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06 December 2019
Issue Four

Respect      Responsibility      Integrity      Personal Best 

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Principal's Report


The tone around the college and the focus of students on their learning is to be congratulated.  I have been very impressed by the senior students approach to the examination period and for the respect displayed by all students in maintaining a quiet, calm atmosphere across the school.  I particularly want to wish our graduating class of 2019 all the very best on their final assessments. Similarly the commitment and willingness of students to participate in the many co-curricular activities on offer, including performance evenings, has been outstanding.  Thank you to all members of our community for their commitment to these fantastic events.

Award Commendation

Taylah Denning from Year 11 VCAL was nominated and has received a commendation for The Order of Australia Association Schools Project Annual Award for 2019.

Taylah’s project involved  fundraising, organising, buying and making essential item packs for the homeless people in Melbourne.

Taylah then went into the city and delivered these items to those ‘living rough’ and donated the remaining packs to the Salvation Army.

Well done Taylah. We are extremely proud of your efforts and contribution to society.

Click the link below to view Taylah delivering her packs to the homeless in Melbourne.




2019 Fashion and Art Exhibition

The annual Peninsula Teenage Art Exhibition and Fashion Show was held on Monday 21 October. I would like to congratulate the Dromana College Parents and Friends Association and the Arts and Technology students and staff for providing this opportunity for young people across the Mornington Peninsula. It was fantastic to see so many of our creative students entering the fashion design competition. Congratulations and thank you to all involved with hosting,  liaising, catering, rehearsing and particularly our Parents and Friends Association for organising and driving this event - well done.



Junior School Production - The Snow

The junior students of Dromana College were involved in an amazing production called 'The Snow'. It is a fantastical tale of a boy who proposes a solution to the wall of snow that has imprisoned a small village. 'The Snow' is whimsical and humorous, dark and mysterious, heartfelt and sincere. Our students were superb and I would like to thank all the Dromana College staff who were involved and of course our wonderful parents for all their help and support.



Building News

It is with great excitement I announce on behalf of our college council the complete rebuilding of the “Year 11” area of the school. This project will see the development of facilities costing approximately $3 million dollars, and transform this much-loved area of the school into a state of the art learning space.  Our aim is to complete the building works by the end of Semester 1, 2020.  The removal of the old buildings will commence in the week beginning 6 January 2020.  The college will minimise the impact of this demolition and construction, however with all such projects there will be unavoidable disruption.   Plans are well underway on how we logistically manage this relocation, and I would like to thank Mr Liam O’Donnell, Head of Year 11 for his leadership of this process. 


School Review

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank students, parents, staff and the wider Dromana College learning community for their participation in a highly successful and independent whole school review.

This review will be used as the bedrock on which to build our next School Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2023. This Strategic Plan will set out the goals, strategies and targets for the college to ensure we continue to deliver excellent academic outcomes for all our students.


Bushfire Preparedness

Dromana College BAL (Bushfire Attack Level), has been lowered which means we will most likely only close on code red days.  Works to create fire breaks in the bushland areas surrounding the college have now been completed adding an additional layer of protection to the students, staff and visitors of the College on high risk fire days.


Mobile Phone Policy

The revised mobile phone policy will be implemented on the first day of our Jumpstart program, the 25th November. The revised policy brings us into line with new Department of Education requirements. Essentially, students who choose to bring mobile phones to school will need to store them in lockers for the duration of the school day, including break times. The policy is available on our website (link below).

A summary of the policy implementation is outlined below.

Phones must be stored in lockers during the school day, including break times (8.55am -3.00pm)

If students are seen with a phone it will be confiscated as follows:

  • First offence: phone is returned at the end of the day.
  • Second offence: phone is returned at the end of the day but contact is made to a parent/guardian by Head of Year.
  • Third and subsequent offences: student  is suspended.

Students will be sent home/suspended if they do not hand their phone in when asked by a teacher.

If students have permission to have a phone in class this will be recorded on Compass. Phones will need to be out of sight and turned off when being taken to and from class. They will be confiscated if seen.

This is a statewide policy implemented by the Department Of Education.

Phones and other valuables are brought to school at their owner’s risk and the school bears no responsibility for loss or damage.




 Assistant Principals' Report

Simon Jones

Assistant Principal

Years 10 - 12

We are approaching the end of what has been a very busy and successful school year. Congratulations to the vast majority of students who have successfully completed their studies in their current year as this is a reflection of your hard work and commitment to achieving your personal best. For those who may not have done as well as hoped, it is important to reflect on the reasons for this, to learn from mistakes made and to ensure that measures are put in place and enacted so that improvement and success can be achieved in future.

 The examination period for Years 10, 11 and 12 students has finished and all students are again to be congratulated on their approach to these exams, which was exemplary. Our Year 12 VCE students have of course now completed their studies and are awaiting the release of the VCE results on the 12th December. Good luck to all students and I again remind Year 12’s and their parents that they are encouraged to visit our Pathways and Careers staff for advice and assistance should it be required, see the Pathways page in Newsletter. All students need to have a chosen post-school destination, whether that be University, TAFE, employment or taking a GAP year. Plans may change following the release of results and this is where our Pathways and Careers staff can be invaluable.

The Jumpstart program commenced on the 25th of November where all students begin their next year of study with their new teachers. This is a valuable program in transitioning students and helping them adapt to the expectations of their next stage of school. Attendance at Jumpstart is compulsory and any absences need to be reported in the usual way.

