22 November 2019
Term 4 Week 6
Upcoming Dates to Remember
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Upcoming Dates to Remember

Upcoming Dates

Thurs 28th Nov Kindy Orientation    
Mon 2nd-13th Dec

Swimming Lessons PP - Yr 10

Mon 2nd-4th Dec Yr 9/10 Try-A-Trade    
Mon 16th Dec Yr 6 Graduation    
Weds 18th Dec Family BBQ & Presentation Night    

Upcoming Events Payment Schedule

Voluntary School Fees K-6 $60.00   Due Now
Voluntary School Fees 7-10 $235.00   Due Now

If you are experiencing financial hardship and wish to go on a payment plan, please do not hesitate to contact the front office. 

Attendance Information

As requested from last week's Good Standing forum,  we have published the average attendance for the year. Currently we are at 87% attendance as a whole school, year to date. Our previous performance as reported in our annual reports is:


Latest Information

Parent TV

Introducing ParentTV. Mukinbudin DHS has signed up to this amazing resource so it is FREE for you to use.

MDHS values your children and the great job you do with them as their parents. We all want the best outcomes for our kids and we need to work together to realise these outcomes so our kids feel safe, happy and ready to learn every day. Recently as a school, we have signed up to an online platform called ParentTV.  ParentTV is a website that has hundreds of videos from some of Australia’s and the world’s leading parenting educators. The videos are on topics including sleep, healthy discipline techniques, our kids and technology, bullying, and anxiety, just to name a few.  Most videos are between 2 and 5 minutes long, so they are easy to watch and can be viewed on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Maggie Dent is an advocate for ParentTV and features in many of the videos with practical advice for parents.

To access ParentTV:

We have been looking at all different videos this week and they are fabulous and short!!

Log in today and have a look at a few videos, let us know what you think. 

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons starts Monday 2nd December for the Pre Primary- Year 10 students! Don't forget to pack your child/ren's bathers, towel, suncream, goggles and rashy (if required). They run from Monday 2nd December until Friday 13th December. 

Mary Copeland Short Story Comp

Well done to all the students who entered the Mary Copeland Short Story competition. It was great having a variety of stories to choose from, and we encourage students to keep up with their passion for writing. The winning entries were: 

Yr 1/2 - Esther Stevens   

Yr 3/4 - Maitland English

Yr 5/6 - Jayel Sobejko

Yr 7/8 - Evie Underwood

Yr 9/10 - Rebekah Bowron

Encouragement awards were also given out to students who also had excellent stories.

Yr 1/2 - Lewis Ballantyne

Yr 3/4 - Ellouise Rice

Yr 5/6  - Evelyn Rice

Yr 7/8 - Steven Atkins

Yr 9/10 - Kristy Shadbolt

Book Fair

We had another successful Book Fair this week, with loads of students, their parents and family, and community members browsing through the 100's of books our Librarian Mrs Clune  had sourced for us and making the most of the buy one get one free offer. We sold approx $1,300 worth of books. Happy reading everyone! 


Keep us up to Date

  • Reminder to all parents that you need to provide us with a current immunisation record for your child, especially if they have recently had any relevant needles.
  • Please provide us with any updated medical details, medications your child might be taking and phone number or address updates.
  • Please provide your child's teacher or the front office team with details of upcoming absences for appointments or other reasons.  These can be submitted via Connect.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Chanelle Nayda and Jesse Booker being presented with a cheque of a combined $1400 of sponsorship from the Mukinbudin Bendigo Bank Board Liason Officer, Julie Uden. Bendigo Bank is supporting the two students to experience a week-long voyage on the STS Leeuwin II ship this December. The Leeuwin is Australia’s largest sail-training ship. During the week, Chanelle and Jesse will learn how to sail, navigate the ship, unfurl the sails, climb the masts and be the standing watch while the ship sails through the night. The voyage has a life-changing impact on young people, building resilience and boosting their employability. MDHS would like to thank the Mukinbudin Bendigo Bank for supporting our senior students to experience this wonderful opportunity. We hope to continue a partnership with Bendigo Bank next year and onwards to sponsor a place for a student or students who demonstrate a willingness to develop their leadership skills. A great opportunity for future high school students to strive for!


Connect Tip

Each newsletter, we will have a tip or information about Connect. If there is anything specific you would like us to touch on, please email the admin office on


Brilliant Brains

Final Brilliant Brains for 2019

Today we celebrated the final Brilliant Brains for 2019 with a Christmas focus. The children discovered hidden shapes in snow, made reindeer hats and even participated in a drumming session with Mrs Nixon. Mrs Harrison presented the children with a certificate and book donated by Mukinbudin Bendigo Bank. I have thoroughly loved teaching the excited faces each fortnight and wish you all the best for Kindy next year. Many thanks to Allison Nixon and Joan Hobbs for the assistance and enthusiasm over the year. Mrs Kari Lamond - Brilliant Brains Coordinator


School Board Update

School Board

Two parent positions are up for renewal. Dion Nicol and Jessica Collins' positions will become vacant (although they can re-apply). We wish to thank them for their service and would like to welcome Alyce Ventris who has joined the Board as a Community Representative.  If you have any queries about the School, head to our website for information about the Board and who you can talk to.

Nomination Form


School & Community Notices

Mobile Phone Policy - DoE

Effective 3rd February 2020, the Department of Education will implement a Mobile Phone Policy in public schools. This will replace the school's current Mobile Telephone & Electronic Items Management Policy.

Policy Rules

• Implement a ban on the use of mobile phones for all students from the time they arrive to the conclusion of the school day (“off and away all day”) unless the student has been granted an exemption for the following uses of mobile phones:

- to monitor a health condition as part of a school approved documented health care plan; or

- for a particular educational purpose under the direct instruction of a teacher; or

- with permission of a teacher for a specified purpose.

• Implement the following rules for students in different year levels:

- students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are not permitted to have mobile phones in their possession during the school day; and

- students from Year 7 to 12 are permitted to be in possession of their mobile phone during the school day, however, mobile phones must be turned off and neither seen nor heard;

• Require students to put their smart watches in ‘aeroplane mode’ so phone calls and messages cannot be sent or received during the school day;

• Determine an appropriate storage approach for mobile phones for students from Kindergarten to Year 6;  and

• Manage breaches of this policy in accordance with the Student Behaviour in Public Schools Policy and Procedures.

For the purposes of this policy, ‘mobile phones’ includes smart watches, other electronic communication devices, and associated listening accessories, such as, but not limited to, headphones and ear buds. “Off and away all day” includes before school and at break times. Schools may choose, in consultation with the school community, to maintain or introduce a mobile phone policy that imposes further restrictions than those set out in this policy e.g. Year 7 to 12 students are not permitted to have mobile phones in their possession during the school day.
All communication between parents and students, during school hours, should occur via the school’s administration.

For multiple offences of non-compliance with this policy, student phones may require collection by a parent/carer or loss of good standing.

Dental Tip



Reading Champions


AUSTSWIM Teacher Training


Cummins Theatre 2020


Term 4 Planner

Click to download the latest Term 4 Planner- please be aware that changes may occur and the most current Term Planner will be available on Facebook, Connect (Library Tab) and our website as it gets updated.


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