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25 May 2018
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Principal Report

Principal News

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to our new digital Parent Newsletter! I hope you will find the new format more user friendly and easier to read on digital devices. Paper copies will still be available in the Main reception if, like me, you like to read ‘real’ books, magazines and newspapers!

The look may be new but the content is continues to showcase our wonderful Community of learners. A new feature is the regular ‘College Council News’ with our Council President, Christian Anderson, introducing himself to families.


Student Attitudes to School Survey (ATSS)

Recently our Year 4 to 9 students took part in the ATSS. The ATSS looks at a range of issues that are at the heart of the student experience including feelings of safety, engagement in school life and enjoyment of learning.  The ATSS is an important source of feedback to us and is used by the Department of Education and Training to measure school improvement. The ATSS results will be available to the College in the coming weeks and I will provide the Community with a summary when they come out.


As in previous years our participation rate was impressive with 97% of students completing the survey. Well done to the Year 8 team for their 100% participation!



On the subject of testing and school improvement it would have been almost impossible to have missed the annual public discussion around NAPLAN.


Thank you to all our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students and families for the way in which they conducted themselves during the NAPLAN tests. In spite of the feverish national debate the tests generate we provided our students with a calm, inclusive and respectful environment in which they could demonstrate aspects of their learning. Attendance for the test days was actually above the norm!


It is a measure of us as a Community that our participation rate was over 97% - a figure that many schools would struggle to match.


Staff Changes

Erin Ritchie left us this Month. Erin has played a major role in shaping LOTE French at the College and is now embarking on the next phase of her life. I know you will wish to join me in thanking Erin for her contribution to Brookside and wishing her all the best for the future.

I am very pleased to announce that Rana Nahas will be taking over Erin’s teaching commitments for the rest of the year. Rana has previously worked at the College and is tri-lingual being a fluent, English, French and Arabic teacher.


A big welcome to Suruli ‘Raj’ Kandasamy who joins us in the Counsellor/Caseworker role. Raj brings wealth of experience to the College with a background in theatre/drama teaching and clinical counselling. This is a significant appointment that further strengthens our wellbeing and welfare provision at the College.


Berry Street education Model (BSEM)

On Monday 21st May all our staff engaged in the second of our BSEM days. It was a very full day getting to the heart of relationship building. In the ‘Body’ module we looked at;

  • De-escalation
  • Present, grounded and centred
  • Mindfulness and
  • Self-regulation

From these we have focused on circle time and brain breaks.

The ‘Relationship’ module gave us;

  • Attachment
  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Redefining power
  • Empathy & Zen mind
  • Golden statements
  • Process v person praise
  • Active constructive responding
  • Whole-school relationships and
  • Teacher self-care

Many of our children will already have seen the benefits of this work; try asking them about Brain Breaks!



As the Principal I am aware of the problems with parking near the College. These concerns are being raised by the College Council President through our local councillors and by me through the officers of the Melton City Council. The Council have agreed to prioritise the development of a Parking Management Plan for the Brookside College Precinct.

School Council News

by Christian Anderson


Hello everyone!

I want to introduce myself. I am Christian Anderson, the newly elected School Council President for 2018. My goals for this year are to increase communication, share with you how Council supports the School to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students and to share with you the key issues discussed and decisions made by School Council.


Your School Council meets twice per term on a Tuesday night and currently has 15 members, 10 of which are parents (including me) and 5 Department of Education employees (all currently employed at our School). We welcome members of the school community to attend School Council meetings so if you are interested in attending, contact myself ( or the School Principal at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Dates for the remaining Council meetings in 2018 are on the School’s website (


School Council met on 15 May 2018 and we focused on several interesting topics:


  • Refreshing the rules for how School Council works to improve Council performance.
  • Changing the school cleaning provider and how the school will manage this transition.
  • Traffic congestion in and around the School and how the School is working with Melton Council to fix this.
  • Endorsing changes to the School’s uniform policy and extending the School’s agreement with Dobson’s as current uniform provider.
  • The School’s participation in DET’s Safe Schools initiative to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

If you have any feedback or questions about School Council, I encourage you to email me directly ( I look forward to sharing more with you following our next meeting in June.

