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04 March 2019
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From the Principal Class
From the Principal Class
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From the Principal Class


On behalf of all staff, a warm welcome to the 2019 school year, particularly to those students and families who are new to our college community. 

It is always good to get through the administrative side of the start of year and have students down to work quickly and we did that again this year. Nearly all students had their locker by recess on the first day and classes were underway. Our final enrolment numbers will be very similar to those of last year even though we have needed to cap Year 7 numbers due to the College reaching  capacity .

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the following new staff to the College this year:

Teaching Staff:

  • Josie Costanzo -  Italian
  • Stephanie Cutler - Visual Arts/Textiles
  • Prafulla Erra- English/Humanities
  • Chelsea Feist -  Health/Physical Education
  • Sean Foy - Maths/Science
  • Matthew Karipoglou - Health/Physical Ed
  • Michael Kelly - English/Humanities
  • Randi Klassen - Maths/Science
  • Daniel Loughlin - English/Humanities
  • Alexander Michaels - Chemistry/Science
  • Alan Nash - Chemistry/Science
  • Carlene Parker - History/Sociology
  • Sashka Vlatkov - Business Management
  • Jessikah Voigt - English
  • Bernadette Wyka - Food Technology

Educational Support Staff:

Nicky Bonacci - Finance and Excursion Support

Julia De Matteis - Voice/Piano Instructor

Sarah Huculak - Library Assistant

Melanie Mazziol - Daily Organisation Support

Daniel McBride - Social Worker

Cathy Rocca - Reception/Admin


Although we have seen a higher number of new teachers commencing this year, this is due to the number of teachers on family leave this year as well as a number of who have taken up new leadership positions at other schools this year.  Welcome back also to Louisa Norwood, Gemma Jamieson, David Hunter, Gulaba Pacoski, Carlo Ripoli, Georgia Edgar and Pat O’Neill who are returning from leave.

New College Logo

This year will see the commencement of our new College logo. The new logo was designed late last year and over the year we will see the many of school documents, signage and other school information change with the new College logo. Our logo acknowledges the history of the College as well as capturing its new and evolving directions. The reed in the centre represents the growth of every learner within a calm and stable learning environment that supports a variety of pathways. The light and dark blue curves symbolise trust, intelligence and confidence with the outside curve also representing the lakes within the area. The dual curves symbolise a safe, diverse and inclusive community, aligned together to work collaboratively and harmoniously in supporting high quality and deep learning outcomes and celebrating achievements.

Alongside our new logo, our college values are an important aspect of the school. The College’s values will continue to be summarised by the 3 words: Respect, Commitment and Safety with each of them defined below:

  • Respect: We show respect and value diversity through the way we communicate and empathise with each other.  We care for our college community and learning environments.
  • Commitment: We show commitment to our academic, social and emotional growth. We strive to achieve our personal best and support others to do the same.
  • Safety: We acknowledge everyone’s right to feel safe at school. We promote physical, emotional and intellectual safety and encourage everyone to take responsible risks in their learning.

What to expect this year?

The College is in its second year with the implementation of the College Strategic Plan. This includes the delivery of high quality curriculum, instruction and assessment in every classroom to improve the growth and achievement of every student. It is also involves creating a differentiated learning environment in which students are intellectually engaged, have active student voice, in a culture in which the health and wellbeing of students is central to the learning success of students. As a college, we have already seen improvement in all of these areas in 2018.


The College will further embed a professional learning community approach and the  further development and documentation of a sequential curriculum and assessment plan across the college, within the learning areas and capabilities, within year levels and for student cohorts and individual students.  This is important so teaching teams continually evaluate and modify teaching practice, establishing agreed processes, to enable greater consistency in teacher judgements of student learning based on a range of evidence together with formative assessments showing planned progressions in depth and breadth of learning for all students. This is also important so teachers design challenging activities that involve student voice and choice and deep understanding as well as modifying and adapting instruction to each student’s ability and providing feedback to assist all learners to continually challenge their learning. Specific improvement and growth in VCE and VCAL, Reading, Writing and Numeracy will continue to be a focus for the College.


