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04 July 2019
Issue Ten
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A Word from the Principal

This semester seems to have flown by.  Last weekend gave me the opportunity to reflect on the learning which has occurred this semester as I sat and read the report cards of all students. Wow! Students, and in turn teachers, have been very busy.  If you happen to come to the College during the day, you will be aware that underneath the layer of calm and serenity is a beating pulse and hive of activity.  From classrooms to lunch times and even after school – the hallways and corridors murmur the messages – you can be….whatever you choose to be.   The learning is complemented by the myriad of opportunities – academic challenges, sporting, and the arts.


The many activities that Term 2 has seen include the College events of Field Day, Autumn Concert, Cultural and Languages Week, STEM activities and the Dance/Drama showcase.   Many of these activities highlight the strength of certain departments but I realise that support comes from many different corners. A great many staff and parents put up their hands to help make these events successful.  The students thrive in these events – they socialise with students they don’t regularly get to be with and learn to respect the talents and diversity of everyone. A huge thank you to all who help out, offer support and encouragement.


Staffing arrangements for next semester have been confirmed. Amanda McGarrigle has extended her leave until the end of the year and Rob Owen will continue in this role.  Rob is currently putting the final touches on the production The Dream for Week 3 of Term 3.  Anne Haward has also extended her leave from Kinder until the end of the year.  Anne has benefitted from the time off this term and would like the opportunity to consolidate this gain in health by taking some further time off. Karen Giudici has agreed to remain as Kinder teacher until the end of the year.  I thank both Rob and Karen for putting the continuity of student learning first and agreeing to remain in our community.  We are grateful for this generosity. Sharon Himson goes on leave and her class will be covered by Anne Crawford and Christine Russell.  We hope Sharon has a refreshing break.


Knowing that it has been a big term and an even bigger semester, the break offers a wonderful opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate the batteries.  I encourage the staff here at the College to step away from emails and school documents and spend time building up the health bank heading into Term 3. If possible this time is also a great opportunity for our students to reconnect with family, tidy their rooms, see sights that they may never have been exposed to, visit a museum, read a book, help around the yard – so many different opportunities and the time to take up the challenge.  Enjoy!

Thought of the Week

This week’s reflection comes from Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie) and some of the famous quotes which tickle my imagination:

  • All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust. Bring on the PIXIE DUST.
  • The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.  Keep dreaming you can fly.
  • Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough.


Mrs Fiona Nolan


From the Director of Primary

As Term 2 concludes, we celebrate the progress of the students across the Primary school.  The myriad of learning opportunities and extra-curricular programmes highlight the enormous amount achieved during the past ten weeks.   


The Mid-Year Reports, which are released today, in conjunction with the feedback provided through our online reporting structure, provide parents with information about the students’ strengths, areas for further development and most importantly, how they may be achieved.  The Learning Conferences, scheduled for Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 3, offer an opportunity to have encouraging and supportive conversations about learning goals across the curriculum.  


I sincerely thank the staff across the Primary school for providing such rich learning experiences for the students.  I wish the staff, students and families a safe and relaxing mid-year holiday break.   Term 3 commences on Tuesday, July 23.


Student Leaders

It is my pleasure to announce the following students who have been elected to the positions of Year 5 and 6 Leader or House Captain for Semester 2.  

Year 5 and 6 Leaders: Pippa Abbott, Phoebe Gatehouse, Sienna Brooks, Tilly Ross, Claudia Loring and Kayla Round

Carmel House Captains: Jenny Bangu-Ujang, Francesca Ciccia, Ava Grierson and Olivia Jones

Loreto House Captains: Elizabeth Ims, Jayla Watson, Jaime Archer and Matilda Ridgeway

Lourdes House Captains: Abbie Fooks, Ashlan Ryan, Elsie Batchelor and Emily Browne


Caroline Wilson Haffenden

Director of Primary

Congratulations to Year 5 student Elizabeth Ims, on her selection as a CCYP Ambassador.

The Commissioner for Children and Young People (CCYP) Ambassador Program is an opportunity for children and young people to have their voices heard on how things could be improved for children and young people in Tasmania. Ambassadors will help the Commissioner understand what is important for children and young people and will be provided with opportunities to come together to discuss key issues and influence decision-makers.


