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08 November 2019
Issue Thirty-two

Integrity, Responsibility, Harmony, Respect,

Love of Learning. 


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From our School Leaders,

From our Principal.

Today we will send home the Parent payment notices for the 2020 school year. Each year we work with staff and the Finance committee of School Council to look at the aspects of learning that are to be included in the levy, the curriculum resources required and the stationery students will need to engage in the learning activities undertaken at the school. There is an increase from the 2019 amount. This increase allows our children to have access to improved learning opportunities, access better equipment and raise the quality of the work at our school.


A copy of the Payment Policy can be found in the COMPASS portal under the school document section.

There are a range of payment options and families who require assistance should contact the office to discuss their situation.


The 2019 school year ends on Friday December 20th at 1.30pm with a final assembly commencing at 1pm. Following this short assembly, students will then be dismissed from their classrooms at 1.30pm after the final bell.


The 2020 school year will commence on Friday January 31st at 8.45am when our doors will open to welcome our students for the new learning year.


Schools are allocated four curriculum days to be allocated across the school year. The mandatory day all schools must use in 2020 is January 28th. School Council has approved the use of Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th January as additional curriculum days. Staff will be undertaking professional learning, required first aid training and completing mandatory learning around student welfare and safety. Team Kids will be operating on these days for families who need this service.


The fourth and final day for 2020 will be allocated and approved at a later date. The focus of this day will be determined by leadership team at the school.


Next Monday morning November 11th we are holding our final emergency management activity, which is an off-site evacuation drill to Caulfield Park. At the conclusion of the drill, we will hold a short Remembrance Day service at the war memorial in the park to acknowledge this important day and the service and sacrifice made by those who have so bravely served our wonderful country during war.


This year our staff and students have worked on improving student outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy,  developing student voice and agency and building staff capacity and collaboration to improve the teaching and learning at our school.


This work will continue in the coming school year. We have worked with Regional staff to set new targets, better align our unique curriculum and build on the assessments used by staff to enhance their work and the learning of their students.


In 2020 we will create three new classes on the Victorian side of the program. There will be new staff added to our teams to facilitate this exciting advancement. New IT hardware for students, staff and the classrooms will compliment this part of the improvement strategy for our school.


As part of our transition program, students who are beginning in Prep next year will have their first session with us next Wednesday morning. We look forward to welcoming both the students and their families into our school.


This week our graduate teachers have completed their applications for full teacher registration through the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). Staff are asked to present a range of documents and work samples to a panel of staff and relate these to the 37 AITSL teacher standards for graduate teachers. I am so proud of the work they have undertaken, their level of professionalism and their remarkable contribution to our school during 2019.


Yesterday we hosted a delegation of visiting Chinese educators who are studying English teaching at Monash University. The watched a range of classroom literacy activities across the school. We also held a professional learning day for art teachers from other local schools. Our school is such a busy place.


Chris Chant

From our French Director,


La semaine dernière, les professeurs de Grande Section des classes binationales, Mme Breimeyer et Mlle Powell, se sont rendues à Canberra pour la formation annuelle des professeurs des écoles bilingues d’Australie. L’association AAFEBS existe depuis 4 ans et a pour rôle principal de fédérer l’enseignement bilingue, français/anglais d’Australie. 19 écoles sont à ce jour membres de l’association. Cette année, un nouveau bureau a été élu, et j’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer ma nomination au poste de vice-présidente de l’association. En 2020, nous aurons également l’honneur d’accueillir, à CJC, la prochaine réunion de l’AAFEBS.


Célébration 11 novembre au Shrine

Lundi prochain, pendant que toute l’école célebrera la commémoration du 11 novembre au parc de Caulfield, quatre élèves représenteront l’école, lors de la cérémonie du 11 novembre au Shrine afin d’honorer la mémoire de l’alliance entre nos deux pays.

The Prep Corner,

The Prep Corner.


After 5 weeks of enjoying the Footsteps program, our Prep students took part in a Prep Disco on Thursday. Great outfits, great moves and great music with great lights thanks to our amazing DJ Bjorn and his assistant Celia!


