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09 November 2018
Issue Four
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One of the challenging and interesting aspects of our work is that things can be quite unpredictable. There was no better example of this than last Thursday when we had a visit from the Education Minister James Merlino. Now I know we are fast approaching the State election in late November, so I anticipated this visit had something to do with that. However, as it turned out there was much more to this visit than any of us could have anticipated.

The Hon James Merlino MP and Education Minister visited the college on Thursday October 25 to announce a $6.6 million dollar pledge to the college facilities with an upgrade of the gymnasium and refurbishment of the performing arts center. This builds on the $10 million dollars already provided by the government to upgrade the Arts, Science, Technology and Wellbeing buildings. Cranbourne families will get world-class school facilities that our students and staff need to achieve their best.

It is truly an exciting time for our College community, who will benefit significantly from this timely and positive investment in the education of Cranbourne’s students.



I hope you enjoy our newsletter.



John Jovic










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Important Information Highlights


Headstart commences for all 2019 Year 8 to 12 students on Monday 26th November. For students in Year’s 8 to 10 Headstart will run for 3 weeks and conclude on Friday the 14th of December at 3.10pm. For students in Year 11 and 12 VCE and VCAL Headstart will run for 2 weeks and conclude on Friday 7th of December at 3.10pm. Students are expected to be in attendance each day of their program.



In 2019 the college will move to a 5 period day. The day will commence at 8.43am and conclude 3.10pm every day. Each period will be one hour in length. The bell times for Headstart and the 2019 academic year will be as follows:


Warning bell- 8.43-8.48

F/A- 8.48-9:00

Period 1- 9.00-10.00

Period 2- 10.00-11


Recess- 11.00-11.20

Warning bell-11.20-11.25


Period 3- 11.25-12.25

Period 4- 12.25-1.25


Lunch- 1.25-2.05

Warning bell- 2.05-2.10


Period 5- 2.10-3.10 



Regrettably there is a growing trend for students to leave their lockers open without locks on them.

Reminder that all students need a working lock on their lockers, so their school equipment can be kept safe at school at all times.

This not only leaves the contents exposed for thieves but also results in more damage to them. Please encourage your children to ensure they have a suitable lock attached to assist us to both minimise theft from, and damage to their lockers










It is important that your Family contact details are kept up to date. If anything changes throughout the term, can you please notify the College.


It is important to remember that students are required to follow the Uniform Policies of the school, these can be located on the College Website, failure to do so will result in consequences been issued.







Compass User Guide


Year 7

The start of Term four has seen the Year 7’s be involved in a number of activities relating to Cyber Safety. The first incursion saw Optus come to talk to them about how to make their personal details safe from computer hackers and identity thieves. The session was very enlightening and provided the students with a web site to ensure their log in details are hard to get into.

The second session saw Andrew Rankin and Kirsten Young from the Peninsula Community Legal Centre come and talk to the students about the legal ramifications of using the internet incorrectly, especially when it came to sexting and cyber bullying.

At the start of the term, five students Jordan Milne, Sauleola Maala, Eugene Siilata, Felix Tua and Joel Mulligan competed at the Regional Athletics Carnival. This event saw Jordan Milne progress onto the State Athletics Championship at Albert Park. Jordan competed in the 1500m at the State Championships and placed 7th in a personal best time of 4:47. Great effort, Jordan.

Year 8

Term four has been a busy term for the Year 8s with students participating in numerous incursions including a presentation ran by the Peninsula Community Legal Centre.

On the sporting field the Year 8 Boys Handball Team won the division title by 1 goal in the grand final. Congratulations to Vithum Sathyajith and Michael Maalo who were able to score the majority of our goals throughout the tournament and to his brother Morgan Maalo for doing a great job in saving all the opposition goals as goal keeper. This was a great effort from the team of 9 boys, who made it back to back Division wins from Year 7 to Year 8.

In the coming weeks all Year 8 Students will be involved in an excursion to Monash University Caulfield Campus. Whilst at Monash Students will get the opportunity to experience activities which are designed to inform students decision making and knowledge of university and student life.

All students are currently working to the best of their ability in the classroom working on their final assessment tasks before moving to Year 9. The Year 8 team look forward to the cohort achieving excellent results and wish them the best for their Year 9 studies.  

