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23 November 2018
Issue Thirty-five
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               Principal's Message            

Prayer to Christ the King

Christ Jesus, I acknowledge You King of the universe.

All that has been created has been made for You.
Make full use of Your rights over me.
I renew the promises I made in Baptism and I promise to live a good Christian  life and to do all in my power to procure the triumph of the rights of God and Your Church.
Divine Heart of Jesus, I offer you my efforts in order to obtain that all hearts may acknowledge your Sacred Royalty, and that the Kingdom of Your peace may be established throughout the universe.



Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021

With the school’s current ‘Three Year Strategic Plan’ in its final year in 2018, the OLA School Board members, OLA P&F Executive and the staff have worked closely to formulate the new plan with the process having commenced in Term 2. After many months of discussion, planning and seeking what our school’s vision will be for the next three years, I am proud to present to the school community our new 2019 – 2021 OLA Strategic Plan.


Launching the school’s new plan, I want to draw your attention to the outcomes we seek over the next three years. These are:

- Strong academic performance and service of others;

- A community that is faith-filled, diverse, engaged and healthy;

- A place that is contemporary, inviting and sustainable.


A copy of the new Strategic Plan is attached below.


Recess and Lunch 2019

As a result of discussions in formulating the new Strategic Plan, ongoing observations of the playground and current recess and lunch time structures, it has been decided that split recess and lunch breaks will be introduced in 2019. This will mean that the number of children playing outside, at the same time, will be significantly reduced. We will inform you of the new break times at the beginning of 2019.

Calling All Volunteers - P&F

With a number of school events scheduled for the next two years, the P&F need your help! Please email pandf@ola.wa.edu.au if you are able to offer any assistance - BIG or small, it all makes a difference!


Semester Two Reports - SEQTA Engage

Semester Two Reports will be made available to families via the SEQTA Engage Portal on Monday 3 December. Please take the time to check that you can still access the portal with the username and password you created last semester. We do not have access to your login details, so if you are experiencing difficulties with logging in a new email will need to be sent from Mrs Erskine. Please contact her via email vel.erskine@cewa.edu.au if you require assistance. To access the portal please visit https://ola.coneqt-p.cathednet.wa.edu.au/


This year's Graduation Mass is being held on Monday 3 December at 5.30pm. Year 5 students will be performing in the choir on the night. Please keep our Year 6 students in your prayers as they prepare to say goodbye to OLA.

Staffing 2019

We are excited to announce the following new staff members joining the OLA Teaching Team in 2019:

- Maree Musca

- Simone Wiles

- Michelle Retel

- Angela Ireland


We warmly welcome back Mrs Michelle Symmons and Mrs Ella Galipo from Maternity Leave as well as Mrs Mary Barclay who is returning from a six-month secondment to Infant Jesus.


A draft staffing list for 2019 is attached below. Please note that there may be some changes to the staffing allocations and the community will be notified of any changes via the newsletter.


2019 Transition

In preparation for the new school year, all current Kindy to Year 5 students will participate in two transition sessions. This will allow the children to become familiar with their new classroom, new cohort and new teacher (if possible). The two sessions will be held on Monday 3 December and Tuesday 4 December and will run for half an hour each.

Volunteers' Morning Tea

Next Tuesday, 27 November, the OLA Staff will be preparing morning tea for all of the amazing volunteers in our community. Morning tea will be held at 9am in the Fr O'Mara Centre. Please see the attached invitation for more information.


St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

A BIG thank you to those families who have already donated a gift to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. We will be extending the date for donations to Friday 30 November. Families are asked to please donate a gift for a child the same age and gender as their own child. For example, a female Year 1 student would purchase a gift for a female 6 or 7 year old. Your ongoing support with this appeal is greatly appreciated.


Kindy Orientation

Next Thursday, 29 November, is the 2019 Kindy Orientation morning. Families of our 2019 Kindy students are invited to attend the session in the Kindy classrooms commencing at 9am.

OLA School App

Please be advised that there have been technical issues with the OLA School app so the decision has been made to discontinue the use of the app.


As mentioned in previous newsletters, a new website is currently being designed and with this, a new app will be developed. In the interim, please refer to the interactive calendar on the school website, newsletters, and weekly updates and emails sent from class teachers.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we will notify you of the new app once it becomes available in 2019.

