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11 October 2019
Issue One


Inspired by St Joseph, we strive to be an inclusive faith community that challenges and supports each individual, ignites a passion for learning and empowers each to be a steward of creation.

Let Us Work Together.


We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of this land.  We pay respect to their elders, both past and present.

Message from the Principal
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SLA Interschool Sport Fixture
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Message from the Principal

October 2019

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Welcome back! I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful break.  It is great to see all students arrive back at school safely, ready for another great term of learning at St Joseph the Worker Primary School. We have another busy term ahead with many events including SLA Camp, excursions and incursions and Sports Day.  We have a dedicated page in the newsletter this term with information and there will also be reminders coming home throughout the term via our school App.


This term we welcome back Rosa who has been away on long service leave. We also wish Beth all the best for her long service leave this term.


On a sad note, please keep Natalie Ferron and her family in your prayers as Natalie's father passed away during the holidays.


Planning for 2020

In the next month, we will be discussing the class structures for 2020. If families are moving schools next year, can you please inform Marisa in the office. Thank you for your support of this.

SLA Camp

Next Monday our senior students are heading to camp at Anglesea. Thank you to Stephanie, Maureen, Pauline, Beth, and Jackie for their organisation at preparation for camp. Thank you also to Jill and Michael who will also be attending camp. I look forward to joining the students and staff at the camp and wish everyone a wonderful time away.

Launch of our new school uniform

Next week we launch our new school uniform. Please RSVP if you are attending. l hope to see many of you at either our afternoon or evening gathering. I would like to thank Vanessa Rendina, Julie Zucco and Connie Bof for their ongoing support and assistance with this project. Many, many hours of work has happened to ensure the transparency of this process and to include everyone in this project. I also thank the School Advisory Board for their ongoing support; we have attended extra meetings this year to ensure that the Board was involved in every step of this process. It has been a lot of work and l thank everyone with their support with this important project.


Regarding the cracks to our running track; l am continuing discussions with Catholic Education Melbourne, our architects, builders and engineers to find a resolution. This has been a lengthy process and hopefully, in the next few weeks we will have a solution and repairs will be able to take place.

School Attendance

Parents/guardians are responsible for contacting the school on that day of an expected absence to inform us and to provide an explanation for a child's absence. This must be done prior to the commencement of the school day. This is easily done via Skoolbag App or by contacting the school before 9.00 am.

School Fees

We still have some families who have not yet paid this year's school fees and levies. If you have not settled these overdue accounts, can this be done immediately or please make an appointment to see me discuss this situation. All fees and levies are due to be paid by the end of October. A further reminder that all camp fees must be settled in full prior to children attending camps. 

School Uniform

Commencing Monday 21st October, all students should be in their FULL SUMMER UNIFORM. It is most important that children are not wearing a mixture of summer and winter uniform and they are correctly attired in our full summer uniform.  A friendly reminder that sneakers are not correct uniform except on days when students have PE lessons or are participating in inter-school sports. A number of students are wearing sneakers every day and parents will be contacted if students are not in the correct uniform. Thank you for your ongoing assistance in ensuring your children are meeting the dress code of our school. 


If parents have a concern regarding their child, please make an appointment to speak to their teacher. For minor concerns, parents can 'catch a teacher after school'. However, it may be necessary to set a time to meet to discuss the challenges. I encourage parents to communicate with teachers via email or preferably make an appointment with the teacher so that concerns may be addressed appropriately. Parents should note that if you are sending an email, teachers may not be able to respond immediately as they will be busy with teaching responsibilities. Parents should expect an answer to their email within 24 business hours and only within the hours of 8.30 am and 5.00 pm.

School Closure Days

This term we have one closure days:

  • Monday, 4th November

We ask St Joseph the Worker to continue to bless our wonderful Parish and School Community.


I'm looking forward to another fantastic term! Enjoy your weekend.

Maria Barnes




St Joseph the Worker Q&A 

Q. My child needs to take some medication, I know that it has to be handed into the office and not the classroom - do I need to complete any paperwork regarding permission to administer medication?

A. YES! We do need parents written permission to administer any medication at school. Completing the Administration of Medication is all we require. Please see Anna and Marisa in the office and they will assist you with this. 


