St Agnes' Primary School Newsletter

04 February 2020
Issue One
St Agnes' Primary School
(03) 9532 0344
Peterson Street
Highett, Victoria, 3190





4th - Parent Information Night 7.30pm

7th - Beginning of Year School Mass 9am

10th -2.30pm All school assembly hosted by Grade 3

17th - School Photos

            - 2.30pm All school assembly hosted by Grade 5

18th - SSV Swimming training 7.15am

           - Parent Teacher Exchanges - early finish 1pm

21st - SSV Swimming Carnival

            - P&F Welcome Picnic

24th - 2.30pm All school assembly hosted by Grade 6

25th - Shrove Tuesday pancake morning

26th - Ash Wednesday all school mass 

27th - Family Faith night (Grade 3)









2nd - 2.30pm All school assembly hosted by Grade 2

3rd  - P&F Committee meeting 8pm

5th & 6th - School Closure Days

9th - Labour Day Public Holiday

10th - Bike Ed (year 3&4)

11th - Literacy Information session - 9am (Grade 3 - 6 families)

16th -  2.30pm All school assembly hosted by Grade 1

17th - Bike Ed (Grade 3&4)

23rd - 2.30pm All school assembly hosted by Prep

25th - Sacrament of Reconciliation 7pm 

27th - Easter Liturgy & Harmony Day

            - End Term 1 - 1.30pm finish






Lachlan Foott



Dear Parents/Carers,

It is important for us as teachers and parents that we teach the students in our school what it means to show respect, be polite and use good manners. Each morning and afternoon I will be standing at the gates on Locinda St to greet parents and students upon arrival and departure from school each day. Mr Cherry or another member of the leadership team will be on the gate on Peterson Street. When we are standing on the gate it is important that when students are greeted with a ‘Good morning’ from myself or another staff member, that they look to the staff member and respond, with a ‘Good morning Mr Foott’. The same goes for when they enter the classrooms and greet their teachers. It may seem like a small thing, but it is about showing respect, being polite and using good manners. A little bit of each of these things goes a long way in this world. Being the first official newsletter of the school year, you will find information regarding all of the key events in Term One. So sit down with your family calendar and a strong cup of tea to record the important upcoming events for your family.


Class Representatives

We are still looking for volunteers to be Class Representatives for all year levels except for Year Six. Being a Class Rep is a terrific way to be involved in the education of your child, have a say in the school community and connect with other parents. The Class Rep position involves sending out a weekly communication to parents which will be pre-prepared by the Class Rep Coordinator Sally Forbes. It involves being a contact point for parents with the classroom teacher. The Class Reps will be supported by the P&F and myself with meetings twice a term.

The school very much relies on the support of parents to run some of the extra events through the school year and I urge anyone who would like to be involved in the education of the child to please contact your classroom teacher or our Class Rep Coordinator Sally Forbes at


Updating CareMonkey

It is imperative that all families ensure student profiles and parent contact information is up to date on CareMonkey. Along with the Newsletter and Class Rep weekly communication, CareMonkey will be used as the primary form of communication between the school and parents in 2020. I also ask that all parents who have a current Working With Children Check upload their details to CareMonkey. This will assist with the planning of school events.


Updating Email Addresses for iNewsletter

If you would like to add or change an email address to receive the fortnightly school newsletter, please contact Shannon in the office (


Parent Information Night

Tonight from 7.30-8.30pm we will hold an information night for all parents/carers. This session will be split into two parts; the first 20 minutes will be in the hall where I will inform parents about the strategic direction of the school in 2020. The second part of the evening parents will go to classrooms for a presentation from teachers about the routines and expected behaviours in that particular classroom/year level.


Parent/Teacher Exchanges

The Parent Information Night will be followed up by our Parent/Teacher Exchange evening on Tuesday 18th February. On this day, students will finish at 1pm to allow teachers to meet with the parents of each student in their class. This meeting is for parents to share some insights into your child’s learning, which will greatly assist the teachers as they develop an understanding of your child’s needs. Please use the link below to make a booking with your child’s teacher. (please use Event code uh74f)


Year Six Leadership Speeches

This Thursday (6th February) from 9am, students from Year Six will present their leadership speeches. Students from Year Three to Six will be in attendance and will vote on School Captain and Sports Captain. Parents are most welcome to attend for the speeches. We will announce the School Leadership positions at the Beginning of Year Mass on Friday morning.


