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27 April 2017
Week 2  term 2
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Principal's News

Term 2

We are now into the second week of term and well underway in what will be another productive and rewarding term.  I trust that your Easter break was a wonderful time with family and friends and that you are recharged to enjoy the eleven week term.


Loss and Renewal

In this post Easter period our mind is turned to the mystery of the Cross and the resurrection and that the pattern of transformation is always death transformed to something greater.  We can’t lose sight of that.


‘Our world is a  pattern of down and up, loss and renewal, enslavement and liberation, exile and return, transformation through darkness and suffering’ (Richard Rohr)  and this is quite clear in what is happening in our immediate world.


In reflecting on life at St James this year,  we have had a number of parents and children experience loss and renewal with the loss of a parent and grandparent.  In time and with the support of family and friends they will hopefully be renewed to continue the legacy of those that have left them.  


The suffering and darkness of worldwide conflicts and with our current focus placed on ANZAC Day this week,  also speaks of the darkness and suffering we have experienced as a nation and hopefully put  an end to the folly of our world engaged in conflict.  


The enslavement of our Manus and Nauru friends locked up, and who will also hopefully soon receive liberation through a just policy and a process that respects the freedom and dignity of the individual, ensures care and compassion for those that are demonised, and that a genuine honesty and truth is always pursued by Government authorities.   Interestingly these values plus understanding, tolerance, inclusion, fair go, integrity and doing your best are part of the values for Australian Schooling!


The meaning of Easter should not leave us.  Jesus transformed his society and that of the early Church.   We can at times read from Gospel writers,  ‘he takes away the sin of the world’. This is not  Jesus working some magic in the sky that saves the world from sin and death.


His actions and words dramatically exposed the real sin - of ignorant hatred and violence.  Jesus did not adopt the usual purity codes.  We  can’t either. By refusing the usual patterns of  selfishness, egoic ways and vengeance he challenged existing structures.  Jesus identifies with our humanity, the dark times and our  ‘uncomfortableness’.  This is rising above our deathly states.  The cross and resurrection is a transformation to goodness.  The high point of our faith, Easter and the Jesus story, calls us to understand, face and challenge loss and be renewed now and into the future.


Let’s keep doing it for others.


Grandparents and Special Friends' Day

Yesterday was  a special day in the life of our school with our annual Grandparents and Special Friends' Day.  Our grandparents and significant others have a unique bond with our children.  

We have a great deal to learn from grandma, nan, grandpa, pop, pa and gramps or whatever term of endearment that we like to name our special person in our life. Grandparents are truly remarkable people.


Through their interaction with our children they display patience, a deep wisdom, life experiences, tenderness, tall stories, empathy, a willingness to listen and share, generosity etc.  They are probably different people from the time that they were a parent.  It is a special role and one as a community we should acknowledge.  The elders in Indigenous communities are given the utmost respect.  Our elders have much to offer our society and today was a great way to acknowledge their presence in our lives.


Many thanks to Ms Coelli and the teachers and staff who planned a wonderful afternoon.  Again special thanks to Annie O’Donoghue and the team of Mums and Dads who provided afternoon tea and ensured that our grandparents left St James nourished in many ways having spent some quality school time with their grandchildren.


Important Survey

The Catholic Identity Survey that all schools are asked to complete, is being be distributed to all families via email and this is a reminder for all families to commit the time to complete the survey.  The data will give us a better understanding how our Catholic Identity is expressed in work and practice here at St James.
 It is important that we gather a strong number of responses to ensure that we have an accurate picture of St James, especially with the changing circumstances of our Church and school today.

Could I ask that you do complete the survey by Wednesday 10th May.



Lately I have fielded a few  questions about the library arrangement this year.  I have included a section from an earlier newsletter item as well as some updated information from Ann Nicola that explains the important resource of providing reading material for our children.


"We have converted the 2016 Library space into an exciting Foundation space, and our new Foundation students are having a great time.  As a result of creating a further classroom this year,  the Library as we know it has been decanted to areas of the school, where the resources are more available to the children and teachers.  Having the resources appropriate to your year level, at your fingertips, is important.

Providing  traditional content and knowledge resources and e-content opportunities is our strategy for success.  Mrs Ann Nicola is currently organizing the knowledge centres around the school and some classes to date have commenced library borrowings.  Connected spaces and places allow the school to make regular use of educational opportunities." 

