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25 October 2018
Issue 17
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Quick Dates

Week 4, Term 4


Monday 29 October

6.30pm FCIP Intermediate Showcase Concert (Sam Damiano)


Tuesday 30 October

2:00pm Year 7 Hip Hop (LG 4, 5 and 6)

Francis and Clare Study CANCELLED today due to Awards Evening

7.00pm College Awards Evening


Friday 2 November

7.00pm Senior Showcase Concert (Sam Damiano)




From the Desk of the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers, Staff and Students and Friends of Mount Alvernia College,


This week I have attached an article published by the Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia.


[email protected]



Deputy Principal
Student Development

From the Desk of the Deputy Principal - Student Development

In this Year of Youth, we have been called to work with the passion and energy of our young students and to enable them to consider their place in the world. For many of our young people, as they make their way through adolescence, the desire to find out who they are and what they are meant to be is a challenging task. Being an adolescent brings with it the necessary physical and emotional changes that by themselves can leave many of them questioning what is important. As adults and mentors we have the capacity to provide the steady course through a somewhat rocky road. It is by providing opportunities and encouragement that we can steady them on the journey and hopefully enable them to see the potential ahead.


This year saw the roll-out of the Raise the Bar Leadership Program. In Term 2, all students in the College were led through the similarly-named leadership course aimed to inspire and educate. As a compulsory part of the Raise the Bar Program, the course has provided all students with the foundations for considering College leadership positions in the future. 
While not all students will desire to be a badged leader, the program provided insight into different types of leadership, which can help students to identify areas where they may have led or can lead in the future.


Mount Alvernia is excellent at providing the opportunities for students to step up and be involved. Furthermore, Mount Alvernia is equally skilled at encouraging students to look for and develop their own initiative.  Whatever the situation or experience, students are contributing to what is possible and witnessing where they may find their future interest and potential.

The strength of our young people isn’t always noticed in the everyday. While the leadership program provides an avenue for some students to honour this ability, there has been evidence throughout the Year of our Youth showing extraordinary characteristics of leadership that, for the most, goes by with a simple note of commendation.


Evidence of leadership has taken many forms.  The students who attended Sony Camp and stepped into a parenting role of a young person with a disability showed their ability to use their initiative and flexibility while maintaining care and compassion at all costs. The student participants in the Anti bullying Task Force have led conversations and ideas that would contest any judicial committee aiming to put an end to this negative side of human behaviour. The girls working in the Environment Club continue to look for endless possibilities to make Mount Alvernia the stewards of the environment that it is destined to be. Furthermore, there are students who have committed to sporting, cultural, and academic endeavours beyond the classroom with a dedication that is unsurpassed. Many of these students partake in several of these categories and do so throughout the year, often going under the radar of recognition as they explore their potential across a plethora of activities. 


Students at Mount Alvernia are leading every day and, while this may not be on a large scale as part of what Mount Alvernia provides, there are many who quietly show this in their everyday actions and behaviours. The student who steps in to help another who is feeling overwhelmed by providing encouragement and advice honours her leaderships skills in the same way a student does who stands up for another by stopping the negative talk about that student.  The student who welcomes the visitor by showing them the way to their destination explores their leadership potential in the same way a student does who volunteers to clean up after assembly when their friends leave them to make their way to lunch. 


We must be present to our students. It is only in listening and working with them that we can assist them to continue to find their place in the world. Every opportunity we can encourage a child to take is a chance to identify what may work for her in the future and where she may find her place in the world. Our job must be to continue to encourage them to explore, experiment, and to be excited by new ventures.

Annette Butterworth

Deputy Principal
Staff Development

From the Desk of the Deputy Principal - Staff Development

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to attend several events that celebrate all that is good at Mount Alvernia. The College Art & Design Show last Friday and the FCIP Rock Symphony this week, were two events that were a celebration of our community and a showcase of authentic student learning experiences. As I reflect on these events I am not only impressed by the quality of student work on display and performed, but I am also reminded of how fortunate we are to have staff that support the learning journey of our young women in unique and diverse ways. In this Year of Youth, where we celebrate young people, we are also reminded it is through the gifts of our staff that we nurture the academic, spiritual, physical and cultural wellbeing of the young women under our care.


As we approach World Teachers’ Day this Friday, it is no surprise we should take a moment to acknowledge the achievements of all our staff who each play a significant role in ensuring Mount Alvernia maintains its position as an outstanding educational community. The day is significant as it acknowledges the positive difference teachers make – creating opportunities for their students, empowering our young people, and proudly teaching our future leaders, innovators and influencers. Tomorrow we will acknowledge at a special morning tea the contribution of our staff and recognise those members of the team who are in their 10th year of service to the College. I am sure you will find it no surprise that we have many long-serving members of staff (some here 20 or even 30 years plus) that is indicative of how special an educational community this is.