Board and P&F AGM - Thank You

Thank you to the members of the School community who attended the AGM on Tuesday night. We are appreciative of your continual support.

Water Fun Day

To celebrate the end of a wonderful school year, children in Pre-Primary to Year 5 will be participating in a Water Fun Day on Thursday 6 December. Further details about this will be emailed home on Monday with your child's weekly update.


Booklists 2019

The 2019 OLA Booklists are now finalised and will be sent home to families today. Copies are also attached below.


End of Year Concert

Next Friday, 30 November, is the OLA End of Year Concert commencing at 6pm. The grassed area will be sectioned off on the night. The students and teachers will sit in front of the stage followed by those families who are sitting on picnic blankets. Families who are using deckchairs will be seated at the back of the grassed area so that everyone can see. All students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 will need to remain in the student area until after the finale item. Families are welcome to bring along a picnic dinner to enjoy after the concert.


The format of the night is as follows:

5.45pm – Pre-Primary to Year 6 children to meet in classrooms

6.00pm – Concert commences

- Kindy: Christmas carol followed by Dance item

- Pre-Primary: Christmas carol followed by Dance item

- Year 1: Christmas carol followed by Dance item

- Year 2: Christmas carol followed by Dance item

- Year 3: Dance item

- Year 3 and Year 4: Combined Christmas carol

- Year 4: Dance item

- Year 5: Dance item

- Year 5 and Year 6: Combined Christmas carol

- Year 6: Dance item

- Finale item


Kindy Parents, please drop your children to the stage at 5.45pm and collect them from the right hand side of the stage after their item.


Have a great weekend!


Greg Martin


What's Happening at OLA!


Outdoor Learning

The water pump received a work out this week as the Pre-Kindergarten children shared the sand equipment. They were busy taking turns using buckets, pumping water and filling the sink with mud. There was a lot of sand mixed into mud and stirred in the sink. Messy, but lots of fun! Children at Pre-Kindergarten, are encouraged to cooperate with others in small groups and play situations by listening, sharing spaces and learning to follow the rules to ensure that everyone participates equally and fairly.


Cooking Learning Experience

All hands were on deck last week when we baked mini damper buns and ate them with butter and honey. It was so yummy! The children enjoyed mixing the butter into the flour with their fingers and hands and later using the round cutter to shape the damper buns on the tray. Afterwards to assist in the  clean-up, there were three little helpers who offered to wash and dry the dishes. We ate the damper together at the end of the day. Even superman and dinosaur ate damper buns!

Mrs Petkovic


In Kindy, we have been creating a beautiful nativity scene. This project has taken several weeks as the children first had to paint a shoe box they brought in from home. Then they had to make the pieces for inside the stable, including baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Straw was added to the bottom of the stable and finally, the stable roof and star were added. The children really enjoyed creating their scenes and they can't wait to take them home to show their families.

Mrs Fruvall and Mrs Taylor

Year 1

We have been busy working on measurement in Mathematics. We learnt about length and found how long objects were using blocks and paperclips. We also compared objects using pop sticks to determine objects that are shorter, longer or the same length. This week, we explored capacity and how much different objects can hold. We loved going out to the sandpit to find out how many spoons of sand could fill up the different containers. We also had fun comparing the capacity of different containers using water.


We attended a wonderful incursion presented by Constable Care called, First Aid Hero. The puppet show helped us to identify a medical emergency and what we can do to help. We were introduced to DRSABC and learnt how to call an ambulance.


We are continuing to work through the fun activities on code.org where we use characters from the game Angry Birds along with sequential algorithms to move a bird from one side of a maze to the pig at the other side. We could stack code blocks together in a linear sequence, making them move straight, turn left, or turn right. We are having so much fun moving through the levels.

Miss Saraceni and Mrs Ravi

Year 3

Over the last two weeks, the Year 3 students have been writing book reports about one of their favourite books. They were asked to write about the plot, the main characters and their favourite part of the book. Finally, students had to give their book a rating and illustrate their favourite part. Mrs Tollis and I were super impressed with the effort and care that went into writing and creating these book reports. Way to go Year 3s!

Mrs Tollis and Mrs Pilatti

Year 5

This week in Year 5, we have been very busy building bridges. We had to work in teams to design and create a bridge that spanned 1 metre without support. The only materials allowed were newspaper and sticky tape. We had to consider the durability and strength to enable it to stand without support. Some of our bridges would give the Sydney Harbour Bridge a run for its money.


