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15 September 2017
Term 3 Week 9 2017
Dates to Remember
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Dates to Remember


11th - 15th September

eSmart Week

Secondary Festival of Faith


Monday, 18th September

Years 7-9 Girls AFL


Tuesday, 19th September

Staff vs Students Challenge


Friday, 22nd September

Last Day Term 3

Finish 12:50pm


Sunday, 1st October

Daylight Savings Starts


Monday, 9th October

First Day Term 4


10-13th October

Year 9 Camp



Wednesday, 11th October

ASV Primary Basketball Tournament


Saturday, 14th October

Pathfinder Club Night 5-8:30pm


Monday, 16th October

School at Work - Open Classrooms NWS


Tuesday, 17th October

ASV Years 7/8 Basketball


Wednesday, 18th October

Prep Orientation Day 3 OC 9-12:50pm


Thursday, 19th October

Year 7 MCG Excursion

Last Day Year 12


Friday, 20th October

School Fees Due


Tuesday, 24th October

Years 9/10 SEISS Volleyball/Tennis


25-26th October

Year 9 Solo Camp


Wednesday, 25th October

Prep Orientation Day 3 NWS



Thursday, 26th October

Primary House Athletics Carnival

(changed to 1/11/2017)


Friday, 27th October

Bus Fees Due

World Teachers Day


Sunday, 29th October

Pathfinder Fair Day Practice



Tuesday, 31st October

New Student Orientation Day

(excluding new Preps)

General Information

​Primary PB4L Value Awards

'For showing Excellence in Bathroom Spaces'

Prep/1W - Nyamal

Year 2/3/4N - Brooke

Prep DH - Owen

Year 1W - James

Year 1/2K - Sahara

Year 3J - James

Year 4W - Spencer

Year 4/5RC - Tiana

Year 5/6E - Reese


Year 1W - Jacy

Year 3J - Heavenly

Year 4W - Aishati, Arshveer, Daniella, Olivia and Zackery

Year 4/5RC - Rose and Phoenix

Last Day of Terms 3 and 4

Please note that the last day of Terms 3 and 4 will conclude at the early time of 12:50pm.


Thank you.


Heritage College Leadership

From the School Captains

This week, our topic is ‘excellence in bathroom spaces’.  As funny as I thought this was, I had to come (again) to an understanding that this is very important for a school environment!  Especially in a space where there are 150+ students using the toilet facilities, daily.  Now that you have a understanding of how chaotic and gross that all sounds, what does excellence in bathroom spaces mean?


We'd like to put to you that excellence in bathroom spaces means a clean and tidy bathroom.  Sensible behaviour should be found here, treating the bathroom like a bathroom, and not like a salon, a make up corner or a place to flex and check out your ‘muscles’.  The bathroom and toilets are made for a purpose, and if you’re not sure what toilets are for I encourage you to google it or ask your teachers!


We can’t express how lucky we are to have these facilities.  In November last year I (Tylah) had the amazing privilege of traveling to Nepal for mission work.  I loved it, the people there were amazing, the experiences and encounters were such blessings.  The ONE thing I disliked and dreaded was... you guessed it, the toilets!  The school we painted had a cold and dark concrete room as a bathroom.  And the toilet? That was a hole in the ground. No flush, one tap outside, a stench smell that sticks with you and you needed to remember to take your own toilet paper.


We are so fortunate to have flushing toilets, clean tap water, and yes mirrors too!  We are blessed enough to not have to see or smell our waste.  We are also blessed to have the privacy we do in our bathrooms!  So, this is a word of encouragement; treat our facilities with respect and remember that we are blessed to have them.  What we would do without them?  I’m not sure. Let's show our gratitude by treating our bathrooms with respect, and show excellence in doing so!


Colossians 3:23, 24 (NIV)

'Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving'.


God bless.


Tylah and Tristan

School Captains

Enrolments 2018

It is that time of year again when we are asking you to let us know if your child/ren are NOT returning to Heritage College in 2018.


As we are already in the planning stages for next year, and have significant numbers already enrolled for 2018, we would appreciate knowing as soon as possible if you plan not to be enrolled for 2018.

I'll take this opportunity to remind you that our terms and conditions require a minimum of one full term’s notice, or an additional term’s fees will apply.


Thank you for noting this.