The Prep Team


Messages from the Administration Team,

Little Stars Video.

We are in the process of having the little stars video edited for distribution.  This should be available in the next few weeks! Thank you for your patience!


Term Dates.

2019 Victoria School Holidays and Term Dates

Term 1      1st February - 5th April (2.30pm finish)

Term 2      23rd April - 28th June (2.30pm finish)

Term 3      15th July - 20th September (2.30pm finish)

Term 4      7th October - 20th December (1.30pm finish)


SUNSMART - It's best to wear your hat mid August until the end of April the following year.


Assemblies are held each Monday at 9:00am on the basketball court (Unless otherwise advised). In case of extreme weather, we use the BER. (Senior Building)  Generally Term 2 and 3.


Please refer to COMPASS for your complete calendar.

  • Open in browser
  • Select the calendar icon at the top of the screen (next to home)

The calendar will then be displayed.

Sunsmart at CJC.



The newsletter is available via COMPASS each Friday and is also on our website.

  • Previous issues can be viewed by clicking on 'Menu' (left hand side of screen, while viewing the current newsletter.)  Select 'View Archive' and previous issues will be displayed.
  • Our newsletter can also be read in a large selection of languages. If you look at the bottom of the page, you are able to select which language you would like to read it in.
  • If you want to receive an email instead or as well as a message on COMPASS, you can subscribe to the newsletter.  On the first page of the newsletter, just under our logo, there is a subscribe button.


Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria.


Environmental Tip,

Appreciate and care for nature.


With the weather warming up, it’s a great time of the year to get out and about. Visiting parks, beaches and forests provides some much-needed fresh air, and reminds us to appreciate and care for nature. Carrying a bag to collect any rubbish you spot, it’s also a great opportunity to recognise how human actions affect our environment and commit to minimising that impact. There are many wonderful places to walk in and around Melbourne. Check out these websites for recommendations:

Health and Safety,

A note from Occupational Safety and Health Australia…

Hot weather is coming – Tips to prevent Heat Illness

Working in warm to hot conditions can be a serious safety concern. This applies to the school yard as much as to a construction site.  Thousands of workers become sick every year from exposure to heat. Some even die. Heat illnesses and death are preventable if you learn to identify the warning signs and take the appropriate action.

Heat stress is the general term used to describe heat-generated illnesses that result when the body is unable to cool itself through sweating.

10 Safety Tips for Working in the Heat

  1. Stay hydrated . Drink plenty of fluids; drink about 450-500 ml before starting and 150 ml every 15 or 20 minutes.  Don’t wait until you’re thirsty – your body is sweating (perspiring) out fluids and you have to keep replacing it.  Water is the best thing to drink.
  2. Avoid dehydrating liquids. Alcohol, coffee, tea and caffeinated soft drinks can hurt more than help.
  3. Wear protective clothing. Lightweight, light-coloured and loose-fitting clothing helps protect against heat. Change clothing if it gets completely saturated.
  4. Pace yourself. Slow down and work at an even pace. Know your own limits and ability to work safely in heat.
  5. Schedule frequent breaks. Take time for rest periods and water breaks in a shaded or air conditioned area.
  6. Use a damp cloth. Wipe your face or put it around your neck.
  7. Avoid getting sunburn. Use sunscreen and wear a hat if working outside.
  8. Be alert to signs of heat-related illness. Know what to look for and check on other workers that might be at high risk.
  9. Avoid direct sun. Find shade or block out the sun if possible.
  10. Eat smaller meals. Eat fruits high in fibre and natural juice. Avoid high protein foods.

From our Parents' Committee,

From the Parents' Committee Leadership.  

Including today there is only 6 more Fridays left for this school term, which means there is only 5 weeks until the PC present the End of School Year Party. CJC would really like for our whole school community to gather together and celebrate the year that has been, so mark the date in your diary now and make sure you buy your wristband in advance.  These will be available next week via Qkr! Teachers, Students, Parents and Siblings are all invited to buy a wristband to come along on Friday, December 13th from 3.30pm until 6.30pm for what will be a great way to finish off the 2019 school year and the biggest party yet. Keep an eye out for the Compass announcement that sales are open as everyone will need a wristband to come along.