Beginning of Year Mass

We will gather together as a whole school on Friday 7th February at 9am for our Beginning of Year Mass. All parents and carers are invited to share in this mass with us.


Year 5/6 Canberra Camp

This camp has been postponed due to the safety concerns related to the bushfire burning to the south of Canberra. The new dates will be communicated to students and families as soon as it is confirmed.


Classroom Helpers Meeting

Classroom teachers, particularly in the Junior Classrooms, welcome assistance from parents in the morning Literacy Block (8.50-10.50am). All parents who would like to help are encouraged to attend a meeting on Thursday 13th February, led by our Literacy Leader Ms Julie Grace.


School Photo Day

School Photos will be taken on Monday 17th February. Students are expected to be wearing the correct Summer School uniform on this day. Information regarding the purchasing of photos will be sent out later this week.


St Agnes’ Swimming Team

Well done to those students from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 who have been selected for our Swimming Team. There is a final swimming training at Swim Right Sandringham, (150 Tulip St Cheltenham) on Tuesday 18th February at 7.15 - 8.00am. Our Swimming Team will compete in the District Swimming on Friday 21st February at the Oakleigh Recreation Centre.

Thank you to Mr Simon Kost and other supporting staff for organising and attending these sessions to enable the students to prepare. We know the students selected will represent our school to the best of their ability.


P&F Welcome Picnic

All families are invited to attend the P&F Welcome Picnic, which will be held on Friday 21st February from 5.30pm in the school grounds. More information to follow.


Education Board Meeting

The first Education Board meeting for the year is on Tuesday 24th February at 7.30pm.


Parents and Friends Committee Meeting

The first Parents and Friends Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd March at 8pm. All school parents are welcome.


Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

We will mark the beginning of Lent with a pancake morning on Tuesday 25th February. We will be looking for parent helpers for this day, so please communicate with your classroom teacher if you are able to assist.

We will gather as a whole school with the parish for Ash Wednesday Mass on Wednesday 26th February. All are welcome at this mass.


Sacrament of Reconciliation

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will take place this term for our Year 3 students. Below are the relevant dates:

Thursday 27th February at 7.30pm - Family Faith Night

Wednesday 18th March - Reflection Day at School

Wednesday 25th March at 7pm - Sacrament of Reconciliation in the Church


Prep Students Full Time

Our Prep students will commence full time school from Monday 2nd March.


St Agnes’ School Open Days

Our Open Day’s for this year are:

  • Wednesday 4th March

  • Wednesday 25th March

  • Wednesday 15th April

Prospective families are welcome for a school tour and to meet with the Principal any time on these days.


School Closure Days

The school will be closed on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th March for staff to undertake work related to our School Review in 2020. These are pupil free days.

The school is also closed on Monday 9th March for the Labour Day Public Holiday.


Year 3/4 Bike Ed

On Tuesday 10th and Tuesday 17th March, Year 3 and Year 4 will participate in a Bike Education program run by Cycling Victoria. Students in these Year Levels need to have a working bike and helmet at school on these days.


Literacy Information Session - For Parents of Year 3, 4, 5, 6 students

Parents of Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students are invited to attend an information session facilitated by our Literacy Leader Julie Grace on Wednesday 11th March at 9am. This session will focus on how you can support your child in Literacy through their senior years of primary school.


Easter Liturgy

At 9am on Friday 27th March, the final day of Term One, we will gather together as a whole school for an Easter Liturgy to remember the events of Holy Week. All parents are welcome to attend this.


Harmony Day

Following the Easter Liturgy, we will celebrate the end of Term One with a whole school activity day, called Harmony Day. There will be more information to follow regarding this event.



The following classes will be presenting at assembly on the dates mentioned below. Assembly commences at 2.30pm each Monday afternoon in the school hall.

