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11 August 2016
Issue Twelve
Important Dates
Principal's Report
eSmart Community Engagement Program
School News
Celebrating Tree Day at MGC: Smoking Ceremony and Murnong Day
We're off to see the Wizard!
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Important Dates


10th - 12th August - Musical Production - The Wizard of Oz (book your tickets here)

19th August - PUPIL FREE DAY

23rd August - eSmart Communitiy Engagement Program, 6pm

30th August - Year 12 Music Proformance Evening, 6.30pm


1st September - Year 7 Immunisations

2nd September - Fathers' Day Breakfast

6th September - Year 12 Drama Solos

13th September - Parent Teacher Interviews, 12.30pm - 8.00pm

16th September - Final day of term 3


3rd October - Term 4 Commences 

31st October - PUPIL FREE DAY

Principal's Report

The Wizard of Oz

Congratulations to Anne Corry, Producer & Co-director, Lindy Mumme, Co-Director, Trevor Howlett, Technical Director Tony Hicks, Conductor and Orchestra, the staff team and our fantastic performers! There certainly is ‘no place like home’! The professionalism of all involved is awe-inspiring in such young performers. Hannah Steiner and Paris Tzimos as Dorothy; Ciena Lahanis and Emily Townsend as the Wicked Witch; Josie Hughes and Kala Rosebirch as Scarecrow; Isabella Codognotto-Parry and Isabelle Carney as Tinman; Bella Craig and Emma Naismith as Lion were all amazing along with their support actors and singers. There was an audible audience sigh with the first glimpse of very cute munchkins.

Year 9 City Experience and Exhibition

Very proud of you all.The quality of the work undertaken by the students over their 8 day City Experience was excellent in the detail and mature responses to issues, history, urban planning, art and society. Thank you to Chris Lattin and Leigh Hanley for leading a team of dedicated teachers to ensure this project based learning immersion built many skills for the girls.

Decades Whole School Assembly

Congratulations to our School Captains, Tallara Drew-Hazou, Sally Jacobs and Laura Bass for leading an action packed and joyful assembly on Friday, 5th August. The 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s music had the school dancing during the assembly and at each class break. Every student was included in singing, dancing, fashion parades and quizzes. Highlights were our resident Spice Girls; Ms. Demirova (Posh), Ms Hajzler (Ginger), Ms Chan (Sporty), Ms Sandilands (Scary) and Ms Rosos (Baby). They had serious competition from The Backstreet Boys- Mr Vance, Mr McDougall, Mr Law, Mr Ang, Mr. Pretlove and Mr Kovassy.

Curriculum Day

There will be a student free Curriculum Day on 19th August.
The Victorian Curriculum F-10 is to be implemented from January, 2017. This professional planning day will concentrate on this work.
Information Evenings
Thank you to the many parents who braved the cold weather on Tuesday 9th August to hear about language selection for Year 8 and electives for Year 9 in 2017. Our dedicated staff and student representatives made the options come to life for the girls.
Thank you for your ongoing support of your daughters and our College. It is very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Information Evenings

Thank you to the many parents who braved the cold weather on Tuesday 9th August to hear about language selection for Year 8 and electives for Year 9 in 2017. Our dedicated staff and student representatives made the options come to life for the girls.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your daughters and our College. It is very much appreciated.


Best regards,

eSmart Community Engagement Program

Parent Forum - 23rd August

As part of their commitment to support school communities in being safe, smart and responsible online, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation will be facilitating a parent seminar at Melbourne Girls’ College on Tuesday August 23 at 6pm in the Auditorium. Facilitated by the experts in their eSmart Schools team, parents will be presented with all the latest trends and research about cybersafety and online behaviours. Strategies and guidelines will be discussed that relate to safe, smart and responsible uses of technology in the home.


The eSmart Schools program is a cultural change initiative developed by the Foundation in consultation with academic and industry experts. eSmart aims to create positive, respectful and inclusive cultures that reduce bullying, cyber bullying and increase cybersafety. 


We would like to thank the MGC Parents’ Association for their generous grant which has funded this program.


Tip Kennedy & Patricia Sklavakis

Assistant Principal & Year 11 Leader

School News

Congratulations to Sophie Pappas

Sophia Pappas of Year 12 competed last week in an International Aerobics Competition in Las Vegas, and came 3rd (Individual Varsity Aerodance Division). Well done Sophie!

Year 7 soccer team going to States!

On Thursday the 4th, 13 girls from Year 7 went off to compete in the Regional Soccer final at Princess Park. We were up against Lalor Secondary College, Northcote High School and Viewbank College in the final. We won all three games, 5-0 against Lalor, 4-0 against Northcote and in the Grand Final we won 2-0 against Pascoe Vale Girls!

We had some great competition but our defence was just too strong! Our girls played really well and we can’t wait for the State Finals on the 9th of September at Darebin International Sports Centre. Thanks to Gab and Cassie in year 9 who coached us and also Ms.T for also coaching and organsing it all!  Well done girls!


Saskia Junge, 7R1

Senior Regional Basketball

Well done to Year 12 students Phina Newton and Rebecca Abeyseri on their last game in MGC colours at the recent regional basketball competition. Phina lead the team extremely well and was top scorer in all games. Year 11 students Bella Deutsch, Sarah Betts and Neve Condon were very strong contributors with tough defence and strong rebounds.

