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31 May 2019
Issue Eight
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Key Dates

3 to 7 June               Year 7 - 10 Exams

10 June                     Queen's Birthday

                                     (Public Holiday)

11, 13 & 14 June  Year 11 & 12 Exams

12 June                    GAT - Unit 4 Students

14 June                     Assessment & Reporting Day

                                     (Student Free Day)

17 June                    Semester 2 commences

28 June                    Last day Term 2

                                     (1:30 pm finish)

22 October              Year 12 Graduation


Mr Nicholas Adamou


Child Safe Standards: Creating a safe environment

North Geelong SC is a child safe school/organisation that aims to comply with Ministerial Order No. 870 - Child Safe Standards, which came into effect 1 August 2016.


The school is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people and this is the primary focus of our care and decision-making. We have a zero tolerance for child abuse. 

NGSC is committed to providing a child safe environment where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention is paid to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with a disability. 


Every person involved in NGSC has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role he/she plays individually and collectively to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all children and young people is at the forefront of all they do and every decision they make. 


In addition, the school has a Wellbeing Centre with a number of full time staff members working with the students ensuring they are building resilience skills and having their wellbeing needs addressed. Together with the Doctors in Schools program the school wellbeing team works with a number of external agencies and organisations utilising their expertise, improving our students’ wellbeing, ensuring they feel safe and able to be productive in a caring learning and teaching environment.      

Semester Exams

We are nearly halfway through Term 2 already and Semester Two is around the corner. Semester Two, will begin in Week 9 of Term Two (17 June). Semester exams for all Year 7 to 12 students will take place in Weeks 7 and 8 (3 June to 14 June). On 14 June students will not be required to attend classes (Student Free Day) as Teachers will be working on Assessment and Reporting, however, students who have a Year 11 or 12 exam are required to attend for their exam.


Also, all Year 12 students and Year 11 students who are currently undertaking a Unit 3 VCE subject will be expected to undertake the GAT (General Achievement Test) examination on Wednesday, 12 June.


Details about the exams timetable for all Year Levels will be distributed to all students via their Year Level Sub-School Leaders and Compass.


North Geelong SC has planned and implemented Semester exams for a number of years now and Semester examinations are well embedded in our school calendar and culture. The formal examination structure creates an opportunity to provide students with skills in examination preparation, practice and personal experience in the valuable life skill of undertaking formal testing. Regular opportunities must be provided through both formative and summative assessment for students to develop examination techniques and to receive feedback on their performance.


Our school community prides on our structure examinations, ensuring that;

  • Students develop confidence and skill in exam techniques and settings
  • Students gain experience in formal testing situations that may be useful in later life
  • a home/school study culture of regular revision and test preparation is instilled
  • subject specific exam skills are developed
  • the learning and teaching culture of North Geelong secondary College amongst the students, parents and wider community is reinforced
  • an additional assessment tool for teachers and students is provided

Wishing all students Good Luck with the upcoming exams.



The GAT Exam
Wednesday 12 June 2019

The General Achievement Test (GAT) is a three-hour test of general knowledge and skills in; 

•    Written communication 

•    Mathematics, Science and Technology

•    Humanities, the Arts and Social Sciences.


The GAT is an essential part of the VCE assessment process. While it is important that all students attempt the GAT, the test is not part of the graduation requirements and doesn't count towards VCE results. The GAT plays an important role in checking that school assessments and examinations have been accurately assessed.

Students enrolled in Units 3 and 4 of any VCE study – whether in Year 11 or Year 12 – must sit the GAT unless they are exempted by the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA).


Student’s GAT results are reported with their Statement of Results.

For more information, see: General Achievement Test

Close to the end of the first Semester

Please note that as we move closer to the conclusion of second term and the end of Semester One, the following will be occurring:

  • Semester reports are currently being prepared and will be posted on line by the middle of June, (beginning of Semester 2)
  • Teachers will be finalising assessment and reporting on Friday, 14 June and students are not required at school on this day (unless they are required to sit a Year 11 or Year 12 Exam)

Following the posting of semester reports, parents will have the opportunity to contact teachers on a needs basis to discuss progress and planning for the second half of the year.  Some of the parents have already met with school Key Stakeholders, such as; Home Group Teachers, Sub School Leaders, Careers Team, Year level Coordinators and Principal Class Officers in relation to planning and setting goals for Semester 2.

