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12 December 2017
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Creating Opportunities for Authentic and Purposeful Writing
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Creating Opportunities for Authentic and
Purposeful Writing

One of our key school values is Persistence and Resilience and this fits with our whole school approach in developing a ‘Growth Mindset’ to learning. Across the school, we provide opportunities across all learning areas to build these dispositions towards learning, including writing.


At the beginning of this school year I vividly remember being in 2 classes when we were introducing our new approach to Writer’s Workshop and asking this group of children who were in the upper years to be honest and put their hand up if they enjoyed writing. Out of approximately 52 students, only about 7 children put their hand up.


Some of the reasons they gave included, ‘it’s boring,’ ‘you have to write what you're told to… ‘ I don’t know what to write.’ I confidently told this group of children that this was going to change and that they would have a different attitude towards writing by the end of the year with the changes we were going to make, but of course they did not believe me.


I revisited this group of students last week and asked the same question. Their responses were the complete opposite to what they had talked about at the beginning of the year, with ONLY 7 students giving feedback that they do not love, like or enjoy writing now.  What a positive ‘turn around’ in student's attitudes to writing. Our next challenge is to explore what we can do differently to change the mindset of the 7 students from this group, to hook them into writing.


This past few weeks in visiting classrooms I have observed a significant shift in the enthusiasm, engagement and resilience of our students when they are writing. The majority of students are excited about their writing, are keen to share what they are writing and why and are confidently talking about the different genres and text features that they are including as the Author. Students are no longer saying, ‘I don’t know what to write…’ and can talk about the different strategies they can use when they are not sure how to do something. For example, 'I use our word wall to help me find some words’, ‘I can check on the writing chart so I know how to do my editing.’


It has been a pleasure to observe the writing process and hear students confidently talking about the purpose of their writing and the types of craft they are trying to include as Authors.














I have observed the following great learning in classes:

  • Reception children being so excited in making their own Information Report books and experimenting with including facts and labelled diagrams;
  • Year 1 students recreating their versions of familiar fairy tales and including dialogue/quotation marks to show the characters talking and experimenting with interesting descriptive words and punctuation such as exclamation marks and ellipses;
  • Year 1/2 students also writing Information Report books on topics that they chose, and sharing how they have used features such as contents pages, labelled diagrams, glossaries and headings;
  • Year 3/ 4 students planning their Hybrid texts (texts that include a range of genres) and discussing how they will use some information writing, procedures, a short story, Did you know fact boxes, jokes and cartoons relevant to their chosen topic; and
  • Year 5-7 students engaged in planning and writing a type of narrative in Genre study groups. Students across the Holly Unit chose to explore Mysteries, Horror, Fantasy or Humorous Fiction.










These positive changes have not happened by chance. Throughout this year all teaching teams have been released for ongoing professional development and conversations to learn more about best practises in teaching writing. Through this training, we have explored:

  • How to build students excitement for writing by implementing ‘Writer’s Notebooks – a place where children can gather ideas and brainstorm topics for future Writing pieces.
  • Identifying the important craft that author’s use in different genres so we can highlight and teach these through our Writer’s Workshop times.
  • Finding quality ‘Mentor texts’ to show students what real authors do in writing different genres.
  • How allowing students to choose their personal topics and passions for writing impacts on their willingness to engage in writing, put pencil to paper so teachers can then assess to help know what to teach each individual child next as a writer.
  • How we can best build towards independence in the writing process, for example in the early years we do not scribe or let children copy writing as this sets up a dependency model rather than the view that ‘all students can be writers.’ When children attempt their own writing it is assessment for us about what phonics knowledge they are picking up through our word study and further helps in building on the next steps for learning.
  • Modelling our own writing as powerful models for students to see and hear the thinking we do as adult authors.

As a school, we are heartened and teachers are excited by the changes we have made in how we teach writing and the positive impact this is having on our learners as writers and authors. We look forward to this continuing to develop across the school in the future…


We will be hosting an Author’s open morning later this term where classes will be open for you to come in and see the great growth and published pieces that our young Authors have produced. Keep your eye on the Facebook pages for more information about this.


