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21 February 2018
Issue #1, 2018
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Principal News

Welcome to iNewsletter 

As publicised throughout 2017, we are embarking on electronic newsletters in 2018. 

Families will continue to access information on an ongoing level; from updates, to celebrations and community news.  

What makes CSPS great?

Cranbourne South Primary School is incredibly proud to be an inclusive government school that welcomes all local families.

My staff and I work very hard to create a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for all our students.

Recently there has been some talk about issues related to student behaviour. With respect to the privacy of those involved, it is inappropriate for me to comment further.

However, I want to assure everyone that we treat anything relating to the safety and wellbeing of our students very seriously, and always follow the appropriate measures, systems and processes.

If you have any concerns please address these through the appropriate channels, starting with contacting front the office on 9782 2999 to arrange a time to talk with me directly.

Monique Corcoran


Connect to CSPS





The staff at Cranbourne South Primary School are very excited to introduce our new school blog, 'Connect to CSPS'!
The purpose of the blog is to keep our school community regularly updated on the learning opportunities that we provide our students at CSPS. 
Community spirit is extremely important and we strive to continuously strengthen the connections we have with our families. 
We wish to celebrate our students' everyday successes and we want you to be a part of it as well!
Each year level and Lively Learning class has an individual page where you can learn more about the teachers and get a glimpse into the classroom through images, videos and stories. 
You can view the blog on devices such as a computer, tablet or phone. The blog will be regularly updated so don't forget to keep checking in.
Any questions, please contact Emma Slocombe

Student Uniform update

If a student comes to school in a top with a sport, casual or different logo than CSPS, staff will ask the student to take the top off.  If the weather is extremely cold, leniency will be provided.

In extenuating circumstances a signed note (by the parents) will be accepted for temporary wearing of an alternate top until a CSPS top is obtained via PSW or 2nd hand uniforms.  Temporary is deemed up to a week; 5 school days. 


Upcoming Events

MSP School photos

Thursday, 22 February 

Yr 3-6 Empowerment Project

Week 1, 2.00 - 3.30pm - Thursday, 22 February

House Athletics

Friday, 23 February

Whole School Assembly

Grand opening of the new Multi Purpose Room

Note;  Including 2018 Junior School Council badges presentation

Monday, 26 February 9.00 - 10.00am

isea icare excursion

isea icare leaders only

Wednesday, 28 February

Yr 3-6 Empowerment Project

Week 2, 2.00 - 3.30pm - Thursday, 1 March

House swimming carnival

Friday, 2 March

Senior School Assembly

Monday, 5 March 9.00 - 9.50am


Wednesday, 7 March 

Yr 3-6 Empowerment Project

Week 3, 2.00 - 3.30pm - Thursday, 8 March

Labor Day

Public Holiday - students do not attend school

Monday, 12 March

Division Swimming

Select students

Thursday, 15 March

Yr 3-6 Empowerment Project

Week 4, 2.00 - 3.30pm - Thursday, 15 March

National Day against Bulling and Violence

Friday, 16 March

Cultural Diversity Week

Monday, 19 March

Middle School Assembly

Monday, 19 March 9.00 - 9.50am

School Council 

Wednesday,  21 March

Yr 3-6 Empowerment Project

Week 5, 2.00 - 3.30pm (Presentation Day) - Thursday, 22 March

Bright Disco

Friday, 23 March

Foundation - Year 2 will have their disco session from 5-6pm.

Year 3 - Year 6 will have their disco session from 6:30pm - 8pm. 

Tickets are $8 each.  

Junior School Assembly

Monday, 26 March 9.00 - 9.50am

Planning Week

Monday, 26 - Thursday 29 March

Term 1 concludes

2.30pm dismissal

Thursday, 29 March

Good Friday

Friday, 30 March

School Awards

School Values


Spotlight Awards

Congratulations to the following children who have demonstrated our four values; Positivity, Persistence, Pride and Passion. 

