Photo: Junior School Cross Country, March 2018

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23 March 2018
Issue Four
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From Your Leadership Team

Photo: Goldstein School Leaders Event, March 2018

Becoming a Good Digital Citizen  

                            Matt Brinson, Head of Senior School


In the previous issue of ITK,  Principal Jon Charlton wrote about whether or not to ban mobile phones at School. Student and technology use is a topic that is always asked about at our Parent Nights. 


Therefore, I would like to address the topic of how we can help our children, as well as ourselves, become more responsible technology users.  


These days, we rarely see a teenager without some sort of technological device at their fingertips. And it’s hard to know where the line falls between safe, rewarding use and overuse or misuse of technology.


Technology has increasingly become an essential part of everyone’s lives, and our young people – often referred to as ‘digital natives’ – haven’t known it any other way. They live much of their lives online from the internet and social media, to phones, apps, games, television and various other technologies; it’s easy for them, and us, to be overwhelmed when trying to use technology responsibly.



ReachOut is an Australian online service that provides specifically targeted information for parents and students. Despite the plethora of research that the internet can be a bad place, there are potential benefits for teenagers also.


ReachOut reports that young people love going online, and for very good reason. By using the Internet, they can easily access information to inform and educate themselves, maintain and develop supportive relationships, form their identities (through self-expression, learning and talking) and promote a sense of belonging and self-esteem through staying connected with friends and being involved in diverse online communities.


Positive Experience 

Research shows that the things that help young people have a positive experience online are:

  • having a good understanding of the internet and how online media work (including things like privacy settings).
  • having the skills to critically understand, analyse and create content that adds value for themselves and others.

If young people understand what it means to be a good ‘digital citizen’, you have every reason to trust them with managing their own internet use, just as you trust them to act responsibly when they’re at School and out with friends.


Potential Risks

Some risks associated with being online are: cyberbullying, trolls (people who intentionally try to cause trouble online), people isolating themselves by spending too much time online, as well as viewing and posting inappropriate material. Being aware of these risks is the first step in helping your teenager to manage them.


The potential risks online are similar to those young people can experience at school, home and in the community. Just as teenagers need to have good boundaries and rules for offline behaviour, and the guidance and morals to make good decisions, they also need these things to protect them when online.


Two hours used to be the golden rule for the amount of screen time young people should be allowed per day. That’s now being revised because it just isn’t realistic in the modern world where technology is used for education and social networking, as well as for entertainment.


It’s more important to set limits on recreational screen time, and to focus on the quality of what your children are doing on their devices.


For more information on this and other topics such as peer pressure, anxiety, alcohol and stress, please visit the ReachOut website. 

Before School Care

Just a friendly reminder to all Junior School and ELC parents that Kilvington has extended our after-school program with a before-school care program.


The program is run by our current provider – Extend and is provided from 7.30am to 8.45am for ELC students, and 7.30am to 8.25am for Junior School students, Monday to Friday.


Students are supervised by qualified staff and participate in a range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Save the Date! 

Trivia Night with a 'Touch of Bling' 

The Kilvington Grammar School PFA is excited to invite you to Trivia Night with a 'Touch of Bling'! 

The event will be held on Saturday 2 June at the Glen Eira Town Hall.


So save this date and stay tuned. Further details to come in Term 2!


Contact: Deb Duce [email protected]


Mother's Day Breakfast 

Kilvington Grammar School PFA is thrilled to invite you to our annual Mother’s Day Breakfast:

  • Bubbles on Arrival
  • Delicious Breakfast
  • Coffee, Tea and Juice
  • Guest Speaker
  • Lucky Door Prize

We are honoured to welcome Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, MBBS, MPM, FRANZCP, PhD as our guest speaker. Professor Jayashri will speak on Women's Mental Health - New Ways Forward.


Date: From 7.15am, Wednesday 2 May
Venue: Milanos Brighton, 4 The Esplanade Brighton
Cost: $35.00 per person
Tickets: Book online by clicking here
Contact: Deb Duce [email protected]
RSVP: Wednesday 25 April


For additional details, please see attached pdf. 


Bye Bye Birdie 

This year, our Senior School students will be performing the Tony Award-winning broadway production – Bye Bye Birdie.

Set in 1958, the story is inspired by the phenomenon of popular singer Elvis Presley and his draft notice into the Army in 1957. There will be hysteria, romance, laughs and, of course, brilliant performances by our students.