Show me how it’s done!

An interesting piece of research suggests that we learn very effectively when we have people show us how to perform a task and involve us directly in it. Anyone trying to connect their IPod or iPad to the flat touch screen TV set will also agree that it is often much more effective to have someone show you how to do that, than to decipher the manual yourself. 


Parents/Carers model this mode of teaching by showing their children how to do a myriad of things as they are growing up. 


At North Geelong SC, it is important to provide students with a range of “ways of learning” and to have outside experts, teachers and students act as mentors and role-models to help students see “how it’s done” – this is a great and powerful tool. 

In particular, opportunities for younger students to see older role models such as Year 11 and 12 students are a real feature of our school. Also the Excellence in Sports program, in partnership with the Geelong Football Club and Victoria Police, enhances self-discipline and confidence in our students, with the great role modelling of high level football players, AFL umpires and Victoria Police. This program places strong emphasis on “Show me how it’s done”. These Sports people and the Police Officers work with The Year 9 and 10 Excellence in Sports program students who learn more effectively by others showing them how. Our educational setting, our school culture and our mindset allow this to occur naturally and it is such an asset in developing confident, capable young adults who are ready to be useful, employable global citizens. 


Currently, our Student Leaders (School Captains & SRC) are enjoying the role of modelling to the rest of the student body through many extracurricular activities, such as; performing arts, song and dance, organising sporting events, coaching junior sporting teams, taking the lead in school environmental issues and a number of other academic activities. 


Picking Up and Dropping Off your children around schools

For the safety of children, parents/guardians are reminded and strongly encouraged to take care and obey parking signs when picking up or dropping off children around the school. Council’s parking and information officers regularly patrol school areas during start and finish times and motorists detected breaching parking regulations risk being issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice.


Remember, as soon as you stop to let your children in or out of the car, you are deemed to be parked. You do not have to leave your car or turn the engine off to receive a fine.


At children’s crossings, you must remain stationary at the stop line while any person (including an adult or the supervisor) is on the crossing or the stop sign is displayed. Do not let your child out at this time; ensure that they wait until you are safely and legally parked.


If you breach a parking regulation the parking and information officer assigned to monitor our school crossing will usually record your registration number and details, and the Penalty Infringement Notice will be posted to the registered owner of the vehicle within the next three days.


Also dropping off or picking up children in the staff car park is prohibited and no parents/carers should be parking in the staff car park at any point in time. This behaviour places our students at great risks as they are walking to school or riding their bicycles through the car park.


Please ensure you adhere to the parking regulations around schools and the school’s expectations, so that all children are safe and you avoid running the risk of a Parking Infringement.

Capital Works and Refurbishment

The 4.75 million dollars capital works project continues to progress satisfactorily and is within the scheduled timeline. The school community is very happy to be working in the newly refurbished or brand new facilities. Students I talk to, fully appreciate the modern teaching and outdoor spaces.

All new or refurbished teaching spaces are fully air-conditioned and include the latest ‘touch screen’ ICT technology, ensuring that our broad curriculum and extra-curriculum programs are complimented with the resources and cutting edge ICT technology.

The works are expected to be completed by early July. We can now truly say that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Semester 2 begins on 17 June

Semester 2 timetable begins on Monday, 17 June. 


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson &

Mr Bradley Headlam

Assistant Principals

Attitude to School Survey

Last week saw the completion of the Attitudes to School survey by all year levels. We are hoping to receive honest and considered feedback. This information will be analysed and discussed along with the Parent and staff feedback in Principal, Leadership and Staff meetings. We look at what we are doing well and where we need to improve and implement strategies accordingly

Term 2 important dates

A glance at the calendar for this term shows a full 10 weeks of opportunities for students.

