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16 September 2019
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

This week our Gospel comes from Luke (15:1-32); Jesus gives us three parables; the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. In each Jesus is calling us to celebrate the act of forgiveness. We know that when we are free of anger and resentment we are much more open to living a life that is joyful and fulfilling. This week at our assembly I spoke to the students of the need to ensure they think of people to whom they are grateful, gratitude is a very positive emotion and character strength and enables us all to see beyond our own small worlds. When we express gratitude and forgiveness we are acting as Jesus teaches us and we are making sure we are not consumed by the negative emotions of resentment or anger. 


As the term draws to a close I also spoke to the students about the fact that so many of them are tired...we reflected on how being tired can be something to be proud of as it generally means that we have worked hard and have pushed to be the best version of ourselves. After listening to all of the wonderful conversations taking place at the student learning conversations last night I can truly say that the students at Killester are being challenged in ways that have pushed them...and at times made them weary. I hope the upcoming holiday provides most students with an opportunity for rest and relaxation. However for our Year 12 students completing VCE the upcoming break is one full of hard work as they sit their trial exams. We wish them the best of luck as they embark on this vital preparation.


Our NAPLAN results were released last week and, whilst we have yet to do a highly detailed analysis of our data, we can once again be incredibly proud of our NAPLAN results which show our achievement to be outstanding. We will look further into the data and release a more detailed report in Term Four. 


As this will be the last newsletter for the term I would like to thank all of the staff, students and parents at Killester who have made me feel so welcome. I sincerely hope each and every member of our community has the opportunity for rest and rejuvenation over the September break, even our VCE students who will be undertaking practice exams need some down time over this upcoming break. 


Ms Sally Buick

Principal, Killester College


Thank you, Lord,

for the blessings you have bestowed on my life. 

 You have given me family and friends

who bless me every day with kind words and actions.

They lift me up in ways that keep my eyes focused on you

and make my spirit soar.


Latest News and Reminders

The Weeks Ahead

TERM 3 - WEEK 10

Monday 16th September

School Tours 9.00am-9.45am

Year 10 St Mark/St Margaret to Lawn Bowls P3-4

EB/HPV Day Track Training @ Oakleigh Go Kart Track 7.45am-2.30pm

EB/HPV Night Ride Training @ Killester 3.20pm-9.00pm

Yr 10 Volunteers to St Joseph's Homework Club 3.45pm

Tuesday 17th September

Year 8 Activity Day @ Killester 

SESG Inters Grand Finals - Volleyball

Wednesday 18th September

Yr 8 Rally Day Incursion P1-2

Essentially Ellington Jazz Festival @ Xavier College, Kew 2.30pm to 6.00pm (Performance time 4.00pm)

Thursday 19th September

Yr 10/11 Monash Mentoring Program Information Session @ Lunchtime (for any interested Yr 10/11s)

Friday 20th September - Term 3 Concludes - School finishes 3.10pm

Yr 8 Humanities Incursion - Polynesian Immersion Day

Yr 9 Kryptic Challenge - Melbourne CBD

VCAL Yakult Factory Tour and Lunch at Burden Park



Note: Office will be closed Wednesday 25th to Friday 26th September but will be open the other week days from 8.30am-3.30pm



Monday 7th October

Students Return - Term 4 Commences

School Tours 9.00am-9.45am

Tuesday 8th October

City of Greater Dandenong Event - Nurture Self, Nuture Others 8.30am-3.00pm

Wednesday 9th October

Yr 9 St Agnes/St Rita to Lawn Bowls P1-2

SESG Inters Sport

Thursday 10th October

Yr 9 St Barbara to Lawn Bowls P4-Lunchtime

Grade 6 into 7 2020 Information Night 7.30pm-8.45pm

Friday 11th October

Yr 9 St Helen to Lawn Bowls P4-Lunchtime

VCAL Incursion @ Killester

Saturday 12th October

Killester College Working Bee 9.00am-12.00pm - Morning Tea provided


Upcoming Events



Out and About......

Last week a number of us from the Leadership Team attended the Annual Conference for Catholic Deputy Principals. Father Kevin Dillon, who is Parish Priest at St Simon's in Rowville (so he may be known to some of our families), spoke of the many pastoral support activities he has been involved with and was extremely humble and inspiring when speaking of those who have been helped.  We were certainly energised by Kieran Flanagan, who is the co-founder of a strategic think-tank that helps organisations make change. She is a dynamic speaker and motivator.  It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with some of the wonderful things Catholic secondary schools are doing in Victoria.


