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24 March 2017
Issue Three
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

It is hard to believe that the first term is drawing to a close.

Parent, student and teacher interviews are being held throughout the day on Thursday and it would be great to have as many of you as possible involved. Bookings will close the afternoon prior to the interviews.


The last day of Term 1 also coincides with the school Cross Country and a range of activities will also be undertaken by our Year 7 students. The term will conclude at 2.30pm.


It was a pleasure to spend a day on Tuesday with our Year 9 students on their Challen9e Camp at Phillip Island. The giant swing was one of the experiences I tackled much to the surprise of some and it was great to see how the students worked together and problem solved in a range of experiences throughout the day. Thanks to our teachers, support staff and pre service teachers led by Mr Matt Tucker for facilitating this great experience.



In 2017, Ringwood Secondary College students in Years 7 and 9 will be undertaking NAPLAN online during May. Schools from ACT, QLD, VIC, WA and SA will participate in on-line NAPLAN this year. Overall, approximately 10% of students will undertake the testing in this way, which meets ACARA’s goal for the first year of implementation. ACARA is confident this number is a sufficient sample to be representative of the Australian student population.


Other states will participate from 2018/9. The table below indicates the overall take-up in 2017:


College Council Elections

Following the completion of the recent election process for our College Council, I would like to welcome our new members in Teresa Lodge and Jessica Lundie.  

The number of Parent nominees equalled the number of vacancies, so no election was required. An election was held for the DET positions, as 4 eligible candidates stood. Thanks to Jessica Lundie, Felicity Mason, Eleni Stathatos and Darryl Stranger for standing. Following the closing of the ballot and counting of the votes Jessica and Eleni were the successful candidates.


Our School Council for 2017/18 is :

Parent Category: Mark Granland, Craig Guscott, Charles Heathcote, Teresa Lodge, Sharon Rogers, Andrew Smith.

DET Category: Michael Phillips (Executive Officer), James Barut, Jessica Lundie, Jonathan Rogers, Eleni Stathatos.

Community Members:  Andrew Amos, Michael, Crump and Leah Brohm    

Invited Observers: (Non-Council Members), Joe Gleeson and Karen Carden


Intersection of Great Ryrie St and Bedford Road

After a long period of planning and construction, the lights were finally switched on earlier this week. Students should now be able to use this intersection more safely and the additional crossing on Bedford Road will also be supervised at the beginning and end of the school day.


Student Leadership Workshop

Earlier this week I accompanied our school Head Prefects, Ariel and Didier to Ringwood North Primary School, where a large number of student leaders from surrounding primary schools were engaged in a student leadership program. They both shared their experiences of leadership and community involvement with a very enthusiastic  group.


A reminder that Term 2 resumes on Wednesday April 20. Have a safe and relaxing Easter Break and a reminder that all students should be wearing winter uniform from start of May. We are looking forward to moving back into our revamped library space during these first few weeks too.


Michael Phillips







Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

New Intersection

A gaggle of luminaries including the Mayor for Maroondah City Council, Mayor Tony Dib JP, Deputy Mayor Nora Lamont, Cr Kylie Spears, Cr Mike Symon, Head Prefects of Ringwood Secondary College, Didier Iriarte Fattel and Ariel Parker, were fortunate to witness the operation of the long awaited traffic lights at the intersection of Bedford Road and Great Ryrie Street. The aim of the traffic lights is to make travelling on Bedford Road safer for all users especially the local primary and high school students who will be assisted by a school crossing supervisor at peak times. Federal Government funds were directed to this project and the local council has advocated for and delivered the project. Caution while travelling on Bedford Road is still required especially as the changing traffic conditions accommodate improvements in the operation of the lights.


Progress Reports and Parent Student Teacher

The Progress reports and Parent Teacher Student Interviews are an opportunity to discuss student progress on work behaviours and academic achievement at this early stage in the year. A list of teacher locations for the interviews on Thursday 30th March will be posted on Compass next week. Online bookings will close on Monday 27th March at 4pm.


The Debutante Ball

The photos say it all. It was a magnificent night with so many parents and students expressing their delight and gratitude for the event. There are many people to thank for making this night so special but most of all we thank our students, and their families, for their involvement, co-operation and support. Our Debutantes are truly a credit to the college. With two more Debutante Balls to manage, I will take the opportunity to thank everyone involved at the end. Next term Year 11 students will be involved in the Deb and information will be provided to families of these students via Compass next week.