If students are not returning in 2020, it is important that the college is notified in advance and that processes are followed. Although the finishing line is now in sight, we are not quite there yet and I urge all students to continue to put their best foot forward and ensure that the year ends on a successful note.






Andrew Wynne                                                   Assistant Principal 

Years 7-9

Term 4 is flying by and Dromana College continues to transform and develop. The college is again upgrading facilities with the new development of a sub-school area at the Harrisons Rd end of the college. This continues the transition to a modern college with outstanding teaching spaces. We are proud of our facilities, but the real strength of Dromana College lies in its people, the outstanding students and the dedicated staff that occupy these spaces.

The year 7 team recently met to create the form groups for next year's Year 7 cohort. This is a well thought out and demanding process that takes into account many factors, including friendship groups and feedback from primary schools. We look forward to welcoming another 15 classes of students to our college, and in the next few weeks important activities such as the Orientation Day will take place, ensuring that these new students have the smoothest transition to secondary education. These are very exciting times!

On November 25, Jumpstart began, and on that day, Year 7 became Year 8, Year 8 became Year 9 and for Year 9 it is the important transition from the junior school to the senior school. Students at first may find this unsettling as they have to adjust to new classmates, new teachers and unfamiliar areas of the school, but it allows for a very smooth start to 2020, with a focus on settling in and achieving their personal best.

The Year 9 transition is significant.  As they progress into the senior school under the leadership of Simon Jones, the  Assistant Principal in charge of senior students, and a new team of coordinators, they enter a new world where the focus is clearly on future pathways of VCE and VCAL and all that goes with these programs. Since Year 7 this cohort have been a wonderful group of students and I look forward to following their progress as they complete their senior years of schooling.

Good luck to all students on these transitions.






Stephanie Pearce

Assistant Principal

Learning and Teaching

It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of Term 4 already. The final term is a busy but exciting one as we farewell our Year 12 students in preparation for their final exams and support our Year 7-11 students as they prepare and transition into their new classes for 2020. We are proud to offer a range of new subjects next year, such as Global Health, Design for a Sustainable Future and Data Analytics to name a few.  Dromana College is committed to providing an extensive teaching and learning program that allows all students to pursue their passions as well as explore new interests in supportive and challenging learning environments.


On Thursday 24th October, Mark Maddock (VCAL Co-ordinator) and I had the pleasure of attending the Frankston/Mornington Peninsula VCAL Awards at the Sandhurst Country Club. This night recognised the outstanding efforts and achievements of the VCAL students in our region, and highlighted the important role schools play in supporting all students attain their goals via a range of educational pathways. On behalf of the College community I would like to congratulate Chloe Hill and Ricky McLeod who received awards on the night for excellence and effort in their studies. They were both deserving winners and excellent advocates for VCAL at Dromana College.


Professional development of staff continues to be a significant part of our ongoing goal of improving student outcomes. Our most recent Curriculum Day encouraged staff to work in teams irrespective of teaching methods to look closely at the High Impact Teaching Strategies. Staff spent the afternoon looking specifically at how we can embed these research-based strategies across all learning areas to support students become more confident, reflective and critical thinkers. It was a productive day that engaged all staff in professional conversations about maximising learning for all students at Dromana College through a strong sense of collective efficacy.



Year 7 News

Year 7 Art

Dromana  College Year 7 students have been creating some excellent Cubist inspired portraits.

Inspired by artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque our Year 7 Visual Art students have experimented with drawing portraits from multiple perspectives in order to mimic the cubist style.

Using oil or soft pastel, each student has explored the Technique of 3 which calls for the blending of analogous colours.


Artwork 1: Natalia Fakos

Artwork 2:  Mia Mcnaughton-Venturin



Year 7 Science Zoo Excursion

During the year, Dromana College Year 7 students travelled to Melbourne Zoo to begin investigating animal classification and ecosystems. The students then completed a major assessment task in their Science classes on this topic. 



 VCAL  News

VCAL Farewell

On Thursday the 19th September, the Year 12 VCAL students  celebrated their final day with us with a catered lunch in the conference room. The students experienced  a traditional high tea,  organised and prepared by the amazing staff at Dromana College.

The VCAL lunch went so well thanks to the amazing generosity of the staff with helping hands and amazing cakes, treats, plates and food tiers. Our parent helpers were fabulous too. A special thank you to Theresa Stelling for the coordination of the parents and her time food prepping, and to Jo Tyrell for food orders and for supplying equipment. It was fabulous to have the foods room for prep and to have Judi Grierson and her students cooking too. Thanks also to Maria Antonio, Michelle Andrews, Brooke Mollenkopf, Deb Day and Katrina Keles for staying quite late to help set up the room and making all the delicious sandwiches and to Steph Pearce for attending to details and printing, the girls in the office for the financial machinations and to Mark Maddock, Matt Murdoch and Ian Miles for cleaning up the tsunami of mess left afterwards.   Jenni Johnson's VCAL photostory was very moving and of course thanks to Alan Marr (for being the MC on the day) and Simon Jones for their wonderful support. 

It really was a community event and the students loved it. 



Our 2019 VCAL cohort have had a fabulous year and have been an absolute pleasure to teach. We wish them every success going forward.






