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21 March 2018
Issue Four
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Message from the Principal

7 March - 21 March 2018

The rich life of the School continually sees full expression as students, staff and families are enthusiastically engaged in a plethora of activities and pursuits.

Our recent KWS Day was a marvellous demonstration of community as was the very successful Ice Breaker Cocktail evening that was hosted by the Parents’ and Friends’ Association. My sincere thanks to them for their support of our many community events.

Last week our students and staff energetically threw their support behind two important charitable events - the World’s Greatest Shave in support of the Leukaemia Foundation, and a staff v students cricket match in aid of the McGrath Foundation’s Pink Stumps Day. There were some very stiff and sore members of staff on Monday morning! I am greatly impressed by the way our community support such causes and the generosity shown by so many. A very important object of a KWS education is inculcating within our students a desire to serve others and contribute to the wellbeing of our communities.

The words of Ralph Waldo Emerson are most worthy of reflection:

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Last weekend saw several staff travel to Cootamundra and Wagga to meet members of our School community and potential families. It was lovely to spend time speaking with families and I am most grateful for their support of these highly enjoyable events.


Our values, the principles or standards that we believe are vitally important in life act as our signposts that guide our thoughts and actions. Our Values act as our North Star.

In times gone by, long before the invention of GPS navigation, sailors crossing the seas relied upon dead reckoning to chart their course when other instruments were not available. Dead reckoning is a skill that saw one focus upon a fixed element such as a land-mass or a celestial feature such as the North Star to determine bearings and direction.

When we are faced with difficult and confronting situations in our lives it is our values that we must call upon as our fixed mark to guide our actions.

At our last School Assembly, I began to explore one of our identified School values – the value of Courage.

The names of leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela readily spring to mind as people whose courage and great personal sacrifice saw the freedoms and civil rights of so many advanced. Scientists such as Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Copernicus showed great courage as did innovators such as Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs.

Both Winston Churchill and Maya Angelou - the US poet, singer and civil rights campaigner viewed courage as the first of human qualities because they believed it was the quality that guaranteed all others.

Maya Angelou said ‘Courage is the most important of the virtues because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently’. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.

So what does Courage the ‘first of human qualities’ mean to us at Kinross Wolaroi?

On a simple level we must be courageous enough to strive to realise our most aspirational goals; we must have the courage to accept excellence as the standard in all we undertake in our classes, in sport, in the arts, in service to the community and others.

We must have the Courage to accept new challenges and to explore new paths as we embrace and initiate change, to have the courage to act and to persist through setbacks. We need to be courageous in standing up for what is right and to show personal leadership when challenged.

But courage is not always about big dramatic events. It is often about the quiet determined actions we go about every day, at school and at home. It’s having the courage to say sorry when you have wronged someone, the courage to think about your own actions and thoughts and to be honest with yourself.

Courage can be required to support a cause that you believe in and seen in our actions that help it succeed. There are different types of courage but two that I wish to share with you. Courage can be both physical and moral. We see physical courage exhibited on the sports field and in battle. Moral courage is seen in our relationships when we are prepared to stand for what we believe to be right and true. We all have opportunities to display moral courage every day.

In this newsletter I wish to share with you two examples of great physical courage. In a future edition I will briefly explore the great moral courage of Nelson Mandela.

The world of sport provides so many wonderful examples of great human courage where athletes have given their all on the world stage in their efforts to achieve excellence and to represent their countries to the best of their ability.

There are two great examples of physical courage that I am always drawn to, both heroic finishes in Olympic Marathon races.

The marathon is such a demanding race, drawing upon every ounce of physical and mental resource we possess. A race run over the distance of 42km or in the old measurement 26 miles and 385 yards – a long and gruelling event. Legend tells us the race saw its origins in Ancient Greece when in 490BC a courier named Philippides ran in full body armour from Marathon to Athens to bring news of the Greek victory over the Persians. On his arrival immediately after making his announcement, he dropped dead of exhaustion.

The two Olympic marathons that stand out to me and that typify great physical courage, are the 1908 Marathon in London and the 1968 event in Mexico City.

In 1908 the race was a classic. The Italian runner, Dorondo Pietri (pictured), made a powerful surge over the second half of the course and at the 39km mark hit the front as the other competitors became exhausted in the very warm conditions. However, his efforts took their toll and with only 2km remaining, Pietri began to suffer from extreme fatigue and dehydration.

When he entered the stadium he was disoriented, confused and began to run the wrong way, needing to be redirected by the British Officials. In front of 75,000 spectators his legs buckled beneath him and he fell to the ground unable to move. The umpires helped him regain his feet, only for him to fall four more times.

