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08 March 2018
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The Arts at Hackham East Primary School

Welcome to The Arts for 2018

Currently, the students at Hackham East Primary School have been exploring many different ways that we can ‘express ourselves’ through Visual Arts.


Early years students have been experimenting with a variety of different art styles – including; pencil, pen, oil pastel, paint and collage. We have also been looking at the works of different artists to see how they incorporate these materials in their style. The Year 1/2 classes looked at the art style of Illustrator Eric Carle (‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’) and practiced with collage and paint to reinterpret his work in their own way.











Year 3/4 students are currently looking at Portraiture, exploring the design elements and visual conventions specific to this style. The students have been creating their own self-portraits as a response to their study – including experimentation with proportions of the face, as well as incorporating visual ideas that represent themselves.










The 5/6/7 students have been researching ‘Street Art’ and through this, have been discovering the different aspects that this art style can convey to an audience. Students have been working towards their own interpretation of a specific artists work, while also incorporating their own ideas, themes and individual style.










I look forward to working with students to see what the remainder of the term holds and to provide students with further possibilities to express themselves through the Arts.


Stephen Di Girolamo.

French at Hackham East Primary School


It has been a fantastique start to our French year. Students have shown many of our school values during lessons and are already demonstrating courage with speaking French out loud both as a group and as individuals. I am especially impressed by Receptions and new students who are learning and speaking French for the very first time. Overall there is a genuine positivity in lessons and attitudes towards learning.


Castle students have been using the greetings bonjour and salut, along with introducing themselves using je m’appelle. They are beginning to respond to comment allez vous?(how are you?) with suitable phrases and have learnt about La Chandeleur (French crêpe day).

Castle classes are now exploring numbers and colours in French and continuing to follow simple directions in French, such as levez vous (stand) and allons y (let’s go).


Stillwell students have also celebrated La Chandeleur and have been learning all about l’alphabet. They have been looking at the features of the beautiful Chateau Versailles (a giant palace and gardens near Paris) and are now comparing this French attraction to the incredibly unique Mont Saint Michel near Normandy. After comparing these features with one more castle, students will be using their design skills to draw and label their very own Chateaux (French castle).


Holly students have also enjoyed exploring La Chandeleur and l’alphabet. They have been learning about the most commonly spoken languages in the world and where French ranks amongst them. After discovering that French is not just spoken in France (but in over 30 countries), students have been finding out where these countries are and will now be choosing one French speaking country to research and present to the class.


The Importance of Learning a Second Language

For those who missed my presentation at the Parent/Caregiver Information Evening here is a brief overview of the importance of learning a second language and why French is a wonderful language to learn and culture to explore.  


Learning a second language

  • Means you will gain an impressive skill
  • Helps to develop confidence
  • Increases brainpower (alters grey matter)
  • Enhances your travel experiences
  •  Allows you to study or live overseas
  •  Helps you to become more open minded - see the world from a different perspective
  • Allows you to discover a new culture different to your own


Learning french is great because…

  • It's a world language - sixth most widely spoken language in the world and second most widely learned language
  • It's a language of culture - cooking, fashion, theatre, visual arts, dance, architecture, film, songs…
  • It's a language for travel - France is the world’s top tourist destination and useful for when traveling to Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Monaco and more.
  • It's fun (and easy) to learn - We share the same alphabet and there are many English words derived from France and vice versa

You can follow our HEPS French Instagram account at #heps_french.









Merci beaucoup! (Thank you very much)

Madame Mawson

Health and PE at Hackham East Primary School

Term 1 always proves to be a busy time on the Health and PE calendar with a lot of time invested into organising representation and selection in the School Sport SA competitions. Training for the District Cross County is underway and will continue into next Term. We are encouraged each year to see so many students come out and train on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The benefits of morning exercise has been proven to show improved concentration in students learning.


The events we will be represented in this term include District Athletics, Swimming, Cricket, and Softball. Over the past three weeks all Primary students have trialled for the District Athletics team in each event as part of their PE program.



Trials for the Softball and Cricket teams have concluded prior to the Milo 20 Blast competition to be played at Gliderol Stadium on Thursday 8/3. 


Our PE program has a strong focus on teaching metacognition, we do this in part by assigning students roles and responsibilities when working in small groups, with an opportunity to reflect and share. It is encouraging to see students transfer this into other areas of their learning. One recent example is Madison Binns who recently signed up to compete in the Girls Strikers Cricket league earlier this year. Madison has been an expert student; bringing the knowledge she has learnt from playing cricket to now coaching her peers at our school cricket trainings. As such, Madison demonstrates an increased desire for self-monitoring and self-teaching. In recognition of this, Madison has been trusted with the captaincy of the Girls Cricket team to compete at the Milo 20 Blast competition.


