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19 December 2018
Issue Twelve
Colour Run 
In our Special Education classes
Treasures from Australia and the Pacific
Year 8 this term
Sweet Success
Creativity at its best
Sports Report
Year 10 Commerce in Canberra
Team building for Year 7
Thanks #giveback
Community news
2018 Showcase
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Colour Run 

Another great year


Goodbye, everybody, I've got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’  by Queen from ‘We Will Rock You’


HSC Results

In 2018, we have had another amazing effort from another excellent group of Year 12 students.  We have once again attained excellent HSC results and our school highlights included:

  • 47 x Band 6 results (a score over 90%)
  • 266 x Band 5 results (a score over 80%)
  • a significant reduction in Band 1 results (a score less than 50%)
  • Milena Cugalj and Olivia Macmillan were placed on the HSC All Round Achievers list for attaining Band 6 results in at least 10 units of study
  • Sharon Tat attained our highest ATAR of 98.50 
  • 11 x courses where the school performed above the state average
  • our school ranking was again #1 when compared with Liverpool mainstream comprehensive high schools
  • We are very proud of the commitment we have to excellence in Year 11 and Year 12 and our approach is validated by these strong results.  Well done to all of our students and thanks to our amazing HSC teachers. 


In terms of my introductory quote, as it is time for us to “leave you all behind” for another year, we celebrate the fact that “the truth” at Cecil Hills High School is that students can attend their local public high school and achieve absolutely fantastic results. 


We are all very proud of the quality education we provide here at Cecil Hills High School and this set of HSC results makes our endeavours all worthwhile.



Colour Run

Thanks to everyone for their involvement in our rescheduled Colour Run and to Mr Leighton Wren for his organisation as House Leadership Coordinator.  In total, our school community raised well over $15,000 which will be used to make our fantastic school even better.  Special thanks to our sponsors, Bonnyrigg Tyres and Club Marconi. Thank you to Middleton Grange Rural Fire Service and to our P&C and parent volunteers for their wonderful support on the day.


Save the Date - Year 7 (2019) and Year 7 (2020) Information Evening

An information evening for Year 7 (2020) will be held on Monday, 25 February 2019.  This will provide an opportunity for prospective parents and community members to learn more about our school and enjoy a guided tour of our state-of-the-art facilities.  Ms Dragana Cekic and Mr Nikolina Cupac, our year advisers for this year group, will be coordinating the event in conjunction with Mr Michael Lane, Deputy Principal.  This will also coincide with our normal Year 7 BBQ.  As a result, we invite both Year 6 (2019) and Year 7 (2019) students, parents and families to this double event!  Please save the date and further information will be provided early next year.


We are saying farewell to some temporary teachers who will be missed.

  • Mrs Kate Low (English) who is taking up a position at another school.
  • Mr Sam Faulkner (English) who has been a high achieving new teaching graduate and has been appointed to a permanent position at Elizabeth Macarthur High School.

We wish both of these teachers all the best in their future endeavours.

P&C Meetings

Our next P&C meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Monday, 4 February 2019.  There will be a repeat session at 9:30am on Thursday, 7 February 2019.


I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, students and parents of Cecil Hills High School, the best school in NSW.


Mark Sutton, Principal

In our Special Education classes

Photo: Students in our Special Education classes prepare to sing in "Count Us In"

Jake's work exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum

Congratulations Jake Maraun! Jake has recently graduated from our Year 12 Class of 2018 and has been supporting our students in the Special Education classes over the past 12 months.

Roshna Sharma and I are proud to have been involved in the review process of Jake Maraun’s Virtual Reality project that was programmed for students with special needs.   After reviewing, we have provided recommendations for the suitability of students with special needs. Students who trialled the virtual reality found it easy to access and use interactive controls to paint and drive the car.


Students found it fascinating to select the parts of the car from different domain, assemble, and drive it. 

Having interest in the latest models of cars has boosted the interest of our students. Our faculty is thrilled to hear that the Virtual Reality was nominated for exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney.  Jake, we  wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

M Lukose, Head Teacher - Special Education

Vincent's platinum

Vincent Huynh is a very special student who has been with us for 6 years now. He has grown into a smart, happy, focused and charming young man. He has an infectious personality that makes everyone smile.

