St Agnes' Primary School Newsletter

30 April 2019
Issue One
St Agnes' Primary School
(03) 9532 0344
Peterson Street
Highett, Victoria, 3190



Office hours are:    8:30am - 4:00pm

Telephone:                 9532 0344


Parents should always make contact with the Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.

Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.



8.30 am - 10.40 am

10.45 am - 11.25 am (Recess)

11.25 am - 1.25 pm

1.35 pm-2.15 pm (Lunch)

2.15 pm - 3.15 pm


Student Absences - Parent Procedures

Is your child going to be:

Absent all day?

Student absences should be reported to the school before 9.30am. Please email or telephone the school office on 9532 0344 and leave a message on option # 2


Arriving late? 

When you arrive to school, the student must be signed IN at the school office by the parent/carer prior to going to class. A late pass will be given to the student to take to class with them.


Leaving early?

Parent/Carer must sign the student OUT at the school office


Please not Students are not permitted to sign themselves in/out of school. 


SMS Messages

If you receive an SMS message advising that your child is absent as of 9.30 am that morning - please call or email the school.

These messages are generated automatically and sent to parents each day in accordance with the School’s Duty of Care obligations.


Pre-Planned Absences

For pre-planned student absences ie family holidays of longer than two days a email must be sent to the school via as under Law permission must be given.











Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly. Tubs of Lost Property are located in the Office area.


2020 Enrolment Tours

School tours are conducted by appointment only with Principal or Assistant Principal at 10.00 am most days. Please ring the school office on 9532 0344 to register for a tour


Parent Contact Information

Have your contact details changed?

If so please update your information on CareMonkey so we can update our records. This includes changes to emergency contacts or additional numbers to call if needed.


Medication at School Form

If your child requires medication to be administered during school hours, please complete this form and hand it to the Front Office with the required medication.





Therese Stewart


Welcome to Term 2.


I hope all families had the opportunity to enjoy Easter together and the school holiday.  It is lovely to see the children back at school refreshed and ready to go for a term of focused learning and being together. 


Miss Georgiou (1-2G) is on leave this week and will return on Monday.  Mrs Lema (1-2L) is now on Long Service Leave for five weeks as she travels overseas.  We wish her a very safe and exciting holiday.  While away Mrs Denise Howey and Mrs Liz Sibley will be the children's classroom teacher. 


May the term ahead be one full of great learning and community.  Please keep your eyes open for the Skoolbag notification coming home in the next week which gives parents an overview of what is happening in your child's classroom this term.

Farewell Fr Stephen.

As families will be aware Fr Stephen is returning to his homeland to continue his work as a priest.  Tomorrow is his last official day at St Agnes'.  We thank him for all he has contributed to our Parish and School and wish him all the best as he returns to India to be closer to his family.  Father was presented with a gift of a beautiful Tina Leanard painting of the ocean from both the school and parish at Mass on Sunday.  We hope it will remind him of Australia and hold special memories of

St Agnes' for him. 

Fr John O'Reilly will be our interim Parish Priest until a new PP is appointed to begin in July.  This will not impact on the process for the appointment of the new Principal.  Fr John is a very experienced PP and although now retired has been very active in Catholic Education.  

Full Winter Uniform - Week 3

As we head into the cooler months the children have the first two weeks to transition into wearing their winter uniforms. All students are required to be in full winter uniform by the commencement of Week 3. 


As some parents may have unfortunately discovered, the local council has been active around the school area enforcing parking restrictions.  Please observe the signage around the school to avoid a very costly fine.  These signs are in place for the safety of the children both before and after school.  St Agnes is lucky to have a number of entry and exit points and ample parking in the area, unlike many schools who suffer dreadful congestion during the busy drop off and pick up times.  I will approach the Council to investigate having the drop off zone in front of the school further extended to allow more cars in the drop off zone.

