19 October 2018
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Principal Learning Awards Term 3 2018 
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Burwood East Primary School
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Monday  22nd  October                9.00 am

Monday  29th   October                3.00 pm

Monday 12th November              9.00am

Monday 19th November              9.00am

Monday 29th November              3.00pm


Transition Session

Foundation 2019

Tuesday        13th November    11.30 am - 12.30 pm

Parent Information Session 1st Nomember 6.30pm

Wednesday  28th November    11.30 am - 12.30pm

Please meet at the school hall at 11.15 am 

Please see Website for details



26th Year 5/6 Cricket Gala Day


2nd November Year 1/2 Chesterfield Farm Excursion 

2nd November Foundation Myuna Farm Excursion

13th November Second Hand Uniform Shop

23rd November Moonlight Cinema


Curriculum Days

Monday 5th November

(students do not attend school)

Public Holidays

Melbourne  Cup Day

Tuesday 6th November


Term 4 Dates

Monday 8th October to Friday 21st December

 Principal's Report

Welcome Back

A very warm welcome back to all students and families to Term 4. I hope that everybody had the opportunity for some enjoyable family time over the school break, and that you have been able to make the most of the extra sunlight and warmer weather now here. It’s the perfect time to get involved in some more physical activity, which we know has innumerable benefits to both our physical and mental health, for adults and children alike.


I would like to say a sincere thank-you to Andrew for taking on the role of Acting Principal in my absence at the end of Term 3. It’s great to go on a school trip to China knowing that things will be in good hands and life will continue to tick along as normal. I would also say a big thank-you to our school leaders who provided outstanding support to Andrew. It was greatly appreciated!


At the end of last term we returned to China for our second visit to our sister school ZhongShan Road Primary School in Nanjing, Jaingsu province where we experienced the warm hospitality of our host families and were treated to a multitude of cultural events and sightseeing! We visited so many of the sites that we’ve read about in books or searched via websites-The Great Wall of China, The Bund, Tiananmen Square , Summer Palace and the Forbidden City.

Congratulations to all families who took the opportunity to provide their children with this wonderful experience, which will stay with them for a lifetime. A huge thank you to Daniel and Melissa whose planning and leadership over the 14 days was commendable and to our students who represented our school with pride and passion-You really are a credit to your families! They definitively did BEPS proud.


Planning for 2019

Our student growth over a short period of time will take our enrolment to approximately 500 in February 2019. At this time of year we commence planning class structures and staffing for the following year and it is most important that we base our plans on accurate enrolment figures.

Are you planning to move? If you are aware that your child will not be at Burwood East Primary School next year, please let the office know by Monday 22nd October. Your cooperation will be of great assistance to us and I would like to thank the parents who have already notified us of matters to this effect.


Requests and planning for 2019

This term we are making plans for teacher assignments and student placements in 2019.  Class placement is a complex process involving a range of factors and allocations will not be finalised until later in the school year.


At Burwood East PS, I do invite parents to put in writing any information about their child/ren that they want considered by our staff as they go about forming our classrooms for 2019. As has been communicated in the past, the information you provide should focus on your child’s needs (whether they be academic, medical, physical, emotional or social) and the type of person that you believe they respond to best. Please refrain from identifying a specific teacher as it may lead to disappointment for you


If parents have any particular request for the child / children for 2019 we need this to be put in writing or via email, to the Principal, by 4 pm on Friday, 2nd November.


As you may understand, the allocation of children to new classes is a very complex task and one that requires patience and a great deal of thought and manipulation. During this process, changes and adjustments are made over several weeks. Each change may trigger a chain reaction of other changes.  Proposed class lists are submitted to the Principal for final ratification.  Once balanced classes are formed and staffing finalised, teachers are allocated to classes.


The following provides an insight into the factors and decision making processes staff undertake to form each class.


Factors influencing class structure include:

  • the projected number of students in each year level;
  • the ratio of girls to boys;
  • the number of teachers employed at the school; and
  • resources and facilities.
  • Government funding

Factors which are considered in the placement of students include:

  • academic performance –judgments over time
  • work habits e.g. ability to work independently and cooperatively
  • behaviour
  • gender
  • social network /friendships
  • social maturity
  • special needs e.g. twins, siblings
  • language

What is the process for placing students into classes?

