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02 November 2017
Issue Two
Committe News
Term 4 Events 
Class Reps 2018
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2018 Events
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Committe News

New committee members

Thank you to Meg Wyatt & Pip Thode who have agreed to take on the Grants Role for 2018. They will be following in the footsteps of Lisa Beale.

Lisa has done an incredible job over the last few years and many fantastic projects have been completed around the school because of her hard work.

We are very grateful for all of the time and effort Lisa has put in to this role and look forward to working with Pip and Meg.


New Meeting Day

For the remainder of the year meetings will be held monthly on Friday mornings after drop off in the staff room . The next two meetings are on;

17th November 

15th December

Everyone is welcome, we love to see new faces along with the many dedicated long term members.


Regardless of your availability to come to the meetings your ideas and feedback are valued so please contact the P&F via [email protected] or speak with your class representative.

Social Media

There are many ways to keep up with MPS news on social media.


We have a public Facebook page for all our fundraising events, 

Moorabbin Primary School Events @MoorabbinPrimarySchoolEvents


The school also has a closed facebook account for MPS families.

DO NOT search for Moorabbin Primary under groups but rather as if searching for a friend to find this page. Submit a friendship request and once you have been identified as an MPS family you will be approved.


You can also request to follow our instagram account


And of course the school web page is a wealth of information and the has links to all our social media


Fete information can be found at


Term 4 Events 

Term 4 Events -  EARN HOUSE POINTS!


Yes it's true!   

A lot of work goes into the planning, preparation and running of all the fundraising events throughout the year and now  you can earn your child house points by giving your time. 


There are two BBQ's this term which both need people to collect the produce prior to the event.  Then on the day there is set up, cooking, selling and pack up. 


For those of you that like to get your bake on there is another opportunity this term to do so. 


You can earn house points for your child by participating in the following events in term 4;


Twilight Sports BBQ: Thursday 23rd November -  2.30pm to 5pm


Bunnings Moorabbin BBQ: Saturday 9th December - 8am to 4.30pm


Cake Stall at End of year celebration: 13th December - 3.30pm to 4.30pm


You can sign up for these events when the shout out for volunteers comes out via Konnective or email [email protected] or speak to your class representative.

Class Reps 2018

2018 Class Representatives - Sign up now!!


Being a Class Representative is a great way to be a part your child's school life, meet other parents and get the most out of your family’s years at Moorabbin Primary School. You also earn much-prized house points for your child's sports house by taking on this role and even more points for each event you assist at.

Class representatives are integral to communication within the school, ensuring that their year level are across in-class activities and events throughout the year as well as organising social interactions outside of school hours.

As a class representative you collaborate with your own and other year level representatives to organise and support fundraising activities and events throughout the year.

Most importantly, as a class representative you provide support by taking the time to make new families to your year level feel welcome and settle into our community.


Specific Duties:

  • Distribute class contact list within your class

  • Notify your class group who the class reps are for all year levels and their contact details

  • Inform your year level of forthcoming school and P&F activities and events each term

  • Organise social functions for your class group/year level

  • Organise a card/gift for your teacher’s birthday and the end of the school year

  • Inform the School Administration and P&F of planned social events

  • Attend P&F monthly meetings(if possible) and distribute minutes to your year level

  • Assist with fundraising activities 

  • Greet and support new families to your year level 

2018 Coordination of events - Year Levels responsible:

Preps, year 1 and 2 parents - Bake sales for canteen and events

Year 3, 4 and 5 parents - Welcome BBQ and Bunnings BBQ

Year 6 parents - Sushi (all proceeds go toward graduation)

All school - Regular canteen roster when up and running and all other events & activities


If this role interests you please add your name to the sign up sheet near your class room. 


This role is best shared so if you have a friend in your class/year level, sign up for the role together.  Two class reps per class is ideal as you can join as a team across year levels to co-ordinate events as listed above.


Fete News


The fete is gathering momentum, performers, activities and attractions have been booked but there is much more to do. Sonya and Michele are leading the charge with the Fete team but they still need help from you. Any input or time that you can contribute will be appreciated. 


Information regarding participating/performing/volunteering/donating/sponsoring the fete can be found on the school website at


You will also receive regular updates via the fete newsletters to keep you up to date on all the exciting things that are happening. Please feel free to approach the fete team with any ideas and queries that you have.


Fete Team to date; 

Sonya Rule - Event Coordinator

Michele Burch - Event Coordinator

Carolyn Jones - Recycled Treasure

Ange Bligh - Recycled Treasure

Jo Ryder - Plants

Lisa Beale - Plants

Cat Funnell  - Marketplace

Heidi Lonergan - Books


Contact us in person or via [email protected]


2018 Events

What's in the pipeline for 2018?

Planning is already well underway for some fun activities for the whole school to enjoy next year.

Do you have an idea?  Share it!  Email [email protected] or speak with your class representative.


Term 1

1. Welcome Picnic - Friday Feb 9th, 3.30 till 6.30.  BBQ and activities.

2. Terrific Fun Fair - Saturday 24 March, 11am to 4pm (School Fete)



Term 2

1. Barefoot bowls at Moorabbin Lawn Bowls Club - Friday 20th April, 4.30pm till 7.30pm.

2. Mothers Day Stall - Friday 11th May.

3. Palace/Village Cinema or in-house cinema night in hall - Friday 23rd, 3.30 till 7.30pm (TBC)



Term 3

1. School Disco - Friday July 27th.

2. Fathers Day Stall - Friday 31st August.



Term 4

1. Expressions Tea towels, aprons, shopping bags - end of year fundraiser

2. Village movie tickets.

3. Sports Day BBQ.

4. Bunnings BBQ.

Parents and Friends