Sally Slattery, Deputy Principal


School News

2017 School Card Applications Closing Date



REMINDER:  Applications need to be submitted EVERY year so if you have any queries or uncertain if your application has been approved etc please speak to Tracy ASAP … before it’s too late!


2017 School Card applications need to be given to Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager BEFORE Friday 24 November 2017.

Applications will not be accepted by the 'School Card Section' after this date and consequently parents/caregivers will be accountable for finalising all outstanding school fees.
Reminder: Applications need to be submitted EVERY year so if you have any queries or uncertain if your application has been approved please speak to Tracy now... before it is too late!

Ignite at Aberfoyle Park High School

Ignite is a program for students with High Intellectual Potential.  Aberfoyle Park High School is the designated DECD Ignite Secondary School for the Southern Adelaide area.  Information on the program can be viewed on the attached flyer.


Head Lice

Please take a few minutes to check your child's hair for head lice.  If you detect lice or eggs please remove all eggs, treat the child's hair with an appropriate head lice treatment and check the hair of all family members.  Please advise your child's class teacher or staff in the Front Office.

With your assistance we can help reduce the incidence of head lice at our school.

Canteen News

Notes have been sent home with students regarding a Sausage Sizzle being held on Tuesday 14 November, 2017.  Please return all order forms by Monday 13 November, 2017.

Students can still order lunch from the Canteen Menu on the day as well.

Thank you for your support.

Coralie Goodman, Canteen Manager

School Assembly

Parents/Caregivers and family are invited to attend the school assembly on Friday 10 November at 9:00am in the Penney Unit.  After the assembly you are invited to stay for morning tea in the Conference Room.  We look forward to seeing you there.


On Thursday 9/11 there will be an Invacuation drill at 2:30pm.  If you are on the school grounds please observe the procedures and follow directions from staff.

Bob Thiele, Principal


Our sincere condolences to Robyn Woolhouse, son Noah and family after the sudden death of husband and father Mark. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time.

Parent/Caregiver Survey

Your feedback on our school is valued.  Please take the time to respond - the survey should only take a few minutes to complete.   Please complete the survey by Friday 24 November 2017.

We thank you for your time.

Please find a link below to our Parent and Caregiver Survey.




Growing Cricket for Girls

On Monday 30 October, ten Yr 5/6/7 girls travelled to Morphett Vale Primary School to compete in an inaugural Cricket Tournament between local schools.  This tournament was a result of the grant we won from Cricket Australia to promote ‘Growing Cricket for Girls’. Their research identified that girls were unlikely to participate in cricket at a young age under the current structure that sees boys and girls compete together in the same competition. With their funding we will invest in new cricket equipment to be used by all students at future tournaments and be accessible should we register enough students and have volunteers prepared to coach an after school team.


Our girls put in strong performances and were successful, taking several wickets and scoring plenty of runs from a combination scoring boundaries and aggressive running.



As PE teachers it is always rewarding to see examples of strong group dynamics, in particular when students are inclusive of others and working together to help everyone achieve their personal best. As part of the tournament our students were required to score and umpire. The fast pace of the games made this a difficult task though our girls were noticed by other teachers as being the best at doing so. Our students assigned specific responsibilities to each person, showed attentive listening and in doing so experienced success.


From having the courage to give a new sport a try, several girls from the tournament have expressed interest in wanting to play cricket as a summer sport.

We look forward to welcoming Morphett Vale Primary School to compete against our girls team in an upcoming after school match.


Gab Martin and Derryn Amoroso
PE Teachers


Jump Rope For Heart

Jump Rope for Heart Fundraising Event

Notes have been sent home to all families regarding the Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart fundraising event.

On Monday 20 November we will be holding a Jump Off at Hackham East Primary School from 9:00am to 10:20am for students to demonstrate their skipping skills.  Parents/Caregivers and family are invited to come along and support our students.  We welcome you to join in.