Christian Anderson

School Council President

Early Years P-4


On Thursday the 17th of May the Prep students had an exciting visit from Victoria Police as part of their learning around ‘Community Health’. They have been learning about who they can go to for help in the community and what their roles are.

The students were able to have a discussion with the police officers and ask them questions about their job and how they keep people safe. The students were also lucky enough to sit in a real police car and take a photo on a children’s sized police bike.

The preps will now be developing a digital book on the iPads based on their experience, which they will share with their peers.


We would like to thank Inspector Warren Greene from the Caroline Springs Police Station for organising such a wonderful experience for our students. I’m sure we have now developed many aspiring police officers for the future!

Prep Team

Year 2 Update


Students in Year 2 have been investigating the attributes of 2D shapes this term. They have learnt to use vocabulary connected to this skill, such as vertical, horizontal and diagonal, corners, edges, properties, characteristics and features. Students were asked to sort 2D shapes based on common attributes and explain why they placed shapes together. Justifying answers is an important part of the Year 2 curriculum, encouraging students to think more deeply about their ideas and answers. Students have also composed and decomposed shapes by identifying how shapes can be put together to make other shapes.



We have had loads of fun writing poems. Just like a real author, we have drafted, edited, revised and published some of our favourite poems.





Kyaralee Breadmore


Year 4 News

Hi, I am Ema and I am one of the student voice reps in the year 4 cohort. To start off, we have been working on persuasive writing and the structure of a persuasive paragraph.

Hi, I am Enrique one of the Students Reps of the Year, and we have been doing PBL on the Growling Grass Frog and how to make it less endangered.

We have been working on Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard and different notes in music. A challenge is to play in-sync and stopping at the right time.

In PE, we have been doing hot shot tennis and we have also done shot put, discus high jump and hurdles. It’s a challenge to throw the discus far and straight.

In SAKG, we have been cooking appropriate foods for cold weather and I recommend the vegetable soup with pizza.

In science, we have been learning about the properties of objects and surfaces. It’s really fun because we get to try out cool apps.

Also in digital technology, we learnt about scratch and creating new games that are educational. 


Student Artwork


P-4 Art

Visual Arts present ideas that are dynamic and rich in tradition. Through engaging in Visual Arts students are entertained, challenged and provoked to respond to questions and assumptions about individual and community identity, taking into account different histories and cultures. The Arts contributes to the development of confident and creative individuals and enriches Australian society. Students express, represent and communicate ideas in contemporary, traditional and emerging arts forms.


This term the Early Years students focused on designing and making Mother’s Day gifts.  Preps learned to string and decorate beads to make necklaces. Year 1’s 2’s and 3’s created cute looking dolls.  Our corridors and foyer spreads the artistic ambiance of young talents with student work displayed with pride. Currently the focus is on ‘Culture’ and our students are in full swing to explore and implement their creativity and talents.



Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden News

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program allows our students the opportunities to learn about diversity in our food culture. During weeks 3&4, we made Asian dishes and learnt about the importance of rice in Asian cuisine. This week, we discussed the importance of eating lots of vegetables and garlic to ward off common colds. Our discussion centered on climate as we investigated the role it has in determining the ingredients that are popular in regions around the world. To make the recent wintry blasts more bearable, we harvested broccoli and silverbeet to make warming soups and garlic pizzas; these were amongst the favourites for many students. Here’s soup recipe to try at home.


Lentil and Vegetable Soup


1 onion

1 carrot

1 stick celery

1 potato

1 clove garlic

2 table spoons olive oil

1 ½ cups red lentils

1 litre vegetable stock

¼ cup chopped herbs (coriander, parsley)

½ cup silverbeet



  • Dice onions, carrot, potato, celery, silverbeet and garlic
  • Heat a large saucepan on medium heat, add oil and cook vegetables for about 5 minutes.
  • Add lentils and warm chicken stock. Cover and boil for about 20 minutes.
  • Add herbs and salt and pepper to taste.



