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22 November 2019
Issue Eighteen
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Important Diary Dates

2019 Term Dates

Term 4:  7 October to 13 December

Important Diary Dates for 2019

Monday 9 December

Presentation Night


Friday 13 December

Term 4 ends

Principal's Message


                               Mrs Josie Crisara


“Put God first in everything you do as all we have is by the Grace of God” 


This was the theme in senior chapel this week as we heard about a possible mantra by which to live one’s life. It is great to see the number of Primary parents attend Chapel each week.  This is a great opportunity to share a reflection with your child on what they have learnt.  

Remembrance Service

Last week we had our Remembrance service.  The sense of occasion was evident in the respectful nature in which the service was carried out.


This year the focus for the service was the experience of many teenage boys who enlisted in the First World War. Australia, at the start of World War I, was a very different country to what we know today.  Men from all walks of life signed up to fight for their country in a faraway war.  To many teenage boys, going to war seemed like an exciting adventure, travelling with your mates to foreign lands. Many of those who left Australian shores to fight in the trenches of Europe were the same age as the senior school boys who reflected on the experiences. Boys as young as 15, 16, 17 took it upon themselves to risk their lives for a cause that they probably did not understand.


A new book called “The Lost Boys” talks about the thousands of underage boys who joined the army either because they slipped through or were not truthful about their age, so that they could serve in the Great War.



The author, journalist Paul Byrnes, said the youngest ANZAC was a 165cm tall New Zealander who was 13 years and 8 months; he made it through 3 years at Gallipoli but was sent home when his mother wrote to the army pointing out he was underage.  (The official minimum age was 19).


Recollections of surviving soldiers that were made after World War I, while memories were still fresh, help us to understand their motivations for joining up and how much times have changed.  The old soldiers speak for themselves and we encourage students to feel the immediacy and intimacy of the thoughts expressed.  The memories shared by some of the student speakers at the service aimed to erase the barriers of time and speak to a new generation.


Fun Run

The Parents and Friends Fun Run was a great success.  A great family morning keeping fit.  It was great to see the students, parents, grandparents and even some staff completing the 5 km walk/run on a cool morning.  Children were able to enjoy the jumping castle, fun sports games on the grassed area in front of admin, face painting and a sausage sizzle.  This is a great community event.  Thank you to those who supported the event by sponsoring participants or donating gifts for the raffles.


Fairview Dance Party

The Fairview Dance Party was filled with excitement as the children danced the night away.


Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

The dinner was held at La Mirage and was a time of celebration for the students of the Class of 2019 as they had all finished their exams. John Wesley, founder of the Methodist traditions had a precept: "Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can."  This mantra is a good one for living. We wish the Class of 2019 the very best of luck in the pursuit of their dreams and goals. It is both a daunting and exciting time in their lives.


Students were reminded that they now all become members of our Aitken Alumni and we encourage them to keep in touch. The 10 Year reunion just a few weeks ago, for the class of 2009, was a huge success with stories and memories shared amongst the cohort.


Our prayer for the Class of 2019:


May God’s blessing follow you all as you find new journeys to travel.

May you walk safely along the pathways of your dreams.

May God’s gentle hand guide the decisions you will make and the passions that you follow.

May your hearts and lives always reflect his love and truth,

May you show generosity of mind and spirit,

And may hope be a light within you that you carry into each new day. 



Deputy Principal

                                                        Mr Kim Forward

2019 Presentation Night

Please ensure that Monday 9 December is in your diary for Presentation Night. Attendance is compulsory for all Year 3 to Year 11 students; Year 12 students are strongly encouraged to be there for their last occasion, even though their celebration as a cohort is the Valedictory Dinner. Of course all College families are encouraged and welcome; why not enjoy dinner at one of the many eateries along South Wharf or at Crown earlier in the evening. A letter with all details about Presentation Night has been emailed to parents.

Parent Information on My Aitken

In the Resources / Parents section on My Aitken, there is much information for parents of Aitken students, from term dates and calendar to canteen and uniform. Also included are policy statements that we encourage parents to be aware of. The Aitken College Values poster highlights the five foundational values which the College seeks to live out through its students, staff and families. The Aitken College Charter details the expectations on all members of the College community; rather than a set of rules, it emphasises the values as well as responsibilities, courtesy and care for the environment. Teachers will refer students to the Values and the Charter when discussing behavioural issues.


