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30 August 2018
No: 3/8
PE/Health At  Hackham East Primary School Derryn Amoroso
PE & Health At Hackham East Primary School Gab Martin
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French at Hackham East Primary School
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PE/Health At
 Hackham East Primary School

Derryn Amoroso

In this edition I would like to celebrate the sporting achievements of two old scholars from the class of 2017; Jake and Latysha.

Latysha has recently been selected to be part of the South Adelaide Women’s Development Squad. I recall a goal she set for herself in 2017 was to play for the Crows. We are pleased to see that she is showing commitment through our school value of persistence to take the first of many steps required on her journey to realising her goal.

We also want to recognise Jake  who this year has improved to a level that he has been selected in the BMX State Representative team.

We thank Jake's mother for her recognition of our efforts to support Jake in his development of accountability and resilience. We hope he continues to improve and show the persistence and dedication required to become the next Sam Willoughby*.


History of Hackham East Primary School 

Following on from the conversation of old scholars, last year we invited local sporting clubs and organisations from our community to be a part of Sports Day. In doing so we were able to learn that Jason Torney and Clay Sampson who each represented both the Adelaide and Richmond Football Clubs in the AFL were old scholars of Hackham East Primary School.










As we look to entrench evidence of the cultural history here at Hackham East, we are requesting the help of anyone in our community who can supply us with details about the winning Sports Day Teams and House Captains from the years 2006 to 2016.

Please forward your information to Mrs Martin or Mr Amoroso.

Sport's Day

Preparations for this year’s Sports Day are well underway. For new parents and families to our school please be advised that each student has been allocated a house colour. A list with the corresponding details will be on display near your child’s classroom by the end of this week.

Sports Day will be held on Friday 21 September and will begin at 8:40am and finish at approximately 2:15pm.  

In the event of bad weather, Sports Day will be postponed to the following Friday, 28 September, the last school day of Term 3.

All students will be competing against other students from their year level and will not remain with their class (exemptions being the Receptions and year 7 class). Opportunities to earn bonus ‘Village Points’ will be available throughout the day and for students who elect to represent another colour on top of their own. In the process of doing so students practice school values and help to balance the numbers required to keep select events even. The process will involve wearing a coloured sash for the duration of the tabloid and clinic events.


Jump Rope for Heart

Over recent years we have been supporting people affected by heart disease by collecting donations for Jump Rope for Heart. This year Governing Council has considered other opportunities for charitable donations as an alternative to fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart.

We are aware that supporting people affected by heart disease is a passionate cause for families within our community. We are investigating opportunities to work with Jump Rope for Heart for students who would like to take part. Please register your interest with Mr Amoroso.


Sam Willoughby is an Olympic Silver Medalist BMX Champion from Adelaide. In 2016 he became a tetraplegic after a training crash. A year later and with the assistance of braces he stood to dance with his wife at their wedding and has since managed to ride his BMX again whilst still unable to walk. Not only is he a great sporting example, but a great example of resilience in a real world context.



Derryn Amoroso, PE Teacher


PE & Health At
Hackham East Primary School
Gab Martin

Last term we used some of our Sporting schools funding grant money to have Lacrosse Specialists in from Canada and the Sturt Lacrosse Club. Our students benefit greatly from experiencing a wide variety of sports here at HEPS and Lacrosse really challenged our students to transfer their knowledge of invasion games strategies into a sport for which they had no experience in using that particular skillset as there is no other sport that requires you to catch a ball in a net at the end of a long stick. Well done to all for using their persistence to gain a new skill.


A special thanks to Matt from Tennis Masters and the Morphett Vale Tennis Club for continuing to support our students both in school hours and out of school. If you would like further information on your child being involved in tennis please contact Matt on 0449257441.

Gab Martin, PE/Health Teacher

The Arts at Hackham East Primary School

Term 3 Arts

It has already proved to be a fun and exciting semester within the Arts this year, as students have showed great enthusiasm, persistence and resilience in applying themselves within all activities and as a result, have displayed great creativity and critical thinking through the areas of Visual Arts and Media Arts. With a new Term, brings further opportunity for the students at Hackham East Primary School to explore different ways to interpret ideas, and convey meaning through expressing themselves. This Term the focus for students has been Performance Arts, and how we can use elements such as movement, voice and dramatic action to communicate ideas – specifically through Drama and Dance.