Vincent is always the first one to answer a question and the first to lend a helping hand. Vincent has worked well over the years and this is proven by the platinum award that he is receiving today.

Well done Vincent! You should be proud of your efforts. Receiving the platinum award is a great honour and it shows that he is a responsible and respectful individual.

Vincent has represented the school in dance performances such as Shining Stars and School Spectacular. He has also participated within the community at work experience and Community Access. We are convinced that Vincent will continue his successful path into the future. We wish him all the success and happiness for his future endeavours.
Once again congratulations Vincent on this great achievement.

They're always dancing!

Students from Cecil Hills High School  Special Education Unit were once again participants of the Schools Spectacular. This year’s show was held on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 November at Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney Olympic Park.

Our students were part of the D’Arts Dance Ensemble which aims to promote dance inclusion for students with a disability. The students performed a dance item to Kylie Minogue’s song “Dancing”. The students put in countless hours of dancing during rehearsals and it payed off with a dazzling performance on Friday and Saturday night in front of a crowd of more 10,000 spectators, which included their proud family members.

Congratulations to the following students: Vincent Huynh, Christina George and Gianni Fava.  Special congratulations to Vincent Huynh, as it was his eighth and final Schools Spectacular. Vincent’s Schools Spectacular journey was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald. Well done Vincent!

N Jacob,  Teacher - Special Education and Schools Spectacular Coordinator

Count Us In

Our students in the Special Education Unit singing along to "Count Us In", an initiative to celebrate music education in Australia in which various schools across the country unite together to sing a song at the same day and time.

G Le, Teacher - Special Education

Community Access

Students in the Support Unit participate in Community Access Program once a week. The students are provided experiences to access various services such as post office, library, public bus and local shops.

This enables students to develop appropriate skills to communicate, use money, top up opal card, read signs in the community and general life skills to be functional members of the community.

M Lukose, Head Teacher - Special Education

Treasures from Australia and the Pacific

A day at the Museum

Year 9 students had an amazing and adventurous time at the Australian Museum last week. The day was filled with knowledge through self-guided activities in reading, listening and personal observations.  They viewed interesting galleries over three floors. This covered the 200 treasures of the museum, Whales Tohora, Surviving Australia, Dinosaurs, Birds of Australia, Pacific Spirit and had even made it on time for the museum's light show. ​

J Chandler, Science teacher and Year 11 Adviser


“I enjoyed exploring all of the various rooms, looking at all the animals and enjoying my time with friends. We watched a cool light show which informed us about the museum and all the wonderful displays we had come across. We walked around the rest of the museum, seeing all of the artefacts (dinosaurs, historical artefacts and other animals)"."

Anika Yahavi

“The science excursion was very intriguing, as it provided an insightful experience while learning. The museum had various exhibits which consisted of dinosaurs, insects, Australian animals and a whole section dedicated to whales. I found the exhibits interesting because it was interactive and fun. I personally enjoyed the various species of spiders in jars because I got to see how varied in size some of these are- from microscopic to massive. In the whale exhibit you could crawl into the mold of whale heart (but I was a bit too big to fit into it!) Overall, the excursion was really enjoyable compared to a normal school day, and I would recommend this museum to those who enjoy science and nature.”

 Jade Holm


“The excursion was so good and we looked at dinosaurs. We see dinosaur bones that look real and they were so big! We also saw fish, insects and other natural things, like Aboriginal items from a long time ago. They used boats, spears, bows and arrows and other weapons that we got to see. It was very cool”.  Rayson Yonan




Year 8 this term

Miracle Babies

This year, students in Year 8 elective, ‘Mind Your Own Business,’ planned and set up their own small businesses to raise money for the Miracle Babies Foundation and Westmead Children’s Hospital. Students worked hard and learned about aspects of business functions such as operations, finance and marketing. Our first group of students ran food-based stalls including Creamy Creamers, Sweet Spider Drinks, Waffle World, MWKRS Milkshakes and Cupcake Creations. This term, Candy Emporium and Festive Gift Bags satisfied students’ sugar cravings, The Pen House assisted students with their stationary needs for the 2019 school year, and Blossom Beauty sold a range of beauty and skincare products in mini pamper packs.

