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14 October 2016
Issue Fifteen
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OAKLEIGH GLENDI - 29th & 30th OCTOBER 2016!
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From the Principal





Arrowsmith Program

I am pleased to announce that following a national nomination process Oakleigh Grammar has been selected to be the host school for the Arrowsmith Program Teacher Training Course to be held in January 2017. Teachers representing Arrowsmith Centres throughout Australasia will be attending this program.  In a very short period of time Oakleigh Grammar has become the pre-eminent Arrowsmith School in the Southern hemisphere.


Congratulations is extended to Mr Wayne Stagg, Head of the Arrowsmith Program and his team of staff.


‘As a parent you feel as if you finally found a place where every person truly cares but more importantly really understands your child and can give you a plan for measurable improvement’ - parent


Funding Certainty

Oakleigh Grammar as a member of Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) is supporting the call for predictable long term funding so that we can plan for the education and welfare of students under our care. There has been much debate in the media about school funding which has led to misunderstandings because of the complexity of the issues involved. The fact is that students at Independent Schools receive significantly less government funding than students at government schools.  Oakleigh Grammar will continue to lobby politicians from all political parties in this regard.



As an extension of our 2016 school theme ‘Learning that Matters’ in our final term we are focussing on the important notion of ‘resilience’. Resilience is being able to bounce back from setbacks and keep going in the face of tough demands and difficult circumstances including the enduring strength that builds from coping well with challenging or stressful events. As part of this focus we are developing ‘healthy thinking’ which involves having a positive and realistic outlook on life putting problems into perspective and avoiding unhealthy thinking habits.


Entry into the School Grounds

As a Child Safe School it is very important that all parents and visitors entering the school must report to Reception, sign in and sign out on departure.  At pick up time parents are not permitted to enter the school grounds through Reception, please wait outside until the gates are opened at 3:15pm.



As you aware drop off and pick up times can be very congested at peak times. This serves as a reminder to be aware of parking restrictions that are in place around the school particularly the permit parking zone on Clapham Road and residents driveways. Parking Officers from the Monash Council regularly patrol at these times. It is also important to ensure that speed restrictions are adhered to. Finally please ensure that your children are dropped off in a safe manner and that the school crossing is used.


Staff News

Congratulations are extended to Mr Leigh Gridley and his wife Amy on the recent birth of William Edward.


We welcome Ms Jiaqi Tan as a Mandarin Teacher for Term 4. Ms Tan joins Ms YuYun Feng in the LOTE team.

Deputy Principal



Deputy Principal



Child Safe School - School Community Code of Conduct Policy
As you know Victoria has this year introduced compulsory minimum standards for all organisations that provide services for children e.g. schools, to help protect children from abuse or neglect. The Child Safe Standards as they are known form part of the Victorian Government’s response to the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry.


Oakleigh Grammar has a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse. Our School complies with the standards for the care, safety and welfare of students as detailed in the Child Safe Standards specified by Ministerial Order No. 870.

In conjunction with the policies relating to Child Safe Standards, the School has produced a new policy entitled the 'School Community Code of Conduct Policy' which has been recently ratified by the Board of Management.

The School believes that all community members play a valuable role in the life of the School and all students, parents, teachers, support staff and volunteers have the right to be safe and feel safe in their school community.

This Code of Conduct policy aims to provide members of the School Community with guidelines which promote desirable and appropriate behaviour to ensure that all interaction with students and adults is polite, honest, courteous and considerate. The policy promotes values that are in keeping with the School’s Vision, Mission and Values statement. It also specifies the consequences for any member of the School Community who does not comply with these standards of behaviour.

All members of the School Community have a responsibility to support one another and treat each other with dignity and respect.

The Principal is responsible for ensuring all parents/guardians, staff, volunteers, students and visitors are aware of this policy on arrival, employment and enrolment.

Staff members are responsible for: respecting the individual needs, cultural practices and beliefs of all families; working with parents/guardians to provide an environment that encourages positive interactions and supports constructive feedback; and to provide positive role modelling and when appropriate, clear and considerate directions.

Parents/guardians are responsible for supporting the efforts of the School in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all students.

The important relationship and communication between the teacher, the student and the parents, is crucial in the learning and development of the child.


Parents assist this process when they: show an active interest in their child’s school work and progress; when they communicate regularly with the School; and help their child to be neat, appropriately dressed and prepared for School. Importantly, parents can support the education of their child by ensuring he/she attends School regularly and punctually.

Parents should encourage their child to follow appropriate community-based standards of behaviour and work with the School in dealing with disciplinary issues.