Library News

Students are now familiar with the library borrowing process, with the books being housed at different levels throughout the school.  It has been a learning curve, however it is expected that every student will borrow a library book on a regular basis, so please remind you child to bring their bag every Wednesday.

Thank you,

Ann Nicola - Librarian


National Child Safe Standards

Homework for Mum and Dad

With the introduction of the Victorian Child Safe Standards all schools are asked to develop strategies to ensure child safety.  This is an ongoing requirement.  In Term 1 parents were asked to read the Code of Conduct.  The Code of Conduct will be sent via CareMonkey for parents to read.  Once it is read could parents please sign off that they are familiar with the code.  


Care Monkey

CareMonkey is the mode whereby St James collects information and distributes information.  Privacy is an important consideration for our school.   I have included the link which details the protection offered by CareMonkey  and explains the privacy and data security matters that can arise.


The Governing Principle for the Parish Education Board

Recently I have been approached to explain the structure of the School Board.

Within the provisions of Canon Law, the Parish Priest, (Fr Martin),  in consultation with the parish community is responsible for providing Catholic education.  

The purpose of the Board is to:

  • provide advice to Fr Martin in the operation of the school.  

  • act as a confidential advisory body to the Parish Priest and the Principal, on matters concerning the education in the parish.

  • act as a forum for discussion, provide feedback, and assist in developing strategies on matters concerning education. 

  • provide a link between the PP, the Principal, the Catholic Education Office and Parishioners in relation to the provision of Catholic education in the parish community.

The Board has responsibility to:

  • promote the Catholic ethos of St James and support the Religious Education program

  • provide advice on the development and review of school policies

  • plan for the future including the  ability to accommodate future enrolments and strategies for the retention of existing students

  • the Parish Priest, in consultation with the Principal, will appoint members

The School Board membership is as follows:

School Board members

Fr Martin Dixon

Jo Small  (Chairperson)

Mel Williams

Marcus Bailey

Donna Anderson

Samm Meagher

Liam Buckley

Peter Hodgson

Cathy Ferrari

Brendan Flanagan



Faith & Wellbeing

Caritas Just Leadership Day

Last Friday the Social Justice and School Captains from catholic schools around Brighton joined us for our “Just Leadership day”. Megan from Caritas Australia came into talk to us about what our donations are doing around our country and how as Social Justice Leaders we have a responsibility to work for a more just world. We talked about the subject of this year “Love your Neighbour”. Caritas is working to help undeveloped communities. Our donations help to educate the leaders in the communities to stop famine and promote hygiene. She also helped us map out our goals for this Term which you will hear about later in the term. We all learned so much.

Willow B -  Yr 6 Social Justice Leader


Preps in Pyjamas Family Faith Night

Thursday 4th May 6:00-6:45pm

The Prep Family Faith Night will be held in the Prep room next Thursday evening.  Other siblings are more than welcome to attend (no need to get a babysitter). The children will come dressed in their pyjamas. The night is a chance to explore and develop our faith with our children. I am looking forward to meeting with you then.

Year 2 Class Mass

Sunday 21st May 9:00am

After the Mass there will a cup of tea and icy-pole in the school hall organised by our wonderful Classroom Rep’s. The children will be given special jobs for the Mass.

First Eucharist

There will be a First Eucharist Information Night held in the Year 3 classroom on Thursday 18th May at 4:00-4:45pm

The Year 3 children will be making their sacrament of First Eucharist in Term 3. Preparation Masses for the Sacrament will commence in May (please see below for dates). It is an expectation for children to attend one of the Masses for each of the 6 Preparation Masses in the lead up to the sacrament. There will be two masses per weekend and you can choose which you would like to attend. Each Mass will have a specific focus in preparing the children for the sacrament. 

If you have a child in another class who is planning to make their First Eucharist, please contact me through the office. 

Elly Dillon 

Religious Education Leader

Class Masses


Family Faith Night Dates


Sacrament Dates


23 Sept - 4 October 2017



This is a journey – a pilgrimage – to the heart of Australia.  Many of us live on the periphery of our country and never go to the heart.  As well, many of us live on the periphery of our lives and never take time to go to the heart.  This pilgrimage combines both those activities.