CCYP Ambassadors will have the opportunity to meet with the Commissioner to:

  • Share their opinions and ideas about what is important to them to help the Commissioner be a strong advocate for Tasmanian children and young people.
  • Learn about and promote the rights that children and young people have under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Complete special projects. These projects will be developed through conversations with CCYP Ambassadors and will inform the Commissioner’s work on behalf of children and young people in Tasmania.

Well done Elizabeth!

From the Heads of House

Nurturing your mental health and wellbeing during the winter break

Term Two has been jammed packed full of House activities and friendly competition.  We saw Loreto come away as victors for the Prep - Year 10 Field Day and Lourdes taking out the inaugural House Band competition.  We have seen a new and exciting branch of House spirit emerging amongst our secondary students as they have settled into another term in their Clans and have been given new opportunities to represent their House proudly.  We know that each of our students is anxiously awaiting the school holiday break to rest, relax and recharge after an eventful term.


As we write this, we have shivered through an unusually cold week and the Winter Solstice has signalled fewer daylight hours and chillier mornings - if only just for a short time.  It can be especially difficult to nurture your mental health and wellbeing during the winter months.  It is much easier to stay inside in front of the fire or under a warm blanket than to brave the cold.  Many of us find ourselves hibernating for the winter and grapple with low mood due to the change in the seasons.  Sometimes we can feel like our thinking is clouded, we avoid social interaction, we can have difficulty concentrating and take comfort in some hearty home cooked meals and we stop exercising.


These school holidays, we encourage you and your daughter to shake off your winter woes and take care of your mental health and wellbeing.  Having some downtime is really important, especially in a society that puts a lot of pressure on us to be socially active and productive.  Svensson (2017) writes “in a time when the average person consumes information at a furious rate, taking a few moments to catch up is more important than ever”. 

  • Finding a quiet place or listening to a favourite piece of music is one way to slow down and check-in with your mental wellbeing.
  • Listen to your body.  The low light in winter causes the brain to prepare for sleep more than it does in the summer.  Try going to bed earlier or having a nap during the day. 
  • Stock up on healthy and nutritious foods.
  • Move around.  Walk around the house.  Stretch.  Climb the stairs in the house.  Dance wildly to a song for 3 minutes.  Movement is essential for wellbeing. 
  • Focus on building positive emotions.  Do something nice for yourself, or engage with something (a novel, a friend, a new hobby or skill). 
  • Increase your dopamine levels by enjoying having fun with friends and loved ones.
  • Practice gratitude by journaling.
  • Reach out for help if you’re becoming aggravated with the winter weather.
  • Don’t forget that Tasmania is an awesome place to visit in the winter - why not be a tourist in your own state?  From mid-winter festivals, to chocolate tastings, ghost tours, bushwalking in the snow, and other activities to enjoy, there is sure to be something to boost your mood.
  • Use this helpful scaffold provided by the Black Dog Institute.  It will help you focus your self-care across the quadrants of spiritual, professional, physical and emotional.


We asked some staff and students how they were spending the holidays.  From holidays, to books, to visits to the gym - it is evident that our Mount Carmel College community will be making the most of the break despite the winter chill to ensure they’re recharged for Term Three.


Emma Jenkins, Lynda Hudson and Phoebe Wootton

Heads of House


Read more:

Rowe, K. (2018). ‘10 ways to take care of your mental health during the winter. Accessed from:


Svensson, J. (2017). ‘The way we think of self care is wrong, and it needs to change’. Accessed from:

Positive Education News

A Focus on Gratitude

As we head in to the Term Two holidays it is important to recognise all the great things we should be grateful for, not just this term but right across Semester One.  Sit and think for a minute about all that you are grateful for in relation to the College your son or daughter goes to.  With this recognition we are focusing in on the ideas around being grateful or showing gratitude.  

One of the key ways to grow happiness and a sense of wellbeing is to practice gratitude. We all love to receive a thank you note or text message but how often do we offer a word of gratefulness over silence or even criticism? It seems our natural instinct is to focus on the gaps.  It is the old glass half full, but actually the glass is full to the brim and overflowing.

Below is a link to a short clip, mentioned before in past edition of The View, by Louie Schwartzberg and narrated by Brother David Steindle- Rast.  This is a calming and honest approach to what we should all be grateful for :

Wellbeing Survey

Recently students in Years 5 -10 participated in the Wellbeing Survey. This was a fabulous opportunity for those who did complete the survey to have a say in what drives their wellbeing and what they believe are ways the College can help to support. Thank you to those parents who allowed their daughter to participate.