Bunnings.... they're more than just sausages and hardware

Last week, a Bunnings Representative demonstrated a Greenhouse Sprout Project with 4B. The students made individual mini greenhouses using Ziplock bags and planted seeds inside cotton balls. The purpose of this activity is to learn about life cycle of plants and to track the length of each stage by observing growth rate of a variety of seeds. The students loved it. Thanks to Caroline Springs Bunnings for donating the materials for all the Year 4 students to experience this fantastic learning opportunity.

Until next time, happy cooking!



Health Centre News

Head Lice Alert

We have had some instances of head lice at the college over the last few weeks. I asked for your help in keeping the head lice outbreaks to minimum by checking your child’s hair weekly and treat if eggs or head lice are seen. It is a community issue and needs all of us to keep a close eye on our children's hair to prevent the problem worsening.

I strongly advocate for the weekly checking of student’s hair and the importance of early treatment. I can only inform you all when confirmed cases are communicated to school.
Please do not believe the advertising on head lice shampoo and preventive sprays. These products are not 100% effective otherwise the head lice problems would have been resolved a long time ago.
Constant checking and treatment is the only way to prevent the head lice life cycle from reoccurring, breaking the cycle is time consuming and labour intensive but the outcome is beneficial for all in the school community, keeping the head lice outbreaks to the minimal.

Maria Appiah
First Aid Coordinator



Fact Sheets


Assistant Principal News

AP News

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Last week our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students participated in NAPLAN. We are very proud of the way students participated, putting in their best effort and remaining positive throughout the testing period. Thank you to parents of students in these year levels for supporting your child through what can be an anxious time.


The P-2 sector has been busy with the Year 1 cohort visiting Sovereign Hill and the Year 2 cohort visiting Eynesbury Homestead as part of their History units. Students enjoyed this experience and have used the knowledge to enhance their learning.


In the Year 3-6 sector the Year 3 and 5 students at the end of NAPLAN participated in various activities to celebrate the conclusion of the testing period and the hard work they had put in. The Year 6 students have been representing Brookside at interschool sport over the past couple of Fridays and have done us proud with the teamwork they displayed. Well done to all teams!


In the Year 7-9 sector the Year 7 cohort have been on Camp this week and have enjoyed their time building relationships with both their peers and teachers.


In the coming week the Year 3-6 students will participate in the rescheduled Brookside Athletics Carnival and we wish them all the best.


We thank the Primary parents for their support of the ‘Talk Homework’ as the students are creating imaginative pieces of writing during ‘Big Write’ and it is a highlight of their learning currently.




Middle Years

Yr 5 News

Term Two in Year 5 has been busy but very exciting. We’ve demonstrated our personal best when participating in NAPLAN assessments and all teachers are extremely proud of all students. We capped off this exciting time with a celebration day, ending with a disco – there were plenty of dance moves being busted on the dancefloor.


For the remainder of term, we will be continuing to work on our Travel Expo projects in Humanities, English and even in Maths. In Humanities we will work on the production of the stand and influencing products, in English we will be creating a travel guide and in Maths we will be looking at data and statistics on our selected country. The Year Five Travel Expo will be held on June 26th, from 11.45am – 1.45pm – all parents, carers and other family members are invited to help us celebrate our learning and achievements.


In Sport, we have begun our Classic Cup, which is a round robin tournament for all Year 5 students to participate in (in their selected sport from Netball, AFL, Soccer and T-Ball). We are aiming on building good sportsmanship by noticing students who are organised, encouraging and being fair. Thank you to Miss Casha for organising this tournament for us.









Camp Rumbug will be held on November 7th – November 9th, the total cost of this camp will be $280. A deposit of $50 is due by Friday 8th June, 2018.