He eventually made it to the finish line. The Manchester Guardian reported the officials ‘half carried, half propelled him to the finish line where he collapsed utterly’. Rumours abounded that he had died. He completed the race in 2 hours and 54 minutes 46 seconds. 

The last 350 metres of the race took him 10 minutes. Pietri finished first but was disqualified for being assisted.

The other race etched in my memory featured John Stephen Akhwari and his courageous finish in the 1968 Games. During the race he fell, badly cutting his knee and dislocating a joint.

He kept running, determined to finish. He finished last of the 57 competitors who completed the race. Akhwari ran the distance in 3:25.27 finishing one hour after the winner to a near empty stadium after the sun had set.

When asked after the race why he continued running, he said ‘My country did not send me 5000 miles just to start the race; they sent me 5000 miles to finish the race’.

Both these men showed great physical courage in giving their all, conquering exhaustion and significant pain to finish their race.

In future weeks I will briefly explore the great moral courage of Nelson Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader and philanthropist, who served as the first black President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. His courage to fight for a cause – the freedom and civil rights of black and coloured people saw him pay a monumental personal cost. But it changed the destiny of his nation and its people.

New Appointments

I am delighted to announce the following appointments to oversee and lead our Student International Exchange Program. This initiative will provide our students an opportunity to expand their horizons and develop a greater global perspective, so important in a 21st century education.

Student International Exchange Coordinator - Mrs Catherine Litchfield

This role will see Mrs Litchfield overseeing all student international exchanges.

Student International Language Exchange Coordinator - Ms Holly Young

Ms Young will support Mrs Litchfield in leading student language exchanges. Our initial language exchange network will be with schools in France.

This program will add a new richness to our educational offering at KWS and I am sure you will join me in congratulating Catherine and Holly as they embark upon their new and exciting challenge.

Teacher Professional Learning

Commencing in 2015 teaching staff have had the opportunity to complete a 12 month blended Leadership Course at KWS.  This program has exposed our staff to the very best leadership development tools, models and educators to create the conditions in which optimal teaching and learning can flourish. Over this time KWS has secured 57 Scholarships valued at $300K to support staff to undertake the course. Delivered through the Australian School of Applied Management, Melbourne University, the National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) aims to cultivate leaders who seek to engage and inspire their school communities.

The program has greatly assisted our staff to develop a shared vision of leadership, appreciate the significance of and support for the school strategic directions and develop an understanding of reflective professional learning and performance development. For many, their innovation projects have enhanced the learning opportunities for our students, providing real, measurable and positive outcomes. 

The NESLI program incorporates a pathway program, supporting successful participants as school leaders as they commence Masters level qualifications through Monash University.  There are currently four KWS staff completing their Masters in Leadership with an additional six commencing the program in Semester 2 2018. The mantra ‘teach, learn, lead’ truly typifies many of the KWS staff.

Photo: Leadership Group 3 Graduates with their facilitator Jason Renshaw.

KWS Swim Team

Our swimmers competed very strongly last week in the ISA swimming championships with our girls taking out the point score shields in the Junior, Intermediate and overall Girls Championship. Our boys also registered a very respectable 3rd place overall.

Three ISA records were broken: Collette Lyons 13yrs 50m Breaststroke, Oliver McLaughlin 15yrs 50m Backstroke and the Junior Girls 4x50m Medley Relay consisting of Collette Lyons, Lucy Scammell, Gabby Shilling & Mercede Cornelius-Feltus.

Collette Lyons was also named Female Swimmer of the meet at the recent NSW Country Championships.

A most impressive performance from our swimmers – Well done!

Message from the
Head of Senior School

7 March - 21 March 2018

It has been a big couple of weeks! The Athletics Carnival on Friday 9th was a huge success. We were blessed with stunning weather, perfect for a carnival, and the students excelled themselves in terms of participation and cheerful support of the Houses. That evening the Icebreaker function was held at the Hotel Canobolas and it was fantastic to see so many people there, making new friends and cementing longer-term ones. KWS Day, on the 10th, was another day where the strength of our community was in evidence. A huge thank-you must go to all those involved in these events, both within the school staff and in the parent community.

Year 12 students start their exams this week and the Year 11 accelerated Maths students do their first Year 12 task in the lead-up to the HSC. I wish all those students all the very best. No doubt the preparation they have done will be reflected in their results. As parents, please keep a calm and positive home atmosphere – no mean feat when there’s a grumpy or stressed teen about!

The rowing team is away all this week taking part in the Nationals event at Penrith. We wish the whole team all the very best of luck and hope that the weather is favourable. Some Year 12 members of the team will be sitting their exams at Penrith, under the supervision of Mr Rowe.