Our Girls football team will compete in the Crows Cup later this term as the sport continues to gather momentum stemming from the AFLW competition.


Thank you to the families who have been collecting Coupons from Coles as part of the Coles in Schools initiative. Coupons may be deposited in the blue collection box located in the reception area of the  Front Office. We appreciate your efforts as a community towards earning new sports equipment for our school and our students.










Thank you to Rebecca Bullard who has volunteered to oversee our school soccer teams. We are in the process of collecting all relevant information needed to register a team with the Noarlunga District Junior Soccer Association to compete on Saturday mornings.


If we are successful, a Come and Try afternoon will take place one afternoon later this term with Rebecca and the President of the NDJSA in attendance to answer any questions.


Derryn Amoroso & Gab Martin

PE & Health Teachers




School News

Wirreanda Secondary School Open Night

Parents and families are invited to attend the Open Night at Wirreanda Secondary School, 105 Richards Drive, Morphett Vale on Thursday 22/3 from 4:00-7:00pm.  The Principal's address will be at 6:00pm.  Ph 83297200 or visit www.wirreandasecondary.sa.edu.au for more information.


2018 School Card Applications

School card applications must be filled out and submitted EVERY year. The state government has raised the school card income threshold to help families with the cost of living.  Families with 1 child and a gross income of $57,870 in the 2016-17 finacial year are able to apply for a school card.

Spare applications are available at the front office and need to be handed in to our Finance Manager, Tracy Rowley as soon as possible. 

Alternatively you can apply for School Card online at www.sa.gov.au

(Finance Education & Learning / Financial Help / School Card Scheme Applications).

Brighton Special Interest Music Information Evening for Yr 6 & 7

Everything you need to know about auditioning for the Brighton's Special Interest Music Program to be held on Wednesday 4/4 from 6:30-7:30pm at the Brighton Secondary School Concert Hall.  For all enquiries please call Pam Parsons on 83758215 or email [email protected]

Urrbrae Agricultural High School

Open Day for prospective Year 8 students in 2018 to be held on Tuesday 20/3.  More information on the flyer attached.


Adelaide High School

The Adelaide High School Open Night is on Wednesday 21/3 starting at 5:30pm.  At the Open Night, the details regarding our Special Entry programs (Language, Rowing and Cricket) will be discussed and application forms will be available.  Application forms are also available to download off the Adelaide High School website:


Disability Policy & Programs Parent Forum

Parents or carers of children or young people with a disability are invited to attend the first Disability Policy and Programs 2018 Parent Forum. Held on Wednesday 21/3 from 9:30am-2:00pm at Special Education Resource Unit, 72A Marlborough Street, Henley Beach.  See attachment below for more information.


Aberfoyle Park High School Open Night

Held on Tuesday 27/3 from 5:30-7:30pm at Taylors Rd, Aberfoyle Park. Tours will leave from the front lawns every 10 minutes.  The Principal, Marion Coady, will speak at 5:45, 6:30 and 7:15pm.


Hackham East Primary School
Governing Council 2018

Thank you to the following parents who have volunteered to be on the School's Govering Council for 2018.  The new Governing Council for 2018 comprises of:


 Aileen Winstanley

Vice Chairperson:  

Mike Guidera


Kymberly Highett


Jenny Buttfield


Charlotte Squires, Tamara Barrett, Katie Freeman, Al Bayliss, Richard Shaw, Rebecca Bullard, Larissa Taylor, Erin Robbins, Jessica Baker, Gary Lekkas, Natasha Burford, Scott Megson,  Bob Thiele.

Fundraising News

Election Day 

On Saturday 17/3 to coincide with the State Election there will be  stalls selling a variety of goods and wares.  If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in having a stall on Election Day the cost is $15.00 per stall.  Please see Aileen Winstanley, Jenny Buttfield or Mr Megson if you are interested.

Canteen Fundraising

On Saturday 17/3 the Canteen will be open selling cold drinks, ice creams, tea/coffee etc as well as having a sausage sizzle.

Come along to vote and bring your family and friends to support the Fundraising events.

Kytons Bakery

Order forms have been sent home to all families.  If you did not receive an order please see Jenny Buttfield, Aileen Winstanley or Scott Megson.  All orders need to be returned by Tuesday 13/3.

