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16 August 2018
Issue Twenty-four
Principal's Update
Important Dates
Student Awards                                                           
VCAL Excursion to Pantry 5000
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Principal's Update


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


Student Numbers 2019

Endorsing our reputation as a leading education provider in the area is the continued growth in our student enrolments. We have 76 Year 12 students leaving at the end of the year and 190-200 Year 7 students coming in at the start of next year! Our total student population next year will be approximately 974 students (including our International Students). Our growth to over 1000 students will occur in 2020 as the last remaining smaller year level (2019 Year 12 – 96 students) leaves the school and there is another larger intake at Year 7.


Reporting to Parents

On Friday of this week the results and comments for benchmark tasks completed to date this semester across Years 7-12 will be released on Compass for student and parent access. Please make sure you check to stay informed about your child’s progress. Our new progressive reporting process was introduced last year in order to provide parents and students with more timely feedback.


Family Holidays

A few times this year I have written about the importance of students regularly attending school to make the most of educational opportunities and to achieve to their full potential.  The Department is not in support of families taking holidays in school time and, as such, parents are required to give three weeks’ notice to the school and they then need to work with the school to complete a student absence learning plan. Remember, every day counts. If your child must miss school due to taking part in a family holiday, speak with the Year Level Coordinator as early as possible and ensure the agreed work requirements listed in the student absence learning plan are completed during the holiday.


Work Submission Policy

At Mordialloc College we are focused on high expectations in everything we do. We want every student to achieve their highest potential. It is important that every student demonstrates a sense of pride in their academic work. As such, we expect every student to aim for his or her personal best in everything they do and demonstrate self-respect for and pride in their work. Each student is responsible for completing every task on time and to the best of his or her ability. In line with our emphasis on high expectations, we have a Work Submission Policy for all year levels and I have included a link to this here. Directors of Sub-Schools, Year Level Coordinators and teachers regularly reinforce this with our students, and I ask that you reinforce this at home as well.  



The excitement is building in anticipation of this year’s school production, The Addams Family,  to be held in the Performing Arts Centre over four nights next week – Wednesday 22 to Saturday 25 August. There are still tickets available, in particular for the Wednesday night, if you haven’t had a chance to purchase tickets yet.


Whole School PD Day August 17th

The focus for our PD day will be on Connecting Feedback to Data, a key focus this semester as part of our ongoing work following the Curiosity and Powerful Learning framework. We are focusing on this in our staff workshops on Wednesday afternoons and in our Triad coaching program, and on Friday we have a guest speaker, well known education consultant Andrew Douch, to present. He is a very engaging speaker with over twenty years of classroom experience who has presented here before focused more on technology and the implementation of an iPad program. Andrew has a breadth of knowledge regarding 21st century teaching and learning, and we look forward to his presentation relating to our current focus area. After lunch, Learning Area teams will have the opportunity to meet and to reflect on his session and the relevant application to their current work. Thanks to Jo Greenhalgh, Acting Assistant Principal, for organising this day.


Subject Celebration Weeks

Thanks to Science Learning Area leader, Matt Brooks, and Director of eLearning, Justin Wischusen, and their respective teams for providing  an array of engaging hands on activities for students to participate in this week during lunchtimes e.g. make your own lava lamp, coding mBots and mBot Rangers, Lego mindstorms, Drone challenges, google sketch up, making sherbet etc.

All students participating not only get to have some fun, they also earn house points!


High Energy Drinks

A reminder that the College does not recommend the consumption of high energy drinks due to the high caffeine and sugar content of a number of popular brands in the market. Some contain the same amount of caffeine as two to three cups of coffee and as they are drunk cold, deliver caffeine faster that a cup of coffee would. This can lead to sudden peak in energy followed by a crash that can leave you feeling worse than before. The short-term effects of energy drinks include alertness, stimulation of the nervous system and an increased heart rate, while excessive consumption can aggravate symptoms like anxiety, cause insomnia, nausea, vomiting and heart palpitations. As such we seek parent support in not allowing their child to bring high energy drinks to school, and this includes when students are on an excursion.


Learning Potential

There is an Australian Government website called Learning Potential which provides a range of resources, tips and ideas for parents of early years children through to the end of high school. Articles cover Student Wellbeing, Use of Technology, Nutrition, Careers, Being Involved, Study and Exams, Development etc. The website address is or there is the App you can download from the App store.


Child and Youth Directory

Another rich resource for parents is the Child and Youth Directory

This includes a list of services available to young people, parents and carers in our local community. This community resource provides information on services covering the cities of Bayside, Kingston, Glen Eira, Port Phillip and Stonnington.



Michelle Roberts




Important Dates


Friday 17

  • Student Free Day

Monday 20

  • Production Week The Addams Family
  • Production Rehearsal Day
  • MEX 2.0 City Experience

Tuesday 21

  • Year 8 Sortie Cinema to ACMI
  • MEX 2.0 9E & F City Experience Day 2
  • VCE & VCAL Guest Speaker period 4

Wednesday 22

  • Production Opening Night The Addams Family until Saturday 25 August
  • Matinee for primary school students of The Addams Family
  • Intermediate Round Robin Day

Thursday 23

  • Production The Addams Family

Friday 24

  • Production The Addams Family
  • Year 9 SEAL Science Museum and IMAX Excursion
  • Year 12 Media ACMI Excursion
  • ISEC Melbourne Museum Excursion