If the medication is to be taken for an extended period, it is best to come to the school so that we can ensure that we have a appropriate medical management plan in place. 

Learning Life Faith


Many of you would be aware that our school has been sponsoring a young man named Alex to attend school in Tanzania, Africa.  An amazing Australian woman named Gemma Sisia started the school St Jude because she saw a need. The mission of The School of St Jude is to educate disadvantaged, bright students from the Arusha District to become moral and intellectual leaders in their country and for St Jude's to thereby demonstrate educational leadership in Tanzania. Alex is certainly close to meeting these expectations. 





Now that Alex has completed his studies, St Joseph the Worker School will be sponsoring a new child who has recently started school at the School of St Jude.  Meet  Vivian. 


Vivian is a 6 year old girl attending school on the Sisia Primary Campus at the school of St Jude. Vivian is Lutheran and belongs to the
Mwarusha tribe. The Mwarusha are an ethnic
and linguistic group based in Arusha Region in
northern Tanzania. They are distinct from, but
related to, the Maasai and traditionally live in
larger communities.

With our support Vivian will be able to continue her studies with everything she needs to do so successfully.  

History of the School of St Jude

See more about Gemma Sisia and the School of St Jude.



This term our inquiry across the school is about ‘Change & Transformation.’ One action we would like to take as a result of this inquiry, is how we can change the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. The students will be learning about the children in Ghana. Our children and the children of Ghana have many similarities but one solid connection is that many of them like to have a kick of the soccer ball.  Students at St Joseph the Worker have many opportunities to play soccer both at school and out of school. The children of Ghana can also play soccer at school however they do not have the wonderful resources and opportunities as we do here. The children of Ghana play soccer with hand-made soccer balls. Catholic Mission  Melbourne have created the Socktober challenge to help raise funds for the children of Ghana so they too can have real soccer balls to play with. “In so many areas where Catholic Mission work, the hand-made soccer ball is the glue which holds the communities of young people together.”  By educating ourselves and our students about the people in developing countries, we hope to be inspired to see the need and take action.

As part of the Socktober challenge, on Tuesday October 22nd during our Connect groups, the students will be making a hand-made soccer ball from recycled socks.  This soccer ball will be used the following Monday afternoon (October 28) at 2:15, in a fun ‘kick off’ activity. During the ‘kick off’ all classes will have 20 minutes to kick as many goals as possible. Also on this day the students will be able to wear crazy socks to school and make a donation which will be sent to Catholic Mission Melbourne and donated to the children of Ghana for some much needed sport equipment.

In order to make our hand-made sock ball, we would like students to bring in some clean, old socks before Tuesday October 22nd.

If you would like more information about Socktober and Catholic Mission Melbourne,  visit the website

WEST Wall of Fame

Earlier this year at St Joseph the Worker School, we introduced the WEST Wall of Fame.  The WEST Wall of Fame displays photos of four students across the school, who have been nominated by the staff.  Students are nominated for Making Jesus Real by behaving in a way that Jesus has taught us through Scripture.  Each day students at St Joseph the Worker live out the Catholic Mission by taking care of each other and the environment. The WEST Wall of Fame recognises and acknowledges these students.  The WEST Wall of Fame is displayed in the front office and the student photos are changed twice per term.  As a parent or a member of the St Joseph the Worker School community,  you too can nominate a student who has Made Jesus Real. Just email Vicki De Leo.

Our last WEST Wall of Fame students were Eva, Pierre, Adrian and Gianni.



Reading with your child

Reading should be a fun, relaxing time where you can sit down as a family and spend some quality time together. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is not uncommon for parents to say to their child’s teacher that reading with their child is an incredibly stressful and unpleasant experience. So what can you do if reading with your child is no longer fun or enjoyable?


Read to your child. As we get older we sometimes forget that we can read for enjoyment not just to find out information.  If your child is struggling to read a text or wants to read something that you think may be to difficult or has themes that may be to mature for them, read the text to your child. Open up a conversation during or once you have finished reading and talk with your child about what they enjoyed or ask hypothetical questions such as; if they were the author what would they have done differently


Choose the right book. In the junior years we send readers home with all families. These readers are produced with the intention being to improve student's ability to decode the words on the page. This does little to promote imagination or conversation. It is okay for you to switch up the texts, maybe choosing to read some of the books your child is  interested in from your home library, the school library or even taking a family trip down to the local library to choose some texts about topics that your child is interested in.