If you have any questions, please speak with your classroom teacher or the Year 5 Coordinator, Renee’ De Bono.

Yr6 Interschool Sports Update

During the past 2 weeks the Grade 6 cohort have been participating in Interschool Sports. The sports that students participated in were Football, Netball, Soccer and Teeball. Students have been training hard for these sports all throughout the term and displayed great sportsmanship across the 2 weeks of the competition.

Sports Gallery



During Interschool sports for soccer there were 2 boys teams and 1 girls team. At the start of the day we were awarded points for 2 games because of other teams forfeiting. On the 2nd Friday of interschool sports my team had 2 matches which we unfortunately lost, although the other teams had some wins. We had a great time meeting new people and having fun during the games. We were very lucky the rain held out.



On Friday the 11th and 18th of May, 20 students went to Caroline Springs Town Centre Oval to play against 5 other teams in a 2 week footy competition. Brookside came second overall with Parkwood Green coming first.

On the first day we played against Springside and won, then we played against Parkwood Green in the rain and lost. After that we won some of our games by default because the other teams forfeited. On the second day we won against Taylors Hill and then also won against Creekside, ending up just missing out on first place. Overall it was a great 2 days of football!

Lisa, Jesse and Olivia.


Teeball was a pretty challenging game, especially when we had to play against Creekside who played very well. My team won all of the games that we played by 5 or 6 points. My team went really well with the good team work, sportsmanship and encouragement.



Today was the second day of interschool sports for Netball. We played against Parkwood Green and lost 17-1. Next round we were in it to win it. We won 4-2 against Southern Cross Grammar who were really good and showed great sportsmanship. I was disappointed when the girls team didn’t make it into the finals but luckily the mixed team did!

The game was intense! Brookside played against Gilson College. All our hopes were lost when the game stopped, 10-2. We had lost, but we held our heads up high!


Yr7 Food Tech

Designer Muffins- 7A, 7B & 7C prepared their own style of muffins by choosing special ingredients for their mixture and a variety of ingredients for decorating their muffins. Some of the students extended themselves by preparing pretty decorations using fondant, coloured icing, whipped cream and different types of toppings. All classes did exceptionally well and were congratulated for their planning and execution. They had one hour to cook and present their food which was a big challenge considering the pantry was open to them only for twenty minutes. They had been working on this task for the first three weeks of this term and completed the design brief to a commendable standard.

Food Tech Gallery


Yr9 Update

It has been a busy few months for the year 9s. Towards the end of last term, Mr Clark and the Science team organised an excursion to the Werribee zoo. The students learned about habitats, ecosystems and food chains. They even had the chance to hold a rare snake!


Following the excursion to the zoo, the year 7-9s had their athletics carnival. This served as the year 9’s last ever house sports event at Brookside College, with many students participating and enjoying the events. A big thank you to Miss Krell who organised this.


During Term 2, students have been engaging with the novel ‘Pieces of Sky’ in English, learning about Australian History and Global Wellbeing in Humanities. Mr Clark and the Science team are once again taking learning outside of the classroom, currently organising an excursion to Melbourne Museum and IMAX. This is an excellent opportunity for students to not only develop their knowledge and understanding in the Sciences, but they are also given the opportunity to represent the school, showing off the leadership and interpersonal skills their teachers are also developing within the year 9 cohort.


The whole cohort were fortunate enough to be able to sit through the incursion ‘Step Back and Think’. This incursion explores the issues, ramifications and real life stories of those who have been a victim of the ‘coward’s punch’ and senseless violence. This incursion was designed to prepare and forewarn students about the dangers of physical violence and encourage peaceful practises if confronted with any conflict. The incursion was highly engaging for students, with several students asking thought-provoking and relevant questions to the presenter. Many thanks to the ‘Step Back and Think’ organisation and to Mr Puxley for organising the incursion for the students.


