05 April 2019
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From the Principal

Through the Student’s Eyes

In 2019 we are making a concerted effort to shift the lens a little to purposefully focus on our students, considering their viewpoint and enhancing their capacity and involvement in the learning process. The expected consequence will be an increase in student connectedness and ownership.

In the student survey it was indicated that students want more agency in their learning. We have taken this seriously and a staff team has been involved in a project entitled Amplify which has the aim of empowering students to enhance their engagement and enrich their participation. It is about creating the conditions, employing the practices and developing the behaviours and attitudes to learning that are conducive to student voice, leadership and agency. The theory is that young people who are able to feel comfortable about airing their opinions in a school environment where they are encouraged and supported will be able to speak more freely out in the world.

We are also aiming for our students to be more accountable, to understand their own learning and the learning process and realise that they have a significant role to play in their learning outcomes and their own success. We have initiated and implemented a Learning to Learn program for year 7 and 8 students with the aim of increasing their ownership of their learning.

We have altered our leadership structure to highlight that students are representing their house as well as their year level. It is hoped that more students will feel connected to their peers and the school and more comfortable to participate and express their ideas and opinions.

We are engaging our students as partners in their own learning through feedback, input into decision making through the SRC and student forums and by seeking ways for them to have some autonomy in their learning so that they will feel more positive about the school, and more readily engage in activities both inside and outside the classroom, thus maximising their learning.


Clare Entwisle

Chaplaincy News

Hello and welcome to all of the new students and families attending Kew High School in 2019

My name is Rosemary Carter and I am the Kew High School Chaplain.  As the chaplain I am involved in a range of programs in the school including Connect, Peer Support and pastoral care.  Students are also welcome to come and see me in the Wellbeing Centre room 204B to discuss any issue or concern.

Thursday 31st January marked the first day of school for the year 7 students.  It was also the first day of the Peer Support program for 2019.  It was fantastic to see over 200 year 7 students racing around the school with 40 newly trained year 10 Peer Support leaders in a school information hunt.  The Peer Support program is aimed at helping year 7 students transition into high school life.  A wide range of topics are covered over the term including: finding and keeping friends, getting organised and working through hassles.  Welcome to the new year 7 students and congratulations to the year 10 Peer Support Leaders.

This year the Chaplain's Assistance Fund has again aided many students’ and families with new and second-hand textbooks and uniforms.  We are very grateful for the support from the Rotary Club of Yarra Bend, Kew Country Women’s Association and the Bendigo Bank Kew East Community Bank.  Without their generous support, the Chaplain's Assistance Fund would be unable to continue to offer assistance and support to Kew High School students.  Applications for support through the Chaplain's Assistance Fund can be collected from the general office.

The Secondhand Uniform and Book Shop have again had a busy three months with the volunteers running a highly successful end of year sale.  A big thank you to all of the volunteers for donating their time for this huge undertaking. If you are interested in purchasing items from the shop our regular, opening time is Tuesday’s 12:20pm – 1:10pm and two Monday evenings per term.  Watch the Compass newsfeed for advertisements of these evening opening times and dates.  New volunteers are encouraged and welcome to join our team in the Secondhand Shop or you make like to attend the Friends of Chaplaincy meetings twice per term.  For information on volunteering or to find out how to sell your own uniforms and books through the shop, please see the school webpage www.kew.vic.edu.au or email the school chaplain rosemary.carter@kew.vic.edu.au. 

Rosemary Carter – School Chaplain

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp

In term 1 the Year 7s enjoyed their first camp experience as secondary students, which took place at Camp Charnwood. The camp was beautifully located in the Strathbogie Mountain Ranges, surrounded by forest, hills, bushland, walking tracks and camping areas. We were very lucky with the weather as it was quite hot at the beginning of the week turning mild towards the end.

During the three-day camp experience the students participated in a range of fun and adventurous activities led by their camp leader and year 11 VET student leaders. The Year 11s were truly wonderful in their roles as helpers and made sure that all the students were included, particularly in night-time activities they ran after dinner. Activities included a bush walk through the hills, mountain bike riding, canoeing, raft making, abseiling and rock climbing. In the evenings the students slept in their cabins where they were able to socialise and enjoy forging new friendships.  One evening students experienced camping out under the stars in tents, where they cooked their own dinner and enjoyed games by torchlight in the dark.