Year 9

Deakin University Excursion

This week students travelled to Deakin University from the school by bus. Once we reached the University, we went to a lecture room where one of the volunteers told us about what we were going to be doing throughout the day. After being split into two groups, we were taken to another smaller room where three other volunteers went through a PowerPoint about correct greetings and handshakes, and how enterprise skills are used and how they are important in the real world. We were also taught about how to do an appropriate and ‘perfect’ handshake.


Chelsea Kimber 9E


A particular moment that was most important throughout the experience was learning to use “Enterprise Skills”, skills that would be essential for us when it comes to applying for jobs and achieving our future career by being resourceful and initiative. One of the enterprise skills that I found very achieving for me was the communication skill. I’ve always been a person who develops social anxiety when being faced with strangers, but using the advice gained from the Deakin presentations, talking to the staff members, sending a wave or simply smiling at them gave me the biggest boost of confidence I’ve never felt before. By the time we were all on the bus ride back to the school, I had questioned myself the entire trip smiling the whole way thinking, “Where did this tremendous amount of confidence come from?”

The Deakin University Experience will definitely be an important part of my life, looking back at what I learnt on that day has made me felt much more confident with myself and stronger than ever before. If it wasn’t for the Deakin Experience, I wouldn’t know what would’ve happened when future job interviews had occurred or when I’m being face-to-face with strangers of the public. If there was one word that could describe that entire day for me, it would definitely be life-changing.



Emily Ben 9F

Year 10

Jetstar High Flyers Program

We again had the fortune this year to send four of our very capable young ladies, Jireh BAUTISTA, Lovely FREIREZ, Thi NGUYEN and Lillian VONG of Year 10 to the ‘Jetstar High Fliers Program’ organised by Louise Manka at ACBN.


I have attached, with Louise’s permission, a copy of the email sent out to participating schools following the event that showcased the breadth of career options for woman in the industry and the value the day provided for participants and presenters.


Ray Holdsworth

Year 10 Team Leader


Dear all,

What an amazing day High Flyers was last week!  A week ago already.  A fantastic collaboration with incredible outcomes.  I hope you enjoy reading the comments and seeing the collated results of surveys – 35 out of 39 students completed evaluations. 

Please feel free to email me with any additional feedback or stories that may emerge over time.  ABCN love to hear stories about future impact from programs students have participated in.


It was difficult to choose which comments to include as there were so many fabulous ones, thank you for all your efforts in recruiting students, gathering permission forms and getting them to the event on the day!


Student Evaluation Summary (High Flyers)

The following are summarised student response results which demonstrate the percentage improvement from start of the program to end.  (Note the rating scale is a 1 – 7 measure with 1 being lowest through to 7 being highest rating – i.e. 5 – 7 is agree to strongly agree.)  These results demonstrate that overall the students gained a lot from the program and their time with you.  


Rating Area

Before Rating 5-7      After Rating 5-7

I understand the different types of careers available in the aviation industry

9%                                                  97%

I understand the different ways you can get a career in the aviation industry

5%                                                  91%

I am aware of the strengths and attributes that employers are looking for in the aviation industry

17%                                                88%

I have the confidence to apply for potential roles in the aviation industry

11%                                                 83%

I am interested in studying subjects that will lead to a career in the aviation industry

23%                                                  83%


Student Comments

Loved it! I feel a lot more secure about career opportunities in aviation.

I would recommend this program to other young females so they know that they can have a job in the aviation industry.

I learnt that there are a lot of opportunities open for girls and that we aren’t limited at certain careers

I learnt all the different qualities that it takes to become someone not only in aviation, but all types of jobs. Also that even women have amazing qualities to incorporate into the aviation industry.

I will use the skills I’ve learnt today in the future with different careers that I’m interested in.

I learnt that it’s ok to take risks because you might be rewarded at the end.

I learnt that there’s more than just one career choice in the one industry and if you don’t make it into one job it doesn’t mean there aren’t others.

I’ll pursue stem subjects!

It was such a great experience to be able to open up opportunities and ideas! And to get a better understanding of careers in aviation.


