowrie for our annual camp. 


We started the morning at Bayplay Lodge in Blairgowrie, and then travelled to the rock pools at Bridgewater Bay. The next day was spent at the Blairgowrie main beach kayaking, snorkelling and participating in beach games. A few students even saw seahorses under the pier. That night we sat outside for our own outdoor cinema experience.


On the way home we stopped in to do a spot of tree surfing at the Enchanted Maze, followed by some strawberry picking at Sunny Ridge strawberry farm. 


It was a great camp and many good friendships were established.


Bless you,


Kathy Scott 

College Chaplain 



Years 11/12 Camp - PGL Adventure Camp


Throughout camp we got the incredible chance to go canoeing with fellow students. We grew our friendships and built our trust and communication with new people. In addition to friendship, it very quickly became an opportunity to work on team building. As we played games such as gang up tiggy on the water, and attempted to get a ball into a bucket, some of our peers got into the games so much that they just couldn’t keep themselves in the canoe and toppled over the edge!


Overall, canoeing was full of laughs and memorable moments that will be kept close on our minds through the entirety of the year. Kate


Raft Building:

Raft building was an activity that tested wit, friendships, and the ability to follow instructions and work adequately without a written structure. The challenge of only being allowed to ask five questions of the supervisor about how to approach the construction meant that, as a team, each group member had to be willing to put forward ideas and implement the ideas of others to successfully create a buoyant raft. The task would ultimately be impossible without trusting the group around you and relying on one another for support and ideas, but every group that attempted the challenge walked away successfully. Chloe



Abseiling, by far one of the best activities on camp, because of its unreliability and the 10 meter sheer drop where camps had to climb down. I really enjoyed this activity as it tested the wit and fears of peers as they made the descent down to the surface. Cade


Possum Glider:

A camp experience that captured all of the attention of those who love an adrenaline rush was the possum glider. It was an experience that relied on trusting those in the activity group to pull you up to 15 metres above the ground. Once suspended, the individual in the air was sent flying in circles as they attempted to throw bean bags into a bucket on the ground, a feat much more difficult than it seemed for many students. Many of our students came to the activity frightened and nervous to participate, but with the encouragement of their friends from both their year level and those in other year levels, they were cheerfully uplifted to challenge themselves. Hannah



One of the activities we did on camp was Aeroball. Aeroball is a game where four people are on a trampoline in a specially designed enclosed framework, and score by throwing the ball into a target hoop behind the opposing player/s. The activity was fun and it got us to work on our teamwork skills. Rory


Flying Fox:

I thoroughly enjoyed zipping down the flying fox as it gave me and my friends a great thrill and an extremely fun time. Many people chose this activity as an opportunity to grow and overcome our fears. As we took the faithful step to let ourselves go over the edge and trust we were safe, a huge rush of adrenaline came over us. Jordan


Challenge course:

The challenge course truly met the expectations of its name, and forced many students to take a step beyond their comfort zone and abilities. Students were required to develop new methods of problem solving, team building, and creative approaches to a vast amount of situations that encouraged character building. Many students offered their bodies as stepping stools in service to help overcome the tall obstacles that proved difficult to overcome by an individual. A reminder of God’s message that we are many parts of one body, the challenge course encouraged students to rely on one another through difficult situations. Chloe & Emma


Talent show:

On our last night the teachers hosted the annual ‘Bayside’s Got Talent’. We were blessed with singing from the teachers, a dance off between Cade and Jake, a theatrical reading from some of the literature students, a great flip from Deklin, a variety of accents from Zac, some beautiful singing from Chloe, and Taylor with Nic who played the guitar, and a makeup performance from Karina, Erin and Lauren. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and all realised Bayside does have talent! Teagan



Archery was an activity where many people’s competitive spirit was unleashed. Labelled the most dangerous activity on camp, we were all told many rules we had to follow, most of which were adhered to. With many bulls-eyes and good shots, the activity was exciting and received with much praise. Many people had a go, and excelled, despite their lack of experience. However Mr Waldron was one of the singled out pupils, who often forgot some of the less obvious rules; earning him the title of worst student. Alexa


Star gazing/devotions:

 As we awed at our Creator's greatness watching the gleaming bright stars, we heard a encouraging devotion delivered by Mr Alley on the evidence of a designer. Relaxing under the stars helped us meditate on the reality that our almighty God numbers all the stars and knows them all by name (Psalm 147:4-5). We are so thankful for the teachers who challenged us through devotions and kept Christ at the centre of our camp. Karina


Fellowship over meals:

The dining room was always noisy with the joyful sound that comes with contented bellies; conversation ringing from the walls. Students became better acquainted with peers, and some who were brave enough conversed with teachers. However, the most courageous students were the ones who talked to God on behalf of the cohort saying grace. Everyone really loved the unlimited salad provided for us by Campaspe Downs. Greens are our favourite! Emdwyn



Espresso & Co


On Monday 24 February, Maddi, Lucy and Terriesa from Year 12 VCAL are re-opening the cafe for 2020. We have renamed the cafe Espresso and Co. We are very excited to welcome the College community.