It was a pleasure to see the Year 7s rise to new challenges, supporting each other and going outside of their comfort zones in the process. We were very proud to see that they are a particularly well adjusted cohort that has a high level of cohesion and concern for each other’s welfare, in a kind and caring way. We look forward to the rest of the year and seeing the Year 7s growth and progress at Kew high school, which has begun on such a positive note.


House Swimming Carnival

The Winning Streak Continues

On Thursday 14 February Kew High School walked to Boroondara Sports Complex for our annual House Swimming Carnival. The weather was perfect and so was the atmosphere. It was great to see so many students getting involved and the House Captains and Unit 1&2 VET students did a great job of running a range of activities to coincide with the swimming events. Congratulations to those who participated and those who went on to represent the school at Division Swimming.  Congratulations also to those who represented us at Regional Swimming late in Term 1 also.


When it comes to House points, Cotham continued its winning streak finishing ahead of Boroondara, Barker and Wilsmere.

Louise Bates

Sports Coordinator


Regional Swimming Competition                                           


English and Debating


Our students and teachers have been off to a flying start this year. Year 12 English students attended a viewing and lecture on Hitchcock’s Rear Window on Monday the 5th of February at ACMI. Whilst students have already viewed the film, familiarity with the text is an essential component of student success.  ACMI’s Dr Susan Bye’s insightful lecture further explored important aspects of this film, including the ‘kuleshov’ or ‘shot reverse shot’ technique employed by Hitchcock to draw the audience into the protagonist’s point of view.

Our year 11s have been treated to two incursions both relating to texts they are studying. Maxine Beneba Clarke, author of Foreign Soil, visited our school on Thursday 21st Februrary. Her talk deepened students’ knowledge of the cultural, historical and political contexts of her short stories. Students asked very interesting and though- provoking questions which truly demonstrated how the Year 11s have connected with this text. Many students also seized the opportunity to have their books signed.


The Year 11 students were introduced to Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, on Tuesday 5th March.  Complete Works performed the majority of the play whilst also pausing to discuss important aspects of the play in terms of plot, themes, symbols and historical context. Once again, students responded positively, asking insightful questions in the Q & A session at the end of the performance.

Getting to Know our Year 7s

Every year staff are very excited to meet our new year 7 students. Over the last few years the English team have got to know their students through the ‘Re-inventing Me’ project. The project takes the pivotal moment of entering high school as an opportunity to chart other important moments in individual student’s lives. Students also respond to questions about their identity through a range of other projects. The outcome was the colourful poster-filled wall that greeted parents and students on the Meet the Teachers Night on Thursday 21st of February.  Students proudly showed off their class work which also provided interesting talking points between parents, students and teachers.

Debating and Public Speaking

On Thursday March 28th our 2019 debaters debuted at the DAV regional competition at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar.

Interschool debating provides students the opportunity to build confidence in effective public presentation. It encourages logical and critical thinking, social awareness and an interest in current affairs. Just look at the topics laid out for the juniors over the course of the year – all areas of topical interest.

Round 1: That we should ban horse racing
Round 2: That all political parties should have quotas for female candidates
Round 3: That we should abolish standardised testing (e.g. NAPLAN)
Round 4: That convicted criminals should not be allowed to publish accounts of their crimes
Round 5: That refugees should have full access to the Australian welfare system

This year we are pleased to announce a ‘bumper crop’ of new debaters – we have 6 new teams of enthusiastic Year 7s and 8s who have taken on the challenge of debating. Our senior team members of Year 10s and 11s, whilst still honing their debating skills, provide invaluable assistance to the new recruits.

Further opportunities for public speaking will be announced in Term 2.