In addition, a priority is to continue to minmise student absences by actively promoting and prioritising inclusion and engagement across the school community including proactive measures for early intervention, recognising positive behaviours and promoting psychological and social wellbeing through the creation of inclusive and safe spaces and pastoral care programs.  The college has also updated the Student Attendance Policy that was provided to all parents and students at the beginning of the year. This policy can also found on the College's Compass Management System. 

Facilities Upgrades and Improvements

As the college continues to improve the learning environment for all staff and students to excel in, a number of projects have occurred over the break ready for the new year.

  • A Sub-School Leaders office has been set up in the former VCE Office with new carpet and new paint.  All Year Level Leaders will be in situated in the Student Support Centre.
  • The Later Years Study Room has been upgraded with new carpet and a new coat of paint. The carpet in the walkway outside L1 and the new Sub-School office has also been recarpeted. The coffee machine has been removed due to the canteen itself taking over this service now.
  • S11 and S12 have been painted and carpeted
  • The Library Classroom has been repainted with tint installed on the windows (replacing the old curtains).
  • Old blinds in the Maths/Science and Arts/Technology Workspaces have been removed with the windows tinted.
  • The foyer in the Performing Arts Centre and the outside of T7, H6 and H11 has been repainted as well.
  • New Synthetic turf and concrete has been placed on the side of S4 and T7.
  • New lockers have been purchased for a few locker bays in the S - Area as part of our ongoing changeover of metal lockers to wooden lockers.  This is on top of the 500 new lockers we brought across last year.  The only lockers in the Year 7 HG rooms will be in H2, H6 and H7.  Year 12 Lockers have all been repainted as well. All wooden lockers have been cleaned. All lockers have been renumbered as well.
  • The canteen has had a major upgrade inside and out. This includes changes to the colour scheme, benches, floor and any plumbing/electrical work required. Queen Baker Catering will be the new canteen operator from this year with changes made to canteen menus, lunch orders, etc
  • The boys and girls toilets in the H Block and T block have been fully upgraded.
  • Stages 2 and 3 of the new fencing has been completed. All internal fencing and the fence around the oval has been completed. We are just waiting for the brick work to be approved by Brimbank Council (this is what holding up the last stage!)
  • The Gym Floor has been upgraded
  • All classroom lights have been repaired
  • Concrete areas in the Science, Humanities Administration and Canteen areas have been professional cleaned
  • New School Signage has commenced around the school. New room numbers will be installed across the week once all the final cleaning has occurred.
  • H rooms have be renumbered this year as indicated and the former Year Level Leader office (H4) will now be known as the Student Support Centre.
  • All Years 7 - 12 Level Leaders will now be housed in the Student Support Centre.

Over the year, we are also aiming to begin the planning to upgrade the next set of student toilets (science and gymnasium), upgrades to some of the portable classrooms as well additional upgrades to student seating and gardens. The last set of the new school signage will also be introduced later this term. We are also very lucky to receive a grant from DET at the end of 2018 ($200,000) to extend and upgrade the inclusion centre (T16).  This should commence early next term. All of these improvements provide better learning facilities for students in our college. With the exception of the DET grant, all other of these projects are totally school funded, from funds we raise through the generous support of parents and careful financial management at the school level.

New Mobile Phone Policy Introduced

As previously communicated, all student mobile phones will not be permitted to be used or seen during school time. This will be implemented in 2 stages - Semester 1: no use in the classroom; Semester 2: no use in the classroom and in the yard. Following an extensive review of the use mobile phones in schools, the College has developed a Student Mobile Phone Policy that has been endorsed by the College Council at the end of 2018 that included extensive consultation with students, staff and parents. A copy of the new Mobile Phone Policy was provided to all parents and students at the beginning of the school year. It can also be found on the Compass School Management System.


I am aware that many members of the school community welcome this change and I urge all students, teachers and parents to take time to read, understand and respect the new policy. Whilst I also understand that some students will require mobile phones, for safety purposes, to and from school, students will not require these in the classroom and will need to leave their phones in their locker during class time. Any learning required through a digital platform will be done with the use of student netbooks.


From all the research, mobile phones are becoming a real distraction for students within the classroom which are having a significant impact, not on their learning but also on their health and wellbeing. We are seeing more and more examples in the community where mobile phones are becoming a distraction (eg whilst driving, at work) and education is no different!  Often the unauthorised use of a mobile phone in the lesson also becomes a management issue during the lesson. Class time is learning time and this is what we expect in all students.  Any phones seen during class time will be confiscated by the classroom teacher if students have continued to disrespect the required expectations. If a mobile phone is confiscated, this will  then be locked in the Student Support Centre and given back to students at the end of the day. Feedback has been very positive and we have only seen a small number of phones collected by teachers each day.

