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23 August 2019
Issue Thirteen  respect Excellence Creativity
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Principal's Page

WHSC Principal Awards, 2019

In 2019, we have introduced another means of recognising student effort and achievement through the WHSC Principal Awards.


The student recipients of these Awards have achieved outstanding results with respect to their learning in Semester One this year.  Furthermore, these students have not only shown Excellence across many of their subjects, but they have also demonstrated Respect and Creativity with their learning – it is these values of Excellence, Respect and Creativity that are so important to our College Community.

At our Whole School Assembly earlier in the week (Monday 19th Aug.), we were able to present a number of students from across the year levels with Principal Awards.   We congratulate these students on their excellent results, together with their respectful and creative approach to their studies in Semester One this year.


(Please read on in the Newsletter for a full list of student award winners)  

Collective Teacher Efficacy

As per the last Newsletter (9/8/19), we have been involved in Professional Learning Community (PLC) training with the Department of Education and Training (DET) this term:


"Many schools have already completed this PLC Training and as a result have implemented PLC Programs within their schools.  PLCs can be used within our school context in the future.


A shared sense of purpose and trust, a strong collaborative approach, the use of data and formative assessments, together with the ability to strongly reflect and review, are some of the characteristics of effective PLCs" (extract from the last Newsletter, 9/8/19).


 Our training will continue through the remainder of Semester Two.


A real focus of PLCs is the notion of Collective Teacher Efficacy.  Collective Teacher Efficacy is the collective belief of teachers in their ability to positively affect students and their learning outcomes.  According to Professor John Hattie's research, Collective Teacher Efficacy is the number one influence when it comes to improving student learning outcomes (Visible Learning Website, 2019).


Collective Teacher Efficacy is when teachers are working together to create opportunities for students to have 12 months of growth with respect to their learning as a result of the teaching provided.  Teachers are able to work together and pool their expertise in ways to effectively measure the impact of their teaching based on the formative and summative assessments used with students.  High expectations are set for students and there is a combined belief that it is teachers that have a direct impact on their learning (Hattie, 2018).  This real sense of 'team work' with our teaching creates


We are looking forward to our continued work as part of the PLC Training Program.

Principal's Morning Tea

It was great to meet a number of families yesterday (22/8) from some local primary schools in the area as part of the Principal's Morning Tea.  


Some of our student leaders were also involved leading a tour of the College for our guests.  I thank families for taking the time to come along to our Principal's Morning Tea.   

WHSC Overdue CAT Submission Policy and Procedures

We have developed a new Late Work Submission Policy.  The Policy is supported by a set of procedures to assist with the process of best monitoring student work that may be submitted beyond the due date.


Any queries concerning our Overdue CAT Submission Policy can be directed to the General Office.

DET, 'About You Survey'

The Department of Education and Training (DET) are working with schools to have students complete the 'About You Survey:'


"The student health and wellbeing survey (known as the About You Survey) collects important information about the health, development, learning, safety and wellbeing of children and young people in Victorian schools.  Schools are expected to participate in the survey to form an accurate picture of the health and wellbeing of their students.  The survey covers topics relating to nutrition, health, physical activity, safety, life satisfaction, and family relationships." (extract from the DET Website, 2019).


The 'About You Survey' will be conducted with Y7, 8, 10 and 11 students on Thursday 29 August.  More details will be shared as appropriate closer to the time.

Principal For A Day - Professor Michael Kennedy

Professor Michael Kennedy will step out of the world of academia for the 19th annual Principal For A Day event, 3 September 2019.


The Principal For A Day Program offers a first-hand experience of a ‘day in the life’ of a Victorian government school principal.


The Principal For a Day (or PFAD) Program provides mutual benefits for schools and business/community leaders.   I am excited to welcome Michael to our school and we look forward to exchanging ideas, visiting classes and talking to students.


PFAD provides us with an excellent opportunity to enable Michael to gain unique insights into the learning environment at our school.


Principal For A Day aims to:

  • increase understanding and awareness between schools, business and the wider community
  • promote the great work that schools do
  • provide business and community leaders with first-hand and current experiences of schools
  • enable school principals to develop ongoing relationships with leaders from other spheres
  • increase opportunities for schools and the community to work together in mutually beneficial ways.

PFAD is funded by the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership and delivered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

Intermediate Sport

We congratulate all of those students who participated in the Intermediate Sport Day last week.  We had many students participating in a number of sports on the day.