Karen Lynch

Head of English


Science Talent Search Term 1 2019

This year Kew High School has more than 20 students from Years 7 to 10 participating in the Science Talent Search. The Science Talent Search is a statewide competition that provides an exciting extension opportunity for students interested in science. Students are able to select from a range of project types including model making, inventions, scientific investigations, creative writing, photography and game making. Some of the exciting projects include:

  • An oscillating-piston engine by Lachlan McConnell (8H)
  • Investigating edible drink bottles by Luke Allen and Ketav Shah (8H)
  • Using Python to make a text adventure game by Felix Gyomber (8E) and Andreas Papadopoulos (8I)
  • Investigating the growing conditions of the Balsamina water plant by Archie Critchell and Gabrielle Teng (8I)
  • Photography of native plants by Maya Twigg and Hannah Musgrave (8I)
  • Photography of common beetles by Daniel Senn-Sanger and James Christopoulos (9G)
  • A model of the Challenger Tanks by Harry Forbes (7A)
  • A ‘pickle-jar’ opening device by Marco Katsieris (7A)
  • A portable cup-holder invention by Andre Bekos (7D)
  • Short-stories examining the moon and outer-space by James Pringle (8B) and Adam Bleby (7A)

It has been fantastic to see the hard work applied to the extraordinary range of projects from these students as they embark on the Science Talent Search journey that culminates in the presentation of their work to a judging panel in August.

Luna Park 2019

On the 8th of March, as part of their studies of Circular Motion, the Year 12 VCE Physics cohort of about 50 spent the whole day at Luna Park St Kilda to go on some rides and experience Newton’s Laws of Motion for themselves. Throughout the day we learned to apply our classroom knowledge within real world situations, analysing the motion of infamous and thrilling rides like the Carousel and the Ferris Wheel. We spent our day “circling” around the park, experiencing multiple rides such as the super-fast Enterprise; the relaxing Scenic Railway; and the intense Pharoah’s Curse, which was easily one of the favourite rides from the students (though, when coming out of the ride, many of us felt very much light headed).

As part of the excursion we completed a booklet about the rides, recording data first hand for our own calculations, thus reinforcing our knowledge of the laws of motion, and preparing us for the SAC. As some students missed on some data recordings, it would be great if we were given notice about all the data we needed to record beforehand. 

Overall, the Luna Park Excursion was a wonderful and fun experience for the students; even the teachers had fun trying out some of the rides!

Year 10 Textile

Year 10 Textile visit to Heide Gallery

Year 10 Textile students visited the Mirka Mora exhibition during class time to enable them to get a one on one perspective in regards to how she worked across her many artistic areas.

Students were greeted by two educators and taken to two different areas of the gallery. One group went to Heide 2 to see the GORMAN pop up show, which featured GORMAN dresses inspired by different artists’ works.

The other group were taken into Heide 1 and were introduced to Mirka's work via a PowerPoint presentation and discussion of the featured works in the exhibition.

Back in the classroom students would be making their own dolls using Mirka’s work as inspiration.

All students also wrote a response to the works they saw.



Student Representative Council (SRC) Report

It has been an honour and a pleasure for us to represent you as your School Captains this term. As a leadership team, we are aiming to increase school spirit by encouraging student participation and achievement both inside and outside the classroom. We want students to feel that they can make valuable contributions to our school community. We want students to have pride through purpose and participation. Continuing from previous years, we want to build house spirit in the school community.

Student voice:

We are excited to have our year 7-12 House Captains meet at fortnightly SRC forums where they bring ideas and feedback on all student related issues. Currently, the canteen is the topic of discussion where we are seeking to implement change that will provide healthier alternatives that align with government recommendations.


In Week 3 we had our House Swimming event and in Week 8 we had our House Cross-Country event. It has been fantastic to see so many students competing and dressing up in House colours.  


  • Our Environment Captains, Connor Kinkead and Josh Brookes, have been hosting weekly Apocalypse Prevention Society (APS) meetings. They also coordinated Clean Up Australia Day on Friday 1st March when a group of student volunteers gave up their time to clean the school and make it look spotless.  
  • International Women’s Day was celebrated on Friday 8th March with the theme ‘Balance for Better.’ Pat O’Luanaigh, our Social Justice Captain, spread awareness with purple face painting and a selfie campaign.
  • For Cultural Diversity Week we had a Vietnamese food truck arriving for lunch on Friday 22nd March, as well as activities organised by the International Student Captains.
  • On Wednesday 13th March, our Year 12 Wilsmere House Captains, Chelsea Nguyen and Talya Callahan, organised the World’s Greatest Shave. We had loads of students involved - shaving or colouring their hair to support the event and enjoying the sausage sizzle on the day. We’re stoked to announce that we’ve raised over $3000 for the Leukaemia Foundation.
  • Lastly, we’re happy to have Toasties up and running again on Friday mornings, with food and games for students.