Cars observed doing the wrong thing recently have been:

  • ATV 491: Parking in the loading zone and leaving vehicle unattended during morning peak
  • ADV 186: Driving the wrong way and parking in the loading zone during morning peak
  • WHQ 189 (with L plates): Parking in the loading zone during morning peak
  • WHQ 189 (with L plates): Parking in the disabled zone during morning peak

College Head of Learning

2020 Booklists - Prep to Year 10

A reminder that booklist orders for students in Prep to Year 10 in 2019, must be completed online at using 'FEAV' as the access code by Friday 6 December 2019. Orders must be prepaid by credit card to Campion.


Texts ordered by Friday 6 December can be collected from the College on Wednesday 22 January between 8.30am and 5.00pm, or can be delivered to your home. Please refer to the information on the Campion website to select your preferred delivery option. Additional copies of the booklists are available from Reception.

End of Semester Reports

Parents of students from Prep to Year 11 will be issued an end of semester report at approximately 4.00pm on Friday 13 December, accessible via the Community Portal. The report is intended as a summary of student achievement in all subjects throughout Semester 2. Further details about individual assessment tasks, including assessment criteria and comments about the progress a student is making and areas for further improvement, can be found on My Aitken in the “Marks and Feedback” section for each of your children.

iPad Onboarding

Students entering Year 5, 6 or 7 in 2020 will need to visit the school with their iPad at any of the times listed below, in order to set up their Aitken College WIFI access, email accounts, security certificates and digital textbooks. We will have a team of IT specialists on hand to assist with the process, which should only take about 15 minutes.

  • Wednesday 22 January between 8.30am and 5.00pm – in VCE 1 – near the Campion book collection area.
  • Tuesday 28 January to Thursday 30 January, between 9.00am and 4.00pm – please visit Reception.

Having their iPads set up and ready to use on Day 1 of 2020 with their textbooks downloaded will, we hope, ensure that some of the inevitable first-day anxieties are minimised so students can focus on getting to know each other and their teachers.


Students in all other year levels will be given instructions on how to set up their iPads for 2020 WIFI access and how to download their digital books, in class on the first day of school.


We will also have a number of IT technicians available to help students overcome any IT problems in the first week of school – details on how to access this IT help will be advertised to students via their Homeroom teachers.

Ms Pauline Malkoun 

Acting College Head of Learning

Parents & Friends 

What a Busy Couple of Weeks We Have Had

Fun Run

Our most recent event was the Fun Run that was held on Sunday 10 November. We were lucky enough for the weather to hold out for us. To everyone who participated and raised funds, thank you. We are still waiting for the total amount raised, but will let you all know. A huge thank you to everyone who put their hand up to volunteer for this event. We could not do it without you all. An email will be sent out letting you know when your prizes will be ready to collect.






Fairview Dance Party

Thank you to all the parents and staff who helped make the Fairview Dance Party such a success! The students had such a great time getting their glow sticks and snacks and dancing the night away! 


Parents & Friends Association – Annual General Meeting Nomination

On Monday 25 November, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting, where we will elect our committee for 2020. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting at 7.30pm in the seminar room P24, upstairs in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre. It Is a great way to join in and be a part of the school Community. 


Mrs Melinda Gallicchio

Vice President - Parents & Friends Association


                                                                                     Mr David Murphy

VCE/VCAL Early Commencement Program

All current Year 10 and Year 11 students will commence their 2020 VCE/VCAL Programs on Monday 25 November. The VCEECP will conclude on Friday 6 December. All current Year 10 and Year 11 students are required at school for this period.


On Tuesday 26 November, all Year 11 students will visit RMIT University, where they will undertake a series of workshops run by University staff. This excursion will inform students about post-school study options and give them hands on experience of post-school University and TAFE study. Students are required to make their own way to and from the University on this day; full details of this have been distributed separately.


Poppy Appeal

The VCAL students complete numerous projects over the course of the year. The poppy flowers on display for the Remembrance Day Services were first planted and propagated by the VCAL students in 2015 specifically for special November 11 services and have been featured there ever since. Every year poppies can be seen blooming beautifully up at the College’s agricultural precinct. The VCAL students were also involved in selling poppies; badges; wrist bands; tags and key chains for the Remembrance Day - Poppy Appeal.