What Do I Weigh?

Recently our Year 10 Wellbeing Leaders, Rose Duigan and Sophie Giltnan, designed posters asking students the question ‘What Do I Weigh?’


Immediately there is a connatation that it must be around a person’s weight but in fact the statement looks at the things we need to weigh such as family, friends, school and ourselves. 


These posters can be found around all classes and other areas of the school.  Well done girls on a great initiative.


School TV

A reminder to all parents about the fabulous resources SchoolTV that can be located on the College website under the PARENT tab.


Melanie Sluyters

Director of Positive Education

Reconciliation Week

There has been a wonderful focus on Indigenous Perspectives this term.  Reconciliation Week was commemorated by the staff with an afternoon tea by Palawa Kipli, a feast of indigenous ingredients.  Lots of inspiration and resources were on hand to help incorporate Tasmanian Aboriginal Perspectives across the curriculum. 


Primary classes participated in workshops which involved sitting in yarning circles – the lower primary, exploring the idea of passing on culture, and the upper grades, hearing of the stories of the stolen generation. 


Secondary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have met regularly and all ATSI students had the opportunity to share a lunch with elder, Aunty Verna Nichols.  ATSI students attended the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery to view the works of artist, Julie Gough.


Mrs Sharon Himson  

A Curriculum Snapshot

It is only fitting that as the term draws to a close we reflect on some of the highlights across the College.



Rose Goward and Sarah Wilson-Haffenden

Curriculum Leaders

Visiting Author

Morris Gleitzman

Last week, the Creative writing and Media Studies class had the pleasure of listening to the wise words of an expert. The famous author, Morris Gleitzman shared his wisdom to the eager ears of Years 9 and 10 students, as well as some Year 7 students who are studying one of his texts. Explaining the meaning behind stories, why we write them, read them and enjoy them, inspiration was ignited in the minds of this creative group. The best place to start is at the beginning, and hence, was where Morris began, with the very first sentence. He explained its importance and the power it possesses to either grip and reel, or lousily push aside. It can reveal valuable detail and introduces the audience to a character that they will be spending a lot of time with. It's therefore critical to do the first sentence justice and make each and every word count. Morris claims the role of this first sentence is to get the audience to read the second one and so, must give “a clue about the most important thing in the character’s life.” He talked about making a connection with the character to learn about them and pry deep secrets from their past to bleed into the story.

“Creative energy wedged in the pages of books,” is how Gleitzman describes stories and there is something quite remarkable and magical about this description. He also discussed the importance of a problem. It’s the problems, after all, that make us stronger, more rounded human beings. Although it would be thought that stories are an escape from problems, Morris explained that without this vital ingredient, we would have no story in the first place. How can we enjoy a story with no problem? for nothing would actually happen and further more, there would be no suggestions as to how we can solve our own problems. From this revelation, Morris quotes, “In stories, problems are our friends.”

His advice, experience and learnings were all delivered through the time he took to talk. Hearing from a successful author, was something of great value to the blossoming writers in our school community. Answering enthusiastic questions and connecting with the girls, Morris Gleitzman made quite the impression on how to start writing, even at a young age. Sharing how he got into writing through screen writing, the girls were taught to follow where the heart lies and encouraged to accept new challenges. Such an incredible experience is one that will stick and we hope to hear the stories of this inspired group of girls soon. We thank Miss Gray and Mrs Matthews for giving us this special opportunity.


Rose Goward

Year 10 - Loreto 2

Digital Technologies

This term, Years 7 and 8 students have been continuing their Digital Technologies courses, this time in smaller blocks over a week. Year 8 students have been learning about the history of the Internet and how networks are constructed. Their final task was to link two microcontrollers together using I2C protocol and have them communicate to each other.


In Year 7, students have been looking at binary operations and binary logic, and their final task was building a circuit which solved the problem of how to turn the light off in your room when you had a cold floor to traverse! The students built a "three-way switch" using an XOR gate logic chip. Next term students in both Year 7 and Year 8 will look at App design and development.


In Year 9/10 Digital Design, students are working on incidental lighting for the major Drama production "The Dream". Some are working with fixed LEDs, some with RGB LEDs and one group is working with individually addressable programmable RGB LEDs.