Bye Bye Birdie will open on Thursday 10 May, with performances on the 11 and 12 May in Dalton Hall.


Tickets will be available soon. Stay tuned!

From the ELC - Music in Early Childhood

                                      Lyn Pewtress, ELC Coordinator


This week, the ELC commenced weekly music specialist sessions with our lovely music teacher, Fiona Radford. This wonderful addition to our weekly program has inspired me to write about the benefits of music for our early childhood students.

What Children Learn from Music

Past research has suggested that exposure to music from early childhood onward helps children to speak more clearly, develop a larger vocabulary, and strengthen social and emotional skills.


Educational psychologist Howard Gardner argued that music intelligence is as important as logical and emotional intelligence; music has the ability to strengthen the connection between the body and brain.

Music is a natural and important part of young children’s growth and development. Early interaction with music positively affects the quality of all children’s lives. Successful experiences in music help all children bond emotionally and intellectually with others through creative expression in song, rhythmic movement and listening experiences.

'In terms of brain development, musical performance is as every bit important educationally as reading or writing.'
- Renowned Neurologist, Oliver Sacks 

Music in our Education Program

In the ELC, the children are provided with a rich environment that offers many possible routes for them to explore as they grow in awareness and curiosity through music.

Music education for young children involves a developmentally appropriate program of singing, moving, listening, creating, playing instruments, and responding to visual and verbal representations of sound.

In addition to our specialist program, music activities are available daily within our ELC timetable. Musical experiences are planned for various types of learning opportunities and integration with other areas of the curriculum in one-on-one and large-group music focus.

Children bring their own unique interests and abilities to the music learning environment. Each child will take away that bit of knowledge and skill that he or she is uniquely capable of understanding and developing.

Celebrating Leaders 

Photo: International Woman's Day Lunch

Annual Quill Awards for Victorian Journalism

by Elizabeth Yeo, Year 11


Kieran Connolly and I had the privilege of recently attending the Annual Quill Awards for Victorian journalism in 2017.


It was a stunning night where we were able to catch a glimpse of the stars in Victorian media as they were rewarded for their talent and incredible journalism.


The presentations, dinner and social aspects were simultaneously challenging yet mesmerising as we mingled with the award winners; journalists, photographers, camera workers and artists who were responsible for the memorable moments of 2017’s journalism.


One of the highlights of the night was meeting Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker, the two men responsible for the report that exposed the role of Chinese donors in Australian politics, and ultimately the fall of Senator Sam Dastyari.

All in all, it was a spectacular night, and we are grateful for the opportunity to meet some of Australia’s most talented journalists at the Quill Awards.

International Women’s Day

by Leanne Chua, Year 11


Elisabeth Yeo, Gemma Webb, Ms Kenney, Mrs Le Bas and I were given the wonderful opportunity to attend the International Women’s Day Lunch at Glen Eira Town Hall on 9 March.


The program celebrated the achievements of women and talked about how the gender inequality gap in society could be closed even further.


Angela Pippos, journalist, author and a prominent female figure in the male dominated industry of sport, shared her experiences of success and gender discrimination.


Following her speech, a panel of three other distinguished female individuals were called onto stage and the members of the audience were given the opportunity voice their opinions and seek answers from the panellists.


The lunch was truly an eye opening and insightful event that really deepened our understanding of the situation in regard to gender inequality and the actions we can take to reduce the disparity.


Out of the many things that I learnt, the one that truly stuck to me was a response by one of the panellists who said - 

'Women need to stop doubting themselves and go for it.' ​


Goldstein School Leaders Event

On 14 March, our Junior and Senior School leaders attended the Goldstein School Leaders event.


Attending with our Junior School leaders were Sergeant Arran Ferguson, Bayside's Citizen of the Year; Laurence Evans, Bayside Mayor; Tim Wilson, Federal Member for Goldstein; and our  very own Head of Junior School and best soccer player on the Executive team, Sebastian Earle. 

Attending with our Senior School leaders were Tim Wilson, Federal Member for Goldstein and Christian Porter, Attorney General.




An International Focus 

Photo: Enjoying crepes at Harmony Day Celebrations

Welcome for New International Students at Government House

Alan Clarke, International Student Coordinator 


As part of Harmony Day celebrations this week, new Year 9 international students Demi Gong, Jason Wang, Joyce Wu and William Lin attended the Victorian Governor’s annual Welcome for International Students at Government House. 