Students within Castle have spent the last few weeks focusing on key performance skills, to develop an understanding of the Elements of Drama. Specifically, we have been looking at activities focused around Movement, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication and Improvisation through Dramatic Play. Students have been experimenting with ways that they can control their body language through games and Visualisation activities. For example; How would we move around the space if we were a balloon? What if the balloon popped? How would we move if we were in a hurry to get to school? This has helped students to understand that movement needs to be purposeful to effectively convey meaning to an audience. Students have also been able to explore Verbal and Non-Verbal communication through conveying different emotions and how it is possible to convey these feelings without the need to make a sound, but rather, through the use of facial expression and body movement.


Stillwell students have been building on their prior knowledge and understanding of different approaches to Drama by applying different elements into collaborative performances. A large focus has been exploring different Theatre Sport activities and group Dramatic Action games, in order to develop each student’s confidence and courage. It can be a daunting experience to perform and act in front of our peers, let alone a large audience. But students have embraced the challenge and this, combined with reflecting on and implementing aspects tied to our school values, has resulted in many of the students coming out of their shells and being backed by the encouragement and respect of their fellow peers. Improvisational activities such as ‘Charades’ and ‘Object Transformation’ have developed into mimed performances exploring narrative structure and genre, with scenarios created by the student groups themselves. We are hoping to continue this progression by exploring acted skits and scripted performances that enable students to apply the different Elements of Drama at a greater depth.













Holly students have been following a similar progression and approach to the Performance Arts that Stillwell students have been experiencing. However, as well as developing collaborative skills and confidence within performance, Holly has been exploring the importance of planning and responding to performances in greater depth. During moments of rehearsal, greater attention has been given to the discussion and exploration of development of character within the role. Within groups, we have considered how projection of voice, body movement and animated delivery can further engage an audience and make a performance more believable. Following the performance of a group act to the class, students open up to questions and feedback from their peers. Peers provide constructive thoughts and reflect on aspects that were successful, as well as areas that could be improved on, with the purpose of strengthening skills moving forward.

I am looking forward to seeing how all students enhance their understanding within the Performing Arts.

Stephen Di Girolamo, The Arts Teacher

French at Hackham East Primary School

French Day
Bonjour tout le monde! (Hello everyone!)

This year’s French Day was a wonderful day of learning, creativity and fun. The 2018 theme centred around Art and Culture, with all students having the opportunity to explore an art gallery in our very own Louvre Museum! The school was awash with French flag colours and French themed costumes and, as usual, we were treated with a variety of très délicieux French foods to purchase at the Canteen.  


Students displayed their school values in many ways, such as the Receptions and Monsieur Goodman’s class using Courage to perform ‘Arc-en-Ciel’ (the Rainbow Song) at assembly. Castle and Stillwell students showed Courage and Persistence when performing their provincial French dances to the school in a much smaller space than they had practiced. The Holly classes showed their personal best no matter who they work with, when they co-created the stunning reproduction artworks used for the Louvre gallery.


For the first time ever we had a display to showcase our students’ artistic talents through sculptures, paintings and drawings. The works were available to be viewed in the Library and students won awards for their effort, their skill level and their creativity. We also had our very first ‘Travel Board’, thanks to our school families and staff. It was très fantastique to see how many people in our school community have travelled to a French speaking country. Sharing travel experiences is such a great way to inspire our children to travel themselves in the future.


Throughout the day, students participated in a range of French themed activities.


Castle students learned about Henri Matisse and how he  “drew” with scissors. They used their knowledge of French colours to make their own artist’s paint pallet with crayons and watercolours. Students recreated Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s famous ‘Fruit Faces’ (shown at the Louvre) as their own collage and created a modern take on the most visited artwork in the world, the ‘Mona Lisa’.  Some students even got to try Pétanque and French Skipping for the first time too.


The Stillwell classes tried their hands at making their very own ‘Winged Victory’ Statues out of plasticine. First they learnt some facts about the famous sculpture (which is situated in the Louvre) and then they used photographs of the statue at different angles to recreate their own mini versions. Students discovered Renoir’s painting ‘The Skiff’ (also known as ‘La Yole’) and used soft pastels to create their own reproduction of the painting. Some looked so similar! Finally, each class learnt of the history of the Louvre Museum and took time to make a 3D drawing of the famous Louvre Pyramid.