Language News

EDUCATION PERFECT- Languages Championships 2019

Every year Dromana College competes in the Global, online language competition. Students can compete in both Indonesian and Japanese. The week-long competition helps the students revise key vocabulary and grammar patterns in their chosen language.  They can login and compete at home, or here at school. This year our school finished 206th out of 1,644 competing schools. We also finished 155th in Australia.

A total of 23 Year 7 students won individual excellence awards. Chloe Hildebrand won an elusive Emerald Award and was the school’s highest achiever. Bella Wooden, Tilly Henon and May Lawrence all won Gold awards; and Devan Picone, Julian Nankervell and Jacinta Kellett received Silver awards.



Indonesian University Student Visitors

In October this year, Mehrunnisa Ani Mufti (Nisa), and Rahmad Saputra (Ama), two student teachers from Jogjakarta’s Islamic University of Indonesia, visited the college. They performed traditional dances for students, ran small group activities and assisted in a number of our junior and senior Indonesian classes. They were a brief, but brilliant addition to the Indonesian staff. We wish them the best of luck with the remainder of their studies.


Japanese Halloween Cooking

Miss Gurney’s Year 10 Japanese class had a cultural cooking session to explore the popular Japanese Halloween festivities. The students researched popular culinary creations and then they had the opportunity to replicate them. Check out their amazing work.



Year 7 Japanese Animal Books

Our Year 7 students have been learning the Japanese names for animals. They have also been learning adjectives so they can describe them. Here are some wonderful examples of the animal booklets created by the students.



Year 8 Indonesian Directions

The Year 8 Indonesian students have been learning about place names and how to give and ask for directions. Here is an example of a map made by the students during this unit.


New Head of Languages

 We would like to introduce the new Head of Languages for 2020. Miss Rebecca Love will take over the role in JUMPSTART of this year.

Miss Love graduated from Rosebud High School in 2010. She then went on to study Indonesian at Monash University. She also had the opportunity to study on exchange in 2011 at Gajah Mada University, in Yogjakarta, Indonesia.


General Language News


‘Semoga Sukses and がんばって to our Year 12 Language students for their  exam on Wednesday 20th November - we’re all very proud.



We have Indonesian students visiting in May and Japanese students in August. Please chat to your language teacher if you are interested in hosting.


Sport News

Cricket Success

As the cricket finishes up (it goes into recess during the AFL season) our successful girls teams have once again achieved some outstanding success. Our year 9/10 girls team narrowly missed out getting into the State quarter finals, coming runners-up in the Southern Zone.

Our year 8 girls were finalists at regional level which was also a terrific result.

Pictured also is an action shot in a gymnastics class at year 7 – showing Kayla Rosa Forster holding a wonderful balance pose!



Regional Athletics

Southern Metropolitan Regional Athletics Championships 2019. These were held at Casey Fields on the 10th October. Congratulations to all of the 60 students who competed, the results are amazing. We had lots of students on the podium throughout the day, and we had a record breaking number of 9 students progress through to the state championships. These 9 students are:


    Abby Trezise -Javelin and 1500m walk

    Nick Bertucci - Shot Put

    Eden Mckeown - 1500m run

    Imogen Baker - 1500m run

    Jasper Long - Long jump

    Kristen Blight - relay

    Lily Davis - relay

    Jacinta Lyon lee  - relay

    Emily Pletikos - relay


As a school, out of approximately 50 schools, Dromana College took home second place overall behind Frankston High School.

 We haven’t seen results like this ever before, and we are very proud of all students and their success at the regional championships. Well done.    



State Athletics

The 2019 State Athletics Championships:

In the whole state, Dromana College placed 45th in the field of Athletics.  Individual achievements were outstanding, see below:

Jasper Long (Long Jump) – 3rd

Nick Bertucci (Shot Put) – 2nd

Abby Trezise (1500m Walk) – 6th

                          (Javelin) – 3rd

Eden Mckeown (1500m run) – 5th

Imogen Baker (1500m run) – 5th

Lily Davis, Jacinta Lyon Lee, Kristen Blight (Senior Girls relay)– 5th

 Congratulations to all competitors, these are amazing achievements.



Karate Champion

Congratulations to Bonnie Salt from Year 8. She won two gold medals at the National Karate Championships in Launceston, Tasmania. Bonnie has trained with the Victorian State Karate Team for the last three years as well as with her dojo at Peter Hollowood Martial Arts in Mornington. Her hard work, determination and good sportsmanship has paid off. Bonnie won her individual division in the 12/13-year-old girls, and the team event in her age group. Congratulations Bonnie! A fantastic achievement.



Music News

Whats happening in music.

Congratulations to three of our Instrumental Music students Rani Thuan, Krystabel Forward and Poppy Treadwell, who have completed Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams in the last month! Rani successfully achieved his AMusA on Cello, and Krystabel and Poppy both achieved credits in their Grade 2 Piano exams. We are very proud of these students, who have gone above and beyond in their preparation for these examinations, outside of their normal music classes.


We would also like to say a big thank you and congratulations to our Year 12 Music students, who have completed their final exams and performances this year after six years of regularly performing in Music Department and school events. They have been excellent members of the Music Department and wonderful role models for students in younger year levels. A special thank you especially to our two Music Captains this year, Iris Roberts and Sean Taylor, for their dedication and assistance in running music events!



