14 September 2018
Issue Fifteen
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Upcoming Dates

17th September- GWR Aths

17th September- Clontarf Yr 8 + 9 Camp

21st September- Last Day of term 3

8th October- First Day of term 4

9th October- Clontarf Yr 10+ 11 Camp

9th October- Year 12 Dress up day

10th October-WD Junior Sports

10th to 12th October- Outdoor Ed Surf Camp




Principal's Report

As I write this, I’m looking out of my office window and marvelling at how fortunate we are to live in this corner of the world.  The wind is up and about, but there’s only a few clouds in the sky.  The weather is warm enough to be standing outside comfortably for all of lunch and there’s green as far as the eye can see.  I know there’s rain and cooler conditions coming tomorrow, but I take for granted how lucky we are to have plentiful water supplies and temperate weather conditions throughout the year.  Compare this to the drought that will not abate north of us.  Huge swaths of land are dust bowls, growing nothing and sucking the energy and positivity from life.  And of course there’s two super hurricanes bearing down on the coast lines of the Philippines and USA at the moment where millions of people’s lives are about to be changed, possibly forever.  The geography of Warrnambool makes this a pretty special place to work, learn and teach in.


On Monday I went to a forum arranged by the Department to bring together schools, training providers, industry and local agencies.  Amongst other things we were discussing the importance of providing our young people with meaningful and relevant ways of accessing local career opportunities in the South West.  There is much more to be done to draw together education and industry in and around Warrnambool, but I was enthused to hear and meet people within our community who want to make these connections happen with Warrnambool College.  Our students already have many direct links with businesses and organisations in Warrnambool and plans are afoot to embed these links within the classroom in a more structured fashion.  The community of Warrnambool makes this an exciting place to work, learn and teach in.


Last Friday we celebrated the ‘Tall Poppies’ awards night at the school.  As I listened to the achievements of the 12 new inductees to Tall Poppies, I marvelled at the fact that they once walked the same corridors as me and all other students of Warrnambool College.  Their success in careers, voluntary contributions to society and personal development of others was incredible to hear and reflect upon.  And significantly their stories of achievement were wide and varied, from those that had successfully completed PhDs, to award winning journalism, to unparalleled contributions to the fields of medicine, speech pathology and health and safety.  And that’s not even the half of it.  We have incredible students at our school, now and those that are alumni that come back to be recognised and offer so much back.  The spirit and history of Warrnambool College makes this an inspiring place to work, learn and teach in.


Enjoy your last week of term – I hope you have a restful and safe break during the upcoming school holidays.


Kind Regards,


Dave Clift


Assistant Principal's Report

As the last week of term is nearly upon us, it never ceases to amaze me just how much happens within the Warrnambool College community. In the last seven days we have had;

  • Our Tall Poppies ceremony that recognises former Warrnambool College, Warrnambool High School and North Technical School graduates who have gone on to achieve great things in their working lives.
  • Year 7 Art-Design Exhibition – a marvellous event showcasing the amazing talents of our Year 7 students.
  • Hopkins Out of Uniform Day – all funds raised are to support a local charity – The Francis Foundation.
  • Arts Cup – inspiring to see the bravery of our students willing to perform in front of a capacity crowd.
  • SPP Basketball session with special guests such as Bobby Cunningham, Jay Rantall (Australian junior basketball squad member and Dan Lee (Assistant Principal) who captained their teams in an SPP shoot out tournament
  • SPP Netball – Sarah Wall conducting the final session of the term for our SPP Netball Squad
  • Numerous other class based excursions and activities that engage our students in the curriculum delivered at school

Positive Psychology in the Workplace.

This year we have been working on Positive Psychology at our school. There is a direct link between the way people feel and the way people perform in the workplace. People in a High Performing Workplace feel proud, optimistic, cheerful and valued. Through initiatives like Benefit Mindset, Mutual Respect and the 5:1 ratio we are aiming to increase wellbeing and happiness to ensure that everyone in the Warrnambool College community thrives.



Just a reminder that the final day of term, 21st September will finish at the earlier time of 2.30pm. We will still have a normal four period per day but the periods will be shorter to accommodate the earlier finish.

Have a great holiday break and as the weather is starting to ‘turn’ can we please ask families to ensure all students are coming to school in correct full summer uniform at the beginning of next term.


House Report


Term 3 has been moving along smoothly in the orange corridors, where the Spring air has seen a recent shift in movement patterns during Lunch and Recess. It’s been great to see the corridors empty with students enjoying the lovely weather. A friendly reminder, there is sunscreen in the Merri office for those who’d like to use some.

The recent Arts Cup was a big hit, with the gifted brother sister duo of Pat & Niamh Howard giving everyone a beautifully prepared Thursday treat. Whilst these two were recognised on stage for exceptional performances and a willingness to step outside their comfort zones, we have seen some quieter methods of recognition placed in the gratitude box. Myles Mccluggage, Ronald Sly, Hayley Carr, and Bilal Khanyari have all been highlighted by students or staff for doing a good deed. Well done legends!