Curriculum Day

Please be aware that Tuesday 18th April is a designated Curriculum Day which means it is pupil free. Staff from MEC schools are congregating at the college to hear speaker Glen Pearsall present on the topic of ‘Effective Feedback and Assessment.’ This will be followed by  staff workshops for the rest of the day. School commences on Wednesday 19th April for all students with Year 7 Immunisation on the day.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut

Across the Sub Schools:

Students at RSC are very lucky to have committed student leaders to support them in their developmental growth throughout their secondary schooling, both academically, socially and in a welfare paradigm. We see the journey as everyone working as team – school leaders, teachers, students and of course, you, our parents/carers. Thus, as a school community we all need to work together as a team to ensure the best possible outcomes for all. To that end, House Co-ordinators are available to answer any query you might have that relates to the learning or welfare of your son/daughter. These conversations need to always be respectful, timely and cover off on three aspects –decision, action and accountability. To expand on this idea, decision pertains to an outcome, action reflects putting structures and agreements into place and accountability points to all parties keeping up their end of any negotiated action. The importance of being solution focussed must be at the forefront of every interaction, in a positive environment.


I will leave you with the best definition of teamwork I have heard:


‘The only reason I’m here is for everybody’s success….’



Parent Teacher Interviews:

Please make an appointment to speak to your child’s teachers at next week’s parent/teacher interviews. This is a great opportunity to catch up and discuss the learning, transition and events that have occurred in this very busy term.

Staff look forward to your appointment with them.


Compass Photos:

Verification of Compass photos is almost complete – that means, the ordering that has taken place, will be processed in due course. If you have any questions about the photos, please contact Compass directly. Email: [email protected]


Mr James Barut

Assistant Principal


From Mrs Allison

The end of semester one is fast approaching and it is an important time for all students to continue to focus and complete all tasks to the highest-level possible. With assessing well underway, it is vital that any missed or incomplete work is submitted for assessment as soon as possible. Parents are encouraged to access Compass to check progress of their son or daughter and contact staff if the need arises. Progress reports will be available, via Compass and Parent Teacher interviews will be held next week on March 30th.


This week’s wellbeing focus…

Technology and Cyber Bullying

As the term progresses it is timely to think about the importance of adopting safe practices regarding young people and technology. Most phones and laptops have cameras and video capabilities, and parents need to closely monitor the use of technology by their children. It is not uncommon for students to be texting and phoning each other well into the night, a practice that inadvertently disturbs their sleep patterns.


Cyber bullying is bullying that is carried out through the internet or mobile phones. Cyber bullying is bullying that is done through the use of technology. For example, using the Internet, a mobile phone or a camera to hurt or embarrass someone is considered cyber bullying. It can be shared widely with a lot of people quickly, which is why it is so dangerous and hurtful.

Being safe from bullies online

Do not share your private information like passwords, name and address, phone numbers with people, you don’t know. This can also include sharing of photos of yourself, your friends and your family

  • Don’t respond to messages when you are angry or hurt; to strangers or to people you know. This will often encourage them to continue or increase their harassment of you
  • Log out and stop messaging if you feel you are being harassed
  • Remember you have the option to block, delete and report anyone who is harassing you online and on your mobile
  • Find out how to report bullying and harassment on each of the different social networks that you use
  • Keep a record of calls, messages, posts and emails that may be hurtful or harmful to you
  • Remember to set up the privacy options on your social networking sites like Facebook in a way you are comfortable


Mental Health Day

Every year our Wellbeing staff, in collaboration with Maroondah City Council Youth Services, organise’ a ‘Mental Health Day’ for the College community. This year, it was another successful day full of activities and fun, and provided a great opportunity to create a positive environment in which the emotional health of young people could grow and flourish.  Thank you to all students, staff and parents for their hard work and commitment. To encourage increased positive emotion and communication, you could regularly ask your son or daughter ‘What went well today’. Be surprised by their candid responses, focus on listening to their story, and enjoy their enthusiasm behind the ‘telling of the story’.