From the Principal Class

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund Payment ArrangementsCamps Sport and Excursion Fund  (CSEF)

A reminder that applications have opened for the Camps, Sport and Excursion Fund (CSEF) for 2019. The program now provides a better alignment with school budgeting and administrative processes and will give families certainty at the beginning of the year regarding CSEF eligibility.

Families that received the fund in 2018 will not be required to resubmit a form UNLESS there has been changes to your circumstances OR an additional child has commenced at the school.

To be eligible all applicants must have a valid Health Care Card i.e as at the January 30th  2019.

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund helps ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. This initiative is part of making Victoria the Education State and the Government's commitment to breaking the link between a student's background and their outcomes. I encourage any eligible parent to complete a form at the general office. Forms can be printed off from the General Information page in this newsletter.

Year 7 Meet and Greet Barbecue


As part of the Transition program of the College, a barbecue for Year 7 parents and students was held at the college on Monday, February 11th from 5:30pm to 7:00 pm. The event allowed parents to meet many of the Year 7 teachers, discuss how students have settled and view the Year 7 area where students spend much of their learning time. More than 200 parents and students attended the evening allowing for the formation of a stronger relationship between the college and the community.  Many thanks to parents, students and teachers who attended and to the Student Leaders for all their support with the food preparation.


We do use electronic communication for sending out a range of information throughout the year.  Compass is also used for this purpose as well as direct email.  Parents have live access to student attendance for their own child, on a period by period basis, including any lateness to class via Compass.  I would ask parents to ensure that we are updated whenever an email address changes.  Newsletter links will also be sent out electronically, however some copies of the newsletter will still be available in paper format from the front office. Important information which is emailed directly to parents is also sent by post where parents have not provided an email address. Any families new to the College or who did not log in to Compass in 2018  will be receiving their parent log ins this term. Please ensure you keep these secure as you do have more access in Compass than your children do.  Also, if any parents need their passwords reset, please email the tech team  at  [email protected].  

Please don’t hesitate to contact the College if you need any assistance with Compass.

Progress Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Monday April 1st 2019 from 1:30pm until 4:00 pm and then from 5:00pm until 8:00pm. Please note that this year the first round of students' progress reports will be available on Compass by the the end of the day on Friday March 22nd 2019. This will indicate specifically where teachers have requested an interview, however I remind all parents that interviews with any of your child’s teachers are possible and encouraged. This year parents will also be able to book an interview time through the Compass Management system and information on this will come out shortly.

2018 Second Hand Book Sales

Anyone who handed in books to sell in 2018 and have not collected their money or any unsold books are able to do so at the general office by the end of this month.

Absence Hotline

Just a reminder that any questions about absences should be directed to the hotline on 83909207. This can be used for notifying absences as well as any queries. Absences can also be signed off  by sending a note and depositing that in the box at the attendance office or by using Compass for approvals.

Payments at the General Office

At this time of year the general office is always very busy taking payments for various camps and excursions. I remind all parents that there are various means of avoiding queues at the office. Permission slips must always accompany payments.

  • On Compass payments can be made electronically
  • A drop box at the office counter for anyone wishing to pay by credit card or cheque can be used

Just a reminder that Office hours for making payments are from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm.  

Personal Property at School

We are instructed by the Department of Education and Training to notify all parents that the College or the Department is not responsible for personal belongings brought to school. This can include all personal property including books, phones, netbooks, iPads etc.  We request the support of parents and guardians in ensuring students are discouraged from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school, and that any such items brought to school are looked after at all times.

Student Injury

Parents and guardians are reminded that the Department of Education DOES NOT provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents and guardians are generally responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. This includes students who may be injured during school or interschool sporting competitions. In a first aid emergency we shall always call an ambulance should it be considered necessary by the treating officer in regards to the duty of care to the injured student. Fortunately this does not happen very often, however, we strongly recommend that parents do have ambulance cover for any such contingency as any costs in such a matter are passed to the parent.