Based on the considerations above, teaching and leadership teams meet through the term to establish classes for the following school year.

Teachers ensure each new class has:

  • a balance of academic ability
  • gender balance
  • socially balanced groups

Curriculum Day

Our next curriculum day is scheduled for Monday 5th November. During this day, students are not required to attend school. The OSHC program will only operate if sufficient numbers enrol. Staff will spend the day on Inquiry Investigation planning for 2019 and completing interactive online modules on Inclusiveness at school


Parent Opinion Survey

Last term a number of randomly selected families were asked to participate in an online survey that covered a range of areas as outlined in the tables below. Thank you to the families who took the time to complete the DET online survey. Participants were randomly selected. Our school has received excellent feedback across many key areas and provides our staff assurance that our commitment to excellence and high standards is recognised and valued by our school community.


We are still unpacking the data we received but we would like to share with you some of the initial results with the community:



Making a Difference

Congratulations to Miraya who took part in Steptember 2018 which raises awareness around Cerebral Palsy. The Steptember Charity event challenges people to take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days straight in, yes you guessed it, the month of September. Miraya took over  ----steps and raised $2,511 which really is a magnificent effort! 

Easter Metropolitan Region Athletics Track and Field Event

Congratulations Anneliese on coming 4th in the Regional 1500m. An incredible achievement!

 2019 Day

On the 11th December, we will hold a very special day for all of our current Foundation to Year Five and new Foundation students as they are provided with the opportunity to spend the entire day with their 2019 class and their 2019 teacher. Having the opportunity to familiarise  yourself with a new environment, meet your new teacher and class  friends is an opportune time for the students (and families) to alleviate some of the issues experienced when children are required to move from one classroom or school to another. This day has previously been an enormous success and I look forward to receiving some feedback from the teachers, students and parents.



Darren McDonald



Principal Learning Awards


As Principal, I believe it is very important that I acknowledge the wonderful work our students produce in all areas of the curriculum, therefore students are encouraged to visit me in my office (classroom) to showcase their achievements.
























Principal Learning Awards Term 3 2018 

As a school community it is very important that we acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful achievements of our staff, parents and students. One way of accomplishing this is by participating in award ceremonies throughout the year and also at the end of each term. Our end of term ‘Principal Learning Award’ is chosen by classroom and specialist teachers to acknowledge student achievement and promote character development, self-esteem, and perseverance. Congratulations to the following students who received the Principal Learning Award for Term  Three 2018:








Happy Birthday

Children who have a birthday that falls during the week may wear free dress for that day and for those children whose birthday falls on the weekend they can wear free dress on the Monday.



Student of the Week Awards
























Assistant Principal's Report

Dear Members of the Burwood East Primary School Community,

It has already been a great start to term 4. This term students are focusing on the difference between natural and synthetic resources through our Inquiry Investigations and classes will be participating in a range of excursions around Melbourne to support their learning and understanding. We already have welcomed the State Emergency Service to visit our Year 3 & 4 students and had our Year 6 students participate in a ‘Life Stories’ program in collaboration with the Whitehorse Council.

I would also like to thank the Foundation staff and Year 3 & 4 staff for their efforts in organising the 2019 transition session and 3/4 Camp meeting this week, both of which provide families with a greater insight into the programs at Burwood East Primary School.


Over the holidays we had a number of facilities projects completed. The shade sails above the Year 3-6 playground has been upgraded to match the F-2 playground completed in the Term 2 holidays. This should provide greater shade coverage for students for many years to come. The foundation classrooms, office area and old school buildings have all had new carpeting laid which matches the other areas of the school completed over the past 12 months. We also had the breezeway flooring repainted and sealed as well as repairs to the school drop off zone area.

Student Banking

As mentioned last term, we will be switching our student banking to Bendigo Bank in 2019. This requires students to open a new account with Bendigo Bank to continue to access school banking in 2019. Those with Commonwealth Banking accounts need to claim all their tokens before Week 10 as this will be the final week of banking. A member of the Bendigo Bank staff will be visiting the school throughout Term 4 to help families with this transition process.

Team Kids Holiday Program

Once again the holiday program has been run successfully within the school. These holidays saw an increase of student attendance from an average of 19 up to 32 students over the two weeks. The feedback from students and families has been extremely positive and we appreciate the support Team Kids has given to the school.