Our first stop is Penola, where we visit the Mary McKillop Centre, recalling how she said:  “If you see a need answer it.” 

Then through Adelaide, Coober Pedy to Uluru for 3 nights and onto the Centre with 4 nights in Alice Springs. 


Brochures are in the foyer of the school and the church.  Fr Martin can fill you in if you need more details.

m dixon pilgram to the heart.pdf

Fr Martin Dixon



Class News

Social Justice in Year 2

Last year Yve and her mum Nikki went to Fiji and visited a school and a village. Yve was so moved by how little some of the children had in terms of stationery and books. When Yve and her mum decided to go back to Fiji over the Term 1 holidays, she had the idea to put together a collection box of stationery to donate to the children. The children in Fiji were thrilled to meet Yve and receive the generous donations from the Year 2 community. Well done Yve on making a difference in the lives of others and thank you to the Year 2s for all their donations.


Jessica Chapman -Yr 2 Teacher


Easter Liturgy

Over the Easter season each class at St James has represented the story of Easter through a liturgy.  On Wednesday, 19th of April, 2017, Year 6 celebrated the end of the Easter season.  Our Social Justice Leaders helped us reflect on the feelings the death of Jesus brought to Mary and the Disciples and we also reflected on the feelings we all experience at times of loss in our own life.  We decided on four negative emotions: Sadness, Grief, Sorrow and Despair.  However, we also learned that Jesus’ suffering and the story of the Resurrection helps us realise that with every sad moment there will come a good moment.  In times of loss, we know there are ways of finding support so that we can feel: Joy, Hope, Faith, Happiness.  Our Social Justice Leaders then guided us through a meditation about a magic flying Pegasus horse to calm us and we must remember this if there ever comes a time that we deal with loss.  Through the story of Easter, it is important for us to accept what we are feeling in times of loss and His Resurrection makes us hopeful for a better future.  On behalf of all of Year 6, we hope all the families in St James’ Community had a restful and hopeful Easter!


Written by Grace J- C  Year 60

Edited By Oliver A  - Year 60

Grandparents & Special Friends' Day


Grandparents and Special Friends
in Foundation

What a wonderful time children in Foundation spent with their beautiful grandparents and special friends.

The Foundation classroom was full of people, laughter and excitement as children showed their families just how far they have adjusted to school life. Each child was so proud to see their visitors and show them around.

It was wonderful to see the big smiles and the warm kisses and cuddles all our visitors and children received.

We hope all our grandparents and special friends had a lovely time in our classroom and our school.

Thank you for visiting us.

Cathy Busch-Foundation Teacher



Year 4 AFL Special Visitors

During our first PE lesson back in Term 2,  the Year 4 students were treated to some very special guests(although that could depend on who you barrack for in AFL).  Leigh Montagna and Koby Stevens from St Kilda football club dropped in to visit the students who then participated in some fun games and drills.  Students had the opportunity to ask Leigh and Koby some essential questions about playing AFL professionally. Year 4 students asked some excellent questions in regards to nutrition and training requirements. It was great to see all students involved and really enjoying the opportunity.


Thanks to Mrs Kidman for organising.


Mrs Georgia McNamara

Year 4-6 Physical Education Teacher



St James Jedi's Basketball
Winning Team

Congratulations to our Year 1 mixed basketball team

- The St James Jedi's, who won their very first basketball match at GESAC with a score of 12 to zero.   Fabulous effort!


Upcoming Dates


01 May      Full Winter Uniform 

08 May      Naplan Week 

12 May      Mothers Day Lunch

15 May      School Closure

26 May       Walkathon

21 June     St James Athletics Carnival

29 June      Parent Teacher Conferences

30 June      Final Day of Term 2 - finish 1:30pm


 Please refer to the 
Parent Google Calendar

Click  HERE   for additional dates

and the FAITH & WELLBEING page for Sacraments, Class Masses and Family Faith Night Dates.