Mrs Jenny Lilley

VCAL Coordinator


                                                     Mrs Francis Scuderi

Year 7 2020 Orientation Day

The Year 7 2020 students enjoyed a wonderful day at the College on Thursday 14 November. The students experienced a little time in Drama, Art, Science, Physical Education and Indonesian. It was a highly successful day with lots of happy new students and staff. A very big thank you to parents, Mrs Rohini Chahal, Mrs Joanna Goulding and Mrs Cathy Graham for helping and cooking for us all. The current Year 7 students who gave up their day off to help with the orientation day should be congratulated on a wonderful job. They were wonderful examples of the students we have at Aitken College. Well done to; Irem D, Paige R, Alan F, Aoide A, Devmi P, Bryan W, Naysim F, Georgia R, Hiruki H.M, Briana M, Amy G, Riley P, Sahez S, Luke H, Lachlan T, Talia H and Erin A.

2020 Leadership Interviews

Leadership interviews have now concluded and we begin the hard task of selecting our Captains for next year. The new Leadership Student Team will be notified once this happens.

Presentation Night

A reminder that Monday 9 December is the Aitken College Presentation Night. This is a night for the Aitken community to come together and recognise the great work of all the students and staff of 2019. Dunhelen students are required to attend. Students must be in proper school uniform, they must have their name marked off on the roll upon arrival and must sit with their Homeroom on the night. Any student not attending must provide a note from parents. This note is then passed on to our Deputy Principal.

End of Year

With only 3 weeks of the school term left, it is important for students to remember that it is ‘business as usual’ and all school rules still apply. Please speak to your child about this and about the importance of seeing out the year in a positive manner. Students who behave inappropriately will not be attending their end of year class party. It would be a shame to miss it, as the Homerooms will be changed for next year and it lets down other class members and the teachers who all look forward to a good finish and time to reflect on the year.



                             Mrs Leanne Schulz

Busy End of Year

We are now at the very busy part of the year, as I am sure you are in your own workplace. Currently, all students are doing assessments, finishing off work, and enjoying their last few weeks with their class. For Year 5, it is thinking about being a Year 6 leader of Cumberland. For the current Year 6 cohort, it is about looking at the changes associated with moving into the next stage of schooling at Aitken College in Dunhelen and joining with another 90 new students.


If there is one constant in life, it is change and schools are safe places for students to experience and manage all of the things associated with change. 


For all students moving to the next year level, there will be some things that remain the same, while there will be some things that are different. The same group of fellow classmates and friends will be moving with them, they are in the same school, with the same rules and standards, but they may have a new teacher and a new combination of classmates. This process prepares them for the changes they will face throughout life, whether it be going to TAFE or University, a new job, leaving home, first flat, roommates, a new city…change is the constant. It is important for us, the people that care for, guide and coach these children, that we let them know we believe they can manage and cope with change.


Parents, I encourage you to help your child by embracing change and making it a positive experience for them. Creating class lists is a complex task that involves teachers balancing the academic, social and emotional needs of all students. Every effort is made to ensure that students learning needs and social needs are taken into consideration.

2020 Cumberland Captains

All Captain interviews have been conducted over the last few weeks. It has been a long process as there was an overwhelming number of applications. Electing captains is extremely difficult with so many strong contenders, so it is done by a panel of teachers. Krisy I and Antonio M, this year’s captains, have also played a part in the process. Letters will be sent home to the parents of successful applicants and the 2020 Captains for Cumberland will be announced at the final Assembly for the year. All students who applied were interviewed and conducted themselves confidently. Students are to be commended for writing their applications and showing a willingness to be a part of the Cumberland Leadership Team. Each student was told after their interview that they should be proud of participating in this process. I emphasised that these positions were highly sought after so if they did not get a position, they should always look for opportunities in the future to contribute to College life and to experiences that will help them to grow as a person.

2020 Year 7 Orientation Day

The Year 6 students attended the Year 7 Orientation Day on Thursday 14 November. The students spent the day meeting teachers and other students. They were given quick samplers of subjects to expect in Year 7. Transitioning into ‘High School’ can be an exciting time in a student’s life. Hopefully our current Year 6 students enjoyed the day, met some new friends and are looking forward to the changes ahead in 2020.

Junior Division – Aitken College Maths Olympiad

During Extension Maths classes this year, participating students competed in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads also known as APSMO. Roughly every month we competed in a contest consisting of five very challenging questions which we had thirty minutes to complete. After five contests had been completed and a few weeks had passed we had the results of the competition. The Year 5/6 team were in the top 25% of teams competing.