I can also confirm with families that the holiday program over the summer holidays will begin on 14th of January until the 25th. More information will be provided over the course of the term.

Digital Carousel – Compass

Just informing parents again that many information found at the office such as notices for extracurricular programs, school policies, previous newsletters, school-wide consent forms can be now access online through the School Documentation on Compass. This area will continue to be updated on an ongoing basis.

Student Absences – Late Arrivals

Just reminding families that any late arrivals to school (9:05am or later) MUST be signed in at the office by a parent or guardian before they can present to class. Students are not able to sign themselves in.

For early departures, we require that parents to sign their child out at the office before collecting them from the classroom as they will need to present the teacher with an early departure card.

Families of students who are late to school on an ongoing basis will receive letters to parents to explain the importance of being on time at school and the impact it has on the teaching and learning for all students.


Many thanks,


Andrew Den Elzen

Assistant Principal's Awards

























On September 17th eight students along with Melissa Sala, Daniel Darmody and Darren McDonald embarked on a visit to our sister school in China. The students, Chris, Cherry, Jasmine, Koko, Emily, Yunwan, Ella and Kelly were excited and anxious about this incredible opportunity.


We set off on our Singapore Airlines flight and after 15 hours, with a short stop in Singapore, we arrived in Beijing. We were greeted by our host Kate, who ensured everyone had arrived safely. The three schools participating in the program, including us, were guided to a bus and then driven to our first dinner in China. After dinner we arrived at our hotel and lots of weary kids, and teachers, got some well-needed rest.


In Beijing we toured Tian’anmen Square where the crowds were amazing, especially in the lines to see Chairman Mao’s mausoleum. We then walked around The Forbidden City and The Temple of Heaven. The size and scale of these monuments was awe-inspiring, but nothing compared to what we were about to witness the following day, The Great Wall of China. The drive was several hours but when we got there we were amazed at its size and how it just kept going hill after hill after hill. Everyone made the climb, up extremely steep hills, to the top of one of the towers. We were told that once you have climbed the Great Wall you are a hero, so with tired and weary legs we headed 'heroically' back to the bus.


Beijing was complete and we headed off for Nanjing by bullet train.  It was a very fast train reaching speeds of well over 300kmh. Then it was onto the bus to our new hotel to get some rest. The next day, we were off to see Nanjing. We visited Mendong Old Town and a beautiful lake with one of the longest undercover walkways in the world. In the afternoon, we headed for the official welcoming ceremony in Nanjing where speeches were made in English and Chinese welcoming all the schools with official gifts being handed over to each school’s representative. At this ceremony, the students got to meet Alice, the Vice Principal, and Jenny and Edward, English teachers from our sister school.


The next morning, we climbed many steps again to see Dr Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and then got a chance for some shopping at Confucius Temple. The children bought many gifts for their friends and families and really enjoyed having a little break from all the guided tours. This would be our last day in Nanjing as the next morning Alice, Edward and Jenny were picking us up in their mini bus to take us to Jiangsu, where our Sister School is located.


Once we arrived in Jiangsu, we visited the old town and spent the afternoon with Alice, Edward and Jenny. We had dinner with the Principal of Zhongshan Road Primary School on an enormous table, and had an opportunity to find out more about our Sister School. Once dinner had finished, the children’s host families arrived to take them home. It was an exciting time for all involved and the children were looking forward to such an incredible experience.


The next day was a public holiday due to Mid Autumn Festival. Alice, Edward and Jenny took us all to the Salt Lake for a fun day out. The children spoke about their experiences the night before, meeting their families and settling in to their new home for the next few days. There were some fantastic shows and activities in the Taoism Salt Lake and the children even got to complete a coloured salt drawing. At the end of the day, the children met back up with their host families who had lots of fun activities planned for the night.


Our first day at school! We began at the second campus where there was a big ceremony and we were officially welcomed by the whole school. Darren spoke and thanked everyone for being so welcoming towards us. The students were then placed in some classes and completed an Art activity, Music, PE, Mathematics and English. It was definitely different to our school with plenty more students in each class!


We then returned to the main campus and the students headed home with their homestay family. Each of them did different activities each night and they were looked after like they were kings and queens.