The 2017 Annual Report is now on the school’s website. That report, which takes considerable collation and a lot of input from many key people within the school, is a requirement of NESA and it has to cover a very diverse range of areas. I encourage you all to at least skim-read it so that you have a snapshot of the school’s performance last year.

As we move into the final stages of preparation for Registration and Accreditation, the administrative load is very demanding. For those unaware, every five years all independent schools have to go through a thorough process to ensure that they are able to continue operating as a registered educational organisation. This involves all teaching and learning programs, work health and safety matters, employment and financial probity, boarding and student wellbeing programs. While we have all those in place all the time, the inspection that takes place as the final part of the process ensures that our documents and processes are up to date. Everything has to be uploaded to NESA by the end of next week and our inspection date is 5 June. By the time the mid-year holidays arrive, we will be feeling the need of some R and R!

I thank you all for your continued support of the school and its programs. We are always happy to receive feedback, so if you wish to contact us about any matters at all, please do not hesitate.

Have a great fortnight!

Bev West
Head of Senior School

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Boarding News

It feels only a few short weeks ago that the start of term was just behind us and the rest of Term 1 lay ahead. As I write to report on Boarding matters for the first time, I cannot believe how much time has passed and how much the boarders have been up to.

As the new Director of Boarding, it has been an eye-opening first term and I feel very privileged to have oversight of such a vibrant and dynamic community. For the first few weeks, the focus was generally on helping the new students settle into boarding life. The Year 7 boys and girls have adapted very well to their new surroundings and have responded wonderfully well to the challenges that boarding life throws up. There has been, and will continue to be, the odd bout of homesickness but this is perfectly natural in a boarding school and is a good indicator of a loving family home! The boarding staff in Years 7, Jason Smith and Deb Orrock, continue to work with their staff in ensuring that the boys and girls feel at home and are kept busy. So far this term, the Trathen boys have enjoyed a multitude of outings and activities; a trip to Lake Canobolas and Gosling Creek, the Parents Vs Boys Annual cricket match, and a Chess and Table Tennis competition to name just a few. The Stuart-Douglas girls have enjoyed Ten Pin Bowling, a Friday night trip to the Circus, a day at the KWS Fair and of course the Stuart-Douglas House breakfast with parents which was a huge success.

There is a real push this year for a dynamic and engaging weekend program for our boarders. As a boarding community we recognize that it can be difficult living away from home and the opportunity to socialize with friends and to be engaged in something different is one of the many advantages of living in a boarding community. For all the boarding houses, Heads of House have been central to organizing a wide range of activities and outings including but not limited to; yoga, ten pin bowling, flip out trampolining, movie night at the cinema, fitness challenges, bake-offs, mini golf and milkshakes, an outing to the circus, pool parties, barefoot bowls, BBQs, sushi making, night markets, farmers’ markets, ultimate Frisbee and many, many more! I would like to thank the boarding staff for all their efforts in putting together such a vibrant program.

For me personally, my first few weeks as Director of Boarding have been very rewarding. It has been a delight getting to meet many of the parents and the boarders themselves. My first impressions of the community here at KWS are very positive indeed; the welcome I have received is a testament to the character of your sons and daughters and the values they hold dear.

I hope the Easter weekend provides a welcome break and time for you to spend as a family once again.

Matt Curran

Director of Boarding

Upcoming Events

Meet the Principal

We warmly invite past, present and future KWS families to attend a function to meet the Principal, Dr Andrew Parry and Director of Boarding, Mr Matthew Curran.


Saturday 7 April 2018, 6.00pm - 9.00pm
Club Mudgee, 99 Mortimer Street
Friday 4 May 2018, 6.00pm - 9.00pm
Dubbo Milestone Hotel, 195 Macquarie Street
Saturday 5 May 2018, 6.00pm - 9.00pm
Bourke Bridge Inn, 4 Bogan Street


To attend these functions, please book online using the links above, or refer to our website. For enquiries, please phone Emma on 02 6392 0303.

If you know of any families considering KWS, please feel free to pass this information on to them.

Career News

University Open Days

The list of Open Days for universities in NSW has been released. Many of these Open Days fall in the weekend before or during our Trial HSC examinations. I would encourage Year 11 students to consider attending as many Open Days as possible this year as there is often a clash with our Trial HSC examinations in Year 12.


Open Days coming up include:

  • CSU My Days - Wagga Wagga on 16th/17th April, Orange on 19th April and Bathurst on 20th April.
  • Macquarie in a Day – Macquarie University on 17th/18th April.
  • UNE Open Day – Friday 11th May.