Week 1

FA =  Charlotte B

FB =  Nathanial P

FC =  Amelia C

1A =  Addison F

1B =  Giselle D

1C =  James K

2A =  Huan-Ray H

2B =  Adna S

3A =  Ella I

3B =  Emily M

4A =  Brodie C

4B =  Lauren E

5/6A =  Jake B

5/6B =  Frazer H

5/6C = Lucas N

5/6D =  Zach S

Week 2

FA = Kaiden H

FB = Ayden B

FC = Trinity C

1A = Indiana W

1B = Elisha V

1C = Bliss B

2A = Molly M

2B = Campbell H

3A = Hunter Y

3B = Chloe B

4A = Diesel R

4B = You-Fong H

5/6A = Hannah B

5/6B = Shelby M

5/6C = Christopher B

5/6D = Aaron W

Week 3

FA = Bodhi M

FB =Mackenzi H

FC = Koah C

1A = Ella A

1B = Lachlan O

1C = Crystal A

2A = Seth A

2B = Merrick W

3A = Taya C

3B = Kaylee A

4A = Liam E

4B = Seth H

5/6A = Tayla A

5/6B = Riley C

5/6C = Belle C

5/6D = Layne M

Overall Award

Week 1: Charlotte B

Week 2:  Aaron W

Week 3:  Koah C

Lively Learning Celebrations

Artistic Flair

Week 1 

Student = Sienna C

Class = 2B

Week 2 

Student = Owen S

Class = 1C

Week 3 

Student = Riley C

Class = 2A

Physical Vibe

Week 1 

Student = Campbell H

Class = 2A

Week 2

Student = Diesel L

Class = 5/6C

Week 3 

Student = Lily A

Class = 3B

Cultural Fusion

Week 1 

Student = Rableen K

Class = 1A

Week 2 

Student = Lochlan R

Class = 1C

Week 3 

Student = Hannah C

Class = 4B

Facilities Updates

CSPS works

As discussed at School Council, we would like to keep the school community abreast of both facility upgrades and areas of future need and planning.  The January period has seen some notable changes to CSPS.

Multipurpose Room

The new MOD 10, which will be our new Multi Purpose Room (MPR), has been installed on the corner of our property.  The MPR will be formerly opened at our first Whole School Assembly on Monday, 26th February at 9.00am.  We welcome families to attend this exciting moment in the CSPS history.

New classroom

A new MOD 5 is now complete and ready for business; housing Year 1a and Year 1b.  This building is a brand new construct with all the 'bells and whistles' the Department of Education offers  (Note:  Interactive panel technology will be installed by the end of February).

Library upgrade

The Library has had a major overhaul from mid December.  This could not have been possible without the generous donation of significant amounts of furniture from the Casey Cardinia Library.  

Administration Building

The reconfiguration of the Administration area has commenced.  This is in alignment with the re-stumping completed in 2017 and OHS areas of need in a growing school.  Further information to follow.

Public Announcement (PA) System

As you may have heard, the PA system has had a major upgrade in the school.  Such is a much needed advancement at CSPS to ensure that communication and emergency management processes are addressed.

New Septic System

After much consultation over many years, the school Septic System is finally being upgraded.  This a massive and extremely expensive undertaking, which financially is being addressed by the Department of Education.  During the upcoming months, there will be disruptions to the oval area of which we will address accordingly.  The current Water Treatment cement structure (between 5/6 classrooms) will be removed.

Student toilets

The upgrade to the Septic system is separate to our continual local focus on the toilet blocks. 

Upon the request from myself, School Council President Jodi Price and Vice President Kylie Murphy, an official hygienist report was conducted earlier in this week.
We have been informed that the student toilets are to be closed until works have been completed.
Temporary toilets (including disabled) have been installed.  This is a positive step towards improving what the CSPS community and School Council has requested for a number of years.
School Council will keep the community informed.


New concrete paths and drainage, have been constructed within and between the two MOD 5's at the bottom of the school.  We will definitely reap the benefits of such in the wetter months!

Shade sail

After much fundraising through the generosity of CSPS families, the feedback in relation to furthering shaded areas is in the process of being finalised with a large shade sail structure over the main play equipment.  Planned installation date TBC.


Through consultation with Arborist specialists, we have commenced a detailed Action Plan to ensure that healthy trees are well taken care of and unhealthy trees are removed to meet safety concerns.

First     Aid

New First Aid room

The First Aid room has been relocated down the corridor with two designated areas; triage and rest.  These two spaces will provide a more streamlined approach in addressing  the specific medical needs of students.

Medical Conditions

Parents of students with a medical condition listed on the school system will be contacted  soon to arrange an interview to discuss their child's medical needs at school.


Please do not send your child to school with medication in their bags.  The office must be notified of any medications.


Asthma Action Plans need updating every 12 months. If your child has asthma it is important

the school has an Action Plan, an inhaler and spacer. Please speak to the First Aid Officer.

School sores

We have a reported case of Impetigo (school sores). Impetigo is not dangerous but is highly contagious.  Students should not be at school until treatment has begun.

Head Lice

We have a reported case of headlice in Foundation. The best way to avoid transferring head lice for long hair is to tie back.  

Any child with suspected headlice will be sent home until treated.

Change of clothes 

It is always a good idea to have a change of clothes in your child's school bag, not matter what the age.  The school does have a very limited supply of spare clothes but we do not have underwear or socks.

Worthwhile resources 

Education News 

Meet and Greet

Staff and students have settled into 2018 very well. The first two weeks have concentrated on ‘setting the scene’ for learning at Cranbourne South PS.  Meet and Greet meetings were held last week.   Transition into the new year has run very smoothly.