A reminder that Term 4 commences on MONDAY October 7th. Students need to wear the full summer uniform, which includes the blazer.  Day 2 of Term, Tuesday 8th October, is photo day for school teams. 


As the Year 12s commence their trial exams, we wish them well. There will be numerous celebrations with them in Term 4 as they complete their time at Killester.    Best wishes to everyone for a relaxing holiday period.

Loreto Cannon

School Organisation and Community Development 

Naplan 2019

In Term 2 Killester College continued as one of the schools to be part of the pilot program to take NAPLAN testing into the digital age and online.  


Over a five day period students in Year 7 and Year 9 were amongst the nearly 50% of schools to complete NAPLAN tests in the areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Numeracy as online tests.


Unlike the previous paper tests, which many schools still completed in 2019, the online testing is a form of adaptive testing. This means that as students progress through the test they are directed to questions of varying difficulty depending upon their response to the previous questions. This will allow students, parents and teachers a much clearer picture of the current capacity of our students to attain particular standards in literacy and numeracy.


Results of the tests completed in 2019 were received from ACARA last week.  Again, Killester College has achieved results of which we can be proud. Growth reports indicate that in the areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar, our students continue to grow and perform well above the national average. Specialised programs in Literacy in Years 7-9 have resulted in our students making significant gains in the areas of Spelling and Writing, with our mean scores being significantly higher than the state. Similarly, Killester College students continued to achieve above the state mean in the area of Numeracy.


Individual student results have been sent by post directly to parents/guardians at the most recent address supplied.

Catholic Education Today

Published each term, Catholic Education Today celebrates the faith, life, achievements and culture of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

From the Finance Office

Urgent Reminder

This is an urgent request for anyone who is having difficulty with payment of the school fees.  So that we can assist you with alternative options regarding payment plans or concessions, please make contact with the Business Manager, Sandra Rotunno, before the end of Term.


If you do not contact us, fee payment will be expected, and we will be in touch with you to take payment in full.  If your credit card/bank account details have changed, please advise the Finance Office.


Fee Statements will be emailed in the holidays, so, if you have a new email address, please inform the College immediately.


Community Service

Year 7 Parents Morning Tea

We were delighted to meet with about 20 Year 7 parents at a morning tea held on Tues 3rd September.

The purpose was to reflect on the Year 7 year so far and provide feedback to the school on how the girls were travelling at this stage of their first year at Secondary school.


Two Year 7 leaders: Sabelle Luong - Sports Leader and Naychi Soemoe - Community Service Leader, provided their version of how the year had gone. They talked about homework, their daily routine, the various activities they had participated in and also their changing friendship groups.  Parents were able to question them on some of these comments and explore some other issues such as computer use and practices. They felt their daughters were now more confident and independent in Year 7 compared to Grade 6.  


They discussed computer issues with Amy Nguyen from IT talking about school policy and operations of the apple macs.  Parents were interested in the possible uniform changes that have been discussed in term 3 and are waiting the outcome of these discussions. One other issue was how to keep up with the number of activities that were available each week.  Parents were reminded about the student learning conversations scheduled for 12th Sep and encouraged to attend with their daughters. Parents who had attended the Susan McLean Cybersafety session were keen for her to be invited to speak to the Year 7 students. This will occur in Term 4.


At the conclusion of our discussions Parents enjoyed visiting the Year 7 classes to observe their daughters working through their scheduled lessons.