Approximately 400 students and their teachers from independent, government and Catholic schools attended, and we were fortunate to be able to hear speeches from and also get to talk to Her Excellency, The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, as well as other dignitaries and students over morning tea.

We also had the opportunity to explore the historic rooms and surrounds of Government House.

We are grateful for this wonderful initiative which helps to make new international students commencing in Victoria feel valued and their introduction to Melbourne more memorable.

Celebrating Harmony Day 

On 21 March, our Senior School students celebrated Harmony Day - with an Assembly, crepes and sushi - as part of our Global Connections Program.

We look forward to celebrating our Global Connections Program with our Junior School on Bastille Day!


Library Books Donated to the Philippines 

          Jane Viner, Head of Library Resource Services


The McKie Library Team has recently supported Give a Textbook in re-homing and recycling approximately 300 books to the Philippines.

It's fabulous to see these books going to those in need of such resources and not going to landfills.


Our books will make up part of an upcoming distribution project in May. Give a Textbook organisation is donating these books to Davao, Philippines, to help refurbish a Public Library as well as an after-school program for underprivileged children.


Thank you to our donors and the Library Team for their support in creating a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate than us. We will be sharing more photos and information about this project next term.

If you require any information about Give A Textbook for publishing or newspaper reference,  please email me at [email protected].

Music Notes 

Party in the Park Community Show 

by Gemma Webb, Year xxx


Several Kilvington music ensembles made their way to Allnutt Park on Sunday 18 March to perform at 'Party in the Park', an annual event held by Glen Eira City Council. 


Despite the windy weather, we performed several pieces alongside other members of Kilvington Stage Band and Concert Band. 


Having the opportunity to play music in a community setting can be nerve-wracking at times, but the experience was undoubtedly a valuable one for all the young musicians to demonstrate their abilities as performers. 


We are thankful to the School for giving us all the chance to show the Glen Eira community just how far these ensembles have come.

Nicole Bull, Academic Dean of Performing Arts


The Kilvington Klefs and Cantata Choir joined forces at 'Party in the Park' to perform two songs, representing the School with smiles and enthusiasm despite the weather conditions. 


Congratulations to Melody Xu from Year 6 for her solo When You Believe which was then followed by an upbeat rendition of When I Grow Up from the Broadway musical Matilda. 


Congratulations to all students involved.

Jazz Cabaret Evening

The Jazz Cabaret will commence this evening (Friday 23 March) at 6.00pm in Dalton Hall.


All tickets have been sold, but extra seats will be placed around the hall if you haven’t booked a seat and would like to attend. 


Our talented students will be performing an array of musical jazz and blues items. Stage Band, Concert Band, String Quartet, Choirs and many more ensembles will be entertaining you throughout the evening. There will also be door prizes and raffles.


Please come along, bring a plate of food and drink and enjoy a fun and relaxed night.  

Star of the Week

Jesse Thompson for his beautiful performance at the Soiree last Friday. Jesse is currently preparing for his Grade 4 AMEB flute exam. Good luck Jesse!


Melody Xu for presenting a variety of very impressive performances at the Friday Soirees including a speech and drama item, singing and playing the piano. 

Final Soiree for Term 1 

The final Friday Afternoon Soiree for Term 1 finished on a high note last Friday, with 18 students performing to a large audience of family, friends and teachers. 


These Soirees have been a huge success, with students presenting a wide variety of vocal, piano, flute, violin, marimba and speech and drama items. 

They offer young musicians, singers and drama students the opportunity to perform in a low-key supportive environment, whilst developing valuable performing skills and confidence.


The Friday Afternoon Soirees will continue next term. Dates will be available before the end of Term 1.

Oboe Vacancies

The Music School has vacancies for students who may be interested in learning the oboe.


Please contact Music Reception for further information.

Email: [email protected]

Diary Dates

  • Jazz Cabaret Evening - 23 March, 6.00pm – 8.00pm, Dalton Hall. 
  • Bye Bye Birdie - Thursday 10 May, with performances on 11 and 12 May in Dalton Hall.

Sport - Hockey & Soccer Update

Photo: Senior Girls Soccer Central Division Premiership, March 2018

Balaclava District Hockey Summer Round Robin

Ben Bishop, Head of Sport


Well done to our Junior School Balaclava Hockey team who were crowned equal premiers of the Balaclava District Hockey Summer Round Robin on March 19.


After nine matches, both Kilvington and Elwood Primany School were undefeated. The Premiership couldn't be split as Kilvington and Elwood had a 2-All draw in preliminary matches.