Parents should endeavour to maintain courteous communication with teachers and administration staff.

We the community of Oakleigh Grammar must encourage each and every one of us to value the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all students, teachers and parents.

Important Dates & Notices

Book Fair

Book Fair news

Exciting news from the library about our last book fair in 2016, which will be held in the library from Monday 23rd October to Thursday 26th October. This news is mainly for the Junior School and hope to see you all there.


The message is Reading is Rewarding!

Every year book fairs become bigger and better with fantastic new books and variety trays filled with surprises.


All are WELCOME!!!


Oakleigh Grammar Second Hand Shop

A reminder that the Oakleigh Grammar Second Hand Shop (formerly Uniform Exchange) is currently accepting consignment items and donations.


Donations: any used uniform items will be accepted by School Reception staff.


Consignment: bring items to the Uniform Exchange during its opening hours & days (listed below) where items will be accepted and recorded for resale on your behalf, for up to 30% of new prices.


Second hand, current, official Oakleigh Grammar Uniform items are available for purchase for no more than 60% of new prices. Please note: only current Oakleigh Grammar uniform items will be accepted for consignment. All old OGOC uniform items will be donated to Paradise 4 Kids (P4K) in Africa.


Upcoming Second Hand Shop Dates:

  • Friday 11 November (located in the Community Conference Centre from 2:30PM-4PM)

Please direct any queries to [email protected]

Leaving us in 2016?

Remember - one terms notice is required in writing to the Admissions Office if your child is not returning to Oakleigh Grammar.


For further information please contact a member of the Admissions Team to discuss on (03) 9569 6128.

Conference Centre & 9ways Venue Hire

We are now accepting external hires of our Conference Centre & 9ways Centre.


If you would like to make a booking, or obtain more information, please contact

Miss Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer on (03) 9569 6128 during school hours or on 0449 863 622 after hours to leave a message or via email at 

[email protected]


Check out our website:



You can also find us on Facebook:


and Instagram: @ogconferencecentre.

Glendi Raffle

The annual Oakleigh Glendi is being held on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October 2016! This year, the Glendi committee (with assistance from Oakleigh Grammar) is running a raffle with great prizes up for grabs, including:

  • 1st Prize: 2 x return airline tickets to Greece courtesy of Exclusive World Travel (Valued at $3,000)
  • 2nd Prize: 6 month gym membership courtesy of Fernwood Fitness (Valued at $730)
  • 3rd Prize: $500 voucher and 2 x annual memberships courtesy of Costco (Valued at $620)
  • 4th Prize: $500 voucher courtesy of Australian Laser Clinic
  • 5th Prize: $200 fresh food Voucher courtesy of Oakleigh Central
  • 6th Prize: Pamper Hamper including hair products and salon voucher courtesy of Glam House of Hair (Valued at $150)
  • 7th Prize: $100 voucher courtesy of Vanilla Restaurant, Eaton Mall. Oakleigh

Oakleigh Grammar Students have the opportunity to assist with ticket sales and the student that sells the most tickets will be rewarded with a $500 JB Hi Fi Voucher!


Raffle Ticket Books and instructions will go home with students today.


If you would like any more information, please contact Zoe Tayor, Marketing Officer via email to:

[email protected]

2 Minute Zones

A reminder to all parents that the 2 minute zones on Clapham Road are strictly for drop-off & pick-up purposes only. Parking your car in these zones for more than 2 minutes will result in a parking fine by Monash City Council.

OAKLEIGH GLENDI - 29th & 30th OCTOBER 2016!


Senior School

Head of Senior School



Head of Senior School


This is the last week for our Year 12 cohort. Following the planned celebrations next week most will undertake private study at home in preparation for the commencement of the VCAA examinations on Wednesday 26 October. Examinations are not easy but they provide an opportunity to help develop important life skills such as resilience, perseverance, determination, organisation, consistency and commitment. We encourage and nurture our students to strive to exceed their own expectations and achieve more than they thought possible.


For many of our students, Oakleigh Grammar has been part of their life for thirteen years. They have made friendships and memories along the way that they will remember and cherish. They have grown from children into individuals ready to face the challenges of leaving school. Some will go to University, some to TAFE and some to employment. However, wherever they go they will remain part of the Oakleigh Grammar family and are always welcome to return to let us know how they are.


At this time it is important to recognise the individuals who have been there every day, providing the tissues when things were not travelling well, guiding and counselling and, in general, taking on the role of Year 12 school parents, Steve Zafiropoulos, Mary Spiropoulos and Jenny Bean. The role is not always easy but they have done a wonderful job this year and I thank them for all their support and, above all, the care and dedication they have shown to each and every student in Year 12.