Saturday 25

  • Production The Addams Family

Monday 27

  • Student Leadership Positions Advertised
  • Year 10 Gold Coast Camp until Friday 31
  • MEX 9E & 9F City Experience Day 3
  • Year 8 SEAL Hub day at Mount Erin College

Tuesday 28

  • Year 10 Gold Coast Camp

Wednesday 29

  • Year 10 Gold Coast Camp

Thursday 30

  • Year 10 Gold Coast Camp

Friday 31

  • Year 10 Gold Coast Camp Return



Saturday 01

  • Music Showcase Rehearsal

Tuesday 4

  • Year 12 Physics Australian Synchrotron Excursion
  • VCE Chinese Revolution Museum and Lecture
  • World Challenge Compulsory Expedition Meeting 3:30pm -6:00pm

Thursday 6

  • Kingston Divison Athletics Day
  • Instrumental Music Showcase Performance Night

Friday 7

  • Year 7 Second Round Immunisations
  • Year 8 SEAL Sovereign Hill Excursion
  • Year 10 Psychology DAX Centre Excursion

Student Awards                                                           

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.


Personal Best: for attending an extra English study session with  their teacher showing dedication and enthusiasm.












Personal Best: for working consistently hard in English and making fantastic progress.




Lana Paten






VCAL Excursion to Pantry 5000

Foundation and Intermediate VCAL Community Service Excursion to Pantry 5000

This term Intermediate VCAL students have been completing an integrated project on addressing the issue of homelessness and marginalisation in our community. On 14 August the Intermediate and Foundation VCAL students along with their teachers visited St Aiden’s Church in Longbeach, the  Anglican Parish of Carrum, to help with the Pantry 5000 program.

The aim of this food distribution centre is to provide thousands of meals for those in need, experiencing financial hardship, disability or homelessness in Southern Kingston and Northern Frankston municipalities. The coordinator of the program, Ken Gooding, sources over two tonnes of food from Second Bite Australia and brings it back to the church to be processed and packed every Tuesday. This food costs Ken around $300-400 a week but is valued at around $18, 000 and provides groceries for over 200 families, particularly single parent families, and returns about $250,000 worth of value to the community each year.

After a brief introduction from Ken’s wife, Sue, the students washed their hands, put on gloves, rolled up their sleeves and immediately got stuck into bagging up apples, packing onions, slicing pumpkins, sorting through avocados, packaging rice, dividing up apple pies and ice creams and unloading hundreds of kilograms of food from the refrigerated truck. 

Students worked in teams, using their initiative, problem solving skills and made conversation with community volunteers, all the while drawing on and developing their job ready skills and achieving the learning outcomes required for the completion of Personal Development Skills Unit 2. Not only did students build on their awareness and understanding of the plight of thousands of families in need and the increasing population of homeless in Australia but  they became more equipped to raise awareness of these important issues in the community and, by doing so, hopefully contribute to the solution of these issues.

I was extremely proud of the behaviour and respect the students showed to Ken and his wife, the volunteers and to each other and hope that this experience will instil important life lessons and help them develop much needed job ready skills to equip them to move beyond the school gates and enter the workforce as responsible and compassionate citizens of our community.


Mara Sears

Teacher of VCAL

Tickets Now On Sale

Extra Tickets Available from Monday 13 August

The time has come to purchase your tickets to the hottest show in town! The cast and crew of The Addams Family – School Edition have been working hard over the last couple of months and the College Musical is shaping up to be the best one yet. A hilarious, exciting, spectacular, roller coaster ride, you will be entertained with singing, dancing and a love story to move (or remove) your soul! Purchase your tickets to the most anticipated event on the Mordialloc College calendar NOW! Tickets are very reasonably priced at $18 for students and $22 for Adults (no concessions).

If you would like extra tickets to any of the performances please contact the General Office ASAP as tickets are selling out fast.

For those who have purchased tickets over the phone please come to the accounts receivable window at the General Office to collect them or send your child to collect them before next Wednesday.

Miss Sears

Production Coordinator




Fundraising for Smith Family

The 5c collection for The Smith Family has now been successfully running for over a term! We encourage all students to keep bringing in loose 5c coins on a regular basis and add them to their House jar in the Hub. House points are awarded for reaching certain heights on the jars and a grand prize will be awarded to the House who fills their jar first. Currently, Iwala (Red House) is in the lead, having earned 30 points already! Kalura (Green House) and Yerlonga (Blue House) are following, battling for second place with 10 points each so far.

All money raised is being donated to The Smith Family to support their extraordinary work in supporting the education of disadvantaged children and breaking the cycle of poverty.


Sabrina Berg

School Captain


Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 3 2018

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Private appointments are available on Wednesdays after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website Click and Collect ordering now available.

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.


Extended Trading Hours


Saturday 06/10/2018     9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Saturday 27/10/2018     9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Saturday 03/11/2018     9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Saturday 01/12/2018     9:00 am -12:00 pm

Tuesday 11/12/2018       8:30 am - 12:00 pm     ORIENTATION DAY

Wednesday 12/12/2018 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm    LAST TRADING DAY FOR 2018

Chelsea Basketball Club


Commences Oct 8 2018

Any new junior girls’ team will receive a 10% discount on team entry.
U8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20s
(boys & girls competitions)

Also, did you know junior representative try outs for season 2019 commence October? Please check for details.  On-line registration will be available soon.

Any questions on any of these great opportunities please contact [email protected]

Aspendale Gardens Community Centre



Aspendale Life Saving Club


College News
Work submission policy.pdf
Work submission policy.pdf