A special mention must go to our Intermediate Boys Basketball Team who won their competition on the day - well done boys!  We wish the Intermediate Boys Basketball Team all the very best for the next round of competition.


'Value of the Week' - Respect

We recognise our students for their respectful conduct during the Whole School Assembly earlier in the week.

And Finally................

Don't forget about the WHSC Parents and Friends Committee Trivia Night on Friday the 13th of September commencing at 7:00pm in the College Library.


Tickets (Adults - $15.00; Children - $5.00) can be purchased using the Try Booking platform at:



Please see the site for further details, together with the Trivia Night Flyer attached below. All enquiries can be directed to the General Office.



Have a great weekend everyone,









Aaron Smith



Assistant Principal's Page

Book Week

Mr Dixon and I had a disagreement this week. It was about Book Week. He probably doesn’t want me to write about it. In fact, if you are reading this now it’s because I was sneaky and got this article past him without giving him an opportunity to proof read it. Ssssshhhh, it’s our little secret.


But I digress, the disagreement was about what my own children wore as dress-ups for Book Week at their Primary School. My son dressed up as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and he looked magnificent, even if I do say so myself. I made a paper mâché head and painted it. I don’t do stuff like that normally, but it looked AMAZING. My daughter dressed as Jessie from Toy Story. 




This was the issue for Mr Dixon. He argued that Jessie is not a book character. She is a movie character. This is true. But because of the success of Toy Story there are so many books about Toy Story now, surely this character can pass as a character suitable for Book Week.


I didn’t really think much of it until I read an article on Mamamia titled This Book Week Snobbery Has To Stop by Helen Vnuk. Apparently, the 'Carpark Mafia' don’t like children wearing movie character costumes, and they scoff and frown upon the parents who allow this to happen. The article explores the popular Elsa costumes that pop up during Book Week and how this doesn’t align with the aforementioned unwritten rule for Book Week. Vnuk, questions the rule, ‘maybe they have a Frozen book at home that they read over and over. Maybe it genuinely is their favourite book.’


At Wheelers Hill Secondary College our theme for Book Week was ‘Reading is my Superpower’. To have students celebrate this week and discuss books with their friends is a massive win. To have students discuss movies and movie characters is also a BIG win. Because if you think about it, if we have students expressing a connection with something out there and that connection has motivated them to read more OR find a book that is based on it – there is now incentive to read more for enjoyment.


Vnuk writes ‘Reading is good. In fact, it’s great. If there are kids who aren’t big readers but will pick up a book and plough through it because it’s about their favourite movie or favourite game, that’s fantastic. It doesn’t matter what their gateway to reading is, so long as they find that gateway.’


Our hope for Book Week this year at WHSC is the same for every year; it’s another way to promote and engage students in reading. This year, we wore capes to do it. 


The Spray Jacket

So long, farewell, 

The spray jacket will say good night

It'll hate to go but the fading is not right.


The time has come to fade out the spray jacket similar to the way the jacket . . . fades. 


The Uniform Sub-committee, School Council and Lowes (our school uniform supplier) have been preparing for this item to be taken off the Uniform list. The jacket has had it's time in the sun, quite frankly, the jacket has had too much time in the sun. 


When we start back next year our students will have the option of the warm and cosy navy softshell jacket. It might be a little too hot to wear this jacket in January during the summer heat, but each to their own.


Thanks for the memories spray jacket.

End scene.

Let the doves go.

Fade into the mist . . . 


Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

Parents and students are advised that Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences will be held on Wednesday 4th September from 1 to 8 pm in the College E Block. Interim Reports will be available for collection at the school on entry to the conferences. There are no scheduled classes for the day.
Bookings for the Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences will be possible through your Compass Parent Portal from 9 am on Wednesday 28th August.  The Compass link is available via the college website or by using the link: 
Research shows that active parental involvement and interest in schooling is tremendously important in improving educational outcomes for your child. Our experience is that the most productive discussion takes place in partnership with parent, teacher and student.  We urge all parents to take the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress.
It is the expectation that all students and their parents will make appointments with their teachers and attend the conferences.

Reunion - Class of 1989

The graduating class of 1989 are holding a reunion (details below) and would like to invite all staff and students at WHSC involved with this class to attend.

They would also like to encourage anyone who has contact with former WHSC teachers or students from this time to forward the details of the event.