As previously announced to parents, year 9 school photos occurred in early May. They had to be postponed, due to the number of excursions that were running back in Term 1. We are grateful to the students and the parents for their patience with the school photos. It meant a lot to us that all the students we able to feature in their last ever class photo at Brookside College. Packages should be delivered towards the end of term 2/beginning of term 3.  


Finally, the year 9 students have just finished their last ever NAPLAN tests and did exceptionally well to adhere to all the rules and regulations regarding the standardised testing. We congratulate and commend all the year 9 students for their excellent behaviour and efforts put into the NAPLAN exams. The expectations and experiences during NAPLAN will serve as great preparation for the school set exams later in term 2. We pass on our many congratulations to the year 9 cohort and all other students on the successful completion of their NAPLAN tests.


We look forward to future excursions, incursions, events and deeper learning occurring in the year 9 cohort.



Rebecca Lucas and Grant Puxley

(Year 9 coordinators, 2018)

Study Club

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are excited to announce that Study Club has returned for Term 2. Study Club is an excellent opportunity for your child to complete homework, collaborate with peers and receive support from their teachers.

Study Club will be running on Wednesday afternoons from 3:15 – 4pm downstairs in the Northern Building. The aim of the program is to help students learn effective study habits within a positive and supportive learning environment whilst supporting your child to reach their full potential.

If you are interested in allowing your child to attend Study Club, please provide consent via Compass. The consent provided is for the upcoming term. Please note, students will need to have this consent to attend any Study Club sessions throughout the term, however, it is not compulsory that they attend all sessions.

If you have any queries please contact Miss Koo or Miss Rapley on (03) 7379 1555.


Student Wellbeing

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Renee Dowling, I am a qualified Social Worker and am very excited to be leading Student Wellbeing Services Prep-9.


I have extensive experience in individual counselling and in delivery of group work interventions to children, teenagers and families, who may need that extra bit of help in developing the skills needed to manage life stressors. 


Our role at student wellbeing services is to help promote the academic, personal, and social development of all our student’s here at Brookside P-9 College. Throughout 2018 opportunities to participate in various interventions, group work &/or individual support will be offered to all our students through the Student Wellbeing Team. 


Yours respectfully,








Renee Dowling

BA, BSocWk, MCoun, MAASW

Leader of Student Wellbeing P-9




10 ways to promote good mental health & wellbeing in kids!

The habits below are the building blocks of mental health!! Excerpts from Michael Grose, parenting educator.

Kids with good mental health feel better, learn better and are better equipped to handle life’s curve balls. Childhood is supposed to be a pretty relaxed time of life, free from the pressures and stresses that come hand in hand with adulthood isn’t it?. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that way. According to the Australian Psychological Society one in seven Australian children experience some type of mental health issue, with ADHD, anxiety and depression being the most common. Having good mental health doesn’t mean kids don’t experience difficulties or worries. Feeling worried, sad or fearful is normal. Kids who are mentally healthy are equipped to handle many of life’s curve balls that come their way. They also don’t let their emotions overwhelm them. As a result they learn better and have more friends as well. As a parent it’s useful to reflect on the mental health habits that you promote in your kids.

Here are ten ways to promote good mental health and wellbeing in kids

1. Model good mental health habits: If you, like many parents, live constantly with stress then consider ways to actively minimise it, such as getting regular exercise, plenty of sleep and doing relaxation exercises. Not only will this improve your mental health, and make you easier to live with, it will send a strong positive message that mental health is important. It’s worth remembering that kids learn what they live, so make sure they see good mental health habits first hand.

2. Make sure they get enough sleep: Sleep is the one of the building blocks of mental health and wellbeing. Many children and just about all teenagers are sleep-deprived at the moment. Many parents are sleep-deprived as well! Children need between 10 and 12 hours’ sleep to enable proper growth and development, while teenagers need a minimum of nine hours. One of the single most powerful strategies to improve kids’ abilities to cope with stressful or changing situations is to ensure they get enough sleep.