Students from the Holly Unit spent time investigating French influences on the world in areas such as scientific, revolutionary, the arts and sports. Once each small group had chosen one person of influence, they spent time finding information and presented their findings in poster form. They then came together and shared their information with their classes.


Merci beaucoup to all of the parents and visitors who attended our special French Day assembly and to the teachers, SSOs and helpers who assisted throughout the day.  

Madame Mawson 

School News

Father's Day Stall

Parents/Caregivers are invited to attend the Fathers Day Stall on Thursday 30/8 from 8:30-9:00am and 2:30-3:00pm (stock permitting) in the Library.   Gifts range from $0.50 to $5.00.  Students will have the opportunity to purchase a gift when they visit with their class during the day.

Thank you for supporting this event.

Fundraising Committee

Sun Protection Policy

Students will wear dress code broad-brimmed or legionnaire hats for all outside activities and break times from 1 September to 30 April and at any other time when the UV level is 3 or above, or if outside for longer than an hour, including excursions, sports practice, bonus play and crossing duty.  No hat - no outside activities during these times.

Hats are to be worn from Tuesday 4 September 2018.  Hats can be purchased for $5.50 from the Front Office or the Dress Code Shop.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Students who are participating in the Premier's Reading Challenge this year are reminded that all sheets with records of the books you have read need to be returned to staff in the Library by Friday 7/9.  Please make sure you have your name clearly printed on the forms.  No late entries can be accepted.

Deb Scarff, SSO Library


Dress Code Shop

The Dress Code Shop, located at the end of Penney Unit will no longer be open on a Tuesday.  The opening times are:

Monday        8:30-9:00am

Wednesday 2:30-3:00pm

Thursday     8:30-9:00am

Pyjamas for Farmers

Thank you to the students and staff for participating in the Pyjamas for Famers fundraising event on 17/8.  We raised $715.00, with the money going to purchase hay to be sent to farmers affected by the drought in New South Wales and Queensland.

Your generosity is appreciated.

Haylee and Stephany

School Banking

Parents/Caregivers and students are reminded that School Banking with the Commonwealth Bank is each Wednesday.  If you would like information on how your child can participate in School Banking please speak with Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager.

School Banking is an excellent opportunity for students to see how small deposits of money can grown into substantial amounts for the future.

School Card

Parents/Caregivers are reminded that School Card applications must be filled out and submitted every year.  Spare applications are available at the Front Office and need to be handed in to our Finance Manager, Tracy Rowley as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can apply for School Card online at www.sa.gov.au (Finance Education & Learning/Financial Hep/School Card Scheme Applications).


Parents/Caregivers are invited to attend the school Assembly on Friday 7/9 from 9:00am in the Penney Unit.  Please stay for a cup of coffee/tea and morning tea afterwards.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Book Week

Book Week was another great success and fun had by all.  Staff and students had a wonderful week ending with an amazing Book Week Parade on Thursday dressing up to the theme "Find Your Treasure" or a favourite book character.

A very big thank you to Mr Cronin with his creative and artistic work converting the Library borrowing/return station into an outstanding pirate ship and to Jae Gillett for the matching treasure chest.

Deb Scarff, SSO Library


Canteen News

Please check the coins students are bringing to school to ensure that they are Australian currency.  Recently several foreign currency coins have been used at the Canteen resulting in a loss to the Canteen as the bank will not accept foreign coins.


Pastoral Care Worker News

I had a very fruitful conversation the other day with one of our local Pastors, Ross Fairbanks from the Hackham Family Baptist Church on Penny’s Hill Road. There are a few opportunities that you may be interested in:-

Kid's Club

Held on the third Sunday of each month from 5:00-7:00pm for 11-16yr olds.  Small donation for food and drinks.  Informal and minimum Christian content.  Fun, safe, interactive (all volunteers have Child Safety training).

Connection Cafe

Held on Mondays from 10:00am to 12:00noon at Hackham Family Baptist Church.  All welcome.

Community Garden

Hackham Family Baptist Church have just received a grant from the Council.  They are working in partnership with the school and Junction Australia to provide a garden for the community.

Volunteers are needed to construct garden beds, starting at Hackham Family Baptist Church and then hopefully at the school.  Volunteer gardeners are needed across both sites (starting with HFBC).  

