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14 February 2019
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This year as a guide to help us live out our College Vision we have decided upon the theme:

One in Christ
Engaging Minds
Igniting Hearts

Our vision clearly stated that we are a ‘Learning Community centred on the person of Jesus Christ’.  Our College prides itself on being a place of welcome, peace and unity, whilst at the same time being so richly blessed with students from such wide and varied cultural backgrounds. Our Community looks to Jesus the Nazarene as the one who is Our Lord, God and Saviour, but also our model and friend, the source of unity, binding us together. This year we aim to continue to put Jesus more and more firmly at the centre of our community, knowing that growing in closer proximity to Him will also lead to us growing more united with each other. 
As a learning community it is indeed our mission to nurture young people to go out and take their place in our rapidly changing world.  It is our mission to spark something in the minds of our students, helping them to open their minds, participate deeply in their education and grow in ‘Faith, Wisdom and Knowledge’.  When this happens they start to be better equipped to go out into our world, remembering they enter Nazareth College to learn and leave to serve.
Our theme also talks of us igniting hearts.  Again, centred on the person of Jesus, it is from His Heart, the Sacred Heart that we draw from.  As we move closer to the Heart that burns with love for all of us, our hearts cannot help but be affected by this warmth.  If we continue to move closer our hearts also will be set ablaze with love for God and our neighbour.  When these hearts in our community are ignited we see people thinking of others, looking out for each other, going beyond themselves to serve both within and outside our College Community. 
It seems to me from our theme that we can see that the true starting point is Jesus.  Let us as our year begins make a decision in 2019 to regularly take time to be with Jesus.  If we take time to read and pray with the Bible, time to sit quietly with Jesus in prayer, visit Him  and be with Him present in the tabernacle in our Chapel and Churches, or receive Him in the Eucharist we will see our hearts start to change.  The fire will catch, we will grow in unity with Him and others and our minds also will be engaged, open and ready to learn more and more.  Let us pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help us to make decisions as we start this year to help us to grow.


Holy Family of Nazareth – Be our inspiration and our guide.
Jesus of Nazareth – Help us to grow in faith, wisdom and knowledge.

Principal's Report

Dear all

I would like to welcome everyone to the 2019 school year! In doing so, I hope that you have had a wonderful break and that this year has started off smoothly.

We have begun the year welcoming our new Year 7s and their families.  It is wonderful to see them embracing every opportunity in the first couple of weeks and to be fully involved in school life here at Nazareth.

In a similar way, I also welcome back all other year levels and the twenty-eight (28) new students and their families who have joined the College in Years 8 to 11.

I thank our College Community members for their support in ensuring that the College expectations are met by all.  We have clearly articulated our expectations regarding learning, attire, appearance and behaviour, as it is essential to remind all members of the Community what it means to be a ‘Nazarene’.

On behalf of the Nazareth College Community Association (NCCA) I thank the new parents for their generous offer of wanting to join the NCCA parent group and I extend a further invitation to all families to join.  Your support and interest in this group is very much appreciated.  It is an opportunity for parental involvement within the Community.

Please email [email protected] expressing your interest, or phone the College on (03) 9795 8100.

The first 2019 meeting of the NCCA is scheduled for Tuesday 26 February 2019 in the Joseph Centre – commencing at 6.00pm.

This year, we have a number of staff changes and new staff joining Nazareth.

Early this year Mr Nick Fitter informed me that he was moving to Whitefriars College to take up a position in their Music department.

Mrs Jo Green also secured a new job at St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre.

We wish them both all the very best and thank them for their years of service.

Mr Fitter will be replaced by Ms Tatiana Vega who will play a more active role in managing the Music department and will oversee both the Creative and Performing Arts curriculum.

Miss Amanda Mauceri has joined us and she will be teaching Music, Italian, English and EAL.

Both Ms Caitlin Mackay and Ms Claire Nailon will oversee the running of the Education Support and Enhancement area.  Joining that team will also be Mr Jason Robert, teaching Mathematics and Science, and providing Educational Support together with VET Music.