Monday's Pupil Free Day

The dates for the pupil free days were set at the end of last year.  I apologise to parents for the disruptive start to the term with a short first week and then our pupil free day yesterday.  I know it can be challenging for working parents and I thank you.  It was a very successful day yesterday with staff working with members of the Catholic Education Team.  It was a day dedicated to preparation for Review and working with the new School Improvement Framework (SIF) Rubric in our ongoing focus on improvement throughout the school community.  The  rubric has been specifically developed to assist schools in their preparation for the SIF model of school review. The SIF Rubric supports schools through the self-reflection stage of review and assists in framing the data sets and evidence that are submitted to the reviewer.  We will continue to work in this area over the term and into next term.   Our Reviewer is Jan Hayes, an experienced educator and regular reviewer in schools.  She is scheduled to visit the school in week 2 of term 4, on the 15th and 18th of October.  During that time she will visit with staff, students and parents as it is a collaborative process with all stakeholders included.


New School Website

Our new school website is nearly ready to launch.  It showcases all the great things that happen at St Agnes and is contemporary and informative.  We will send a link to all families when it is ready to go and show the children at our next assembly.  We will also be using Twitter as a way of staying connected to school.  Matt Cherry will include the details in the ICT section of this newsletter so families have the opportunity to follow the schools twitter feed. A sneek peek below!


Mother's Day/Special Friend's Stall & Breakfast.

The Mother's Day/Special Friend's Stall is TOMORROW!  Hopefully the dad's will make sure there is a few dollars in children's wallets for a special gift for mum!  A big thank you to our P&F for their organisation of the stall.  It is beautiful to watch the children making their very careful selections for their mums or special friends.

Mother's Day/Special Friend's breakfast is on Friday 10th May.  Well done and thank you to the Dads for their organisation of this great event.  I am very impressed with their dedication to the mum's/grandmothers and special friends in the children's lives and for contributing to the great community spirit at St Agnes.  Details are in the P&F section of today's newsletter. 

New inewsletter

We hope you enjoy our new newsletter format!  It will be available on the website as soon as it is live and a link will be sent each fortnight to families via Skoolbag.  We look forward to hearing what you think .  Enjoy!


I'm looking forward to another terrific term at St Agnes!


Until next fortnight





Welcome back to what will be a busy Term 2.

Our Grade 3 and 5 students are scheduled to undertake 3 consecutive days of NAPLAN tests in week 4 (May 14 -16).  All students in these year levels will participate in tests in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. As we remind parents on a regular basis NAPLAN tests are one aspect of the school’s assessment and reporting process, and do not replace the extensive, ongoing assessments made by teachers about each student’s performance. It is also important that we recognise the student not solely on their ability to complete a NAPLAN test but to take into account the personal traits and gifts that they bring with them. The graphic below takes into account some of the personal qualities that a NAPLAN test alone cannot assess. As educators we look to these traits working hand in hand with the child’s ability to complete a test. We aim to communicate all of these qualities effectively to you at our regular Parent Child Teacher Interviews.

Matt Cherry

New Resources

As Mrs Stewart has mentioned in a previous Newsletter, the P & F have kindly donated some funds to the school which we have put towards new resources for ICT.  We have purchased 40 new Chromebooks for the 3/4 level as well as robotics for the whole school.  We have purchased a class set of the Sphero Bolts as well as a class set of Blue Bots.


Robotics provides a highly engaging medium for creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication - four essential skills for learning  ICT within a curriculum context.


Sphero Bolt


As teachers we need to provide our students with opportunities to learn how to learn, supporting them to find and solve problems. Our role involves developing learners for many jobs that are yet to exist. The critical question we must ask as educators is – How might we best prepare our students for their future?

There are many tools, resources, and applications that can be used to enhance student learning and develop their lifelong learning skills. The Sphero is one of these, it is amazingly versatile and will engage and empower our students. A tennis ball sized robot connected via bluetooth to a mobile device, the Sphero can be used to transform teaching and learning across various curriculum areas.




Blue-Bots are programmable bluetooth floor robots designed for use with Lower Primary students to teach programming and directional language. The Blue-Bot can be controlled using a tablet whereby students can create their very own program on screen, send it remotely and see their Blue-Bot perform the program right before their eyes! With a clear shell,students can see inside Blue-Bot and understand which components perform which duties.



Have a lovely week.