Darcy M 5K


Congratulations to all students for participating in this year’s Olympiads and to the entire team for achieving a score within the top 25% of team scores!

Suveer C Manann B Joel L       
Jay P Alejandro Y    Alex G
Rohan M Alex M

Darcy M    

Alexander H    Harry D  
Krisy I Ellie G  

Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2019

We are proud to announce that 78 Cumberland students completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge. Many students logged more books than needed to meet the requirements, with 14 students from Years 3-6 recording the maximum 100 titles. We would like to congratulate the students on their hard work and thank parents and teachers who helped them along the way.  It really is a team effort, and we appreciate the input of everyone involved.


Students who met the Challenge received an official certificate of achievement signed by the current Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, and past Premiers who have supported the program. These certificates were handed out during this week’s Assembly.


We look forward to your involvement in the Challenge in 2020!

Ms Annamaria Meszaros

Premiers’ Reading Challenge Coordinator

5K ‘Space and Light’ Integrated Studies

In Term 4, 5K have been learning about Space and our Solar System. We thought about different ways to remember the planets in order by using different words with the same letters, like M in Mercury. For another activity, 5K split into two groups and made a model of the Solar System using our bodies. We used a scale in metres to demonstrate how far away each planet was from the sun. We chose our planets and went outside onto the oval and the football field to measure it out using trundle wheels. Just like 5M, we even did a centimetre scale on paper and coloured each planet with labels. Learning about Space is amazing and we cannot wait to learn more for the rest of the weeks left of school.  

Maya D 5K


On Wednesday, 5K went to the science lab to learn about light. The scientist in the science lab was Dr Hudson. We learnt about light, reflection and refraction. Light is energy, reflection is when light bounces off something and refraction is when light bends in water, glass or a prism. We did three tests with a light box and recorded our results. It was lots of fun creating vibrant and vivid rainbows.

Daniel J 5K



Hume City Council Education Scholarship

Congratulations to Luke M from Year 6K for being awarded the Hume Council Education Scholarship at the Hume Global Learning Centre on Thursday evening. Luke received this award for demonstrating academic achievements and great citizenship qualities. He was presented this award along with 51 other Year 6 students from schools in the Hume City region. A well-deserved achievement!


Term 4 Assembly Roster


Important Dates



                            Ms Kerrie Neophytou


At this moment, the focus in Religion and Values Education is Advent. We are discussing a candle each week and how this prepares us for Christmas. It is providing the children with the true meaning of Christmas. The candles represent, Hope (purple), Peace (purple), Love (purple), Joy (pink) and Jesus (white).


Is My Child Ready for School?

This is a question I am asked regularly and it is important to remember that each child’s needs are different. The latest research supports that the older the child enters school, the more equipped and able they are as they travel through school and life. The article included is worth a read and to be shared. Children enter school with a pool of skills and ability, which enhances a school community of engagement and learning. There are certain skills that aid this interaction and they include:

  • Expressing their needs
  • An ability to self-regulate their emotions.
  • Negotiate play and conversation
  • Process information and instructions
  • Play independently and with peers
  • Manage their self and belongings.

There are many more school readiness and preparation tips which can be listed to aid a child’s school engagement. Ultimately we want our children to feel safe and happy as they learn; providing them with a rich opportunity to be the best they can at all times.


Fairview Concert

This year all the Fairview students will be performing in their annual concert incorporating music, dance and drama.  This year the theme and title of the show is ‘World of Colour’. There will be two performances, the first on Tuesday 26 November and the second on Thursday 28 November. Both shows will begin at 6.30pm. Performances will be held in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre at Aitken College.


This year, there is a maximum of six tickets per family across both performances. This is monitored, to ensure all families can receive their allocation.  You will be notified via email, should any extra tickets become available for sale. Tickets (adults and children) are $5.00 and are available via the website: The students performing in the concert do not require a ticket.  Tickets will not be available at the door and must be pre-booked.


Please note: you will need to print out your own tickets when booking.


Please refrain from leaving empty seats beside your booking and note that building regulations require all audience members over the age of 18 months to occupy their own seat.


The taking of video and photographs during the performance is not allowed.  This becomes distracting to other audience members and the children performing. The performance will be filmed on the Tuesday and copies will be available for purchase.