Wellbeing Profiler Survey

Last year, Ringwood Secondary College, along with eighteen local schools, participated in The University of Melbourne’s Wellbeing Profiler Survey, via Maroondah City Council Youth Services. The data we received from the survey was incredibly insightful and has been used to develop future interventions in our school through our ‘Bounce’ classes and level assemblies, so as to address a range of important issues. This year we were offered the opportunity to re survey our students, an opportunity we enthusiastically accepted. The reason we are surveying our students is so that we can measure change in our students over time, as well as to identify areas for improvement and areas of strength.


The Wellbeing Survey was completed online in class by each participating student. The collated data will be later compiled into a comprehensive report outlining each year level’s results within

The University of Melbourne’s six domains of Wellbeing:

Psychological Well-being: Young people’s beliefs and attitudes about their own value, their outlook on life, and their engagement with life.

Cognitive Well-being: Young people’s perception of their quality of life, competence and accomplishments and their capacity to be mindful in the present moment.

Emotional Well-being and Strengths: Young people’s perceived ability to manage their emotions and their ability to use their strengths in their daily lives.

Social Well-being: Young people’s perceived quality of relationships with their parents, teachers, peers and community. This domain also taps into the presence of bullying, loneliness and pro-social behaviours.

Physical Well-being: Young people’s perception of their general physical health, their physical appearance and their quality of sleep.

Economic Well-being: Young people’s perception of economic stability in their home environment.

These reports will also be provided to Maroondah City Council. This data will be used and published in municipal reports which will be publicly available.  Please note however that all published data will be de-identified - no student’s individual responses will be identifiable.



Mrs Maria Allison

Assistant Principal


From the Office

From First Aid

We hope everyone is well and settled into the school year now and looking forward to the holidays that are already nearly upon us!!


First day back (Wednesday April 19th) for the students of Year 7 is the First of Three Immunisation Days.  The table below details the immunisation program:

  • First visit: HPV and DTP
  • Second visit: HPV and Chicken Pox
  • Third visit: HPV


All cards should have been returned by now but if you haven’t returned it, it is never too late. If you have lost it, please follow the link and print a new one:


If you would like any more information please follow this link:

All YEAR 7 students are to wear their PE uniform to school on Wednesday April 19th 2017. This is requested by the council immunisation staff and is approved by Mr Phillips.


Nancy Davies / Kerrie Hausler

School Nurses

Ringwood Training

The Ringwood SC Car Show held at Ringwood Training was a great success.

The Car Show was organised by Adam Bryant, School Chaplain and supported by the Chaplaincy Committee. Ringwood Training’s auto staff, Alan Platt and Peter McLeod ensured that the Auto Centre was in tip top condition to host the show.

Pictured: Adam Bryant with Michael Sukkar, Member for Deakin, presenting the Best in Show award to George Hetrel (Como Gardens Vintage Car Museum) for the (magnificent) 1936 Mercedes 540K.


Joe Pollock

Ringwood Training  Centre Manager

Council Meeting –
15 March 2017

The council met last week for the General and Special Meeting and election of Committee.

We welcomed new Parent Member Teresa Lodge and DET Member Jess Lundie.


Mr. Phillips discussed the Annual Implementation Plan and the targets the College is working towards for 2017, the Council endorsed the document.

Mrs. Stathatos passed on information in regards to the upcoming Odyssey Trip for Humanities that will travel to Greece, France, Poland and Germany in December.


In the Principal’s report, Mr. Phillips highlighted the student’s activities for Term 1 and what a busy term it has been. We have had the Prefects Induction, the Year 12 Deb and our recent visit from a school group from Holland.


The recent Council Election was held with a ballot being conducted for the nominees for DET.

The Naplan will be conducted this year with Ringwood SC being one of the first schools to trial it online. By 2019 all schools will participate in this initiative.


We discussed the new Junior Building with the project being on target to be completed by September this year, the library refurbishment will be completed by the end of March and is going well.


Mr. Pollock from Ringwood Training informed the Council that numbers in classes are at a maximum and enrolments are looking great. It has been a strong start to the year.


The Special Meeting was held afterwards to elect the new Office bearers of School Council.  Mr. Craig Guscott was elected to the position of President, Mr Michael Crump as Vice President and Mrs. Sharon Rogers as Executive Member. Ms Leah Brohm, Mr. Andrew Amos and Mr. Michael Crump were also co-opted for a further term.


Sharon Rogers

School Council Member






  • Parents -  please call in absences or update Compass on a daily basis
  • Ring the attendance line or give the student a note so that they can sign in at the office with an approved absence.