Mentor Comments

What an eye opening event. It is so exciting and wonderful to see/hear from a group of amazing women, women that we can potentially inspire to join careers like us.

I highly recommend volunteering to High Flyers to my female colleagues. It’s a positive experience sharing your skills, challenges and personal career journey.

I would say to them – go ahead! It is an invigorating, exciting and rewarding experience! It gave me a new appreciation of what I do by seeing it from a different (the student’s perspective). I highly recommend it.

I believe this is one of the best mentoring programs that I have been involved in. If there are follow up activities that require a mentor, please count me in!


100% of mentors would recommend the program, valued the opportunity to participate, will talk to others about High flyers and felt proud that Jetstar was part of the ABCN


School Comments

I would recommend! Great opportunity for student to be exposed to career pathways they might not have considered. Program was run in a very engaging way.

Fantastically run, highly organised and a great team feel in the organisation.

I would absolutely recommend High Flyers Program. It is an opportunity that our girls would never have if it wasn’t for this program.

Fantastic to see that almost all of the mentors were female. Students having the opportunity to meet and chat with female engineers, pilots and IT professionals is very powerful and I think these female mentors are crucial to this program being so successful. Thank you!

They were excited, involved and felt very special. They learnt things and were able to ask questions that if it wasn’t for this program they wouldn’t have learnt.

Congratulations on an amazing event! Thank you for inviting our students yet again. Huge thanks to ABCN, Jetstar, the mentors and everyone who was involved today.




VCE News

End of school for the Class of 2018

Formal classes for all Units 3/ 4 (Year 12) classes concluded on Wednesday 24 October, in anticipation of the first major written exam scheduled to occur on 31 October. For our Year 12 students, this represents a very major moment in their lives, signifying for most the end of 13 years of formal schooling. This also poses the challenging question about what will the future hold! Once again, the work of our wonderfully committed team of VCE teachers should be acknowledged, as they have continued to run extra classes (even at weekends!), to work closely with individual students and to assess practice exam pieces.

In a break with tradition, the decision was made by the Senior School Team, to hold one end of class celebratory event, unifying all departing VCE and VCAL students. As a result, most Year 12 students and a large contingent of their teachers enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing and companionable day, bathed in glorious sunshine, at the redeveloped Gumbaya World on Thursday 25 October. Student awards were presented by the student leaders and everyone enjoyed feasting upon a wonderfully-rich vast chocolate cake made by Maree Schmidt.    

The final formal event for the Class of 2018 will be the Valedictory Dinner, to be held at the Grand on Cathies on the evening of Tuesday 18 December (6.30-10.30pm).      


Exams loom large!

For both Year 11 and 12 VCE students, formal exams are a critically-important form of assessment. In the case of Year 12 subjects, exam scores are used to moderate all internal classwork scores and so are the most influential element in deriving individual Study Scores in each subject, and thus the overall ATAR (Australian Tertiary Achievement Rank). Therefore, the depth and breadth of pre-exam revision undertaken by students, the number of practice tasks they undertake, and the extent to which they actively seek out the assistance of individual subject teachers will greatly impact on their performance.

All Year 12 students, and Year 11 students undertaking a Year 12 subject have been given a personal copy of the official VCAA Exam Navigator, which includes not only the VCAA exam timetable, but all rules, regulations and processes outlined. These run from Wednesday 31 October until Tuesday 20 November in V Block. Year 11 students will be given a copy of the Unit 2 exam timetable and rules at a special assembly on 29 October. These exams commence on Monday 12 November and conclude on Tuesday 20 November. 


Pathways to the future: VTAC preferences

Our exiting Year 12 students are wonderfully supported by the Pathways Team led by Sharon Bourne. She has overseen the process of entering VTAC preferences. Once the ATAR scores are released on 14 December, students have an opportunity to amend their course preferences until 19 December.     


Importance of VCE Headstart 

You should have received the confirmed 2019 VCE courses by now. The two week Headstart program (26 November-7 December) is a critically important time for students to become acquainted with the nature of each subject as well as commencing elements of each course.