Check the university’s website to register.
For universities in other states check their website.

Uni of Melbourne Interstate Student and Family Information Day
In Melbourne on 16 April from 8.30am to 5.30pm
Rather than focussing on course information readily available on our website, this event looks specifically at the Melbourne experience for interstate students. The program includes information about the application process, scholarship opportunities, student services, accommodation options and financial assistance. You’ll also have the chance to ask current interstate students about their experiences and hear how they managed the transition to Melbourne. Experience what it’s like to live in one of our Residential Colleges with lunch in a college dining hall.

Studying in the USA

Preparing for the SAT - free eBook For students who are aiming for the US, chances are they will be fretting about the SAT exam. Preparation is key so Crimson Education has put together this comprehensive free eBook for students written by SAT experts. They recommend students sit the SAT for the first time in Year 11 and then again in Year 12. The link to share is

University of Sydney Prerequisites

Course prerequisite – Mathematics (Band 4) 
In 2019, a course prerequisite of Mathematics (Band 4) will apply for those courses that have an assumed knowledge of Mathematics, HSC Mathematics Extension 1 and HSC Mathematics Extension 2. This means that students must have reached this minimum standard in their NSW HSC or equivalent before they will be offered a place in the course. If a student does not have the required course prerequisite they cannot be selected for the course, even though they may have met the admission requirements. The course prerequisite will affect agriculture, commerce, economics, engineering, health, medicine, pharmacy, psychology, science and veterinary courses. It will also apply to combined courses in those areas.

For more information, visit the university’s website.


NFO Night at the Sydney Campus is on 19 April 2018 from 6pm til 8pm.

They are opening the doors of their state-of-the-art, brand new Sydney campus. If you're considering studying creative media, Animation, Audio, Design, Film or Games, now is the time to speak to their experienced team and discover how you can pursue your passion. Location: SAE Sydney - 39 Regent St, Chippendale. Register to attend:

AIE Industry Experience Day

Wednesday 18 April 2018
A great opportunity for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to learn about the game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries. Students will get the opportunity to learn about the different pathways to get into the industry and get creative in practical workshops using industry-standard 3D animation and game development tools. Register now at or call 02 8514 880

AIT: Special Effects in Film with After Effects

Monday 16 - Tuesday 17 April  from 10.30am - 5pm

For those wanting to take their filmmaking skills to the next level, this workshop will help do just that. This 2-day workshop provides students with an introduction to desktop Special Effects compositing and motion graphics using Adobe After Effects. This workshop is ideal for HSC students working on film projects.

Interested in a career in Aviation?

Launch your Aviation career - Enrolments for June 2018 courses are now open! Sydney Flight College, based at Bankstown Airport, is taking expressions of interest for the AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane) course delivered by TAFE NSW and commencing in early June. This course can be taken by people who have no, or minimal, previous flying experience. To register your interest go to or call us on 02 9709 8488.

School Life Updates

Agriculture Club

Agriculture Club is now at KWS for any interested students from 7-12. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about growing produce, animal husbandry, fencing, building, planting, cropping and lots more. It will run from 4-5pm on a Monday at the Wolaroi site and 4-5pm on a Friday at PLC. Any student is welcome at either site. You need not have any agricultural background just an interest to learn and try new things. If you need transport to or from PLC on a Friday, please see Mr Riley. 

Tom Riley

The TREE Team


The TREE Team will be at the Orange Farmers Markets this weekend selling their Dinner in a Bag Concept. This includes fresh pasta, homemade sauces and produce straight out of the School Agriculture plots.
Visit us on Sunday 25 March from 8am til 12.30pm at the Orange Northcourt,  behind the Art Gallery.
Tom Riley

Camps Week - Volunteer Service

A reminder for all students participating in Volunteer Service (Year 10 non-cadets, Year 8 and 9 music students) to arrange their placements and return their completed Host and Parent Forms promptly. Forms can be faxed, emailed or delivered to Ms Terrey in the History/RE staffroom. Should you have any queries, please contact Ms L Terrey via email [email protected] or 6392-0300.

Larissa Terrey

Music/Cadets Camp

For those students who attend both Music and Cadets Camps:

Transport will be provide on Monday 9 April departing at 7am. Cadets are required to be in the bus bay no later than 6.50am. Cadets will have a pack checked before departure.

Ensure you only pack those items listed in the Joining Instruction (a copy is on Frog or see Mr Yeo).

Please be assured missing two days of camp will not impact on attending Promotions Camp.

For any further information please contact Mr Yeo.