Art News

Visual Communication and Design


As part of Unit 2 Visual Communication Design, students respond to a client brief of their choosing. Year 11 student Josh McCarthy worked with Adrian Wale, Head of the Dromana College Mountain Bike Program, to design a jersey for the Dromana College race team. As part of his folio, Josh followed the design process, responding to feedback from his client, to arrive at the final jersey design that was worn by the team at the Red Hill Gravity Enduro event. The jersey is amazing and we congratulate Josh on this terrific effort.



Central Australia Camp

Central Australia Camp

As part of the educational program for 2019, Year 9 and 10 students at Dromana College ventured off on a 9 day camp to Central Australia.  This  unique opportunity was designed to provide students with the chance to experience parts of Australia that they may not be able to visit, as well as develop a further understanding and empathy for our indigenous cultures of Australia. Students travelled by 5 star coach to the Northern Territory and returned by flights through Qantas. Dormitories and tents were used for their accommodation which was an exciting and  fun experience. 


The camp package included highlights such as:
- Coober Pedy: opal mining and underground living in a mining    township.
- Uluru: natural wonder of the world, an educational and culturally enriching experience.
- Kings Canyon: experiencing the natural wonder of our top end. 
- Alice Springs: camel ride en route from Kings Canyon, visiting  the Desert and Royal Flying Doctor Service
- MacDonnell Ranges - Ormiston Gorge, Standley Chasm and Simpson Gap.




Library News

Book Club Excursion

A book club excursion was organised for Dromana College book club members to celebrate their reading achievements and progression throughout the year, and to introduce book club members to the local librarians and libraries. They visited the Mornington Library, which utilised  the public library facilities and introduced book club members to local librarians and then to Farrells Book Shop to purchase a book.


Romy Pearton from Dromana College, would like to thank the Dromana College Parents and Friends for their generous support.

 Pictured;  2019 Year 8 Book Club.



Pathways News

VTAC Important Dates for applying to University in 2020

Dec 6th                Course applications close

Dec 12th              ATAR available online

Dec 14th              Change of preference closes

Dec 18th              December round offers available          online

Dec 20th              Change of Preference (COP) closes

Jan 3rd                 January applications open

Jan 15th               January round offers available


Year 11 students who have completed a Unit 3/ 4 subject will only receive the RAW study score. The score will be scaled when you are qualified for an ATAR. Year 11 students can access their score here: www.resultsandatar.vic.edu.au after registering or the app.




Results are released 7am, Thursday, 12th December.

You must register on the Results and Atar Service website:  www.resultsandatar.vic.edu.au or on the app BEFORE the release date.


To register:

You will need your VCAA student number (contact Megan Rogers at the college if you don’t know it) and password

Password must be:   uppercase letter / lowercase letter / number / special character.


University Terms:

When students are looking into university study, they often come across words or terms they are unfamiliar with, here are a few of the more commonly used terms:


Associated Degree – is generally a 2yr qualification that is made up of two thirds of a bachelor degree and may be offered by both TAFEs and universities. Students often use this as a steppingstone to the full Bachelor Degree.


Assumed Knowledge – refers to subjects the university recommends or prefers a student to have studied at school before starting the course.


ATAR - Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank. The figure used by VTAC to calculate the entrance ranking for a university course.


Bachelor Degree – the award/qualification a student gains when they have completed studies in an undergraduate (your first Bachelor Degree) course, which takes between 3 or 4 years of full time study. This is the traditional starting point of a university qualification.


Bridging Course – An introductory course to help students achieve the preferred entry level to a degree, eg a bridging maths course for students who do not have the preferred maths but need it to access a course.


Census Date -     The last day a student can withdraw from their university course and not owe fees.


Commonwealth Supported Place CSP -  A student’s enrolment in a university degree for which the Commonwealth Government makes a contribution towards the cost of that student’s education. Formerly known as HECs


Credit - If a student has previously studied perhaps at TAFE, and has Recognised, Prior Learning (RPL), the student may be able to receive credit for a subject or subjects in their course. Also referred as ADVANCED STANDING


Double Degree – a student can choose to complete a double degree, this integrates studies in two degrees resulting in an award of two degrees, usually after a minimum of 4yrs study. Also referred to as COMBINED DEGREES.


Elective – A subject that is not core to the degree and if often from another faculty.


Faculty – A department within a uni devoted to a particular area of study


FEE-HELP – A loan scheme for students used to pay all or part of students tuition fees, but cannot be used for accommodation or textbooks. A 20-25% fee may apply.


HECS-HELP – A loan scheme that assist students with a CSP course to pay their contribution.Student may choose to pay their fees upfront, or choose to defer payment via HECS HELP scheme.


Honours – Many Bachelor degrees off a 4th year called Honours. It allows students to further focus on a particular area of interest. It can be integrated or additional to Bachelor.


Lecture – A period of teaching given by a lecturer to a large group of students, often can be as many as 300 students .


Major Study -  An area within a course that allows in depth study in a particular field. More that one major may be allowed in some courses.


Minor Study – A grouping of subjects allowing a broader understanding of a few subjects with less emphasis on in depth study.


Prerequisite – A set of conditions that must be met before consideration/enrolment/graduation.


VET Student Loans – A loan scheme similar to VET FEE HELP

Workplace Learning – Practical training in a workplace, such as Internships or Practical Work Experience. This is a hands on experience. It may also be called: Industry Based Learning or Work Integrated Learning.