Thank you to students, parents and staff who have supported our budding entrepreneurs.



Throughout the year, our Year 8 students have worked consistently both inside and outside the classroom. As a reward, Year Advisers Ms Miletic and Mr Dunn organised a fun-filled day at Jamberoo where our Year 8 students controlled the action.

Through a misty foggy morning, blurry eyed students arrived at Jamberoo early and eager to get the day started. On arrival, students took part in a quick swim exam to determine their level of ability. Once their wristbands were on, students were ready to get the day started.


First on the agenda, students participated in team building activities. Students had to form groups of 8-10 and run around the park, solving fun riddles whilst completing daring tasks. Students had to use their maths skills as well as their problem solving skills to get through all the rides and adventures. With the reward of a pizza lunch for the team who finished first, the competition was on.


After a delicious burger lunch, students had free time to explore the theme park to its fullest. Teachers also took this opportunity to engage with the students and explore the ever daring water slides. Both student and teacher favourite was The Perfect Storm, the tallest, longest most exciting water ride in the world. A ride that consists of 3 tornados, that had students (and some teachers) twisting, rotating, screaming and cheering all at the same time.  Another favourite was The Funnel Web, a high impact water slide that had students twisting and twirling at a whopping 30km/h throughout darkness. Cheers and screams could definitely be heard throughout the entire park. Finally the day ended with races down Surf Hill were students raced down an 18m speed slide.


As the sun was beginning to set, unfortunately the excitement had to come to an end. Students packed up and clean up our designated area, leaving Jamberoo clean and fresh. A sleepy bus ride home was on the cards, where students shared the amount of times they all went on the rides. Mathew Chhour and Ryley Cabaltera said they went on the “Water slides about 18 times.” With the screams and excitement now just a distant memory, the bonding and fun-filled adventure the students shared would last a lifetime.


Clean Up Cecil

During week 8, students from Year 8P Geography took it upon themselves to clean up our schools playground. Students had been studying the importance of environmental sustainability and liveability for the past year and as a class, wanted to lead by example and clean up our school after lunch.

Students were collecting data on what areas of the school had the most amount of rubbish as well as what type of rubbish was being left on the ground. Zerda Kaya from 8P noted “it’s not that hard to put your rubbish in the bin, there are bins everywhere.”


Students then returned to the classroom and graphed their findings. They uncovered that bottle lids and chip packets are the two most common pieces of rubbish left on the floor. Areas like the main quad and basketball area had the highest amount of rubbish left on the ground. Students put this down to this area being a high student traffic area. As a result, students would like to see more bins placed in this area.

Additionally, students came up with the slogan ‘stand up and bin it’. This mean that year 8 would like students to stand up to their peers when they see students throw rubbish on the floor, and tell them to bin it!

It is important for our students to become more rubbish-aware and lead by example in their actions. This responsible behaviour enlightened students to be more respectful towards our environment at Cecil Hills High School.  As Rabina Aziz from 8P said  “LETS KEEP CECIL HILLS HIGH SCHOOL CLEAN” it is our playground, let’s take pride in it.

A Kulevski,  Year 8 Connect teacher



Sweet Success

It's all about Christmas

Year 8 Elective Create-A-Cake students were put to the test recently as they showcased their skills and creativity in cake making and decorating. The theme given was "Christmas". Anything to do with Christmas was allowed and students were able to either work on their own or in pairs to create their masterpieces. 


From a Magical Christmas Tree, to The Grinch, a Gift and a lot of love and sweets for Christmas, the students did an amazing job and should be very proud of their achievements. As their teacher I am very proud and delighted with their progress this semester. I showed colleagues from other school and friends whom are professional cake decorators and all of them were amazed at the workmanship and level of skill our year 8 students have achieved.


Voting took place on the day and the results are:

Best in Show - oh! Christmas Tree (Aline Tu and Tayla Davies - Carved Christmas Tree)


Highly Commended - Merry Grinch-mas (Ayah Toufaili and Caitlin Ofosuah - The Grinch)


All students need to congratulated on their achievements and level of skills shown.