On behalf of their teachers and the school community I wish the Year 12s good luck for the upcoming examinations and look forward to seeing them in December when they find out their results.



Monday 17 October

Students will participate in celebratory activities on site from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm when they will be dismissed. The Year 12 Pastoral Staff will cook a BBQ lunch and oversee the planned activities. 


Tuesday 18 October

Year 12 students will be required to be at school by no later than 9.15 am. At 10.00 am, the school will formally say good bye at the Farewell Assembly in the Gymnasium. Year 12 parents have been invited to attend and, following the assembly, will join staff and students in the Year 12 Common Room for morning tea. Students will be dismissed around 11.30am.


Thursday 20 October

Students, parents and staff will come together, first in our church at 6.00 pm so students may receive the Bishop’s blessing, followed by the Graduation Dinner at Merrimu Receptions at 7.00 pm.


Emily Pezos

Congratulations to Emily, who is a talented and committed futsal player, on her selection for the Youth Under 19s National Futsal Team. She commenced training this week and will represent her state in Sydney as part of the team early in January next year.

Middle School

Head of Middle School



Head of Middle School


Welcome back to Term 4! Where has the year gone?

Term 4 is sure to fly past with a packed schedule of quality learning and special events in store for our Middle School students.


Year 5 and 6 Debating

Continuing from last term’s debating success, our newly formed Year 5 & 6 Debating team participated in the Debater’s Association of Victoria’s training programme held in West Preston during the last week of Term 3. The training programme is an introduction to competitive debating competition, giving students a workshop and initial experience in a debate.

The Debaters were required to prepare two arguments on the topics; “All Students Should Ride their Bikes to School,” and, “Students Should be Able to choose their Teachers” as well as a third “secret” topic that they were given on the day.


Under the guidance of Ms Zijai, our new debaters performed marvellously demonstrating skill and intelligence beyond their level of experience.


International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) Awards

The results of the 2016 ICAS tests for Maths and English undertaken in Term 3 have been released. All students are congratulated on their effort in sitting the tests and the following Middle School students are to be congratulated on their outstanding performance.


ICAS Mathematics

High Distinction certificates (top 1% of entries):

Year 9: Ian Wang


Distinction certificates (top 10%):

Year 7: Saanya Bhatia


Credit certificates (top 30%)

Year 6: Matthew Tirca, Khoa Quoc Hugo, Thomas Woodfield


Year 7: Bruce Chen, Peter Karkanis, Arthur Millaras, Mitchell Rocks, Hamohit Singh


Year 8: Imaan Jamaldeen


ICAS English

Distinction Certificates (top 10%):

Year 7: Pater Karkanis


Credit certificates (top 30%)

Year 6: Stavroula Kourkoutzelos, Iliana Nicolaou, Helena Papageorgiou, Benjamin Wheeler


Year 7: Mitchell Rocks, Harmohit Singh


Year 8:  Imaan Jamaldeen, Chrissy Kaniadakis


Year 9 Wilson’s Promontory Hike

This week 35 of our Year 9 students travelled to Wilson’s Promontory to challenge themselves on a three day hike to some of the most remote and beautiful areas of the National Park. The hike requires students to carry all the food, cooking equipment, shelter and clothing they will need for the trip, developing skills in organisation, planning, teamwork, collaboration, self-reliance and resilience. Student’s will walk around 12km per day and have the chance to camp in picturesque sites by the ocean and spend two nights under the stars.

Students undertook a training day prior to the trip where they learnt about pitching the tent, cooking on the trangia, effective packing and waterproofing and menu planning.


We are hoping for pleasant weather for the trip and look forward to hearing all about their adventure following their safe return on Friday.


Student Medication

A number of painkilling cold and flu tablets continue to be found in the Middle School of late, presumably falling from student’s pockets or lockers which raises many safety concerns. Please be reminded that medication must be left, including instructions, with the school First Aid Officer and taken under their supervision when required. Students are not to carry and self-administer any forms of medication whilst at school. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.




9Ways Program Coordinator​​


City Experience

The aim of IXways City Experience is to provide students with the opportunity to make connections between the classroom curriculum and their understanding of the ‘real world’.


Throughout the week, students become alert investigators and reporters, sensitive to daily events and issues that, directly and indirectly, touch their lives. The IXways City Experience program offers a wonderful opportunity for students to understand the value of self-directed learning, responsibility and citizenship, and how to see these as key steps towards greater maturity and life-long learning. Moving around the city and commuting using public transport also helps students to develop maturity through newfound independence. This in itself is a valuable and rewarding educational experience, as some students have not travelled on a train let alone independently.