Upcoming dates:

  • 10/6 Queen’s Birthday (public holiday)
  • 12/6 Unit 4 GAT
  • 14/6 Assessment and Reporting Day (student free except for Year 11 and 12 students attending exams)
  • 17/6 Semester 2 subjects begin

In addition to this there will be the continued publication of student Learning Tasks on Compass for student feedback and parent information. Here are some of the dates: 

  • Exams in weeks 8 and 9
  • Semester Reports in last week of term


Every fortnight the school has a focus for students to improve. Staff support this focus and assist with strategies to implement this area of improvement. Over the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on organisation and prior to that it was uniform. From next week we will be focusing on ensuring a positive initial interaction with teachers and peers. It potentially would look like:


“How are you today Johnny or Mr Quinn?”

“Good morning Johnny or Mr Quinn how is your day?”

“Excuse me Sir can you please help with question 3?”


We are sure that students will think of other positive examples that will reflect their language and personalities. Teachers will help students with this language in their classes.


All students will be participating in various exams starting Monday, 3 June. This is a great opportunity for students to extend themselves in demonstrating their understanding of what they have learnt. The outcomes of the exams will be discussed in classes after exam week to highlight feedback or highlight misunderstandings and identify best practice. All students are expected to wear FULL school uniform during the exams. The exam timetable and expectations of equipment to bring has been shared with the students. 



Year 10 students are permitted to go home after completing their GAT on Monday, and also arrive at recess on the Wednesday as their exams start Period 3 that day. The library will be available to students who are not able to make alternative arrangements.


Exam attendance

During the exams we will be cancelling classes and marking attendance in the exams. This means that absences will not be added into Compass, hence no SMS to parents at 11:00 am.


Study Habits and success in exams

Some sites for information about good study habits:


Advice from some students about studying:

"Most students worry that studying is sometimes boring. Then there is the unavoidable problem of feeling sleepy and having no interest in what they are doing. So be attentive and active when you study."


''Concentration and time are the most important things in studying. First concentrate your mind and then divide your time across your subjects. Try to spend the most time on your difficult subjects.''


"I start to study as soon as I get home from school. Everything is still fresh in my mind."


"When I sit down to study, the first thing I do is turn off the ringer on my phone. The second thing I do is put my phone where I can't see it. I read a saying that said when something is out of sight it is out of mind. Then I can concentrate on my work."


Top 5 tips to create a positive study environment: 

(Credit to


Many students complete a lot of their study at home which is why it is vital to create a positive study environment at home. This is the first step to ensure your child makes the most of their study time and avoids distraction.

  1. Have a dedicated study space: A home study or bedroom are often the best options. They tend to be quiet areas, away from social spaces like the kitchen or living areas which tend to be noisy. Ensure the space is well lit, comfortable and well ventilated, but not cold.
  2. Have a study plan: Plan study time carefully. The plan should include time for study of all subjects, rest periods, co-curricular activities and dinner time. After every 50 minutes of study there should be a 10-minute break. Use the break to get some fresh air, grab a snack or chat with family members. The plan should be shared with family members so they can plan outings around it.
  3. Get organised: Make sure the desk has sufficient space. Minimise clutter - it keeps the mind focussed. Organise subject notes in clearly marked folders so they are ready to go when that subject’s allocated study time arises.
  4. Enlist family support: Your family can help you stay on track, encourage you when motivation is low and provide positive reinforcement. Simple things like making sure dinner is served at the allocated time; driving you to and from school or co-curricular activities so that you can maximise your study time; or helping you with revision can all make a significant difference to your productivity and mood.
  5. Avoid distractions: This is imperative if you are to follow the study plan and accomplish what you have set out. Distractions include television, radio, social media, other family members and even food. Store mobile phones and tablet devices away from study areas. Avoid music with lyrics and don’t use headphones as they can hinder the retention of information.