Entrepreneurs Unearthed: ABCN Competition: September 2018 


Monica Alier, Mele Leaso of Year 11 and Hamza Tanoli, Abdul Mannan and Sina Zahedi of Year 12 demonstrated their collective entrepreneurial spirit  in the final of this competition on Wednesday 19 September as they presented to a panel of high level Ernst Young and CBA executives.  It was held in the headquarters of Ernst Young in the city, a large multinational accounting firm.  


 Monica and Mele presented their pitch which centred on a business where customers ‘purchase for purpose’ and where transactions become a platform for global issues.


 Hamza, Abdul and Sina performed and presented as they lobbied for support for their innovation – Powershade (a café umbrella fitted with solar panels to allow customers to charge their devices as they enjoy their drinks). 


Each of the competing shortlisted teams was required to present to an expert panel.  The panel members were:  David Gilmour (Leader Partner, Strategy & Customer Consulting – Oceania for Ernst Young), Sarah Nally (Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of the Wondertribe) and Rebecca O’Reilly (Graduate Program and Outreach Manager for Enterprise Services, Commonwealth Bank of Australia).   


After presenting their pitch, each team was questioned extensively about their business ideas.  Our students acquitted themselves very well, operating professionally and determinedly and truly made our school proud. 


Whilst neither of our teams was the single overall winner, this was an amazing experience and one where our students learnt so much about themselves and about the real world of business.  It was another wonderful  ABCN venture, which has provided so much to this school over the years in which we have has ABCN scholars. Our first ABCN scholarship winner was Shadab Safa, who graduated from Year 12 in 2017 and our current winner is Trent Ruston of Year 11 .  


Thanks should also be extended to Sharon Bourne, Pathways Leader, who accompanied the students.


Ross Huggard, VCE Leader




We’re only 3 weeks into term 4 however our VCAL student cohort has halved.  This week we said good bye to our year 12 students through a fun and engaging day at Gumbya World, which provided an opportunity for students and staff to reflect and celebrate an end of one journey and the commencement of another.  We wish the VCAL class of 2018 all the very best in their future endeavours whether that be in further study, full time work, apprenticeships or personal pursuits.  As we look further ahead we are excited by the prospect of one final farewell at the Valedictory dinner on Tuesday 18th of December.

This term our intermediate (year 11) students are frantically making the most of what time they have left of the 2018 school year.  Students are finalising their common assessment tasks and developing their progression portfolios in preparation for their progression interviews scheduled for the week of Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd of November.

A select group of students are also in the final preparation phase of a yearlong project based around the development of our Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) team.  A team of 10 students will depart for Maryborough to participate in a 24hr race from Wednesday 21st to Sunday 25th November.  We wish both students and staff participating all the very best of luck.



Sports News

We had 19 students qualify to compete at today’s regional athletics final at Casey Fields.  All students gave their best effort in warm but windy conditions. 

Pleasingly, we had 3 students win through to the state athletics finals:

  • Ty Kirkwood 1st 14 boys long jump
  • Kevin Keng 1st 16 boys 110m hurdles
  • Jordan Milne 2nd 12-13 boys 1500m.


Furthermore, we had numerous other students place in their events:

  • Bernadette Taumaoe 2nd 14 girls discus, 2nd 14 girls shot put
  • Tom Bandi 2nd 16 boys discus
  • Batoor Jamalie 2nd 18-20 boys 110m hurdles
  • Fahtima Afaese 3rd 15 girls discus
  • Sefo Maalo, Mason Heeger, Tom Bandi and Kevin Keng 3rd 16 boys 4x100m relay.

A phenomenal effort, especially considering we are competing against a lot of athletic academy sport schools!  Well done!!



Kevin compete in the 16 boys 110m hurdles state athletics final where he won a BRONZE medal, finishing 3rd behind 2 national hurdlers!!  A fantastic effort by Kevin J

Jordan Milne (1500m) and Ty Kirkwood (long jump) compete last this afternoon.





During week 8 of Term 3, 26 students, Mr Davies, Mr Taig, Mrs O’Kane and Miss Fallon boarded the bus to Mt. Hotham.  This year has been one of the best snow seasons ever and we were lucky enough to be blessed with not only a MASSIVE amount of snow but SENSATIONAL weather for the whole week!! 