The cafe will be open on Mondays (Week A) 10:50am-1:55pm and Thursdays (Week B) 11:10am-1:45pm.


The reason why we are running the cafe is because we all have a passion to serve others in the community.


Terriesa - Year 12

Careers Update

A reminder that the school provides a dedicated Careers website for use by students, parents and teachers! You can navigate your way to find information about course prerequisites, VTAC applications for university entry, arrangement forms for Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning, past VCE exam papers, and career targets. The calendar of events lists information relating to tertiary open days, with links to provider pages. And it's easy to create a personal account if you would like to access templates for resumes, cover letters or career interest tests! You can even book appointments with Ms Claire Dawson from this page - make sure you check it out! 




Claire Dawson

Careers Coordinator

Across the College

Bayside's STEAM Lab 

It is with great excitement, that the opening of the new STEAM learning space is announced. It is located in I Block, opposite the Primary art room. Over the course of the last 6-12 months, Mr Russell Svigos, Mr Jordan Partridge, Mrs Glenys Bailey, Mr Joel Kong and I have been involved in the research, planning and organisation for drawing together the different elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).


The hope is to develop links between these subjects and greater social connection through hands-on learning. We are fortunate that there has been a substantial input of finance into the setup of STEAM to allow the purchase of 18 iPads, 12 Dash robots, 12 EV3 Lego kits, building craft supplies, wooden planks and Polydron building kits for students to use. The space in I Block has become available due to the move of the Senior Secondary students across to the north side of Robinsons Road, and so we are very blessed with a dedicated space for students to use for STEAM activities.


Over the year, the students will be introduced to, and have the opportunity to use, a variety of new equipment that will help develop industry-relatable skills. They will build on skills they have already been developing in the classroom. In particular, there will be the opportunity for students to work more fully on the design process in projects. 


On the 6 February, Prep M was the first class to visit and use the classroom. This term Prep students are learning about important places we live in and can visit. In the coming weeks, they will explore building houses out of different materials. They will make predictions and investigate the properties of different materials to make small houses, dictating/ writing sentences to match their findings.



The STEAM classroom is in need of interesting craft donations. See below for examples of items we will likely use. Please ensure any donations are clean. 

  • Fabric scraps

  • Wool scraps

  • Cardboard rolls (cling wrap size and larger)

  • Small-medium boxes

  • Small plastic bottles, lids and containers

  • Interesting items found in drawers (old keys, springs, buttons, nuts and bolts…) 

Any questions in regards to donations can be directed to my email:


Kerri Bernon



Arts Building Update

Secondary Arts, Visual Communication Design and Product Design Technology students are now enjoying the brand new facilities on the North Campus. It is such a blessing to see the expansion of our College.




Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund - are you eligible?

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2020 are now open and will close on 26 June 2020 (end of Term 2). See the CSEF website to check your eligibility.


B2Me Business Directory

Connect with others in our College community by signing up to our online business directory at!


Principal's Tours

Know a family member or friend looking for an enrolment? Why not invite them along to next week's Principal's Tours with Mr Manning?!


Andrew is losing his hair!

The World's Greatest Shave is a Leukaemia

Foundation initiative that directs all funds raised towards supporting patients and research, with a goal to have zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035. This year the day to participate is on Friday 13 March. 


Today in Australia, blood cancer is a big problem. It’s one of the top four most frequently diagnosed cancers, and is one of the leading causes of death by cancer in our country. Every day another 41 Australians are told they have blood cancer (that’s one person every 36 minutes) and sadly 20 people will lose their life to blood cancer daily. Right now, more than 110,000 Australians are living with blood cancer or related disorders. By 2035, these figures will more than double, seeing close to 100 people per day diagnosed with blood cancer, and more than 40 people dying every day. The World’s Greatest Shave is so important because Australian men, women and children are still being diagnosed with blood cancer, because the numbers are increasing, and because we’re not there yet.


If anyone would like to join my team or donate, you can here:

My team is aiming to raise $2000, so any amount donated will be greatly appreciated!!


Andrew - Year 12

Jasmine's Bushfire Appeal

Year 9 student, Jasmine Gleed, has iniated a campaign to aid those affected by the Victorian bushfires. Jasmine says:

I have always loved my hair and have decided to cut it off as many people have lost more valuables things than hair, many of which can’t be received again such as passed downs items, family history, photos and memories of times when living in their now burnt houses and land. I am donating my money to the Victorian bushfire appeal as they can give it to the area that is needed.



Discounted Spray Jackets

The College has only a limited stock of spray jackets - acquired from our previous uniform supplier - available from the College office only. Jackets in size 2 - suitable for most ELC children - are $25, while jackets in sizes L-3XL are $30. Spray jackets can be worn until the end of 2021, including in the ELC.





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