The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) encourages us to share stories of inspirational teachers through using the hashtags #TeacherDifference #WorldTeachersDay. Further details can be found on the website:'-day-2018


Prior to the Art Show last week, we had extra cause for celebration as our very own Mrs Helen Stower was awarded Teacher Librarian of the Year. Those who know Helen well would know this award is most deserving. Her dedication to leadership of our iCentre has seen we are not only promoting “best”, but “next” practice in this field and her role in advancing student learning in this arena is exemplary. In addition, the iCentre was recognised for the Read Like A Girl project. Congratulations to Helen and the team on this impressive achievement and for sharing your gifts with our community to empower the young women we work with.

Spotlight on Staff:

We recently welcomed to the team Ms Sarah Porchak to the role of Learning Area Advisor: English & Languages. Before commencing her teaching career, Sarah completed an Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, where she was born. She moved to Brisbane in 2010 and completed her Postgraduate Studies in Secondary Education at The University of Queensland. Although her passion and expertise is in Language and Literature, Sarah has been a leader in Pastoral Care and Religious Education in various schools across Australia. She has received a warm welcome in her first week and she is looking forward to being part of the Mount Alvernia community.

All the best in the lead up to our Awards Night celebration next week.

Students impressed by the Staff Art work on display at the 2018 Art Show

We are fortunate to have such talented practitioners working with our students with featured artwork from Ms Lorella Masci, Mrs Rhiannon Markwell, Mrs Sally Ludlow, Mr Anthony Baker and Mrs Skubi Testa. Thank you for sharing your gifts with our students.

Daniel Crump

Assistant Principal Student Learning

From the Desk of the Assistant Principal - Student Learning


As I sat and thought about what I might write about this week, I felt that, being that time of the year, where we are celebrating our academic and other achievements, I might share with you the focus of my school magazine article. I hope that it provides some impetus to maintain a level of commitment and excellence and to ensure that we all complete the year well.


“To navigate through this world, students will need to develop curiosity, imagination, resilience, and self-regulation; they will need to respect and appreciate the ideas, perspectives and values of others; and they will need to cope with failure and rejection, and to move forward in the face of adversity. Their motivation will be more than getting a good job and a high income; they will also need to care about the well-being of their friends and families, their communities and the planet” (Foreword, OECD 2018).


In this, the Year of Youth, my magazine article is dedicated, as always, to our young women - our students - and poses some questions and ideas to challenge them in their thinking and reflections. Whether completing Year 7 as the newest members of our community, being one of our seniors and heading out of the gates for the last time (in the coming weeks), or being somewhere in between these two milestones, I know that [all] would have experienced some successes and learnt a great deal; that maybe you have even failed in something but, as a true Mt Alvernian, picked yourself up and progressed. Ultimately, I know that everyone has grown as an individual in some way because, here, we not only focus on you [the] student, guiding you in your studies, but we aim to provide the opportunity for you to learn about the needs of others, the global community, and to contribute and serve in whatever way possible.


So to our girls of Mt A:

As my role in the College is dedicated to Student Learning, I see it as my obligation to do all I can to help maximise the opportunities for learning - for all of you. This means that I, with all the teachers here, must continue to learn in order to keep abreast of the latest and most effective educational innovations and changes, of which there are many. As young people who sit in our classrooms every day, who do your best to achieve success, you may not always think about what occurs prior to the lessons beginning, the assessments being handed out, and the daily schedules that tick over day after day. However, much goes on to ensure that you are provided varied opportunities and experiences that assist you to reach the goals that you set yourselves each term, semester, and each year. We are very aware of the significance of helping you attain the skills, values, and attitudes that will best serve you in your future.  


Q. So consider: What goals have you set this year, and have you achieved what you set out to do?


This year, the OECD published a position paper for education towards 2030, The Future We Want, where the attributes they believe are needed for young people to thrive in this world are outlined. They state that education should be committed to helping every learner develop as a whole person, fulfill his or her potential, and help shape a shared future built on the well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet (p3). I see much of what they outline mirrors the values we espouse here at Mt A, our central vision and mission for “the total development of our young women”, with the notion of “caring for the earth and humankind, working towards justice and building community”.  I hope, this year, you have embraced some aspect of your learning in the light of these visions and missions. 