Thank you to Millie Robinson, Meg Greenwood and Amy Burriss for great support on and off the court. Unfortunately the team went down in the final against Greensboro by 10 points in a tough game. Thank you to the parents association for these professional uniforms too!


Anna Crosswhite

MGC Inter-School Aerobics Competition

Our MGC Aerobics team will be hosting the annual MGC Inter-School Aerobics competition on Friday 26th of August in the school gym. Please come and show your support to our dedicated and hardworking girls by cheering them on during their routines and by purchasing a sausage at the BBQ held on the deck outside the canteen. In the Second Hand Uniform Shop, you will find a huge array of sweet treats to delight your tastebuds at the cake stall.  All money raised will go towards our team competing at the National competition in Bendigo later this year. Good luck girls!!

Celebrating Tree Day at MGC: Smoking Ceremony and Murnong Day

Text by Rose Chapman with photographs by Nina Harrison

On the 26th of July, we had a very special Year 7 assembly. We had a special guest coming to talk to us about the upcoming tree day event that was happening later on in the week. Tree Day is a special event held every year across Australia, this year it is on Friday 29th July. For us at MGC we have also incorporated an indigenous element and so Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Di Kerr came in and told us about her culture and family and what looking after the environment meant to her. Aunty Di and her family are traditionally from the Wurundjeri tribe. She was able to perform for us a smoking ceremony. As a signal of an official welcoming to these lands, which are traditionally owned by the Wurundjeri people, Aunty Di brought us outside near the Birrarrung (Yarra) and we all in single file walked through the smoke of the burning Eucalyptus tree leaves to be part of this special MGC smoking ceremony. Traditionally the smoking ceremony was used to welcome different Aboriginal tribes onto each other’s lands, but now it is used for many other welcoming ceremonies. 

Throughout the week in our Physical World classes we learnt more about the plants and how important they were and then later in the week, on the Friday 29th July, the practical part of our celebration of Tree Day occurred with the planting of indigenous plants.  The MGC environment team organised a tree day, all the Year 7 students were given the opportunity to learn about Australian native plants and how the Wurundjeri tribe used these plants. Murnong Dave, as he is called, was invited by the environment team to come and teach us about these plants and the traditions of the Wurundjeri tribe.

The class started off with an introduction by Dave who gave us a brief talk on the plants we would be planting and the importance of keeping culture alive by planting and maintaining these plants. Murnong is a type of root vegetable that can be cooked on the fire and eaten. As Dave has planted so many of these in the past and his connection to the area, he is called, Murnong Dave. And this year the environment team decided to experiment and give us all a sense of ownership around the native plants we were planting, by putting the indigenous name of the plant before our name, for example if you were planting Lemandra and your name was Emily you would be called, Lemandra-Emily.

After the introduction we were all given a plant of our choosing and were 
taught how to carefully take the plant out of its box and place it in the ground safely. The Environment team had set up a garden bed just outside of school near the Yarra. With caution we all proceeded to take out our plants and bury them in the ground. 

While we were planting our plants Murnong Dave told us the history behind various plants and how the Wurundjeri cultivated plants like the Murnong and Lemandra. The Wurundjeri tribe had massive plantations growing all the way up from Victoria to Sydney. This was their main source of food, but after the Europeans came and colonised Australia all the sheep and cattle they brought over destroyed much of the Lemandra and other indigenous plants bringing many such plants close to extinction. Fortunately today these plants can be propagated and reintroduced. Murnong Dave also brought some traditional weapons and digging sticks and he let us try on his kangaroo cloak. He explained that you wore it with the fur on the inside to keep you warm. And as it was a very cold day many students and teachers and even the principal tried it on. 

Overall, the day was great, we all thanked Murnong Dave for the session and went back to class. We hope to visit our plants as they grow and we look forward to seeing the whole area next to the river flourish and thrive during our six years at school. Thanks to Mr Andrew Vance for organising such a special day and to the MGC Environment Team who kept the fire going and assisted with many of the practicalities.  From small things, big things grow.  

We're off to see the Wizard!

Cast One - Thursday 4th August



Regional Champions!

On Tuesday last week, MGC students in Year 7-9 competed in a regional final after playing a round robin the week before and winning. They played their final in Doreen against Eltham collage. The wind was a massive factor in the game. Issy Pritchard our captain won the toss and elected to go with the wind the first quarter.  
In first quarter we had a strong middle and defensive behind ball strategy, Kate Jessop kicked two kick goals and a point, putting MGC in front.

Next quarter Eltham had the wind, MGC kept them to only scoring 3 points. Our defence behind the ball put us at a massive advantage. 
3rd quarter rolled around and we managed to kick 3 goals. This put us up by 31 points, but we knew that Eltham had the wind and it was defiantly the scoring end.

4th quarter came quick; Eltham kicked 3 lucky goals, 2 of which bounced through just. Our determination to win and fitness pulled us through; against all odds we kicked 2 amazing goals from the non-scoring end. 
The siren sounded and we won by 5 goals. MGC had a very strong team over the ground and it we didn’t have anyone who didn’t put in effort. 


Georgia Marsland




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