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08 September 2017
Issue Fourteen 8 September 2017
Principal's Report
Recycled Art for Cowra Awards
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Study Skills
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Principal's Report

Term 3 ending quickly

As Term 3 starts to draw to a conclusion we continue to have many significant events occurring.


Last night we held our Year 7 to 11 Parent Teacher interviews.  It was very pleasing to see such a good turnout of parents.  Many teachers informed me that they had interviews for almost the entire three hours.  The feedback from parents also indicated that the use of the online booking platform was very successful.  We will continue to refine this process to make the experience even more user friendly. I’ll also take this opportunity to encourage you to down load our School App onto your devices.  This will give you up to date information about our school.  Simply go to your App store and search Cowra High.  It is a free App.


This week we announced our 2018 School Captains and Vice Captains; India Johnson, Andrew Barker, Janae Hinderager and Billy Eldridge.  I know these fine young people will be highly effective student leaders and a credit to our school. Congratulations!


At Wednesday's assembly we were pleased to be able to congratulate the recipients of the 2016 Scholarships.  These scholarships are to aid our students complete Year 12 and tertiary education.  We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following sponsors:


Cowra Services Club Ltd, the Fagan family, the Henley Family, Mrs Enid Langfield, the Hackett-Jones family  and the Cowra Bowling & Recreation Club.


Recipients of these wonderful scholarships were:

Cowra Services Club Ltd:                        Tobie Gilmore

Patricia Fagan Scholarship:                   Maddison Johnson

                                                                           Meggan Ellison

Frank Hackett-Jones Scholarship:     Toby Baker

The Henley Scholarship:                         Milly Boland

Enid J Langfield Scholarship:               Alana Ryan

Cowra Bowling & Recreation Club:    Bobbie-Lee Barker

                                                                           Andrew Barker

Congratulations to our worthy recipients.


Next week Year 11 will commence their end of course exams.  I wish them all the best of luck and encourage them to build on that luck will a lot of hard work and study.


We had the pleasure of viewing our Year 12 Industrial Technology Timber major works last week after HSC marking.  The variety and quality was outstanding.  Look out for photos in our next newsletter.


Earlier this week at the September P&C meeting, some questions were asked about this year’s NAPLAN results, so I thought I would share some whole school statistics.  I believe the true value in NAPLAN is found by looking at the results of individuals as part of the student’s whole picture.  It takes into account their academic growth, their personal circumstance, strengths in all aspects of schooling and the personal knowledge of how they approached the test on the particular day compared with how they are performing in these areas everyday in school.  Yet looking at the aggregate statistics can give us some general directions to examine in further detail.  The following statistics are based on a comparison of our school with similar schools in terms of student demographics from across the state.


School average results compared to like schools:


                                        Reading    Writing    Spelling    Grammar    Numeracy

Cowra High                   +10.4            -4.0           +8.0             +6.2              +15.4

Year 7

Cowra High                   +8.8              +0.5           +5.8             +22.8            -0.6

Year 9


This shows that our focus in developing reading and numeracy is starting to pay in results, particularly in Year 7.   It has also highlighted we need to increase our efforts in Year 9 and in writing.  Our growth from Year 5 to 7 and Year 7 to 9 was also very pleasing.  We saw some outstanding growth for most students taking part in our CHIPS program.


Have a great fortnight.


Charles Gauci

PBL Winners

Congratulations to our wonderful students who were rewarded for their respectful and responsible behaviour at our PBL Draw this morning.

Back: Emily Louttit, Brady Barlow, Dominic Porter, Courtney Wright, Jessica Henderson, Ashleigh Francis.

Front: Madison O'Brien, Alex Shaw, Tyrone Gee, Keanin Judd, Bindi-Lea Newton, Tess Roberts.

We would like to thank our PBL sponsors, Mr Embroidery Cowra, Bushmans Boots and All Cowra, Subway Cowra, Domino’s Pizza Cowra, 131Pizza Cowra, Sportspower Cowra, McDonalds Cowra and The Cowra Services Club.

Your ongoing support is fantastic and the kids really appreciate it.


Recycled Art for Cowra Awards

Award Wins 

Cowra High art students entered the annual Recycled Art for Cowra Award for 2017. 