Go to: http://srajobs.sarinarusso.com



Carpenter;   1st – 3rd Year Apprentice,  Frankston South

Chef;    1st Year Apprentice,   Mornington Peninsula

Civil Construction Plant Operator Traineeship,Tyabb

Hairdressing;  1st Year Apprentice, Mornington

Mechanical Plumbing; 1st, 2nd or 3rd Apprentice, Somerville




The Kitchen;   Blairgowrie, Casual Wait Staff

Woolworth;   Rye, Casual Staff. (Apply on line, generate transaction

 number, take that number and resume into store)

Rangas Bakery; McCrae,  Bakers Assistant


From the Pathways Office


Dromana College is committed to the pathways of your child. It is an open and fully dedicated Careers resource centre where students can get advice and assistance about their pathway through and beyond secondary school.

It is not a resource centre just for senior students (though year 12 students will be prioritised) it is a resource centre for all students, in all year levels as well as for parents/guardians, 5 days a week, 8 – 4pm.

If you would like to study at university in 2020 the only way you will be considered for courses is by creating a VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) account, listing your preferred courses, supplying any relevant and required information then wait for the OFFER rounds.

Timely application fee is $39 – this fee applies if you create an account and add at least one course between the OPEN date: 5th August and the CLOSE date: 30 September.

Accounts can be created after the CLOSE date but incur a higher application fee up to $148 for very late applications.

www.vtac.edu.au for full information about applications and deadline dates.

Each lunchtime from 5th August until the end of term 3, the Pathways office will be available for VTAC help sessions. Just come in, no need to book.

Now is also the time to apply for scholarships offered by various institutions

Each year all types of institutions: university, TAFES, private providers, industry, NGO’s and Governments offer $1,000’s worth of scholarships. Some scholarships can be applied through VTAC but each institution also provides scholarships not available through VTAC. In this instance you must check each institutions website.


TAFE Free courses:
If it is TAFE you are thinking of enrolling into in 2020 , there are several FREE TAFE courses available.


Free TAFE for Priority Courses will reduce the financial barrier for students wanting to train in courses that lead to jobs in demand.
Free TAFE for Priority Courses covers tuition fees for priority courses for students who are eligible for government subsidised training. This includes: 30 non apprenticeship courses and 20 Victorian Pre Apprenticeship courses.

For a full list of FREE TAFE courses: https://w.www.vic.gov.au/freetafe/free-tafe.html


Course counselling has now concluded for 2019. If your child has not selected their subjects for 2020 please contact your child’s year level coordinator.

If your child is undertaking the VCAL program in Year 11 or 12 in 2020, they must complete a Certificate course (VETis) as part of the successful completion of VCAL, these formal qualification certificates are called VETis subjects.

VETis subjects are Australian Certificates usually at Certificate II or III level covering a wide range of industries. For example: Building and Construction / Plumbing / Beauty /Salon Assistant / Hospitality / Electrical / Automotive / Drafting / Allied Health / Community Services / Music / Animal Studies / Equine to name a few!

If your child selected a Dromana College VET subject (Hospitality, Sport and Recreation, Small Business) or OTHER on their subject selection submission OR your child is undertaking VCAL in 2020 they MUST come to the Pathways office for the second part of the enrolment process. PLEASE NOTE: Entering subjects DOES NOT enrol your student into a VET Certificate in 2020.

Please note also: If your child is undertaking the SECOND year of their VET subject there is NO AUTOMATIC enrolment. Your child must still come to the Pathways office for further enrolment information.



Students undertaking Year 11 or 12 VCAL also have the opportunity to start a paid Australian Traineeship or Australian Apprenticeship while they are completing Years 11 and 12 VCAL.

SBATS allow students to combine their VCAL school work with 7 hours a week paid part time work on a Wednesday or Friday in their chosen industry, while completing their relevant industry Certificate (Wednesday or Friday).

SBAT traineeships (12month completion) available in:
Education Support / Allied Health / Fitness / Business / I.T.

SBAT Apprenticeships (4 years Australian Apprenticeship) are available in:

Building and Construction



Scholarships are available for students from most Universities and State Schools. The types of scholarships are wide and varied and can accommodate every year level. Please visit the Victorian Education website for each individual scholarship. Applications from students in Years 4 - 11 and tertiary institutions will re-open in October 2019. Applications from current Year 12 students will re-open in August 2019.  Link below. Please be aware of the open dates and cut off dates for all scholarships. 




See the Pathways office for more information about SBATS

Derry Caulfield – Careers
Jackie Douglas -  VET, SWL, Wk Exp
Megan Rogers – VASS, VET, SWL

Green Team News

Term 4 News

This term the Green Team have been enjoying the vegetable garden's produce in the kitchen. We made a lovely pesto pasta with our basil and a beautiful salad that included lots of herbs and edible flowers from the garden.

We were excited to enter the Main Ridge Day Environmental photo competition. Here are some recycled creations that we made for the competition and the garden.

As part of Recycle Week the Green Team and student leaders ran the inaugural ‘Clothing and Books Swap Meet’ for both students and teachers. A big thank you to all of the students and teachers who got involved. It was a great success!

Congratulations to all the wonderful members of the Green Team on another great year in the kitchen and the garden.