Michel Kennedy, Year 7 Student Development Leader

Roger van Langenberg, Family Learning Centre

Killester Homelessness Sleepout

On the 29th of August, approximately 25 senior students gathered in the hall to raise awareness for homelessness. Upon arriving we set up chairs and tables and continued to play various ice breaker games. We then got partners from different year levels and discussed a variety of topics ranging from, what would you do with a magic wand that could do anything? to What are some methods the government could use to improve homelessness? We then read aloud some statements about homelessness and choosing whether we agreed, disagreed, or were neutral, sparking discussion on what is happening, what we would do and what the government should be doing. After this, we went on a walk around the school lead by Mr O'Neil, where we scouted out warm places we could sleep. As well as learning where a homeless family actually camped out for many weeks. After this, it was a rush back to the hall to grab sleeping bags as we all ran to find a warm place outside to sleep for 20 minutes. For many of us, it was a first experience sleeping rough and allowed us to try and find some understanding, to what it would actually be like if we had to do that every night. Then it was back to the hall where we ate simple soup and bread. Followed by this were a quiz and short video on the homelessness crisis and what is being done, and some simple statistics. Then it was time to roll out the gymnastics mats and got into our sleeping bags ready for bed, with the movie the Pursuit of Happyness. In the morning we ate some egg and bacon wraps and got ready for the school day, ready for a day spent in our pj's. It was a successful night that raised $300.50 for our chosen charity while also bringing some awareness to homelessness in Australia.  


Michayla Bayliss

Year 11 Laura Montoya



Access Monash - Mentoring Program


Access Monash is a great program that sets challenges for students that aren't afraid to reach for the sky. It is a program guided by Monash University mentors, to teach selected Killester students about leadership and life after high school. In this developing project, we had to build our research and presentation skills, to enable our group to create and deliver an engaging, interactive and informative project. Once the research and our project about tertiary education was completed, we presented it to our year level and the school community. At the end of the program, Presentation Day gave us an opportunity to reflect on our project to an audience that included our school community, the Monash Access team, the Monash University community and other schools.


Over the course of three months, we discovered many things. Our Project findings included learning about the four different forms of tertiary education: University, TAFE, Independent Colleges and apprenticeships, and considered where we may like to go after secondary school.

Because of this opportunity, we were able to present in front of our year level. We, all from Killester College, enjoyed this experience. We have gained so much from this project and we have widened our minds to new-found knowledge.


Harleen Kaur

Year 9 St Emilie


Careers Newsletter


Year 10 Work Experience

From the 2nd - 6th of September all Yr 10 students got to do a week-long work experience placement and I was fortunate enough to get to do mine at the Bureau of Meteorology. My experience was incredibly interesting and unique; in the very best way. 


Throughout the five day period, I learned a lot about the different occupations one can have in the Bureau, and  gained a lot of knowledge that I most certainly did not have prior to the experience. I got the opportunity to learn about the most fascinating things, — from what it looks like to monitor volcanic ash levels, to everything about marine, aviation and extreme weather job positions, as well as hydrology and how to use McIDAS software to create weather forecasting radars on my very own. I also learned a bit of coding when in the computing sciences area, and how to collate large amounts of data when in the water and accounting regulations area too.


I particularly liked spending time in the National Operations Area, and also going to the training centre in Broadmeadows, where I got the chance to witness firsthand the launch of an ozone hydrogen balloon test - by actually being a part of the launching process myself, which was very exciting. I met people from all walks of life; some from Melbourne, some from interstate, and I even met someone who worked in America for NASA. I learned a lot about myself by doing this placement as well, which will definitely help me in future employment, and I found the Bureau of Meteorology to be a very welcoming environment for me. I would highly recommend it to future work experience students, it is a very rewarding experience regardless of what your aspirations may be. 


My general feeling about my work experience week with the Bureau is that it was an absolute blast and completely out of this world; I enjoyed every minute of it! 


Ebony Dewadasa

Year 10 St Margaret

HEPE and Sport

Olympic Change-Makers


As nominees of the 2019 Olympic Change-Maker Award, both of us girls had the opportunity to attend a state forum at Victoria University on the 3rd of September.   This year's theme was ‘change’ and involved the idea of driving positive social change within the school and local community by demonstrating leadership through sport and using sport as a vehicle to improve health and well-being.  


Along with 100 students from various schools across Victoria, we were lucky enough to listen to  star Olympic medalists, such as Annabelle Smith, Greta Small, Koti Ngawati as well as Olympic gold medalist, Steve Hooker! Listening to the various athletes speak about their challenges faced within their past and current sporting career allowed us to take away the important message that anyone can make a dream turn into a reality with hard work, determination and positive spirit.   


We would both like to thank Killester for giving us such an amazing opportunity, which we will forever treasure! 