A Byron, Create-A-Cake teacher




Creativity at its best

Photo: Year 10 Mixed Media - Celene Stabile

HSC Artworks

Congratulations to Michelle Tang and Susanna Sat of this year’s  Year 12

HSC Visual Art class who each had their artworks selected by Casula Powerhouse as part of their NEXT 2019 Exhibition. NEXT is an annual exhibition of HSC artworks from local high schools in the City of Liverpool.


Both Michelle’s video animation (consisting of over

3,000 drawings) and Susanna’s embroidered

postmodern portraits, will be on display at Casula Powerhouse from 17th Feb – 24th March 2019.

We had multiple students pre-selected for this exhibition, which is a testament to their hard work and tremendous talent that they have honed the last few years as a Visual Arts student here at Cecil Hills High School. Well done!

Operation Art

Every year schools across New South Wales are invited to participate in Operation Art, an initiative of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in association with the New South Wales Department of Education. The Operation Art program provides a forum for schools and students to demonstrate their visual arts achievements through exhibitions at the Armory Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Congratulations to Renae Ward of Year 9, whose Printmaking artwork not only was initially selected for exhibition, but won the “Paw Pick Award for illustrating a variety of teaching techniques” at this year’s Operation Art Exhibition. Renae’s work was also then selected for Operation Art Bank. It will now be part of the permanent display at the children's ward of a selected country hospital.


We are very proud of all of your talent, dedication and achievement in your studies of Visual Arts so far!


Ms Marks, Year 9 Visual Arts Teacher & Year Adviser 

Sports Report

Photo: 2018 Zone Blues Winners

Grade Sport

In the Summer Grade competition, we performed extremely well with seven teams crowned Premiers and six teams were Runners-Up. Congratulations to all students and staff involved.

Sydney South West Blues Winners

Congratulations to Jarrod Carluccio who was awarded the SSW School Sport Association President’s Award for his outstanding performances and sportsmanship in 2018. He was adjudged as the best performing male student in the SSW association. He is the first recipient in our school’s history of such a prestigious award.


Zone Blues winners

Nine of our students received Blues Awards at the annual Bernera Zone Blues Awards ceremony last week.


Michelle Prasad, Swimming             

Jaydan Prasad, Swimming                     

Brendan Prasad, Cross Country                     

Cayden Boyter, Athletics              

Vanessa Parada, Basketball                   

Sonya Cardillo, Football                     

Jarrod Carluccio, President's Award                

Olivia Macmillan, Principals' Award

Jordan Scully, Principals' Award 



These students displayed excellent skill, determination, sportsmanship and leadership in their respective sports and across a number of sports. Congratulations to them all for their wonderful achievement. 


Congratulations to Georgia Portelli for winning a bronze medal in the U16 years Girls Javelin event at the Australian All Schools Athletics Championships in Cairns recently. Branson Po won a bronze medal in the U14 years Boys 100m and anchored his NSW team to a silver medal in the 4x100m relay event. These are outstanding results from two of our star athletes.



Students' work published

This year our wonderful Year 7 students were invited by Ms Kulevski to take part in the Write4fun writing competition. A nation-wide writing competition that was open to all school students from kindergarten to year 12 across Australia. With awesome prizes on offer like Xbox and PS4’s our students set their sights high. More importantly, winning entries were given the opportunity to have their poems or short stories published in the annual Write4fun Book.

Cecil Hills High School is proud to announce that 14 students from Year 7S were finalists and our students' written works will be published in the annual Write4fun Book.  Students were ecstatic when they found out that they will be published authors.


Having young published authors from our school “is a fantastic achievement” Mr Sutton exclaimed. It is nice to represent the school in academia and to be recognised nation-wide for our students' writing achievements.


 Our published authors are:

Vivian Cao

Mikaila Mihajlovic

Christopher Nguyen

Lily Vella

Tiana Tepsa

Stefania Elfar

Jazmyn Rizzuti

Nahvroy Chuna

Ana Kos

Linh Pham

Madison Lay

Kiera Hay

Djordje Kaludjerovic


All staff and students from Cecil Hills High School would like to congratulate these students on their excellent achievements in being successful learners.