At Aitken College, acquiring skills in all aspects of performance is important and the teachers aim to teach audience members to also display appropriate theatre etiquette.  We hope that you will support us in this endeavour and ensure that your children follow the required protocol and display skills as a polite audience member or performer.

Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2019

We are proud to announce that 82 Fairivew students completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge. Many students logged more books than needed to meet the requirements, with 13 students from Prep to Year 2 recording the maximum 100 titles.




We would like to congratulate the students on their hard work and thank parents and teachers who helped them along the way.  It really is a team effort, and we appreciate the input of everyone involved.


Students who met the Challenge received an official certificate of achievement signed by the current Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, and past Premiers who have supported the program. These certificates were handed out during this week’s Assembly.


We look forward to your involvement in the Challenge in 2020!

Ms Annamaria Meszaros

Premiers’ Reading Challenge Coordinator

Fairview Dance Party

We would like to thank Parents and Friends for organising a fabulous and fun Fairview Dance Party. Teaching staff and students had an enjoyable and memorable time together.


Christmas Service and Final Assembly

Our Christmas Service is scheduled for Monday 2 December in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre at 9.00am. We welcome parents and grandparents to share this special time with the children. We are focusing on the wonderful blessings the birth of our Lord – Jesus Christ has on our community and lives.


Our Final Assembly is scheduled for Friday 13 December at 9.00am in the CPA. The children are required to wear their full Summer school uniform. The children are not to wear their sport uniform on the final day of school. Again, we welcome out parents and grandparents to attend.


Please note we do not have a scheduled Chapel Service and Assembly on Monday 9 December.


Year 12 Students

There are still some students who have applied through VTAC and have not yet paid their timely application fee of $39. They are reminded to do so as soon as possible.


Direct applications for TAFE courses (ie. applications which are not through VTAC) are now open and can be made online via the institution website.


A Results and Change of Preference Pack has been posted this week to all VCE VTAC applicants. VCAL students have been sent information about the availability of Careers staff during December. VCE students who did not make a VTAC application have been sent information about how to access their results and the availability of Careers staff during December. 

Year 11 Students

The RMIT ‘Future Finder’ excursion will take place next week on Tuesday 26 November. Permission slips have been sent home and are due back now.

Career News 17

Career News Issue 17 is now available. It includes information about VTAC key dates, summer school programs run by Access Education and The School for Excellence, Careers in Water, VU’s new Bachelor of Speech and Language Sciences / Master of Speech Pathology, Pathways to Paramedicine at VU, financial assistance to study Early Childhood Education, working in the Climate Control industry, a new Arts / Criminology double degree at Monash, studying Cybersecurity at La Trobe University and much more.

Contact Details

The Careers office is staffed most days except when we are at meetings or professional development seminars. Please contact us on 9333 9100 or email:


Mrs Clare Borg & Ms Rae Gibbs

Careers Counsellors


Extension Program

2019 Middle School Ethics Olympiad

On Friday 1 November, select students from Year 7 to Year 9 represented Aitken College at the first Melbourne Middle School Ethics Olympiad. This event was hosted by Scotch College. Teams from 14 schools around Melbourne were involved in a series of three heats in which students engaged in discussions of various ethical issues. Two Aitken teams competed and both did incredibly well, with one of our teams finishing in equal fourth place.


Our students enjoyed sharing their views with fellow ‘Eth-letes’ from other schools and discussing relevant ethical issues. This event offered the students the opportunity to further develop their critical thinking skills and expand their ethical awareness.


A huge thank you to the students for their remarkable dedication to this program. Below are some student reflections:


Ethics Olympiad was a great experience for everyone that participated, from the weekly meetings and training sessions, to the day of the competition. I think everyone got a lot out of the whole experience, and I personally found that it was a great way to understand the whole concept of ethics, and get into the problem solving of ethical dilemmas. The training sessions were very enjoyable. I found that the highlight of the experience was participating on the actual day; everyone was a little nervous, but it was very impressive how both teams managed to communicate about the dilemmas for a solid five minutes and go into their opinions and the reasons for them. Overall, the whole thing was a great experience for everyone, it’s a shame that it’s over, but I very much enjoyed it.

Shopra K (8S)

On 1 November, after many weeks of training and brainstorming, a group of us went to Scotch College to compete in the Middle School Ethics Olympiad. Prior to the day, we had all spent a few lunch times discussing topics and ideas around eight ethical cases. It was in these training sessions were together we learnt to look at situations from a utilitarian point of view which is a helpful life skill to have when stuck in tricky situations. 