BYOD Schemes

We are in the process of implementing our BYOD computer scheme across the whole school this year.  The new Year 7 devices are progressively being switched on to the network. Year 7 was deliberately held back to enable parents to have a slightly longer time to put arrangements in place at the start of the school year.

and finally...

We greatly appreciate the support we receive from parents to make sure that your child attends school regularly and punctually, is in full school uniform, and is ready to learn in all classes with correct books and equipment.


Danny Dedes

On behalf of the Principal Class

Theresa Burlak, Rick Hudson, Sasha Mildenhall and Louisa Norwood

Careers News

Top Year 12 VCE and VCAL Students for 2018

Taylors Lakes Secondary College congratulates the Top Year 12 VCE and VCAL students for 2018. These are just some of the happy results they received from the tertiary offerings or undertaking successful employment opportunities.


The university’s offerings on display comprised of (The) University of Melbourne, the University of Monash, and the Australian Catholic University.  We wish them all the best for their future studies and employment. The young adult’s photos will be displayed in our Careers and Senior Year Level foyer for parents, students and the community to see throughout. Taylor Lakes Secondary College is very proud of their achievements and setting their pathways from 2019.



Work Experience

Work experience rules and available dates for Year 10 or Year 11 students. Work experience is not compulsory for Year 10 or Year 11 students. A student must be 15 years and over to undertake work experience.  A student wishing to undertake work experience would need to seek their own work placement and employer.


If a student wants to undertake work experience during the holidays, Taylors Lakes Secondary College recommends only 5 days so that the student can still have a holiday and students are not taken advantage of in the work place.   Students are not permitted to work on a public holiday or a weekend. All forms should be submitted to Ms. Damon no later than two weeks prior the work experience as Legal Forms need to be processed. Forms are uploaded on Compass.


All students undertaking Work Experience will need to complete two [email protected] Certificates: A general module and specific industry module. These are valid for one year of completion.

Students wanting work experience in a trade area: (such as plumbing, electrical, building) may not be approved due to not having a White Card to enter construction site. There are strict safety laws on this.

Students wishing to work in an Animal industry will be required to complete additional safety checks and forms to be approved with working with animals.  Below are the available dates for Year 10 or Year 11 students.



08/04/2019 – 12/04/2019

15/04/2019 – 18/04/2019 (Public Holiday Friday 19th & Monday 22 April)

Term 2 HOLIDAY DATES                    

01/07/2019 – 05/07/2019

08/07/2019 – 12/07/2019

Term 3 HOLIDAY DATES                    

16/09/2019 – 20/09/2019 (Year 10 Program Only)

23/09/2019 – 26/09/2019 (Public Holiday Friday 27th)

30/09/2019 – 04/10/2019


09/12/2019 – 13/12/2019


No other dates close to Christmas or in the January school holidays are not permitted.

Careers Update Work Experience

The Brimbank / Melton Local Learning and Employment Network (BMLLEN) now named Future Connect hosted a number of work experience students during Term 4, 2018. The BMLLEN commissioned 2 talented young designers to develop a new brand, logo and name to connect with employers and young people in the local area.  The two students selected to undertake the work experience was Alesia Li, then in Year 10 and now Year 11 VCE Taylors Lakes Secondary College and Maddy Elliot a then Year 11 VCE student from Copperfield Secondary College. The two students teamed up together sharing ideas and attended Stokes Street Studios in Port Melbourne each Wednesday over a duration of 14 weeks. They were given a professional brief to develop and produce a brand name and style guide all with the guidance from professional designers and creatives from Stokes Street Studios (Graphic Design Industry). The now named Future Connect, formally BMLLEN team were thrilled with the creative design results from these two local students.

On Wednesday 12th December, Future Connect launched their new brand and new name to the committee of management and local industry professionals held at the Mercure Hotel Caroline Springs.  Both students presented their designs with such professionalism showing their clear knowledge of the brief. Future Connect aims to give young people a chance to gain real-world experience. The Future Connect team loved every minute of working with our local students.


Catherine  Damon
Careers Leader

College Uniform

A fresh look...

With the introduction of a new College logo, we are also implementing a new College uniform and we are very excited to see students wearing the uniform with pride. After an extensive consultative and feedback process with the school community, we have seen the introduction of new polo tops, school pants, school shorts, school jacket, school jumper and school sports uniform.