Mrs Fiona James has joined the College and will be teaching Mathematics.
Mr John Powell will enhance the Language Department and teach Japanese and provide input with his STEM knowledge.

Ms Nilusha Perera is our new Senior Laboratory Assistant, mainly working in Years 10 
to 12.

Ms Jennifer Ching is our new Chinese as a First Language teacher, English teacher and translator.

Mr Chase Kelso is our new AFL Cadet.

Mrs Rinku Arora has been appointed the new Director of College Operations.

I look forward to an enjoyable and rewarding year ahead.


God Bless
Mr Sam Cosentino


House Swimming Carnival winners!

Congratulations to McCormack House for an outstanding effort in winning the 2019 Nazareth House Swimming Carnival. Special congratulations to Mrs Barbara Murphy, Head of House McCormack, and Jerome Misquitta and Shamiso Sibanda, McCormack House Captains.

Well done to all students who participated in events, we know you did your very best.

Upcoming dates



14 - House Swimming Carnival
15 - Open Morning and School Tour (9:00 AM-10:30 AM)
18 - Year 11 Psychology Excursion (8:30 AM-1:30 PM)
20 - Year 10 English Incursion ‘Introduction to Shakespeare’
21 - Opening of the School Year Mass
      - Senior Girls Basketball HOME vs Flinders Tyabb
      - Senior Girls Soccer HOME vs Flinders Tyabb
22 - Intermediate Girls Volleyball HOME (DBS) vs Flinders Tyabb
      - Intermediate Boys Handball HOME vs St Peters West
25 - Year 9 Camp (until 27/02)
      - Science Talent Search online registration opens
26 - Year 7 Immunisations HPV Dose 1 & Boostrix
27 - SIS Performing Arts Rehearsal Day 1
28 - Mass in the Chapel at 8:10am
      - Grade 5 Taster Day
      - Senior Boys Soccer AWAY vs Woodleigh
      - Senior Girls Basketball HOME vs Padua Mornington
      - Senior Girls Soccer HOME vs Padua Mornington



Deputy Principal's Report

Whom do I contact if…?

The following information should help parents know the best person to contact when information needs to be passed on about your children or if you have a query. 

Whom do I contact if: 

  • My son or daughter is going to be absent from school? Please send a text message to 0429 451 964; or speak to Student Services on telephone 9790 8145
  • I need to update my contact details? Changes to parents’/guardians’ contact details need to be communicated to us in writing. The simplest way to update your details is via the eForm on the College App. The other ways to update details are to send a letter in the mail to the College or send a letter to Student Services via your child. If you wish to talk to us about your details call Student Services (9790 8145).
  • I have a general enquiry or a query about an event at the College? The College Receptionist will be able to answer most general enquiries; or will transfer parents/guardians to the appropriate person to address queries.
  • I need to let the College know something about the Welfare of my child? Parents’/ Guardians first point of contact should normally be your child’s Pastoral Teacher. If the Pastoral Teacher is unavailable parents/guardians should then contact the relevant Head of House. In the event of very serious matters parents/guardians are also welcome to contact Mr Duckett, the Assistant Principal – Faith and Wellbeing.
  • I have a concern about my child’s Learning in the classroom? Again, the first contact would normally be with your child’s Pastoral Teacher. If the concern is regarding a particular subject, parents/guardians should contact the subject teacher. If, after speaking with the subject teacher(s), your concerns remain, you may wish to then contact the relevant Learning Leader. After speaking with the subject teacher and the Learning Leader very serious concerns may next be discussed with the Director of Studies, Ms Rosaria Pellegrino or the Assistant Principal – Learning, Mr David Broadbent.
  • I have a concern about my child’s Program of Studies? After speaking with your child’s subject teacher/s if you need to discuss your child’s program further, contact our Director of Studies, Ms Rosaria Pellegrino. It may also be beneficial, especially if your child is in Years 10, 11 or 12, to speak with our Pathways Coordinator, Ms Elena Flodstrom.
  • I don’t know whom I should contact? If you are unsure of the best person to contact with a particular enquiry, call the College Receptionist on 9795 8100. Our Receptionist will then direct you to the best person to address your concern or enquiry.