Monday 10th February - Year 3

Monday 17th February - Year 5

Monday 24th February - Year 6

Monday 2nd March - Year 2

Monday 16th March - Year 1

Monday 23rd March - Prep



Class Masses

This year we are reinstating the weekend Parish Mass run by the class. Father is very enthusiastic about this and is looking forward to seeing families for each year level in the Church. This is an opportunity for students to lead the celebration of the Mass and they are expected to attend their designated year level mass. We understand that sometimes there is weekend sport and family events that can impact attendance, but we would really love to see everyone in the level attend their mass. Grade 4 families will choose one of the Eucharist dates to attend.


Year Level Parish Mass

Term One:

15th March - Grade 5 


Term Two:

2nd May Saturday 6pm - Grade 6 Parish and Confirmation Commitment Mass


Term Three:

23rd August - Grade 4 - First Eucharist Sacrament

30th August - Grade 4 - First Eucharist Sacrament


Term 4:

18th October - Grade 3

1st November - Prep/Grade 1 - All Saints

6th December - Grade 2 - Advent


P&F Welcome Picnic


All families are invited to attend our annual welcome picnic on Friday 21st February from 5.30pm. This is a great social gathering and a fantastic way to catch up with or meet new families. 


Details to come closer to the event.


Icy Poles 

Icy Poles are back and we will be selling them at lunchtimes on Monday and Fridays as well as after school on Fridays. 

Please contact your class rep or Sally Forbes if you are able to give 20 minutes of your time to help on the stall at lunchtime (1.45 pm) or after school at 3.20 pm (siblings welcome) and help us reach our school fundraising goal for the year. 

Cost: Zooper Dooper 50c or Icy Poles $1 each.





New Uniforms

New uniforms can be purchased from Noone Imagewear.

They are open Monday through to Saturday all year round and are located at Shop 1/345 Hampton St, Hampton.

Noone also offer an order over the phone and delivery to the school service. However, delivery is only once a week on a Monday. If you would like to utilise this service contact Noone direct on 9070 3910.


Uniform price list attached below


Second hand uniform shop hours

  • First Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon of each term. (Tuesdays 8.30am to 9am, Fridays 3.15pm to 3.45pm)
  • The first Tuesday of each month 8.30am to 9am.    The next opening will be Tuesday 3rd March 8.30am to 9.00am

Please note that the second hand uniform shop is CASH ONLY.

Grade 6 Jerseys update
The Grade 6 Jerseys are on order and we expect they will arrive towards the end of Term 1.

Thanks Leanne, Sophie and Ewa



Extend Update


Monday 3/2

Tuesday 4/2

Wednesday 5/2

Thursday 6/2

Friday 7/2

BSC: Rat bookmarks

ASC: New Year  blossoms

BSC: Blossom paintings

ASC: Paper Dragon

BSC: Chinese lanterns

ASC:Paper fortune cookies

BSC: Draw a dragon

ASC: Rat origami


BSC: Chinese games

ASC: Agamograph


Monday 10/2

Tuesday 11/2

Wednesday 12/2

Thursday 13/2

Friday 14/12

BSC:Dinosaur drawings


Dinosaur clay figures

BSC:Dinosaur research

ASC: Paper plate dinosaurs

BSC: Dinosaur door hangers

ASC: Dinosaur world

BSC: Dinosaur feet

ASC: Dinosaur fossils

BSC: Valentine’s Day pancakes

ASC: Valentine’s Day cupcakes


The Extend Superstar is...

Jack Newington...for his happy and enthusiastic attitude towards all aspects of our program! Jack is a  responsible member of Extend! Well done!


What’s Been Happening?

Welcome back Extenders! We hope you are relaxed, recharged and ready to start a new year. We are looking forward to an adventurous year ahead of us, with many exciting events and projects, filled with learning new things, working together, and having a lot of fun! It is easy to feel a little sad when the summer holiday is over, but remember that at Extend we offer young children an amazing opportunity to nurture young minds with science, cooking, sport, art and imaginative play, setting the stage for a happy experience.


Enrol and book now at






OLSH Open Day - Year 7, 2022


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