3. Encourage your kids to exercise: Physical activity is a good thing for a active growing children. Kids today get less exercise than those of past generations, which is an impediment to mental health. Exercise stimulates the chemicals that improve mood and release the stress that builds up over a day. An hour’s movement per day seems the minimum for kids. How much exercise does your child receive?

4. Encourage creative outlets: Kids should practise creativity if for no other reason than it helps them experience the state of ‘flow’. This is the state of getting so immersed in an activity that you forget about time and place. Writers and other creatives understand the concept of flow. It’s energizing and helps take stressed and worried kids out of themselves.

5. Provide a space of their own: Children of all ages benefit from having some space of their own where they can think. Quiet time and down time can especially give boys the chance to let their thoughts wander around inside their heads. It also helps them get to know, and even like, themselves. Boys will often do their best thinking on their own, so they tend to retreat to their caves (bedroom) when things go wrong at school or in their relationships. They need to go within to find their own answer.

6. Talk about their troubles: A problem shared is a problem halved. Talking about what’s worrying you is a great way to remove the burden of worry and reduce anxiousness. Some kids bottle up what’s inside, while others will catastrophise a situation, which can make matters seem worse. If your child has a problem let her or him know that their concerns are important to you. Kids often can’t tell you what may be wrong, so be observant and gently ask questions to help gain a clearer picture of how kids may be feeling.

7. Help them relax: Make sure your child has a hobby or activity that relaxes them. The ability to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life is essential. Some children who have real difficulty switching off may benefit from practising meditation or mindfulness, but most kids just need time to chill out so they can relax naturally.  Encourage mindfulness, like for example, or headspace mindfulness.

8. Have two routines – weekday and weekend: Most households are pretty highly scheduled these days. There are routines for getting up, coming home, eating meals and going to bed. These structures are necessary when we’re busy. Families need a second, more relaxed weekend routine that helps kids relax and unwind. It’s important to have this release valve if families are flat out busy during the week.

9. Foster volunteering and helpfulness: Social isolation is a huge predictor of poor mental health. Encourage your child to be connected to and help others in any way possible. Helping others reinforces social connectedness and the importance of being part of a community, as well as providing opportunities for positive recognition.

10. Bring fun and playfulness into their lives: Kids should be the kings and queens of play; however, some children live such full-on, organised lives that much of the natural fun and spontaneity has been stripped from their everyday life. Mucking around, which is code for having fun, is something many children of this generation don’t have time for. If you see your child constantly stressed or overwhelmed by events, change the mood by going to a movie, joining them in a game or seeking other ways to have some fun. These ideas are basic common sense. However, as kids’ lives get busier these essentials get squeezed out.


Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Community Forum


School Leadership Program

Student Leadership Update

The Student Leadership team have been busy working on events and leadership skills for the last term and a half.

The year 7-9 leaders were finalised early last term and have already busily planned for positive change for Brookside College, including planning the ‘Shave for a Cure’ event, supporting our ANZACs at ANZAC day commemorations, creating a Vision Statement for the school. They have also been working on the leadership skills of communication, problem solving, time management and organisation.

Just a couple of weeks ago the year 9 Student Leaders presented to the Uniform Committee of school council in an attempt to add to the uniform policy of year 9. The students all worked together to survey students, get anecdotal evidence and put together a video presentation to play on the night. They had done an immense amount of research and presented a valid case to some positive responses. The leaders are now going to be looking through potential designs and pushing forwards in this quest.

On the 11th of May,  4 students across 7-9 attended a VicSRC run leadership training day. The students worked on their listening and collaboration skills, while putting into motion a plan to include more student voice on the teaching and learning process, as well as considering a shake up of the school structure – watch this space!

Looking forward, the leaders are currently working with the Leukaemia Foundation to help raise funds and organise the ‘Shave/Colour for a Cure.’ Keep an eye out on Compass for further details, with the event to be taking place in June.