Mr Garry Giese

Deputy Principal

Learning Assistant Principal's Report

Welcome to 2019!

It has been wonderful to be able to personally welcome many parents at our recent VCE and Year 7 Information evenings.  For those who wish to refer to the VCE Information evening details, the PowerPoint presentation is now available to parents in the PAM Knowledge Banks as ‘VCE Info Night 2019’.

Parent engagement is a key ingredient for student success and we look forward to meeting with parents at Student Progress interviews in Terms 2 and 3 as well as the important Subject Selection evening in Term 3 and at the many NCCA, performance evenings, sports and other events that make our college such a rich and diverse learning community.

The Learning Team for 2019 provides leadership and guidance to staff and students, and can be contacted to provide expert advice in their field. For 2019, the Learning Team is led by:
•    Mr David Broadbent – Assistant Principal Learning
•    Ms Rosaria Pellegrino – Director of Studies
•    Ms Rinku Arora – Director of College Operations
The 2019 Learning Leaders are:
•    Mrs Caitlin Mackay – Applied Learning and Learning Support
•    Mrs Christine Vaughan – Arts & Technology
•    Mrs Claire Nailon – English (& Literacy)
•    Mr Adam Ferraro – Health & Physical Education
•    Ms Donna Watts - Humanities
•    Mrs Joanna Lenihan – Languages 
•    Mrs Cathrine High – Mathematics
•    Mr Peter Nathan – Religious Education
•    Mrs Lisa Douglass – Resource Centre
•    Ms Sheba Gurm – Science (& STEM)

Celebrating the Class of 2018 and ‘Find out how good you can be’

At our opening College Assembly on 11 February, Nazareth College proudly honoured our highest achievers in VCE and VCAL from the Class of 2018. Nazareth College is particularly proud of the improved VCE results in recent years, whose trends include increases in the percentage of scores over 40 and in the number of students receiving ATARs above 90 and above 80.  All of this ensures that not only does Nazareth College provide well-rounded development of the whole person, but does so while ensuring our students have choices for their best individual pathways. As part of the assembly, our 2019 students were set the challenge to ‘Find out how good you can be’; to apply themselves like never before and stretch beyond their potential in all areas of college life.


PAM – the Parent Access Module: essential for communication

In 2017, the College introduced the learning management system SIMON for students and staff and the accompanying Parent Access Module (PAM) to greatly increase parent access to information and communication avenues for your child’s learning.  Using PAM, parents can access their child’s timetable, reporting and attendance, along with the College Calendar, Knowledge banks (including information about eLearning, parent nights, VCE procedures and more), daily notices, bookings for Student Progress interviews and more.

Two key aspects of PAM introduced in 2018 and continuing in 2019 are Continuous Reporting and the Medical Profile.  Continuous Reporting enables parents to directly view their child’s assessment due dates and then – within 2 weeks of the assessment – the feedback and marks for all formal assessments, using the Learning Areas link in your child’s profile. 

The Medical Profile places control of your child’s medical details directly into parent hands, so that parents can update details anytime you need.  All parents will shortly be receiving an email form the College asking them to check and/or update their child’s Medical Profile details for 2019.  Instructions for undertaking this task are also in the PAM ‘eLearning’ Knowledge Bank as PAM Medical Instructions.

If you have any queries regarding PAM or lost your PAM login code/password, please direct any questions or concerns to [email protected].

eTexts for BYOD devices 

We are pleased to report that all students now have full access to the relevant eTexts and online resources from the 2019 Resource lists.  Instructions for accessing the Oxford ‘oBooks’ and the ‘To Know, Worship & Love’ (Year 7 -10 English/Maths/Humanities/Science & Yr 7 – 11 Religious Education) were emailed by Campion directly to student email accounts and are also available to students and parents in the SIMON/PAM Knowledge Bank under ‘eLearning’.  Instructions for digital access from other publishers were provided directly to parents and students in the Campion resource packs or the physical texts.

Please note that where parents have not paid for the Nazareth Digital Resource (via the 2019 Resource List) these resources will not be available.  