The ‘experience’ gives our learners a degree of confidence and independence in researching issues that matter to them. It encourages a culture of learning, an acceptance of diversity and an involvement with the wider community. The program responds to the learning and social needs of young people at a time when they are becoming young adults and need to feel a sense of belonging to a world that so often seems confronting and uninviting.

The following programs were undertaken whilst in the City:



The Amazing Race

Melbourne Skydeck



MCG Tour

Sports Museum and Interactive Gallery

Hard Rock



Fed Square Screen world



Melbourne Street Art Tours

Street Art Workshop



Old Melbourne Gaol

Watch House Experience



The Big Issue

Independent Research


Civics and Citizenship

Watch House Court Room Drama

Magistrates Court (optional)

County Court (optional)



Matilda - Princess Theatre



Hellenic Tour

Hellenic Museum

Junior School

Head of Junior School



Head of Junior School


Welcome back to Term 4.  I hope you had a restful and fun term break and have come back to School recharged for the final Term in 2016.  I trust that families enjoyed the change from normal routines. The summer uniform is worn in Term 4, although there is a two week change over time to accommodate for variable weather conditions.  All students are required to be in their full Summer uniform from Monday 17 October.  It is also compulsory for school sun hats to be worn at recess and lunch despite changing weather conditions. If your child has misplaced their hat it may be timely to purchase a new one as these are essential this term.  No hat no play (or sport)!  Students will be requested to sit on the bench seat in the shade outside the staff room if they do not have their hats for outdoor activities. If you are unsure of the summer uniform requirements please refer to the school diary or uniform policy on our website.



Our Term 4, Junior School Service will take place on Friday 14 October and a Devine Liturgy on  Wednesday 30 November leading into the Christmas period. Full school uniform is required for Church attendance and no blazer is worn in Term 4.


Year 5 and 6 China Trip

The Year 5 and 6 China trip expressions of interest are currently open and we have had many student express their keenness to attend the international trip.  I was lucky enough to head away in 2015 and it was an incredible trip and cultural experience.


The need for Victoria’s young people to be globally connected, informed and active has never been greater:

Global integration and international mobility have increased rapidly in the past decade. As a consequence, new and exciting opportunities for Australians are emerging.


This heightens the need to nurture an appreciation of and respect for social, cultural and religious diversity, and a sense of global citizenship.

                  - Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008: p4).


Across Victoria, schools are responding to these opportunities through innovative approaches to international education. Many schools have discovered that learning while living in another country is one of the most powerful catalysts for effective international education. The positive impact of learning in another country is profound; students return home with enhanced intercultural understandings, sharpened self-awareness and emerging leadership skills.


Within the Australian Curriculum, the provision of an overseas learning experience supports students to consider and engage in the role and responsibilities they have as active and informed global citizens through connecting with peers in other countries, experiencing new cultures and developing new understanding of their place in the world.



It is essential that parents and teachers communicate regularly about their children via the School diaries, telephone and/or email.  Please note that Oakleigh Grammar has a policy that teachers will return any messages within 48 hours due to teaching, planning, assessment and meetings.


Teachers are not expected to reply to emails very late in the evening or on the weekends although many do. Teachers sign the diaries on a daily basis and respond to emails when they are available.   



Junior School is an important chapter in your child’s education. It is fabulous when parents learn more about their child’s homework, what your child learns and how you can get involved. Each student has a homework contract and standards are clearly set out in the School diary. On top of the students homework oral reading, spelling practise and multiplication tables practise is expected on a nightly basis please. If a child does not complete their homework in the Junior School without explanation or a note, they will be asked to complete it at lunchtime.


If this happens regularly students will receive an infringement notice.  Please note it is not the parent’s responsibility to complete homework it is the students and the School will support these measures to ensure there are no unnecessary hardships at home!


If your children would like more homework we encourage all students to go on to the School website for activities and Mathletics and Reading Eggs to cater for extension at home. Students are permitted to borrow as many books as they like from the library as long as borrowed book are returned regularly.


Prep Information Evening

Thank you to all parents and teachers who attending the Prep 2017 Information evening on Tuesday evening.  It is an exciting time as the transition commences and we look forward to continuing your child’s educational journey.  If you were unable to attend, an information pack will be forwarded to you in the mail.