Cultural Fusion Program

The Cultural Fusion Program has a new Spanish and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) feel; applying CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).  Every class are learning STEM with lots of hands on experiences, using Spanish as a vehicle. Natalia completed courses with Bastow at the end of last year and she is exploring further STEM learning and the CLIL approach with her Masters. 


Professional Learning Teams (PLT)

There are now three subschools Junior (Foundation/1), Middle (Year 2/3/4) and Senior (Year 5/6). Karen Halket, Melanie Williams and Colette Joannidis are the PLT Leaders respectively.  These teams meet after school weekly to look at data and plan for future learning.  Individual teams also meet during non face to face instructional time to plan the weekly programs.

Senior School (Year 5/6b) update

Mrs Bianca Chiovitti and Miss Serina Wells have admirably stepped in as the partner teachers of the 5/6a/b cohort per Mr Gillick's absence.  Bianca and Serina have ensured a seamless transition for the team. Students have experienced an uninterrupted education.

School Council related News

School Council 

Stage Two and Three  of the School Elections process are underway.  Any questions, please feel free to contact School Council President Jodi Price.


Sunscreen Fundraiser

In line with the school’s Sun heat and protection Policy and commitment to student safety, the PFA are running a sunscreen fundraiser (selling small clip bottle and large pump bottles of sunscreen).  PFA have chosen to support the Cancer Council and money raised will contribute to the PFA’s on-going shade sail project.

Easter Raffle 

The Easter Raffle will begin Wednesday 7th March and will be drawn on Wednesday 28th March. PFA will once again be requesting donations for Easter eggs which will be used for prizes.


The CSPS Sun Protection and heat policy has recently been updated per School Council endorsement.
Through strong communication with Cancer Council Victoria, there are few notable updates of which we need to bring to your attention:

  • The school will enforce the rule ‘NO Hat. No Play” from the beginning of mid-August until the end of April (NOT Term 1 and 4 only).  Students without broad brimmed hats will be restricted to designated shaded areas.
  • Students will be actively encouraged to provide and wear SPF30 (or higher) broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen. Sunscreen will be provided in each classroom (It is preferable that families provide their own sunscreen, in their child's school bag) and on excursions. Sunscreen will be applied by students 20 minutes (where possible) before going outdoors, under the supervision of teachers. Sunscreen is reapplied every two hours or more frequently if sweating or swimming.

Parent Information

Free to Good Home

During the Administration area upgrade, there is a 4 drawer cream safe available.  If you are interested, please contact the Office on 97822999 for further information (including pick up).


Bright Disco

On Friday, 23 March the PFA will be holding a disco in the school's new Multi-Purpose room. Students are encouraged to dress in their brightest outfit and come along to celebrate the opening of our NEW Multi-Purpose room. Tickets are $8 each which will include a juice on the night. Foundation - Year 2 will have their disco session from 5-6pm. Year 3 - Year 6 will have their disco session from 6:30pm - 8pm. 

Easter Raffle 

The Easter Raffle will begin Wednesday, 7 March and will be drawn on Wednesday 28th March. PFA will once again be requesting donations for Easter eggs which will be used for prizes.

Raging Bull

Anger management workshops;  Monday 26th of February & Monday 12th of March.

Do you have a son who has issues with anger at home?  Are you struggling to deal with the outbursts & the outcomes?  Are you starting to see changes in his attitude & mood that have your worried?
If so this event might be exactly what you're looking for.
Raging Bull is a workshop for parents & boys 11-17 who are regularly dealing with issues around anger both in the home & at school.

Star News article on Motov8.


Anglicare; Parents Buildings Solutions


Nude Food

Nude Food is simply food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or commercial packaging. The best type of nude food consists mainly of fresh food, so that it is healthy and nutritious PLUS environmentally friendly.  Promoting Nude Food empowers students to make conscious choices about what they eat, and encourages them to think about their impact on the environment (and their health). You might be amazed with your child's enthusiasm. 


Community Connections



Blue Light Disco

Blue Light admission ticket 



Red Cross

When Red Cross calls, Australia answers. Every year, Red Cross Calling brings Australians together, raising vital funds to support people in our community and further afield who have fallen on tough times.


Frankston Family Picnic


Cranbourne South Tennis Club

Contact details  Mathew Monty Origin tennis



Pearcedale Baster JFC Season Registration 

Frankston Hockey Club


Cathy Lea


Stage Creation

Innovative Performing Arts Training Designed to Develop Confidence, Self-Esteem and Communication Skills in All Students.

PH: 0490 119 594
Email: [email protected]
Venues: Croydon, Chirnside Park, Cranbourne (New Venue Opening 2018)
“First 2 weeks try any Classes for Free”


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