Arriving Monday afternoon, we dropped our bags at Peninsula ski lodge and the students headed straight into a lesson.  It may look easy, but skiing and snowboarding are difficult skills to learn and master, and by the end of the 90-minute lesson, many first time skiers and boarders were thinking ‘what have I done’, finding it difficult to pick up the brand new skill.  However, pleasingly, with a lot of persistence, grit and determination, by the week’s end, all 26 students could successfully ski or snowboard.  It was a brilliant to see all 26 students with big smiles plastered on their faces, skiing down the various Mt. Hotham runs.  While the 5 days of hitting the slopes were exhausting, a FANTASTIC week was had by all who attended!!





Kellie Fallon

Sports coordinator



It’s been a busy time in the technology department

Our 1st and 2nd year hospitality student’s hosted and awesome dinner for family members in our library. Students spent the day preparing a delicious buffet dinner and dessert bar. I must say we were all sporting food babies after this event. I would also like to thank my food staff for their support in helping with the event.








Former student Liam Manwaring is a 3rd  year apprentice chef at         Boyz 4 Breakie, 


The Boyz 4 Breakie is a Mornington Peninsula institution known for food served with flair and passion, where the best seasonal produce is plated for your enjoyment.

Situated, at the beach end of Main Street Mornington (adjacent to Mornington Park and Mornington Pier)


 I have it on good authority that the food is delicious.


Liam came in yesterday to work with some of our 1st year hospitality students and it was pretty cool to see how much he has grown and matured.




The Art/Technology festival happened last week, our VCAL 11 and 12 woodwork students showcased their years’ work. Their Design portfolios and their finished products. Pretty awesome work with the assistance of their teacher Mr Ramage.



Maree Schmidt





























Arts/Media Festival

On Tuesday October 23rd we held our annual festival that celebrates the amazing achievements of our senior students. Works displayed were from Year’s 10, 11 and 12 in the subject areas of Art, Photography, Visual Communication Design, Studio Arts and VCAL Art and Design and VCAL Technology.

The evening was topped off with the screening of the Year 12 Media students short films.

 People who attended were in awe of the incredibly high quality of the work on display and the patience and dedication of the students who produced them.

We would all like to express our deep gratitude to Mrs. Schmidt and her VET Hospitality class who catered for the occasion. The professional standard of presentation and flavour was an added bonus for the evening’s celebration. Some would say “the icing on the cake”!

If you missed it this year, make sure you mark it on your calendar for next year.



Performing Arts


Scholarship award winner Rahni Wightman...Congratulations!


We’re excited to announce that VSSS18 cast members Rahni Wightman and Jake Lonergan (Viewbank College) have been awarded scholarships with one of our partners Jason Coleman's Ministry Of Dance. They have been offered professional qualifications in Dance and Musical Theatre with a tuition value of $23,500 each. Congratulations to you both!!!


After weeks and weeks of blocking, re-contextualising and rehearsing the Unit 3 Theatre Studies class made their way to the Kingston Arts Centre for their Stagecraft examinations.

With their props, costumes and set pieces ready – the students were ushered into the rehearsal space to prepare for their names to be called. One by one the students were directed into the assessment rooms where they delivered their Oral Framing Statement then performed their interpretation of their selected monologue, followed by answering a question from the panel of assessors.

What followed was relief and release. Months of hard work learning lines, sourcing costumes and set pieces and rehearsing the 5 minute monologues was over in a matter of minutes.

Congratulations to Imogen, Hector, Emily, Jordan, Brianna and Naomie for all of their hard work.

Good luck for your written exam next week.


Linda McGloin – Theatre Studies teacher


VET Dance

The VET Dance students have been working on their solos for the VET Dance exam. They learn 2 solos in differing dance styles and perform these 45 minutes after each other. We have had professional choreographers come in and teach the solos that were performed in the Senior  Dance Performance in August. The girls both did a Contemporary and Jazz routine and were relieved when their exam was over. When studying VCE the exam contributes to the ATAR score.