Set up the right environment. If reading is to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience then we have to create a calm and quiet area for this to occur. Limiting background noise and curling up together on the couch or in bed together can be a great place to start.  Sitting side by side with your arm around your child creates a feeling of security and love. If your child feels safe and calm then reading together has already begun in a positive manner. 





If reading together is causing tension and arguments in your house, have a think about taking a break from reading and re-assign the time that you put aside for reading to do some fun family activities that promote talk and conversation. Board and card games, puzzles, ball games, or even doing the dishes together - anything that is going to get your child entering into a positive and meaningful discussion about what they have seen, made, done or written


Below is a list of questions that you can use to initiate conversations or question your child's understanding of the text that is being read. If you have any questions or would like more information about making reading fun again talk with your child's teacher or come in and see me,


Jessica Milesi

Literacy Leader








Mathematics at St Joseph the Worker

At St Joseph the Worker we develop Mathematical Concepts to support Numerical Literacy, so that our students are equipped for the future.


Wherever we are, whatever we are doing there is Mathematics around us everyday.

For example

Time - days of the week, months of the year, seasons and calendars. Telling the time using an analogue and digital clock.

Money - shopping, saving, banking etc

Weather - temperature, rain fall, wind speed

Travel - road signs, symbols and speeds, directions

Cooking, Gardening and Building


Please make use of these everyday contexts to have 'Maths Conversations' with your child(ren) and make real-life connections for your child(ren) on their learning.


Board games are lots of fun to play as a family, many of them using maths concepts, dice, playing cards and an element of chance. Who will win in your family board game?


Let's make Maths FUN!





Our children’s wellbeing is central to their success as confident lifelong learners. Wellbeing is a concept that covers a range of diverse outcomes. In schools, it’s about young people playing an active role in their own learning and in developing healthy lifestyles. Our education system maintains a focus on wellbeing from the time a child starts early childhood education until the time they leave secondary school.

Please see article below written by Michael Grose, a leading child educator. 


P & F News



For more information about Before and After School Care or assistance in making a booking or enrolment please call Natalie on 0437 492 917 or visit the website.

Important Dates & Information



Monday 14th - Wednesday 16th - SLA Camp 

Tuesday 15th - MLA Excursion to The Immigration Museum 

Thursday 17th - New Uniform Launch (2:30 pm & 7:00 pm)

Tuesday 22nd - School Advisory Board Meeting, 7:30 pm 

Thursday 24th - School Disco

Friday 25th - 2020 Prep Orientation (Session 1)

                           - Bike Education

Thursday 31st - Assembly, 2:45 pm 

Monday 28th - Cyber Safety Incursion (MLA & SLA) 


Monday 4th - School Closure Day - Report Writing Day 

Tuesday 5th - School Closure Day - Melbourne Cup Day  

Wednesday 6th - School Sports Day @ Meadowglen Athletics Track

Friday 8th - Commonwealth Bank Incursion (Prep & JLA) 

Monday 11th - Commonwealth Bank Incursion (MLA & SLA) 

Wednesday 13th - School Advisory Board Meeting, 7:30 pm

Thursday 14th - Assembly, 2:45 pm 

Friday 15th - 2020 Prep Orientation (Session 2)

Monday 25th - Student's Voting for 2020 Leaders 

Thursday 28th - Assembly, 2:45 pm 

Wednesday 27th - SLA Incursion - Leadership & Transition


SLA Interschool Sport Fixture



Parish of
St Joseph the Worker

Mass Timetable: 

Saturday – 8.30 am English, 6.00 pm English (1st Saturday Maltese Mass at 6 pm)
Sunday – 9.00 am Italian, 10.30am English

Monday – 9.10 am Communion Service
Tuesday – 10.00 am Italian
Wednesday – 9.10 am English
Thursday – 9.10 am English
Friday – 9.10 am English

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