Garry Yeo

Winter Uniforms for Girls

This is a friendly reminder that all girls are expected to wear winter uniform from Term 2. Due to the Easter break and camp week, time is of the essence if you require new uniform items.

Please note that the School Shop will be closed during the holidays.

Gail Pearce, KWS Shop Manager

Football Meeting

Thursday lunch time (22nd March).

All students who have nominated soccer as their winter sport for 2018 are to meet at the Blue Room (Gym) at first half of lunch on Thursday please.

World's Greatest Shave

On the 15th of March, Kinross Wolaroi students help celebrate and support the Leukaemia Foundations 20th year celebrations, where twelve Yr. 11 students and one staff member participated in the iconic World’s Greatest Shave event.

Our very courageous students included; Sophie Schiffmann, Casey Van Elk, Charlotte Simmons, Greta Ward, Ben Bellamy, Ben Gillham, Duncan Suthers, Bradman Gavin, Tom Cusack, Charlie Wilson, Fletcher Taylor, Isaac Prince. We also had one very brave staff member take part, a very big thank you to Tina Moshkanbaryans.

Thank you to all those individuals that participated; with the support of friends, families and colleagues we raised over $17,000. Money raised will give families facing blood cancer including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma the free emotional and practical support they need as well as help fund vital research.


Performing Arts Updates

Concerto Competition

Congratulations to all the students who entered the competition and performed last Friday 16th March. The adjudicators were extremely impressed by the high quality of the performances on the day.

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce the results of the competition. Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding performances:

  • Junior Division
    First Place – Owen Bloomfield, Yr 10 (Piano)
    Runner Up – Sally Carter, Yr 8 (Cello)
  • Senior Division
    First Place – Hannah Solari, Yr 12 (Violin)
    Runner Up – Jasper Mihalich, Yr 11 (Tuba)

The place-getters will be formally recognised at the Co-curricular Assembly in Term 2.

All students who competed in the competition have been invited to perform their Concerto at the Camerata Concert which will be held next term on Friday 1st June, 6:30pm in the KWS Chapel. Friends, Family and the wider school community are all warmly invited to attend this concert. It will be wonderful to hear the students perform.

Music Camp

Students in Orchestra, SWE, Chamber Strings, Chamber Choir and Stage Band will attend this year’s Music camp in the Blue Mountains. We will leave after school on Thursday 5th April and return on Sunday 8th April. All students will then have the opportunity to attend other camp week activities such as Year 7 Camp, Cadets, Work experience and community service, and Year 12 Retreat during camps week. Information has been sent out about this to all students in these groups, as well as an online permission form. If you have any questions, please contact the Music office.

Friends of Performing Arts

This Wednesday evening at 7.00pm we will be holding the first meeting of our Friends of Performing Arts group. We would love any interested parents, friends and community members to come along to hear about our plans for the group. We will meet in the Music centre. Please contact Bec Choi [email protected] for more information.

Live and Local

This Saturday 24th March, our KWS Prep Band will be joining other local Orange School bands to form a super group for the Orange Live and Local music festival. They will be performing in the Orange Library Forecourt at 11.00am, so please come along to witness a wonderful band display. The students have been working on the combined items at Bletchington School for the last few weeks, and will be delighted to play for the gathered crowd.

Heidi Anthony

Head of Performing Arts

Sports Updates

ISA Swimming

KWS sent a team of 38 swimmers to Sydney to contest the ISA swimming championships. As always the competition was tough and the battle for the point score intense.

KWS swimmers competed strongly in all age groups with the Girls team taking out the point score shields in Juniors (12-14), Intermediate (15-16) and overall girls Championship. The Boys team came within 8 points of taking out the intermediate point score finishing 3rd overall, an excellent result given the level of competition at this carnival.

KWS swimmers broke 3 ISA records, Collette Lyons 13yrs 50 Breastroke, Oliver McLaughlin 15yrs 50 Backstroke and the Junior Girls 4x50 Medley Relay (Collette Lyons, Lucy Scammell, Gabby Shilling & Mercede Cornelius-Feltus).

The team were well led by captains Zoe Keown & Josh Chai, all team members are to be congratulated on the excellent behaviour shown during the 2 days. Thanks to the parents who travelled to Sydney to cheer the team on, as always your support was invaluable.

KWS have had 21 swimmers chosen to represent ISA at the CIS carnival in April, congratulations to the following swimmers, Sam Archer, Josh Chai, Lara Clarke, Mercede Cornelius-Feltus, Catie Crisp, Georgie Geyer, Tom Geyer, Ben Gillham, Hugh Gillham, Taylah Hobbs, Zoe Keown, Zac Lewis, Collette Lyons, Lauren Lyons, Oli McLaughlin, Oscar McLaughlin, Lily Robson, Lucy Scammell, Gabby Shilling, Maggie Smith and Sasha Wilson.