Easter Raffle

If you have any items to donate for the Easter Raffle please see Aileen Winstanley, Jenny Buttfield or Mr Megson.  Raffle books will be sent home next week and all raffle tickets and money need to be returned to Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager by Wednesday 28/3.  The raffle will be drawn on Thursday 29/3 and winners notified.
Thank you for supporting this event and good luck.

Coles Sports for Schools 2018

Coles Sports for Schools 2018

Our school has registered to be part of the Coles Sports for Schools in 2018. When shopping at Coles for each $10.00 you spend you will receive a coupon.  The coupons can be collected between now and 3 April 2018. These coupons can be deposited in the collection box in the Front Office or collected by the teachers.  Thank you for supporting this event.

Derryn Amoroso & Gab Martin, PE/Health Teachers 


Dress Code Shop

Opening Times for Dress Code Shop

The Dress Code Shop located at the end of Penney Unit (next to the Conference Room) is open at the following times:

Monday          8:30 - 9:00am

Tuesday         2:30 - 3:00pm

Wednesday  2:30 - 3:00pm

Thursday       8:30 - 9:00am



Pastoral Care Worker News

I am about to begin a new program in the School for some Year 4 boys. I have run some parts of it before and it has been very successful both in this school and my previous school.


The program is called Operation: Breaking the Boy Code and it seeks to bring balance to how boys view masculinity in our modern world of You-Tubers, Rappers, Cartoons and Computer games. Too often, men are portrayed as strong, aggressive, rich (with lots of girlfriends) and intelligent. These stereotypes can cause boys to either adopt the masculinity myth portrayed to them or to feel confused and lose the ability to both identify and express feelings (which is what we are trying to teach in Interoception).

The content of the program is to look at different historical cultures and see what codes the men adhered to ie. The Samurai Virtues were Truthfulness, Kindness, Courage and Learning – all which reflect our current School Values at Hackham East.  The boys will also get to create their own SuperHero and Villain and draw a cartoon against bullying. It is a lot of fun.


The program promotes friendship, co-operation, creativity and respect, as well as learning about the diversity of being a male. It also builds self-esteem and self-awareness through a variety of interesting story telling and craft activities. I am sure that the boys will love it!! I also have a program for girls which I may run later in the year.

Please remember that every Friday afternoon from 2.30pm we have an Afternoon Tea for parents in the Penney Unit. This allows you to connect with other parents (and me!!) in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We would love to see you there!  Everyone is welcome.


Hoping you have a good week. Come and have a coffee with me one on one if you have any concerns for your child or you are going through some family issues and would like some support. I’m always up for a cuppa.

Cherie Love

Pastoral Care Worker


What’s been happening at OSHC

The children have been having fun with lots of outdoor play as well as having some really interesting discussions. We looked at how compliments make people feel good and really lift everyone’s mood on World Compliment Day. We had some laughs at Round the Twist on our Movie afternoon and talked about how some people (or in the case of the movie, the scarecrow clown) sometimes lash out when they are lonely, and how that can scare people, but when we are friendly and listen, it can make things less scary and we can help each other.


For “Tell a Fairy Tale Day” we had a discussion on Fairy Tales at our daily meeting. We started off with asking who liked/didn't like Fairy Tales. There was a clear divide with nearly all the girls liking them and nearly all the boys not liking them. At OSHC we had a discussion on Fairy Tales at our daily meeting.


We started off with asking who liked/didn't like Fairy Tales. There was a clear divide with nearly all the girls liking them and nearly all the boys not liking them.


So we started looking at why, what were fairy tales. The children decided that Fairy Tales were old stories that usually had a prince, a princess, a villain (like a witch, giant, dragon etc.) and some other characters (like fairies, dwarfs, step sisters and so on). These stories usually involved some kissing and the princess being rescued often by the prince but they also were about hope, magic and friendship.


We then talked about how Fairy Tales were not real, that life was different and girls didn't need to wait for their prince to come (in fact there are not many princes left in the world).


A challenge was put to the children, how many books in the OSHC bookshelf can you find that has 1) a girl as the main character(s) and 2) she is not waiting to be rescued. We should point out that Educators had no idea of what the results would be, we regularly change the books around, based on the children's interests at the time.










We had 6 books with Girls as the main character (and not waiting to be rescued) and one book where the girls were the main character but waiting to be rescued. The children went further to look at how many had boys as the main character (6), how many had boys and girls equal (only 2) and how many didn't have either (4). Below you can see our results.