Principal's Awards

We would like to congratulate all students who received an inaugural Principal’s Award at this morning’s Whole School Assembly.
The recipients of this award were short-listed using data obtained from their Year 7 – 11 Cycle #1 and Cycle #2 reports in Semester 1. They were then presented with the awards based on staff feedback in regard to their ability to demonstrate creativity and respect.
The Year 12 Principal Awards will be presented later in the year in conjunction with the finalized results from their studies.
Congratulations to:

Year 7

Samantha LOH
Jasmine POOLE
Sophia SAIS
Caitlyn NGUYEN
Christopher HEYDE

Year 8

Matilda DAVIES
Tamara DEVIC
Simone ROOS

Year 9 

Renae VOLK
Haydee WILKE
Regentson BUN

Year 10

Jake SIA
Kaysea PRATT
Maddison HUCKEL
Charlotte VERPLAK
Ashleigh MANGAN
Hayley TIDD

Year 11

Emily HART
Madeleine WESTON
Bich Chau QUACH
Mikayla HARVEY


Claire Hanley and Andrew Dixon

Assistant Principals

Mark Your Calendar


  • Year 8C & 8E Monash Tech School
  • Yr 9 Selections Due 


  • Division Athletics


  • School Council


  • About you Survey Yr7 & Yr8
  • About you Survey Yr 10 & Yr11


  • RoboCup Junior Victorian State Competition
  • Monash Gallery of Art
  • Business contacts with the Dandenong Community 


  • Cultural Week
  • Year 8 Stem Week


  • Cultural Week
  • Year 8 Stem Week


  • Dance Workshop - Monash Uni Partnership
  • Cultural Week
  • Year 8 Stem Week


  • Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
  • Cultural Week
  • Year 8 Stem Week


  • Cultural Week
  • Year 8 Stem Week


  • Cultural Week
  • Year 8 Stem Week
  • VicRoads Presentation - Yr 10
  • Payment due - Charlie and Chocolate Factory

Performing Arts

Excursions Galore!

In order to foster creativity, we encourage our students to see, absorb and participate in as many theatre and music events as possible! These excursions and events are to enhance our Performing Arts Education - by modelling outstanding examples of Performance for the students to analyse, evaluate and be inspired by! 

These last few weeks have seen Snr School Students at Arts Centre Melbourne seeing Candy Bower's ground breaking performance, "One the Bear"; a remarkable expedition to the Comedy Theatre to see Tony Award Winning "Come From Away"; and back at Arts Centre Melbourne with Candy Bowers herself participating in a workshop on Political and Lyrical Theatre!

We are fortunate that these professional cultural organisations provide opportunities and access for young people to be inspired by the Arts. 


Coming Up!

Production may be over, but there are plenty of events coming up in the Performing Arts Program! Stay tuned for the following events: 

Contemporary Dance Workshop in partnership with Monash University 

Lunchtime Instrumental Music Concert

VCE Theatre Studies Monologue Showcase

VCE Drama Solo Showcases

Dance and Instrumental Music Performance Nights

Arts and Technology Week Opening Night Gala! 

We are proud to provide our students with many opportunities to share their Creativity, and we look forward to shining the spotlight on some of the incredible talents in our college community! 


Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader


Numeracy in French

In a Year 7 French class, students have been learning their numbers and how to say and write the numbers in French. Also the teacher, Ms Marie Badoche has been bringing Numeracy into her French classroom by using numerical operations on the board and asking students to come up and write numbers which make the operation true. Students also had to match the number to the worded number description from a list. It was great to see students coming up to the board to share their understanding with other students in the class. Thanks to Marie Badoche for inviting us into her French class to see numeracy in action.


Michelle Galli

Numeracy Learning Specialist



Last week, Prime Minster Scott Morrison announced that he wants to raise the status of Vocational Education and Training (VET). “TAFE education is as good as Uni”, he has told The Australian.

By 2023, Australia will need approximately one million more workers (5.36 million) with certificate two, three or four qualifications than it will those with bachelor degrees or higher (4.42 million) (source: Department of Jobs and Small Business)

National Skills Week is being held from 26 August – 1 September and highlights skills career opportunities with the objective of stimulating the minds of parents, students looking for career opportunities and jobs growth Australia is forecast to experience.

Research over the past ten years has consistently highlighted that VET is not perceived as a first choice career pathway for many Australians, and that general community are not aware of the many potential benefits VET can offer its participants. But it is not just about traditional trades.

Growth and skills shortage industries: aviation, health care, defence, tourism, hospitality, cyber security, IT, agriculture, beauty therapists, retail,

Health Care and Social Assistance is the largest and fastest growing industry in Australia and is projected to have the strongest employment growth of any industry over the five years to May 2022, supported by the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Australia’s ageing population.