Dromana College fundraising and community support

Dromana College Can Drive

During Semester 2 Dromana College students donated over 1250 cans of tinned food for the "Southern Peninsula Food For All" charity organisation. 

We would  like to thank the Year 7, 8 and 12 Student Leaders who helped out with the can collection, counting and lunchtime activities. They did a great job!

Also special thanks to Alex Woolley for organising the drive and to Annie Turner and Lauren Grace for their help sorting the cans, it was much appreciated. 



Oscars Law

For a school project my partner, Piper Seaman Year 11, and myself, Trinny Williams-Eade Year 11, have had to find a cause that we feel strongly about and raise awareness, we have picked Oscar’s Law.


What is Oscar’s Law?

Oscar’s Law is enforced in order to try stop puppy factories. Dogs being bred for profit. They are made to live in less than ideal living conditions and are often denied access to substantial food, water and shelter. Their shelter consists of sheds that are too small and for some dogs, crates. Their veterinary care and social needs are disregarded, and they are confined for some of their lives, in some cases, their entire life. Majority of breeding dogs suffer painful and untreated health conditions and once they are too weak to breed and can no longer produce - due to their exhausted bodies - they are put down and replaced.

Puppy factory dogs are not shown any love, they are deprived of social interaction, companionship, environmental freedom and they are not given the opportunity to bond with a human the same way a pet dog in a family home does. They’re not even given the chance to nurture and love their pups, as they are usually taken from them at around 6-7 weeks where they are shipped to pet stores nationwide.

These dogs that live a life deprived of these basic needs are prone to developing severe psychological damage and even if rescued these damaged dogs will never fully recover. They remain fearful and shut down and they require extensive rehabilitation to get them to the stage in which they can be happy and content with life and have trust in humans again therefore be comfortable with being adopted.


We are hoping that by spreading awareness so we can get more people involved in the cause so that we can make a change. You can help Oscar's Law and the ban of puppy factories throughout all of Australia as well as going to them to help rehabilitate the puppies and giving them the opportunity to live out the rest of their life instead of being put down.

The link for their official website is:  https://www.oscarslaw.org/


Trinny WIlliams-Eade    Year  11


Award Nomination

Taylah Denning from Year 11 VCAL has been nominated and since received a commendation for The Order of Australia Association Schools Project Annual Award for 2019.

Taylah’s project involved her fundraising, organising, buying and making essential item packs for the homeless people in Melbourne.

Taylah then went into the city and delivered these items to those ‘living rough’ and donated the remaining packs to the Salvation Army.

Well done Taylah we are extremely proud of your efforts and contribution to society.

Click the link below to view Taylah delivering her packs to the homeless in Melbourne.




Dromana College 2019 Fashion and Art  Exhibition

Dromana College 2019 Fashion and Art  Exhibition

Dromana College is the only learning institution on the Mornington Peninsula to provide secondary students with the opportunity to display their fashion creativity via the Annual Peninsula Teenage Fashion and Art Exhibition.  October marked the 12th anniversary of the event and through the tireless efforts of the Dromana College Parents and Friends Association the exhibition provided a platform not only to raise funds to enhance the learning experience of all students attending the college but also to nurture the irrepressible talent of young designers on the Peninsula.

Secondary students from all schools on the Peninsula were invited to enter their designs for judging by fashion industry representatives and local exponents who through their participation offer insight and encouragement for those students who seek to further their aspirations in the industry.

A feature of the Dromana College school calendar, the gala evening was generously supported by local businesses and was an entertaining evening of students modelling their creations presented in a professionally creative environment. An art exhibition of work by VCE Dromana Art students was held in conjunction with the fashion show, the catering was provided by Dromana College food technology students and wine was sourced from the amazing local vineyards for which the Peninsula is renown. 

The night was a huge success with Dromana College students doing exceptionally well in all categories. Their talent and creativity was a sight to behold and we at Dromana College are especially proud of their achievements. Dromana College student winners are as follows;



3rd PLACE- Eden McKeown Year 8



1st PLACE- Zachary Millen-Sigley Year 9

4th PLACE - Finley Stapleton-Hamilton  Year 11






3rd PLACE - Nicola Gray  Year 10



3rd PLACE - Zachary Millen-Sigley   Year 9

4th PLACE - Tyler Leach Year 11




Parent Liaison Report

Second Hand Uniforms Wanted

Have you got good quality uniforms just lying around? 

If so, feel free to send them along and allow me to re-use them.

I am most in need of the following;

jackets, rugby jumpers, long sleeved polos, winter skirts, dresses, summer skirts and blouses. Thank you. 

Theresa Stelling Parent Liaison Officer

Information for Parents


Dromana College had the pleasure of hosting 17 students and 3 staff from Namegata City  in Japan. The students spent 5 nights with host families who  made their stay very memorable .
Our special visitors arrived on Friday 2nd August and stayed until Wednesday 7th August. Friday and Monday were spent at Dromana College participating in school life and Tuesday at Dromana Primary School and Red Hill Primary School where they participated in a Japanese day and joined in Japanese classes.

Although the weather was very cold the Japanese students still managed to get out and about and had an amazing time.

We would like to thank all the host  families for opening their homes and hearts to these lovely students and look forward to your continuing support in hosting again.




The Parents and Friends Association meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm in the Administration Building. Parents, Guardians, Grandparents and students are welcome.