After a few weeks of training, it was finally the day of the competition. Competing in the Ethics Olympiad was extremely fun and everyone did extremely well. We displayed many skills which we will continue to use in the future such as teamwork and public speaking skills.


Sophie H (9K) and Hayley R (9T)


The Teams:

  • Team A-  Alysa C, Deborah B, Christopher K, Jasmine E, Shopra K
  • Team B- Hayley R, Maryam Tahir, Sofia C, Sophie H, Thasara B



Mrs Mary Ann Di Martino

Head of Faculty Extension Programs

Performing Arts

Victorian Music Theatre Guild Awards Night

The Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation for the ongoing support, encouragement and development of non-professional music theatre around the State. As a member company, Aitken College submits its musical each year for inclusion in the annual awards. The College has been recognised with two nominations from 'Monty Python’s Spamalot', for Direction of a Musical and for Holly B as Female Actor in a Leading Role.

Holly has also been asked to reprise her role as Lady of the Lake and sing at the awards night on Saturday 14 December at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat. The night will highlight some of the best performances seen by the Guild Judges across the past twelve months and is well worth attending to see some of the best the State has on offer. Tickets for the night are $55 and are available by calling Fran on 0438 711 378.

Kool Skools Awards

The annual Kool Skools Awards Night will be held at Thornbury Theatre on Thursday 5 December from 6.00pm. Each year, the Awards Night is held to celebrate the very best tracks recorded as a part of the Kool Skools project that year. We are still awaiting the nominations list but we congratulate The Astro’s, who were invited to perform their original song, “Overdue” during the awards night.

(Isabelle D, Elaina V, Zachari G, Anya I and Anthony R)


If you have not done so already, download Vision Outbreak on iTunes, GooglePlay or Spotify.

Fairview Concert

The excitement is building for this year’s Fairview Concert, 'World of Colour'. As always, there are sure to be a few surprises when the 180 students from Prep to Year 2 take to the stage on Tuesday 26 November and Thursday 28 November. If you are yet to make your booking, there are less than 50 tickets remaining. From Monday, all remaining tickets will be available to those who wish to book extras.

Instrumental Music Enrolments

Students who have been taking private instrumental lessons should have brought home an Enrolment form for 2020 lessons by now. Many forms are rolling in and places are quickly filling up. Please get the intention forms back in before the end of this year so we can negotiate availability with the tutors. If you leave it until next year, we cannot guarantee a place as many of the tutors also work at other schools. If you have not received a form or are interested in signing your child up for lessons for the first time, additional forms are available from the school office or online through My Aitken. Go to


Mr Michael Cooper

Director of Performing Arts

Physical Education

Primary Interschool Sport November 2019

Interschool Cricket

Congratulations to both of our Year 5 and Year 6 Cricket Gala Day teams who competed in their district tournament this term. One of our Year 5 and Year 6 teams managed to go through the tournament undefeated and placed 3rd due to overall run count. Well done to all students involved for competing so well on the day.


Year 5 & 6 Cricket Teams

Alejandro Y, Rohan M, Alex M, Kaylin A, Tarik B, Adriel Y, Samuel A, Darcy C, Harry D, Jacob C, Antonio M, Manaan B, Daniel J, Luke R, Mason G, Oliver K, Joel G, Kyan C and Cruz S.


Thank you to our Year 8 Assistant Coaches for their expertise on the day:

Bailey S, Cooper C and Ryan P.






Primary Interschool Orienteering

Congratulations to our Primary Orienteering Team who competed in the Eastern Zone of the Victorian Primary Schools Orienteering Championships recently. Aitken College achieved a commendable 5th place overall out of 14 schools competing on the day. Special mention goes to Alex M and Kaylin A who won the Year 6 pairs and to Harry D and Harry R who won the Year 5 pairs. Congratulations to all 53 students for competing so well and thank you to Mrs Dowling and Mrs De Lacy for their contribution to a successful day.


Mr Nigel Keegan

Primary Sports Coorindator


College Activities

Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge - November 2019

We are proud to announce that 181 of our students completed the Challenge, reading an astonishing 8,243 books during the 6-month period. Many students logged more books than needed to meet the requirements of the Challenge, with 26 students from various year levels logging the maximum 100 titles. We would like to congratulate the students on their hard work and thank parents and teachers who helped them along the way.  It really is a team effort, and we appreciate the input of everyone involved.