The top five occupations in this industry are registered nurses, aged and disabled carers, child carers, nursing support and personal care workers and receptionists.

Health Workforce Australia estimates that there will be a shortage of over 100,000 nurses by 2025 while an additional 10,000 more jobs are needed in childcare.

Australia’s cyber security workforce is already short some 2300 workers and Australia is expected to need up to 17,600 additional cyber security workers by 2026.

When you look at the jobs growth predicted in vocational skill areas it is a highly compelling argument for both parents, students to carefully consider vocational skill areas when assessing career options.

VET is vitally important to securing a strong and prosperous future for our nation. Skills and training are central to our economic growth, our business productivity and creating more jobs.

For further information visit and to learn about National Skills Week events near you visit – www.nationalskillsweek.com.au

Scholarship Awarded

Wheelers Hill Secondary College would like to congratulate Tayla Tsokas (VCE 2018) for being awarded a scholarship in Diploma of Business.  These scholarships are awarded at the end of Trimester One to the highest academic achiever of each Diploma.  Tayla plans to continue on with her studies in 2020 at Deakin University with studies in Bachelor of Business.  Her goal is to work her way up into a leadership role with MECCA Cosmetics who she currently works for.  We wish Tayla all the best for the future.  Well done!


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator

Middle School Report

Middle School News

Have you as a parent been receiving messages from your child during school hours? Has the use of technology stopped your child learning the skills of independence, reflection and personal empowerment.

As parents most of you had the opportunity to work out issues on your own during the school day. If you missed the bus you had to make your own way home and explain when you got home, if you left your lunch on the bench it stayed on the bench, if you had issues at school you had time to process it, work out ways on how you could deal with it and by the time you got home you may have had a plan of action or spoke with your parents about it.

Why are we as parents not allowing our children the same opportunity we had every-day, to become independent, empowered and strong individuals without the continual connection to the phone to help them out with the slightest challenge that befalls them?

If this is happening with your child remember this simple question when they ring - "How are you going to fix this problem?" Allow them to come up with solutions, like you did when you were growing up. They may make some mistakes but they will learn from them.

Year 7

The year 7 students have had a busy two weeks. In Science week was last week, they had an opportunity to watch a show called 'Launch to the Future' that used a theatrical production to educate students about Science and Technology.

Later on in the week the students had a session on Life in Ancient Greece run by 'History Up Close", with an enthusiastic approach to sharing knowledge through the use of artifacts and reproductive costumes.

Year 8

Year 8C and 8E had the opportunity to attend the Monash Tech School and look at the SuperPowers Program. The students tour Monash University and it's buildings, looking at how they are sustainable. On the second and third day the students undertake a project looking at solar energy, wind energy, biofuel and hydro power.


Year 9

On Monday there was a whole School assembly. Part of the assembly was to congratulate students from all Year levels showing Excellence. Well done!

Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader

Senior School Report

Year 11 RYDA Event

Year 11 students participated in the RYDA event on Tuesday 13th August. This is a road safety event aimed at giving students a better understanding of the challenges faced by pedestrians, first responders, drivers, heavy vehicles, bicycles and motorbikes on our roads. In small groups, students took part in six interactive sessions including speed stopping, drive so others survive, analyse risky situations in cars, speak with a crash survivor and analyse decisions or choices involved in a true story about a young driver and passenger involved in a road crash. Students who have participated in the RYDA event have gained an essential life skill in road safety that will equip them with knowledge and critical information they need to face the challenges they meet to stay safe on the road. 

Ms M. Hodgkinson

Year 11 Coordinator


Year 12 Dress up Day

This week saw the Year 12s adopt a "Flash back" theme to their dress up day.

The outfits worn took us back in time to the fashion of yesteryear. 




Mrs J. Riddoch

Senior School Leader


Community News

Second-Hand Uniform Shop

  • Monday 2nd September
  • Thursday 19th September

WHSC Trivia Night

Tickets are now available for the Trivia Night which is being hosted by the WHSC Parents and Friends Committee on 13 September at the College Library (commencing at 7:00pm).  All funds raised will support our Performing Arts Program so do come along and have a great evening while supporting a worthy cause.  Purchase your tickets at: https://www.trybooking.com/BEUSG

 Great Big Shout Out to Bakers Delight

A great big thank you goes out to our local Bakers Delight at Wheelers Hill shopping center as they continue to support our Breakfast club every Thursday  with their generous donations to our College.

Wheelers Hill SC Membership Offer!


Comedy For A Cause


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