Parent Please Note:

  • Class absences for periods 2 & 3 cannot be approved by a parent  - call the attendance line if they may have been absent due to a school activity
  • Do contact the school if you have any concerns at all in relation to your child’s attendance or any other issues that may be affecting regular attendance                                                                                                               If you receive an SMS please ring the attendance line on 9845 7519 as soon as possible


Your support with all matters attendance is appreciated.


Kay Priestley

Attendance Officer

School Banking

Bendigo Bank would like to offer any student access to school banking. Please see the attached PDF for details


Building Project

New Building

Both projects are progressing well.


The library is approximately 6 weeks from internal completion and is looking great. Nothing like a fresh lick of paint!

In the Junior School, electrical wiring and bricklaying are still underway. We are also in the process of wiring in projectors including the large open presentation area. Throughout the building project the emphasis has been on providing the very best learning environment possible for staff and students alike. The excitement grows.  

Above: The new brick entrance on the Junior School Building

Facilities report

Many thanks to those parents who attended our recent volunteers training evening to enable participation in Working Bees and Extra Parts. It was a great turn out and hopefully attendees found the session informative.

On a similar note, thank-you to all who attended our recent working bee. The main front entrance was mulched and tidied after last year’s electrical works for the new building. Enjoy the photos.

Lots of maintenance is the theme at the moment. New signs are being installed, to assist visitors in locating the main office.


Over the upcoming holidays we will service all gas heaters in the school and commence the process of tagging all electrical equipment for another year.  


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School

Careers News

Please read the attached PDF from the Careers Team

Helen Doherty


InterGREAT news!

On the 28th February, the Year 9’s were lucky enough to have Tammy van Wisse come and speak to them as part of the InterGREAT program. Her presentation was very inspiring and a perfect example of how far perseverance can take us, which was our theme for the week.

Tammy shared with us her incredible marathon swimming feats, such as swimming the entire length of the Murray River and entering the Guinness Book of Records as the first person to swim across Bass Strait. Tammy’s story was truly inspirational and we loved hearing from her!


Tarni Cavanagh and Jasmine Lacy

Sustainability @ RSC

This year the Green Team have already achieved so much for sustainability at Ringwood Secondary College in a few short weeks.

Term 1 has seen the launch of the school compost bins. This project was funded by Maroondah City Council in the form of a small equipment grant in 2016 and has come into fruition this year with three 600L bins (on a rotation) and collection buckets in Food Technology rooms and the main staff room, with a view to expand the practice throughout the school in time. Student groups at recess and lunchtime have shown their enthusiasm for the project by using our folded newspaper pouches to collect their green waste and drop them at the compost bins. This project has been embraced by many, especially students who are engaged in the link between food preparation and composting, and those in The Green Team who have worked at maintaining the bins and learning how to care for our very hardworking worms.

Thank you to the Maroondah City Council for their generous grant to help us achieve this goal.


Special thanks to the staff who have supported this project and will continue to do so throughout the year, it goes a long way to teaching the students how to be sustainable in their own homes and not just as a special project at school.


After this term, I will be on maternity leave and I would like to publicly thank the Green Team, prefect Jayden Anthony and staff involved for their support of my ideas and for their willingness to try projects to take us strides closer to becoming a ResourceSmart School. I have thoroughly enjoyed this role and hope the team continues to enjoy leading the school in environmental matters throughout 2017. Keep an eye on our Instagram account @rscsustainability to keep updated on The Green Team activity.


Mrs Jacqui Godfrey

Sustainability Coordinator

House Activities Article – Year 10 and 9

It was an exciting first house activities session for all year 10 and 9 students, it was great to see everyone supporting their house with lots of energy. The fun activities included a 4-way tug of war, the hula-hoop challenge and tunnel ball. It was great to see everyone up on their feet and participating as well as having fun. Everyone who participated put in as much energy and enthusiasm as they could, making the first year 9/10 house activities event a great success. We also must also congratulate Freeman house as the overall winner, with Frazer house close behind.

We would also like to thank all the teachers and the leadership team for setting up and running all these fun games and making it as enjoyable as possible.


Middle School House Leaders

Library News – March 2107

Whilst we await re-entry to our refurbished library early next term, we are amazed at how well our temporary library is functioning.


