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22 November 2019
Bulletin 35

Students are at the Heart of everything we do!

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Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart Community

Collingwood Football President Eddie McGuire was well know for uttering the catch phrase,"It's been a big week in football", as an introduction to his television show. I think all at our school would be quite justified in saying, "It's been a big week at Sacred Heart". I believe we would also be justified in adding, "It's been a great week at Sacred Heart".

Last Friday, over one hundred and eighty members of our school and wider parish family, attended our school dinner dance. From 6.30 pm until just after 10.30 pm, all all who attended were engaged in dancing, singing, eating and simply enjoying each others company. From the start of the night, the dance floor was rocking with our students dominating the space, but as the night progressed, parents and parishioners started to stake a claim in front of the DJ, and were showing the younger members of our community, what real dancing looks like. It was great to see so many mums  and dads dancing with their children.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the mums and dads who were involved in the planning and preparation for the night. From organising ticketing, tables, music and catering, to setting up the venue before the day, your selfless work made the night the success it was. On behalf of our community, I would like to thank you for your work.


"Music from the Heart"

My words will not do justice to my feelings, and thoughts of the parents who spoke to me last night and this morning, about our school concert, "Music from the Heart". For those of you who had the privilege of attending the Thornbury Theatre last night, you would have witnessed your very talented children singing, dancing and enjoying themselves, as they entertained the audience with enthusiasm and skill. Even more importantly, you witnessed your children taking risks (some being challenged more than others), compromising, cooperating, working towards a shared goal, and most importantly, feeling capable and connected, with a very real sense of worth. These are the skills and attitudes that are the foundation upon which all students grow, whether it be academic, social, spiritual and psychological and are so important for their continued well being. I would like to thank our brilliant music teacher Kate, for her vision, passion and commitment to our school and its students. Last night would not have eventuated without your presence in our school. I would like to congratulate Kate on her ability to harness the skills and expertise of the staff who played such an important role in the concert's success. Lastly, I would like to congratulate our students on their willingness to be challenged and their ability to work with Kate and their teachers to keep our school community thoroughly entertained last night.


Welcome Fatima and Zainab

Welcome to our two newest members of our school family, Fatima in Year Prep and Zainab in Year One/Two. As you can see from the girls smiling faces, they have settled really well into our school community.


Gardening News

The photos below show some members of our school community enjoying some of the home grown carrots harvested from our vegetable garden last week. By all reports they were delicious.

Yours Sincerely

Mark Tierney


Technology Update: Video / Computer Games 

Christmas is coming and I'm sure many of you are thinking about what you might buy your child. Your children are possibly asking for a video / computer game for Christmas. To help you in this process head to the Australian Classification Website to help you decide if you really want your child to be playing the game.

Denise Esposito (ICT Coordinator)


Deputy Principal / Religious Education News 

Important Date: Sacred Heart Carols
Christmas Carols will be held in Sacred Heart Church on Thursday 12th December at 7:00pm. This will be a combined Parish/School event and all are welcome. More details to follow.

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We're Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

Keep Thursday 5th December free! Our choir will be performing three sets at the zoo to celebrate Christmas. This will also be a end of year celebration for all choir members. We will also showcase our CD at the zoo. More details to follow next week.

Sacred Heart Giving Tree

Once again our students will be assisting the Parish of Sacred Heart by decorating the Giving Tree for St. Vincent de Paul. This is an important tradition where families have the opportunity to take a token and contribute specific Christmas items and or money to assist families in need at this time. Students will be assisting to decorate the tree on Friday 29th November in preparation for the First Sunday of Advent on December 1st.

Dates to Remember  

Term 4 - 7th October - 18th December



26th November - Tuesday

School Closure Day - Planning for 2020

School Year

27th November - Wednesday 2.30

School Assembly - MPR




12th December - Thursday 7pm

School Carols Night

16th December - Monday 

Y6 Graduation 

17th December - Tuesday 

Year 6 Funday, Last Day. 

18th December - Wednesday 3:15pm 

P- 5 Last Day Term 4.

2020 Dates 

9th August - Sunday 10.30 


OHSC by Extend

Next week's activities!….


Monday: Science- Learning about dreams...

Tuesday: Curriculum Day (8am- 6pm). Science- Oil and water experiment, Sport- Crab Soccer, Cooking- Nacho making, Craft-Paper plate emoji or animal making

Wednesday: Craft- Learn how to knit

Thursday: Science- Oobleck making

Friday: Art-Watercolour portraits


The Extend Superstar is…

Leon, for listening and being a responsible participant


 What’s Been Happening?

This week we worked on our cooking skills to make pizza. We also made sushi which is very popular and very healthy too! It is good to make food from different cultures and test our taste buds.


Our rainbow fizz experiment was very cool, it turned out super well because we read the instructions very carefully and followed the method. 

Our balloon experiment was amazing we learnt that the reaction of bicarb and vinegar blows up a balloon! 


The most important thing we took away this week was the importance of remembrance day. Lest We Forget. 


Extend Reminder

The 26th of November is a school closure day and we will be running our service from 8am-6pm. We are looking forward to a fun day with lots of activities planned including science, cooking,craft and sport! Please bring a packed lunch and remember your hat! Enrol and book now:



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