Should your child not yet have access to purchased texts, we urge parents to call Campion immediately on 1300 433 982 to ensure that your child’s key learning resources are made available as soon as possible.
We thank parents for your valuable partnership in educating your children and for your support with this and all other College policies and procedures: together, we build the knowledge, values and habits that form our Nazarenes as active, productive and critically-thinking citizens and as living embodiments of the Way of Christ.

Mr David Broadbent

Assistant Principal - Learning

Faith and Wellbeing Assistant Principal's Report

Welcome to 2019 at Nazareth.  The year has started very positively for our students and we are very grateful for the wonderful young people we are blessed to serve in this community.  A reminder that the work we do for your children is always much more effective when we are working together as a Team.  We have a great team of people including Pastoral Teachers, Heads of House, Wellbeing Directors, our College Counsellor and Subject Teachers who really want to do all they can to ensure your child is growing to be the person they have been created to be.  
Please ensure that if there are issues with your child or challenges that may be impacting on their learning or wellbeing please contact your child’s Pastoral Teacher or the relevant Head of House or Staff Member, so we can work together to best support your child.  Often a quick phone call or email can really help us greatly in the work we do with your children.
There have been a few changes in our College as we continue to reflect on how we can grow and improve as a Learning Community.  It is important we all understand and are clear on these changes and hence I write to pass on some of these details:

New Bell Times

Please see attached the new Bell Times for your convenience.  They are located in the Student Organiser and were sent home with the welcome letter to all families at the start of the year.  Please note that as a way to enhance our Pastoral Program students will now have an Extended Pastoral session each week and our Day 2 finishing time is 1.31pm.



At the Opening Assembly for the whole school, Mr Cosentino reminded all students that we are here to learn and we will not be tolerating students who are impacting on the learning of others through misbehaviour in classes.  So far our students have started really well but it is important we all understand what is expected.


On the last school day of 2018, students were told that they needed to arrive in full school uniform on the first day of school for 2019.   A letter was sent to all families before classes commenced to ensure parents and students were aware of expectations for uniform, hair and jewellery etc and it was clear that students needed to be in full school uniform to be in classes from the start of the year.  So far this year we have seen an improvement in the wearing of the uniform from the vast majority of students which is great to see.  We will continue to be firm on the uniform as we see it as a practical way of showing I am a member of this community, I am proud to belong and I value Nazareth College.  Please support your child by working with them to ensure they have all the relevant uniform items and leave home wearing the uniform well and their jewellery and hair is as per College expectations.  Of course if there is a reason why on an occasion they are not able to follow the uniform expectations, please support your child by writing and signing a note.


In 2018 there were a significant number of students late more frequently than we would desire. We have reflected and believe that what we were doing was not working as effectively as we would like and as a result have started a different approach to students coming to class late.  As the Lunchtime Community Services did not have the impact we would have desired, they will not be running.  As a result for Term 1, 2019 we are trialling a system where the Pastoral Teacher will record the student’s attendance in morning Homeroom.  If a student is late on three occasions in a Term without a valid reason, they will be given an Afterschool Community Service.
Likewise if a student is late for class the Subject Teacher will deal with this, if the student is late three times in a Term, an Afterschool Community Service will be the consequence.  
Our desire is to keep you in the loop and ensure you are aware of what is going on.

Opening Mass, Thursday 21 February 2019, 11:30am

All parents, guardians and families are welcome to our Opening of the School Year Mass on 21 February 2019 at 11.30am in the Wheeler Auditorium.  At this Mass we will ask God to bless and guide us throughout the year as well as bless our 2019 College Leaders and commission our 2019 St Vincent de Paul College Conference.  
We look forward to working together in 2019 and thank you for your support. Once again, please contact us if there is anything we should be aware of to assist your child in their learning or overall wellbeing.


Mr Justin Duckett
Assistant Principal – Faith & Wellbeing

Wellbeing Report

Welcome back to a new year! We are really excited about the year ahead and look forward to working with the school community to create opportunities to succeed not just academically, but socially and emotionally also.
An important area we have been concentrating on recently is transition. Transition occurs at this time of year for all students – moving into new year levels, with different classmates, new teachers, different classrooms and more challenging curriculum can be difficult, causing stress and anxiety. We have also welcomed many new students, both in Year 7 and in all other year levels across the school.