There will be something for everyone, no matter your age - from 1 year to our very big kids up to 100 years. The party will begin with some short performances and snacks available to buy. Then you can gather your friends, or families or favourite teacher and have a photo taken in one of the two photo booths.  You can commemorate the afternoon with your customised photo strip, take part in a themed craft activity or go enjoy one of the seven different activities and perhaps compete against teachers, students and families alike. When you get hungry, or just need to take a break from all the fun, you can head over to the Food Van area where you can buy yourself dinner. There will be a  huge selection of food on offer. It really will be a fabulous way to end of the year and I’m sure it will be talked about endlessly during the  last week of school.


From the PC President

Katrina Goodrich




Entry will be via wristband only with all gates to the school locked in the afternoon, for safety and security reasons. There will be one entry and exit gate which will be via the front of the school, between the main building and the carpark. Wristbands will be available to pre purchase via the Qkr App.

From next week the All Access Wristband costs $8 per person which includes access to all rides/activities and a free Chanukah Donut or Pain au Chocolate upon entry. The Spectator Only Wristband costs $4 per person and includes a free Chanukah Donut or Pain au Chocolate upon entry only. Check out the notice boards around the school to see what there will be on offer at the party.


After 3.30pm on Tuesday, December 10th, all wristbands will only be available at the gate on the day of the event. The All Access Wristband will then cost $10 per person and the Spectator Only Wristband will cost $5 per person so make sure you pre purchase your wristband via Qkr from next week to take advantage of the discount.



We have sold out and only have 3 tops left! Have your children grown out of their uniform? Do they just not wear an item anymore? Did you buy them something that they outgrew before they could wear it? Please have a look through your cupboards and donate your unwanted items, washed and dried, into the basket labelled PC Donations in the foyer near the stairs inside the main building, so that you can help other parents secure some handy uniform bargains.


All money raised by the Second-hand Uniform Shop is directed back to the school for purchases that are of benefit to all our children. (Please remember that we cannot sell items that are not part of the current CJC school uniform).



Icy poles are sold after school every Friday during Term 4 from 3.30pm until 3.45pm for $1 each. They are sold from the following locations within the school playground:

  1. In front of the Grade 1/2 Classrooms, on the corner or near the Prep Building;
  2. In front of the PC Shed, on the corner near the Junior Playground; and
  3. In front of the stairs, on the corner outside the MPR (Music Room)

A total of 3 parent volunteers from the combined classes, on a rotating basis, are needed to sell them so please refer to the roster below to know when your class will be responsible for selling and let your class convenor know if you can help out that day.


Do you have a fundraising event or activity suggestion for the 2020 school year? We are keen to try new ideas that you may have seen, heard or know from other schools that work well and are easy to arrange and run - less effort, great results. So if you do please send it to directly to with as much information as possible (what the idea is/costs associated/profit to be made, etc). We are trying to get the information we need together in order to present our full year of calendar events to School Council for approval for next year as all fundraising ideas/events needs to be pre-approved before we can do it. So please put your thinking caps on and get in touch .



The Parents’ Committee are a group of parents that volunteer to support and enhance our children's learning environments. As the only fundraising arm of the school, the PC relies on volunteers to work together as a whole community so we can use our collective resources to create the much-needed funding to improve facilities, strengthen social networks and continue to provide enriching opportunities for all our children and our school families. We would love to welcome you onto the PC as we need motivated and enthusiastic parents to come join us and it is easy to do - just complete the Members Registration Form, which is found on the last page of the PC Constitution (see below).


The signing of this form does not commit you to anything except being informed, first hand, of upcoming meetings and events, receiving agendas and minutes and it allows you to vote, when necessary, at our general meetings and at the AGM, but most of all you get to become involved, have fun and partner with the school and the community to further enhance CJC for all our kids… and your kids will love to see you involved! All completed forms can be emailed to or handed back to the office so we know that you are interested and you don’t miss out when we next get together. Without YOU events may not happen, so join the PC today so we can welcome you onto our team.