Cricket Reports

Centenary Cup Report – 10 March 2018

On the 10th of March, Kinross' Centenary Cup side took on CYMS at KWS Sharpe Oval. Winning the toss and bowling on a sticky deck, KWS let CYMS creep away to 0-27 before coach Foran broke through to grab a brace of wickets. He was ably supported by Arnie Tancred (2-6), James Thompson (1-1), George Cumming (1-2), Jed O'Neill (1-7) and Jono Rasmussen (1-14) to ensure CYMS didn't break the 100 mark, being dismissed for 96. 
With the bat, KWS were in trouble early with Arnie Tancred losing his middle stump on the first delivery of the innings and Jono Rasmussen falling soon after with the score on 12. Tom Kiss counter-attacked, whacking 27 including a 6 and 3 consecutive 4's. Once Tom was out, Angus Blyde (20 not out) and James Thompson (30 not out) saw KWS comfortably home, reaching 3-99 off just 18 overs. Angus Blyde deserves special mention for hitting his first 6, a ball belted high into the trees at Sharpe Oval. Unfortunately a number of players didn't get the opportunity to bat or bowl, given the dominant nature of our win but no doubt those players will be given a good chance next week! Good job all. 
Charlie Foran 


Douglas Shield Final Vs William Clarke College – 10 March 2018

The KWS 1st XI travelled to All Saints in Bathurst to play William Clarke College (WCC) in the final of the Douglas Shield. KWS skipper Fletcher Rose won the toss and decided to bat knowing that runs on the board are vital in a final. KWS openers Will Luelf and Max Powell made a steady start on a challenging deck before Luelf was bowled for 10. Tom Geyer, Fletcher Rose and Alex Brien were dismissed for single figures to have KWS 4-63 after 24 overs. Phoebe Litchfield and Max Powell combined for a hard earned partnership of 30 before Powell was dismissed for an excellent 41. When Hamish McIntyre was bowled soon after KWS were again under pressure at 6-96 after 35 overs. Jock Medway joined Litchfield at the crease and pair changed the momentum of the game with quick singles and sensible shot selection. They added 70 in 11 overs which featured a huge six from Medway. Medway (31) and Litchfield (51) were both dismissed in the 45th over. In the remaining 5 overs Harry May and Ellis Hawker combined with Hugh McIntyre (16 not out) to lift KWS to 9/186 after 50 overs. KWS then bowled and fielded superbly and pressured the WCC batters into errors. Fletcher Rose (4-14), Will Luelf (1-12), Harry May (1-14), Ed Taylor (1-7) and Ellis Hawker (3-22) all targeted the stumps and were well supported by accurate field placements. Ed Dodds and Tom Geyer both took excellent catches, as did keeper Hamish McIntyre whose glove work and movement behind the stumps was a pleasure to watch. WCC were eventually bowled out for 81 in the 37th over completing another successful Douglas Shield campaign. The team should be very proud of the way they approached the game and navigated their way through some difficult stages when WCC were clearly on top. In addition, the school can be equally proud of the way all 13 players conducted themselves on and off the field.

Andrew Litchfield


KWS 2nd XI Vs CYMS – 10 March 2018

The KWS 2nd XI played their final match of the season on Main Oval against CYMS. Ed Dodds won the toss and elected to bowl. Our four quicks, Ed Taylor (0-9), Harry May (2-27), Harry Kermode (2-24) and Ellis Hawker (2-19) bowled excellent lines and moved the ball to take regular wickets. At 20 overs CYMS were 4-64. Spinners, Ed Dodds (3-19) and Rohan Wilson (1-14) bowled in tandem after drinks and were well supported in the field. Harry May, Logan Buckley, Ed Dodds and Phoebe Litchfield all took good catches to see CYMS dismissed for 116 in the 38th over. The run chase started well with Litchfield (Snr) and Ollie Hoskins putting on 28 for the opening stand. Logan Buckley (23) and Harry May (20) took the score to 3-89 after 24 overs and victory was in sight. However as often happens in run chases, one wicket can bring two - on this occasion six! Credit must go to the CYMS bowlers who were fantastic and took 6-19 over the next 15 overs. KWS needed 7 runs off the final over with Phoebe Litchfield and Rohan Wilson at the crease. A bit of luck and some quick running had the scores level at 116 with one ball remaining. Chaotic scenes surrounded the final delivery with the 50+ Wilson on strike and the 14 year old Litchfield ready to run for anything. A perfect yorker outside off saw Rohan swing lustily but miss. The wicket keeper threw at the stumps but missed as Phoebe found her ground. Wilson tested his hamstrings on the way to the non-strikers end as CYMS players scrambled to run him out. Amazingly he made his ground to complete one bye and seal the victory. A fitting end to a great game of cricket and a wonderful 2nd grade season.