Access Monash Champions

Eight students from Cranbourne Secondary College in Year 10 (and three in Year 9, who completed a separate project) were selected to be a part of Access Monash Champions for 2018. The Access Monash Champions program prepares students to become active community leaders. It provides students with the opportunity to further develop skills to prepare them for leadership roles that they might hold in the future and for life after high school. We were expected to design and deliver a unique project that addresses an issue either in our school or wider community and make a real difference. We had the help of our lovely Monash mentors, Bella, Nick and Alisha, to guide us along the way and to help understand what university is really like. Over the span of a couple of months, we met with our mentors every Friday fortnight to discuss and work on our project. We began by brainstorming ideas and thinking about the issues within our community. After discussing many possible options, the Year 10 group decided that we wanted to help out an organisation that was in need, which was the Australian Animal Protection Society. It is a community-based, not for profit registered charity that aims to return as many animals as possible to their owners or find them new forever homes. Our group split into pairs to inform the school about our upcoming plans by going around to speak to form assembly classes.

To raise money for our chosen organisation, we decided to hold a bake sale, in which we would all make something from home and bring it to school to sell. We also ran a ‘guess how many jellybeans are in the jar’ competition and asked students and teachers to guess the amount in the jar. This was a very successful event, in which we made a profit of $165 and we were all very proud. Four students in the group had the opportunity to visit the Australian Animal Protection Society in Dandenong, where we got a tour of the site and even got to interact with some of the animals! We learnt a lot more about how their animals end up in shelters, what the organisation does and just how important their role is in the community. We presented them with our donation and they were very appreciative of it and the effort that we put in. Knowing that our donation made a positive impact in the community, we felt like all our work payed off and it was very empowering.

Finally, we had to make a presentation detailing our process and present this in front of all the schools involved, at the Monash University Peninsula Campus. It was great to see the wide range of different projects presented by the schools. Overall, this program allowed us to further develop/expand our community leadership skills and it was a great experience for us all.

By Renae Hartney and Eirrah Bautista, Year 10.


Polished Man

Term 4 has concluded with another successful free dress day hosted by the SRC team of 2018. The college has shown it's commitment to changing the statistics around violence against women, men and children through successful VCAL projects and various fundraisers. SRC decided to support the great work of these projects by holding a free dress day and a sausage sizzle on the day for Polished Man. Students were asked to paint a nail and got a sausage for only 50c. The event created a buzz around the school as hundreds of students lined up to support this great cause. The event raised over $700 which is set to be donated to the Polished Man Campaign.


In addition to this, elections for SRC 2019 have already begun with our school captains being elected shortly. Stay tuned on compass for our final announcement of School Captains 2019. In 2019 for the first time ever there will be four school captains, two representing VCAL and two representing VCE. It has been a big year for student leadership and I would like to thank the entire SRC team as well as George Massouris, our assistant principal for their continued contribution and dedication to student leadership.


The Doctors in School Program is BACK at Cranbourne Secondary College

The Doctor will be available every Monday during the school term starting on

Monday 12th November

Appointment times will be available between 9.30am and 1.30pm

The doctor will take walk-in appointments during recess and lunch.

How to book an appointment with the Doctor

  1. Come to the Wellbeing area (S5) and book an appointment with one of the team members. Kirsty, Katherine, Shannon, Gina or Mel can assist you. You can come before school, recess, lunch or after school.





  1. Walk straight in to the Doctor’s building (next to S15) at recess or lunch time on a Monday and speak to the nurse Anne.
  2. Click on the GP link on Compass – you can complete the form online and send it directly through to the Wellbeing team.

Meet Dr Charissa Groves







Careers News

Our VCE Year 12 students are currently sitting their VCAA exams and will soon finish.  Many of our VCE students have submitted tertiary course preferences online through VTAC.  A number have applied directly to TAFE institutions or some have applied to independent tertiary colleges. Many of our students will begin their post school life by beginning full time employment, a traineeship or apprenticeship or may join the defence forces or Victoria Police.  All pathways are valid and offer opportunities to our students.  There are many different pathways and it is important for students to pursue the right one for them at this time in their lives.