Mr Anthony Peck

E-Learning Manager

Headline Act

The Dream

  • Thursday 8, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 August - 7.00pm

Mount Carmel College is buzzing with preparations for the upcoming drama production of, The Dream, which is derived from Shakespeare’s original play A Midsummer Night's Dream, and adapted by our drama teacher, Rob Owens.

Not only does The Dream involve the Year 9/10 Drama students, it also involves the two music classes, who are creating the spectacular soundtrack. The Year 9/10 Digital Design class are working alongside the cast, organising the lights and extra technology aspects. Some of the Year 7 students are playing little fairies, one of our wonderful Year 10 students has created our beautiful promotional poster which you will see scattered about Hobart and we also have students lined up to work the light board and spotlight. Make no mistake, this production is going to be a magical experience and will not be one to miss.

Tickets are on sale now via TryBooking: 

  • Bookings:
  • Dates: Thursday 8, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 August
  • Times: Shows commence at 7:00pm each night
  • Cost: All tickets $10 or a Group of Four $30
  • Venue: Cahill Centre, Mount Carmel College

All bookings must be made through Tickets are not available for purchase through the College nor at the door on the night of each performance

If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the College Office and access will be arranged for you to make your booking. A 0.50c per ticket booking fee applies to all bookings.


College Sport

Netball State Finalists

Last week, a Year 9/10 Netball team participated in the inaugural Netball Tasmania High School Cup. They battled it out all day, winning matches against Sacred Heart 31-10, New Norfolk 46-5, Taroona 33-13, and in the final match defeated St Aloysius 32-23 to advance to the State Final. The team will compete against other qualifying teams from across the state, at the Silverdome, in Launceston on the 18 September.

The team includes Year 10 students Maddi Hay, Charlotte Davies, Ella Marsh, Scarlet Malloy, Alana Wright, Sophie Coleman, Grace Pullen, Macy Bresnehan and Year 9 students Rebekah Furjanic and Jazlin Paterson.  Special thanks to Coach Maria Gerathy.  

Primary Netball

Our young netballers play their final games in the popular JSSATIS Primary Netball competition this week.  The College has been represented well with 35 students taking to the court across four teams.   

The students have been doing a great job, taking turns in various positions and improving in the basic skills of netball.  The more experienced players have been patient and helpful to team mates playing netball for the first time.  

The roster has also provided a wonderful opportunity for some of our more experienced secondary students to pass on some of their knowledge and skills by coaching and umpiring.  Thanks to Emma Sullivan, Aimee Stacey, Jess Owen, Bronte Johnston, Stella Riseley, Lucy Balfour, Grace Rowbottom and Olivia Hart for assisting with the coaching throughout the term.  Thanks also to the parents that have coached, managed and umpired teams, including Tamika Ransom, Melissa Kaye, Jenny Geappen, Imogen Geappen and Gabrielle Falconer, and staff member Mrs Anne Crawford for assisting with umpiring.   

Hockey Grand Finalists

Congratulations to the 1st Grade Hockey team that competed in the Grand Final against the reigning premiers, St Mary’s last week.   The team competed strongly in the roster, which includes teams with students up to Year 12. They finished the roster in second position, and defeated St Mary’s 2-1 in the 2nd Semi Final to advance directly to the grand final.  Unfortunately the team couldn’t repeat that feat in the grand final.  After being down 2-3 with a few minutes to go, they were able to score a late goal, pushing St Mary’s to extra time, however St Mary’s were able to score a sudden death goal to take out the premiership.

The team includes Year 10 students, Sarah Wilson-Haffenden, Maisy Sansom, Olivia Farrell, Emma Brough, Tessa King, Molly Marshall; Year 9 students, Maddison Brooks and Taylor Brooks; Year 8 students Anna Cosentino, Charlotte Howells, Isabella Lowe, Reese Noye, Summer Bennetto, Sophia Di Vento, Felicity Wilson-Haffenden and goalie Jessica Stevens.   Thanks to Coach Tina Stevens. 

Exciting news for Maddison and Taylor Brooks, who have been selected to represent Hockey Tasmania in the New Zealand Hockey League and the New Zealand Senior Tournament in Tauranga, New Zealand in September.  Congratulations Maddi and Tay.   