This team, comprised of Years 5 and 6 students, had almost all of it members attending Wednesday after-school training, and their improvement was amazing over the course of the term.


Fantastic effort by all involved!

Senior Girls Soccer Central Division Premiership

Well done to our Senior Girls Soccer team who won the Central Division Premiership this week.

With a combination of dogged determination, finesse and skill, we were able to overcome the 'top of the ladder' Huntingtower, 1 goal to nil.

Congratulations to the entire squad: MVP Sara Ewenson, Capt Elissa Mori, Simran Singh, Ella Dorne, Katherine Wheeler, Victoria Hronas, Ariana Papadopoulos, Emily Wilson, Lea Vouros and Madelyn Markovic.


Special thanks to all of the awesome Year 12s who played their last game for School: Jasmine Fassoulis, Marianna Polyzos, Rosie Richardson, Gabby Farfor, Annabel Hazelbank, Jemima Price, Eve Durand and Jess Conser.

Special thanks to Principal Jon Charlton for coming along and supporting the girls! And thanks to David Conser for the brilliant photos. 


Sport - Junior School Cross Country 

Photo: Winners of the Aggregate Cup - House Fysh

Junior School House Cross Country

What a fantastic day for our Junior School House Cross Country!

This year we returned to our home course of EE Gunn. Students in Prep to Year 2 completed a 1km lap, students in the 8 -10 YO group ran 2km and the 11 and 12 YO groups ran 3km.

All students gave their best effort and performed well for their House. 

Overall results for the Aggregate Cup are:

  • 1st Fysh
  • 2nd Burman
  • 3rd Fethers
  • 4th Barrett

Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists for each age group (Years 3 to 6) are:

10 Year Old Boys

  • 1st Onkaar Lamba
  • 2nd Archie Fifoot
  • 3rd Liam Fernandes

10 Year Old Girls

  • 1st Willow Devine
  • 2nd Jaeda Mellow
  • 3rd Sumer Gelfand

11 Year Old Boys

  • 1st Thomas Kokosoulis
  • 2nd Matthew Yang
  • 3rd Ben Molloy

11 Year Old Girls

  • 1st Ava Hayes
  • 2nd Hannah Lee
  • 3rd Evie Hart

12 Year Old Boys

  • 1st Aaron O’Reilly
  • 2nd Ethan Perry
  • 3rd Owen Moy

12 Year Old Girls

  • 1st Abbey Morrow
  • 2nd Scarlett Murphy
  • 3rd Greta Saville

A special thanks to Hannah McCorquodale, Year 11, for taking great photos. 


'Don't Run With Your Legs, Run With Your Heart.' - Dean Karnazes 


From the PFA 

Year 12 CSR Breakfast

by Claire Hudson,  Year 12 Class Social Rep (CSR)


As many of our teenagers slept, Year 12 parents recently came together for a leisurely breakfast at The Goat House Restaurant in Elsternwick. 

With fabulous food and company, it was a  great opportunity to share news and support each other in preparation for the year ahead.     


Thank You

Kirsten Brooks, PFA President


A big thank you to those who helped at the Senior School House Athletics BBQ and baked for the bake stall. 


We hope you enjoyed being part of the day. Thank you to Janine Mitchell and her team for organising.


Also, thank you to our CSRs for their time and energy organising events for us this term. We look forward to what is on offer for Term 2.  

Sign Up to Help

Mother's Day Stall -11 May

Come and help Junior School students make a selection for their special person!


When you sign up, we will forward you the details and check the time that best suits you between School start and lunchtime.


Production Hospitality Service -10, 11, 12 May

On each of the production evenings, the PFA serve snacks and beverages for a small charge. 


If you would like to help out with the service before the show and during the interval, please sign up here.


Foodbank - Ongoing

The next sign-up to cook will be available at the start of Term 2. Thank you to everyone who so kindly cooked a meal for a family this term. It makes such a difference.

If you wish to add your name to the cooks list, please click here. 


The calendar link will be refreshed over the break.

Trivia Night Donations

Our main social and fundraising event this year will be held on Saturday 2 June, at the Caulfield Town Hall.


With the theme of 'a touch of bling', this will be a fun parents night out! 


Bookings will open mid-April, and the link will be provided in the next issue of ITK (tables of 10 can be booked or we can add you to a table as you book).   


DONATIONS for auctions and prizes are being collected now.


Do you know a business who would donate a service or product?  Are you in a position to donate an item, product or service? 