Despite being significantly smaller in size, we have been able to accommodate all junior English classes for Reading Ladders as well as a small number of private study students. Library services to the broader school have remained unchanged. Our space is now fully air conditioned – a delight on hot days.


Our students have been wonderful adjusting to and embracing the challenges of working in a confined area.


Emily Collins & Deb Wilkins

Library Coordinators



Science faculty has been very busy this term, organising excursions so selected students could listen to guest speakers talking about women in STEM occupations, and Psychology students attending brain research facilities in Parkville.


Environmental Science excursions

Year 12 Environmental Science students undertook an authentic science field work excursion to help scientists manage critically endangered species of mammals using capture and release techniques at Mt Rothwell in the Western Volcanic Plains region of Victoria.  Environmental Science students will also be conducting their own field work to determine the Species Diversity of Wombolano State forest in Ringwood next term. 

Students preparing baits for the trapping process.  The baits were made of peanut butter and oats

Students learning how to set the traps as dusk falls.  It was a long night ahead, but a brilliant experience.  Students weighed, checked for babies and health of each species caught as well as using monitoring devices to check for electronic chips.  All this data was collected and will be used by the staff at Mt Rothwell.

This Emu was one of the many species seen while spot lighting.  Students also got up close and personal to Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Spotted Quolls, Barn Owls, rock wallabies, rats, Bettongs and Potoroos.  Everything being managed with in 11 km of electric fence to keep feral animals out.


New Microscopes for Senior students in Science

I would like to extend a big thank-you to Warwick Dellow and Olympus who approached me earlier in the year asking if we could use university level microscopes.  These were handed over to Ringwood Last week.  This is a handy asset for our senior school students and will allow us to dispose of some of our older pieces of equipment.


Science competition

We are also gearing up for the ICAS science competition in May.  If any students would like to participate in this competition, please email Mr Norman or ask your science teacher to forward your interest.


Jim Norman



From the Chaplain -     RSC Car Show

Ever think you would see a 10+ Million dollar car once owned by a prominent Third Reich official at Ringwood Secondary College?  Well that was just one of many cars on offer last Saturday in the Ringwood Training building. What a day we had!


The sun came out to play along with many spectators keen to see the beautiful machines that turned up for the day.  We had approximately 50 cars show up along with some special guests like Dee Ryall and Michael Sukkar, all in support of the event.  It was an amazing day for all who turned up with so much on offer.


People mingled and discussed cars and found out interesting stories and history's behind the vehicles. A special note of thanks to the Ringwood MFB who turned up and got involved, which was great. Another thanks to the many staff and parents who showed their support by either bringing cars along, volunteering or coming to soak up the atmosphere.  

I must also mention our amazing sponsors who allowed the event to happen.  PENRITE, MOTHERS, UNIQUES CARS and WHEELS magazines all played a part in providing their products for those in attendance. 

If you attended the event feel free to send an email with feedback to [email protected] or if you want to display a car at next years event you can also email the above address.  Thanks again and look forward to more excitement at the 2018 event!! 


Here are some pictures of just a few of the cars. More photos can be found on the Ringwood Training Facebook page.


Adam Bryant




The Debating Association of Victoria commenced its Schools Debating Competition this week. Wednesday evening saw six of our Year 8 students participate in their very first debate. The topic they contested was ‘That Australia should adopt a new national flag’. Overcoming fears and thinking on their feet, the students were terrific.


Ringwood was represented by two teams; one negative team featuring Gemma Caldecoat, Tian Sang and Renee Egan, and one affirmative team featuring Tia Olsen, Charlotte Pratley and Holly Manuel. Both teams won their debate by a single point. It was also wonderful to see that several of our reserve debating students came out to support both teams on the night.


Caitlin May and Deb Wilkins

Junior School


Things have certainly been heating up down in Junior School, and it hasn’t just been because of the weather.

Some might say that the events that took place during Tuesday’s Year 7 assembly resembled the fierce battle between the Western Bulldogs and the Sydney Swans during the 2016 Grand Final. One might even go as far to say that the rivalry shared between 2017 swimming sport champions Freeman, and runners up Frazer, would put Geelong and Hawthorn to shame, yet the display of bravery on show last Tuesday was nothing short of spectacular.