The wild Wednesdays Intertute Competition has seen an early lead from M3 evaporate to M2, with the Mr. McCluggage lead juggernaut steering control at the top. The students endeavour and willingness to work together during these competitions has been sensational.

The old saying of, “you’ve got to be in it to win it” applies to all students, with attendance being a real focus for the remaining days of the term. It would be great to see all tutes full to see off a great term 3.

We wish all Merri members an enjoyable holidays.



The Logans Student Leadership team has been hard at work reviewing tutes lately and gathering ideas to mix things up a bit. In the last few weeks we have introduced a ‘Midweek Mash-up’ every Wednesday where students are able to go to whichever Logans tute room they like and take an active part in a variety of different activities including jenga, table tennis, Uno, hacky sacks, trivia, a chat space and a quiet space. Students have responded positively to this initiative and are making the most of the opportunity to get out and about to do activities that interest them.


Student Leadership 2019

This morning at House Assembly, we heard speeches from four of our prospective Student House Captains for 2019. Madeline Main, Jaiven Callander, Tiffany Tracey and Jesse Stow. Students will be voting on their two preferred candidates for these roles. The speeches were informative and gave these students the opportunity to put their case for election and what ideas they have to make a difference in the Logans House.



Should you need to contact the house office, Emma Vesey is filling the House Leader’s chair for Cass Crevola until the end of Term 3.


Emma Vesey, Kim Gration and Andrew Conquest

Logans House Leadership Team

Tall Poppies 2018

Last Friday we recognised a further 12 past Alumni as recipients of the 2018 Sir John Eccles Tall Poppies Award.

The evening commenced with a lavish spread of refreshments prepared by Kaye Hollis and the College Food Academy students, whilst we were entertained by Jason Bull and a number of College music students.

We thank our guest speaker Dr Julianne Lynch, Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, Deakin University, for her insightful address and congratulate the following recipients.

Tall Poppies Award recipients:

Senior Tall Poppies Award Recipients:

Our guest speaker for the evening, Dr. Julianne Lynch:


Arts Cup

Thursday the 6th of September saw the annual Arts Cup take place in the school hall. This year we had 8 acts battle it out for the places.  The auditions were held 3 weeks prior and saw 12 acts perform, with 5 acts progressing directly to the finals.  Battle rounds took place over two weeks with the large numbers of students in attendance and voting for their favourite acts to be represented in the final show.

The final line up saw an eclectic mix of acts.  Singers, dancers, aerobics, bands, piano players and even a national level aerial rings performance. The Judges of Monkey and The Big Fella along with Ms Miller and Ms Lumsden had some tough decisions to make as the line up was one of the best seen so far in the event.

The Final places were awarded to – 1st Renya and Michael Rubia. Equal 2nd was awarded to, band Flint & Stone equal with the Duo of Patrick and Niamh Howard.  While equal 3rd was given to Holli Hoggan and Flinn Stratford for their solo performances.

We would like to thank Dale Cleves Music for their generous donations of prizes, Lachi Rooke for his MC skills and Matthew Monk and Matthew Stewart for their judging.

Also on the day, the SEA Team held their annual out of uniform and BBQ fundraiser.  The theme of the day was crazy socks and beanies.  A BBQ lunch was organised and the money raised from the day as well as from selling crazy socks, will be used to fund student initiative projects around the school. 


Year 7 Art & Design Exhibition

On Wednesday 12th September, Warrnambool College hosted a year 7 Art & Design Exhibition in the Library. The night was a huge success with over 120 parents, students and staff attending the event. The artworks were inspired from a range of themes and created in a variety of Art Mediums. It can be quite daunting to put your work on display for your family, friends and the wider school community. I would like to acknowledge their bravery and celebrate their continual efforts in the creative Arts.


School News

Breakfast Program

Thanks Dede from Foodbank Warrnambool for supplying us with food to run the breakfast program. 

The School Breakfast Clubs Program provides a healthy breakfast for students who may otherwise arrive at school hungry. Research shows that one in seven children arrive at school not having eaten breakfast, which can affect their learning and attendance.


WAVE Pop- Up Shop


Community Notices

Junior Tennis


Pick My Project


Active Sportz

Active Sportz currently accepting players and teams for the new up coming seasons commencing next term (October). Openings in Netball (ladies & mixed) Soccer (ladies, mixed & men's) Cricket (open). Enter as a team or individually (and we'll help you find a team). Enquiries call Raff 55613666

Year 10 Interschool Formal


Flagstaff Hill Holiday Program


Dental Information


Esther Quick
Tanya Simmonds, Jennifer Monk, Dr. Stephen Northey, Angus Macpherson
Dr. Esther Quick
Nino Bucci
Robert Bennoun, Prof. Graeme Wines, Jenny Dowie, Alison Clarke, Greg Clapp, ( Bruce Christie: absent)