2017 Save the Date

29 July       Major Fundraiser

31 Aug       Thursdays Experts -FootyNight

01 Sept       Fathers Day Breakfast

09 Nov        Oaks Day Lunch

08 Dec         End of Year Parents Party

Wednesdays  2:50pm

03 May    Year 3C

10 May    Community Learning

17 May    No Assembly

 24 May   Year 3Q

31 May    Year 2

07 June   Year 1

14 June   Prep

21 June   Athletics Carnival

28 June   No Assembly


Parents please note

Students will not be able to place Lunch Orders on the following dates, as the STAR Canteen will be closed on these days:

Thur     04 May

Fri          05 May    

Thur     25 May

Mon      12 June   (Queen's Birthday)

Fri          23 June   

Mon      17 July  

Tues      18 July

Fri          18 August

Mon       21 August

Mon       06 November

Tues      07 November  (Melbourne Cup)

Mon      27 November  

Parents' Association Meetings 7:30pm


21 June

19 July

23 August

11 October

29 November AGM

13 December PA Dinner


Term 1      31 January - 31 March 

Please note due to Staff Retreat/PD the final day of Term 1 will be 29 March 2017

Term 2    18 April      -  30 June

Term 3    17 July       -   22 September

Term 4    09 October-   20 December


Dads' Gatherings
From 7:30pm

·         Thurs 18 May – Wine Larder

·         Thurs 22 June – Hotel Brighton

·         Thurs 20 July – Wine Larder

·         Thurs 24 Aug - TBA

·         Thurs 21 Sept - TBA

·         Thurs 19 Oct - TBA

·         Thurs 23 Nov - TBA

2017 TERM 2
School Closure Days

15 May     Staff Professional Development


Mon   12 Jun         Queen's Birthday

Fri       29 Sep        AFL Grand Final

Tues    07 Nov        Melb Cup Day

Mon    25 Dec        Christmas Day

Tues    26 Dec         Boxing Day

15 May  Staff PD 

Parents Association

Any queries or dietary requirements,

please contact Connie Sands  [email protected]

Parents please note

Students will not be able to place Lunch Orders on the following dates, as the STAR Canteen will be closed on these days:

  • Thur     04 May
  • Fri          05 May    
  • Thur     25 May
  • Mon      12 June   (Queen's Birthday)
  • Fri          23 June   
  • Mon      17 July  
  • Tues      18 July
  • Fri          18 August
  • Mon       21 August
  • Mon       06 November
  • Tues      07 November  (Melbourne Cup)
  • Mon      27 November  



What's On & Worth Noting

Friday 12th May

Any queries or dietary requirements,

please contact Connie Sands  [email protected]




Miscellaneous Group Photos

Place your online orders before Sunday 21 May 2017



Currently there are spaces in an U12 girls C team at Brighton Soccer Club.   Any girls who are interested in having fun and a kick should contact Amanda Mack

email:   [email protected]

















Heartlinks Workshops



OSH Club News

Dear parents and families,

Welcome back to Term 2!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and have lots of stories to come and tell me at before and after school care.

Last Term we had the pleasure of having Chris Coordinate alongside me, however, sadly for us he was offered a teaching job late last week and started on Monday, therefore, will no longer be working with us. It was amazing having him here, as I’m sure most of you would agree, but we wish Chris the best of luck with his future as we’re sure he will make a fantastic teacher!

Monday 15th May is a pupil free day at St James. I ask that all families who would like a pupil free session run, to please jump online and book your child in. We require a minimum of 15 people enrolled to attend the day in order to run. We have until the 7th May to book in and myself or Jacquie would be able to tell you if it is running by 8th May. If you have any questions, please see Jacquie as she is covering my placement leave over the next few weeks.


Just a Few Reminders:

  • Children are required to wear hats and sunscreen this term. Please ensure they bring their hats with them to the service to enable outdoor play. The service will, however, provide the children with sunscreen. We ask that children are reminded to bring their hats, as we don’t allow children to go back to their classrooms for confidentiality reasons.
  • For any bookings please log in to your account online at Any issues with your online account please contact the St James account manager, Narelle, directly. You can email her at [email protected] or phone her on 03 8564 9027.
  • For any on the day bookings please call the program phone on 0412 570 934 and leave a message. Alternatively you can text the same number.

    Come by and say hello for a chat whenever you like! See you soon,

Parent Information

Coordinator: Melissa (Mel) Barbu

Phone Number: 0412 570 934       

Email: [email protected]
Assistant: Lauren Wedwood Mullens  

OSHClub Head Office: 03 85649000

All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.

Who do I contact ?

Who do I contact.pdf