Andrew Litchfield


Centenary Cup Report – 17 March 2018

KWS 10-106 lost to Orange City 3-107 
Tom Madigan 53, Angus Blyde 1-8 
Centenary Cup took on Orange City in what was effectively a dead-rubber match on Saturday 17th March, with KWS guaranteed a spot in the grand final next week and City unable to qualify. Regardless, it was an excellent afternoon of cricket on the KWS Main Oval played in wonderful spirit, followed by a BBQ for both sides after the match. 
For KWS, Tom Madigan constructed an elegant 53 but received little support from his teammates as we were bowled out for 106 on the last ball of the innings. We lost wickets in clumps and got ourselves out in all sorts of unnecessary ways during the batting innings, including both Dan and Angus Blyde being run out in (almost) comical circumstances and coach Foran gazing at clouds while his stumps were being dismantled. 
Orange City made short work of the chase, despite Dan Blyde troubling the batsmen with his textbook out-swing bowling with the new pill. City chased down the runs 3 wickets down with Caleb Toms starring with the bat making 45. KWS didn't have many answers for Caleb's aggressive batting. In the end, Angus Blyde (1-8), Arnie Tancred (1-13) and Foran (1-2) were the only wicket takers. 
Next week, KWS take on CYMS in the Centenary Cup grand final from 1.30pm. The side would appreciate as much support at the game as possible as they try to cap off an excellent season by retaining some silverware for Kinross Wolaroi. 
Charlie Foran 

Basketball Reports

KWS Patriots Vs The Centrals - 10 March 2018

It was a quiet Thursday evening. The famous KWS Patriots big 3 (Lachlan Herbert, Jock Pryse-Jones and Fin brown) are having a meal at their preferred pre-game restaurant, Smoking Brothers, naïve to the greatness they will accomplish that evening. On March 8th the injury stricken KWS Patriots heroically took the floor against the Centrals toon squad without their star player, the glue that keeps the boys together, Keith Wu. The Chinese Cowboy frustratingly sat on the bench due to immobilizing blisters as Charlie Wilson soared up to win the tip off. The Patriots were slow starting as coach Whiting made a strange yet strategic decision to have the Walking Bucket (Lachlan Herbert) start on the bench. Shots were missed, and tempers began to boil early on until the crowd witnessed everyone's favourite duo, the Splash Brothers combine as the Walking Bucket was substituted into the game. Jock and Lachlan were instrumental in leading the boys around the court, providing easy looks for big men Fin Brown, Charlie Wilson and Mitch Strike. The boys began to dominate late in the first half and didn’t look like missing as sharpshooter Isaac Prince sank a signature three. The boys entered Coach Whiting's Huddle from HellTM (halftime) up 24-16.

Tempers flared early in the second half as the opposition grew increasingly frustrated at the Splash Brothers knack of hitting difficult shots. Two-way superstar Charlie Wilson displayed utter athleticism with his tremendous steals and acrobatic finishes, setting the tone for the other boys and pushing further up the court. The momentum was unstoppable, Fin Brown was riveting, hustling on both ends as he added to the splash brothers flare. The score line was beginning to look like a cricket innings for the Patriots, and to rub salt in the wound Coach Whiting called a timeout and brought the boys in. Moral was high as Coach simply called 'Frog', an ancient Greek play that dates back to 1000 BC. Who other than the Walking Bucket to execute the graceful yet fierce artform of the Frog, and he did so with ease dribbling the ball in for a lay-up absolutely stunning the opposition. That was all she wrote as the boys rushed off to the showers, the final score being 56-28. I managed to catch a small moment of the Chinese Cowboy’s time postgame to ask him how the boys went. He simply said "Do or do not. There is no try". Softly spoken Keith, confusing yet utterly beautiful.

Lachlan Herbert


KWS Girls Firsts at AICES Basketball Day - 10 March 2018

Last week, four of the Firsts team travelled to Castle Hill to participate in the AICES Basketball Day. After a 5am start, the girls arrived in time for the first game against COSSA which was a successful win for the WAS team, 52-9. We then followed that up with a game against HRIS where the girls unfortunately lost 32-57 due to being shaken up over one of the girls' knocked out tooth. This meant we came second in Pool B for the day. We progressed to play the first place in Pool A, NASSA, and after a hard fought game the WAS team came away with a loss of only 58-62, an amazing effort. Our fourth and final game was against HZSA and the girls were extremely tired from the consecutive games. After losing for the first half, the girls managed to come back with a win of 45-33, placing WAS third in Pool A. An astounding effort. Congratulations to Libby Noonan for being selected as shadow for the AICES team. 