Information is available on how you can raise funds for the Heart Foundation, either via www.jumprope.org.au or returning all donations to Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager by Friday 20 November, 2017.

We thank you for your support.

Gab Martin and Derryn Amoroso

PE Teachers

Hackham Has Talent

Auditions for Hackham Has Talent

Would you like to audition for the Annual Hackham Has Talent event?  If so auditions will be held in Weeks 5 & 6 (13/11-17/11 and 20/11-24/11) in the Penney Unit at lunch time.

You can sing, dance, play an instrument, perform a magic trick or anything else to demonstrate your talent.  

Students, teachers, SSOs are all welcome to audition.  

If you are successful with your audition you will go through to the finals to perform in front of the whole school.  Show your courage and start practising.

Each act needs to be no longer than 4 minutes.  If you need music for your act please bring it on your own device or USB stick.

The acts will be judged on entertainment, enthusiasm and how well they are prepared.

We look forward to seeing you at the auditions.

Hackham Has Talent Committee


Fundraising News

Thank You

Thank you to the parents/caregivers, students and staff who have supported our Fundraising events.  With money raised we have purchased shelters to be used by students and staff when participating in sporting and community events.


Christmas Raffle Donations

A letter will be sent home to all families asking if they can assist with any donations for the Christmas Raffle.  The Fundraising Committee are looking to make up 4 hampers in the following categories:

Holiday Fun:

Kids items, games, stickers, pencils, outdoor activities, craft items, toys, snacks, art supplies, movies or anything to help keep children occupied during the holidays.



Festive Season:

Anything  related to Christmas  cards, decorations, puddings, mince pies, soft drinks, wine, juices, bon-bons, lollies, wrapping paper.

His Time:         

Men’s items, BBQ utensils, chips, magazines, toiletries - deodorant etc, nuts, lollies, biscuits, crackers.

Ladies Luxury:

Wine, candles, skincare, body products, jewellery, hair accessories, chocolates.

If you or anyone you know own a business that could donate to our raffle it would be greatly appreciated.  Any businesses that donate will be promoted on the night of the School Concert.


Donation boxes will be in each of the teaching units and Front Office and items can be placed in these boxes from now until Friday 1/12.

We thank you for your support.




What’s been happening at OSHC

We have been having some interesting conversations about Halloween, history, All Hallows Eve, The Harvest Festival, The Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, traditions, cultures, beliefs, and celebrations. OSHC is a great way for children to explore their ideas with other children and learn about other cultures.

While many families don’t celebrate Halloween, OSHC still chose to include some of these cultural festivities in the program. There were two main reasons for this, one being that we follow the children’s interest, and as you are probably aware, it was very clear that they were interested in Halloween.



Secondly, Outcome 2 of the My Time Our Place curriculum is “Children are connected with and contribute to their world”. This includes learning about other cultures and communities so that they can “respond to diversity with respect”. In other words we teach the children about other cultures so that they can understand them rather than judge them.


For us this involved labelling the activity “All Hallows Eve” rather than “Halloween”, which then led to conversations about what the difference was (there isn’t, the words All Hallows Eve over time was shortened to Halloween), and why it is called that. We looked at the festival of “The Day of the Dead” which led to questions about why our “Halloween” decorations were still up and how Halloween is the start of religious festivals and cultural celebrations, not the end.


After such impressive questioning and conversations surrounding Halloween, we can’t wait to see what happens when we add Christmas and Hanukkah to the program.


December/January Vacation Care News

Can you believe it is just over 5 weeks until Vacation Care! We have been busy preparing some amazing activities for the children. One such event is our OSHC Sleepover. Yes that’s right, a sleepover, and not just any sleepover, a sleepover at Narnu Farm.