The following day was spent at the main campus where we met Vienna (Foundation Student) who was on holidays in China and spent the day with us at our Sister School. The students got to visit different classes and play some games and even introduced the Chinese students to the game ‘pop’, which they loved!

Our students went home with their homestay families for the final night and then the following morning it was time to say goodbye. We had sad farewells and promises to stay in touch. Then we were on the minibus again heading for Shanghai.


We rested for a while when we arrived and then got ready to go to an amazing acrobatic show. The show was extremely impressive with some amazing performances. The best performance however was Darren! He was called up on stage and had to do a silly dance, which the crowd loved!

The next morning we visited the Wild Animal Park where we saw Giant Pandas and some children even got to feed the Giraffes. We bumped into Xinyi (Student in Year One) who’s family was on holiday, what are the chances?

In the afternoon we had some time for shopping at Nanjing Road and also met Tiffany (an ex-student) and her father who are living in Shanghai. That night we toured The Bund, looking at the old buildings and the amazing new buildings on the other shore of the Pu River with all their light shows.

The final day in China was spent riding the elevator to the 100th floor to walk out onto the glass floor of the ‘Bottle Opener’ one of their largest buildings in the world. It was a very clear day so the view was amazing.


There was more checking in of bags, boarding of flights, finding seats and plugging in to the in flight movies for our journey home.

We arrived back, exhausted, but so excited by our great adventure. It was an amazing experience and we all learnt lots. This is an experience none of us will ever forget.


Melissa Sala, Daniel Darmody and Darren McDonald

Please enjoy our photo's



Walk To School Month  October


What's Happening in Year Five and Six

What a busy and exciting Term Four with so much happening in the Year Five and Six level. There is inter-school sport most Fridays, tennis round robin day, cricket gala day and a special sports day for the Year Six students at the end of term. Some Year Six students are participating in a Life Stories program throughout the term, camp is in Week 4 (Monday October 29th - 31st), Life Education - ‘Relate, Respect, Connect’, follow up program for ‘Click Against Hate’, movie night (Friday 23rd November), Year Six fun day at Luna Park (December 5th), end of year breakfast and concert (December 13th), and finishing with graduation on the same night. It’s going to be a jam packed term, full of exciting activities and events to finish off a wonderful year.


This week in CAFE we have been using the following comprehension strategies to improve as readers; using text features and recognising literary elements such as genre, plot, character, setting, problem/resolution and theme. We are also using these sessions to focus on various speaking and listening activities. Currently we are exploring how accents, styles of speech and idioms express and create personal and social identities.


This term in Writing the Year Five and Six students are focussing on the following text types, Information Report and Explanation. During the first few weeks of the term students go through the immersion and modelled writing stages where they read a range of information reports, examine the structure of an information report and discuss the text features and purpose of the text type. Students also have the opportunity to express their own ideas and write text types of their choice during these sessions.


Who has the time? Students!!

The focus for the first two weeks of term has been on time, specifically timetables, elapsed time and 24-hour time. Not only have the students been learning the skills needed to read and understand these, but they have been planning their own excursions/holidays with the knowledge they have gained. Students have been researching how long the journey will take from landmark to landmark and creating their own itinerary. Some students have developed an excursion to the city catching the train, whilst others are travelling overseas flying first class!


This week the Year Five and Six students have been involved in various activities and tasks defining what the terms ‘Natural’ and ‘Synthetic’ mean and identifying examples of differences between natural and synthetic materials used in making types of clothing and the different ingredients used in various foods.      

 Leader in Me

This term in Leader in Me students are creating a multimedia presentation summarising the seven habits they have learnt over the past two years and exploring the ways they can use them to remain happy and healthy throughout their lives.


 Please find some information and photos of current learning initiatives in Year Five and Six below.



Life Stories


Art Show Update


Information Page


Maths Detectives


Lunchtime and After school Programs 

Digimaker - Computer Club Lunchtime activity

Term 4 Sessions - Please see attachment


Camp Australia - Before and After School Care

Program details


Chess - Lunchtime Activity

Term 4 Sessions please see attachment


Tennis - Lunchtime Activity

Term 4 Sessions  - please see attachment


Sporty Stars - After school and Lunchtime

Term 4 Sessions - please see attachment



Term 4 Session - please see attachment


Community Notices 


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