Primary Hockey

The Primary rosters have also drawn to a close for the students in Years 1 – 6.  The students have done a fabulous job committing to the roster on a Saturday morning.  Well done particularly to the Year 1 students and other students who were trying hockey for the first time.  We hope they enjoyed the season and will be back for more.  Thanks to all the families for their support with these teams, and particularly Vanessa Copeland and  Rebeccah O’Halloran, staff members Mrs Alison Judd and Miss Natalie Reid and students Jessica Stevens, Reese Noye, Isabella Lowe, Ruby King, Rhiannon Lincoln and Ursula Nation for their support.   The Year 3-6 students have another opportunity to play hockey in Term 3 with afternoon rosters at the Hockey Centre on turf. 

All Schools Cross Country

Congratulations to all our competitors at either the Primary or Secondary All Schools Cross Country Events at Symmons Plains over the last two Tuesdays.  These competitions are tough, and we are very proud of the Mount Carmel competitors for their efforts.

Thank you to all the parents that also came up, helped out on the day and supported the girls.   Competitors and top twenty finishers in each age group are listed below.

Avalon Forbes (pictured left)has capped off her cross country season with selection in the Tasmanian U14 Cross Country Team to compete in Wollongong in August.  Congratulations Avalon.

9 Years

10 Years

 11 Years

12 Years

Riley Bain (3rd)

Jemima Geappen (4th)

Lily Batchelor (18th)

Sophie Jones

Ivy Bresnehan

Antonette Conrades

Stella Cranefield

Matilda Forrest

Lola Helmers


Sofia Bowman-Shaw

Isabella Copeland

Isabella Heroys

Elizabeth Ims

Bailey Van den Broek

Isabella Quin (12th)

Ursula Nation

Olivia Jones

Kayla Round

U14 Years

U15 Years

U16 Years

U17 Years

Avalon Forbes (3rd)

Meg Harrison

Coco Erin

Natasha Furjanic

Heidi Preshaw

Maya Chapman


Cecilia Bowman-Shaw

Olivia Nichols

Sophia Di Venuto

Hayley Davis

Maddison Brooks (5th)

Taylor Brooks (8th)

Anabelle Raymond

Josephine Braid




Anja Bobrowski (14th)



NetSetGo - Cripps Netball Club

Netball clinic for younger students interested in developing their netball skills.

When: Sunday 13 October – Sunday 24 November (7 Weeks)

Where: Hobart Netball and Sports Centre (Stadium 2)

Times: 9.15am-10am 5-7 Year Olds / 10am-11am 8 Year Olds / 11am-12pm 9/10 Year Olds


Cost: $70 (includes a t-shirt & ball to keep)

If anyone is interested contact Fiona Geappen on 0417 566 386 or email: [email protected]

Storm Softball Club

If anyone is interested in giving Softball or Tee-ball a go, or looking to join a club for the coming summer, Storm Softball Club have their next training run on Sunday 21 July at 1:00pm at the softball grounds in Gepp Parade, Derwent Park. 

For more information, please contact Alison Woolley on 0400 618 827 or

email: [email protected]

Term 3 Sports

Good luck to teams in rosters carrying over into Term 3.  We have Badminton, Year 7 – 10 Netball and Water Polo teams still competing.  


Ms Nikki Stuart

Sports Coordinator

More College News

College Canteen

A reminder to all students and families that the College Canteen will NOT be open for orders or over-the-counter purchases this Friday, 5 July.
As part of Mount Carmel Day celebrations, there will be a sizzling sausage, fruit box drink and fruit platters for all students.
Students will still need to bring a recess snack and water bottles

College Notices


Upcoming Dates

July 2019

  • Thursday 4: Semester One Reports released
  • Friday 5: Mount Carmel Day and Term Two concludes
  • Monday 22: Student Free Day
  • Tuesday 23: Term Three commences
  • Thursday 25: Kinder - Year 6 Terrapin Puppet Performance
  • Thursday 25: Kinder - Year 10 Learning Conferences, Providence House - 3.40pm-8.00pm
  • Tuesday 30: Kinder - Year 10 Learning Conferences, Providence House - 3.40pm-8.00pm

August 2019

  • Sunday 4: Old Scholars Mass & AGM, Holy Spirit Church - 10.00am
  • Monday 5: Prep - Year 6 Assembly, Cahill Centre - 10.00am. Hosted by Year 6
  • Thursday 8, Friday 9 & Saturday 10 August: The Dream drama production, Cahill Centre - 7.00pm
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