The school jumper will now come in two types of materials – wool and poly cotton as is available now from the uniform supplier. Included in the school uniform are also additional items like school caps and school bags as these have been requested by both students and parents.


All Year 7 students and students new to the College at other year levels, are required to purchase the new uniform in 2019.  Current students in Years 8 – 11 will be expected to be in the new school uniform by the commencement of 2020.



It is fantastic to see though the amount of students in Years 11 and 12 who have already purchased the new uniform. Year 12 students are not expected to purchase the new uniform this year but if they want to purchase any new uniform items this would be the new items. The Year 12 jacket that students purchase will also include the new College logo.


The school is aware the interest for the new uniform has been very high with our uniform supplier (Noone Imagewear) running out of initial stock with back orders now occurring. Please note that the uniform supplier has been working very hard over the few weeks to meet demand levels and process any back orders as quickly as possible. 


Parents and students should note that the new school cap and the new school bag are both now available in stock.



Full school uniform is required at all times. The uniform supplier (Noone Imagewear) will continue in 2019 to sell uniform from L5 at the following times: Wednesday 3:30pm – 5.00 pm and Saturday 9:00am – 11:00am. Alternatively uniform can be purchased at the 543 Keilor Rd shop (9:00am - 5:30pm Monday -Friday and 9:00am – 1:00pm Saturday), or email: [email protected].


All parents have previously been provided with a comprehensive uniform statement another copy is available at the Office by request if required.  The new Uniform Price List for 2019 is also available at the end of this newsletter.


Just a few reminders:

  • All shorts must be worn with black school shoes.
  • School shoes are black, leather and laceup. Footwear with logos and ballet shoes (even if they are black) are NOT acceptable. 
  • Stretch pants and footless tights or leggings and not suitable to be worn instead of school pants.  Appropriate tights can be worn only with the college skirt.  
  • Track pants are not acceptable for school trousers. Similarly, sports shorts with the sporting logos will not be acceptable.  There is a designated school short within the uniform statement.
  • School dresses and school skirts should be at an appropriate length (just above the knee) and cannot be tied at the back. Students will be followed up whose skirt or dress length appear to be too short and will need to be rectified.
  • Soccer Academy jackets are able to be worn by students in the program on the days when they have these classes only.

Again students cannot wear hooded jumpers or other jumpers underneath their college jacket instead of a school jumper. Students cannot wear other jumpers or long sleeve tops underneath any short sleeve polo tops. Where this occurs, students will be asked to remove these items of clothing.

Transition News

Primary visits, tours & Information Evenings

The college’s transition program is working very closely once again in 2019 with prospective parents as this is an important time for many of them to select a secondary school to support their child’s academic and personal development.


Throughout March and April, ‘secondary experience sessions’ will be presented to primary schools in the Brimbank area as a means of promoting the college, its programs and students to Grade 5 and 6 students.  These primary visits will also feature short presentations from our students who will further outline the successful transition program at the college; reflect on their own experiences and share a wonderful insight of their first term at Taylors Lakes. 

In supporting prospective parents and students choose their secondary school, the college is staging a series of Special Parent Tours in Terms 1 and 2 to provide them with an insight of the college in operation on a typical normal day.  These tours will run from 9:30 am – 11.00 am on the following days:

  • Wednesday, February 27th 
  • Wednesday, March 6th
  • Wednesday, March 13th
  • Wednesday, March 20th  
  • Wednesday, March 27th
  • Wednesday, April 3rd
  • Wednesday, April 24th 
  • Wednesday, May 1st
  • Wednesday, May 8th
  • Wednesday, May 15th

Prospective parents are asked to contact the college and confirm their attendance for one of these tours. Other parent tours of the college are available on request only.

Our annual College Expo Evening is held on Monday April 29th  2019 from 5:30pm – 8:00pm. This evening provides prospective parents and students the opportunity to view the fantastic college facilities, visit the Year 7 classrooms, meet the college’s teachers and students, learn about individual learning programs and student achievements and receive additional information about the college. The evening continues to be valued from the community with the high attendance once again from prospective parents and students in previous years. Student leaders play a key role in the evening acting as college ambassadors. We are always extremely grateful for the wonderful support we receive from them.  We are extremely lucky to have students who are respectful, role models to their own peers and committed to their learning. Along with positive, energetic and dedicated staff, we create a centre for positive learning whereby every student, has every opportunity, in every classroom, to learn. 