The Olympic style games were in full swing during our second Year 7 assembly of 2017. We had the champions Freeman, tipped to take out glory once again, yet sadly, oh how the mighty have fallen. It became clear that through a fierce battle of M ‘n’ M eating, rolling Oreo’s down one’s face and cup stacking that we were to have a new victor, a new champion and an unlikely vanquisher, who silenced the crowds and put Freeman back in their place. It was a brave and chivalrous Jackman who managed to pull off the unthinkable, knocking Mabo out of contention and gliding past Frazer and Freeman to seize victory in what can only be described as, simply marvellous. To our runners up, you tried your hardest and the support you provided to your brave and humble competitors was unbelievable. To our winners, Jackman, you have undoubtedly put your house on the map and shown your opponents that there is unquestionably a new house to be reckoned with.


Jessica Friend

Freeman Junior School Coordinator

Middle School

Middle School News

Middle School House Activities

Thanks to Kayla Jenkins for her accounts and reports from the first Middle School House Activities for the year.

On Tuesday the 7th of March, The Middle School Cohort participated in their first House Activities. All of the schools four houses, Freeman, Jackman, Mabo and Frazer actively contributed to this event. Activities included a 4 Way Tug of War, Tunnel Ball and The Hula Hoop Race. The overall house winner was Freeman! Thank you to all the teachers and student leaders who actively contributed and helped to make this event run smoothly and to all the students who engaged in this community event. We all look forward to future house events and activities, and hope to see more people get involved to support their house and year level.


Year 9 Assemblies

In the most recent Year 9 assembly, the students had the opportunity to hear from Phoebe Roach and Alice D’arcy about their experiences from a Facebook and Instagram cyber safety workshop.

Phoebe also delivered a fantastic presentation to the students on ‘Body Positivity’.  Phoebe was extremely confident and informative as she spread her message for students to be happy for who they are and grateful for what they have.  Hopefully all students in the audience can take away some of the great points Phoebe mentioned and spoke of regarding body positivity.


General Reminders

It is fantastic to see a large number of Year 10 students currently undertaking a VCE Unit 1 this semester.  As this is a privilege, we hope to see these students enjoying this opportunity and performing to the best of their abilities.

We would like to take this chance to inform students and parents that performing at a high standard in these VCE courses will be the deciding factor as to whether these students will have the chance to then undertake Units 3 & 4 in their chosen study next year.  Students must receive an overall grade of ‘B’ or higher to be guaranteed the opportunity to complete Units 3 & 4 next year.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Sub School Leader


Senior School


On Thursday 2nd March the senior drama classes made their way into the city to view the ‘Top Class’ drama performances from last year.


This was a great opportunity for the students to see some of the high quality solo performances who achieved an A+ in the previous year, giving them something to aspire to but to also provide them with some insight into the process of constructing a 7-minute drama solo.


It was a lovely occasion with the student’s walking away thoroughly inspired and also very satisfied after a nice lunch together on Southbank.


Michael Kent

Year 9 & 10 ‘Jackman’ House Coordinator

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Congratulations to Rebecca Battersby for all her hard work and dedication to the Duke of Edinburgh program.


Rebecca recently achieved her Silver Award and has already started on her Gold certificate.


A fantastic achievement, well done.


Kristi Usher

Year 11 Start to VCE

by Ben Holland

The year 11’s have had an amazing start to their VCE, working hard but also having fun. We experienced a study skills day, which informed us of different useful tips that we can utilise to study and help us remember things, both at school and the real world.


Possibly the best part of the term so far has been the pizza lunch that followed the study skills day, I know that I didn’t see one face not gleaming with joy.


Chicago Rehearsals 

by Sarah Monteau

Rehearsals are already underway for this years whole school production ‘Chicago’ directed by our new head of performing arts Karl McNamara.


The show will be performed later this year in August and is set to be another spectacular season. If you didn’t make it into the show or missed out on auditions or would just like to be a part of the production community, there are still plenty of ways you can get involved!


Sign up for extra parts including tech crew, props and makeup is available on the production website


This show relies upon the enthusiastic participation of the RSC community and so we would love to see lots of people volunteering to help out behind the scenes. Stay groovy!


Yr 12 Debutante Ball

Year 12 Debutante Ball

On Saturday 4th March, 42 couples were presented to Mr and Mrs Michael Phillips at the Year 12 Debutante Ball.


It was a fabulous evening enjoyed by students, parents and staff.


From Didier Iriarte Fattel:

The Debutante’s Ball (one of Ringwood Secondary College’s many traditions) had a successful conclusion at The Grand on the 4th March.