Jessica Nguyen and Isabella Dingli

Year 12 Students and Nominees 

National HEPE Day 

On Thursday the 5th of September Killester College celebrated National HEPE day. This Nationally recognised day actually occurs on Thursday 12th of September, but due to parent teacher interviews we decided to celebrate early. This day highlights the importance of health and physical activity within the curriculum. The National Physical activity guidelines state that both teenagers and adults should be active for at least 60 minutes per day. Having HEPE in the curriculum helps to assist students achieve these activity goals.   To celebrate this day, staff completed a walk at 7.45am as a way to be active before classes. At recess time, free fruit such as apples, mandarins and bananas were given out to students. 


Students were encouraged to be active in classes such as Math, Language, Science, English, Technology and Art etc.  Students were involved in activities such as aerobics, star-jumps, wall sits, running on the spot and throwing tennis balls that staff received at the beginning of the day. At lunch time, we had three fantastic Zumba instructors come in to hold a class for any students or teachers who were willing to participate. We also received free t-shirts and more fruit for those who participated in the Zumba class.  


Overall it was a great day, the sun was shining and it was amazing to see so many people being active and participating in the several activities that were held. Thanks to everyone for their participation and support.

Yr 11 Sport and Recreation class

Emma Sadler, HEPE Learning Area Leader

Maths, Science and STEM



This term in cosmetics we have been learning about all the different cosmetic products that we use in our everyday lives. Some of the things we have been learning about are soap, moisturizer, lipstick, lip balm, lipgloss, mineral makeup and bath bombs & bath salts. We have learnt about the different benefits of these products and how to make them ourselves. We have also covered some very important topics such as animal testing, the different layers of the skin, the different skin types and overall how to take care of your skin and body.


Monet Sedita

Year 9 St Francis

Performing Arts

Upcoming Events......



Multicultural Night - 7.00pm Saturday 14th September

Senior Vocal group and Heartstrings will be performing alongside many solo acts.


Piano Lunchtime Concert  -  12.40pm Wednesday 18th September in the Theatrette

This is a great chance for all of our pianists in the school to strut their stuff on the baby grand piano in the theatrette. All welcome.


VCE Farewell Concert - 7.30pm Wednesday 18th September in the Theatrette.


Killester Open Day - 1.00pm Sunday 20th October

Stage Band, Concert Band and Honk will be performing across the afternoon. Parents have been sent an information letter. Please make sure your daughter is available for this important school event.


Instrumental Soiree - Monday 12th November  and Tuesday 13th of November in the Theatrette

Look out for information from your daughter's instrumental teacher regarding which night your daughter will be performing


Summer Sounds Concert - Wednesday 28th of November in the Theatrette

All the younger ensembles will be performing at this concert: Swing Sisters, Honk, Year 7 class ensembles, Year 8 advanced ensembles, Heartstrings.  It will be held in two sessions.  Concert 1 at 6.00pm and Concert 2 at 7.30pm.

So Long Farewell Concert

Next Wednesday, the 18th of September will be our last hurrah for our mighty Year 12 musicians who will be finishing in their ensembles at the end of the term. This concert will take place in the Anne Boyd Thatrette and will begin at 7.30pm. The concert will only be about an hour long so it will be a great chance for family and friends to come along and hear their daughters/friends perform for the last time and to thank them for their commitment to music at Killester over the past six years.  Our year 12 students are Mikayla Lowther, Angel Chau, Joanna Guelas, Vivien Nguyen, Casey Li, Sarah Lui, Maya Micallef, Sruthi Ponnarasu and Anita Bun.  There is no cost or bookings for this concert. The ensembles performing are: Concert Band, Honk, Senior Vocal Group, Heartstrings and Stage Band plus Maya's Rock Band.

Music Exams

Just a reminder to parents that all the music students can sit AMEB exams or we can hold internal exams here at Killester as well. Please inquire with Mr. Hickey or your daughter's instrumental teacher if you would like this to occur.  Congratulations to Teagan Dao in year 8 who achieved an A for her Grade 2 piano AMEB exam this month and Yechelle Fernando in year 9 who achieved an A+ for her Grade 3 Trombone Killester exam. Both girls have been working very hard, not only on their solo performances but also in the ensembles at Killester. 

Student Teacher

We welcome Ms. Chloe McKay from Deakin University to Killester for her final teaching rounds before she graduates as a teacher at the end of the year. Chloe has been taking classes from years 7-12 and has already proved herself to be a very competent and enthusiastic teacher. She will be with us until the end of the term.