Edible Gardens

Small boxes of edible gardens to be given away - please contact either myself or Scott Megson if you have an interest in gardening and would like to receive one.

Grow Free

At the back of the Church building, near the back carpark is a cart where you can donate excess fruit or vegetables and this food is then free for ALL local residents to partake of.

Operation Christmas Child

At Hackham East Primary School we are collecting items for our "Shoeboxes for Love" again this year.  Please begin to collect small items such as coloured pencils, paper, clothing, toothbrushes and soap, small fluffy toys and other items that children can play with.  A letter will be sent home to all families soon regarding what is suitable to donate.  Your generosity is appreciated.

No Parent Afternoon Tea on 31/8

Parents/Caregivers are reminded there will be no Afternoon Tea from 2:30pm on Friday 31/8 due to the School Closure Day.

I look forward to seeing you the following week on Friday 7/9.

Cherie Love, Pastoral Care Worker


School Closure and
Student Free Day

Parents/Caregivers are reminded of the following:

School Closure Day - Friday 31 August 2018 

Student Free Day -  Monday 3 September 2018.

If you require care for your child/children please contact Jacky Smith, OSHC Director on 0499228039 or email [email protected] to make a booking.

Dates to Remember

August 2018

Thursday 30/8 - Father's Day Stall

Friday 31/8 - School Closure Day

September 2018 

Monday 3/9 - Student Free Day - Staff Attending PD

Friday 7/9 - Last Day for Premier's Reading Challenge forms to be lodged

Friday 7/9 - Assembly, 9:00am, Penney Unit followed by morning tea

Friday 21/9 - School Sports Day

Friday 28/9 - 2:00pm Finish - Last Day of Term 3

October 2018

Monday 15/10 - First school day of Term 4

Road Crossing Monitors

Term 3

Week 7 (4/9-7/9)


Rose Ralston

Paige Parsons

Tanyka Dennis


Madison O'Donnell

Stephany Mason

Lily Salter



Week 8 (10/4-14/9)


Phoenix Bruse

Larni Smith

Kaylee Beens


Kekoa Jordan

Krina Davis

Taya Gallacher

Community News

Come & Try T-Ball

T-ball is a fun, modified game of baseball played by children aged 5-9yrs.  Games played at the Club on Friday nights during Term 4.  Come along on Friday 7/9 from 5:00-6:30pm or Sunday 9/9 from 10:00-11:30am at the Southern Districts Baseball Club.


Seaford Summer Sevens

7 Aside Soccer Competition from Friday 19/10 to 30/11.  All games played from 5:15pm.  Teams from U8 to U14. For more information visit Seafordsummersevens.com.au


Saver Plus

Join Saver Plus and we will match your savings, dollar for dollar, up to $500.00 to help with education costs for you or your children.


Men's Yarnin Circle

Arts, crafts and yarns over a cuppa and lunch.  Held Wednesday 12/9, 26/9, 10/10, 24/10, 7/11, 21/11 & 5/12 at 7 Vine St, Old Reynella.  Ph 83221120 for more information.


Kidstuff For Young Parents

Are you pregnant, a mum or a dad under 25yrs? Come along to information sessions and have fun learning while discovering creative ways for caring for your child and yourself.  Held each Friday from 7/9 - 12/10 (10:00am-12:30pm) at Metropolitan Youth Health, Beach Rd, Christies Beach. Ph Emily or Jo 83266053 to register or for more information.


Who's In Charge

An 8 session course, for those struggling with adolescents that use violence and abuse towards them and other family members.  Held each Monday 22/10 to 10/12 (10:00am-12:00pm) at Junction Australia, Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham.  Ph 83923000 to register or for more information.

Yankalilla Community Church

An invitation to the community to attend Breaking the Cycle  (Domestic Vilence, Alcohol & Other Drugs) on 4/9 from 6:00-9:00pm, Advanced Care Directives (The What, When & Why) held on 4/9 from 2:00-4:00pm and Pathways to Care held on 4/9 from 8:45-1:00pm.


Peaceful Parenting In a Violent World

A 2 hour workshop for parents who are concerned about the impact of domestic violence on their children.  Held on Tuesday 18/9 from 1:00-3:00pm at Centacare Level 2, 45 Wakefield St, Adelaide.  Ph 82156700 to register.


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