We hope to keep running more events for the remainder of the year and continue to provide a voice for the students.

Dean Damevski and Alana Whitehead

School Captains

Theatre Studies

Top Class 2019

Approximately 1700 students from around Victoria selected Theatre Studies as one of their Year 12 VCE subjects in 2018, all of whom needed to complete an individual monologue in Semester 2 of last year. This outcome task requires students to study a prescribed monologue for 3 months, with a focus on either Acting and Directing or Designing. This process would culminate in a one-off, live performance in front of three examiners, where the student would be graded on their interpretation, research and performance. If a student receive an A+ they are invited to audition for Top Class, which is a showcase of the best VCE monologue perform the following year. The showcase gives the following year’s Theatre students the opportunity to view what the examiners judge to be the top students from across the state. An invitation to audition places them amongst the top 60 students in the state and, if selected for the Top Class showcase, they will be in the top 25 students from the total Theatre Studies cohort of 1700 - a simply amazing result!

Kew High School Performing Arts Department are absolutely ecstatic to celebrate the selection of Rachel Nankin in the 2019 Top Class showcase; the first Theatre Studies student to be awarded this honour in the school’s rich performing arts history. The acknowledgment of Rachel’s success from the examiners places her in the top 2% of the state, which is quite simply outstanding!

Congratulations, Rachel!


A Starting Note from Musicland

Term 1 has been a busy one for all who dwell in Musicland.


We have had new teachers join the Music Staff for 2019. We welcome Luke Champion, our new piano teacher, and Adrian Jackson who is replacing Martin Jackson (who retired at the end of 2018 after teaching classroom Music and conducting the Jazz Band for over 20 years here at Kew High School). Both staff are also involved with ensembles; Luke conducts the keyboard ensemble and Adrian the Intermediate Concert Band.

The Music Captains, Edward Thyer  (year 12), and Deputy Captains, Joshua Ruiz and Mariam Pileggi (year 11), organised a very entertaining Kew’s Got Talent show highlighting the many hidden talents of our students in differing year levels. They also coordinated musical items for school and year level assemblies during the term.

Term 2 will have the Music students involved in Anzac Day ceremonies, the Music Camp, excursions to various venues and finally the half year concert. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Judy Bartosy

Director of Music



STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) runs every Thursday lunchtime in Room 14. This term students have had the opportunity to create crystals, tea bag and bicarb soda rockets, rubber-band powered cars and soap bubbles. STEM Club is open to students in all year levels who have an interest in any of the STEM subjects. Students have the opportunity to ask questions, experiment and have fun!


Maths Homework Help

Maths Homework Help sessions run throughout the week at lunchtimes and before school. Homework Help provides students with the opportunity to continue with class work, ask questions, work on CATs or prepare for upcoming tests. Every session is run by a maths teacher and it a chance to work on maths in a safe, quiet space. Chat to your maths teacher if you want more information.

Home Economics and Food Studies

food, nutrition and health

Home Economics and Food Studies have shifted to an all healthy, all sustainable approach in 2019 and beyond. The study from years 8-12 has been guided by the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the movement towards whole foods grown locally. Students are assessed on producing food items in a safe and hygienic way (Australian Guideline #5). Courses are scaffolded to progress students from Year 8 through to Year 12, building their confidence and competence as we go. We encourage life-long learning and enjoyment of food in all its magnificent facets.

Year 9 Humanities

Year 9 Humanities

A highlight from Year 9 Humanities this term has been the Business Pitch. Shark-tank style, students have worked in teams and come up with a business idea to pitch to the class. Each team have explained their business idea and factors for success along with their marketing plan, management plan and the financial considerations for their business. It’s been great to see such enterprising and innovative work being produced by our year 9 cohort.

Harriet Lobb, Humanities Coordinator

Year 10 Sport and Recreation

The Year 10 VET Sport and Recreation class went snorkelling in Port Phillip Bay. The weather was perfect and we saw up to 40 dolphins and many Australian Fur Seals. We discussed minimal impact, developed our snorkelling skills and looked at minimising risk. On top of this, students had the opportunity to jump off the boat, relax in the hammock hanging over the water and get a massage while hanging onto the back of the boat.


Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Kew High School participated in the 2019 Victorian Schools Cup Beach Volleyball tournament that was played on South Melbourne Beach in March. 32 teams - made up of pairs and foursomes - competed, with our best results coming from the Year 8 girls fours who came away winning Gold and Silver. It was a great opportunity for players to try something different and enjoy throwing themselves around on the soft sand.  
Kew High School ranked 3rd overall which was a fantastic result!


Year 7 Learning Program

Year 7 Positive Thinking and Resilience 

All year 7 students had the opportunity to listen to Martin Heppel (from the Resilience Project) speak about how we can all be happier and more resilient. The 3 key messages are in the acronym GEM – Gratitude, Empathy (and Kindness) and Mindfulness. Being grateful for what we have instead of complaining about what we don’t have, being considerate of others feelings and showing care and kindness, and learning to stay focused in the moment and not worrying about the past or future are all important for our wellbeing.

Faye Harding

Leader, Student Wellbeing


Congratulations to Kristopher Govic 

Congratulations to Kristopher Govic, year 7, who competed in the sport of Cup Stacking at the Arnold Sports Festival earlier in March. Kristopher’s team won a gold medal in his division. Teams from Korea and USA also competed.

He managed to take a great selfie of himself with Arnie Schwarzenegger as well!


Year 11 Biology Camp

Queenscliff Thursday 28 February – Friday 1 March 2019

On Thursday 28 February 69 year 11 Biology students and 9 staff headed off to Queenscliff for an overnight camp focusing on a range of activities coordinated by the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. This education facility is an initiative of Fisheries Victoria and provides a range of tailored programs beyond the scope of the regular classroom. Specifically, the camp enabled our students to fulfill the fieldwork component of their course and, in so doing, add valuable data to the Centre’s longitudinal study of population changes in the marine ecosystem of Swan Bay.

Our two-day program was very full. Students needed to be at school by 6.40am ready for the bus trip to the Marine Studies Centre, Queenscliff. On arrival at the Centre students rotated through two laboratory-based activities involving investigation of a range of reproductive and structural adaptations and then enjoyed a guided tour of the Centre’s aquarium, culminating in an opportunity to handle a number of organisms in the Centre’s touch tank.

After a very quick lunch, we moved down to the beach for the fieldwork component of the camp. Using specialised equipment and the expertise of our instructors, students carried out a variety of sampling techniques aimed at collecting data on plant and animal distribution. Student could then appreciate first-hand how the complex, specialised adaptations seen in the morning’s activities enable survival in this harsh marine environment. In doing so, the students gained a deeper understanding of a central theme in biology – the relationship between structure and function.

By late afternoon, we were back on the buses heading to our accommodation. After a long, hot and very tiring day students appreciated settling into their rooms and exploring all our accommodation had to offer: swimming pool and spa, trampoline area and the coffee shop. When it came to dinnertime, we travelled back into Queenscliff. Fortunately, it was a lovely summer evening, perfect for sitting outside enjoying a pizza or fish and chips.

On Day 2 students were on the bus, having had breakfast, packed and cleaned their rooms. Students had the choice of participating in one of two different snorkelling activities or a marine studies cruise. One snorkelling group went out by boat to Popes Eye, a unique area within the Marine National Park. The other snorkelling group investigated the marine environment a little closer to the shore. Both groups had exception viewing of the rich community of plant and animal life in Port Phillip Bay. The marine studies cruise travelled out on the bay to observe a colony of Australian Fur Seals and a colony of Australasian Gannets. Along the way a small sledge was deployed which sampled material from the bottom of the bay, enabling students to observe a range of bottom dwelling organisms like crabs, sea-stars, seahorses, sponges, some fish as well as lots of seaweeds.

On returning to school students analyse their data and, in conjunction with further research, present their findings as a scientific poster. They select one organism viewed over the 2 days, identify a range of its adaptations and link these adaptations to the organism’s survival in its habitat – in other words, “how can the organism live where it does”.

The Unit 1 Biology teachers (Matthew Goodridge Kelly, James Dean and Di Keage) along with the students would like to say a big thank-you to the staff who came along to ensure the success of the camp by driving the buses, organising the allocation of rooms and getting breakfast on the table: Louise Bates, Tom Williams, Penelope Cleghorn, Judy Finger, Dawn Morrissey and Elena Aleksoska.