Instrumental Soiree

On Wednesday, the Arts Department held its annual Instrumental Soiree. We were treated to a wonderful evening of music which included a great variety of performances. It was very encouraging to see so many first time performers get up and have a go. We are excited to see their development over the years to come. Thank you to the parents, friends and staff who supported the evening. Congratulations to all the students who participated in the concert. They should be very proud of their performances.

Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Coordinator



ELC Coordinator


Centre Expectations and the Leader in Me    

All our classes have been exploring our ELC expectations with their friends. Recently we have started to also link these expectations to the 7 Habits that are the foundation of the Leader in Me process that is used throughout the Junior School.


We have been looking at how we are in charge of our own choices and the importance of having a plan, especially when things may not have gone exactly as planned. Our collaborative experiences have also helped us to recognise how everyone can win and together is better. You will be able to see our key phrases up in the ELC to remind us of these throughout our day, as we work together to make our Centre a respectful, responsible and wonderful place to be.





Drop off and Pick up times

Just another reminder for all our families about the parking restrictions that have been put into place around the School to ensure safety and reduce frustration during this busy time of each day.  Families are reminded that parking inspectors are active around the school during these times and on the spot fines will be issued for any cars incorrectly parked, even if they are only there for a short period of time.  A letter was sent home to families with additional information about this last week.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


2017 Prep transition statements

All our K4 families recently received an email with the family section for the Transition statements that are completed for each child as they make the move into Prep in 2017.  The family section of these is very important as it helps to provide a holistic picture of each child for their Prep teacher for next year.  All our K4 teachers are currently very busy completing the teacher section for this too.  To assist us to be able to send these statements out to school before the end of the year, we ask that completed family sections are returned to classroom educators or Sarah by Friday 28 October.  Families will also be given the opportunity to read the teacher sections of these statements in early November.  Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.


Sun Safety

In line with our Sun Safety policy all families are reminded that each child is required to have a sun hat at school with them to wear during all outdoor play times.  If a child does not have a hat at school then they will be required to remain in a shaded area at all times during outside play.  If you can encourage your child to remember to check they have their hat at school each day that would be wonderful, so everyone can engage in the full range of experiences being offered outside.  Also, if you are able to apply sunscreen at the beginning of the school day this would also be appreciated.


Term 4 can always be a very busy time at school and there will be lots of important dates and information that we will need to share between now and the end of the school year.  Everyone is reminded that all key dates and information will be displayed on the whiteboard at the entrance to the ELC for your reference.  We encourage everyone to take a moment to read this on a regular basis, to ensure that nothing is overlooked at this busy time of year. 


Thank you for all your ongoing support.  We look forward to a fantastic term together!


Head of Sport



Head of Sport


Bentleigh District Sport - Summer Season Finals Day

On Thursday 6 October, three Oakleigh Grammar Sport teams participated in the Bentleigh District Sport - Summer Season Finals Day. The top four teams in each sport from Term One’s home and away season qualified for the finals day.


Flag-Tag - Boys & Girls

Well done to both our Boys & Girls Flag-Tag Teams for qualifying for the Bentleigh District Finals Day. Both teams had some excellent wins during the home and away season. Our Boys Flag-tag team finished in 3rd place while our Girls Flag-Tag team finished in 4th place. Thanks to Mr Dunsford for coaching the Flag-tag teams this year. 


Volleyball - Boys

Congratulations to our Year 6 Boys Volleyball Team for firstly qualifying for the Bentleigh District Finals Day and secondly remaining undefeated all season. They comfortably won the Bentleigh District Boys Volleyball Premiership defeating Oakleigh South Primary School 2 sets to 0 (25-5, 25-11).


Bentleigh District Premiership Volleyball Team:

Lucas Pegiou (Captain)

Alexander Kotsirilos

Jack Menelaou

Nikolaos Vlanes

Matthew Cormie

Dimitrios Dymos

John Karagiannis

Anthony Kollatos

Benjamin Wheeler


The Boys have now qualified for the School Sport Victoria - Beachside Division Volleyball play-off where they will play Elsternwick Primary School. The play-off will take place on Tuesday 18 October at Elsternwick Primary School.  


Victorian State Futsal Team - Emily Pezos

Congratulations to Emily Pezos of Year 11, who has for the second year running, been selected in the Victorian U/19 Youth Futsal Team. Emily has commenced training with the State Team and will represent Victoria at the National Youth Futsal Championships in Sydney in January.        


The Arts at Oakleigh Grammar

Year 12  Visual Communication & Design



Art Teacher


Quite often someone will mention to me that in order to undertake an Art or Design subject in VCE it would require a lot of talent. Talent does play a small role but I have come to know that success in the Arts relies more on how hard a student is willing to work to realise their full potential. This year’s 2016 design group have proven that hard work and dedication will lead to achieving their goals and dreams. It always amazes me to watch these young people grow and transform into effective visual communicators.