After 4 weeks of intensive rehearsals under extreme heat conditions, the ceremony was flawless and all of the Debutantes with their partners looked stunning.


The ceremony consisted of 5 dances in total of which 3 were partner dances (they definitely got to show off their finesse and expertise) and 2 other individual dances: a girls dance and a boys dance. After the dances and the presentation concluded, a lovely dinner was served and a band played live music, not only did the students get up and dance but also parents, friends and relatives stood up to have a groove.


Everyone had an amazing time and it will definitely be something they will remember and keep close to their hearts in the years to come.


Presentation of the Debutante Couples:

The Debutante Dances:

The students performed a number of dances after the presentation.

The MC for the night was Mitchell Pirera, an ex student from Ringwood Secondary.


Prefects Didier Iriarte Fattel and Sarah Monteau along with Principal Mr Michael Phillips made speeches on the evening.



Intermediate Girls Cricket

On Wednesday the 8th of March the Intermediate Girls Cricket team headed over to Norwood College to play in our annual Twenty20 match against the home team.

Norwood were sent in to bat first, with Madi Mauchline and Sahana Dana opening our bowling with two solid overs. Madi took our first wicket of the day in the third over with an impressive caught and bowled. Our fielding improved throughout the day, with some excellent displays of really putting your body behind the ball from Richa Aji. Our bowling continued to be solid, with a few wides and no balls giving away most of the runs. The wickets were shared amongst our bowlers with our next wicket coming from Eliza Bentley, followed by one from Sahana, another from Kate Hine and our last one from Nikki Anderson. Some other good bowling efforts from Kiara Dowling kept the opposition on their toes. While there were a few missed chances with dropped catches or missed run outs, we had some good catches in the field from Rhian Lumsden and Ebony Llewellyn. We rotated three wicket keepers, Charlotte Tolliday, Madi Mauchline and Eliza Bentley who all did a magnificent job, with two caught behinds and some impressive keeping behind the stumps from all three.


Jasmine Lacy and Rhian Lumsden opened the batting for us against some sharp bowling. The girls saw the first over out but unfortunately Jasmine (0) was run out while Rhian (1) was caught from a good hit. Madi Mauchline (7) hit the best boundary of the entire day with a straight drive. Mie Heinen (5), the birthday girl, was solid up one end and saw out a number of overs before being run out. Charlotte Tolliday (4) batted solidly, with some text book shots and blocks before being caught. Eliza Bentley (1) was also looking the goods until a confusing run saw her unluckily run out. Nikki Anderson (0) copped a top edge that saw her caught behind and another victim to the run outs was Ebony Llewellyn (1). The ever positive Kate Hine (0) was ready to smash some runs until she too found herself caught behind off a top edge. Sahana Dana (0) was bowled by possibly the only good ball from the eleventh over while Kiara Dowling (2) added a couple to our score.

The wonderful display of sportsmanship made me unbelievably proud as a coach. The girls never dropped their heads and were full of encouragement and team work. I look forward to coaching the girls again in the future. Well done girls, what an inspiring way to spend International Women’s Day.


Miss Bailey

Intermediate Boys Baseball  

On a beautiful sunny day, Ringwood’s Intermediate boys baseball team smashed Heathmont Secondary College to win 25 to 6 runs in a 3 innings game.


Hayden Roe showed strength with batting, Josh Joyce hit a home run and Glen Noakes took a leadership role in helping team mates who were not as strong. Will McHardy and Garrett Noe who are both year 9 students stepped up and took on roles in pitching and catching. All boys came together on the day to work well as a team, communicating clear directions for base running and fielding. There was a triple play in the 2nd innings and Ringwood got all 3 outs at one play.


Well done boys, a strong performance for your first round game.



Mrs Gardi

Yr 8 Summer Round Robin Sport News

What a hugely successful day. Lots of participation, lots of fun and good sportsmanship on display. Well done to all those students who took part and congratulations to all our winning teams who now go through to the next round of competition.


Winning teams include:

Boys and Girls Volleyball

Boys and Girls Tennis


Boys cricket and possibly the girls cricket.


A big thankyou to our student coaches/helpers: Majeed Rahman, Sam Timmer, Jordan Lach and Jay Dimitrov.



Performing Arts and Music


Rehearsals have begun for Chicago and the Cast are very excited.