These discussions are inspiring! It is great to see children reflect on their own values and how communication can have such an impact on those around us.

April Vacation Care

Planning is well underway, with the main program ready, (the over 8’s program is almost done too, just confirming and working out the logistics of an excursion).


We have some activities that have me and the children really excited, including a visit to the Adelaide Zoo, a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, an OSHC Olympics, a ‘Design your own temporary Tattoo day’ and a “Space” themed day (sorry we couldn’t organise to visit NASA like the children wanted to).



We are already taking bookings and they are filling up fast, so make sure you book in early to secure your child/rens places.


As usual, all activities, excursions, breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea, toothbrush packs and a hat will be supplied. All the children need to bring is their lunch and a drink bottle.


Did You Know?

That on July 2, 2018 the Government is introducing a New Child Care Package?

Under the new package, the Child Care Benefits and Child Care Rebates will be replaced by a new Child Care Subsidy.

The amount of subsidy that families will receive will be based on three things:

  1.        their combined family income
  2.        the level of ‘approved’ activity they                 undertake
  3.        the type of child care service they use.

Approved activities can include, working, volunteering, studying, caring for a family member, or looking for work.


The easiest way to work out how much subsidy you may be eligible for is through the Family Child Care Subsidy Estimator which is available here. It’s easy to use and only takes a few minutes to fill out.

To assist you, here are Hackham East OSHC’s fee details. Before School Care currently costs $11.50 and goes for 1.5 hours per day. After School Care currently costs $20 and goes for 3 hours per day. Vacation Care currently costs $52 and goes for 11 hours per day.

We are currently reviewing the 2018 budget and will let you know of any price increases for 2018 (if they are increased, it will be as minimal as possible to cover operating costs and will be implemented as of 2 July 2018).


If you have any questions or concerns, regarding the new package, please do not hesitate to contact me, we are here to support you with the changes.


If you would like to book for Before or After School Care, enquire about OSHC, or have a suggestion, please contact us on 0499 228 039 or email [email protected]

If you would like to keep up to date on all things OSHC, follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HackhamEastOSHC/ and instagram https://www.instagram.com/hackhameastoshc/.

Jacky Smith, OSHC Director


Dates to Remember

March 2018

Monday 12/3 - Public Holiday, Adelaide Cup

Tuesday 13/3 - All orders for Kyton's Bakery to be returned

Friday 16/3 - National Day of Action Against Bullying

Saturday 17/3 - Fundraising events at Hackham East Primary School

Thursday 22/3 - Wirreanda Secondary School Open Night

Wednesday 28/3 - All  Easter raffle books and money returned to Tracy Rowley

Thursday 29/3 - Easter Raffle drawn

Friday 30/3 - Public Holiday, Good Friday


April 2018

Monday 2/4 - Public Holiday, Easter Monday

Tuesday 3/4 - Last day of Coles Sports for Schools promotion

Friday 13/4 - Last day of Term 1

Road Crossing Monitors

Term 1

Week7 (13/3-16/3)


Brianna Farmer

Paige Parsons

Tanyka Dennis


Madison O'Donnell

Stephany Mason

Lily Salter



Week 8 (19/3-23/3)


Phoenix Bruse

Larni Smith

Kaylee Beens


Kekoa Jordan

Krina Davis

Taya Gallacher

Community News

The Adelaide International Kite Festival

Held over the Easter long weekend (31/3, 1/4 & 2/4) from 11:00am-5:00pm at Semaphore Beach & Foreshore.  Free event.


Flashy Wearables Workshop

Learn how to design your own creation.  No programmming, engineering or robotics experience necessary, although sewing skills a definite advantage.  Held on Thursday 19/4 from 1:00-3:00pm at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale.  


Meet the Author Tracy Crisp

Hear how her book "Surrogate" came about, the process undertaken to write a novel and the trials, tribulations and joys she has experienced being a writer.  Held on Thursday 12/4 from 7:00-8:00pm at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale.  Ph 84830050.  Bookings essential.


Cartooning & Adventure Camp

A Cartooning Camp held during the April holidays from 16/4-20/4.  Information on the flyer link below.


Multicultural Gathering

Come along and join us to share a meal to celebrate our inclusive multicultural community. Get to know your neighbours and expand friendship networks.  Bring a plate of food to share.  Held on Friday 9/3 from 6:00-9:00pm at Christie Downs Community House, Morton Rd, Christie Downs.  Free.


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