Year 9 and 10 General Assessment Test (GAT)

All students studying VCE Units 3 and 4 all partake in a GAT. This is a test that identifies student ability in relation to their studies. This year, Year 9 and 10 students will also be participating in a GAT. Teachers will be trained in how to observe and use this data and utilise it to inform their teaching of individuals in the classroom. It should provide us with another insight into where their entry point is into learning a particular skill or developing knowledge and target their improvement based on the capacity. Meaning that we can extend highly capable students better and tailor programs for students in specific need areas. In addition to this students will be better prepared for the rigour of VCE.

Child Protection and Child Safe Standards (PROTECT)

As part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Betrayal of Trust report, which found that more must be done to prevent and respond to child abuse in our community, there is a regulatory landscape surrounding child safety, underpinned by the Child Safe Standards.

The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian early childhood services and schools, to ensure they are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect.

NGSC has its Statement of Commitment, Child Safe Policy and the Code of Conduct available on the school website. (See Downloads - Policies)

The following links on the Department of Education and training website provide information about child protection and Child First services.


Steve Quinn

Junior Sub School Manager


Next week (Week 7) will see the start of Semester 1 exams across the College and include all of the Junior School exams. If not aware already students will realise soon that preparation for these exams begins at the start of the year with good work ethic and focus in the classroom and a commitment to high standards of work in class and at home. In addition to this, now is the time for students to ensure they have the correct equipment, understand the behavioural expectations of exam conditions and complete any last minute study preparation. Remember that extra help is always available when sought and we wish all the members of our junior community the best of luck next week.

Year 7 & 8 House Sports Competition

Last Friday marked the first Year 7 & 8 House Sports Competition where all students represented their respective Houses in sports such as AFL, Volleyball, Handball, Chess and T-Ball for the final two periods of the day. It was a great opportunity to engage in a fun, energy filled finish to the week and allowed students and staff to mingle in a more social setting with many staff members getting actively involved. A great time was had by all and I’m sure that everyone involved would like to say a great big thank you to Mr Hill who worked tirelessly to make the day happen!



Just a quick reminder with the cold weather setting in that our uniform expectations still remain high. Casual jumpers and hoodies are not are not part of the College uniform and therefore are not to be worn at school. Remember also that socks must be plain white, grey or black and not display any logos. 


Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Leader


Exams begin next week. I have emailed all Parents via Compass.


Year 10 students are only required at school for their exams which, for the majority, means they will leave at Recess Monday and arrive at Recess Wednesday. Friday will be normal classes post exams. It is essential students sign out and conduct themselves in the manner we expect, utilising the spare time to study at home or access teachers. Classrooms will be made available for students who wish to stay at school to study, or due to transport restrictions can’t get home.

Year 9 students are required at school as normal as exams run during normal classes. This will be the first year our Year 9 students sit the GAT. The GAT is a General Achievement Test all VCE students sit. At NGSC we utilise GAT data to look at patterns in learning, students strengths and struggles. Teachers have access to this data and differentiate accordingly. 


Please access Compass as much as possible, check out reports and do not let your offspring wear hooded jumpers under their uniform.

Julie Elkin

VCAL Teacher

The Year 9 Community Engagement class volunteered at Geelong Mums on Thursday 16th May. Geelong Mums is an organisation that works with welfare agencies in Geelong to provide care packages for those in need. Our students collected donations from the College community and took them to Geelong Mums. Our duties for the afternoon were to carefully fold clothes to place into the care packs. Students also had to choose a ‘hero’ piece to place at the front of the pack to show off the contents. All the students worked well together and Geelong Mums were appreciative of the donations and the volunteering efforts of the students.




Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub School Manager


Students have received progress reports this week and it is a timely reminder that students should be asking for feedback on a regular basis and seeking help and assistance in class time, as well as outside class. It is a busy time as we approach the end of semester one and if you feel that extra support is needed please contact the relevant YLC or student wellbeing. Look after yourselves and your friends.

Year 11

Camp notices and medical forms have been distributed. Please return these notices by the required date.