Please contact [email protected] for information and ideas.  We look forward to making this a super event, thank you for your help!

Get your Entertainment Membership NOW to Help Raise Much Needed Funds!

Help us raise for our School by buying an Entertainment Membership from us.

You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time.


'I've been buying the Book for over 15 years. We love that we get to try restaurants, attractions, etc. that we may not have without the Book. I've definitely found some new favourites.' – Kerry D


Hurry, Entertainment Memberships sell out quickly!




There will be a sample book available at Main and Junior School Receptions. Thank you to Wendy McManamny for operating this again.

PFA Calendar

  • CSR Meeting 2 – Wednesday 18 April, 7.30 - 8.30pm, Staff Lounge.
  • SHUS – 21 April, 9.00 - 11.00am, Dalton Hall. 
  • Mother's Day Breakfast - 2 May, from 7.15am, Milanos Brighton. To book, click here
  • PFA General Meeting – Tuesday 8 May, 7.30 - 8.30pm, Staff Lounge. All parents welcome.
  • Mother's Day Stall - 11 May, Sign up here
  • Production Service - 10, 11, 12 May. Sign up here. 
  • Trivia Night 'A Touch of Bling' – Saturday 2 June, Caulfield Town Hall. Booking details to come in Term 2. 

Please forward any queries to [email protected]



Student Achievements

Sailing Wins 

Rohan and Lavanya Subbarayalu,  Years 7 and 5 respectively,  took part in the 57th International Cadets National Championships held in Metung from 27 Dec 2017 to 5 Jan 2018.


This was Rohan’s second Nationals and Lavanya’s first. With a fleet of 66 boats and a variety of weather conditions from fair to winds at 25 knots, the children sailed 12 races.

Lavanya and her skipper on Insayne finished 23rd overall with three races in the top 10. Rohan and skipper finished 6th on handicap on Manxman.
More recently, over the March long weekend, the children took part in the Victorian State Championships. Completing eight races over three days, Rohan and his skipper won the trophy for 1st place on handicap. 

Both children are excited about competing in the Nationals in Hobart this December.

Community News

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) is provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.

If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. A special consideration category also exists for asylum seeker and refugee families.


Please find more details in the attached pdf. 


Parent Briefing of New Learning Management System (KCee)

We will be holding a Parent Briefing about our new Learning Management System (KCee) from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday 18 April in Dalton Hall.


KCee will be launched to our parent community in Term 2 and the briefing will be a great opportunity to gain some valuable insight into the benefits of our new learning management system. Refreshments will be provided.


We look forward to seeing you then. Please book your place here.

After School Care

Photo: Junior School Cross Country, March 2018

Kimberley, Service Coordinator


This past fortnight has been jam packed here at After School Care!


We did such a fun mix of activities and have also been experimenting with new ones! We will be sure to do them again if they are a hit with the group.


We made bubble snakes which was a huge success. They were so easy to make yet so effective with a long stream of bubbles being formed ... and who doesn’t like chasing bubbles?!


We also made sushi which was delicious. The kids did such an amazing job, and I really couldn’t tell the difference between ours and store-bought sushi! We did a bit of a cheat’s version though and used pre-cooked brown rice, although now I am inspired to make this more often at home as it really was a quick and healthy snack.


We have also been savouring the nice weather by playing outdoor games as much as possible. 


This term has flown by but we are looking forward to the last week of it!

Our Extend Superstars are…

Shubhangi Sengupta for trying new experiences even though she thought she wouldn’t like it. As it turned out, she really enjoyed it!


Jack O’Brien for being adaptive and adjusting to new routines and experiences. It’s amazing to see him making new friends and getting involved in all the different games and activities.

What’s on Next Week?

Monday 26th March:
Hummus Dip
Tuesday 27th March:
Indigenous Paintings
Wednesday 28th March:
Magic Cups
Thursday 29th March:
End of Term Party!!
Friday 30th March:
Public Holiday







Years 9 to 12 Cabaret Evening

6.00pm – 8.00pm

Dalton Hall



Year 9 Character Day


EISM Swimming Champions Evening

5.30pm – 8.30pm


26 - 28

Years 3 and 4 Camp

26 - 29

Years 5 and 6 Camp



Years 7 to 12 EISM Athletics Meeting (Selected Students)

8.30am – 12.40pm



DAV Debating Round 2 

5.30pm – 9.30pm



Term 1 Concludes!



Start of Term 2










In the Know
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