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07 February 2019
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Leadership @ Monty





Welcome to the first edition of our MPS Newsletter for 2019. Please ensure that you regularly read this fortnightly newsletter, as key information is communicated to you in this way.  Our staff are committed to strengthening the home/school partnership and of course, communication is the key.  Information is also sent regularly via Compass. Please check your Compass settings to ensure all information can be sent to you. If unsure, please check in at the Office. 



We welcomed our new Foundation cohort last Thursday and it was wonderful to see all

62 "Monty Marvels" at Assembly this week. We are already so proud of how they have settled into school life! We were fortunate to have Chris Daicos (Educational Consultant), speak to our Foundation families last week about "Building Resilience in Children". 


As parents, Chris urges us all to encourage our kids to love learning and make friends by:
TO let our kids do things for themselves and not do things for them;

TO let children try things for themselves;

TO let our children fail;

TO let our children talk for themselves, don't speak for then;

TO work with our children to discover solutions to problems - don't jump in to rescue them or suggest how to fix situations;

TO have a life away from our children;

TO encourage our child's strengths and talents;

TO develop children's social and emotional learning;

TO help children consider the consequences of their decisions;

TO engage in conversations that encourage children to put themselves into the shoes of others;

TO encourage children to have a variety of friends in a variety of contexts.


Amy & Geoff - (parents of Caitlin  - Foundation C):

"The 2019 Foundation parent body, having made it (just!) through drop off Number 1, were fortunate to be introduced that morning to the erudite and ebullient Chris Daicos. Demonstrating with clarity and humour our triumphs and, ahem, possible shortcomings, in the course of readying kids for school, Chris’s presentation on building resilience in children offered a refreshing review on how to frame the future, grasp daily opportunities to foster our kids’ social competence and their capacity to problem solve for themselves. The message of how to trust and partner with our teachers and school to achieve that autonomy was heartening. We left armed with a range of tools with which to successfully navigate parenting a primary student for the next seven years."


Notes from Chris's presentation can be accessed on the Chris Daicos' page at the end of this newsletter.



We are fortunate to have the opportunity to continue to build our resilience capabilities as a community, as we have recently forged a partnership with 'The Resilience Project'. Watch this space for further information!



I know that many of you had a chance to "Meet and Greet" your child's class teacher at our Welcome BBQ last week. It was a lovely,  informal setting and it was wonderful to see so many people getting to know one another.


We have made some changes to the our interview/reporting schedule this year, with the aim to improve communication in regard to student progress. We have replaced the traditional "Meet and Greet" interview, which was usually held in Week 3 or 4, with a Parent Information Evening. Please make the time to attend next Wednesday 13th February. Teachers  will be hosting a session at each Year Level, with the view of presenting a yearly overview. I am sure that you will find these sessions very informative and help you to further understand some of the systems we have in place here at MPS .


Foundation - 6:30pm in Miss Zoe's room

Grade 1 & 2 - 6:30pm in the Library

Grade 3 & 4 - 7pm in the NEW portable

Grade 5 & 6 - 7pm in the 5/6 classroom


Your child's 2019 class teacher has spent a considerable amount of time with your child's 2018 teacher, handing over important information and data.   Feedback from last year, told us that parents and staff wanted more time discussing student progress. Therefore, we have added into the calendar a Parent/Teacher interview at the end of Term 1, which will focus on student progress.  However, as always, if you need to touch base with your child's class teacher, please don't hesitate to speak to our Office staff and they will set up a convenient, mutual meeting time.


Important Reporting Dates:

Parent/Teacher Interviews - Wednesday 3rd April,  12pm -7pm (detailed information to come)

Semester 1 Reports - distributed at the end of Term 2.

Student-led Conferences - early Term 3.

Semester 2 Reports- distributed at the end of Term 4. 



I would like to invite everyone to our first Parents and Friends meeting following Assembly this coming Monday 11th February, in the Kitchen. This will be an informal meeting where we will chat over a cuppa and run through some events that will take place this year. 