  • Mrs Kathie Jacobs has worked with all of our Senior VCAL students and has assisted them to plan their first post school pathway.  Many have applied for TAFE courses and will await the results of the selection process. We look forward to hearing back from our Senior VCAL students as they too will be moving into a variety of different careers with the added advantage of work placement and their VET certificate completion. If any Senior VCAL student does require additional support they should return to speak with Mrs Kathie Jacobs for assistance.  They are welcome back at any time.

For those who have applied through VTAC, they still have a number of opportunities to change their preferences.  Often, these decisions are quite difficult and so we have provided a FAQ section for you to read to get some help during this period of time.

Year 12 students can access their ATAR on 14th December, 2018.  Many will find the wait to be a nervous time.  Students can access support to change their preferences from Mrs Bourne, who will be available during this period of time and from individual tertiary institutions who run events to support future students.  It is important to understand that there are pathways into most career fields, not all.  The change of preference system is open from 6 August - 19 December (12noon).  Change of preference does close from 7am to 11am, 14 December when ATARs are released.  Students are encouraged to come to school and visit Mrs Bourne for support during the change of preference period immediately following the release of ATARs.

All of the VTAC dates are in the VTAC Year 11 and 12 Guide which was distributed to students.  Spare copies are still available from the Careers Office in V block.


The FAQ section below has been copied from The Good Universities Guide.  For information on student experience and reflections about each tertiary institution we would recommend that you look at the QILT website for an objective view ( ).





Reference:   The Good Universities Guide ( )

Q: What should I do first when choosing a course? 
A: The first step is to revisit your list of all the features that the courses you have already listed offer and rank each potential course according to these criteria (you can add courses as long as you have met the essential requirements and subject prerequisites).  Does the course have a practical or academic focus? Has it been accredited by an industry body? Are flexible study modes available? Can I get to it easily? Think about what you want and need from your course with your future career goals in mind, and make sure that the course you choose ticks all the boxes.

Q: Do universities structure the same courses differently (e.g. accounting and nursing?)
A: You may find that, despite covering similar content, universities structure the same courses quite differently. In the field of accounting, for example, you will find that some universities have a compulsory internship and others don’t. You will also find that some universities offer accounting only as a major within a business or commerce degree (which may require further specialisation at postgraduate level), while others have a specialised accounting degree with a more directed focus.

Q: What details should I check to know it’s the right course for me?
A: Choose a course because you are genuinely interested in the subject matter, not because the institution is prestigious or because you think it might lead to a glamorous job. Find out what the course actually covers, options that are available to you within the course (such as majors, research projects and internships), how it is taught and what graduates say.  *QILT is a great tool for this research.

Q: If the courses are hard to get into does that mean they are superior?
A: Courses that are hard to get into are not necessarily superior; many high-status universities and esteemed courses such as law command higher ATARs and more prerequisite studies because of their popularity. While it might seem appealing to gain entry to a course with more difficult entry requirements (and a perceived higher status), this does not necessarily mean that you will find the course content or the university experience any more enjoyable.

Q: Does it matter which university you go to?
A: While you shouldn’t choose a course based on the university’s status alone, you should consider the merits of each university when choosing a course because its features and the way it teaches your course will greatly affect your course experience and career prospects.   *QILT is a great tool for this research.

Q: What is TAFE like and can it be used to help me get employment or to university?
A: A huge number of students benefit from the accessible, affordable and industry-focused education and training they receive through TAFE and go on to be successful in a wide range of occupations. If you do require a university degree for your future career, TAFE courses may provide an excellent pathway into  higher education study — graduates who progress to university studies may have the added advantages of being eligible for credit towards their degree and having two qualifications to their name when they complete their studies. 

It is important to note that there are a number of FREE TAFE courses as listed on the PRIORITY FREE TAFE COURSE LIST ( ).  These are linked to employability and are certainly worth considering.

Eligibility for FREE TAFE Priority courses in 2019

Any Australian citizen or permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen is eligible to do Free TAFE for Priority Courses in Victoria if they meet the following criteria:
*Under 20 or upskilling aged under 20 (regardless of any other qualifications they might hold), or

*are 20 or older and enrolling in a course that is a higher qualification than the highest qualification previously attained

Victorians who need additional support. Victorians who are:
*unemployed and clients of the Jobs Victoria Employment Network;

*retrenched workers, or
*automotive supply chain workers

looking to change careers.