A parent information session for our Learning Enhancement and Advancement Program (LEAP) program will also occur on Tuesday, March 20th at 7:00pm. Applications for the LEAP program are available from the office. As in previous years, the number of applicants grows each year and we were very pleased to see so many students seeking enrolment in our program.


For further transition information or to make an appointment for a tour, please contact the college.

Languages News

What's happening....2019
.....exciting things happening!

Japan Study Tour – if any students missed out on this fantastic opportunity to visit Japan in November this year and would like to be placed on the waiting list see Ms. Shin in the Student Support office.

The Japan Study Tour - there will be a parent-student meeting later this term for parents of students who have made the selection process. Reminder that they should have already accepted their offer if attending, or have notified Mrs. Shin if they have changed their mind. Places for waitlist students are available - please fill out the necessary paperwork.

Italy Homestay Program where we host 15 students from our Sister School “Il liceo d’istruzione superiore” from Rome aged 15-18 years of age for about one week (Dates yet to be confirmed). This is a fantastic opportunity for any students interested in participating in the 2020 Taylors Lakes Secondary College Italy Study Tour.

Expressions of interest are now being sought for any families interested in being a host family.

Parents can contact Mrs Deluca at school on 9390 3130 or students can come to see me in Teacher Workspace near H1.  


What our students are doing in languages at the moment…..

In our Italian classes:

Year 7  - What a great start to the year. Yr 7's have spent the first three weeks of Term 1 learning how to greet each other in Italian. We have also touched on classroom instructions. Students are working towards introducing members of their families to their peers. 


Year 8 -  Yr 8's have spent the first few weeks revising the grammar and vocabulary covered in Yr 7. We are now ready to start our first topic - Musical Instruments and Verbs

Year 8s are starting to learn how to conjugate verbs and this is something they will need for the rest of their Italian learning journey!


Year 9s are learning to say the parts of the body in Italian and how to say something hurts.


VCE students in Italian are reflecting on their childhood memories and Yr 12 students are reading a short novel.








In our Japanese classes:

Year 7 -  Students are learning all about hiragana, greetings and classroom instructions. They are super enthusiastic and getting to know not only all the ins and outs about Japanese, but getting comfortable speaking in front of their new classmates. 


Year 8 LEAP – Students  are starting their acquisition of katakana and have just been learning about yuru-kyara (or mascots) as they will be developing their own this semester, as a focus for applying their acquired language.


Year 9 – Students have just started the first Unit (My milestone) and they will be learning new verbs and adjectives and past tense conjugation. They will be creating a poster talking about their milestones in life.


Year 10s - have started their Unit on Neighbourhoods -comparing life in the Japanese cities and country-side to that we know well in Australia. Shortly, students will be practicing giving directions using maps. A very handy and practical skill - especially if they come across some tourists needing some help in the city.


Year 11 students are preparing for their 1st SAC and they will be having a general conversation talking about family, study, hobby, travel experience, part-time job and future plans.


Danni Deluca

Languages Leader

Italy Trip/Homestay Leader


Swimming Carnival

2019 Swimming Carnival A Great Success!

Great weather, great venue, great events and a whole lot of fun!


The Taylors Lakes Secondary College Annual Swimming Carnival 2019 was held on February 18th at Oak Park.


A few clouds in sight, but the sun was definitely out! House colours of green, yellow, red and blue flooded the gates nice and early, eagerly awaiting some friendly competition.


An immaculately renovated facility had us all keen to jump into the pool… but not until the competitions were over of course. It was pleasing to see swimmers of all varieties (beginner, professional and teacher!) getting involved and competing. The novelty races were a hit. The new volleyball pool and tube slides were also well attended. Free-time in the main pool and the inflatable obstacle course was also a blast!


The  House Championship results concluded as follows:

Apollo: 174

Chichester: 155

Parmelia: 132

Lionheart: 98


A big thank you to everyone for helping out and getting involved. See you all at the Athletics carnival in Week 9 of Term 1. Enjoy the photos.



Lajos Kozák 

Sports Leader


Theatre Sports

Theatresports Lunchtime Program

In its 3rd year running, the Theatresports Lunchtime Program returns!