Also, in Maths, we have been learning about symmetry, translations, rotations and reflections. We got to make some pretty cool rotational symmetry artwork where we needed to recreate the same pattern to make sure that it would always look the same when turned around.

Ms Knight and Mr McIntyre

Parents and Friends

Coming soon(ish!) School Fete 2020

In 2020, OLA will be holding a fabulous school fete and we can't wait to get started planning for this immense event! If you would like to join the Fete Committee, please email the P&F! 


School AGM

On Wednesday night, staff and parents attended the school's Annual General Meeting. It was a very informative event, with a wrap up from Greg Martin and the School Board. P&F President Natalee Cunningham spoke on behalf of all parents when she summed up this year’s achievements, and gave an emotional thank you to those who commit to making our P&F strong, and to all of us at OLA whose support ensures that our community grows stronger every year.


The P&F objectives in 2018 included 'friendraising', fundraising, updating the P&F Constitution, The Teachers' Wishlist Tree, guest speakers for parents and initiating a forum for dads and father figures. Our Treasurer, Katie Catena, presented her first financial summary. Thanks Katie for taking on the role and adding to the excitement that the P&F is creating for future events and our school’s advancement through fundraising.


If you would like to be part of the P&F in 2019 just email pandf@ola.wa.edu.au!

Thank you Laura!

Stepping down from the P&F at this year's AGM was Laura Ocello. Laura has been an incredibly valuable member of the P&F for the past three years, serving as Treasurer for two of those years. She was also an integral part of the 50th Anniversary Committee and we will greatly miss her enthusiasm and attention to detail. Laura is now a member of the School Board and we wish her lots of joy in her new role.


Contact Us

If you have anything you would like to discuss with the P&F you can contact us at pandf@ola.wa.edu.au

Sports News

CPSSA Summer Carnival

Last Friday, the Year 5 students participated in the CPSSA Summer Carnival. They played cricket, tennis and ultimate frisbee. The students showed such resilience on a scorcher of a day and wonderful sportsmanship over the course of the tournaments. Our boys' cricket team were undefeated in three matches with some excellent bowling, fielding and batting. Our girls' cricket team had some tough competition but enjoyed themselves as they showed enthusiasm in the field. They were also located next to the sound system and loved demonstrating their dancing skills. The frisbee players had to work and run hard all day without any substitutes. The tennis teams played in the ‘Australian Open’ and the ‘French Open’ pools. The A team had great success and topped their pool to win the coveted trophy. Well done to all of the tennis players who, with their doubles partner, battled the stifling heat on the courts at Noranda. Special thanks goes to Mrs Hunt who managed the boys' cricket team and to those parents who came to support our teams.


Running Club

This Tuesday will be our last Running Club for 2018. Students who have been regular attendees will receive a certificate to show the distances they have run over the course of the year. Special mention goes to Luke (6M), Nicholas D (4G) and Lily (3G)  who have completed over 42km. Those who attend our last club can enjoy wearing 'Crazy Socks' for the duration of the day. Thanks to all of the parents, grandparents and siblings who have joined our students in an early morning run this year. Running Club will recommence in Term 2, 2019.

Swimming Club

This Wednesday will be our last Swimming Club for 2019. It has been a great success with up to 35 participants each week. These children have shown such commitment with the early start of 7 o’clock. Swimmers have worked hard to improve their strokes, fitness, speed and diving. Thank you so much to Kelly Dols and Chris Lambert who have led our Year 3 and Year 4 swimmers. Keep swimming through the Summer and we look forward to our OLA Carnival mid-March 2019.


Mrs Jodie Stewart

Sports Coordinator


Instrumental Recitals

Individual and group tuition is currently offered in piano, violin, flute and drums at OLA. Next week, the students will showcase their talents in our end of year recitals. The Monday and Tuesday piano students and the violin/flute students have been invited to participate in a recital on Monday, 26 November, commencing at 3.10pm. The Thursday and Friday piano students and the drum students have been invited to perform on Thursday, 29 November, again at 3.10pm. Both  recitals will take place in the Father O’Mara Centre. We look forward to hearing our students perform.