Mr Sonny Aiono


Earn and Learn


Thunderstorm Asthma


Entertainment Book Fundraiser


Exciting Changes

Change is always good!  A few weeks ago, I wore a different coloured suit to Church and someone commented that they had never seen me in that colour before! Obviously it was something other than black!  How about you...do you like change?


Heritage College will be undergoing a few changes, here are two of them:
a) At Narre Warren South, at the end of the year, we will be moving the prep rooms from their current location into the Year 3 rooms and vice versa.  This will allow the prep rooms to spread out a bit more and have an outdoor learning space developed.  So what will that look like?  Again, please continue to watch this space for more developments as they take place.  This means that Year Prep and Year 1 will be beside the playground where 3C and 3J currently are and the 3C and 3J classes will move to the current prep and Year 1 class.


b) At Officer Primary Campus we will be adding another classroom.  This classroom will be a Year 4, 5 and 6 class.  This will mean the class structure for 2018 will be Prep/1 in one class; Year 2/3 in another class and Year 4/5/6 in the new class.  So, who will be teaching these classes?  We will send out another notification via the College newsletter so that all parents from both campuses can see the teaching structure for both Officer and NWS.  So, more on 'who?' in the near future.


Exciting times ahead!  


Mr Sonny Aiono


eSmart Competition

This week sees the start of eSmart Week at Heritage College!


To celebrate eSmart Week, there will be a school wide eSmart Competition. There will be prizes for the winner at each Year Level - with the Primary winners having a choice of either a Six Inch Subway Meal or a $6 lunch voucher for the canteen and the Secondary winners having the choice of either a Foot Long Subway Meal or a $10 lunch voucher for the canteen as the prize.


The competition will require students to address the following questions and choose a response type to represent their ideas:


Foundation - Year 1

Key questions to address:

  • How do I use Digital Technology? What makes Digital Technology fun?
  • What would be the best way to use Digital Technology?

Response Options:

  • 30 second - 1 minute video response
  • Poster
  • Google Slides

Years 2 - 6

Key questions to address:

  • What does it mean to be safe online? How can I be safe online? 
  • Top Tips for being safe online!

Response Options:

  • Google Site
  • Blog 
  • 3 minutes mini iMovie
  • Google Slides 

YEARS 7-12

Key questions to address:

  • What does it mean to be a digital citizen or to have digital citizenship?
  • How can you positively influence your global digital community?
  • What are your top tips for being a positive digital citizen?

Response Options:

  • Create a Google Site
  • Create a Blog 
  • Create an iMovie
  • Create a Google Slides Presentation
  • Create a Prezi

The Rubric that your entry will be assessed against can be found here:

Foundation - Year 1

Years 2 - 6

Secondary eSmart Competition Rubric


Competition Entries will be due to Mrs Moss by Friday, 15th September 5pm.


Please email Mrs Moss with either your Google Site address, your blog address, Prezi address or a link to your iMovie - Google Slides Presentation in your Google Drive or YouTube.


Otherwise, simply hand your poster to your teacher to put in Mrs Moss' pigeon hole before the end of school on Friday, 15th September.


I look forward to seeing all your amazing ideas and creativity.


Happy planning, designing and creating!


Mrs Naomi Moss

eLearning & Curriculum Coordinator


PB4L Value

Value for Weeks 9 & 10

'Excellence in Bathroom Spaces'


From the Narre Warren South Campus

Year 6 Integrated Studies Unit

For the past few weeks Year 6 students have been learning about states of matter - solid, liquids and gases and whether items can be returned to their original state.


Last week students had a chance to experiment with gases. They observed the reaction of different combinations of tartaric acid,  bicarbonate soda and water. The results were mind blowing (or balloon blowing) to some.

Mrs Isabelle Millien

Year 6MJ Teacher

From the Art Room

Term 3 has been busy and full of excitement.


As we move into the final weeks, our art students were busy making Father’s Day presents. Unique hand-made mugs were just one of the items students in Years 5 and 6 made as their gifts. Making Father’s Day and Mother’s Day presents has proven to be a popular program amongst the whole school community with many students coming in at lunchtime to complete their special gifts.

Mrs Yolanda Horne

Art Teacher

Bounce the Day Away

Heritage College students in the senior basketball squad at the Narre Warren South Campus had a fun filled day on Tuesday, bouncing their way to success at the Senior Hoop Time basketball regional day.