The recent OH&S Evening held at the College by our Facilities Manager went really well with lots of parents attending.

Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts




“Inspiration exists,but it has to find you working“

Pablo Picasso ( 1881-1973), Spanish Artist 


Positive Psychology

In Positive Psychology we are working on understanding  the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindsets. Mindsets are beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities such as your intelligence, talents or personality.

·         People with Fixed Mindset believe their basic qualities are fixed traits that don’t and can’t change.

·         People with Growth Mindset believe that their basic qualities can be cultivated and developed across their lifespan through dedicated effort.

One of the keys to success isn’t having greater amounts of innate intelligence, talent or ability; it’s whether you look at these qualities as things that can be developed. Accept that having intelligence or talent is simply a starting point and that people accomplish great things through years of passionate practice, learning and effort.

The concept we are  focussing on is developing a Growth Mindset. Setting the challenge to practice cultivating a Growth Mindset in others with a particular kind praise: for the process they applied rather than the person. Process-oriented praise, such as “you put in a lot of effort” or “that was a good strategy you chose”, emphasises that achievement comes from striving and use of effective strategies. It allows others to interpret setbacks in terms of lack of effort or inappropriate strategies.

National Day Against Bullying

Ringwood Secondary College is an official National Day Against Bullying.


The National Day of Action is a positive day of action, where school communities across Australia stand united against bullying and violence. It was held on Friday 17th March.


New Partnership

  • Council has partnered with Swinburne University to offer Maroondah residents an opportunity to complete a pre-apprenticeship trade training program for free.
  • There are 12 position available in the fields of plumbing, brick laying and carpentry.
  • People from an Indigenous or CALD community; those who have a disability and young school leavers are highly encouraged to apply for this opportunity.
  • Applications are now open and close on Friday 7 April. Application forms are available online and at Council Service Centres and Swinburne’s Croydon campus.
  • To find out more information visit Council’s website or call Council’s Human Resources team on 1300 88 22 33.

Mental Health Week


R.A.D.A.R. Awards

R.A.D.A.R. stands for 'Respect and Diversity at Ringwood', so please have a think about any staff members and/or students who you think made a difference to the RSC positive education community during this term.


In keeping with our Character Strengths theme please link your nominations to one of the following 3 strengths.

  • Humor [playfulness]: Liking to laugh and tease; bringing smiles to other people; seeing the light side; making (not necessarily telling) jokes
  • Self-Regulation [self-control]: Regulating what one feels and does; being disciplined; controlling one's appetites and emotions
  • Honesty [authenticity, integrity]: Speaking the truth but more broadly presenting oneself in a genuine way and acting in a sincere way; being without pretense; taking responsibility for one's feelings and actions
  • Have they helped out or supported a friend/colleague? 
  • Have they gone above and beyond what is required of them for the benefit of others?
  • Have they had a positive influence in what could have been a very negative situation?
  • Have they been respectful of others who may have different views/beliefs?
  • Have they contributed to something that will provide ongoing benefit to RSC students or staff?
  •  Have they celebrated encouraged or rewarded diversity and difference?

If you know someone that you believe has achieved any of the above, or has in anyway contributed to the enhancement of the RSC community then please let us know and put through an email nomination.


PLEASE NOTE:  When sending through an email nomination please make sure that you notify us of the reason you nominate this person and give an example of the situation in which you believe they displayed the R.A.D.A.R. values.


These nominations will be announced at an assemblies next term and the final winner of the R.A.D.A.R. Award will receive a special gift and be recognised at the end of the year ceremony. 


I look forward to receiving your nominations by 31st  March and hearing of the positive behaviour/actions being undertaken throughout the school.





The Wellbeing & Pos Ed  Teams Nominations to [email protected]

EACH School Holiday

Are you looking for something fun, creative and social to do on the holidays?
The Crew are hosting a craft workshop during the holidays to celebrate Youth Week.



Croydon City Arrows

Croydon City Arrows Soccer Club are looking for new members


Girls Football

Norwood Junior Football Club are looking for new players:


Happy Being Yoga

Join us to experience the feel-good, heart-bursting energy at this year's first HappyBeing Retreat Sunday 26 March

Teddy Bears Picnic

Croydon Farmers Market and Croydon Wind Symphony invite you:


Kilsyth Football Club

Looking for new members for the season:


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