There were some major building works over the holiday period. Our new portable was completed throughout the break. Special thanks to Michael Smith for his support and guidance with this project. Michael also built and installed the cupboards and benches in the portable - we are very grateful! The students in 3/4A and 3/4D are thrilled with their new learning space.


We are still waiting on the sails that will be attached to the  gigantic poles around the little adventure playground! These poles were installed over the break as well. Huge thanks to Dave Koolstra for overseeing this project and giving up his time to do some heavy, manual labour!



February 2019, marks the 10 year anniversary of the 2009 Victorian bush fires, one of the worst natural disasters Victoria has experienced. It is a time to remember those who died and the devastation caused to communities.


We would like to reassure you that our School can provide guidance on support services available to parents, students and families who may be seeking assistance during these difficult times.
It is normal to have strong reactions following a distressing or frightening event and as the anniversary approaches, people may begin to feel grief and experience strong emotional reactions.
To find out further information about support services, please feel free to contact me:

Anyone experiencing problems or changes in behaviour should contact their doctor, mental health professional, or Lifeline for help and support. 
Student and parent support:


All the best for a great week!

Janene and Kristie


Important Dates


Mon 11th @ 9:30am Parents & Friends Welcome in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen

Wed 13th - Parent Information Evening  (Foundation - Year 2, 6:30 - 7:00 pm ) ( Year 3 - Year 6,  7:00-7:30 pm )

Thurs 14th - House Swimming Carnival @ Eltham Leisure Centre,  Grades 4-6

Wed 20th - District Swimming (selected students)

Tues 26th   -  2018 Final School Council Meeting @ 6:30pm followed by 2019 School Council Meeting @ 7pm


Fri 1st - History Incursion Grades 3/4

Wed 6th - P&F Meeting 9:30 am

Wed 6th - Division Swimming  (selected students)

Thurs 7th - Resilience Project Student Sessions

Mon 11th - Labour Day Public Holiday

Fri 15th - National Day of Action Against Bulling & Violence 

Mon 18th - Resilience Project Parent Evening Session (time TBC)

Term 1 - 30 Jan - 5 April

Term 2 - 23rd April - 28 June

Term 3 - 15 July - 20 September

Term 4 - 7 October - 20 December


Wed 3rd - Parent/Teacher Interviews, 12:00pm - 7:00 pm 

Fri 5th - Easter Parade, 1:30 pm

Fri 5th - End of Term 1, Dismissal 2:30 pm

2019 Curriculum Days

Friday 7th June
Monday 19th August
Monday 4th November




What a brilliant start the 2019 Foundation students have made to their schooling. We are so proud of our Monty Marvels and all they have learnt so far. Their first School Assembly was an amazing demonstration of their ability to use whole body listening. "We did a listening activity, as well as a Buddy painting activity, school yard adventure and more so far." Leon

It’s only been three days at school, but here is some of our highlights so far…


Students of the week

Term 1 - Week 2

Connor J (FA) - Congratulations on a fantastic start to Foundation Connor .You have shown that you are a kind friend to all with fantastic listening skills. You are a star!

Ryan Mc (FB) - Congratulations on a fantastic start to Foundation Ryan. You are a compassionate and kind friend to all your classmates. Keep it up super star!

Daniel B (FC) - For being a friendly classmate and showing off your brilliant smile all day long. You have made a brilliant start to foundation. Well done super star!

Amelia B & Josephine W(12A) -

Amelia - It has been a pleasure to see Amelia step up and support the new Grade 1s in their                             learning. You have done this without being asked! Well Done!                 

Josephine  - It has been a pleasure to see you step up and support the new Grade 1s around you                  with their learning - without being asked! You have also helped organise the classroom! Well Done!

Artharva T & Ben S(12B) - 

Atharva has shown the values of respect and learning by listening respectfully to his class mates            and teachers and doing his best work in learning time. Great job Artharva!

Ben has shown the values of respect and safety by working very hard to keep our learning                               environment clean. this also makes our learning space safe for everyone.