The folios this year were diverse as the individuals who decided to take on the challenges that a practical subject offers. Here are a few snapshots of the class and the wonderful designs produced this year. I am sure that each one of these students will continue to grow and develop on their next exciting phase of their lives.  Congratulations to my 2016 Design Team who worked with “Meraki” – a powerful life changing word I love and live by. Meraki is a Greek word meaning to “work with soul, creativity , to put something of yourself into your work.”


Faculty News




Career Advisor



Course preference changes can be made till 12 noon on the 20 December, except for the period 8 – 21 November; they can also be made between Offer Rounds in January and February


The first Offer Round of courses will be on 18 January, the second on 7 February. There will be three later rounds of offers as well


You are advised to accept your first offer of a tertiary place. Most applicants will only receive one offer. Accepting an offer does not stop you from receiving a later offer for a course higher in your preference list.



The week after you receive your ATAR is generally known as Change of Preference (COP) week (Mon 12 – Tues 20 December). COP Appointments are available with myself and/or Mrs Frame on Tues 13 and Wed 14 December.  Please email me or phone us at school to make a COP appointment, attending this is highly recommended!


During this time tertiary institutions also run information sessions, COP Expos, offer phone assistance, and will help you in any way they can. These institutions are offering the following (check online for more details) 

  • Australian Catholic University – Hotline: 1300 ASK ACU (1300 275 228); COP event on Tuesday 13th December.
  • Box Hill Institute – Hotline: 1300 BOX HILL (1300 269 445); 5-7pm, COP Night 14 December (all campuses)
  • Charles Sturt University – Hotline: 1800 334 733
  • Chisholm – Hotline: 1300 244 746
  • Deakin University – Hotline: 1300 DEGREE (1300 334 733); Chat online with staff and ask questions: http://choose.deakin.edu.au/; Information Evenings: 4-7pm, 15 December, Level 2, Building BC, Burwood Campus; 4-7pm, 16 December 1 Gheringhap St, Geelong Waterfront Campus; Register: http://choose.deakin.edu.au/
  • Federation University - Hotline: 1800 333 864
  • Holmesglen – Hotline: 1300 693 888
  • Kangan – Hotline: 13 8233
  • La Trobe – Hotline: 1300 135 045; Advisory Day: Tues 13 December (Bundoora 10am-2pm), (Bendigo 11am-2pm).
  • Melbourne Polytechnic – Hotline: 9269 1200
  • Monash – COP Expo: 3-7pm, Wed 14 December, Building H, Caulfield campus, 900 Dandenong Rd, Caulfield East; COP Hotline: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274); see www.study.monash
  • RMIT – Hotline: 9925 2260; Visit Info Corner, 330 Swanston St, Melbourne (Cnr. La Trobe St); COP Expos: Arts, Design, Communication, Justice, International & Community Services courses 11am-1pm, 14 Dec; Business courses 3-5pm, 14 Dec; Science, Engineering & Health courses 11am-1pm, 15 December; http://inspired.rmit.edu.au .
  • Swinburne –Hotline: 1300 275 794; COP Expo: 11am-4pm, 14 December (Hawthorn campus); See:   www.swinburne.edu.au/choose.
  • University of Melbourne –Hotline: 13 MELB (13 6352), email [email protected] 
  • Victoria – Hotline: 1300 VIC UNI (1300 842 864) ; Book appointment: www.vu.edu.au/change; COP Expo: 3.30-6.30pm, 14 December (Footscray Park)
  • William Angliss – Hotline: 1300 ANGLISS (1300 264 547)


  • NEW SCIENCE MAJORS IN 2017 – 41 areas of specialisation are now available in the B. Science with the addition of Data Science and Environmental Engineering Systems. A data science major gives graduates a deep understanding of how to apply statistical and computing principles to working with big data. The other new major focuses on the interactions between physical materials and processes, and human and non-human organisms - www.bsc.unimelb.edu.au.