Victorians who want to reskill, change careers, improve their employment prospects and/or meet the needs of local industries, subject to availability of TAFE places, and prioritised based on need.
For further information about Free TAFE visit .





MultiPride are continuing to collate cultural backgrounds for our Welcome entrance sign. MultiPride students went around to Form Assembly classrooms and asked students about their cultural backgrounds. Students are now translating “Welcome” in each language and will be getting the sign ready as soon as this is done.

MultiPride are now planning our events for next year and are looking forward to producing events that reflect the multicultural nature of our school.

The reflective garden was completed as a tribute to Anita Templin, who loved gardening and was instrumental in getting MultiPride started at Cranbourne Secondary College. There is a Chinese Moon Gate, a solar powered fountain and a memorial area where plaques have been placed. It is now available for supervised use by students and staff. We will have a small opening for the school and community in December and place a memorial sign on a seat for Anita. The garden will be an ongoing process and we hope to keep adding to it in the future.

All students are welcome to join MultiPride meetings at any time. They take place from 12.45 – 1.15 in the conference room on a Monday lunchtime.



School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program 

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program (PBS) Update:

You will be aware from recent surveys and focus groups that the college is in the process of implementing the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework.  PBS is a school-wide process for developing and explicitly teaching appropriate and positive behaviours. 


The PBS team would like to thank all students, parents and staff who contributed to the establishment of our new college expectations; Responsible, Respect and Safe.

At Cranbourne Secondary College we are respectful, responsible and safe learners


The college is very excited about our new program and is looking forward to working closely with students, parents and staff to make our college an even greater place to learn and grow.


Cranbourne Secondary College Parents and Carers Association (CSCPCA)

This year was the beginning of a new era for our school as we established a Parents and Carers Association. The initial information evening was attended by around 30 parents, all interested in participating in the association. After a few interim meetings the association was officially established through an application to the Education Department. An election was held after members became financial ($1 fee) and the office bearers were elected.

Since then, members have met and discussed many aspects of school life. The meetings are held twice a term; one during the day and one in the evening so that all parents and carers have access to one or both of the meetings. Some issues discussed have been car parking issues, uniform, netbooks, issues with Compass and the School Wide Positive Behaviour initiative which is being implemented next year.

In addition to our meetings, we have also been busy assisting the school with different activities including mail outs, information evenings and the parent survey. Many committee members were also present at the opening of the new building.

I was fortunate to attend the Parents Victoria conference in August with another committee member. It was an enjoyable and informative conference about increasing parent engagement in schools. We left with many fundraising ideas to help the school in the future.   

The school held a morning tea for Afghan mothers in September which was well attended. I attended and assisted with serving refreshments. The community is very keen to get involved in the school and we look forward to the opportunity of working together.  

More recently, the CSCPCA has been successful in organising a Bunnings sausage sizzle on Cup weekend to raise much needed funds for the students travelling to Borneo next year.

The CSCPCA is continuing to evolve and we have plans for bigger events next year. We are a dynamic group and always welcome new members . Contributing to the Association and its activities is personally rewarding and highly valued by the whole community. Your support and friendship will enable the CSCPCA to flourish for the benefit of the school and your children. We would love as many parents involved as possible, so if you are interested in hearing more about how you can help us, help our school , please email us on


The next CSCPCA meeting Friday 30th November 9am. All parents and carers are welcome.


Liz Bettink,

President CSCPCA

IMPORTANT DATES for your Diary


Friday 2nd

End of Semester Two

Reports Open


Tuesday 6th

Melbourne Cup Day Student Free


Monday 12th

Year 11 exams begin


Tuesday 13th
Year 10 exams begin


Wednesday 14th
Year 8 Uni Discover day


Thursday 15th
VCAL 11 SFSS University / Tafe Excursion


Monday 19th
Last Day Int VCAL


Tuesday 20th
Year 10/11  exams conclude


Wednesday 21st
Year 10/11 Exam scores due

HPV VCAL Camp Maryborough


Friday 23rd
Year 9 TAN Excursion

Year 7 Deakin University Excursion


Monday 26th
Head Start begins 8-12

SRC Goodbye lunch











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