Q. So consider: What have you accomplished and how will this serve you as you move forward?


Thank goodness that, in these times, school is very different to what it once was. Our college environment in the first instance is something that others view with awe, and our classrooms are intentionally designed to be flexible and learner-centred. Physical spaces are important, but of greater value is the practice of building relationships which is essential at Mt A, and I trust that, in the process of learning, you have experienced that sense of belonging we hold as central to our purpose. Needless to say, everything that we do may not necessarily suit all of you, every day of the year but, if you stop and reflect, I know you will identify the many times you have achieved; the times you connected with a teacher or another person and smiled; the times you have 'stopped to smell the roses' (literally); and those other times when someone helped you out.  Remember that learning is not restricted to the classroom; on the contrary, learning occurs every minute of every day in all variety of ways. Even a stroll around our garden can be one of those times!


Q. So consider: What has been a significant learning for you this year? What is most memorable? What impact has it had on you as a young person?


For those of you who will be completing your time with us as a student at Mount Alvernia College, I trust that we have helped you become the person you wish to be, and that you will leave a strong legacy for us to remember you by. If you are continuing your Mt A journey, keep building and creating that legacy, it will serve you well into the future.  Embrace all that comes your way, do what you love and enjoy, but also commit the effort to challenge yourself and serve others.


As Clare of Assisi espoused, “We become what we love, and who we love shapes what we become.”


Debra Evans


Careers News

Another fortnight, another Careers update!

See attached for information on the following:

Apprenticeships and Traineeships
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          The ConocoPhillips Science Experience  
Scholarship Season
2019 Directory of Performing Arts Courses Now Available

Melissa Loveday

Italian Pilgrimage 2018

This year Mount Alvernia College students were invited to join Padua College students on a pilgrimage where participants would discover Franciscan Italy and some of the holy sites that are important to the religious traditions of the colleges. On Wednesday 26 September, 22 students, five teachers and Fr John Boyd-Boland left Australia for a journey that would take them to Venice, Padua, Florence, Assisi, and Rome.


From the moment that they landed in Venice, the pilgrims knew that they were in a special part of the world.  Leaving the airport in a water taxi to reach the accommodation just off the Grand Canal was a spectacular way to arrive.  Highlights of the time spent in Venice included a tour of the Doge’s Palace and prison, crossing the Bridge of Sighs, and touring St Mark’s Basilica, experiencing the imposing Byzantine architecture – a war trophy from the Venetian-led conquest of Constantinople during the Crusades.


The next stop on the trip was the city of Padua.  Here the pilgrims had the opportunity to tour the university, explore the town on the hop-on-hop-off bus, and visit the Piazza del Santo – the Basilica of St Anthony of Padua. Mass led by Fr John in the Basilica was very affecting. The town itself was lovely, but what was particularly special was the Paduan attitude and philosophy and these are a part of the group’s academic heritage. For Mount Alvernia students, it was of particular interest to learn about Elena Cornaro Piscopia, who was the first woman to attend the University of Padua and in 1678 she became the first woman in the world to receive a PhD degree. 


From Padua, the pilgrims travelled to Florence.  Here, pilgrims climbed to the top of the Duomo.  They were led on a tour of the city by Mr O’Brien and, finally, Fr John led a tour of the Basilica of Santa Croce – the principal Franciscan church in Florence.  The next stop on the itinerary after Florence was Assisi. On the way to Assisi, the group visited Mount Alvernia College’s namesake - La Verna.  As the place where St Francis received the Stigmata, this was a significant site in the pilgrimage.

A highlight of the trip was being in Assisi for the Feast Day of St Francis celebrations.  These celebrations took place over three days, beginning with the Feast Day Eve party held in the town square.  At this party a feast was served to the whole town, and entertainment followed with drum performances, flag throwing, music, and singing. On the Feast Day, a march proceeded from the town square to the Basilica of St Francis where a special Mass was held.  It was a lot of fun for the pilgrims who joined in the parade dressed in their tour outfit. The following day, celebrations continued with markets held throughout the town. Other highlights of the time in Assisi included visiting the Basilica of Santa Chiara (St Clare), and the Cathedral of San Rufino, Mass in Chiesa Nuova, and hiking to the Rocca Maggiore, a fortress that overlooks the town.


The final city on the pilgrimage was Rome. In Rome, pilgrims were treated to two very special celebrations of the Mass.  These Masses were held at St Isadore’s and the Basilica of St Peter respectively.  The Mass at St Peter’s was conducted at the altar of St Jerome.  Under the altar are the remains of Pope St John XXIII, who transformed the Church during the Second Vatican council.

Before the pilgrims left Brisbane, Mr Peter Elmore, the Rector of Padua College, explained that a pilgrimage is praying with the feet.  Mr Michael O’Brien, who led the pilgrimage, explained that as pilgrims walked the sacred sites of their schools’ heritage they were experiencing the theology of place.  Both of these descriptions describe the rich and spiritual experience of the 2018 Franciscan Pilgrimage.