Mrs Mary McAuliffe

Music Teacher


Monday 26 November

- Keyed Up Music Concert 3.15pm

Tuesday 27 November

- Volunteer's Morning tea 9.00am

- Pre-Primary Faith Day

Wednesday 28 November

- Chisholm Induction for Year 6 students

Thursday 29 November

- Kindergarten 2019 Orientation 9.00-11.00am

- Keyed Up Music Concert 3.15pm

Friday 30 November

- End of Year Concert 6.00pm


City of Stirling Charity Clothing Drop Off Day

On Saturday 1 December, the City of Stirling is hosting its Charity Clothing Drop Off Day. You can bring your unwanted clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, curtains, bedding and pillows, as well as electrical items, kitchen appliances and bric-a-brac to support your local community. For a full list of what you can donate, visit www.stirling.wa.gov.au/clothingdropoff

WA Young Salesians Summer Camp

The WA Young Salesians are holding their annual Summer Camp in January 2019. Details about this event can be found by visiting www.wayoungsalesians.com/en/summer-camp

A Christmas Concert in Word and Music


Parish News

Parish Information

Parish Priest:  Fr Ken D’Souza

Phone:  (08) 9276 1008
Email: dianella@perthcatholic.org.au

Secretary: Amanda Reneaux

Parish Mass Times


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- 8:00am

Wednesday 9:00am

Saturday—Vigil Mass  6:00pm

Sunday—Mass 7:30am, 9:30am and 5:00pm

Parish Youth Mass—Last Saturday of each month

Carols by Candlelight - This Sunday

This Sunday, 25 November, the OLA Parish will be holding Carols by Candlelight. As we prepare for the Christmas season, it is a time for the Parish and School communities to come together and celebrate a wonderful year. Carols will commence at 6pm after the 5pm Mass. Father Ken and the OLA Parish would love to see as many families there as possible.


The OLA Parish are offering Reconciliation before Christmas. If you would like to receive Reconciliation during Advent then please join us on Friday 7 December at 6pm.

Christmas Eve Family Mass

Dear Parents and Carers

We would like to involve children from OLA in our Parish Christmas Eve Family Mass at 6.30pm. We plan to have a symbolic entrance procession and a simple depiction of the Nativity during the Gospel reading. If your child/children would like to be part of this special celebration, please contact Anne Gartrell on 0439927201.

With best wishes

OLA Children’s Liturgy Team

Children's Liturgy

The OLA Parish offer Children's Liturgy each Sunday during the 9.30am Mass. Please see the attached flyer for further information.


Month of the Holy Souls

The month of November is dedicated to the souls in Purgatory, whose feast is celebrated on 2 November. The entire month of November falls during the liturgical season known as Ordinary Time and is represented by the liturgical color green.

Eternal Rest grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.  May they rest in peace.

Christmas Candles 

Hand decorated by Benedictine Nuns online order : jamberooabbey.org.au 


Canteen News

The Canteen operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our new direct telephone number is 9471 3021.   We are looking for volunteers to help any of those days, either all day or even for part of the day.  Mums, dads, nonnas all welcome!


Canteen Helpers Needed Urgently


If you are able to assist in the Canteen during Term 4, please email me directly at rosella.samuels@cewa.edu.au 


Thank you


Mrs Rosie Samuels

Canteen Manageress


Online Ordering

To access online ordering for the OLA School Canteen click on the image below.


Uniform Shop

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8:15am—10:30am

Friday     1:30pm—3:30pm

Second hand uniforms are available.

Shop Opening Hours in January 2019

The Uniform Shop will be open on:

 Tuesday 29 January 2019 from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon and

 Friday 1 February 2019 from 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm.

Due to the high turnover of customers I am unable to do fittings at this time.  If you require a fitting this will need to be prior to the end of term.  Please put your name on the roster outside the Uniform Shop. The Pre-Primary and Kindergarten letters regarding fittings were sent out a few weeks ago. We encourage parents to purchase uniforms prior to the end of the year. If you are concerned about sizing, I am happy to swap to a bigger size if your child grows over the Christmas holidays as long as the uniform has not been washed or worn.

Online Ordering

Remember you can order online, you do not have to come into the shop as the items will be delivered to your child’s classroom.  Alternatively, there is an order form on the website so you can email me the order and it will also be delivered to your child’s classroom.

Refund Policy

There are no returns on socks, hats and tights so please select carefully.  Once, they leave the shop, they cannot be returned.


Tania Longman

Uniform Shop Manageress

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