Finally, we are so excited to welcome the 3-6 leaders to the fold and cannot wait to work with them all.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Lucas and Shey Obremski,

Student Leadership Coordinators








Building Community Connections


Earlier this month our students proudly supported the Rotary Caroline Springs Aspire to Inspire fundraising event at The Club. Our students did an amazing job serving the guests lunch and afternoon tea and our partners at Rotary CS couldn’t praise them enough for their efforts and professionalism displayed on the day.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Amy, Rani, Bree, Mikayla, Isabella, Anita and Binuri for volunteering their time to help Rotary so that they can continue to do the amazing work they do in our community! We would also like to thank our Brookside Parents for supporting their children attend the event.


We look forward to offering many more exciting opportunities for our students at Brookside as the year progresses.



Parents and Friends

Mother’s Day Stall!

The stall was a huge success with lots of happy children busy making critical

present decisions for all those lovely ladies in their lives.

Thank you to the parents who helped organise and run this year's event. It's always a crazy busy day.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Brookside Recipe Book

The Brookside Recipe book has instructions on how to create these yummies! Thanks to "Anonymous" :)


Calling all Brookside staff, students and families.

We would love your favourite family recipes! Submit soon so you don't miss out.


To submit your recipes go to then select 'Brookside P-9 College' and follow the prompts.


Just take a photo and email to the team or write it out and drop it at the office. We will find a volunteer to type and submit it...too easy!!



love love love artwork

The other exciting part is that we would love artwork for the front cover, back cover and every page in between! Drawings, Paintings, Photographs or Collages. Subject can be anything to do with Brookside or Food. Winning entries will receive restaurant vouchers!


Art work can be emailed to or passed on to classroom teachers or the main office (don't forget to include your name and contact details).


We look forward to receiving your delicious recipes and amazing artwork! Thank you to those who have already submitted recipes. Yum!

Next Parents and Friends Committee meeting:

9am Friday June 1, 2018 

College Staff Room.     

All welcome!

College Communications

Office Hours

8:15am - 4:00pm

(Closed during school holidays)

Telephone: 7379 1555



Attendance Office

Direct Line: 7379 1556

Parents/Carers please call our direct line to discuss attendance issues or report student an absence. Though, we do prefer Parents/Carers enter absences directly into Compass by 8:50am.


Students arriving LATE or DEPARTING early must report to the Attendance Office.



Health Centre

The College's Health Centre is manned Monday - Friday from 9.00am - 3.30pm.  All students not feeling well should report to the sickbay.  


Camps/Excursion Payments

We encourage all payments for excursion/incursions to be made online via COMPASS. If you have lost your password or are having difficulties with COMPASS please contact the general office. Unfortunately we are unable to accept payments over the counter that are not accompanied by a signed permission slip or are past the “payment due by” date.

Updating contact details

Have your family circumstances changed? Mobile phone and email addresses can be updated on Compass. For all other changes, please notify the General Office either in person or via email at


Camps Sport and Excursion Fund  (CSEF)

A reminder that applications have opened for the Camps, Sport and Excursion Fund 2018.

Families that received the fund in 2017 will not be required to resubmit a form UNLESS there has been changes to your circumstances OR an additional child has commenced at the school.

To be eligible all applicants must have a valid Health Care Card i.e as at the 29th January 2018.

Forms are available at the general office or can be printed off (attached)


Canteen Information

Parents can easily order lunch for their children via the Qkr App. Please see the attachments below.


Term Dates


January 30 2018 - March 29 2019        9 weeks

Autumn Break

March 30 - April 15 2018


April 16 2018 - June 29 2018                 11 weeks

Winter Break

June 30 2018 - July 15 2018


July 16 2018 - September 21 2018     10 weeks

Spring Break

September 22 2018 - October 7 2018


October 8 2018 - December 21 2018

Summer Break 2018/2019

December 22 2018 - January 29 2019

Community Partnerships

Are you a Dance Teacher and interested in volunteering?  If so click on the link below:


Brookside P-9 College Newsletter
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CSEF application form.pdf
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Viral Illnesses.pdf
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