Introducing SchoolTV to Nazareth - an extensive Wellbeing resource for Parents

It’s never been more challenging for parents to raise happy, healthy and resilient children. 

Like never before, parents need to be informed with clear, fact-based information on the many challenges faced by today’s youth. 
SchoolTV is a new, ongoing resource that is now available to Nazareth's parents. Each edition will address a major topic with expert interviews, fact sheets, parent quiz, recommended apps, books and much more. SchoolTV aggregates information from many great resources such as BeyondBlue and ReachOut, amongst others. SchoolTV provides a single stream of independent factual information that saves parents time and confusion of searching online across multiple sites for information.
SchoolTV covers topics such as youth anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, cyberbullying and many others that young adults need clear explanation and guidance on. There are also links to relevant resources and website for further information.
You have access to SchoolTV via the Nazareth College website homepage, or through your PAM portal.

Ms Jackie Kol and Ms Mirella Venturini

Co-Directors of Wellbeing

Parenting Resource: SchoolTV

Nazareth College is pleased to introduce SchoolTV, a PARENT WELLBEING RESOURCE.

SchoolTV covers topics such as youth anxiety, transition, surviving Year 12, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, cyberbullying and many others need clear explanation and guidance. There are also links to relevant resources and website for further information.

Please click on this link to watch a video introduction to this resource.

Please click on this link to find resources on school transition.

Please click here to see a special report on mobile devices in schools.

Please click on this website to find valuable information for parents about Surviving Year 12.



You have access SchoolTV via the Nazareth College website homepage, or through your PAM portal.

Nazareth College is pleased to introduce SchoolTV, a PARENT WELLBEING RESOURCE.

SchoolTV covers topics such as youth anxiety, transition, surviving Year 12, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, cyberbullying and many others need clear explanation and guidance. There are also links to relevant resources and website for further information.


Please click on this link to watch a video introduction to this resource.


Please click on this link to find resources on school transition.


Please click here to see a special report on mobile devices in schools.


Please click on this website to find valuable information for parents about Surviving Year 12.


You have access to SchoolTV via the Nazareth College website homepage, or through your PAM portal.

Library News

Welcome to 2019 from the Resource Centre

Welcome to the new year in the Nazareth College Resource Centre! We have been overjoyed to see so many familiar faces and many happy new faces spending time in the Resource Centre already. From the moment we opened our doors for the new school year there has been a steady flow of students using this space in many ways, as you can see in the images below.


We started the year in the Resource Centre with Orientation Day for Year 7 students. Each class spent a period here getting familiar with the space and the ways in which it can be utilised. After a slideshow presentation, students teamed up in small groups to complete a Scavenger Hunt. The enthusiasm and excitement on display reflected the positive entrance our Year 7 students have made into the Nazareth Community. We have loved meeting our newest Nazarenes and look forward to helping them on their learning journey here at Nazareth College.
We have many exciting things planned for the Resource Centre this year, beginning with a fantastic book sale to be held in March. To make way for new novels, we will be selling ex-Nazareth Resource Centre novels for $1 each. All money raised will be donated to St Vincent De Paul. More information will be available in the next newsletter and we encourage our book lovers to save their gold coins for this sale.
Once again, students from years 7 – 9 are involved in the ‘My Reading’ Program. Working in conjunction with English teachers, students have one period per fortnight in the library, borrowing new novels, reading and writing reviews. It is so important that students engage in reading as much as they can in these Middle School years, before their workload is too demanding. In addition to the obvious benefits to literacy, reading can be relaxing, promote empathy, provide an escape from other pressures and give readers a glimpse of how others live. We have an expansive range of novels that students may borrow in every manner of genres, from Humour and Sports, to Romance and Adventure. There is so much quality literature written especially for young adults and Resource Centre staff are more than happy to make recommendations and help students find books that really suit them.
Parents and students are reminded that Homework Club runs in the Resource Centre every Thursday after school until 5.30 pm and on Day 2 Tuesdays (when lessons finish early) until 3.45pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to receive free tutoring and as a bonus, afternoon tea is provided.
As students get back into the study mode, we remind them that the staff in the Resource Centre are always happy to help them with their enquiries. Our doors open at 8.00am Monday to Friday and close at 4-30pm Monday to Thursday, and at 4pm on Fridays.