Due to the wonderful generosity and hard work of our staff and volunteers, we will be taking the children to Narnu Farm for a night. They will be able to go horse riding, go on a tractor ride, cook all their own meals, feed the animals, play and have so much fun! This incredible opportunity will be at no additional cost! Yes you read that right, not a single cent extra. Children will need to be of school age (i.e. attending primary school or their first year of high school in 2018), and booked in for both days to be eligible to attend. We have space to take up to 40 children, so make sure you book in early so you don’t miss out. Those who are not attending the sleepover don’t miss out on the fun. They will attend the Goolwa Animal Farm that day and return to the centre for normal pick up. We certainly can’t wait for the holidays, how about you?

Please note that OSHC will be closed for the Christmas/New Period from 25 December 2017 to 5 January 2018.

If you would like to keep up to date on all things OSHC, follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HackhamEastOSHC/ and instagram https://www.instagram.com/hackhameastoshc/.

Did You Know?

That Healthy Eating is not only an important part of OSHC, but also a legal requirement?


Quality Area 2 of the National Quality Standards is all about Children’s health and safety, which includes healthy eating. We are required to promote healthy eating in the foods and drinks that we provide as well as teach it directly and indirectly.


At our service, this is something we have been focussing on recently, with the introduction of supplying morning tea (recess) during vacation care, and talking more with the children about healthy choices and serving sizes. We have also involved the children in helping design our menu for the sleepover, with the help of the Australian guide to Healthy Eating. This is as well as our current strategies of ensuring a healthy afternoon tea menu (and no more than 2 ‘sometimes’ foods a term), having water and milk as our drink options, providing 4.5 or 5 star breakfast options, cooking afternoon tea from scratch where possible, and encouraging the children to be involved in the cooking, preparing and serving of their food.


We also encourage routines that provide children with a relaxed and enjoyable mealtime. This is why our children sit down together and eat. We introduced a ‘rule’ several years ago, where children are not to leave the table until only a couple are left eating and they have asked their permission. The reason we did this was to show children how their actions sometimes speak louder than words, for example are you saying the toys are more important than the other children when you choose to play with them instead of waiting for the other children to finish eating?


The children this year have also introduced their own ‘rule’ of no ‘toilet talk’ at the table while people are eating, which has promoted a more respectful tone to each other and teaches children that some conversations have a time and a place (and the table is not the place for fart noises/jokes while people are eating).


While it may seem ‘old fashioned’ to some, it has been embraced by the OSHC children. Many have even gone home and introduced a similar system at home. It has created a very friendly atmosphere while eating, encouraging children to share their day’s experiences, talk and socialise with others and get to know children they may not have otherwise had an opportunity to know. Indeed it has been embraced so well, that sometimes afternoon tea goes for over an hour! The in depth conversations that occur during these times are wonderful.


Do you sit down for at least one meal a day with your family? If you don’t, why not give it a try, turn off the TV/phone/tablet and see what happens, you might be surprised.

Jacky Smith

OSHC Director



Over the last term and a bit, Trish and I have been running a program called DRUMBEAT with a small group of school children. The name DRUMBEAT is an acronym for Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts. It is a program designed to use Djembe drums to teach children about relationships and teamwork.


We have been lucky enough to work with a wonderful group of children, discussing concepts like harmony, respect, community, individuality and teamwork. This has all culminated into a final session which is our performance. The children had total autonomy about what this would be; including what format that would take. They decided to film it and show it at assembly, create masks to wear and use some of their favourite songs/activities.


We hope that now the program has ended, they have gained some insight and knowledge in how to work well as a team, why communities have guidelines and how to be an individual within a group; and while we are sad to see this group finish, we are very proud of the progress they have made.


Jacky Smith, OSHC Director



Trish and I will be running DRUMBEAT workshops during the December/January Vacation Care program, so if your child is interested, please feel free to contact me on 0499 228 039 or at [email protected] for more information

Pastoral Care Worker News

Less than 6 weeks until Christmas!! This time of year can prove to be very stressful for some families who are struggling, either financially, or else who have strained family relationships. It can be hard to meet the expectations of other people too, especially children who may expect gifts but not understand about cost and value.