Judging took place Wednesday morning and Judi Smith has just informed us that our students have received a number of places (CLEANED UP) in the competition :) 


You can view the works this Sunday at Cowra Aquatic Centre  between 10am - 2pm.  A few images  are attached.  


In the High School group category: 

1st place went to a selection of students from the support unit from Ms Chant's class, who created 'Fireworks at 7pm'. 

- Leo Wright 

- Jayden Traves 

- Daniel Watson 

- Jayden S Brown 

- Lachland Emerson 

- Lachlan Stuhlfauth 


2nd place went to a selection of students from Year 7 and 8-6, a group effort of mainstream and support students from Miss Vaughan's classes, who created a 'Map of Cowra Show'. 

- Craig Johnson 

- Tara Trindall 

- Corey Beath 

- Lleyton Edenborough 

- Chloe Stevenson 

- Tiffany Bartolo 

- Abby Wilson 

- Hannah Brown 

- Alex Shaw 

- Sarah Richardson 

- Bella Mitchell 


3rd place went to a mix of students from Miss Vaughan's 8-6 and 7-2 classes who created a series of 'Food Sculptures'

- Lawson Spratt 

-Joel Diamond Squires 

- Kara Hinderager 

- Lucy Murray 

- Taylah Rowan 

- Kylie Adrichem 

- John Horne 

- Makenzie Felton


Highly commended in the group category went to a selection of boys from 7-2, who created 'Dodgem Cars' 

- Mitchell Pattingale 

- Daniel Britten 

- Chris Brown 

- Clayton Hayes 


In the individual High School Category Years 10 - 12 

2nd place went to Shania Ambachtsheer with her 'Showtime Poster'


3rd place went to Jemima Sullivan with her work 'And, 1, 2, 3, 4'


Highly Commended went to Courtney Chambers with her 'Prize winning goat'. 


Congratulations to all of these students, we have won some substantial prizes, a great achievement!



Mulyan Science Day

On 16 August nine students from Cowra High assisted with the science activities run by the teachers at Mulyan Public School.  In all there were a total of six activities for the day.


The first activity for the day was the milk explosion which was Science and Art combined.  Our students placed food dye in some milk and then the Mulyan students dipped a cotton bud soaked in detergent into the milk.  They then placed some absorbent paper towel over the bowls with their beautiful colour explosions and peeled it back revealing a coloured pattern.


The next activity was turning the milk into plastic.  Our students assisted in distributing the warm milk and the Mulyan students then stirred their vinegar milk mixture until it became lumpy, and then sieved it.  Once all the liquid was gone, our students assisted in drying the lumpy milk by squeezing the liquid out of the casein and then letting it dry until it became hard.  

The Elephant's toothpaste was very popular.  Our students assisted in doing the safer version of the experiment, mixing  yeast with water and then giving the ingredients to Mrs Statham who was demonstrating the more powerful version.  The more powerful Elephant's toothpaste initially fizzled, but luckily the Science department from Cowra High came to the rescue and was able to supply a secret ingredient to make it work a little better.


Building the Tallest Tower with only raw spaghetti sticks and marshmallows was the stickiest experiment of all.   Students helped the Mulyan students design and build their tower. 


The final activity of the day was the egg drop.  Our students helped blow up balloons, glue things together and drop the vessel from a height of two metres.  Their design had to save the raw egg that was placed in it.  


It was an excellent day and the students had a great time not only with some of them seeing their old teachers again, but also with the activities. Congratulations to Megan Carroll, Jacob Walker, Sophie Light, Lucy Sutherland, Emily Whatman, Tahli Holmes, Nicola Carter, Jade Brown and Erika Sullivan for working so well with the Mulyan students and their display of respect and responsibility.

Year 11 Biology visit Lake Cowal

On Thursday 18 August, Year 11 Biology braved the weather and visited Lake Cowal.  Here are few pictures of their day.



Cowra Sportsperson of the Month

Xavier Gauci was awarded the June Monthly Award by the Cowra Sportsperson of the Year Committee.  The monthly award recognises Xavier's achievements in the sport of hockey this year.  Xavier was a member of the Western Region Academy of Sport Hockey squad throughout the summer.  He was also selected in the Western CHS Open Boys Hockey team to contest the NSWCHS Inter Regional Carnival.  Xavier's team was successful in winning this State Carnival against 11 other regions.  Xavier is now in the running to be named Cowra Sportsperson of the Year for 2017/18.