What is it?: Group DRAMA games/activities are acted out, new friendships are formed, creativity and improvisation at its finest and having lots of fun!


When: Fridays at lunchtime (Starting from Friday 22nd February)


Where: PA1-Drama Room (opposite the Gym)

Check out the flyer attached for more information and  some pictures with our students at last years Theatresports Challenge competition. All are welcome to join!

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


Livia Fasulo

Drama Teacher

Vaccine Program

2019 Vaccine Program

The Secondary School Vaccine Program offers free vaccines to help make sure students and communities are protected from diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, human papillomavirus (HPV) and meningococcal A,C,W,Y.  


Local councils deliver the program and schools distribute the information and consent card booklets.


The Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 authorises secondary schools to provide their local council with student and parent/guardian contact information for any student scheduled to receive a vaccination. This information assists local councils to follow-up parents/guardians of students with incomplete or missing consent cards.


What information goes to local council?

Schools provide the following basic student and parent/guardian contact information:

  • Student name, gender, date of birth, year level, class, language(s) spoken at home
  • Parent/guardian names, phone numbers, email and postal addresses

Why do schools provide this information?

  • To ensure all Year 7 and 10 students are offered the opportunity to access free vaccinations at school.
  • To improve communication with parents/guardians regarding their child’s vaccination needs
  • To reduce the administrative burden on school staff to follow-up consent cards

What do I need to do?

  1. Your information will be provided to Brimbank Council in March 2019. If you do not wish for your details to be provided, please advise the school in writing before 28 February 2019.
  2. Read the information provided in your child’s consent card booklet and complete all sections, regardless of whether or not you consent for your child to be vaccinated as part of the school-based program.
  3. Detach Part A of the consent card booklet with all fields completed, and return to school.

Every day vaccination saves lives and makes it possible for Victorians to live free from the illness and disability caused by many infectious diseases. All Year 7 and 10 Victorian secondary students can receive these vaccines for free.


For further information please go to the following links:

Immunization Dates

Year 7 Wednesday 13th March – 1st HPV & Boostrix


Year 7 Wednesday 11th September – 2nd HPV


Year 10 Tuesday 28th May Menningococcal – Cards will be distributed early May.


Carmel T Gusman

RN Div.1

School Nurse

Camps Sport & Excursion Fund


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2019 are now open and will close on 28 June 2019 (end of term 2).


Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. 

Payments are:

  • $225 per year for eligible secondary school students.

On the first day of term one (29 January 2019) or the first day of term two (23 April 2019), a parent or legal guardian of a student must:

  • be an eligible beneficiary of one of these cards:
    Veterans Affairs Gold Card
    Centrelink Health Care Card
    Pensioner Concession Card
  • OR they must be a temporary foster parent
  • OR the student is 16 years or older and holds a valid concession card (such as a Youth Allowance Health Care Card)
  • AND the parent or legal guardian must submit an application by the due date (28th June 2019).

The CSEF payment cannot be used towards voluntary school charges, books, stationery, school uniforms, before/after school care, music lessons, or formals/graduations.


Attached is a 2019 CSEF Application Form.


General Information

Office Hours

8:15am - 4:15pm

Closed during school holidays

Telephone: 9390 3130

Email: [email protected]

Attendance Office

The Attendance Officer, Marie Taylor, has a direct line for parents to report student absences.

Telephone: 8390 9207

The College also has a press 1 option for attendance if you call on the college telephone number 9390 3130.

Students arriving late or leaving early must report to the Attendance Office.

Bell Times

Bell times for this year are listed below:


Warning bell for HG - 8.40am

Homegroup 8.50am

Period 1       9.00am

Period 2       9.49am

Recess       10.38am

Period 3      11.03am

Period 4      11.52am

Lunch          12.41pm

Period 5        1.26pm

Period 6        2.15pm

End of day    3.04pm

Sick Bay

The college's registered nurse, Carmel Gusman, is available at the school Monday - Thursday from 9.00am - 3.00pm.  The sickbay also has a relief first aide trained attendant on Fridays 9.00am - 3.00pm

All students not feeling well should report to the sickbay.  

Camps/Excursion Payments

All excursion/incursion permission slips are available on COMPASS. If payments are made on COMPASS a permission slip is not required. All excursion payments made at the office must be accompanied with a signed permission slip.