Many pathways and programs exist to assist in getting to where you want to go. Suggestions:

  • Complete a Diploma of Tertiary Studies at Monash University in either business, education or nursing (ATAR 50+) OR a Diploma of Higher Education (ATAR 65+); Indigenous pathways - See: www.study.monash/how-to-apply/indigenous-student-applications
  • Complete a course at Deakin College in Commerce, Computing, Engineering, Health Sciences, Management, Media and Communication or Science
  • Complete a UniLink Diploma at Swinburne (Arts and Communications, Business, Design, Engineering, Health Science, IT, Science)
  • Complete a Diploma at La Trobe Melbourne in Biosciences, Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, IT or Mass Media Communications
  • Complete a Tertiary Preparation Course at RMIT in engineering or science
  • Consider studying a related university course with a lower ATAR; if you do well you MAY be able to transfer to your desired course later
  • Start with a VET (TAFE) course in a related field; two years of VET often equals one at university
  • Complete a Tertiary Studies Diploma at Melbourne Polytechnic (Preston)
  • Complete a Certificate IV in Liberal Arts – a pathway into a range of degrees. Swinburne and Victoria Uni have this Certificate
  • Consider a country/rural campus. ATAR’s are often lower, usually due to lower demand; most have accommodation (apply ASAP)
  • For nursing consider first completing Division 2 at TAFE or a private provider- eg. Box Hill, Chisholm, Federation, Goulburn Ovens, Holmesglen, RMIT or Swinburne
  • ACU has certificate/diploma courses that can lead to degrees (through ACUcom) See: http://www.acu.edu.au/courses/2014/other_courses/vocational_education_training_vet/
  • Complete a Victoria University [email protected] alternative entry to higher education and diploma studies course - a 13 week course designed to build academic skills needed for tertiary study. See: www.vu.edu.au/courses/foundations-at-vu-jyac
  • Complete a 2-year Associate Degree – want to study at university but not sure you will meet the entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree? Several universities offer these (eg Deakin, RMIT).




Head of Mathematics


International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) Awards

In Term 3, selected Years 3- 11 students participated in the 2016 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Competitions. The results were extremely pleasing with many of our students ranked in the top percentiles of Australasia.  


Well done to all the participants. This is a positive step towards improving your mathematics skills and analytical ability.


High Distinction Certificates (top 1% of entries):

Year 9: Ian Wang

Year 5: Lazar Licina

Year 3: Mary Alexopoulos


Distintinction Certificates (next top 10%):

Year 7: Saanya Bhatia


Credit certificates (next top 30%)

Year 3: Alexander Korlos, Francis McCammon, Olga Pavlovic, Yianni Romanidis

Year 4: Cameron Rocks, Michael Nicolaou, Georgia Christofi, Theofilo Romanidis, Charlotte Woodfield.

Year 5: Ansh Kumar

Year 6: Matthew Tirca, Khoa Quoc Hugo, Thomas Woodfield

Year 7: Bruce Chen, Peter Karkanis, Arthur Millaras, Mitchell Rocks, Hamohit Singh

Year 8: Imaan Jamaldeen

Year 10: Denis Boukhvalov

Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO)

During Term 2 & 3 selected Year 6 and 7 students participated in the Australasian Olympiad. The Olympiads consisted of five separate contents held between May and September. These tests encourage students to develop important problem solving skills in an enjoyable environment.


Congratulations to the following students: (Top three Oakleigh Grammar scores)

  1. Bruce Chen & Saanya Bhatia
  2. Mohit Singh
  3. Hugo Quoc Xu & Mathew Tirca


Mathematical Association of Victoria Maths Games - Hugo Vu, 6B

On Friday 2 September, selected students from Year 6A and 6B attended the Mathematics Association of Victoria Maths Games at Genazzano College in Kew. In the MAV Maths Games, each school is given 2 teams. Each team consists of 4 people either from one class or it can be mixed.


We arrived at the venue and our first game was 'problem solving'. Each team got one booklet that had 30 questions. Everyone was given an hour to complete the booklet and get as many points as they could. We were given 1 strike for every wrong answer and there were 3 chances to solve the question. If the question was solved in the first try, the team would be given 3 points. Second try was 2 points and last try was 1 point. Our team got up to the 15th question as the timer ran out. After that, there was a 20 minute recess break where we could go outside and play.

After the 20 minutes was over, we had to do the 'Physical Mathematics' where each task had something to do with counting physically, estimating physically, answering physically, making shapes physically etc. It was lots of fun as we used our bodies to interact and get the correct answer to the question.


There were a few random spot prizes where prizes were randomly given out to children. Matthew Tirca from 6B and Chris Tsiagalos from 6A won a Toshiba USB. That was so lucky because only 4 random spot prizes were given out and our school got half of what was there.


The MAV Games day was truly an unforgettable experience. It developed our competitiveness, mental skills, analytical and thinking skills in a fun setting!


I look forward to going to next year's Maths Games Day.