Hockey Gala Day

Last Friday 25 August, the girl’s hockey team travelled to Bathurst for a hockey gala day.  The girls were off to a great start where they played against Kelso and won 2-0.  The second game also saw the girls with a 3-0 win against Mudgee.  Game three against the second Kelso team was a tough game for the girls but they held it out with a 0-0 draw.  The girls final game against Wellington resulted in another 2-0 win for the girls.  All girls played to their best ability and demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship qualities throughout the whole day.  Goal scorers for the day were Mikelli Garratt, Tobi Casey and Mackenzie Felton. Congratulations on a great result girls! ​


Support News

Year 12 Major Works

Two of our graduating Support Unit students have completed their major works for their HSC.


Matt Langfield has completed a wonderful modern twist on the traditional rocking horse,and Carly McIntyre has created a great shelf.

Well done you two!!!


Work & Community

Stage 6  Work and the Community students, Breigh McKeown, Jessica Horne, Carly McIntyre, Belinda Mitchell and Daniel Watson visited the Hindmarsh Dairy recently on a  work familiarisation visit.


The students were shown cows being milked, new calves and the various workings of the dairy.  Thanks to Ian Hindmarsh, owner of the dairy for spending time with our students, and also to Di St Clair and Kirsty Pollard (SU Job Coach) for organising this very informative farm visit.



Work Experience 



CHS students are often given the opportunity to experience life in the working world by many of our local businesses throughout the year.  We would like to thank them for their continued support.


This week's students are:

 Zach Pollard - Cowra Council

Jaylan Simpson - Cowra Council

Breigh McKeown - Family Day Care



Study Skills

Learning Collaboratively

We are all different in the way we prefer to learn. Some students like to work in groups, and others prefer to work alone. Some students like to discuss things over Skype or messenger and some like to work together in person. There is a reason why we have the saying ‘two heads are better than one’, so let’s see how this applies to different types of students.


If you think you always prefer to work alone:


- It is great that you are very self-sufficient. Students who prefer to work alone are often confident in their own abilities. However sometimes these students make it more difficult for themselves by not asking for help when they need it. So if you are this type of student, don’t struggle on alone when you get into difficulties or don’t understand something. Being able to ask for help when you need it is an important skill for academic success. Just become more aware that you don’t always ask for help and instead try reaching out a little more when you need help.

- The other area to consider is that when you talk about things with other people it can often help you to see things from a different perspective. By discussing ideas with another person, you also may find you clarify your own thoughts. By not being open to collaboration, you might not develop your ideas as well as you could or you might not see potential issues that a fresh pair of eyes and ears might discover. If you haven’t done much collaboration, give it a try and you might find yourself surprised at how valuable you find the experience.


If you already love working with other people:


- Make sure that you always contribute equally and don’t expect other people to do all the work for you.

- Collaboration doesn’t mean cheating. For example, it is ok to discuss an assignment and what you think it is about and how you might approach it, but it is not ok to write the assignment together and hand in similar pieces of work.

- Collaboration also doesn’t mean wasting time. If you are working with other people make sure you are staying on task and not getting distracted.

- Every now and then you have to do things on your own. If you always do your Maths homework with your friends, you might not really know what you can and can’t do on your own. The first time you find this out could be a test which could be a big issue. Always ask yourself if the work you are doing is going to be enhanced by collaboration or if it is more appropriate to try the work on your own.

- It is important each night to have a certain amount of homework time on your own. If you want to collaborate when you are working at home, make specific times to do this. Don’t skype the entire night with your friends. Instead have set times for collaboration and set times for independent work.


You and your parents can learn more about groupwork skills at by logging in with the details below and working through some of the units.


Username:  cowrahs

Password:  174results


Community Activities


What's Happening in the next two weeks.......

Monday 11 Sept          Year 11 Exams begin

Wednesday 13 Sept   Year 7/8 Boys & Girls touch Football

Friday 15 Sept               CKC Cup

Monday 18 Sept           Indigenous Students Ski Trip (All Week)

Tuesday 19 Sept          State Finals Netball

Wednesday 20 Sept   State Finals Netball

Thursday 21 Sept        Year 12 Final Assembly

Friday 22 Sept               Year 12 Big Day Out

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