All excursion/incursion and camp payments can be made on COMPASS.  If you have lost your password or are having difficulties with COMPASS please contact the general office.

Lost Property

Please ensure students have their names on all clothing items and books.

Camps Sport & Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2019 are now open and will close on 28 June 2019 (end of term 2).

Uniform Shop 

Please note times for Wednesday afternoon uniform sales are 3:00pm - 5:00pm.

9.00am to 11.00 am Saturday Mornings.

The uniform shop is located in the back room of L4.


Canteen Price List - 


Coming Events


29th Tuesday   

Staff Professional Learning Day

30th Wednesday 

First day for all students


6th  Wednesday

School Photo Day


11th Monday

Year 7 Family BBQ  5.30pm


13th Wednesday

School Council Meeting


18th Monday

Whole school Swimming Carnival


22nd Friday

Parents and Friends Meeting 9am


25th Monday - Wednesday 27th

Year 12 Camp Howqua, Mansfield

Departure:  8.00am

Estimated arrival back at school on Wednesday 4.30pm


Year 12 Unit 4 VCAA exams End

Parents & Friends Meeting 9 am


27th Wednesday

9.00 Parent Tour (Bookings essential)



6th Wednesday

Parent Tour  9.00am


11th Monday


No School


13th Wednesday

  • Parent Tour 9.00am (Bookings essential)
  • Year 7  1st HPV & Boostrix vaccinations
  • School Council Meeting


18th Monday - 20th Wednesday

Year 7 Camp: Alexandra Adventure Resort, Whanregarwen

Departure: 8.45 am

Estimated arrival back at school on Wesnesday 3.00 pm


26th Tuesday

Year 7 (2020) LEAP Information Evening.


27th Wednesday

  • Parent Tour 9am (Bookings essential)
  • Whole School Athletics Carnival

29th Friday

Parents & Friends Meeting 9am



1st Monday

Parent / Teacher Interviews



3rd Wednesday

Parent Tours (Bookings essential)


5th Friday


School finishes 2.30pm


23rd Tuesday

First day of Term 2


24th Wednesday

Parent Tour (Bookings essential)


25th Thursday




29th Monday-30th Tuesday

Year 10 Sweet Dreams Camp


Term Dates 2019

Term 1:

Tuesday 29th January - Student Free Day

Staff Professional Development 

Wednesday 30 January to 5 April 
Term 2:

Monday 23 April to Friday 28 June
Term 3:

Monday 15 July to Friday 20 September
Term 4:

Monday 7 October to Friday 20 December

Community News

Starts of the West

It is with great excitement that the Lions Club of Taylors Lakes is holding the “Stars of the West” singing competition in 2019, taking over this project formally run by Brimbank Central Rotary. The competition is open to vocalists in three age divisions and all degrees of experience and ability.

We know that there is some wonderful talent in our primary schools, and so we have a division that is devoted to them showcasing their talent at this event.

Our Intermediate division is for secondary school students or vocalists aged between 12 years and 17 years 11 months of age, and carried prize money as follows: $400 First Prize, $200 to the runner-up and $100 to 3rd place.

Vocalists will sing one 3 to 5 minute song.

We have a professional sound engineer looking after the backing music which need to be brought on CD, MP3 or they can have live accompaniment – whichever they choose. 

It is imperative that backing tracks do not contain excessive levels of backing vocals.

Entrants must pay a one-off entry fee of $20 upon registering for the competition.

Please contact David Bennett on 0412 388 823 for more information. A registration form and Stars of the West Flyer attached.


Green Gully Soccer Club Function Room, Clubhouse Place Keilor Downs

Starting at:  7.30pm

Event Details:

We have three separate divisions, and the Intermediate Division heat is on Wednesday 24th July, and the top 6 performers will then progress to the Grand Final which is to be held on Friday 16th August.

This is an exciting chance for your students to showcase their talent and ability.

With the prize money on offer, we expect this to be a popular competition, so we encourage those interested to register early to ensure their place in the competition.

David Bennett

Program Coordinator

Lions Club of Taylors Lakes

Taylors Lakes News
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Theatresports Challenge Program 2019.pdf
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Stars of the West 2019 Flyer.pdf