Students were asked to complete a feedback sheet on their return, consensus being that students found it a worthwhile activity with the overwhelming highlight being snorkelling. If parents have any suggestions, we would be delighted to hear from you.

To end, here is a reflection from one of our International students, Kelly Tra My Nguyen, that nicely illustrates the value of field-based learning.

After a few weeks into Term 1, the school took us on a two-day Marine Biology Camp in Queenscliff in Victoria, two hours drive from Melbourne and it was such a great trip. 

Once we arrived at the Marine Discovery Centre, we had the chance to visit the aquarium, to be introduced to the fascinating structures and behaviours of the organisms that allow them to adapt to the environment they live in, and to investigate a variety of structure-function relationships of marine animals and plants. We also explored the animal and plant life of the rocky shore. It was a super hot but fun day. 

The best part of the Camp was on the second day when we went snorkelling in Port Phillip Bay. At first I was a little bit nervous but, after seeing the seals, I felt excited. They were so cute. Swimming in the ocean and observing all the marine animals and plants was such a great experience though we didn't see any dolphins swimming nearby as we hoped. 

After the trip, I had more knowledge of marine diversity and made more friends. It is been one of the most unforgettable camps in my life.

Year 10 Pathways

Year 10 Pathways

What interpersonal skills do we need for the real world? The development of Respect, Trust and Positive Relationships has been our focus for Year 10 Pathways this term. Our year 10 cohort have taken a journey in understanding the components of Australia’s diverse society including cultural, sexual and gender diversity. Students have explored how they can embrace and work with people from all walks of life, thinking about their own personality type and how that can shape our career prospects in the future.

Students have been fortunate to hear from a range of different guest speakers during the program. Earlier in the term, Danielle Brunton presented on her experience engineering in the humanitarian sector in the Middle East, including the importance of problem solving, negotiation, emotional intelligence and decision making. We also had two fantastic speakers from an organisation called Minus 18 come in to run a workshop on understanding Sexual & Gender Diversity. For cultural diversity week, we had a team of volunteers from Courage to Care run a workshop on Anti-Racism and Discrimination through the lens of the Holocaust. This was an invaluable experience for our students to hear first-hand from a Holocaust survivor called Jack. 

We look forward to continuing the Year 10 Pathways course next term with a focus on work ready skills, including Communication, Teamwork and Problem Solving next term.

Harriet Lobb

Year 10 Pathways Coordinator


ELC Journal  

This is the second time I have been to Australia. This time, I have come here to learn knowledge and culture. Australia is a beautiful country and it is one of the world's leading countries in education. Melbourne is the city I like the most, so I chose to study here.

Before I came here I had already researched the culture and knew some information. I found out some interesting things. For example, Canberra is the capital of Australia, which is 814.2 square kilometres. The most famous city is probably Sydney; the Sydney Opera House is there.  

My first impression of Australia was that the cities here are very modern. The people are friendly and help me a lot with new things. My homestay is Indonesian; they are kind and lovely so I feel like I am staying in my own home. When I first came to Kew High School, I learned even more about Australia. I learned that there are more kangaroos than the number of people here! That is interesting. As I understand, there are more than 200 kinds of birds living in the wild.

As for Australian school life, I hope that it will be good time in my life. I want to learn more to develop myself better. I believe that the knowledge I have been learning will help me improve and prepare for the future. And I’ll try my best. I think Kew High School will be a great environment for me to develop my education and later, myself.

Many people say that Australia is the “Lucky Country”. I agree with this description. Why? Australia has been blessed with loads of natural resources that the world will continue to need. Melbourne is a good example of the above; it has one of the busiest ports in the Southern hemisphere, and has excellent universities and school system. Anyway, I have had many new and “lucky” experiences in the two weeks I have been living in Melbourne.

Hannah HOANG 

Work/Life Balance Workshop

REBOOT work/life balance

On the 4th of April the Education Staff (ES)were given the opportunity to participate in a  Work/ Life Balance PDencouraging us to focus on strategies to achieve our goals in both areas of our lives.

This was a great forum to gain skills that we could use in our professional and personal  lives.

It was also a chance to be able to share our thoughts and ideas with our colleagues, something that is hard to achieve in the normal school day.