Chaplains Corner



School Chaplan


This Sunday 16 October the Orthodox Church is celebrating the 7th Ecumenical Council  which falls on or immediately after the eleventh of this month, we chant the Service to the 350 holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, which gathered in Nicaea in 787 under the holy Patriarch Tarasius and during the reign of the Empress Irene and her son, Constantine Porphyrogenitus, to refute the Iconoclast heresy, which had received imperial support beginning with the Edict issued in 726 by Emperor Leo the Isaurian. Many of the holy Fathers who condemned Iconoclasm at this holy Council later died as Confessors and Martyrs for the holy Icons during the second assault of Iconoclasm in the ninth century, especially during the reigns of Leo the Armenian and Theophilus.

Why does the Orthodox Christian Church believe in icons?

The Hebrew had as his form of icon the written word. He objected vehemently to any kind of picture, never realizing that a combination of letters conveying an idea was just as much an icon as any other form of portrayal. In dealing with other people, i.e., Greeks, Egyptians, Latins, the Church was faced with the need of expressing to them the idea of Christ embodied. He had already been embodied in the written word and in song. Now He had to be embodied in picture in order to appeal to the pope of the senses: the eyes.



The tendency among some of the early Christians was not to use a realistic image of Jesus. Instead they used abstract signs – letters that would stand for Jesus, such as Chi-Rho, the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ, or IHS, the first letters for the name Jesus in Greek. They also used figures as the fish, which was a secret sign for Christ, or a sheep, standing for the Lamb of God.


The Trullan Synod, held in Constantinople in 692 A.D., stated that it was wrong for the church to depict Christ in signs and symbols any longer. The Synod specifically decreed that it would be wrong to portray Christ as a sheep (lamb of God). If He really became man, the Synod said, then He must be portrayed as a human being – not as an animal or as a symbol.


The Seventh Ecumenical Council stated that the Church, even though she may depict the Lord through art in His human form not separate in the representation Christ flesh from His divinity. Christ had to be represented in Orthodox art as God-Man. As such, it would be outright impious to represent Christ according to the natural beauty of some ordinary human model.


An icon is not a photograph but more like a portrait. Yet it is more even than a portrait. It aims at giving a true likeness of the person, and at the same time it attempts to bring out in a person what he or she has become through the power of the Holy Spirit. An icon then is more than a photograph, more even than a portrait. Iconography portrays what happens to people after God touches them. They become new persons. By omitting everything irrelevant to the spiritual figure, the figure becomes stylized, spiritualized, not unrealistic but supra-realistic.  The icon is thus set aside from all other forms of pictorial art. It offers an external expression of the transfigured state of man, of a body so filled with the Holy Spirit, so trained in good, that it has become like the spiritual body which we shall receive at the Second Coming of Christ.


Icons have been called prayers, hymns, sermons in form and color. They are the visual Gospel. In reality, the Eastern Church has two Gospels: the verbal and the visual to appeal to the whole man.


The icon is more even than a means of instruction. It is in effect a sacrament. For, an icon is not fully an icon until it has been blessed by the priest in church.


Then it becomes a link between the human and the divine. It provides an existential encounter between men and God. It becomes the place of an appearance of Christ, provided one stands before it with the right disposition of heart and mind. It becomes a place of prayer.


Standing in an Orthodox Church whose walls and ceiling are covered with icons of Christ and the saints, the worshipper does not feel alone. He experiences the communion of saints. He experiences a fellowship with Christ and the saints. He is made to feel that he is a member of the family of God.


Orthodox Christians do not worship the icons nor the Theotokos and the Saints; rather they venerate them. God alone is worshipped. Anyone who claims that the Orthodox worship Saints is guilty of bearing false witness against his neighbor since we clearly do not believe this. The Saints are reverenced as reflections of the Christ image. It is God Who is glorified through His Saints. They are praised for what God has done in and through them.


Reverence for Saints is enhanced through the use and veneration of icons which are ever-present in Orthodox homes, schools, working places etc. The icon becomes a meeting place, an existential encounter, a window through which we look on the Saints not as shadowy figures from a remote past but as contemporary brothers and sisters in Christ, members of the same household of God. We feel free to call on them through prayer for family support as they intercede to God in our behalf. 


Parents' Association

Twilight Cinema


On Saturday 19 November the Parents' Association is running a Twilight Cinema at Oakleigh Grammar. It will be a great opportunity to welcome the warmer weather and enjoy precious family time.


Bring your picnic rug, low raising chairs and snacks.


Popcorn, drinks and other nibbles will be available to purchase on the night also.


Entry fee is a gold coin donation.

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