Students who met the Challenge received an official certificate of achievement signed by the current Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, and past Premiers who have supported the program. These certificates were handed out during this week’s Assemblies.


We look forward to your involvement in the Challenge in 2020!

Ms Annamaria Meszaros

Premiers' Reading Challenge Coordinator

Class of 2009 – Ten Year Reunion
Friday 8 November

In 2009 the top single in Australia was ‘I got a Feeling’ by Black Eyed Peas and all those attending this reunion did indeed have a ‘good, good, good, good, good night’.


Forty Alumni from the Class of 2009 returned to the College to reconnect and celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their graduation and then we could not get them to leave! An additional twenty sent apologies typically based around previous engagements, overseas travel and work commitments.


Some Alumni were accompanied by partners who were interested in poring over photograph albums to see the adolescent version of their ‘other half’. And of course there is always the 2009 mugshots and hairstyles to review/mock.


Early in proceedings, Mrs Crisara and the group dodged the rain to undertake a brief tour of the new facilities and of course Alumni were amazed by the changes they witnessed.


It was a fabulous evening with much laughter based on shared memories. Unsurprisingly, the strong relationship between students and teachers was noted with great affection. Other comments were:

  • I look back fondly over the Design and Technology (Woodworking) classes
  • I made strong and lasting friendships
  • I really appreciate the time spent with many of the teachers especially in Senior School
  • The best thing was the openness; grass, paddocks, cows and gumboots in Primary school
  • The culture of the place and the mates I made are the best.

By this age/stage these twenty-somethings are becoming established in their roles and often moving into more managerial positions. They proved to be an interesting, enthusiastic and lively group with a variety of expertise and talents: technical, academic, creative, entrepreneurial and so much more.


Occupations represented (including multiples of many listed):

We were especially delighted to have the fabulous former staff member, Mrs Lyn Treadwell and her husband Jim, join us, making the trek from the Bellarine peninsula for the occasion. Lyn played a vital role in caring for these young people during her time at Aitken in the role of Head of House (Brodie).


Towards the end of the evening, Mrs Crisara made a toast to the Class of 2009. We look forward to seeing them again at the next function if not before.


Many thanks to all those who contribute to the success of such events.

Ms Rae Gibbs

Alumni Coordinator

Community Meal

I would like to invite you and your family to our End of the Year Community Meal dinner. The plan is simple – you bring the food and we will provide the place. I would like to invite you to bring to the school one of your favourite home cooked foods and bring something that expresses your culture.  Along with the food bring some stories to tell about yourself.


We will meet again at the Food Studies Centre. This venue provides a great opportunity for your children to play and engage with each other on the basketball courts and soccer field while the adults chat with each other.  As we arrive we can put the food we have prepared on a table in the centre of the room. There will be tables and chairs set up. After getting some food from the centre table join with some people from the school at a table to eat and talk. Share the food and share your stories.


Please note: Be mindful that others may have allergies to foods such as seafood or nuts. A label with your food listing the ingredients will be useful for others and do not forget – this is a family event –  bring your kids. So, please come. The school will also provide the plates, cutlery and drinks.  The details are:

  • Saturday, 23 November
  • 5.00pm - 7.00pm
  • Food Studies Centre

Refer to the attached flyer for further details.

Rev. Jim Vaughn

Community Chaplain

Aitken College Giving Tree

The Aitken College Giving Tree is a wonderful opportunity for our community to share our resources with those who might otherwise miss out at Christmas. You are invited when purchasing your Christmas Gifts this year, to buy one extra for the Giving Tree. We are looking for any school-age appropriate present for boys or girls (no guns please). It needs to be new, without a price tag and UNWRAPPED. The Giving Tree is in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre foyer; however, the gifts need to be taken UPSTAIRS to Mr Ward’s office. In the past, we have helped many families who struggle to provide for their children at Christmas; we do this in partnership with Uniting Care in Broadmeadows.  We all know just how significant the giving and receiving of presents at Christmas is for children. Please support the Giving Tree this year, and many thanks to those who already have.

Mr Chris Ward

Director of Chaplaincy & Student Services

Community Activities

Hume City Council Youth Summit

Calling all young people aged between 12-25 who are passionate about mental health. The Hume Youth Summit will provide a space for young people to share their ideas on how to improve youth mental health and emotional wellbeing. The Working Group will start planning in February to deliver the summit in June 2020.