On Monday night, the Firsts girls played the Orange U18s Rep team. The start was neck and neck, however marvellous plays from Grace McRae led to Charlotte Greet and Shania Sarsfield scoring consecutive baskets. The girls finished the game winning 43-25, a significant win in their season, showcasing how hard the girls have worked.

Charlotte Greet


KWS Knicks - 12 March 2018

Once again, the Knicks boys played with enthusiasm and tried their best to win, but unfortunately, it was not to be on this occasion and they were beaten by a clear margin. They had good possession of the ball and were able to create many scoring opportunities, but were often unable to capitalise on them. Ultimately, the other teams shooting accuracy was too much to compete with. In this game our top scorers were Tyrese Carr-White, Nicholas Jeffrey, Mitch Reynolds and Jameson Tyrell.

Nathan Lewis


KWS Cowgirls Vs KWS Roosters (18 – 14)

The roosters were awake much earlier than us, with numerous ill-directed passes turning possession over far too simply. After being stunned by some excellent shooting from the Roosters we came alive with an assertive defensive display. This set the foundation for us going forward and despite Lucy Rackham’s best efforts we managed to develop a slim lead and hold it. The match was played in excellent spirit with both teams playing hard but fair. It was certainly a wonderful contest to witness. Annabelle played her best game of the season.

Matthew Healey


KWS Cowgirls Vs Designing Future Flames (24 – 14)

During this match we stifled the attacking prowess of our opponents, forcing numerous turnovers. We in turn had a profusion of shots but were not successful in converting most of our chances. Even so, the pressure we maintained preserved a comfortable lead and saw us beat the competition leaders. This sets up a likely rematch in the finals in the near future. This match was not the most attractive win but it was pleasing to see the commitment across the whole team.

Matthew Healey

Rugby Report

KWS 13's Squad Vs Orange City

In a very good Trial match the young 2 Blues started the season extremely well with a strong showing against local side Orange City.

Players new to the game like Archie, Charlie Tink, Kayden, Kelvin, Carter and Charlie Collins showed that they will have plenty to offer this season.

Many seasoned players like Harry Nuthall, Hugh, Luke, Lachie and Jock also showed that they have still got the skills, with many solid tackles and positive ball play. Overall, the 13’s Squad looks to be a great bunch of young men who should have a great time in the ISA comp in 2017. Next week we will have another internal Trial on Thursday.

Players to score on the day included: Lachie, Carter, Hugo and Luke. It’s worth mentioning that Nuttsy scored a great pick and go try for City, as he was filling in for their team, which he later claimed he knocked on!

Jason Smith

Football Report

KWS Opens Football Trial Vs CYMS 2nd Grade (Won 9-0)

With 17 players in attendance for the trial against CYMS, the KWS players old and young blew out the cobwebs against and understrength opposition to record a solid win. Credit must go to the CYMS players who never gave up and whilst the score was one-sided, the play was evenly matched for much of the friendly. Perhaps the most promising part of the four quarter trial was the passing, execution and communication between players, as KWS moved the ball continuously around the paddock in search of the back of the net. Boosted by the presence of age and treachery in the form of five adult players, the younger members of the squad grew an extra leg as they matured in confidence as the game went on. Words of wisdom and leadership during each break from Mr Smedley kept the players on task, and saw them consistently move forward and back up their buddies. Well played to the five Year 10 players trialling, who acquitted themselves very well at this early stage of the season.

Paul Tierney (First XI Football Manager, 2018)

Equestrian News

Success for Lily at the National Australian Stockhorse Show

Lily Davies Etheridge (Year 11 Gordon) recently competed in the National Australian Stockhorse show at AELEC in Tamworth.

Lily was in the 3 year old Futurity with her filly Scarlet. This involves 4 different classes that make up the overall event.

Lily and Scarlet were placed 5th in the working horse section, won highest placed youth in the event and placed 2nd in an encouragement award over the entire event.

Her overall placing in the event was 15th - a great result considering there were 70 competitors and among them the top stockhorse riders/competitors in Australia.

Well done Lil & Scarlet!

KWS Equestrian Team in 2018

For any students wishing to join the Equestrian team and/or compete at Coona Expo this year and their parents – please find all the information you need at the KWS Equestrian Frog website – link below. Any issues, please email Miss Jessica Shanahan – [email protected]

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