A Kulevski, English teacher

Year 10 Commerce in Canberra

Canberra welcomes our Commerce students

This term, a group of Commerce students visited Australia’s capital city, Canberra. There students were able to view Canberra from Telstra Tower. Students also attended tours at both Parliament House and the High Court. During their Parliament House tour, students were reminded of the significant roles of parliament, the significance of their votes and staying up to date with politics. In the High Court, students visited court rooms and gained a deeper understanding of laws that impact and protect Australians.


Finally, students were able to view the unique foreign embassies located along the Embassy Drive.


Ms Ha, Year 10 Commerce teacher



Team building for Year 7

Collaborate, Engage, Communication, Innovate and Lead

Team building was a fun, cooperative experience.  Spending time with others and making new friends was a great experience.  Working together in the outdoor activities prepared us for what we would face in our electives.  Leadership, teamwork, trust and communications all played a part on this day.  My favourite part of the day was the outdoor activities.  We had fun challenges, yet we were all still working together to reach our goal.  Overall this day was something everyone could enjoy.  

Bradeen Simon, Year 7

Team building day was both filled with fun and work.  We were put into unfamiliar groups and some of us met new faces even this late into the year.  One challenging part of this day was to create new ideas to benefit the school.  Within the groups we tried to solve a problem facing the school.  We had to brainstorm all the ways we could fix it.  The most fun part of the day was the outside activities, and using all the skills of C.E.C.I.L (Collaborate, Engage, Communication, Innovate and Lead).  This day helped us reflect on all these skills and our time here at Cecil Hills High School.  This day was truly enjoyable and I would try something like this again.​  Jack Sirimanotham, Year 7

Thanks #giveback

Photo: Denilyn Mariano Year 10 - Mixed Media on Paper 2018

Supporting those less fortunate

A big THANK YOU to all the Cecil families and staff who have donated so generously to our Christmas Drive run by our Year 9 students.


The toiletries and other goods you have donated will be very welcomed by the families who will receive them at a time when they may be struggling and everyone else is celebrating. 


Andrew Paech from Westcare (westcare.org.au)  who will be distributing the donations complimented our school on what he described as a "well presented and effective" Christmas Drive.


Our bags are  greatly appreciated as Westcare's  hamper packing begins in earnest next week as they distribute food, and and many items such as ours to those that need them. Thank again. #giveback


J Green and C Marks, Year 9 Advisers



Community news

Photo: Year 10 Xhibit class

Being a great dad


Bringing up Great kids


Buying a new device? Special Offers available from HP


Cool Kids


Fairfield City Museum School Holiday program


Uniform shop holiday opening times


2018 Showcase


Well done to all our performers at this week's Showcase event - showcasing the wonderful talent of so many students.   Thank you to all the staff who dedicated so much time to ensure this event was so successful.


Important Dates

Photo: Christmas Cheer - from our Mathematics faculty

January 2019

Monday, 14 January to Thursday, 24 January

Uniform shop opens 8.30am to 2.00pm


Friday, 25 January

Uniform shop opens 9.30am to 2.00pm


Tuesday, 29 January

Uniform shop opens 8.30am to 12.00pm


Wednesday, 30 January

Year 7, 11 and 12 begin school for 2019


Thursday, 31 January

Year 8, 9 and 10 begin school for 2019


Monday, 4 February

P&C Meeting 6.30 pm


Wednesday, 6 February

School Swimming Carnival at Prairiewood Leisure Centre


Tuesday, 12 February

Year 12 2018 Recognition Evening


Thursday, 13 February

Repeat Parent Information session 9.30 am


Monday, 25 February

Year 7 2019 BBQ night

Year 7 2020 Information Evening

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Uniform shop 2019 opening hours.pdf
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Sharon Tat - Highest ATAR 98.5
Milena Cugalj - HSC All Round Achievers List
Olivia Macmillan - HSC All Round Achievers list
Milena Cugalj - HSC All Round Achievers list
Milena Cugalj - HSC All Round Achievers list
MIlena Cugalj - HSC All Round Achievers list
Olivia Macmillan - HSC All Round Achievers list
Olivia Macmillan - HSC All Round Achievers list
Sharon Tat - Highest ATAR 98.5
Sharon Tat - Highest ATAR 98.5
Sharon Tat - Highest ATAR 98.5