If interested, please see attached flyer.


Bubbles Art Studio Christmas School Holiday Workshops

From Wednesday 18 December to Monday 23 December daily activities have been scheduled. Please contact Natalie Parker on 0433 512 108 if interested.


Please refer to attached flyer for full details.


Business Directory

Mortgage Choice

A free service to find the best mortgage to suit you. We also provide an extensive Financial Planning Service for your needs.

Contact details: Chris Howitt

Address: PO Box 2139, Greenvale 3059

Telephone: 9333 4370

Mobile: 0401 334 599




The Gut Detective

I offer naturopathic consultations by appointment only, utilising my extensive pharmacist and herbalist knowledge. I treat conditions such as thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, auto-immune disorders, migraines, weight issues, fatigue, allergies, skin conditions, chronic pain, fertility issues, infections, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, stress related issues and more. BOOK ONLINE at:

Contact details: Alida Deligeorges

Address: Unit 1 / 6 Hotham Road, Niddrie 3042

Telephone: 1800 962 020


Hany Amin Maths Tutor

Is Maths too hard? Do you need help with your Maths homework? Would you like someone to extend your mathematical knowledge? Do you need help setting a strong mathematical foundation for VCE? Just give me a call and through my passion, experience and teaching techniques you will achieve great results.

Contact details: Hany Amin

Address: 2 Perugia Ave, Greenvale 3059

Mobile: 0420 660 611



Lincoln Cleaning

All domestic and commercial cleaning. Specialising in carpet and rug steam cleaning, window washing, driveways and patios. Please contact us for a free quote.

Contact details: Eileen or Lupco Arsovski

Mobile: 0412 119 168 or 0404 799 780


Hire A Hubby Greenvale

All handyman works - painting, plaster repairs, door and window repairs, maintenance and renovations, prep for sale, gates and pool fencing, welding. We also have an electrician and a plumber.

Contact details:  Richard Robinson

Mobile: 0414 825 127




Inspire Physio Care

Physiotherapy for children and adults for any musculoskeletal injuries. Education about posture, aches and pains. Advice on sports related injuries. Allied Services - Dietician / Podiatry / Diabetes / Exercise / Physiology.

Contact details:  Tara Kosuri

Address: Shop G12, 1 Greenvale Drive, Greenvale Shopping Centre, Greenvale 3059

Telephone: 9333 6846




CB Clothing Co.

Wholesale Clothing - 100% Australian Cotton Garments of exceptional quality - T/shirts, Hoodies, Polos, Muscle Tanks - for men, women and children. Huge range of colours and sizes. Great for fundraisers and sporting events. Call for more information.

Contact details: Lauren

Address: 26A Ovata Drive, Tullamarine

Telephone: 9335 6606

Mobile: 0407 582 082




The Dance Room

At 'The Dance Room' we love to Dance! If your child loves to dance, then we have the perfect class for them. Our aim and passion is to introduce children to the joy of dance through a friendly but structured environment; and to help children develop co-ordination, rhythm, strength and confidence. Book your free lesson today!

Contact details: Marnie Nelson

Telephone: 9077 0097

Mobile: 0418 883 608



Mathematics Pointt

Mathematics Tuition - Is your child scoring low in Maths or needs a push to be accelerated? Contact Mathematics Pointt, a results oriented Maths tuition for Grade 6 and onwards. Classes available face-to-face and online.

Contact details: Ujjwal Gulati

Address: 10 Northleigh Avenue, Craigieburn

Mobile: 0449 095 574



Urban Tech Design

Residential concept design and development. Pre-contract quality assessments for new home plans. Design, advice and reviews for proposed development  marketing material.

Contact details: Ian Pumpa

Mobile: 0408 061 672




Business Directory Form









Kelly Club Newsletter

Please click below for the full version of the Kelly Club newsletter


Kelly Club Holiday Program December 2019 / January 2020

The Kelly Club holiday program will be running at Aitken College from Monday 16 December to Monday 23 December and then again from Monday 6 January to Thursday 30 January, commencing 7.15am to 6.00pm. Kids enjoy fun activities, games and structured free time. During the action packed daily program, qualified and experienced Kelly Club staff will be running a range of cooking, sports, arts, free time, dance, games, crafts, movie time and chill time. Boys and girls aged 4-12 years. 


Aitken College Newsletter
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