Due to changes with the Working with Children Act on 1st August 2017, we would like to remind all parents willing to assist the College that you need to apply for a Working with Children Card by going to the following site;

http://www.working withchildren.vic.gov.au/home/

If you already have a Working with Children card but are new to Dromana College, please go on this site and add Dromana College to your card. The card is free for volunteers and you will need to supply a passport photo.



We urgently need volunteers for the Dromana College Breakfast Club program. Our Breakfast Club has a wonderful group of Parents, Grandparents and Students getting together every Wednesday morning to provide breakfast for our students. Any time you can give would be much appreciated.

The Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am to 9.00am every Wednesday, serving hot Milo and toast with jam, Vegemite or honey. If you are keen to help please contact me at the College, or if you would like to donate any of the following items please leave at the front office. The items we use are long life milk, margarine, jam, Vegemite, Milo, hot chocolate, napkins and disposable gloves. Make sure you leave your details so we can thank you or the company who made the donation. We have a letter at the College to ask for donations if you require one.




Please support this business as loyally as they support us. They donate all the bread we use for Breakfast Club every week.

If you shop at Bakers Delight Dromana or Somerville please mention you are from Dromana College to link a 5% annual donation from all your purchases. This will be donated to the schools fundraising team at the end of the year.




Theresa Stelling

Parent Liaison Officer

0419 502 081



Information for Parents

Mobile Phone Policy

The revised mobile phone policy will be implemented on the first day of our Jumpstart program, Monday 25th November. The revised policy brings us into line with new Department of Education requirements. Essentially, students who choose to bring mobile phones to school will need to store them in lockers for the duration of the school day, including break times. The policy is available on our website, see link below.

A summary of the policy implementation is outlined below.

Phones must be stored in lockers during the school day, including break times (8.55am -3.00pm)

If students are seen with a phone it will be confiscated, as follows:

  • First offence: phone will be returned at the end of the day.
  • Second offence: phone will be returned at the end of the day and a parent/guardian will be contacted.
  • Third and subsequent offences: Student suspended.

Students will be sent home/suspended if they do not hand their phone in when asked by a teacher.

If students have permission to have a phone in class this will be recorded on Compass. Phones will need to be out of sight and turned off when being taken to and from class. They will be confiscated if seen.

This is a statewide policy implemented by the Department Of Education.

Phones and other valuables are brought to school at owner’s risk and the school bears no responsibility for loss or damage.






Immunisation Information


Welcome Kristie

Hi! My name is Kristie and I am the new Regional Secondary School Nurse at Dromana College. I will be in the wellbeing office Tuesdays and Fridays.

I will be working with the student wellbeing team to improve the health and wellbeing of students and the school community. Students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy.

I can assist the school community to:

  • support students to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing
  • have a chat about and answer questions relating to stress, anxiety, relationships - for example
  • work with teachers to deliver health education sessions
  • facilitate student wellbeing programs to improve students health and wellbeing.

Staff and students are welcome to make suggestions about health issues that are considered important to cover in health promotion or health education sessions.

I look forward to meeting you for the remainder of this year and into 2020.


After school homework and study sessions.

Homework Help

Wednesdays and Thursdays: 3.20pm - 4.20pm

Help with homework is available in the library after school every Wednesday and Thursday.  All students are welcome. 

Assistance is available in our quiet and well-resourced library for homework-tasks, general study, assignments, test preparation, essays and improving organisational skills.

Accident Insurance Cover for Students

Some school activities and physical education, particularly contact sports, carry inherent risks of injury. Parents are advised that the Department of Education and Training does not have Student Accident Insurance cover for students. Therefore, if your child is injured at school as a result of an accident or incident, all costs associated with the injury, including medical costs, are the responsibility of the child, parent or caregiver. Some incidental medical costs may be covered by Medicare. If parents have private health insurance, some costs may also be covered through your private health insurance. Any other costs would be borne by the parents. Student Accident Insurance is an insurance policy that pays certain benefits should your child have an accident. It is a personal decision for parents which type and level of private insurance they purchase. An approved insurance broker should be contacted if you have any questions about insurance cover.

Personal Goods 

Personal property is often brought to school by students, staff and visitors. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. The Department of Education and Training does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.

Car Park

Please be very mindful when entering the College carpark that you do not use the bus lane. If you drop students off please use the middle car park, gravel car park or the prefered drop-off at Harrisons Road. The carpark is closed between 2.50 p.m. and 3.10 p.m. each day.

School Events on Compass

Parents are reminded when receiving Compass notifications regarding school excursions and activities, to grant permission and make payments promptly.  The College needs to arrange transport and entry into events and often needs to adhere to booking deadlines, so it is important that student numbers are confirmed in a timely manner.  Please make note of cut-off dates on school events and respond to SMS and email reminders that are sent out.  These dates are set in place so that we can confirm numbers with our outside providers.

We would appreciate your support in this matter, to avoid any disappointment a student may experience when they may not be able to participate due to late consent or payment.

Family Holidays

If your student is going to be on holidays within the school term you will need to apply for an approved absence at least two weeks prior to the leave. Please address your letter or email to Mr Alan Marr, College Principal.


Arriving late; Students who arrive late to school must sign in at Reception in the Administration building.

Leaving early; Students who intend to leave school before 3pm, must have a note from their parent/guardian to give to their teacher who will then let them out of class to be met at reception by their parent/guardian and then signed out of school. 