The College took two teams, one a rookie's group and the other a more experienced team. Both teams did an amazing job of representing God and Heritage College in the manner with which they conducted themselves. Our 'Rookies' won all five of their games and our 'Future Stars' did themselves proud and just missed out on a spot in the semi-finals when they drew the last game that they needed to win to progress.


Clearly, the day was  a success by the comments made by some of the students below.


"It was interesting and fun and a good experience. It was also good that the Rookies won all their matches."  Yadveer


"Hoop Time was a fun time to push ourselves to the limit by competing against other teams. Both teams did a fantastic job on the day to win quite a few games." Jeremy 


"I had a lot of enjoyment playing against other schools. It was fun playing basketball during our free time with everyone." Ciera


"Our Rookies team won all our games, we won because of team work!" Vicky


Keep on bouncing!

Mr Nigel Eales

Senior Hoop Time Coordinator

Cooking Enrichment

This term students have been involved in cooking. The focus has been on making simple healthy food that students could make at home easily. Some of the things that we made were salad wraps, Greek salads, hummus with vegetables to dip, vegetable soup, and muffins.


Mrs Janet Robertson

Enrichment Teacher


"I learnt to cut and cook great food but healthy food. My favourite thing I made was the Pumpkin soup. At home I made the fruit salad". Eden


"I learnt that it is good to be healthy and wash your hands when it’s cooking time. My favourite foods were the soup and salad wraps". Serena


"I learnt how to cut, peel and use knives the safe and correct way.  I made the fruit salad, hummus and wraps at home".  Mannat


"I learnt that cooking has a purpose.  For example avocado helps your heart.  The fruit salad was yum and I made it at home".  Nyagoa


"I learnt to cook and cut fruit and vegetables. My favourite thing was the vegetable soup. I made the soup and the wrap at home".  Kayla

From the Secondary Campus


New Faces on Campus - Japanese Students

In last week’s Principal’s address, Mr Aiono made reference to the giant step that four young Japanese teenagers have made in leaving their families back home and all that is familiar, and joining our Year 10 class at Heritage College.


Below we have a little insight into getting to know each visiting student (who will remain with us until the end of November) and their backgrounds.


We are very pleased to have Riho, Reina, Rion and Masayoshi join us and continue to encourage our school family to make them feel welcome by taking a genuine interest in who they are and what we can learn from their culture.

Riho Kudo

Favourite Food?  Sushi

First Impressions of Australia?  Very large country!

What do you hope to experience during your stay?   I want to make a lot of friends in Australia.


Reina Okakura

Favourite Films? Disney Movie  - Aladdin.

First Impressions of Australia?  It is a very friendly country.

What do you hope to experience during your stay?  I want to talk to a lot of people and I hope to see a koala.


Rion Tsukidate

Favourite Hobby?  Dancing Hip Hop (free style).

First Impressions of Australia?  Much nature and open space!

What do you hope to experience during your stay?  I want to meet many friends.  I want to go shopping.


Masayoshi Takamatsu

Favourite Band?  “Takamatsu Bump of Chicken” is the name of my favourite music.

First Impressions of Australia?  Australia is very, very broad and big, especially where my host family live in Koo Wee Rup.

What do you hope to experience during your visit?  During my stay here in Melbourne I hope to see a real platypus and kangaroos.


Mrs Janette Bower

Encounter/VCAL Literacy

Top Productions in VCE Media Studies

At the beginning of April, the Year 12 Media Studies students began work on their Folios for their individual productions.  A project of some four months in length and worth 37% of their study score for this subject.


My students worked tirelessly over this period to produce amazing folios and equally creative productions, ranging from a website design, photography, animation, film and a music video with sound editing. A diverse range of media products, which challenged each individual’s technical skills, media knowledge and creative ability to the limit, not to mention their resilience.


Several of my students are intending to enter their work into the Season of Excellence in Victoria. Should any be successful, their work will be on display at the Melbourne Museum, Top Design exhibition next year. Only 30 entries are chosen state wide for this exhibit.


These folios and media productions will be on display during the Presentation night held at the Narre Warren South Campus in December. I am so proud of what they have accomplished. Come and see for yourself.

Mr Evan Varty

VCE Media Studies Teacher

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