Ms Mish Mackay and Ms Lisa Douglass
Resource Centre Managers


Around the College

Lunchtime Maths

Lunchtime maths is held every Tuesday to Thursday in C1-8. It is an opportunity for students to get extra assistance with any difficulties they are experiencing in their Maths class or to just work on their homework. Students-  bring your lunch, and stay for as long as you wish.

If Parents have any queries please contact me by email.

[email protected]


Mrs Catherine High

Learning Leader - Mathematics

Welcome to Mini Vinnies for 2019

Last Thursday, the call went out for students to sign up to our Mini Vinnies group for 2019.

It was fantastic to have more than 50 students show up,  sign up and commit themselves to perform ‘Good works’ for those less fortunate in our community. We had many old faces returning and pleasingly, quite a few new members come along to find out what we do. Anyone who may have missed the meeting, especially our new year 7’s are advised that it is not too late to join. If anyone has any questions, please come and visit Ms Douglass in the Resource Centre to find out more. It would also be awesome to have some McAuley students sign up so that all Houses are represented in our group.
It gives me great pleasure to announce that our elected President is Emma Xerri, who will work closely with our Vice President, Alyssa Mastromanno. I know that the team will support these students as they help to coordinate the planned fundraising efforts throughout this year.
Next week, the Vinnie's Conference will be commissioned at our Opening School Mass, where they will be blessed and presented with specially designed badges. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each student for signing up this year and I look forward to assisting them in their endeavours to raise awareness, be advocates for those who are less fortunate, and most importantly, their determination at building a more just and compassionate society.

Our first fundraising effort will be an Easter Raffle, so stay tuned as to how you, the Nazareth community, can support our ‘Good Works’.

Ms Lisa Douglass
Mini Vinnies co-ordinator


Business Matters

School Fees

Parents and Guardians are reminded that Term 1 fee payments are due this Friday 15 February 2019.  Families that are eligible for the early payment discount will need to pay in full by 28 February 2019. Payment methods are listed on the bottom of your fee statement.

If you have nominated to pay by direct debit and have not returned your completed direct debit form please do so immediately.

Fee invoices were issued in December 2018 for the 2019 school year. The invoices were sent out by post. If you have not received your 2019 school fee invoice please contact the Accounts Office on 9790 8104 or email [email protected]
If you are experiencing financial hardship please contact our Business Manager, Mr Lee Perry, on 9795 8100 to discuss a payment plan.

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Victorian Government offers a yearly payment, known as the CSEF, to low income families to help them with school related costs.  Families with a means-tested Health Care Card may be eligible and should complete the form below and return it to the Accounts Office as soon as possible.



Welcome back to the school year. Hope everyone had a restful break. 

Our meetings for the year are listed below and new faces are always welcome. We meet in the Joseph Centre at 6:30pm. Please park in the rear car park, entry from Shelton Crescent. 

  • 26th February (AGM) - Please email [email protected] for a nomination form to join the committee. All positions will be declared open.
  • 9th April
  • 7th May 
  • 18th June
  • 6th August
  • 17th September
  • 12th November

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The NCCA run a second hand uniform shop which will be open on the following dates in Term 1, from 2:45pm to 3:15pm.

  • 20th February
  • 6th March
  • 20th March
  • 3rd April

If you would like to donate your uniform to our second hand shop, please leave the clothes at student services for us to collect. 

Michael Carr Gregg

The NCCA is proudly hosting Michael Carr Gregg on Tuesday 19th March at 7pm at the College. Please see flyer below to reserve your seat for this FREE event.


The Nazarene
Bell times for 2019.pdf
CSEF application form 2019.pdf