Lily W (12C) - Congratulations Lilly for making a fantastic start to the new school year. You are a great listener and a wonderful role model to your peers.

Felix M (12D) - For showing the school values of Respect and Friendship: Felix comes to school eagerly each day and is a pleasure to be around. He shows respect to others by listening intently and being a friend to all. We feel so lucky to have him as a respectful, kind member of 1/2D.

Rory D & Zak F(12E) - 

- Rory  is a fantastic role model who consistently demonstrates all of the school values! He supports and encourages all his classmates and has taken it upon himself to take great care of our new student. We are so lucky to have such a thoughtful and kind member in 1/2E, amazing start to the year!

- Zak has come to school with a positive attitude and bright smile everyday. He has made lots of new friends and settled in so well. It is lovely to see him engage with learning tasks and collaborative group work enthusiastically. We are so lucky to have you at Monty!

Dylan H (34A) - What a great start to the year Dylan, you have shown such an enthusiatic attitude towards your learning! Well done, keep it up superstar!

Jennara B (34B) -  Jennara displays a thoughtful and creative approach to her learning at all times. What a great start to 3/4B!

Sari D (34C) -  Sari continuously displays a positive attitude towards her learning and takes pride in the work she produces. What a fantastic start to the year!

Kaelan R (34D) - This week, Kaelan approached all tasks with enthusiasm and optimism. He thoughtfully reflected on his strengths and areas for future improvement during his holiday recount. What a start to the year!

Maeve L (56A) - Learning - Maeve has demonstrated a positive and enthusiastic start to her year in grade 5. We are lucky to have her share her imaginative ideas with us!

Indigo S (56B) - FRIENDSHIP- Indigo has made an outstanding start to the year. She is open, compassionate and a great friend to all her classmates!







Sports News

A big thank you to all who were involved last Friday and our Welcome BBQ and the launch of our new House System!  It was a great night with Irwin (Green) winning with over 1000 points! It was great to see so many students participating and having a terrific time. Thank you to all the adults that operated the BBQ. 

Coming up next week,  is our Grade 4-6 swimming carnival at Eltham Leisure Centre. Students will be competing for their school house as well as to see who will represent Montmorency Primary at the District swimming level.

Good luck to the Grade 4-6 students as they try their best in the pool!

Mr Josh


Some of our teachers; Mr Josh, Mr Boyd, Mr Lewis and Mr H, getting into the House spirit!


Teacher Feature 

Anna McLay 1/2D

What memory do you most treasure?

Definitely my wedding day! I was lucky enough to get married in November last year amongst my closest friends and family. It was a beautiful day and something I will always treasure.


Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you'd know…that I am animal OBSESSED! I currently have 3 cats and 2 dogs that make up my fur-baby clan. If I had it my way, I would also have a chicken, a goat, a duck…  


What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?

 Anything by Middle Kids.


What did you want to be when you were younger?

I was certain that I would grow up and become a vet. It took until I was 20 to realise that I was born to be a teacher.


What are you most grateful for?

There are so many things that make me feel blessed every day. My wife, my fur-babies, my family. Monty Primary has become my “happy place” and I am so grateful for the staff, students and community. I feel so lucky to get to do what I love every day surrounded by amazing people!


Kevin Wilcockson 1/2A


When was the last time you were nervous?

During the holidays (this year) my two wonderful children challenged me to join them on an extreme (really extreme!) High Ropes course in Adelaide. Strapped in a harness and tethered to wire ropes we clambered up five levels of tasks – only to be confronted by a leap of faith 30 metres off the ground! Jumping off the edge was certainly the hardest thing I have done, so far.


What is something that you do to relax and unwind?

I love to sit by the pool with a good book and read for hours. I really enjoy the author Matthew Reilly the Jack West series … And, eating lots of chocolate (M&M's).


What would you name the autobiography of your life?

If I had to choose right now, in the moment  - it would have to be… ‘The Boy Who Never Grew Up’.