Also make sure you become a member of our closed FaceBook Group Caulfield Junior College (CJC) Parents This is a quick and easy way to be kept updated on upcoming events, requests for volunteers, along with the sale of many second-hand uniform items and it is strictly monitored so that all content relates to CJC and our school community only.



Community Notices,


Public notices or advertisements on our website and in the newsletter are  accepted in good faith but the school does not  necessarily endorse the content. A charge is made for commercial advertisement.

EFM Callout for Assistance.



The École Française de Melbourne (EFM) is fortunate to have a stand at both the French festival Paris to Provence and the Alliance Française’s Christmas Market.

So, we need you to help us and volunteer to:

-          Set up the stand

-          Man the stand

-          Supervise kid's activities

-          Have fun with other families!

Join us in the beautiful setting of Como House between 29 November and 1 December for our participation to the French festival Paris to Provence. This French pop-up village will host good food, wine and music. All volunteers will enjoy FREE entry for the whole family, when the normal entry price for an adult is $25 per adult!

Come and discover a French Christmas Market at the Alliance Française on the 7th and 8th, December.  Join us for a few hours on our stand, get some gift ideas and enjoy some tasty French food.

Sound like fun? Sign up at or


L’École Française de Melbourne (EFM) tiendra un stand au festival français de Paris en Provence et au Marché de Noël de l’Alliance Française.

Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour :

-          Mettre en place le stand

-          Animer le stand

-          Superviser les activités créatives pour les enfants

-          S’amuser avec d’autres familles !

Rejoignez-nous sur le magnifique site du Como House du 29 novembre au 1er décembre pour participer au festival français Paris to Provence. Ce village éphémère proposera de la bonne nourriture, du vin et de la musique. En plus, tous les volontaires auront une entrée GRATUITE pour toute la famille – prix habituel de $25 par adulte !

Vous avez envie de découvrir un marché de Noël français ? Rejoignez-nous pour quelques heures à l’Alliance Française les 7 et 8 décembre pour trouver des idées cadeaux et de la gastronomie française.

Envie de participer ? Inscrivez-vous sur ou


Challalalala Day.



WIZO Victoria is selling Challah to raise money for the under-privileged in Israel - we call this ‘Challalalala Day’. 


The Glick’s pre-packed small Challahs will be sold for $3 each and you can purchase your challah through QKR from Friday 1st November – you will have the option of either plain Challah or sesame seed Challah. 


Please make sure that you purchase it through School Events – CJC Fundraising


Bookings will close on Thursday 14th November and your Challah will be delivered to your child on Friday 22nd November.


About WIZO

After the Israeli Government, WIZO, The Women’s International Zionist Organisation, provides the largest welfare support for Israeli Society. WIZO is recognised by the United Nations as a Non-Government Organisation, with consultative status on ECOSOC and UNICEF. 

WIZO is a non-party apolitical international movement.

Amongst others, WIZO provides;

  • Children with care and opportunities their own families are not capable of providing
  • Physical, emotional, legal and psychological support for men, women and children in distressed situations
  • A framework for youth in its network of clubs
  • Centres for abused women and children
  • A range of schools and day care centre for the most marginalised sections of Israeli society.


Thank you for your support.


From the city of Glen Eira.

Our community is rich with talented people doing incredible things that make a valuable contribution to the Glen Eira community and it’s time to roll out the red carpet and honour their contributions.


The Citizen of the Year Awards 2020 are open and we encourage you to celebrate special individuals or community groups/organisations that have made outstanding contributions to Glen Eira by submitting a nomination.


For some inspiration you can learn more about 2019 recipients – Emily Qiao - Young Citizen of the Year  and Julie Walker - Citizen of the Year here.


Nominations guidelines and forms can be found here.


Applications will close on Thursday 21 November 2019.


Council will celebrate all nominees and announce the Awards recipients at the Community Awards 2020 event held during National Volunteer Week, beginning 18 May 2020.


If you have any enquiries please contact Beverley Rayner, Community Development Officer, on 9524 3333 or email

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