Here are a few tips for a stress free Christmas.


Plan Ahead

Last minute planning is stressful. Make a list of things you need to do (by early November if possible) like buying gifts, decorations and special food items. Look out for bargains and sales throughout the year and put these aside. Make use of lay-by for larger more expensive gifts.

If you can, keep a calendar all year so that you can track when pesky, expensive bills will be due, such as electricity.

Try and make as much as possible before Christmas day. Some recipes can be partially prepared before the big day!! Also, ask other family members to bring food or drinks to help out with the cost. Our family delegates food items each year and we each bring a meat dish and a salad for lunch.

It is also possible to find cheaper items on-line and I am sure a lot of you already make use of this. (beware of postage costs though)


Avoid Perfection

Simplify across the board. The most important thing about Christmas for most of us is sharing and caring so everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Aim for casual and fun. Home-made presents can be a lovely way to use your time and talents but don’t put this pressure on yourself if you are time poor.


Wrap Presents Early

Cut your gift list down if possible and use Kris Kringle where possible so that you are only buying one present. Wrap early so that you are not juggling last minute things on Christmas Eve.



Have a realistic budget for what you want to spend on gifts and food at Christmas and try to stick to it. If possible, put away $5.00 to $10 .00per week in a jar throughout the year so that by November you have a tidy sum to spend. Try not to use Credit Cards because they only come back to bite you in January. Easier said than done though.


These are just a few ideas – I am sure you have more. The main thing is to remain calm so that on Christmas Day you can relax with family and friends.

Every Blessing.

Cherie Love, Pastoral Care Worker


Christmas Hampers

The Fundraising Committee are seeking gifts and food items for the Christmas Raffle.  I am also collecting food items to give towards making some Christmas Hampers for our school, which will be kindly donated by my local Church (Arise Christian Church).

If you or any families you know, would benefit from a Hamper, please give your name to either myself or Scott Megson.  There are a limited number available but I am hoping to be able to donate around 10 Hampers.
If you would like to donate food items for the Hampers there will be collection boxes in each teaching unit or the Front Office.


Dates to Remember


Wednesday 8/11 - Yr 7/8 Parent Information Evening at Wirreanda

Thursday 9/11 - 2:30pm Invacuation drill

Friday 10/11 - 9:00am Assembly, Penney Unit

Friday 10/11 - Morning Tea for parents/caregivers following the Assembly

Monday 20/11 - Jump Rope for Heart 9:00am-10:20am

Friday 24/11 - Last day for 2017 School Card Applications 

Friday 24/11 - Closing date for Parent and Caregiver Survey


Tuesday 5/12 - School Concert

Wednesday 13/12 - Yr 7 Graduation

Friday 15/12 - Last Day of Term 4, 2:00pm Finish

Road Crossing Monitors

Term 4

Week 5 (13/11-17/11)


Latysha Jackson

Nikkita Smith

Dylan Mostyn


Max Connolly

Harry Brook

Caitlin Read



Week 6 (20/11-24/11)


Cooper Rannanaho

Logan Addison Black

Patrick Connolly


Marissa Weymouth

Patrick Connolly

Charlie Watkins

Community News

Toddlers & Big Feelings

Come and hear how to help your toddler thrive.  Held on Wednesday 15/11 from 7:00-9:00pm at City Rooms, Adelaide Convention Centre, North Tce, Adelaide or view the live webcast at http://parentingsa.eventbrite.com.au.  Ph 83031660 to register.

A seminar will also be held on Wednesday 22/11 from 6:00-8:00pm at Woodcroft Heights Children's Centre, 25 Investigator Dr, Woodcroft.


SARDI Aquatic Sciences Open Day

Held on Sunday 19/11 from 10:00am-4:00pm at 2 Hamra Ave, West Beach.  Free Entry.