Year 9 Italian Excursion

On Friday 6th of September, students in Year 9 studying Italian were given the wonderful opportunity to explore Lygon Street, located in Carlton and Mediterranean Wholesalers in Brunswick. We were given a booklet that contained questions. We searched for locations in Lygon Street and products in the supermarket that would give us clues in order to answer all our questions.



In Lygon Street, we discovered that there was a large Italian influence over many of the restaurants, cafes, and shops. We learned that University Cafe was opened in 1950, making it one of the oldest “Espresso Bars” in Melbourne. After answering all the relevant questions, we were given some time to explore some more or roam around to purchase anything that we wanted to.


After finishing off at Lygon Street, we arrived at Mediterranean Wholesalers, a supermarket offering an enormous variety of Italian products. We found a lot of imported items from Italy such as cured meats, vegetables, pasta, candied fruits, cheeses, biscuits, cleaning products, household products and beverages. We even found squid ink pasta! Amazing!!


Upon leaving the store, we were each given a pack of delicious wafers by the welcoming staff at the supermarket.  A huge thank you to Ms Gallo, Ms Urban, Ms Diep and Ms Timlin for organising and accompanying us on the excursion.


Gloria Le

Year 9 Italian Student

Dante Alighieri Italian Poetry Competition 2019

3rd Place Winner Poetry Recitation Competition

Year 10 Non – Italian Section



On Friday night, 6th September, the Dante Alighieri Society Melbourne held its annual Poetry Competition Presentation of Awards night at Melbourne University. I would like to congratulate Sarah Pachi, who competed against students from many other schools all over Victoria, during the Poetry Competition in June this year. Sarah was awarded with a 3rd place at the Finals, for Year 10, for reciting her poem Sonetto XXVI – Vita Nuova by Dante Alighieri.

Tanti Auguri from the Languages Faculty.

Liliana Gallo, Learning Area leader - Languages

Year 9 Indonesian Excursion


On Friday the 6th of September, the year 9 Indonesian class participated in an all day incursion about Indonesia. Activities on this incursion included dancing, dressing up, cooking and viewing an Indonesian film. My class watched a film called ‘Single’; a movie about an Indonesian boy named Ebi who struggles to find love. Eventually he meets a girl named Angel and they develop a close friendship and fall in love. 


We were taught an Indonesian dance by Ibu Maria who is from the Indonesian island of Java. Her Indonesian dance was beautiful and we all had lots of fun learning traditional Indonesian movements using our hands and fingers. Ibu Maria also brought traditional Indonesian garments for us to wear. I had the opportunity to wear a white scarf with golden sparkles. At the end of the session, Ibu Maria performed a dance for us. Her movements were inspired by peacocks. She wore a red outfit with a flowery peacock headpiece and cape-like wings. I thought the dance was very impressive as it represented the importance of animals such as the peacock in influencing traditional Indonesian style of dancing.


Another activity that we participated in was Indonesian cooking. We used Ibu Cosentino’s recipe and cooked Mie goreng tempeh. We used ingredients such as tempeh, noodles, garlic, onions and asian vegetables such as wombok and spring onions. We also added Kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) that is very popular and used daily in Indonesian cooking. In the end, the Mie goreng that I made tasted very delicious. It was the first time that I’ve eaten  tempeh (soy beans) and I really enjoyed the taste and texture. We served the mie goreng with Krupuk udang (prawn crackers).


 Sharna Trinh

Year 9 Indonesian Student

Language Perfect World Chamionships 2019 Results

Buongiorno and Halo Students, Staff and Parents,


Congratulations to all the participants in the Language Perfect World Championships 2019!!  This competition was held from 27th August – 3rd September. It was exciting to see many students engage in this Language learning opportunity! We have some very competitive students amongst us!!  I am extremely proud to announce the winners of this competition!!  Here are the top 10 schools in the world:


Benowa State High School - Users 1021 Score, 953,746 points

McKinnon Secondary College - Users 2427 Score, 810,547 points

Missian Heights Junior College - Users 907, Score 630,645 points

Killester College - Users 576, Score 621,337 points

Cashmere High School - Users 954, Score 604,386 points

Perth Modern School - Users 1029, Score 461,810 points

Santa Sabina College - Users 401, Score 436,279 points

Amaroo School - Users 460, Score 408,352 points

North Sydney Girls' High School - Users 304, Score 399,272 points

Abbotsleigh School for Girls - Users 593, Score 370,036 points


We achieved 4th place overall in the world

We achieved 3rd overall in Australia

We achieved 2nd overall in Victoria

We achieved 1st overall  for Indonesian

We achieved 2nd overall for Italian

We achieved 1st overall for Indonesian & Italian in Victoria

We had many award winners in all categories!