Matt Cherry




1st-Grade 3/4 Bike Education

         Mothers' Day Stall

3rd-SSV Soccer

8th-Grade 3/4 Bike Education

9th-Grade 3 Reconciliation Reflection Day

10th-  Mothers' Day Breakfast

              Grade 5/6-SSV Inter School Sports

 13th-2.30 pm-Assembly-Hosted by 3/4G and the Mayor of Bayside City Council   


15th-7.00 pm-Grade 3 Sacrament of  Reconciliation

16th-Grade 6 Confirmation Reflection Day

17th-SSV Cross Country

20th-7.00 pm-Cybersafety Parents Session

22nd-National Simultaneous Storytime

             Final Bike Education

24th-Grade 5/6-SSV Inter School Sports

25th-9-00-10.30 am-Term 2 Working Bee


31st-Grade 5/6-SSV Inter School Sports

           7.00pm-Grade 6-Sacrament of Confirmation



3rd-2.30 pm-Assembly-Hosted by Foundation

15th-P&F Comedy Night

17th-2.30 pm-Assembly-Hosted by 5/6M

End of Term 2 


Term 2  -  23rd April to 28th June
Term 3  -  15th July to
20th September

Term 4  -  7th October to 20th December

Term 2 School Closure Days 
Monday 27th May
Monday 10th June - Queens Birthday


Cybersafety @ St Agnes'

Sometimes children are faced with online situations that they simply don’t know how to handle. This means that schools and parents/carers should have ongoing programs to teach children and young people the knowledge and skills they need to prevent bullying and other inappropriate behaviours they see online, to intervene effectively when incidents occur, to celebrate diversity, and to promote friendship and positive social behaviours.

On Monday 20th May, the children in years 3-6 at St Agnes' will take part in an information session around Cybersafety.

On the evening of May 20, we strongly encourage a participant from each family (Prep - 6) to attend a free cybersafety information session in the hall.  
Teaching your child to be Cybersafe will help them to engage with the online world safely, responsibly and discerningly and can assist to protect them from online risks.



We have begun to use Twitter at St Agnes to provide families with a snapshot of our learning and the fantastic work that is occurring at our School.  To follow our Twitter feed please click on the link below.




P&F Event Dates: Term 2


Mother’s Day stall – Tomorrow-Wednesday 1st May
This year the P&F team will be holding a Mother’s Day Stall in the hall. Children will be able to make purchases for their mum, grandma or special friend. We have a great selection of items for sale, ranging from $2 - $8. Classes will be sent over to the hall, one at a time to make their purchases. To ensure there are enough items for all the classes we ask that children limit the amount they are buying to $15 or 3 items each. Cash only and BYO bag.

Mother’s Day Breakfast – Friday 10th May
Once again the dads are putting on a breakfast for the mums, special friends and kids. A delicious all inclusive menu of bacon & egg roll, muesli/cereal, coffee/tea & juice will be available. Grab your tickets now on TryBooking via this link
Any dads that can help on the day and/or setting up the hall the night before, please contact Justin Crough 0421 403 177.

Comedy Night - Saturday 15th June

After the success of last year’s event, the team from Comedy for a Cause will be back again this year for what promises to be a night full of fun and laughter. “Comedy For A Cause” will present a showcase of some of the best comedians from the Sydney and Melbourne International Comedy Festival in support of our school. This will be and +18 event. Tickets are available for purchase now via this link




EXTEND UPDATE                                 


Monday 29/4

Tuesday 30/4

Wednesday 1/5

Thursday 2/5

Friday 3/5



Window art

Freeform bread

Group painting


Monday 6/5

Tuesday 7/5

Wednesday 8/5

Thursday 9/5

Friday 10/5

Tulip card

Photo frame

Tissue flower

Clay heart

Cone cupcakes


Special Announcement: Extend will run from the Library on Friday 10th May


The Extend Superstars are...

Maggie...for always making the most of her time at Extend! We love your energy Maggie!

Gemma...for always helping out! Thank you Gemma!


What’s Been Happening?

Welcome to Term 2! We ran an Easter colouring in competition the last week of Term 1. Here are our winners! Well done Sonny in Prep, Niamh in Y1/2, DeeDee in Y3/4 and Eva in Y5/6.




Contact Information
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Office Hours:
9 am to 3 pm

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Thank you to our local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse for your wonderful support to our School.


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