Children's Conversations

We are collecting stories from children about their feelings around being safe, healthy, active and ready to learn.  Held on 24/11 & 1/12 from 10:00am-12:00pm at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale.  Ph 83840050 for more information.  Bookings essential.


My Gov Information Seminars

Do you need  help understanding your myGov account or how to create a myGov account?  This hands-on workshop is being run by the Dept of Human Services who can help you to use this online service.  Held at Willunga Library on Thursday 2/11 from 2:00pm (PH 84830006), Aldinga Library on Monday 13/11 from 10:00am-12:00pm (Ph 83840022) and Noarlunga Library on Friday 1/12 from 2:00-4:00pm (Ph 83840655).


Seaford Summer Sevens

7 Aside Soccer Competition held each Friday from 27/10-9/12.  All games played from 5:15pm.  Teams from U8 to U14 play Fridays and U16 and Seniors play Saturdays.  For more information see Seafordsummersevens.com.au.  Seaford Rangers Football Club, 4 Norseman St, Pt Noarlunga.

Our Big Backyard Christies

A Free Family Fun Day on Sunday 12/11 from 11:00am-2:00pm at Rotary Park, Cnr Beach Rd & Esplanade, Christies Beach.  Collect our Big Backyard Christies Activity sheets full of fun things to do in our local area.


Jewellery Intensive

Held each Thursday during November from 4:00-6:00pm at Onkaparinga Youth Enterprise Hub, Colonnades Shopping Centre.  For 13-15yrs.  Cost $10.00.  Ph 81865133 to book.


Gotta Dance Spectacular

Featuring Short Stories and A-Z.  Held at Hopgood Theatre, Ramsay Pl, Noarlunga Centre on Saturday 11/11 at 1:00pm and 6:00pm.  Tickets can be purchased at the venue, via phone 70094400 or the website countryarts.org.au.


Christmas Pageant

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant celebrates 85 years on Saturday 18/11.  A family friendly event.  Visit cupageant.com.au for more information.

Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes

A workshop which focuses on practical ways to improve relationships.  Held on Monday 4/12 from 6:30-9:00pm at Woodcroft Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Centre, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale.  Ph Joy or Helen 81868900 to register.  Gold coin donation.

Functional Communication for Children with Autism & Accessing NDIS Supports for Early Intervention

AEIOU Foundation Workshop for parents, educators and health professionals.  Held on Tuesday 21/11 from 9:30am-6:00pm at AEIOU Brighton Centre, 12-16 King George Ave, Brighton.  Ph Karen 81872777 to register.


SA Youth Week 2018 - Youth Market Applications

Are you a young entrepreneur or a business with a primary taget audience of young people?  Submit your application for the 2018 Regeneration Event to be held at Seaford Quarry Reserve on Friday 13/4 from 3:30-9:30pm.


SA Youth Week 2018 - Music Artist Applications

If you are a band, solo or duo performance (12-25yrs) and want to broaden your audience and exposure through performance consider submitting an application for SA Youth Week 2018.


St John's Caring for Kids First Aid Course

The Woodcroft Heights Children's Centre is seeking Expressions of Interest from parents, grandparents and caregivers who would like to complete the St John's 3 hour "Caring for Kids" first aid course.  The course will be held on Thursday 30/11 from 9:30am-12:30pm.  Ph Sara Burgess 83818005 to register.


Pregnancy 2 Parenting

For young pregnant women, 22 yrs and under and their partners or support people.  Held at Darlington Children's Centre, 12a Kurrajong Pl, Seacombe Gardens from 10/11 to 8/12 from 12:30-2:30pm.  For more information Ph Tanieka or Deb 82962686.


Multicultural Gathering

Come along and join us to share a meal to celebrate our inclusive multicultural community.  Get to know your neighbours and expand friendship networks.  Meet other people in the community in a relaxed environment, eat together and listen to music from around the world. Held on Friday 10/11 from 6:00-9:00pm at Christie Downs Community House, Morton Rd, Christie Downs.  Free. Ph Rosalin 83840739 for more information.

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