Notes and details about the 2020 Year 12 Jumper have been distributed. Students and parents are reminded that these are not compulsory but there are NO second orders. The majority of students love wearing them!!

Year 12

Graduation notices have been provided to students this week. Please read carefully and complete the required paper work and payment by the key dates.


The arrangements for Independent Study Periods (ISPs) for Semester 2 have been sent home via a note and contract. Please ensure these are returned and signed by the due date. Students will need their Student Identification Cards.


Students are encouraged to be accessing our support structures to help in their studies including: homework club, Edrolo, RESN.

Advanced notice

Unit 3 and 4 Practice Exams will be held during the second week of the September school break. All Unit 3 and 4 students are expected to attend in preparation for the final exams.


VCAL classes will continue to run as per normal during exam week so that students can continue to meet outcomes. There are so many fantastic projects occurring including the GAP camp, BLAZE AID and our very own Master Chef. It is lovely to see our students developing employability skills with confidence .


Ms Julie Elkin

VCAL Teacher


Ms Elkin’s VCAL class spent some time on Corio Bay, learning about the importance of the Port to Geelong’s economy. They then went to the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC) where they were introduced to various career pathways involved with the operations of a busy port.




Ms Elkin’s VCAL students ventured to Biolab to participate in the Human Machine activity. They gathered data to test the effectiveness of two popular heart rate monitoring devices. They analysed the data and found that the Fitbit device was not as reliable as a heart rate strap when it came to measuring the heart rate at high levels of exercise. As well as using technology to collect the data, students were involved in mathematical calculations to ascertain the reliability of the devices.


Other School News

Mr Zach Alexakos

IT Teacher

ASX Stockmarket Game One, 2019

Game one for 2019 finished last week with 70 participants involved in buying, selling and researching the markets.  Some of our new traders achieved excellent investment returns for the see-sawing three month period.  

Congratulations to Brooke-Lynn Rees and Danielle Hammond for achieving 1st place at North Geelong SC and top 100 status in Victoria.  With 18,918 syndicates participating across Australia the competition was intense.  

Well done to all participants and we look forward to Game Two, which starts in early August.  


Linda Castle

LOTE Teacher


The Year 8 B and C combined Japanese class created ‘kyarakuta bento’(Character lunch boxes) in class on Tuesday. This was the culmination of their ‘Food in Japan’ unit of study, which covered typical foods of Japan, the language and customs around ordering food in a restaurant and at home, and the language involved in creating and following recipes in Japanese. Students researched the phenomenon of ‘kyara ben’, the cute, but nutritionally balanced, lunch boxes made for children in Japan by their families which usually include a recognisable anime or manga character. This particularly applies for schools which do not have ‘kyushoku’ (provided school lunches). After analysing the main components of the typical ‘kyara ben’ they devised their own ‘kyara ben’, creating their own recipes and translating them into Japanese.

Some of the finished products included the following:



Barwon Health Immunisation Centres and Hours



Victorian School of Languages

Nth Geelong Centre

Located at

North Geelong Secondary College


The Victorian School of Languages is a specialist government school offering complementary language instruction outside of regular school hours. It enrols students in Years 1 to 12, who are unable to study their language of choice in their mainstream school. Students from all educational sectors (Government, Independent and Catholic) are eligible to enrol.           


The Victorian School of Languages offers quality courses aligned with government curriculum standards, based on communication skills that include speaking, reading, writing and listening. Its VCE program is fully accredited and can advantage students in the calculation of their university entrance score.  


The school`s language program is delivered through face-to-face teaching in over 40 Language Centres situated in government secondary schools across the state, and through Distance Education mode.


In North Geelong, classes are held on Saturday mornings between 9:00 am and 12:15 pm at:

North Geelong Secondary College


Languages offered:      

Croatian, Karen, Vietnamese, Dari, Persian, Polish, Macedonian, Bosnian, Turkish & Russian

*New languages may be offered subject to demand*


For enquiries Telephone: 5277 9833


Further details and enrolment are available online at our website:


Discover the World of Languages!                 

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