As a school we answered  1, 576, 255 questions and we earned 621, 337 points.

Here are the results for each category:


Elite:               10, 000+ points:                    28  students

Emerald:          5, 000 points:                      13  students

Gold:                 3, 000 points:                       13  students

Silver:               2, 000 points:                       22  students

Bronze:            1, 000 points:                       52  students

Credit:                  500 points:                        54  students


Here is a list of Killester's 28 Elite Award Winners:

28 Lorraine Becker (443rd 10,000)

27 Leanne Nguyen (433rd 10,001)

26 Victoria Lay (419th 10,003)

25 Simone Dunker (399th 10,008)

24 Alisa Kong (393rd 10,010)

23 Jennifer Vo (384th 10,015)

22 Lucinda Tran (342nd 10,055)

21 Tina Hoang (330th 10,076)

20 Josephine Lau (321st 10,088)

19 Mahekpreet Dhillon (317th 10,093)

18 Candice Chan Yai Ching (316th 10,094)

17 Natalie Te (315th 10,094)

16 Matisse Sedita (309th 10,101)

15 Vanessa Lin (308th 10,101)

14 Tayla Cornell (306th 1,0101)

13 Harleen Kaur (297th 10,125)

12 San Nhi Chung (293rd 10,143)

11 Liz Chy (266th 10,210)

10 Andrea Thomas (222nd 10,423)

9 Cindy Tran (198th 10,686)

8 Gina Lam (157th 11,111)

7 Monique Huynh (114th 11,666)

6 Anna Eam (108th 11,830)

5 Jeronie Lim (72nd 13,579)


Here are our to four students and their final scores and rankings:

4th Christie Giang (65th 14,000)

3rd Melinda Lao (41st 16,572)

2nd Leah Tea (37th 17,299)

1st place winner Charleen Ngo (22nd 21,729)


A huge congratulations goes to these wonderful girls on their fantastic effort!! Here is some recent feedback from our students on the usefulness of Language Perfect:

  • Nina Tabakovic (learning Italian): "great fun in the language championship competition"
  • Anugraha Jogi (learning italian): "Education perfect isvery fun and lets me remember my words"
  • Jeanette Nguyen (learning Italian): "it is fun, and we get to learn a language easier and faster by making mistakes, and learning from them."
  • Tharvy Soth (learning Indonesian): "it helps me memorise things."
  • Bikila Biju Jayakumari (learning Indonesian): "I think education perfect helps you learn".

Well done girls and we look forward to students' continued enthusiasm and participation in next years Language Perfect World Championships!!


...... as Federico Fellini would say:

'A different language is a different vision of life'.


Liliana Gallo

Languages Learning Area Leader

Visual Communications

Killester Art Exhibition
Friday 18 and Sunday 20 October 


Material's Technology

Killester College Fashion Parade
Friday 18th October


Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 


On Wednesday the 5th of September, Year 11 and 12 Vet VCE students attended one of the many Melbourne Fashion Week events. The fashion students were in the audience of the Thursday Night fashion show held at the Melbourne Town Hall. The focus of this collection was evening wear by some of Australia’ forefront designers. These included collections by Calibre, Carla Zampatti, Dom Bagnato, Gibson, Jason Grech, Joe Black, LEO & LIN, Nicola Finetti and Still Still Studio.  


This was an aspirational evening wear show featuring established Australian artisans, designers and tailors.  Designers showcased their intricate hand-embellished designs for modern event wear, suiting and bridal. The students were also treated to a performance by the D.J. Confidence Man.  Luckily the rain held off and the very luxurious designs and colours of the show soon warmed us up.  The students were very inspired and impressed by the parade and it has given them new momentum to complete garments for our Fashion show to be held on the 18th of October at the Art Technology Exhibition.  The Fashion parade will showcase students’ work will be on Friday the 18th of October from 7pm to 9 pm. Keep this date free for this glamorous event.


Anna Miha

VET Fashion Teacher

Killester College Newsletter
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