Helen Stower


Music Bursary Winner

The 2018 Alan and Joan Napier Family Instrumental Music Bursary

Last week, the 2018 Alan and Joan Napier Family Instrumental Music Bursary auditions were held for FCIP musicians. This Bursary pays the cost of FCIP tuition fees for a period of two years for a student in Year 8 (Years 8 & 9) and a student in Year 11 (Years 11 & 12). The FCIP would like to sincerely thank the Napier Family for their generous contribution to instrumental music at Padua and Mount Alvernia Colleges and their ongoing support of the FCIP.


We also acknowledge the efforts of all those students who prepared work and auditioned for this valuable prize. This year’s auditions were of a very good standard and gave the judges much to consider in determining the winners.


On behalf of the Napier family, the FCIP is proud to announce that the winners of the 2018 Allan and Joan Napier Family Bursary are

  • Lucinda Poy (Year 8)
  • Joshua Stone (Year 11)

Congratulations to both student! They performed difficult material very well and we thank them for their thorough preparation and entertaining auditions.

Mt A for a Day

This experience was put together by our Year 12 Certificate Business class over a number of weeks.

It was a combination of all the skills we have learnt in this class over the two years. From mail merging to making documents, to having team meetings to greeting the Year 6s on the day, this task was full of challenges.

It required us all to step up to the plate and use our initiative to complete the tasks at hand each week. Our communication, with not only each other but with teachers and students out with our class, had to be effective and informative. From this we have gained experience and now have an understanding of what really goes on behind the scenes on days like this. We have a deeper understanding of what it's like to be in a business environment and how to think on our feet in busy situations.


Overall, we have enjoyed introducing the new Year 7s coming in 2019 to the College and hope that they enjoy their time here as much as we have.


Mya Coombes, Celeste Ponticello and Hayley Cotter


Spring Fashion Gala
Saturday 27 October


FCIP End of Year Concert Series

2018 End of Year Concert Series

Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Programme


2018 End of  Year Concert Series 


We would like to invite your family or friends to attend one or all of our End of  Year Concerts to share in the pleasure of music. 


Intermediate Showcase - 6:30pm, Mon 29th October

Senior Showcase - 7:00pm, Fri 2nd November

Junior Showcase - 6:30pm, Mon 5th November


Venue - San Damiano Centre (Mt Alvernia College) 


This is a wonderful set of events showcasing a variety of music  performed by over 400 talented musicians within the  Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Programme. 
****  Entry is by Donation  ****

All Donations contribute towards the purchase of New Specialist Instruments.


Sport Celebration Evening


A Very Chorale Christmas


Mount Alvernia Traffic Management Plan

Over the past few months, the College has been working with Brisbane City Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads to develop a Traffic Management Plan for the College.  This is to ensure everyone, including students, parents, carers, and staff, understand the transport options that are available and the rules that need to be followed to ensure they can travel to and from school in a safe and efficient manner.  


The Traffic Management Plan is available on the College website.  Please access this plan and view the information it provides -


Recent changes approved by Brisbane City Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads include a designated Bus Zone on Cremorne Rd (immediately after the loading zone).  This bus zone area is not available for unallocated parking between the hours of 7:00– 9:00am and 2:00–6:00pm on school days.


The College has also had approval to turn the pedestrian crossing on Cremorne Road into a supervised Crossing.  This crossing will be supervised by College staff at the commencement and end of each school day from 19 November 2018.


Appropriate signs have been installed in both the Bus Zone and the Supervised Crossing area.  The College’s passenger loading zones are also located on Cremorne and Somerset Roads.  Please note where these areas are and listen to any instructions given by zone supervisors or crossing supervisors.  

This will ensure the safety of all who travel to and from the College.

Staff Uniform

Members of the College staff are now able to wear the new uniform. The range is available for ordering through the Uniform Shop. We're sure you'll agree that the early adopters are looking very smart!

La Cucina


Friday 26 October

Jen Davissen


Monday 29 October

Cheryl Poy

Anne-Marie Sams

Jo Galvin


Tuesday 30 October

Lidia Ranalli

Lilly Boccalatte

Margaret Hutchins


Wednesday 31 October

Donna Parker


Thursday 1 November

Leighann Carey

Tanya McMinn

Colette Rosso


Friday 2 November

Trisha Kerrin

Kristin Purvis


Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Cathy at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.

Community Notices

Padua College Raceday Saturday 3 November

Tickets are limited and may be purchased via

All tickets purchased will be available for collection from Padua College Office

Grange Thistle Football Club Development Coaching


Charity Cent Auction - Saturday 10 November




Anglicare Volunteer Services


News & Views
Study shows girls from single-sex schools as confident as boys .pdf
Women in Defence - Challenge Yourself Experience 8-9 Nov 18.pdf
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