Parents are reminded to phone the College Absent Line if their child will be absent from school for the entire day.  A note must also be written. Parents can phone the College Absent Line directly on 5984 7177 available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and leave a message.  An SMS text message will be sent out to parents if the College is not notified of your child’s absence.

HANDY TIP: Please save this phone number to your mobile 5984 7177- Absent Line

2019 and 2020 Term Dates

Term 1:  29 January - 5 April 2019

Term 2:  23 April - 28 June 2019 

Term 3:  15 July - 20 September 2019

Term 4:   7 October - 20 December 2019


Term 1: 29 January - 27 March 2020

Term 2:  14 April - 26 June  2020

Term 3: 13 July - 18 September 2020

Term 4:  5 October - 18 December 2020


Remember you can view all Dromana College important dates and events on Compass and the College calendar at https://dsc.vic.edu.au/

News and Events-Events-Month.

School Fees


As a College, we are very conscious of the cost of living pressures on families and endeavour to minimise fees and levies charged. It is however a fact that all government schools depend upon parent contributions to broaden and extend College programs. We are very proud of the breadth and depth of program offered across our College and enrich student learning by providing all students with a wide range of curricula and co-curricular programs. These programs enhance and extend student engagement and learning and are an important component of the comprehensive education for all students attending Dromana College.  It is these additional programs that set us apart from other schools.  Many of these programs are provided by external organisations and require additional resourcing. Some examples include; subsidising guest speakers and presenters for pastoral lessons and subjects including English (authors and experts), extra-curricular programs such as HPV, debating, State School Spectacular, Wakikiri Dance, sports equipment and uniforms, school mini buses, science and technology equipment, improvements and maintenance to College facilities and grounds.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all families who have contributed to the provision of College programs, resources and facilities by the timely payment of school fees and levies. We understand that some families face financial pressure and that the timing of payment either at the end of or beginning of a school year can be difficult for some families. As such we would like to inform all families that ongoing periodic instalments can be paid fortnightly, monthly or quarterly to make contributions more manageable. Parents interested in discussing these payment options are encouraged to contact the office on 5987 2805.


Bus Information

Please note the College bus policy - NO BUS PASSES are issued for students going to friends, after school employment or sport. Please do not send your child to the office for a bus pass as a refusal may offend.

Uniform Shop

Trading Hours

Tuesday ;   8:30am - 12:00pm

Thursday ; 12:00pm - 3:30pm 

Telephone: (03) 5984 7143


For assistance outside these hours, please contact Noone Imagewear Beaconsfield.

Telephone (03) 9769 9093




Scholarships are available for students from many different Universities and State Schools. The types of scholarships are wide and varied and can accommodate every year level. Please visit the Victorian Education website for each individual scholarship. Applications from students in Years 4 - 11 and tertiary institutions will re-open in October 2019. Applications from current Year 12 students will re-open in August 2019.  Link below. Please be aware of the open dates and cut off dates for all scholarships. 





Community News

Red Hill Opportunity Shop



Red Hill Op Shop is looking for volunteers to join the group of wonderful men and women who support our organization.

The commitment is just one morning or afternoon once a month and you’ll meet some lovely people at the same time.

If you would prefer not to serve at the counter, there’s lots of other roles you could fill in such as: sorting, helping the area managers display their stock, admin, etc.

We’d love to hear from you, so please contact us to find out more!

Email: redhillopshop@gmail.com or

message us at www.facebook.com/redhillopshop.

Financial Help

Saver Plus assists individuals and families on lower incomes to build assets and improve financial capability, and has supported thousands of lower income earners to develop a lasting savings habit.

Saver Plus offers:

  • up to $500 in matched savings for education costs
  • fun, free and informal financial education workshops
  • assistance and support from a Saver Plus coordinator to establish a savings goal and develop a savings habit.  

Participants make regular deposits towards a savings goal over a 10-month period and attend workshops to build their financial management skills. When participants reach their savings goal, ANZ matches the amount – up to $500 – towards education costs including uniforms, text books, laptops, sports equipment, music tuition, TAFE or apprenticeship costs, and much more.

Contact us

Phone 1300 610 355
Email saverplus(at)bsl.org.au
View the provider list (PDF, 258kb).


Participants must meet all of the below criteria: 

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have a child at school or starting next year, or attend vocational education yourself
  • have some regular income from your work (you or your partner)
  • have a Centrelink, Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card
  • be able to demonstrate a capacity to save after your regular expenses have been paid
  • have a connection to the area in which the Saver Plus program is run, by living, working, studying or having children at school there
  • have not received matched funds from Saver Plus before (you or your partner)
  • be in receipt of an eligible Commonwealth social security benefit, allowance or payment*

Rosebud Soccer Club


Red Hill Basketball Club




If your child is interested in playing basketball in the Summer season, beginning in Term 4, please email your interest to basketballredhill@gmail.com



We are desperately looking for second-hand uniforms. We have plenty of new players wanting to buy second hand uniforms. If you have any that you are not using, please drop them to the office at Red Hill Consolidated School as soon as possible with your contact details. Any queries, please contact Belinda Hannemann on 0421 054 209 or email basketballredhill@gmail.com


If you are interested in joining the committee in any way, please email us at basketballredhill@gmail.com – we would appreciate any time you could give.

Mornington Youth and Citizens Band


Trinity Kids


Dromana College Newsletter
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