This is for the simple reason, that I love to have a laugh and a joke and play the occasional practical joke on people.


What did you want to be when you were younger?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a professional soccer player and play for Chelsea F.C. Now I have to be satisfied with being a fan and watching my team on the T.V!


What are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for the love and support of my amazing family, friends and work colleagues that surround me each and every day.



SAKG Newsletter Term 1 2019​

Welcome to Term 1 of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Monty Primary. The beautiful fresh produce that has been growing over the holidays is ready to harvest and be turned into some tasty dishes by our students. To those families starting at Monty this year, The SAKG Program is run by Elisa in the kitchen and Claire in the garden. Before becoming a teacher, Elisa worked in Nutrition and Dietetics and Claire has a degree in Science, Nutrition and Sustainability.

We are passionate about providing the younger generation with skills and knowledge to equip them in making healthy and sustainable choices for their future. It is incredibly rewarding watching our students develop in confidence both in the kitchen and garden, their willingness to try new foods is a testament to the program.


We need your help!

Both Kitchen and Garden classes rely on volunteer assistance for the success of the Program and we appreciate any time that you can offer. All volunteers will need a Working with Children Check that needs to be presented to the office prior to volunteering.


How Kitchen classes run

Students work together in small groups to prepare a dish from a recipe. There are 5 groups in each class, therefore 5 different dishes are prepared. The prepared dishes are shared by students, staff and volunteers. Ideally each group needs 1 adult working with them. Elisa and the classroom teacher will each work with a group. We require 3 volunteers per class so that each remaining group is supervised.


How Garden classes run

Garden classes vary from week to week. Some weeks we will do a class activity and some weeks we will work in groups. The Garden class volunteer’s role includes supervising group tasks, assisting the teacher with activities and clean up. Please note that no garden knowledge is necessary but if you have skills or expertise in a particular area, we would love you to share this with our students.


If you would like to volunteer during our garden classes or assist with some garden maintenance fill in your name in the session you’re available.


Share Your Knowledge!

We know there are some talented parents and carers out there so if you would like to share some of your garden or kitchen expertise with our students please get in touch.


SAKG Volunteer Gardening Group

Due to the success of our Volunteer Garden Morning Tea last year, we are continuing our volunteer gardening sessions in 2019. Last year our Labyrinth Garden was transformed through the help of volunteers and this year we are hoping to continue to improve our indigenous garden.

We will be holding our volunteer garden group on Wednesday afternoons from 2:50pm - please feel welcome to attend.



We are currently looking for donations of a few items.

  • Preloved electric fry pan in great working order
  • Preloved Food processor in great working order
  • Lemons
  • Any home grown fruit or vegetables that you may have in excess

Thank you!

Elisa and Claire



Camp Australia

Friendship Day


Medical Action Plan - Urgent Reminder

For all children with medical conditions, parents need to see Etta one day prior to booking child in before first visit, with a valid action plan and medication. All medical action plans are reviewed and renewed annually. 

Children will not be accepted without a valid ACTION PLAN.

Community Events

Eltham Calisthenics College


Drum Lessons


Fireball Tennis Academy


Home Help Wanted


Banyule & Districts Netball Association


Stage School Australia


Lavrin & Lawrence Orthodontics


Ongoing school fundraisers

Foodworks Reward program

Everyone shops at Foodworks in Were St, it is easy and convenient. Now it can be   rewarding as well.

Next time you are in Foodworks simply ask for a Rewards Club Card at checkout and then register the card online at home. You then nominate the percentage of points you want to go to the school by selecting Montmorency Primary School as the receiver. 

Then every time you go shopping at any Foodworks, remember to have your Club Card scanned. You can see how many points you have earnt at the bottom of your receipt.

The school is rewarded with a cheque or Foodworks vouchers which we then use as raffle prizes.

Earnings for 2018 have been over $200! A great effort.


Chris Daicos' notes

Notes from Foundation presentation on Friday 1st


Montmorency Primary School Newsletter
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